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Uploaded on May 30, 2023

"video by Kimberly Wright https://kwrightphoto.net/, intro, and testimony by Riyality

Paperback Awaken the Immortal Within- https://www.amazon.com/Awaken-Immortal-Within-Jason-Breshears/dp/1585091561 " [1]

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most of us who consider ourselves free thinkers or intelligent people we're searching for something archaics isn't we shouldn't wore information is regurgitated archaic cites information from thousands of ancient texts and puts the pieces together that mainstream historians can never do thank you our case is different than any other channel out there simply because it's evidentiary based Jason doesn't talk about anything he cannot back up with evidence the deeper you delve into the archaic's material the more this world we live in starts to make some sort of sense my name is Jason I'm the host of archanges.com I have spent 26 years of my life studying the oldest books in the world I have the library to show it what I have found is that the history that we have been taught in the last century isn't anything that comports with what is in the old I'm telling you my friends our world is not what you think [Music] hey everybody what's up my name is Riyad Ali I also go by the stage name reality I'm A hip-hop artist out of Toronto Canada I'm also a moderator on the archaics channel but I wanted to make a quick video about Awakening The Immortal Within by Jason Brashears uh this book is uh or the whole Awakening Immortal playlist is what initially attracted me to the archaics channel I found it in May of 2022 at that time I was probably at the lowest point in my life at 32 years old um I was in a bad living situation I was in a bad relationship and I was in a dead-end job you know that typical up so within 21 days of reading this book I literally changed my reality because I just applied the seven or eight steps that are outlined in this book and I changed my life I had I was living in a new place I was out of that relationship and I had found a job that pays me what I'm really deserving of and where I felt I was deserving of that I still worked to this day and uh within this book it really just it drove home the archaic's tenants and principles which is I understand that I'm a broadcaster or a receiver there are two realities happening at one time I can either choose to be a part of the collective where I can create my own by leaning on imagination intuition and empathy and my trust with the relationship with the oversoul so uh prior to May 2022 the reason my life was so bad is because I'd been going to war with the construct for two years because everything around me didn't make sense I didn't understand why it wasn't like everybody else or I wasn't seeing things like everybody else I felt totally abandoned you know I'm in Toronto so it was kind of crazy it was very lonely and then just finding finding this work it just confirmed what I knew internally you know like my whole life I've always been a reader I was reading Wayne Dyer the secret just trying to trying to figure out truth like I'm sure everybody else is so finding finding Awakening Immortal within really changed my life and I I know it's because I was on the right frequency because uh I had an album out prior in 2019 called From the Ashes with the Phoenix and also Bucky Enoch from 2020 so here comes Jason right at the lowest point of my life showing me like the material that I really needed to internalize and the fact that I'm an errant so uh I'm really appreciative of the archaics channel it's work all the cool people out there you know Jason Matt Cheryl Bailey Saul Luckman Shiva sham cool Phoenix protocol Pamela Swann I know I'm missing a bunch of people but shout out to you guys shout out to Awakening Immortal within the whole playlist uh this has the deepest spiritual truths that you'll ever need to change your life and I'm living proof peace