Archaeological Anomalies: Small Artifacts : Bone, Stone, Metal Artifacts, Footprints, High Technology

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Written by William Roger Corliss

"Amazing research into anamoulous artifacts discovered but never explained by science. This isn't an 'ancient aliens' book, but a well researched collection of reports of documented discoveries that just don't fit into our accepted timeframes for anthropology or archeology. Corliss believed that science needed to study these anonolies and he collected volumes of materilal. His evaluations are rated on a scale of plausibility. Some of these objects push the time frames of the history of humans far back in time and suggest a far wider distribution worldwide. He's never afraid to debunk or suggest hoaxes, and he has a down to earth and immediate writing style. That he was able to collect this material in the days generally before computers is amazing and shows tremendous research. Ive purchased several of his volumes, mostly on astrological anomalies, and hope to purchase more. He has an organizational framework that takes a little getting used to, but the outline in the front of the book explains his approach. A unique effort." [1]

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