Built Before the Flood: The Problem of the Tiahuanaco Ruins

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Written by Hans Schindler Bellamy

"The ancient site of Tiahuanaco in Bolivia is one of the greatest archaeological mysteries in the world. Some experts date it to 17,000 years ago, although no one has conclusively determined its age. Located at the southern end of Lake Titicaca at about 13,000 feet above sea level, one can find oceanic seashells in the area and ruins of extensive docks on an earlier shoreline. How could this be? This book takes a radical approach by presenting evidence, found at Tiahuanaco, for Earth having had a different moon in the remote past. According to the author, the gravitational pull of this moon caused higher water levels in the area. It also caused a different rotational spin of our planet that is accurately documented in the ancient calendar, found and interpreted by the author and others, that appears on the face of Tiahuanaco's most iconic landmark, the Gate of the Sun. This well researched book contains many notes, charts, and diagrams to support the author's claims, as well as an Index and Bibliography for further reference."

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