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Mar 24, 2023

"The mystery of the North American Indians and the geographical anomilies of west Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and southern California all date back to the same cataclysmic event. My travels through these four states has increased my awareness of the Phoenix phenomenon."

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we're going to talk about post cataclysm North America in this video official van blog you guys didn't think I was going to drive from Texas New Mexico Arizona California Arizona again and not and not do a van vlog listen one thing is tough one thing has been very clear to me as I'm looking over the topography on either side of the freeway I'm not looking at anything that is geographically normal uh the features that I've been looking at is it's almost painfully obvious to me that what right here in these four states that I've traversed it seems that fast distances of deserts scrub lands Timberlands and mountains we actually occupy way less than one percent of the surface area that's available to us out here this overpopulation hoax [ __ ] is very obvious to someone who has been out here on the road so tires on the ground because it's not really this is not really a boots on the ground Expedition but in my previous video I told you guys that I noticed it seems like everything is very young before the force the trees the Topography is just very young I'm on Route 66 in this state needs its ass kicked for the condition of these roads and it's obviously a Hustle outside selling outside Seligman Arizona just drove by four different vehicles that all although we're all getting towed and it looks like it's normal business now I'm on tarmac back to back to back four different vehicles for getting towed and it looks like it's absolutely normal out here they expected on a daily basis because the speed limit is 75 and everybody's going 85. you hit one of these potholes you rent the struts out and that's exactly how they're making making money right here on route 66. it's pot holes are deep I've had to do a dance in the van just to avoid avoid hitting some of them listen I have been driving through ocean beds I know that's hard for a lot of people to imagine but there's no way that this geography can be explained outside the context of that these low these lowlands in between all these mountain ranges that I've been driving through these lowlands are too smooth everything is too young most of the dirt has been washed away Stone out crops are sticking out of the ground with small trees all right well hundreds of thousands of years of History with hundreds of thousands of years of floral and vegetative growth would create a massive amount of dust and then Dust creates the soil listen we don't have that out here these scrub lands are new so a lot of things have been going through my mind as I survey this topography you know one of the books I got because I've been going I mean you listen guys the collection of books of from the 1800s that I'm bringing back is awesome 1912 one of them is HS Bellamy Before the Flood now I did a whole video on HS Melody's book a man um a man missing the moon man missing the Moon about the about the pre-sellingites civilizations that that recorded history is before and after the appearance of the Moon in his own books World worlds and collision so in h.s Bellamy book I just came across a copy of h.s Bellamy's uh book for well over a hundred years ago called before the flood I bought it I have it in the van right now and I want to discuss this book only because several of you have emailed me questions asking me what do you think about Douglas votes uh future cataclysm lab well what do you think about oh Ben Davidson or suspicious observers in his that he says that the United States is going to look like your world is going to look like after the next [ __ ] but what do you think about Edgar Casey's future predictions on his future map guys I'm going to tell you now I don't really hold a lot of stock in any of them at all I'm going to explain why I have video footage now going through going through three different mountain ranges that shows the geologic column as we are taught all the different layers layers of strata what are supposed to represent geologic ages help pictures of these folded as if they were soft like mud and they just folded and loot some of them even look like they fold back on themselves and then get pancaked so I can't I can't subscribe to the idea that this is by any natural phenomenon this is pure cataclysm this is why I'm a catastrophist and not a uniformitarian formatarian geology promotes the idea that all those layers represent hundreds of thousands and millions of years that you know from my you know from the data that I've come on my channel fossilized jellyfish and earthworms butterfly dragonfly wings found petrified listen the official uniformitarian view of history is wrong so we cannot rely on a future projections of a coming cataclysm and base our projections based off uniformitarian ideas we have a problem because we can't really identify all the subduction zones another problem is over a hundred years that the ancient pyramid City Booker Mata nearby pumapunka the whole region of Tio juanaco all bordering on the on the ancient Lake of Titicaca in the in the Peruvian mountains the Andean in the Indian mountains those those megalithic sites were built with fantastic precision some of them are technolithic in nature yet we know they were not built at that altitude the ancient imera people who later became the income who knows who know these places they tell us Traditions that this civilization was ruined because of a prophecy of the coming of the Sun this tells us that these civilizations are pre-cataclin remember the chronology guys some of these ancient megalithic metropolis and civilizations were built before the coming of the sun the sun calendars are how these civilizations began recording time because the cataclysm had occurred occur and the sun appeared in the sky for the very first time prior to that it was all lunar calendars who even the Zodiac was lunar based it wasn't a solar zodiac so with till when I go approvapunka and all the the Peruvian area was destroyed with the with the cataclysm and a prophecy concerning the coming of the Sun that means these are vapor canopy uh structures they were built during the vapor canopy when the moon was the brightest thing in the sky The Vapor canopy hid the Sun by day this is the world that they knew it was called the dark midnight it was called the the time of the dark purple light so 100 years ago archaeologists Mike posanski who is cited in by h.s Bellamy and others were studying these strange calendars and ruins until Monaco they're 12 000 feet above sea level but they weren't built there proof of this com comes from from botany and from zoology are not Laden with all the concepts of uniformitarianism they report a lot of things that exist as as is today so they're not contaminated with these uh well with a lot of these uh that were invented by men in the last 250 years zoologists were quick to notice Lake Titicaca and 12 000 foot elevation is a freshwater lake of extraordinary size and yet the bylaw the biological organisms are all very Associated to salt water marine life forms in the oceans they're not native to Lakes these include cephalopods these include sharks and these include seahorses all of which have been found in Lake Titicaca South America high in the Andes Mountains in a freshwater lake that geologists know for certain from their own tests of the natural rock was once pure salt water so what happened was an area of the ocean was trapped 2239 BC an area of ocean elevated in minutes 12 000 foot elevation when it was elevated it isolated this area that later became Lake Titicaca Lake Titicaca has lucar Mata the Great Pyramid right next to it of South America and it has the city of Tio Monaco in the sun gate pyramid calendar is all there and there are thousands of other structures much of tillmanaco today has still not been excavated that there are four s do not want these ruins to be excavated there's no end to the to the discoveries and treasures that can be founded lidar and subsurface interface radar has already determined how large rectangular structures around te awanako that are all within 10 to 30 feet underground I would love to spend the rest of my life Excavating all that doing YouTube videos listen those chambers in those rooms because they were buried in mud and sediment from the cataclysm they're going to contain all the bodies of the people they're going to contain the skeletal remains they're going to contain the artifacts they're going to contain everything that we would know to the murals and release on the walls we would be able to ascertain almost everything about their culture just looking through that stuff but they're just not allowing a club they claim no funding and all this listen they're just not going to allow anybody to go in there and excavate all that so that's neither here nor there the book I have in the van HS Bellamy Before the Flood goes into detail about the artifacts that have already been found I will I will share those with you but I have a lot to share because I got a lot of books I got three three or four boxes back there full of books from the 1800s right now I've been getting them in all different places so the reason I'm mentioning this is because it's very hard for me to make accurate projections about any geographical region when it's quite clear from driving around Arizona New Mexico West Texas and Southern California that whole areas were up thrust in extremely quick yeah I'm not seeing evidence of of uniformitarianism I'm not seeing the evidence of a gradual change in tomography that lasts for millions of years or even hundreds of thousands of years I'm looking at a cataclysm torn topography I'm looking at I'm looking I'm looking at fast washes where I can literally see I can literally see where the water flowed and how it took all these surface materials with it see it everywhere around me so obvious ly I can tell these Granite mountains coping with snow I'm looking at them I can see the timber lines at the very tops I can see the Alpine areas that are still covered in in Timber and trees listen guys I am driving mostly through extinct ocean beds to me the very fact that archeology has not been able to produce anything of value for civilizations that that that that endured thousands of years ago and everything is of recent provenance everything that I've seen I'm not talking about the rest of the United States I am talking about this huge vast area from sin from Central East Texas all the way to through West Texas all the way through New Mexico Arizona Southern California I'm seeing an area that was one two or three large bodies of water and very recent this wasn't something in the ancient past listen we in the in the old world we have Luxor Karnak thieves Helio heliopolis we have rashambra we have Euchre we have Argos had tusas we have in the Sumerian cities uh we have kalna in Assyria we have Nineveh in Assyria we have Nimrod in Assyria we have Babylon um Fighters just so many of them not mentioned we have Mohenjo-daro uh close to the surface 5 000 year old city we have the ruins of 4 500 to 5 000 year old cities we have found and excavated them all over the old world of Europe of of all of the Middle East Northern Africa and Asia believe me there's very ancient civilizations too in India also uh Thailand um and and of course especially China so we don't have anything like that in Texas New Mexico um I'm only speaking about these four states guys I'm not talking about the rest of the United States but it's it's very obvious to me that the reason why we don't see we don't have any mention of ancient archaeological sites in any of these regions is because there are none these were bodies of water everywhere I'm driving I'm looking at the patterns of water on Hills and the patterns of water but why this guy's slowing down I'm looking I'm looking at Watershed Hills I'm looking at Watershed and in the mountain tops the taller mountains that I'm driving through the evidence is just the opposite I'm not seeing any evidence of water having ever touched the top halves of those mountains those mountains are Jagged they have outcrops going in different directions there doesn't there's no rounded edges to me there's evidence that none of that part was ever underwater but everything lower everything about two thousand feet and below in this area looks like it was underwater under mountains that were underwater are all rounded they're all flat and they're all smooth but not what I'm seeing in the bigger mountains the bigger mountains only the lower half are like the smaller Hills the upper halves look like they've never had never been submerged and to me they're covered in trees they probably have a lot of soil because you're going to have a lot of soil for those larger and bigger trees but to me I feel like I'm driving along ocean beds and I'm looking at these mountain ranges which were actually the land masses that were spread through those small seeds that were right here in North America they were probably never underwater now it's on those Mountain deals that that I I had I have basically drawn to your attention in Prior videos that I suspect that there's been some terraforming I've seen evidence of of terracing high up but there's trees there now I've seen some evidence evidence of long red tent rectangular structures or maybe the areas were carved that way for fortification uh protective reasons whatever but they're always very at very high elevations which is exactly what humans would do they're going to want to secure the high points and make them defensible but other than that I haven't seen any evidence whatsoever from Antiquity that any of this area was ever occupied so I have to take these things into consideration one of the one of the things that I want to take into consideration is the I don't know why this 18 wheeler keeps changing lanes damn I'm on the interstate you got me going down 45 miles an hour all right just road rage you guys so anyway listen we have to we we have to take things in proper context guys I am discussing an area of the United States that is absolutely mineral Rich it's mineral Rich guys so oh wow it's snowing I'm going through light light pieces of snow guys it's literally snowing in front of me sunny outside my ears would pop several times I'm pretty high elevation so anyway oh listen going back in history Veracruz Veracruz Central America there's at least three layers of infrastructures built on top of each other why aren't they in North America why are there hundreds of pyramids in Central and America and in Mexico which is North America but there isn't a single evidence of the single pyramid anywhere in Texas New Mexico Arizona or uh oh wow snow all over the ground all right yeah I'm pretty high I'm pretty high elevation wow why would ancient ignore so mineral it's so resource-rich areas that are wide open and why would you have several millions of Aztecs all living in such a congested area why when there's so many places to spread out what was going on so remember we we have this post cataclysm period the coming of the Sun the collapse of the vapor canopy when the vapor canopy collapsed it wasn't just a simple collapse of the atmosphere it was an all-out cataclysm it was geological upheavals it was volcanic resurfacing volcanic explosions like 1902 Mount Pele flew up in just a few seconds incinerated over 30 000 people imagine that going on all over the world imagine a Caldera the size of Yellowstone just just blowing up so we have we have a problem here with all these Advanced civilizations with amazing Canal works and amazing infrastructures building pyramids and stone cities in Mexico spread out guys I have another book called Moon revealed that I've told you guys in Prior videos up I'm pretty excited about having that video having that the book is in the van right now I told you guys about this book and all the things that the government shut this dude down uh his name his archaeologist named Niven and all the things he found in Mexico pyramid cities oh not the ones you know of these are enough these are in an isolated location thousands of tablets found with writing that was undecipherable spread out with saber-toothed tiger three-toed sloth and Mammoth bones human skeletons spread everywhere it was a sudden destruction that it had wasted everything and Nevin had wrote about this and it's in this book that I was telling you guys about so I'm pretty excited about I'll be doing a video on this book called Moon revealed and how they tried to dismiss this guy's claims and they tried it was real clever how they did it they invented a pseudonym called Tony Earl who's not a real person Tony Earl is an anagram for not really so they published it and republished all of niven's material in a paperback book under the name under the name Tony Earl in order to discredit him but once they released that book uh once they released that book they got the book sales up and then they put it out there that the whole thing is a hoax because Tony Earls and anagram for not really so this is this is the type of [ __ ] that Academia does it's the type of [ __ ] to do guys believe me it's nothing new there has already been popping up on the Internet fake archaic sites where they're putting out fake information so you would think the Phoenix phenomenon is total [ __ ] we're gonna get to that in another video Matt and I are working on a project where we're basically going to separate archanges from everything else in the world that claims to be arcades and we're going to do it in a really genius way we're gonna have we're gonna have our own official Channel and dogs oh I actually yeah all we're actually going to have our own official TV station and it's going to have multiple channels for different topics that archaics covers so we have all these people in North America but they're concentrated in Mexico and they're concentrating in Central America and there's hundreds of pyramids and ends in archaeological sites in in places that verify that these population centers exist now you could call them Olmec you owe Mecca you can call them zapotec you can call them my uh the imera of South America oh we don't know how long they were there actually there oh well you know some of them as the uh Toltec which were the ancestors and predecessors of the Azteca the Aztecs so we have all these symbols and you know I'm only naming a few but just from this one short trip just observing everything that I'm seeing putting it with the data that I already know to be true from years of research knowing the traditions of the Native Americans which comport with the day the sky sky fell with the cataclysm that basically ended the race of the Giants with the prophecy of the coming of the sun remember the ancient American Native American calendars they have a common denominator and that was the fact that they had a four Sons calendar even the Hopi they had a four Sons calendar each Sun measured a period of Earth history between cataclysms and the next Sun appears and then and it was another cataclysm and then a new calendar began what therefore it was a new Sun but it all it all started when the sun first appeared and that first sun was called the water Sun the reason it was called the water sun is because the sun was born out of the water it was the vapor canopy that flooded the world when it collapsed it was the day the sky fell in the Bible it's the great flood so putting all this together I have I have a better picture of what happened when this great cataclysm happened this geography that we had spread through Texas New Mexico Arizona and Southern California I'm not speaking about the rest of America but from what I've seen we've had geological upheavals where certain areas uplifted at the same time other areas experience subsidence this is a problem for anybody who wants to project what the future few look like believe me guys I tell you all the time our world is not what you think cannot borrow into the uniformitarian model when you're trying to make projections about future topography it's not going to work none of these guys are going to be able to give you accurate depictions of what what the United States or by virtue of the world is going to look when the Phoenix cataclysm happens in May 2040 they're not going to be able to do it I can only give you a best guest based off the 30 degree movement of the lithal sphere or the perceived movement of the lithosphere because the stellosphere is going to shift and make us believe there was a movement but yeah I can only give you best guesses but just like the decking traps in India no one could have ever predicted the deck and traps nor can we ever know what is underneath mild thick lava floats that go for a thousand square miles in India no one knows what cities or civilization is underneath that lava we'll never know it's two miles thick so all we know is is that it's very recent the decking traps is not old now there's a there's a pyramid a circular pyramid in uh Central America called uh cuckoo silicone you guys already know I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna mispronounce all that [ __ ] so this pyramid it had it's one third or one-fourth of the pyramid is covered in lava yes matter of fact David Hatcher Childress in his book uh North and ancient mysteries of North and Central America has some fascinating information about all the all the the layers of pyramid civil building civilizations that have been found in Mexico and Central America nothing like that has been found in the United States nothing like that now I'm talking about I shouldn't have said United States I said Texas be we do have the mound builder Ohio Valley mound builder civilization and it's very old but to me it's post it's post cataclysm so anyway what we have what we have in most of the United States until you get to the Ohio Valley area what you have in most of the United States is huge lower low elevation bread basket of of the world see it was a c very recently and then when it trained it created this vast destruction that we see in Texas New Mexico uh Arizona and Southern California and you can see a whole Mountain that I videotaped them a videotape yeah I recorded them on my camera whole mountains in Southern California are made of nothing but very rounded circular Boulders of some of the boulders are the size of ships a lot so most of them are the size of tanks and then a bunch of them the size of cars and basketballs guys those those boulders stacked in perfect mountains like that because there's no dirt there's nothing it's pure Boulders you can see in them whole Mountains on a video that's because water passed through them for a bit rapidly it took away all the surface materials took away all all the clay took away all the all the soil all the dirt all alone all the gravel all the sand all the top soil everything was taken by water and all the heaviest materials are left behind and all this it could have happened very very rapidly is what I see in all my driving through all this area so now this this gives me context for all my Native American studies why did not why did pyramid building civilizations not take advantage of the resource rich areas of of Texas air New Mexico Arizona and Southern California why why did they leave all this untapped we know people were here but there were Nomads they were living as Neolithic Nomads surviving off the land following herds of animals the picture is very clear to me guys 2239 BC The Vapor canopy collapsed in the old the old ancient technologically advanced infrastructure that was that was known to the old world collapsed and when it collapsed this great cataclysm 90 of all life on Earth died collapse of the vapor canopy the entire world flooded because the vapor canopy flooded the world but the whole world didn't experience flooding there's whole areas that remain dry there's whole areas where people were able to to get away and get to to hills and mountains and there's just some areas that were never that were only rained on but they had good drainage but the but these subsidence which is the sinking of whole areas of land rapidly then the sinkholes which is small Regional sinking very rapidly then the then the uh uh the uh upheavals all peoples are just as common if the Andes Rose if the Andes Rose 12 000 feet in a day during a cataclysm from an earthquake so dude other areas sink just like Easter Island any archaeologist can tell you that the massive megalithic statues the Moya and the structures on Easter Island could have never been built by the people that are there today not that population ported by a small island with no trees it would have taken a much larger geographical area to support a much larger population to have done all that construction and this is exactly what we find in the traditions of Micronesia and melanesia Polynesia in the South Pacific we find that the island chains at one time had more islands and that the islands were bigger this is what this is what the locals say the archeology comports with that I will return to David Hatcher Childress who is it is it amazing books on uh Ancient Ancient mysteries of uh um lemuria in the Pacific that book right there goes into detail and shows 100 pictures and it shows a lot of snow out there I'm high in the mountains guys but uh it's a lot of detail show you pyramid structures called marai that are all spread through the islands on islands that wow this blizzard conditions now guys that snows beating on my van there's so many pattern breaks for me on this trip was I could probably count 20 20 pattern breaks for me on this trip so yeah this trip has been very advantage to me because I Now understand the Native Americans are descended from the from the advanced civilizations that suffered in North America they suffered 100 total collapse of their infrastructure they remember all the same thing same records from they remember everything wow I gotta turn my windshield wipers on temperature has dropped and I may need to slow down because I'm going 76 miles an hour and I don't know if these roads ice over but I know the ground stays a lot warmer until that happens but I'm when I'm in the van vlogmobile that's got to speak for something she ain't failed me yet so turn his heater off so we have hundreds of subgroups of of Native American Indians but they all have very very similar traditions they're Sun calendars they're traditions of an ancient cataclysm that ruin the world their traditions of spider grandmother or or the great mother they're they're their belief in the great spirit listen Guys these are common denominators spread by by cultures that were Nomads that traveled and traded with each other all over North America and yet straight to the south of them were very advanced civilizations that maintain sophisticated mathematics sophisticated astronomy engineering and aqueducts and sanitation systems they built structures infrastructures with pyramids they had they had civilized philosophies and governments they had writing so why didn't America build all these same things I believe I believe that the Native Americans are the descendants of survivors that were scattered about in small groups and all they told 100 loss of infrastructure they started from zero they maintained the stories but totally lost all memory of having of being having been living in stone cities have been living in in all all see it listen you know sophisticated Technologies I am not a uniformitarian I refuse to believe that these Native Americans with the sophisticated belief systems that they maintained actually I just refuse to believe that they actually oh oh wow a whole 18-wheeler turned over sideways wow it had yellow tape around it so I know he's already safe he's gone so I just I refuse to believe that these people are descended from hundreds of thousands of years of slow beautiful material development from pre Pottery Neolithic [ __ ] as promoted by science I don't believe that at all these people were victims there same cataclysm that destroyed the rest of the world but francia's is in Central America the differences in Mexico the differences in Veracruz State the difference is they still had on the surface the ruins of ancient stone cities that they resurfaced and repurposed the stones for new building materials when you have ancients once you when you have cities that have been destroyed but the destroyed cities are still are still there and you can pick them up and or you can dig them out and you can build on top of them every every post cataclysmic civilization will always utilize the materials that are their easiest to use this is why around the world we find pyramids we find layers of of civilization remember guys archaeologists who I have identified 17 independent layers of the city of Jericho then there's many other ancient ancient cities in that area of the world that have 11 12 and 13 layers of layers of all infrastructure it's because earthquakes or destructions or floods completely wiped out in infrastructure but it was still there left to build on and so they took advantage of that North America didn't have that North America the destruction was so total so complete they absolutely either left and became what I've told you guys like other historians have put together the pieces that the annuna appeared in the river valleys and and brought their knowledge of all these infrastructures now they brought fleets of ships they were called the annuna and later by the Babylonians they were basically worshiped as and later demonized as the Anunnaki but those are the ones that left because they still had their ships packed with pieces of their Technology and Engineering and their Sciences in their libraries but those who remain behind they were scattered they absolutely scattered into different groups colonies that were living hand to mouth and the destruction was so complete then when they came back down from the mountains there wasn't any evidence of their cities their pyramids their infrastructures it was all gone so within 200 years they had developed into into hundreds of independent subgroups that maintained shared shared Traditions myths and and Fates so the Native American are so unique because they were living it as Nomads as primitive Neolithic people for centuries while just a hundred few hundred miles to the south of them Advanced civilizations of the same blood type people were living in pyramid pyramid Stone cities that had been built above atop other pyramid cities and other I mean uh until been rebuilt multiple times the Aztecs did not build their Stone pyramids in here in in infrastructures they occupied the same cities built by the toltecs who had come before them so what I've taken away from a lot of this is looking at all this geography on this trip I cannot I cannot accept the uniformitarian interpretations to history I have to I have to bring the pieces of the table all together from disparate sources that I know fit together it's like it's like a puzzle the anthropology in the in the in the studies that we have of the Native American man the in all the album King uh families listen we can't we can't ignore these common denominators between all these cultures we can't ignore that they have the same structure of beliefs of advanced civilizations to the south of them that were in pyramid in a very Advanced pyramid Stone cities we can't so the only explanation that fits the facts to me is that North America was shunned it was Sean which makes sense of the of the uh they they're shunned as a place of the more advanced culture said man we're not going we're not going to the north that's the land of Destruction we're not going in the north it's all it's all destruction we just can't go so wow that sign said Phoenix 138 miles that's amazing man that's crazy Phoenix 138 miles man you can't make this [ __ ] up so get this other lane let me get this other lane real quick wow okay so I I have to bring I have to bring into the fold different studies that have been done by anthropologists who claim and mythographers who claim that that that the Aztecs themselves and the toltecs maintain Traditions that they had migrated from the north you can't ignore that data point that data point makes absolute sense of the geography of what I'm seeing of course you migrated from the north there was nothing left for you to build upon you escape to the South where you found the evidence of Prior infrastructures that were still on the surface that were still buildable there were the Toltec so you built on top of them yeah guys all these the myths the myths and legends make sense when you look at the geography the traditions of the beginnings the traditions of cataclysm the the sun calendar um uh belief systems these all make sense when you put them all together and it's not and it's not anything more than common sense it's just one cognitive leap after another and each one supported by the surrounding evidence there's really no mystery here it all goes in with the Sumerian Academia material that I've revealed to you guys all across my channel the anuna came from North America and they came in fleets of ships this this goes with the fat all the way back to the Babylonian belief that the the the that the children of Anne who were represented by the god oweny's were represented as half man half fish with a long beard that he came from the sea and he brought with him the Anunnaki and they and they built civilization yeah this is the Babylonian tradition all about oannies this is where the god Dagon came from Dagon the Philistine fish God Philistines were the were the sea peoples the seed where one culture of the sea people's Confederation or Federation one of them so yeah h.s Bellamy goes into detail about about Before the Flood that Tia wanako had to the whole infrastructure of Luke Ramada till when I go Lake Titicaca 12 000 feet this is all pre-catalism it was elevated to 12 000 feet today the sky fell and this fact alone fact alone has me telling you guys right now there is absolutely no way that we can isolate the Andes Mountains of Peru as being the only place in the world where there was vast amount of of people there's not a lot of people like to talk about the structure that's been found and identified as Noah's Ark in the Bible and being high in the high in the uh the mountains of Turkey so I don't know if it is or not but how do we know that the that the mountains of turkey didn't didn't trap an ancient ship or a building just a regular structure a building in ancient times that froze fossilized it's so well preserved because it was elevated to 14 000 feet elevation that's where it's located so if upheavals can happen in one area of the world then I'm telling you they happen in all areas of the world I told you guys from the beginning on my channel that the traditions of ancient Egypt used to call Egypt they used to call Egypt the uh the raised land that was the ancient name of Egypt it was called the raised land it was because it was raised out of the the northern Mediterranean Sea or excuse me the southern Mediterranean Sea and I've explained to you guys that Giza the three Great Pyramids which are pre-catalism were under water for 340 years and only the two great pyramids had had the upper third of their of their of the pyramids showing you could see them with both Awana this is why many ancient depictions of the pyramids show them surrounded by water it shows only two pyramids not three this is also why we find in the 1 000 year old writings of the geographer alberoni that he mentions that on the Limestone white casing blocks of the Great Pyramid you can see the water line clearly where the ocean stained stones yeah although all the Great Pyramid there was a water line was all written about that's why these books are so hard to find guys I have a copy of alberoni I told you I I told you about that reference before in a prior video so we have a this is what we have this is what we have in Texas this is what we have in New Mexico Arizona and Southern California we are looking at evidence of small seeds or one large Ocean or seed I don't believe that North America looked anything like it does today now this is only these four states I don't know of anything deep underground in these four states but when you talk about the areas of Oklahoma all the way to Ohio now we do have a whole lot of archaeological discoveries on things that have been found in pines and far deep underground deep underground so I don't know guys it's a heads up the debate but I wanted to put this video out for you guys just something on my mind as a band Vlog it's not it's not the last man vlog I'll do another one I'm on my way home right now but uh this is this is this is what's been going through my mind Native Americans are descended from post cataclysm post cataclysm people that were once advanced but their infrastructure was buried with 100 100 destruction no evidence nothing left to build on and they and they and they just they maintain that primitism that Neolithic lifestyle but they maintained oral Traditions that are highly advanced showing that there was a memory of many of the things that pyramid building cultures also remembered calendars tell us a whole lot about people guys so that's my video with thumbs up right here it's snowing the snow's getting really bad again real bad again I'm gonna sum up this video right now guys um go ahead five minute truck stop give me a little something to eat and just wanted to play I know the videos have been coming slower guys I love you Peeps and I'm gonna check out now