The Lost Scriptures of Giza: Enoch and the Origin of the World's Oldest Texts

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Written by Jason Matthew Breshears.

"Centuries after a cataclysmic depopulation of the world, mankind sought to replicate the one great monument that survived from the previous age. Pyramids were erected everywhere as colonies of survivors thrived, but none have matched the Great Pyramid of Giza in size and meaning. Its secrets are now uncovered and explored in this important groundbreaking book.

This book also reveals:

  • Ancient traditions of the pyramid found in an extinct language.
  • An ancient body of teachings holding that Enoch was the architect of the Giza monuments before the Great Flood.
  • New discoveries of the amazing teachings and ministry of Abraham at the Great Pyramid in Egypt.
  • A secret body of obscure scriptures in the Bible that refer to the Great Pyramid.
  • Ancient knowledge that the Great Pyramid complex was long ago beneath the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Ancient Egyptian accounts of the discovery of the Great Pyramid, with Egyptian based memories of Abraham visiting the Giza site.
  • Secret traditions regarding the Sphinx and why it appears older than the pyramids – but is not.
  • Historical records showing that the Great Pyramid was built to preserve knowledge and survive through a planetary cataclysm."
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