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This is a small collection of quotes by Jason of Archaix.

"Break free or die trying."

"Too many coincidences exhibit no coincidence at all." [1]

"It's easier to control all the masses when they fear the same things." [2]

"I don't come from a cultured background, and I'm never gonna be in one." [3]

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." [4]

"Our history is fascinating, and virtually unknown by those who we trust to teach it." [5]

"We're going to move forward, even if we have to move forward alone." [6]

"Originality always possesses powers of its own." [7]

"The deepest truths are found in fictions. And sometimes those lit by the brightest light cast the darkest shadows." [8]

"The present is controlled because the past has been forgotten." [9]

"Chew it all up and spit out the bones. You don't have to believe any of it. But it's there for you, if you're gonna to search." [10]

"If you put up a barrier between you and any new data you come across, then you can rest assured that data will be protected against you." [11]

"I don't like to sell hope, but if you need it, I know his video will reach those who need it." [12]

"Remember: Even if books are antithetical to anything that we hold to be true, we're still gonna find gemstones." [13]

"In going through the garbage [of life], you are going to collect a lot of it." [14]

"What you resist, persists." [15]

"If I believe opposition exists, then opposition will appear." [16]

"We have to lie to reality in order for reality to return it back in quantum collapse as fact." [17]

"In traversing through the dark you are going to get your feet scraped." [18]

"When you adopt that attitude of trying to save everybody, you're the one that will need to be saved." [19]