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Archaix - Bible Influence, Manifestation, Book of Good & Evil, Guiltless From Beginning, Redemption, Resurrection, War Already Won, Losers Looking for Exit, Apocalyptic Design
2023-05-31 01:38:08
Archaix - Coptic Egyptian Church No Mention of Pyramids, Grain Silo Comedy, No Entry Before 13th Century, 51.51 Slippery Degrees, Grand Gallery Mystery, Imagination Led by Intuition, Leaps
2023-05-30 10:13:18
Archaix - How Was the Coral Castle Built? Don't Know. If Genuine, Army Corp of Engineers and Military Intelligence Would Have Investigated Heavily, National Security Inquiry, Disappearance
2023-05-29 13:35:05
Archaix - Was Noah a Real Person? Ziusudra, Utnapishtim, Many Ancient Traditional Names, Jewish Fiction, 600 NUR System, Real as Per Histories, Not 600 Years Old
2023-05-29 09:09:13
Archaix - Fallen Angels Imprisonment, Chronicon, 4200 Years, 1962, Final NUR, 600 Year NUR System, Close Encounters of 3rd Kind, Hyper UFO Activity, Underground Facilities, Cheyenne Mtn
2023-05-28 07:12:52
Archaix - NFL Prediction Accuracy, Specific Timing, Date Sequence Prediction Analytics, 90%+ Accuracy Fades, NFL Admission of Rigging Games, It's Entertainment, Cryptocurrency Swings
2023-05-28 03:17:13
Archaix - Artificial Intelligence X, History & Sequence of Events too Perfect, Kaleidoscope of Multiple Histories, Future & Past Timelines Intersect, What Was Real, Secrets of Reality Coding
2023-05-27 04:46:56
Archaix - Necronomicon Deep Details, Charles Burgoyne, Dark Satellite, Ancient Travel, Arabian Occult Preservation, Distant Faith, Qur'an Resets, A'oodhu, Idris, Obscure Truth Origins
2023-05-27 01:09:26
Archaix - Partaking in an Informed Field, Auric Field Armor of Knowledge, Emotional Intensity, Empathy, Imagination, Reciprocal Giving, Purchase Echoes to Both Parties, Value of Free Time
2023-05-26 09:32:50
Archaix - Truth Concealed in Fiction, Novels, Fantasy Faery Apocalypse, Interchange with Humans
2023-05-26 02:45:03

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