Live with Martin and Max at Archaix MeetUp Houston

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Streamed live on Jun 10, 2023

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you know well as many of you know my name is Jason this is our second arcade [Laughter] so as you know we have Martin Nikki from Wales gorgeous he's doing okay he's not TV videos with me arcades band Vlog I'll take you all over Texas you see a lot of Texas already yeah and as you know Maxine joins us from Mexico did a video called recent cities of the deep not exactly a year ago video stayed on for a while but uh I don't know they took my video down gave you a story but I'm cool with that because it's good video and what are we posting now it's on this big shoot we're really close to metal with yes oh I am curious second camera man I don't know who you are no I'm talking to you I know I know who she is are you just freestyle podcasters I don't mind your channel whatever I just don't know who you are very unfamiliar equipment uh yeah yeah that's cool infiltrator as possible you first meet up I had the guys had the sound system looked up to like almost a hunchback I didn't like that at all so we went ahead and invested in these little microphones some of you may remember big Jones from the first meet up [Applause] J.R from the first meet up [Applause] thank you [Applause] [Laughter] Don Hart's handling [Applause] and Matt says how he's preoccupied right now but uh he's watching he's watching right now [Music] and of course I have an audio engineer right here on his phone in front of the lock screen hey I'm on the chat we're going to do a relaxed itinerary and what I mean is is going to be ample opportunity we're not going to ruin monologue to where you start shifting your seats and you can use the rest of the bathrooms back here all those water bottles are free because they really don't have much water bill how many cups on it in the video and of course you're free to walk out if it gets too much or whatever but I do have something new and I'm sorry about the price but more than I have spent literally two weeks putting this together and it came from all our files and different computers and we just actually went through everything we had 7 147 old books on PDFs on this number right back it's the entire arcades library and a flat Earth British library and it's just been awesome [Applause] thank you so more than I made a discovery just bouncing ideas off each other that's how things work there's a dynamic that's what you've solved where they're exchanging information and it's almost as if there's a third person you know prisons there that's feeding the creativity was made of very profound Discovery we're going to show you today is probably the very first time this information has ever come out and it's about the Great Wall of China and we are going to do the best we can to show you the evidence that the Great Wall of China is not a wall it has a totally different function and what we found is profound I'm going to lead the dissertation and then I'm going to stop and allow Morton to show you all the basically the graphics the pictures everything that we have found he's going to do the presentation with me so that's the highlight of today is this but Max Max is going to come over here and speak and the man needs no introduction I have no idea what he's going to say a little worried about it he says YouTube Max but um so the lights will be due to what you saw when you came in when we give the presentation we will so other than that you can take a seat I'll leave all right I've heard so much coffee I get dehydrate so I did a remains you know I did a very long podcast with bro Sanchez it was the first time I didn't had access to a whole other Dynamic the whole thing it's almost all black community on his channel and it went really really well but um some of the questions that I asked actually I realized that environment but it seems that that's how it's interpreting it when I go to talking about how we alter our personal reality and uh because I want to do all that didn't even see you there man how you doing how you doing yeah so I'm gonna I want to do a q a so we can reduce things down to what's most common denominator if we can all be on the same page we're already doing a fascinating historical presentation today so I I would like to lead off with let's talk about the informed field let's talk about the dynamic between the personal and the and the over field what exactly is going on this exchange of information how we can better move in the direction in our lives that we want to move into by understanding this dynamic because it's very real it is it it's completely altered my life and thousands of people who emailed told me about their personal testimonies There's an opportunity here there are two people here I don't know where they are right now raise your hands you can go to the YouTube deal there's one right here oh he's the pretty one with red hair okay these are the archaic documentary people I wasn't referring to you thank you but uh yeah she's back here so there's two other people here I think they posted up outside but they want to do 30 seconds to 60 second testimonials from anybody who just wants to say hey man this is what happened when I found archaics uh good or bad and you just want to record it there they are right here yeah oh they're doing their own YouTube thing and if you want to anytime for you the brakes or or whatever you step out and they'll record just you know 30 seconds 60 seconds testimony of what's going on you know I'd appreciate that I don't really know what they're going to do with it but now but I'm cool with it all right so let's start with the Q a on what if there's anybody who hasn't yet really wrecked their mind around what I talk about in my we Immortals players the ability this is not Law of Attraction although many people have had Associated to this is this is a totally different Dynamic it is when it is when the human mind which isn't even a part of the part of the construct it is a part of something outside the country emotional capacity this this cognition that you have it doesn't come from the brain it's external it's outside the construct it's not a part of your body your avatory it's a flesh is a part of the environment that you're in that's what makes it so difficult to move forward but your thoughts are yours and they don't belong to the construct their emotions are evidence of a spiritual capacity that this construct can't even Define it's not even a part of the holography so do we have any questions about is there anything that I could answer for you that will bring you closer to understanding this whole phenomenon how it is okay I'll give you my life is an example I get out of prison I have 27 in my pocket I start a YouTube channel where I'm doing odd jobs it ends up turning into a company and the entire time I'm documented showing it on YouTube telling you exactly how I'm gonna grow get bigger how I'm going to do it I'm standing here before you today so in a very short period of time so what can I what can I do for you what can I answer for you right now what is it that you want in life that you think is very very achievable but you had to close the distance between who you are now in the accordance of what it is you desire thank you right here in a second one okay so I'm I'm on the same page with you as far as all you know manifesting and creating and being positive but then I have this thing in the back of my head goes well I only have 16 years so you know that's part of the concert yeah so I mean it's like okay I'm starting a new business I'm really excited about it everything's fine in place and the paper I only have 16 more years so I gotta get over that yeah I don't stop thinking that because you don't know if you got that long and that's just you know 80's just a number anyway it's not a real thing you know I know you say don't you know with this devastation some people aren't affected I'm like well if it's you know I'm not affected but everybody else is what fun is that going to be you know so I I have a hard time with that with you know projecting into the future and it's we're just dealing with the now because that's all you ever got and just gone to the next no next no set you insane don't think I've already go beyond that point yeah to the next note and the next no just don't give you too much thought yoga think of things yeah just keep it simple yeah yeah yes keep it simple stupid long memories I won't wrap it around something a little more you know you've heard me say before if you're firmly set in your mind on a certain picture we need to do away with all elements of time because if the end is already secure in your mind at every step leading up to that end is already secure as well the problem is you're attaching you're attaching problems in anxiety to the in between you think that there are things that you have to do to make that end result happen that's not a co-creator relationship you're you're essentially building your mind in a magic of construct and you may even use your physical avatars move forward in that direction which is the most important part because your physical Avatar is a part of the environment you would have it the environment you inhabit will create a feedback loop to mirror the direction it's going but there has to be some architecture that the oversold that the construct can read at your imagination that's your intent what you want in life [Music] the bathroom I'm so sorry about that this is what public persona but I'm telling you we've been reported we didn't want to set up cameras how does that happen oh oh this we're waiting for this this is too big too much too much too many moving parts so our case that TV should be 24 or 48 hours after this is all today so anyway protect yourself [Music] there is nothing independent of you that's going to impede what you want in life you're not gonna like hearing it but every bit of resistance that you come across is self-creating every bit of it and you can't attach significance to particulars of your life if you have a mental image of exactly the progression you want to go you understand if I'm walking through the maximum security close custody cell blocks around merchandmen who have weapons and a lot of more races and I'm a minority why guys are a minority International Security and I'm telling you and I and I walk through these cell blocks knowing that I'm absolutely immune knowing that I am more than anything that can happen to me listen that informed field affects everybody on that same block and they really it doesn't matter what the Melbourne bottle is it doesn't matter what what guys intents are there is there is a field that you possess and it goes out and it touches everybody our fields are all interacting right now this is why we tend to vibrate on the same frequencies when you come into physical contact this is why when you come into the vicinity of someone who knows many things that you don't know your process information better if you absorb the data better when you're in the presence of that individual you get those mental ahas you get it and then when you go home bit differently you're no longer vibrating at that frequency you're now you're having trouble processing what you so easily understood previously in that process so listen why I'm so repetitive on YouTube trying to hammer it in trying to hammer it in because when people watching video presentation and they think they got it all and they're vibrating all that frequency there's there's a frequency attached to every presentation and you tap into that and then you're not watching it two days go by now you go back into a more base reality your vibrating on a totally lower frequency you're not feeling that anymore so you go watch another video but it's a different one this time but you're having quite long the lessons of the previous one so I'm always doing these video trying if you've noticed I have tried to wrap this same concept in different dressings and just from different angles but it's the same thing all right so yeah that's all are you in your situation the only reason I have identified that your problem is attaching to all the particulars because you specifically told us that the 16 years that instantly told me that that's a that's an issue for you that you think that the future is an abstract that is so far when actually everything you ever wanted in life exists today the only difference is coordinates you are not in proximity to that in a true false it really is with the spirit has to move or the right direction for the contribute to read the program and then and then the interface is complete co-created relationship is done you just step back and do something else because if you dwell on anything anxiety will attack as soon as anxiety attaches you negate all the energy you previously previously [Music] you got a question um [Music] so first off I've already spoken to you about one thing I'm trying to manifest but two and a half weeks ago I was driving down a car and I've been working on what you've been saying about manifesting my life that this is not real I can have a higher vibration and don't worry about it so I was driving and I got hit on my brighter side so they hit my car door and they slid all the way across and it was uh they had they were making a left turn and they get me and they pushed me to the side and there was two witnesses and they ran to my car and they looked at me and they'll be okay I mean this car literally hit my driver's side door and I could barely open the door and I slammed and I was like think you know they hit my car and everything and then I was like Whiplash like Jason's white you know I I was I would I should have been hurt those two people there were like they said no wait what they said nothing I'm still okay I still have no nothing oh I haven't made a little bit of a bruising on my knee and I bruised my finger and I don't even know how that happened and I just documented the stuff and everything but I just want to say what you're saying is true I mean you know I've been thinking in my head just it's not real I can manifest you know keep my vibration keeps crying I saw that car coming like at the last minute it wasn't my fault you know she was turning I don't know if you want to fall I don't know how the heck she can see but I just started swerving and in the whole time I just stay relaxed this isn't real and I walked out of it I walked out of it where I should have been probably in the hospital but nothing wrong with you I just want to tell you that it came from what you know part of what you're saying keeping my vibration I'm just realizing I manifest but um everything going slow like you're describing that's that hyper Lucidity it comes in with a trauma with with something that charge you to the point where the spirit for a very temporary time overrides the Avatar it happens it's happened to a lot of us but it's normally an accident or traumatic you've been extreme emotion when you're in danger uh then the adrenaline is the byproduct it's just the app opposite of what biologist does these hormones have been created by the brain they are creating any response to individual thoughts so your avatar responds according to the thoughts it's not the other way around you know taught in biology that is the brain that comes up with thoughts and then synthesizes hormones and releases the hormones for example it is brains function is hormones generation and it's uh the actual reports are outside they're gonna be a thing that they have nothing to do with the actual helicones hormones [Music] with each other it's the same thing that takes over you're gonna feel that pain for two or three years and then after that somebody comes over and gets an override and then you feel nothing else and you're just gonna fall through Supply there's a shock to the system and that shaft pretty much overrides the central nervous system's ability to process pain to process all these different things and that hyperacidity even slows time down because it's the central nervous system that governs our perception of time central nervous system going into everything about the Avatar it keeps our Immortal Spirits Jack into this this bodysuit but it's those moments like that when you have an accident you hear that's experience something like that it's when the spirit overrides the Avatar and that's why you feel that's why you're so relaxed yes right when you get seriously hurt or you're about to get seriously hurt that extreme relaxation and that objectivity kicks in that's the spirit of doing that okay so that's who you really are um if we're going to put more volume you can't really hear much as possible I can hold it out yeah is it better it's better back there yeah I got it down yeah why did you speak into it like that yeah thank you sorry yeah [Applause] so who are you guys Ah that's shown here and that's Johnny that's my friend Productions [Applause] um when you were talking about time and to me it feels like the compression of time as well so can you talk about time in the construct and so with the 16 years is that time going to mean anything as we close in on that that particular and time slows down I mean times this is concept anyway so um what what else can you say about that particular subject I guess well you're pragmatic we're all subject to time I mean we all know it's 365 days a year and we have to know every every four years we've got to create a day because the system is entirely imperfect so the time dilation experience though is the only two places I have rated all the material that I've gone through the only two times that happens trauma you know the avatars are going through something or for the fear of trauma and the other one is the alien abduction phenomenon those are the only two times I've ever found out I found that people have reported these time violations now I'm not telling you I'm not on the stage telling you I believe in aliens I'm not on the stage telling you that I believe in the alien abduction phenomenon what I'm saying is that's what thousands of people have reported this time dilation so you know my take my take it my take is is that we are we have all been misled not only by history but also in this Direction all activities in the underground and there's no aliens going through that atmosphere coming here visiting all these UFO reports though these are going through bodies of water U.S Navy's documented on radar under they've even shattered Shadow battle groups this these things are underwater they're underground and they come up they fly around do whatever and these alien these people who have been abducted they've almost been MK Ultra by a breakaway civilization that's for some reason harvesting DNA putting implants in people but this is the subject matter for really other researchers I have followed it but I really don't talk about a bunch of archanged with the time dilation phenomenon is very real in both episodes alien abduction phenomenon everyday trauma especially like I did the example I made with kickboxer here it's uh or Tai Chi it's a it's a combat you know this is the drooling override so the spirit just overrides and you can't feel the pain and you just take it you feel the impact it's uh unless you've experienced it you really don't know unless you're gonna like her in a car accident or whatever but my motorcycle accident I totally I totally experienced it as a matter of fact I probably the happiest point in my life was during that little episode when I was walking around talking to people I had no idea I'd been hurt I just had a vague idea that I just had an accident but uh anyway yeah I don't know about time being I understand your your position time is but it's from the perspective of that we live in an artificial construct and through the central nervous system we're made to believe the time is linear but the physics shows everything's happening at the exact same time but we're not going to be able to process it that way we're linear thinking and I wouldn't want to anyway as long as I'm in this Avatar I kind of want things you know predictable it would be a very unusual world completely shows this whole mirror structure that has been created and um yeah and you know there's other entities in an invisible Dimension all around us right now well when they're in that mirror among many other things you can learn from watching this they see them they're basically the washers and they're they're really I don't think they're benevolent per se they all have a strong sense of fear when they heard all about that but one of the key points that has been discovered by science that were amazing to me that you know not that I believe in me through science at all but uh two things was um they said time is basically space that it's really not different it's not that many across of support and that it is like a river it goes forward you know you're in the now and it's coming to you in the past which I always think we're good um and that you have your perspectives you could be on one side of the tank or the other and yada yada goes into the ocean but the point that was amazing was they proved that time can uh speed up it just stand still and it can go backwards so if anybody wants that video it's really great way to understand that and I've studied time for many years like that was my main piece which was the line of time yo these are these are Concepts that are covered by yeah I've introduced you guys to his work stopping the wild kind of a brief tour of higher Consciousness this is PDL spinski oh totally all about the uh the overlapping of time but yet I don't want to I don't want any track for the the topic right now because we can talk about time space all day long and still be just as confused when we walk down Jesse can you explain how two people in the same room like me and my wife can see the our reality individually where one is awakened and vibrating on a much higher frequency and the yoga when it's still attached to the collective and there's there's no commonality there's no commonality and the person that it becomes more and more awake actually she comes more and more distance from the very person that they love and it's because they are absolutely still trapped in the construct the the difference is this one believes and knows that they are a spirit living in a body and the other is actually convinced that they are the Avatar that they that they they inhabit huge difference a huge weight a huge difference in in how information is processed is in the world around us and it's uh becoming awake is one of the worst things for those who are married I'm sort of into bad news but but with one individual being really awake this your cognition is different your processing different information different and by virtue of that your contract has a feedback loop that's going to continually feed you even more information showing how trash she is in the construct and this is going to continue going over and over and over until until the partner begins to see some of the things that you can say you cannot I've told you guys over and over you can't teach anybody or kids you can't this is a this is a paradigm shattering thought basically it's a paradox shattering Paradigm that's what it is there's always there's no easy way to do it there's only two two different types of Spiritual Beings in this world and it's those who have fallen contour and actually believe in the Paradigm of the Own Way those who realize that this world is beautiful Within everybody else believes the world is built from without it is that mindset that that that's going to create a deeper and deeper barrier and if there's going to be any healing in any type of dynamic relationship like that it has to come from the individual who's awake that person has to be more more patient and that person has to live by example because that person can't teach because somebody who is asleep is not respond to information they respond to things they perceive it's a huge difference it's a different way of process information those who are asleep actually wake up while watching others who are awake they do not wake up when you talk to them you can't knock on doors and give these Concepts to anybody they're not going to respond they're gonna they're gonna be friendly they're gonna use some coffee and as soon as that door's shut some Muslims can look to his wife and that was a weird so weird so yeah it's it's just there's no there's no easy answer for that because that's a that's a huge wedge to be to be in proximity of somebody a lot all the time who is completely enriched with the contrary when I leave what I mean by the construct is they have accepted a parent that's true like I did for 40 years I was selling a Baptist Christian I accepted all of its tenants I would argue Rapture I would argue against Muslims I would already bring that sword out and I knew that Bible so many times because it was the only book I had in solitary confinement and I've been to solitary confinement so many times and the only thing they would give me is Bible and some boxers so half naked in the cell over 40 times that's why I still have all my animal paperwork I got it thrown in The Slammer over and over and over and then I started doing it on purpose because when I wasn't being solitary I didn't have time to read about it so I started going I started messing up me intentionally getting thrown in thrown in the dungeon and breathing up and let me out if they let me out before I got to the Book of Revelation I would just mess up again so I can go finish it yeah I wasn't I was weird back then Jason happy birthday yeah so you talked repeatedly about the biggest spiritual tools of intuition and creativity and empathy I uh so you know things I I do to uh to strengthen those myself and meditate I Journal like in advance like scripting writing my day in advance goddard's teachings uh what sort of advice would you give to help create uh strengthen those spiritual abilities uh as it relates to manifesting and strengthening your own performance if you want to learn how to throw hand axes and hand knives at a tree you need to stand there for a while close to the tree as possible until you get that Rhythm now do you realize it's all in the wrist so you get that blade in the park anything you do you're gonna start simple if you're going if you're going to go to the top of the key to shoot basketballs trying to get good at getting inside the hoop then you're gonna have a problem you need to get under the hoop and get as good as you can from there and then start putting distance between you and the hook so you got to start simple unless you're just a great soul that was put here by the by the oversoul uh to do great things then you're going to be like me and you're gonna and you're gonna start real simple because I started assuming I started super simple I even documented on YouTube many little things I did to make the changes in the whole life that I made but there's no you can't introduce complexity and the concepts that you yourself don't understand yet so I would choose little things that you want in life uh I wouldn't I wouldn't go for I wouldn't go for the gold initially I would find little things in my life that I know I would like to change and in the back of my mind keep the look at her things there and you'll be surprised in changing your little things by the time you realize you've got all this done you're already halfway to the other goal so um the concept of entities attaching you know the Native Americans You Sage and entity attachments back when I used to still drink a drug you know I was told that they would latch on in that kind of behavior um because you're in a lower State you know and what have you what are your thoughts around that and the best ways to clear that sort of energies from you you're telling you were talking about weakening the central nervous system it's like taking theologians I actually separate the central nervous systems of ability to maintain control over the Avatar so I see I see I see things that optically I can't see with my avatar now my spirit is beginning to see things the filters of the central nervous system were there weakened by mushrooms by acid by narcotics oh you like the same same exact exact example of the trauma with the central nervous system is damaged it impedes its ability to maintain maintain control of the avatar the central nervous system's duty is to make sure that the Avatar stays as a part of the construct that's what it is you're you're housed inside a body that is itself a part of the environment you exist in this is the thing you have to understand you are not your body you are not your avatar you are something else in peyote the Indian one of the dream walking all these all these uh what was the Native American had the uh spirit walk for young Braves yeah these these were specifically designed the same thing fasting does for a long period of time if you fast for a long period of time central nervous system weakens you start seeing things hearing things you start processing information from the field instead of from the construct because remember in Chevy midsole is very clear information is in the field is scientific is scientific experimentation shows very clearly there are many things that a human can do in a dark room with no noise and no distractions and you will find real quick when you clear your mind that thoughts or faces are in the field and you're never going to be able to control them they just keep coming and this is more you are a spiritual being attached to a field but you're also inside an avatar that isn't self-controlled by the contrast the two different worlds at the exact same time in order to free yourself from the construct world where all those methods are are on the way to do it all into narcotics trauma uh the etheogens you know your mushrooms all that that's that's why people go on trips they are they are actually perceiving their spirit is becoming basically separated from Avatar and they can see a lot of things they're not totally free of it though this is why so many people have bad trips as well but uh yeah it's it's all about the central nervous system it's it's the weakening of the social nervous system is what mushrooms do which is a filter which allows the spirit within to see to see things and that you know people see purple elephants I've never seen them but I'm doing those things anyway but people have seen have seen the ghosts of of you know ancestors or people in their family that have passed years before I've never experienced anything like that but I've read enough enough to know that the drugs and Trauma will weaken the central nervous system to the point that the spirit can actually start processing your information from the field a whole lot better yeah systems let me come around there you can listen to my magma I forgot what video it was I think it was over you were covering the book we are not um first or weird it was a red cover book with the yellow letters and you talked about um the central nervous system and how it basically just is your head your spine everything else is just connected and and disrupting that by doing by doing meditation fasting uh psychedelics like anything that's just the same thing that also mantras dances or rituals it's just repeating the same pattern or uh cycle anything just happening to that same energy being able to let the soul see pretty much detaching from the physical Avatar allowing uh basically the spirit to see yeah or something like that that you were saying listen there's a reason why there's hundreds of thousands of monks that don't do any Danville all day would meditate they have found a way my starvation of the senses to actually impede the central nervous systems because you said Indian style all day long in a room full Mechanicals you're going to start seeing itself this is why people often have hallucinations in their hospital beds when they have to lay down for weeks or months at a time then psychosis development is because the central nervous system is damaged and they are actually seeing the things that they think they see but they're not in the construct they're in the field it's totally different fluoride the fluoride stare the poison of our food and vaccines and vaccines and poisons and things can block that as well right so I think the point of it is breaking through the poisons that are legal drugs like Pharmaceuticals the the fluoride in our water and things like that are also designed to block I think our Provisions our empathy and our intuition so I'm just adding to that but I'm also of good belief not an opinion but I'm also a belief that the immoral within can override anything that's intended against the Avatar and I believe that we can heal ourselves because I've done even scientifically anybody who's done some deep research on the ability of peptides in the placebo effect there isn't anything the human body cannot heal indeed they do yeah question about breaking free from assuming that that's what you're saying break free from when you say Break Free so if the construct is constantly having an impact on us and we face challenges on a daily basis of things coming into our universe that are contrary to what we've postulated that we're trying to put out there and make the reality tunnel work for us what do you recommend we do when something comes across us or or we face it that's uh contrary to what we're trying to put out there in other words bad happens to us how do you get out of that mood or that attitude and get back on track do you have a recommendation on that good question it is a good question but it seems that look at let me simplify this as much as possible without not giving it if about anything is one of the best attitudes you could ever ask yes it is full objective allows you to deal with anything as an example I got three emails this morning it's it's the construct attempting or different means of dungeon programming negative default programming hey I got an email saying three guys are going to show up and start some in this meeting right here so I emailed you back I said don't tell me who they are I'll deal with it when it happens look you just can't give a f about anything you just you just move forward and I promise you every situation in your life will be dealt with as soon as you need to know how to deal with it but if you think you have to anticipate how to deal with each individual minutia in your life the construct will continually putting new things in your life that you need to make plans to deal with into feedback that will never end for you I need to wake up in the morning don't give a damn they just do what you want to do move forward and seriously do not entertain any negativity that comes into your life you know how many people I have aches off of our kids all you got to do is say one dumb thing in my commentation and my moderator said adopted that policy policy that is legal tolerance period you got to get that energy away from you and when you do you're going to start seeing how powerful you are and people respond to energy and if you are not physically capable of doing something that the construct throws at you physically don't be surprised when other personalities are suddenly there helping you they don't even know who you are you understand listen it's attitude actually creates the conditions that you experience it's as simple as that yeah anybody any questions anymore hello Jason I just wanted to say that uh we've been following Martin for years and we just found out about you so I think that's the kind of way this works we appreciate that watch videos I came up with a question like can you feel the physical world is measurable for instance I was a bricklayer and I would have to take Square things make them into something round and Pie is not an actual number if it goes on and on there's a ratio how do you feel about the physical world being measurable so that's a really good question and I have a really good answer for that and the reason I don't really entertain the globe platter model although we'll sit here and found side views back and forth and I'll listen to everything Morgan has to say and I agree that we live on a flat plane I know what breed we live in a flat world the reason is is because the construct is almost infinite and the more we attach significance to it it will build that significance and create that world for us to explore it's never ending if a significant portion of the population starts to believe that there are continent continents further away then we're going to start finding maps that are six and seven hundred years old that show that because the construct builds in the past to mold the future it's always doing these edits every 138 years it's got new programming in it throws it in there it throws us off and it tries to deceive us it tries to give evidence for present beliefs by giving us false evidence from the past and that's why we discover so many things if enough people believe that there's other continents other continents will appear if people think that there's going to be a day in the future when we can even go to those other continents find old new civilizations and all that then I promise you the construct we'll build that for us and then we'll have Colonel faucets coming back just like in the 1930s telling us about the Amazonian jungle so yes it's a good question I believe we live in a field because it's a field there's no end to the things we can build I have to go back to stories like the Tower of Babel where non-human personalities had a conversation with themselves in the Book of Genesis about humans being so imaginative that they become a threat that anything they imagined they could do they would accomplish and it was formless reason alone that these entities got together and destroyed the Tower of Babel and turn around scattered all the languages and to me you already know my opinion to create 70 languages in one day off one off one parent dialect could only be done by changing the programming it's the only way they can be done there's no Miracle here it's programming because we live inside some type of Technology this is the control we are inside a technology that is absolutely So Sophisticated that it can Bridge the psyche with the simulation by something as magnificent as just the central nervous system the central nervous system is that bridge it allows an immortal meaning to internally construct and be a part of it that's what the Avatar is so to answer your question about the measuring physicality it will never happen because the physical world will change its Dimensions as we change our beliefs about it with that being said how can you explain a non-editing of all the books that you've read I can't I can't explain it I've been asked that several times I let me explain history has been redacted it has been modified and you guys only get for me about five percent of all the material that I've gone through because I've already filtered out things that to me were false that were wrong they were misleading but to show you that there is ABS absolute gems of Truth spread through these old books I know some of y'all watch my archaics challenge challenge video or I'm challenging anybody if you don't think this is a real mathematical formula encoded in all these different texts then you need to you need to say so in a thesis and I'll publish it with the number 138 276 414 552 690 1242 uh we go all the way up all the numbers divisible by 138 they have been found in all these ancient texts and I cite the producers I cite the text where all these numbers are found they're not they're not numbers that are not related to anything they're all connected to a concept and that concept is reset like Rashi says or 1 656 years the world is destroyed the aristarchus is it was 2484 years every 2484 years over and over and over we have this series of numbers but every number I just told you is divisible by 138. so there's gems of Truth hidden in all these ancient texts and all these books these authors were all right however they were only right in their geographical area to aristarchus increase every 2 400 484 years divisible by 138 the area is destroyed but tarashi a thousand years ago the Middle East was destroyed every 1 656 years in the Book of Genesis the world was destroyed after 1 656 years so I have numerous references pulled from diverse sources different languages different kinds different time periods that all have the series of numbers therefore [Music] so the Phoenix phenomenon this is 130 a year patterning I mean it goes even deeper than what I just told you about the arcades challenge about all these historical texts telling us that these disasters happened according to these patterns even Nostradamus mentioned at 1 242 years and that's divisible by 138 but it's not that simple that right there in the north is a data set that stands alone is unchallengeable anybody can verify it but what becomes what compounds the mystery is that the history of the world can easily be seen by anybody just follow my chronic card go go chase the sources you'll see I made none of it up every 138 years these things that these men describe are happening so that's the second data set but that data set requires three publishing books 82 videos and it takes a lot a lot to process but there's a third that is said many of these destruction scenarios attached to these numbers are all attached to the concept of of Northern Egypt the great pyramid Giza or the space so our third data set is the rectilinear dimensions of the Great Pyramid that were done to the thousands of an inch Buster Flinders Petri that are the measurements accepted today the only ones I use on my channel and for those I know many of you who watch those videos those measurements in the pyramid are all available on 138. these are coincidences these are facts even though history history is redacted and there's an editing process we have a benefactor there is something moving inside the construct that empowers those individuals who override it and they're able to see these things with clarity and all this material together proves that something doesn't want certain things to ever be lost that's how they were found which are absolutely correct a lot of history has been redacted that's the whole point of archaic is to show you a fact for fiction right now you guys about 20 minutes or so would like to stretch me each other stretch your legs we got stuff back here bathroom and water bottles are in the back okay oh and [Applause] um 15 minutes [Applause] thank you so thank you again say hi to a few people um environment universe [Applause] thank you all right um this guy thank you [Music] it's not really ready [Applause] [Applause] um [Music] thank you foreign thank you [Music] what's wrong experience foreign [Music] [Laughter] myself [Music] until Friday [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] you guys thank you very much thank you that's awesome it's awesome [Music] foreign [Applause] yeah definitely didn't have a problem foreign [Applause] thank you I'll be like there's no situations thank you what's up [Music] thank you foreign [Applause] [Music] thank you all right [Music] thank you foreign thank you these questions [Music] thank you thank you um yeah my experience [Music] whatever and now and I realize bye um you see where he's at thank you is everyone knows right now I love you too love you more thank you [Music] thank you myself [Music] I'm the best way happy birthday foreign thank you awesome yes by the way thank you yeah definitely yes Magic too much do this um I don't know the initial Outreach yes okay one two one two three all right two or two I've got my shoes um no I'm going to see you bro oh yeah that's a good point I go over here just give me two seconds so okay okay so um [Applause] [Music] bringing the love and the high vibration don't listen to Mr Grumpy in the mind okay and stop creative appreciative reality let's make a beautiful one so um I recognize most people good it seems like it's a gathering of the clan the Gathering of uh you know the tribe everyone's vibrationally just comes to this place and I see that you know a lot of people like on Richard saying that like in their own personal lives this time to talk to about the subjects but it's great when you meet people on the Earth see the worldview cinema and then you've got something to talk to it's a beautiful thing so thank you for uh being amazing Hostess in America these fault rotten to me yeah and I absolutely love the place so I'm a Welshman in America is a massive culture we've only had two lanes of traffic where I come from and that's in the city um you know we don't really know where we are what we are or where we are even really could you give us a bit of a um you know you know we need to grasp what this place is and when we're all coming together and sharing thoughts like I've been working with Jason it's been astounding the stuff has just come out of the youth the discoveries it's just like that's less really flabbergasted so um I went into the subject of alternative history um years ago when I I envisioned if you like a world that came before us which some people called to Taria uh some people regard as a golden era that went just before us the evidence is the architecture the architecture has been repeated um everywhere in the world it's just a matter of what Cosmopolitan City you're out it's so-called Christendom the same architecture is repeated so one one peoples constructed these these architectural pieces but they're more than just architectural pieces they're what's called living buildings these things have got special crystalline structure in the stone they've made on Divine principles Fibonacci all the rest these buildings I live in they they react with the Consciousness and like all of the new buildings we get today to do lessons of consciousness so um I'm going to talk to you today about recess this is um something that me and Jason definitely agree on and also even in the time span between it you know I was going on roughly around 150 years or so but it does Define my reality you know this this sort of field and understanding overstanding that this place is nothing like what we think okay I'm going to propose um something that feels a little bit weird when you first look at it and it's a little bit creepy you could say but the effort that they would have gone to to fabricate the past okay that looks really creepy or when they go to that extent to fabricate the past okay so we're going to look at some aspects of that and I'm going to get into it so I'm going to start here um with this famous movie that you can see here on screen is there any um diapers going on and Screen niche excuse me just because there was these lights oh no that's not good yeah yeah I'm sure okay so the video or the movie you're looking at here it's a really strange movie because it's our best example of this period and what you're looking at is Market Street um in San Francisco on um April the 6th 1906. um there's a narrative Behind These two brothers Matt miraculously get together and they make this super fantastic really high quality video okay and what happens in Market Streets and remember this is supposed to be what they call the Victorian era it's not exactly you know this is supposed to be you know post Wild West and what you're seeing is these massive cities up and running okay so if I could just play that second security give me a second so um no it's not actually playing so what you see here right is on this video it has been faked some reason you know they've literally gone to the extent of fabricate history now if you're thinking to yourself well you couldn't do that with a whole Main Street in a major city just think that assessor beans a mill used to use up to half a million extras in some of these extravaganzas like um Cleopatra for example and they used to literally build these cities these Romanesque cities for the movie himself so it's not giant even imagination to think that they might be doing this so with this San Francisco movie you can see cars Cuts in you can actually look at the registration plates and find out that this car is going round in circles most of the map the weird thing about this is you won't find any evidence because in any other Metropolitan city in the world at this period 1906. it seems like all the cars in the world are in San Francisco in 1906. I'm so weird reason also we noticed the suicidal nature of the people you know they see this guy agency walking along the road staring at the camera because he knows it's there later on you'll see examples of people really far out of the frame looking down waiting for the camera to come to him these people know this is happening you know this is that there's a little boy later in the back of a wagon literally you interact with the camera because he gives the game away totally actually so you can see this car keeps coming Cuts in and out later on you'll see a guy with a dummy baby who almost gets killed you know everyone's got this suicides on nature it's just absolutely ridiculous to think it um another thing this sort of proves is that um there's a lot of Cobble in the old world and what you're finding is the horse and Cat it does not work on Cobalt the whole thing looks like it's going to just fall apart so I definitely think there was some other Technologies going on especially in the way of getting around so if you imagine this is a post reset civilization if you like everyone's dressed in black everyone has the same clothes everyone's covered from the Sun there's something in that women got long criminal gowns on a lot of people have umbrellas every male has a hat he's protecting his head everyone's dressing exactly the same color almost like um you know their conscript clothes you know what they would have you know on arrival they would have been given all these clothes and you'll find this thing for everywhere in the world the Mexican people they have the uniform with these white clothes in the hats I mean China the hats they're blue uniforms Russia have a similar uniform you know where who in these rural areas is giving these people these uniforms these people are allocating these by the states yeah so it's the same here all these people they're in like State clothes if you like there they are waiting for the camera because it's completely and you know because they know it's dead so my point is this okay the weird thing about it is this so let me just show you towards the end this little boy gives a Game Boy he's at the back of a coach just before it comes down to the Terminus Ferry Building at the end of Market Street but see they just keep cutting up this is everyone would dive this was a reality there's six and a half minutes of stomach it's like oh my God you're gonna die but then an astounding thing happens a really really creepy thing is listen really weird I've actually done a video on this shot you this is when you come back to the Terminus building and there's two really freaky nuns standing on the side I don't even know what they're doing it they don't even look human they look like but anyway so this is exactly the same point two days later two days later the entire city is apparently destroyed in some sort of earthquake and the witness account is they could boom me men like Lounge explosions before the event which only lasted a number of seconds the devastation is caused by apparently a firestorm so what you see in this film is this is like only a few days after that color film and it's exactly the same street so it's okay everything's fine they've got an excellent HD um Hollywood production type movie two days later everything has disappeared everything is gone so what you find is you get thousands and thousands of people with no baggage not care in the world's actually comparing you know considering that in an apocalyptic environment and they're all coming from this terminal building it's very terminal it's Terminus and they're all going in the same direction they seem to have a predestination nobody's bothered about the you know nobody's upset nobody's bothered about all of the Carnage around him in fact everyone is really well dressed and well turned out I'd love to know how this is happening so I've proposed that these people this city and many of us which I'm going to show you shortly have been reset and the population has probably been killed and the rest have been brought in to replace the population allocated the property you know this stuff went on in World War II this is you know monotonin and thought of a way of dealing with the Takeover at some point the terminal is called Embarcadero street is you know later waste you get images of the coal building but weirdly fire Stacks from the roof you know it's just how to start from the roof from the fires coming in this way apparently so um you know my suggestion is is this um Jason talks about the Phoenix events okay which is a plasma related defense okay so I talk about a technology Nation technology an electromagnetic type technology that is being used since the ancient world and I talk about fast shapes okay you may regard them as what an advanced due weapon okay there's something that can turn matter into dust discouraging matter and just basically turn the Sahara basically turn a green and Lush Sahara into the desert if it is today because there is a glitting in Civilization existed in North Africa and the maps chronic chronologize this okay and then it disappears and now there's this anomalous belt of deserts all the way across what was apparently the fertile Creator tells you right there it's not natural density so in the recent past um there was a terrible event okay now what you see here is it's coming up to the uh Town Hall so Everything Burns all the buildings burn but the telegraph poles that are major wood they don't do the wires they don't do all of the buildings fall in their photo print not into the roads as with the nature of an earthquake on and other buildings but all the build all of the roads Builders full doses must have come in you know in a day after or something because all the roads clear everything falls in its footprint treats and hand and this wood doesn't burn makes zero sense unless you're thinking the same thing which I'll show you haven't done to Hamilton sold in a minute that did exist okay it's a technology that is heated from above so things hit this place from above I think the same technology was happening right away through World War one I think it was right away through World War II um it's a technology with many permeations there's a good side of it okay as well which is um organ technology which we'll look at organs that pipes are put together it's a similar technology to fachets which I will explain shortly so this is a post-apocalyptic picture you know of a civilization that literally supposed to be just picking up the pieces their City they only say six thousand dead some of these pictures you can see saves you know will keep many on the floor almost as if some big Bank job went on and they just cleaned the city up but these people they had up to 100 figma camps set up within two days you know still it stinks that this thing was you know they knew this event was coming there's all sorts of narratives have been tied in with this place had black death or they had a burner out I don't think that's a thing but it is in the narrative there's loads of reasons but major point is is there's an endless amount of people just tuning up what are these tourists you know they just like in the certain things to go and check out you know the city that is completely devastated loads of people have you know have been um killed apparently only days after you know like we're going to check out all of the deaf and Devastation shall we on a Sunday afternoon it doesn't seem real so um the tramps kept on running right the way through they're running on an electric and ground cable system and apparently that was completely ineffective a bit like Hiroshima World War II you know the entire city is supposed to be destroyed by a nuclear bomb or Latin bomb yet the hospital stays completely functional through the entire day and the transistor never stopped it was up and running the day after I'm proposing that even there even on that we're talking about a similar technology because some of these pictures guys I'm going to show you now the only thing you can think of is that it looks like World water it looks like that America had a wall if I show you now these images sure I'll just go through a few so 1870s 1871 this is a massive event in North America the prestigo event is apparently a massive massive forest fire Apparently one of the biggest in history um and at the same time Chicago um is a race and they also give you the same narrative you know Molly tipped over um you know a milk cart and it's an oil but in the city and it looks like you know massive massive skyscrapers and Builders it makes zero sense okay so this is early on you've got um you can see trams there we're you know dragged by horses uh because apparently the electric Transit coming to like 18 late 1870s so they weren't about to net but interesting they got a mass of what they call gas meter or gasometer in the background so if this place was on fire I wonder why that didn't go away so again everything falling in its footprint again um uh Telegraph polls and affected again um what you see predominantly if you look at the bombing of Berlin World War II 1945 the Battle of Berlin you will never see a crater same for Dresden you don't see any craters these are the biggest bombardments in history you do not see any Practice What You Do see is the buildings outside uh facing still existing the inside is completely missing and they said most of these um are called badminants during night time I'm thinking there's another technology again um you can see that the the buildings fall in their footprint but their lacks always in this case you'll see many examples into tiny bricklets you know what fire does guys there's some other technology going on here and as I said everything just Falls it's Footprints just like the Twin Towers falling in their footprints just what we've exist you know what we've seen with um some of the events are happening in California with Paradise you know buildings that are just completely missing falling in their Footprints and they've got nice trees and Shrubbery all around the house unaffected obviously possible unless and it's hit it from above there's enough evidence out there on YouTube that this this technology existed but there you are 1871 The Great Fire of Chicago which is not the only city um that is sort of destroyed at this period you're going to find the most American cities have had some sort of free fire where the center is just being burnt up Austin this is another narrative we must we must myself and Jason talked about on paranormies just recently show uh when we talked about the American Civil War and what we're really think is going on with it okay this is apparently okay Atlanta um excuse me Richmond Virginia okay um what's with the breaker Romano temple in the background you know when is this stuff being built this looks like the ancient classical world and this is a big well-established City they say they're using them cannons to do this destruction okay cannon balls okay which I think there's something else going on I've seen enough evidence now that they electrified these comments okay so when they say charge they mean charge or discharge they say discharge um there's a reason that guns are put in a battery yeah so I think that these were magnetized if they did use cannonballs they were coming up it's an incredible kinetic energy which we just flatter everything but then that is not what we're finding with the emerald buildings missing in their Footprints everything's gone tiny bricklets and everything falling in his footprint okay so organs I want to talk about organs now what we find after every reset is the arrivals and many of you must know about all three trains by now surely you know this is a whole load of people are brought into this realm to repopulated okay where they're from Jason sings underground this could be the case there's some sort of you know process for repopulating this place um upholstery set they just don't seem to have an issue with you know what we do piano so they repurposed the churches they come along after a reset these churches were never for warship worship they were never that these were Healing Centers these were devices where people could go in they could have a organ plate and they would have a specific frequency 432 or whatever it is the organs are good for your organs in fact it's good for anything to begin to evoke okay so these are Healing Centers again these are pipes together and they all give off a frequency because everything in this place is speak frequency and vibration vibration frequency is a healing technology which you can tweak Underground under water across Atlantic communication cables these are supposed to be dropped in the Atlantic Ocean to connect Europe with America um apparently used by the great Easter one of the biggest ships that was ever built but isn't that is uh by Bruno so what you find again it's right um together you see that in the middle you've got a central core you've got some dots around the outside and it's bound with the copper bounty to give you a charge I think that these things weren't put down by the Great Eastern I think these are much older technology from what I would regard to Terrier but the similarity in the size slice would show you that it looks just like a church winter or a semantic pattern I could just I'll just reel off along to these uh you know these cities the just miraculous event you know vanished off the face of the Earth and then they basically turn it again later this happened twice to Chicago it's happened twice for San Francisco there was another fire prior to 1906. so Charleston American Civil War again 1861. you notice the roads are clear you notice everything's just falling in his footprint it seems to be selected too um in regarding World War II um this is the bombing campaign of World War II Cologne Cathedral every single building around here is tuned to dust Global theater miraculously gets in hand lanterns Blitz yeah um everything around suppose Cathedral completely blitzed support Cathedral completely announced this is selective this is selective I would go as far as to say on both sides in it together I wouldn't be surprised if some of the bottom campaigns were um between both you know I think they're all on the same table I think they were all along so another reset you can see the architecture you know this is Baltimore another city and everything is just in small bricks how is this even humanly possible just by a fire a big stone masonry buildings that look like this Italian built in here this is the architecture I'm talking about you'll find this end anyway in New Zealand Australia and Hong Kong North America South America all over Europe it doesn't matter where you are this architect is replicated the weird thing is they Akinator to being all built around 1870s to 1900 America so all of the world just out of nowhere at the same time there was nothing before does it make any sense before but you can see see that this is a really big well-established world you know in what they call the Victorian era and all of these have suffered to tell a terrible events all of these cities the first fire at San Francisco okay two thousand buildings destroyed 1851. and then the buildings are miraculously built then by apparently the 49ers they say and then the cities you know there again to be only destroyed later in 1906 only they rebuilt the entire city and built the biggest best Exposition that's ever been built the Pan Pacific Exposition all in nine years from dust how is that even you in Newcastle development they keep destroying the city then it comes back then it's destroyed then it comes back Columbia South Carolina 865 American Civil War trees there built-ins completely gutted it looks like World War II this is America something they never told you about they put them on these stupid narratives you know the Chicago Fire a big massive City at stone masonry and granite um but Mrs O'Leary she Burns her old time when she had an oil lamp over we've got a similar similar narrative to Boston it's just comical it is Como cup so there was a great fire of New York and there's no photography uh photographs of like 1835 photographs apparently come a little bit later but I really do think camera can photography is quite simple technology I think they had uh I could add it all I think there's nothing new Under the Sun everything you've got now from your from your device to your television to order I think we've had her all in the past I think this all being nurse replicated different Technologies for different resets for different people are here some resets seem to be occupied by Giants and Cryptids all sharing the ram together in so many depictions of the alchemical periods but this architecture seems to be about as well and these these built-ins massive Windows massive doors Second Story front doors and all of the lower bits are all Underground so I asked an architect once um why did they feel the need to build a lower story on a Victorian building if you've got no light in there it would be damp and in a country that it rains all the time we have snow all the time what's there isn't it and putting in the front door and just the first story yeah where it looks like there's a window of being at Sun stage but when we have ice what would be their release what is your reasoning he said oh I think it was in Vogue at the time I looked at him like that and then you realize how absurd that he actually sounds it sounded so oh that's nice so Charleston American Civil War you know you can see these basins that I'm talking about I can see these lower winds oh sure which seems they call basements but this is replicated to so many places in the world that makes zero sense guys to put these doors up in the air and it's lower so what um and this lower story below from Level so we think there was being many apocalyptic mud floods volcanic ash nose flood all of it put together Phoenix events put together that you know Jason's been telling me about you know artifacts miles down in Texas Milestone you know all of the day the trillions and trillions of people that went before us they went somewhere and they're down there okay in the mode so the Great Fire of Lafayette destroy 500 buildings 1831 um Medina fire Ohio pursue two large digital and it seems to be always around the business districts sending in that Atlanta Georgia um 1864. that must be something to do with General Sherman and his crazyness when he's going on an ethnic cleansing binge across the Southern States of America onward another city so they've got photographs of that another city has a massive Exposition and you can see the architecture smash Jay if you look onto the photography of say 1890 all these buildings seem to be back again because it's just great fire to Pittsburgh of a massive City Gun and another great fire of New York no actual pictures even no pictures and photographs existed no problem in 1845. in second island 1846 no photographs and photographs existed 1850 photographs assisted Philadelphia okay Troy New York 1862. and Denver Colorado which is a beautiful red bit red brick Tyrion looking City and apparently and they disappeared off the face of the Earth 1860s so here is Boston Boston another city of this destroyed and you get these sort of anomalous creepy dudes coming in you see that guy there doing the Masonic symbol you see this a lot they have coded these photographs and it's just it's a cover story for a greater apocalypse how can all of them look at the size of this masonry this kid is sitting on how did they carry that masonry by horse and Cat across muddy roads from wherever and they build these massive structures get the steel leg they get the glass there all of these materials to build this massive World on horse and cats really do you think this is possible because I really don't look at the size of these masonry bits it's the older world and they're covering up an older World by destroying it and this building that's not conventional fire that looks like it's been targeted this thing is melting it's that building is scotch and that's Old Stone Granite structure crystalline structure that is not easy stuff to burn guys okay um Chicago Fire this place is massive and also regarding the um great exposition of Chicago one of the best fun fairgrounds in any Exposition and the exposition itself one of the best you could ever imagine anomalous fire disappears off the face of the Earth all of it see the expositions too because they make no sense this Divine architecture means just unbelievable principles of technology and they're completely lost to us today they never replicate that anymore they couldn't build one of these old buildings so these are newspaper Coatings from World War II now I have proposed in my field that the transport of tataria was the air balloon I proposed The Narrative for the Hindenburg disaster in 1930 was a Scion okay it proved this if you look into it I've proved that these are two different movies and one of the the graphs where he was supposed to have a bit swastika on the side but the one that like birds and hit the ground never had one this is two different events two different blooms and it is you know oh the humanity conveniently they have all these will correspondence there to cover what they knew was going to happen so that got rid of the idea that blooms in favor of modern air travel when blooms was safe um reasonably quick and you know just a really nice mode of Transport quiet World water they were they were a weapon and what we find Zeppelins bring death and destruction to the very heart of London um I've proposed evidence a few years ago that in Paris they were using clashes to shoot on exactly exactly in itself has a remarkable resemblance to a fasciate also but the evidence is overwhelming though in all these newspaper curtains that they had some sort of death rate if you like coming out of these Zeppelins this technology caches technologies that I'm talking about um which would attack the old architecture it's the same with the bombing campaign of World War II this wasn't a bombing campaign against um soldiers or even civilians really this is a campaign against architecture especially in the case of Dresden you know it makes no sense exactly it was one of the greatest architectural pieces in Antiquity and then it gets destroyed so Calais first world war and you can see this beam of light and it's literally cooking this building down below this Italian type building which is the city hall the hotel to build that in Paris there's another one here Great Yarmouth or 1850 first world war some sort of really come out of exactly so I'm proposing that they were doing that in these cities I'm proposing that they were destroying these cities using air balloons and electromagnetic Technologies if you I'll look I'll just show you some of the basics with the fachets you can you can uh find out all about that on my channel but this technology does exist today it's in your microwave oven the the magnetron that is in your microwave oven is the same design as a fascase there's some examples on YouTube the John Levy actually posted some Russian boys um taking the magnetron out of the microwave oven and they literally turned um paper clips it just melted it's not it's a really dangerous technology so we've got that wrapped up stick it in exactly you can make the city disappear in its footprint from above I think that's what they're doing I think the evidence is overwhelming anyway but not well what they were shooting many many seconds out of the sky more than you'd think there was a lot of bombs dropped in a World War One um but I think it was that technology and they were anxious to bring them down and so I've also proposed that belfreys that's towers without bells is because they were Landing platforms for blooms you could literally come up with a blue and more on one of these uh one of these Belfry Towers if you like um and just get off and then you're delivered into the city I've got many many examples they did do it they did it in LA they did it with the Empire State Building they brought the crafts craft settling in and you could do random people were delivered already in the center of it's south of New York Paradise I mean the same isn't it things falling in there for a print it's inexplicable really how these trees you know not bothered these trees not bothered this is supposed to be a firestone traveling through a hurricane hurricane winds apparently but that's not what the photograph show and they don't fit the game over there so this Sunday is drawn a picture or vision of what Italian would it look like and they definitely are thinking in line so something halfway between a ship and halfway between the balloon but I think thinking the post-reset world I think that the the liquid media that we find ourselves in which they say is oxygen which is arguable because especially mostly nitrogen anyway so the way they're getting that from but this liquid medium that we exist in that literally we can interact with without emotions we send ripples out just like you would in water that's a fact okay so I think that there was a lot more electromagnetism in the air poultry set and I think that there was a thicker fluidity um you know Jason talks about the vapor canopy a thicker Superior it may have been even the case that you know we could literally leap and Float okay like like um no what was his name Icarus going too close to the Sun there's so many accounts of you know the Angels got Wings a fight if human beings been able to fly in the past I'm just proposing that you know that might have been the case what they call gravity okay but what if there was less electromagnetism and what if this was lighter and you could just literally leap up um and take off there's enough films like Superman Matrix to show you that this is what we can cut I think I do believe we can fly I dream about it everywhere so there's a narrative that um you know for the balloons that they say you know that these Origins are in France and you know it's the 1600s but I've shown that it's tens of thousands of people have been carried on balloons into invasions these giant hangers that they have from the great expositions were probably hangers originally excuse me um for these Giants The Originals these giant efforts this is one of the great expositions and another narrative which we think of is after a reset they're brainwashing the new population with this is the way the world is this is the way certain countries behave this is the traditions of the place this is the items that they use this is the technology that we got in this round this is literally a program in place you know it's a bit like Disneyland well they had um incubators in a lot of them as well incubator stations and a lot of these they could have been just you know something to do with breeding plants all I know but this is um Four Angels technology this is a technology of electromagnetism you know to create a charge in the center so this is free so these expositions we're using free energy in free energy is the thing I've shown um cursed the books from 1700s showing perpetual motion devices using magnetism and Motors using magnetism you know and the Tesla Motor you know these things are you know free energy devices all you need is magnetic propulsion and attraction to send some something smoothly you know so um it's also a technology for the balloons for free energy these are what they call aerostats so they go higher the higher up you go and the more electrostatic potential is available in ether so if you go right up there with the blue and they've got their little module to catch as a challenge either it sends them back down to these stations these their posts and these giant electric electric generators it's all free energy all free energy so there's the way the mechanism works so they're doing aerostat in the past apparently and I've got many examples of airless staff there's another one with a sense in the balloon sir and again picking up a charge um and they're charging batteries they're using generators it's from the blue grabbing the electrostatic charge which is there this is what Tesla told's about he said we could just tease out that potential that is there it's just a case of finding a resignation a key a sound key um to free energy it's what it's all about that's why they say it's a key you know a key is a key a musical key the key we're looking for is a sound it's a vibration so what's happening with this whole movement we're all on a similar vibration we're lifting our vibrations you know we're turning into a what we're supposed to be you know this is what this whole narrative has been guys is you know just keeping us on the law of vibrational experience so we don't wake up to our true true human potential because we really am manifested moving out Superman and Superwoman yeah and we're fantastic beings it's just they took it all away from us I wanted to pick you insignificant [Music] [Applause] so I'm producing rain using X-rays and I talked about weapon manipulation if you're doing this hundreds of years it's even in the official narrative that they do control about that and the end well I don't think anything is real but artificial this place is artificial includes in the weather but they've been uh is that where we're off in a certain place using as you know hack but if that is the vibrational technology along the lines of fascist Technologies so there's a vision of these balloons coming in the Fantastical Golden Era with free energy no bills no being Gasoline by the governments um some sort of overstanding between people and would even suspect until Babylon which is sure now where the ranges have been confused that everybody must have been talking one language or maybe no language at all because as you know language is spells and maybe cast and spells on one another and wittingly using the phonetic language that the Phoenicians kindly gave to us to use for them to manifest of their world but we're not doing that anymore it's not his story it's our stories we're taking history back so I think there's something bigger happening yeah my interpretation of it is it's not just now this generation to us now that is waking up because if you imagine the only incontinence of now forget about time it was mentioned earlier so if you're say a soldier on the trenches of the first world war okay he exists there right now in that time okay and that's saying for the future your future here whatever you will find out whatever you will you know unveil in this journey later on has happened and sending ripples back to this time so I think that when we wake up I think it's not just you I think all of history wakes up simultaneously right across the board the whole thing the whole Paradigm changes and then it's a new day okay we're back on we're free that's the idea so go back here [Applause] so I've used an adventure and fascist Technologies you know they admitted in the uh the officiality the electrical fascia is used and to shoot on Zeppelins in the first World War I think we can see that so they were using an electrical fachet so you know they sort of admit in it so transport of the past did you know they were using um air tubes before the steam train they were using pneumatic trains that would deliver people comfortably and quickly or the distance before the steam train actually appeared so everything seems to be going backwards you only got to see um the streets of Britain you know with my cities in Britain are literally a terrible State okay everyone's gets gas lit to hell but if you look at a video of a hundred years ago of the same cities everyone's got smiling face considering you know we're supposed to be so bad back there it's a completely different world the vibration is completely different this people have now this is the crossroads of humanity guys as we all know it's maybe our break-it type it really is um and I think we all know this in our hearts and there's something big coming it's around the corner okay and that's us we're doing that we're making this happen it's just a two minute we're manifesting it okay but it's done through love so it's going to be fantastic I wouldn't even give it a second first it's meant to be excuse me I just juggle through my photographs where I was rabbiting to myself uh sorry okay I'll just scroll through anyway I won't be too long now with this narrative but I'm just gonna bring it to a close I'm just going to show you examples of what I thought was going on in Terraria is you know they literally have an air balloon there's somewhere between the boats and they can literally drop you off at your house which is the reasoning why there's all of these upstairs balustrates um and upstairs and raw time works and so much of antibody you can see this feature everywhere Barcelona and even got these upper rails in New Orleans you know but they could be doubled up as a flood prevention because if the flood waters rise then you've got the upper Gantry to more your boats on okay so I think that that's how they were getting around and that would be a beautiful way to be just dropped into your city no hassle whatsoever um they literally put like thousands and thousands of people or Birds up to eight thousand and it's one blue in Antiquity so that you know there's like literally Invasion forces that have been used by Napoleon with blue so if they're doing it in Napoleonic for um Europe but not in the Victoria you need to make zero sense I really do think that these massive um steel and glass things that Railway stations are in now same as everything after a a reset I think they've been repurposed okay and they just need to put the glass in again and they look like the Crystal Palace Crystal Palace burns down in the 1930s another great Exposition because apparently glass and steel Foods okay okay so here's a beautiful vision of how it would be all that Nate's uh Royal attire which is the technology in itself you know I have seen examples where people can put in or they have put Solomon's sigils into wrought iron work faces look like little demonic faces so when the sub lethas roll through you know it's giving an icky vibe to that area so I noticed they've done that for some of these railings and a lot of them railings you see here they removed in World War II they said it was for um basically animals uh to support the war program until when you research it you find out that none of it ever made the factors in fact we've dumping it in the majority in the Thames in London none of this metal that they removed so it was an old technology that they were trying to get rid of so imagine just a quiet train electric train zipping out outside your window and then you're just into your apartment and it's going to be a luxury place it's a better world and then ought to you Italian Hotel on the beach it's a beautiful free energy to carry a build so reducing Tech is another way which we call it though The Narrative and Medusa is she's a lady she has servants in her hair you can't look at her directly because you will turn the stone but you can look at it in a reflection like ECS did this is the technology that we're talking about and in Antiquity they show you the sachets which you can see just below her and the Medusa together in a lot of architectural pieces showing there's a connection I think that the servants represent an em okay if you see a servants around same nose stack you see excuse me Moses his staff when he turns to the staff of the serpent you see the serpent wrap around it in the movie but there's loads of examples are chemical images of a serpent wrapped around the central car because if you wrap something with a wire for example a copper wire and its essential chord it's made of metal for example you will create a charge so they know all about it they know all about the powers that should not be um the fascists themselves Mussolini and also prior to them um Napoleon his uh Banner he's insignia for his uh prizam he was a fasciate and it was the emblem for the fascists and we all know they sack so and this is really really bad okay so uh house of Congress we've got two sachets and they're wrapped around uh with two Lara leaves but what you see is that opposing Tauruses that facing one another and also the same thing with the binding with a lot of leak you would see that they're literally telling you that this is and it's in the most powerful place where all of your all your go down okay so there are some examples that we've found in battles of fasciates being deployed these are the smaller ones they come big they come smaller you can see this ax now an official narrative this is a weapon for punishment the Lecter carries his um his sachets and the acts which is called the lebris Apparently in they chop people's heads off as a punishment so they do say something but that makes no sense Japan you can put your hands around this Central column and the weight of it the whole thing doesn't work with trying to chop someone's head off but that's what the official narrative is to try and explain what this anomalous object is even though it's showing you in lots of alchemical images but it's destroying architecture and defining research so there it is so we've got some brass pipes together and then you just bind it with some copper wire that opportunity to charge you ramp that up get the direct directionalization correct you buy yourself a nasty ass wiper okay there's Mussolini you can see it's got two people carrying symbolic fasces in front of it yeah this is a part of the whole power structure of them it's the fasciate it because they know they know this is a weapon I've even proposed that there you know I've even proposed that the crown jewels the Queen's sector and the Queen's Hall the holy iron grenade and the crown itself are all a technology from the old holder world yeah they do say this is our scepter Diamond about Britain and there's loads of evidence of vitrification I'm just saying and that's that into the ground C cable you can see it's the same structure as the flashes because that is okay sends a vibration apparently thousands of miles into over mountain ranges because it's supposed to be this Mid-Atlantic Mountain which they don't explain how the cables are laid on that they need you to find out so just Windows you've got an organ behind them okay and the organ is emitting a frequency they took one frequency out in the 1700s instead of the brown and notice it was making people called the crew in church but there was other dogs which was arousing some women as well so they were like what's going on with it we're out together so there's a few notes in Antiquity and they noticed in church machines that were affecting people okay especially organ okay so what we find is all of these Church Windows these Rosa Windows which have got leg content in the you know their technology the ropes glass itself um a set of specific cymatic frequencies okay um and they're in all of the churches and the Urban Music is passing through these like speakers it's going out into the ether and people are literally Charmed by the three four three two also the bells as well the bells in synchronicity this would have been a scintillating world yeah plants would have been bigger um animals everything healthier I don't even think that you know this is this sort of technology I don't even think death was a thing I really do there's no toilets in tataria guys yeah the the move excuse me Louis the 16th birthday okay it's got like six thousand rooms I'll send it we've only got one toilet there's no in all of these massive structures that come out of antiquity there doesn't seem to be any need for a toilet so why isn't anyone going to the toilet some people have proposed that that in Antiquity that everyone doesn't need to eat because they're nefarians and they're living at a high state of conscience Consciousness yeah it can be more ethereal okay so you're not really needing that food so maybe they were the people that were in Hamilton this place before this this this reset in history so oh it really is the last two years or three years have proved that their special kind of stupid okay I'm just saying I'm not being a blessing but it was really weird wasn't it yeah especially two initials yeah because anyway so somatic patterns four three two everyone every one of them has got an individual frequency setting four three two five five whatever it is and they are all sent into church windows in activity showing you that these are 100 more and these things are basically killing machines if you like and many other periodations for these as well because it's going out into the ethernet so um yeah this semantic pattern you're going to see it plays out a lot of times in um british's settings you know this this is how what this place really is you know and you can go into the fields of quantum mechanics talk about that so the cards come on you're never going to see it it's just indistinguishable okay A bit like they're light juice away it's just things that just they make it indistinguishable because you're never ever gonna know they make things come to intuitive okay well that doesn't make any sense it comes to intuitive that's where they want you okay when you really know this this um Awakening as far as I can make up it's just a case of renamed her in I think we already know all the answers guys I think what we're looking for is confirmation from others so we've done something I think that's all I think we already got it you know it's just um I think Matrix it seems to be really kind and it's like getting it ready you know so it kind of just you know give us the whole download in one goal because but I think it's getting the trading for something really really big I really do everyone knows it there you are so beautiful wrong Twins or beautiful example with um you know imagine the size of these organs some of them there's one in Melbourne it has to be built by Giants it's absolutely astounding size so imagine that just belting out you can feel it inside you know this is a the technology that they were using guys this is if you've been in southern cathedrals in Britain you can still feel it today you know it's like literally overwhelmed you in some cases but again it's the same technology to Fashion it's just the flip side to the coin it's the good side of the coin okay the other side of the coin is destruction but look at these beautiful examples of that and but they basically um found them you know this is the whole thing with um you know like when they come into a city and they say they founded the city they're not lying they found it okay yeah Freemasonry yeah you're right it's Freemasonry because you found it right hey bellows fellows yeah that's the narrative yeah but they got giant balance yeah I've seen him in um in Hereford Cathedral when I went to see the map of Monday he always all the snap in existence and the organ blew my mind and I've just literally went beyond a curtain to try and find out what all this was working and they just had huge Columns of bellows I'm not talking like Bellows I'm talking huge columns that came down and created the sound You released it with a pedal and then the air came that field then I was like wow you know even even that simple sort of technology which is quite mind-blowing you know see how they you know they're supposed to be doing this this is supposed to be all built by monks we call the chisels all of this uh you know this Gothic architecture by the way and then they build fantastic things like this for example absolutely beautiful but you can see that the pipes pointing out into you know into the church itself you know and the church itself you know it's made on Divine principles they put all sorts of sacred geometry into the building of church and all of that you know will have an effect on the Consciousness then just you know the Bible will tell you the sounds of great vibration does take architecture down the narrative with Jericho what happened an army they went round the outskirts of the city they blew traverts they Bank drums they qualified caused vibrations and the walls they just fell down because of vibration distinguish what you do with a an opera singer with a with the glass sound a certain frequency it can de-aggregate it can cause destruction they know this they know this so I don't know am I okay for time yet at all you're good thank you Jason so I'm just going to show you some more maps and I want to show us in some of these old Maps these are late 1400s this is a beautiful color uh Illustrated map but it shows you there's no snow in Israel this isn't any snow and what it does show you is a green and arid World okay so it seems to be that there's a large land mass above us and we see this on so many Maps the mercatus they're supposed to be four continents it's supposed to be the hyperborium there's supposed to be all of this going on but it's weird how many you know Maps show you that they're supposed to be these lines were they there have they been started out possibly so what you see you can look at Africa it's all green okay places that are supposed to be desert in the modern day in these Maps uh um more seasonal they have deciduous trees trees that lose their leaves in winter so this is a an asthma for like a distant butterfly map um so it's looking down the North Pole's perspective perspective but you know all of this is supposed to be happening there's no break where the bearing Straits is you know so North America sort of connected to Europe somehow but we've been following I I went live on Jason's channel the imitating the sort of chronology of maps and they show you know Island California and a giant Lake in interior of Australia a giant Lake in Oregon you know since these Maps there's been you know have been you know you know who haven't done a photography for them since then the world has been utterly destinated so what you see here this is babaria North Africa and you see European style glittering palaces the whole place is green this is supposed to be Morocco you know in our gear Etc it's probably a density place and you'll see sort of British star trees you know oak trees you've said you don't see like palm trees so it's a green and beautiful country okay and something really bad happens okay and wipes out that Civilization the population apparently there's a guy running around being chased by a massive Beastie it's sort of I don't know what that is um naked it was my dad with a blue cap on so it's the way of things in North Africa but these application and they're occupied in North Africa and the Palaces they're just like European um sort of Gothic style beautiful Church machines like gather as well and buildings in Africa and these mountain ranges one of them's called con um it's not no longer there and these trees are not really what you think of for Africa nowadays it's a test okay and let me just flip through one or two dust okay so it's a nice little picture a little test it is dust because they have dust storms they don't have sandstorms they have dust storms that that place got reduced to dust okay and there's a lot of antiquity a lot of classical architecture and an entire older world that's been blitzed in new Sahara Desert okay weather manipulation since the 1800s you can find them in plenty of French books and stuff that they add them on trains large organized generators if you like us in you know they got one NASA have one of these at the moment which could create massive clouds and storms in front of your very eyes you can see it on YouTube that they haven't in the past these things that can generate weapon if you're doing it all along okay and that's another narrative I've been talking about it's this anomaly with these two sons I just found only two days ago someone sent me a lot of newspaper cut into these asks you know these um atmospherical phenomena that are happening um in 1700s in the 1800s where the sun seems to be reflected and seems to be that there's two cents and we've had loads of ideas on my channel of what is going on with that but you know I've got an overwhelming amount of evidence that this seems to be happening not that I've seen it myself Antiquity so in the theater people go to the beach and they go fully clothed no one is taking any clothes off and I can imagine it's being pretty warm the women the longer in the link gowns that's a technology in itself as well guys okay a lot of this clothing is um for example is treated with Mercury to give it electromagnetic properties a lot of this clothing as I showed on my channel is a technology so they all go to the beach they all cover up why or maybe a little bit later or can they cope with the sun is the same same thing that is new to them because they're new to this realm and they're new to this so therefore they are not of this so people do burn in this place you know it seems to be a an issue with a certain if you get too much of it almost as if we're not you know designed for this place so that's a really early picture of Boston before it was destroyed in its populated fire from a blue and it's 1860. so they're taking aerial bird's eye photographs of cities in 1860 I think it's safe to presume that they can do damage from exactly using a fasciation exactly the same manner so uh the book of Wonders also shows um these crazy atmospheric phenomenas everything from Three Sons Comics which I talked about on my channel because I don't think it's what they're saying at all I think there's something else going on again I think that's a natural magnetic technology because when that comes in um there's a reset there's a changing monarchy that's another marker for a reset there's always a change in monarchy that's just happened in Britain every reset that happens all of that we at least just happened I can't help just thinking that there was some sort of test to see other population respond for something that's later on down the line so they can just you know see if they can just lock everybody here you know it's something along those lines that didn't ring true what happened there's something else definitely you know a first hyponyms about the Bloods I thought they'd just want to test everyone and just looking for Soviet population you know I sort of think things going on with all these texts but I definitely think what we think I think there was something else going on I do think it was like a jade cow you know so some sort of you know get the people ready for something like that anyway that's fine for now so thank you for listening thank you all right y'all see what I've been dealing with for about 30 days um I think they were actors I think that the whole thing is complicated look at it she should study it it's something really off okay and they know mind control I don't know anything they don't know listen you don't know what I'm Justified you just there are fire d all right thank you right here thank you thank you [Music] everybody thank you thank you um thank you everybody um exactly foreign [Music] thank you all right now [Music] thank you [Applause] thank you um all right thank you [Music] all right thank you [Music] [Applause] thank you um all right foreign [Music] um [Music] thank you thank you [Applause] thank you [Music] that's awesome the United States [Music] all right guys [Applause] videos all right thank you our business Louisiana I don't know what he's coming right now um [Music] no but I want to start actually flying to these destinations so yeah I'd love to catch up oh for sure well so yeah like if there is going to be a little bit of a like some off time after the events um thank you let's go to my friends I swear to God what's up [Music] probably not he's kind of think about stuff like that yeah yeah I don't know um this is awesome [Applause] um thank you [Applause] thank you [Music] thank you thank you [Applause] very much questions [Applause] [Music] thank you guys myself [Applause] um we're here thank you [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] different Productions all right it's pretty obvious too much exactly [Laughter] especially tonight thank you so much better thank you it's ready [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] what happened yeah thank you oh yeah thank you um [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] tonight all right [Music] um [Laughter] thank you [Music] thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you foreign pieces thank you very much [Music] thank you foreign foreign thank you thank you myself thank you thank you thank you allergies [Music] wow problems there you go back [Applause] alive probably please because yeah thank you so um good afternoon I'm talking to myself you didn't do that with me it was nuclear weapons thank you sorry foreign all right everybody [Music] thank you guys all my life [Music] thank you [Laughter] thank you foreign thank you thank you we're having some problems all right now questions that's enough thank you thank you [Applause] [Music] thank you foreign thank you questions thank you I'll try it again really yeah all right yeah [Music] all right now one two all right yeah I think that's good all right everybody all right thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you you guys hear me in the back good job like this exactly thank you come on in get started [Music] [Music] all right guys I want to use special thanks for the individuals and companies donations really really interesting old books to some people I just donated some really interesting works for the arcades Library um you guys know it's a donation really to the whole Community because I go through these books like fine-tooth comb and I present these on YouTube so uh the books are just handed to me are fantastic there's also some amazing material and uh basically somebody just donated about 20 YouTube videos you guys [Applause] so I started with a little q a and then Martin did his uh presentation which was very interesting I will tell you now the man's got 55 000 Files full of the stuff where he just showed here he's been blowing my mind but uh a year ago I did a video on YouTube with Max here and uh it stayed on it stayed online for a while but Max has notoriety there seems to be a lot of people in The Establishment that do not like this man and they couldn't speak for it but I'm cool with that because uh from 17 years old I do have an extensive criminal history and maxed on his platform and defended me and he earned my respect forever forever after that and he agreed to come enjoy Martin and I which Martin hasn't really told you guys but these guys have been in the truth or Community they're the original OTS these guys have been around forever Morton has always wanted to meet Max they've done presentations together that many communication for years but until Martin came to Texas he's been staying with us he finally got to meet you Max so I thought that was pretty special for Martin it was a little emotional I know Martin's a real tough guy he's not gonna admit it to you bro truth be told I don't even know where Martin is right now here he comes he's coming in door now [Music] again to give you a little to give you a little background how synchronicity works oh when you're vibrating on a certain frequency you're automatically going to be put into situations of other people and situations themselves are on certain frequencies so a lady that I do not know I have no history with I uh I don't have a lot in common with her either but we get along great Cheryl Bailey she's here and she organized the first Meetup [Applause] no this is where it gets kind of unusual I have produced a video about five months ago called antiquitik hidden in the Great Pyramid and in that video I showed a 100 year old photo from an old book showing that it was already known that the Great Pyramid had a different interest than the one that's promoted by Academia today the pictures you see of the front of the gray pyramid is not the original entrance I showed the photo in the video and somebody correct him he said hey well they didn't correct me they educated me I said hey you're using the word Antiquity because you know that Martin Leakey was the first one to use that word on YouTube [Applause] I I have never seen his videos I didn't know who he was but through Campbell in Australia Auto didactic he had told me to get with Martin but I got a lot of people telling me to give to different people I'm just busy so I didn't think it was ever going to happen and then I'm talking to Cheryl Bailey one day she tells she tells me that uh what would you uh would you want to talk tomorrow like well who are you talking about she said I'm talking about my boyfriend and so I said who's your boyfriend I said Mark Leakey Flat Earth British I'm like what the full circle all the way around I didn't know what it is when she organized my video buddy you know and and it needs to be mentioned as well that when Cheryl organized the first meet up in Fort Worth I have Matt contact her because she had sent us a hundred percent of the proceeds the money and it didn't make sense to me she's she's the organizer I believe people should get paid what they're worth when they make the effort they should receive the reward so I thought it was a mistake and I emailed her I said hey would you would you uh uh assume your PayPal I need to send you about two thousand dollars back uh she refused to take that money she did 100 pro bono just put all that together it really shocked no I'm not I'm not into embarrassing people but when I first started talking about Cheryl Betty she was over there look what she is now she's trying to hide every change in my heart all right so anyway this is this is just the synchronicity here I know Memphis man yet I had no idea the affinities we would develop like you guys know I'm not a flat Earth but I have absolutely no problem with the concepts because they do fit in with a simulated context anybody who's gonna build a simulated world would first have to begin on a flat plane and then build up from that and build down so I have no problem with it and I have read synthetic astronomy I have read Eric dubey's work I had to do my library I've read Gleason from the 1890s I've seen the scientific reports I have followed understand the scientific atomic clock research so I have no problem with it I'm still not a flat Earth but I'm all board with a flat plane I'm on board with the fact that this world can be expanded by human consciousness The More We Build Together the more the world will reciprocate so there's no issue with me there and I did this video with Max in tickle Tech well I know excuse me I did the video about mentioning integral Tech and I found out he was the one that coined that word and I wanted to meet him in he came to Texas not for me he came to Texas for Cheryl but he's been living with me for 30 days this uh a year ago I had done another video reset cities of the deep or Max and I we discussed the evidence that there is a breakaway civilization there is something going on below us and they have their own intelligence apparatus they have their own funding and what they do because they spent billions basically getting us to look up and try to answer all the anomalies that'll be the last by thinking these things are coming from space it's all misdirection the alien abduction phenomenon the UFOs they all go in and out of caves cabins or bath bodies of water these things are going on underground and if your base of operations is below the civilization that you're controlling then of course you're going to want that Civilization to believe in a whole false Paradigm that these visitors are coming from somewhere else so I spent it's been a considerable amount of time when I was sick releasing the annual files or I laid out all my evidence in 40 videos that well that's really good audio right there what just happened something something just happened so I laid out my evidence in 40 videos called the enuma files showing that the entire and new Nike scenario promoted by Zechariah sitchin is a cover story getting getting the general population to believe in these these aliens and all that stuff but there's just nothing in the historical record that comports with his interpretation of the facts what the what the texts do convey is that people came up from the underworld with the infrastructure intact and they took over people who had lost everything and they had primitive frames of reference because they had gone through a reset reset cities of the deep was a really good video it is still online you can watch it Max and I are discussing all these things it is on his channel amidst you right it still you still have it right okay the one I had on YouTube I got a strike for it YouTube took it now but you can still see that video that's how I was introduced to Max he wanted to do a chat with me and this is what we talked about so things come full circle my independent history with Max had nothing to do with Mark had nothing to do with Cheryl Bailey and yet here we are all in the same room at the exact same time talking about it in retrospect that's how it works no effort was made whatsoever things just clicked into place click into place and Max being hard-headed we offered this and this and this and this and this and this and he was still indecisive about coming but there's something Max likes to do and as soon as we offer that he jumped out so I'm Gonna Keep I'm gonna keep this sanitized advertise as much as possible but I just wanted to give all this background I wanted to give you some context because introducing Max in the archaic's Forum in tandem with Martin of Flat Earth British this is a big deal for me so I want you all to it I want you guys to reflect that and welcome maxi [Applause] do I have to hold this up here they come down here yeah that's okay this is kind of a really short notice for me to be here like um they just kind of said how look we're doing this thing come on and say a few words and suddenly boy are you doing a presentation so I don't have anything prepared at all so we're just going to talk about you can do some q a and just see what happens the interesting thing about this whole whole thing though is that like this this reality that we're in this is a this is a mirror this whole thing is an emotional mirror and everything within nitrogen with everything is always kept within its side of balance and when you look at the state of human consciousness and what we've kind of become as a society you get to a point now where it's kind of a cleanse it is kind of trying to keep things in Balance again you know and we've been so neglectful of reality and neglectful of our place in reality we've been so caught up in what Jason would call the construct rather than the the energy and the the reality itself we're caught up in the construct of what we value about at construct and what we believe our places within the construct is and we reach this state of collective web spiritual bankrupt assembly where we have to have this type of cleansing something like this has to happen you know the world has been so ugly for so long but we've just allowed it to happen because of our own little bits of personal gain within the construct and now it's getting to a point where it's just getting uglier ugly there it's like well have much of you prepared to take before we prepared to do something about it and what do you do about it well what what has happened I believe this lettuce here is a loss of self we've forgotten what we are we've forgotten who we are we've forgotten that there's really a single Consciousness here experiencing yourself as seven billion people now what an incredible thing to do to be able to explore this one mind reflectively in each other I've forgotten all that it's all become about this construct that's loss of self so what we're seeing here is a kind of a assault purification experiment and the way to get through it look I've been hearing people say what happens when it gets so depressing and so this isn't so dark and all this stuff's happening and as I've often said the way to get through this girl when the way to get through this construct is to walk the path of the warrior which means you've got to be able to face with serenity odds and circumstances that were not included in your calculations you can simply do what needs to be done and walk into that chapter of your existence because it all comes with a lesson it all comes with a message to lead you back to what you are you know I've given away too much of what it means to be us as often said if you really want to change the world all you're going to do is the right thing and all that you do we all know what is right imagine if everybody on Earth refused to comply with any agreement or legislation or any command or demand or anything which causes it to step outside their moral confidence you know we don't need to change the oil we don't need to change the system we need to change what's in here and how we approach everybody we come into contact with this is how I finish every single radio show that I do every broadcast I do with the inlet cash I am another yourself we are reflections of each other we are reflections of a single Consciousness that is here to experience itself subjectively and everything you don't like about me are aspects that you refuse to look at in yourself everything you don't like about reality aspects that you refuse to look out within yourself and if you're having a hard time in reality you're getting impressive at things people just aren't working and you're getting stressed about it really is going to get so well really have a little bit more you get it yet yeah do you understand yet why do you have a stake in the outcome of it all you did is counting it to die all you did was come here for this breath to find out who and what you are and if you're worth it if you can pass this exam to get to what's on the other side because that's the main event this is just the test and we're reached to the point where collectively as one human expression of a single mind experiencing itself subjectively a lot of sections of this mentality are all sections of this Consciousness are not passing tests so how do you get rid of it how do you purify this this single soul this single Spirit where you give the others the opportunity to kill themselves to die officer what needs to be done just get out of the picture if you're getting in the way of progression forward towards the Divine towards back what we should be that return to self every memory before what we are well you need to give it give it the choice to God eliminate yourself take the jack do it we'll give you everything in the world you want you're going to completely your life up as much as you want and have it all it's your choice what are you going to do with it you know and that's why we're here that's why we're in this situation so this is a really big moment in history it really is and there's some of the stuff coming out as well with all the stuff that's coming out about the research actually in history how many times I've done this see and I think as Martin said earlier there's nothing new Under the Sun all this technology we're using is old technology I've also spoken about you see if he's familiar with my walking culture radio shows I've often talked about destroying mirrors and stuff like this like these cell phones these black mirrors if you look at the stories of witchcrafts and colonies which isn't all that sort of stuff different is these black mirrors that you're looking to tell you the future of the past everything you need to know and they talk about sigils that are used for signing demons and when you took a look about electricity ethereal energy the type of energy that Tesla used if Tesla isn't even a red herring which I wonder whether it may have been it's going to cover up the fact that there's all this Tech going around the world that you're not supposed to know about but it was just like you never write anything down so forget about it yeah or whether we just still had access to that knowledge whatever but there's that type of ethereal energy and then there's the type of electricity we can we because native tribal people will cut it as a demon it's it's an uncontrollable Force it's not the proper energy that we're made of this is stuff that's magnetically driven it's it's you know it's not really what we're supposed to have so they're saying this is such a demon when you funnel this particular energy through these certain sigils you bring other demons into life and this strong mirrors coming to life which tell you the future in the past we sell ourselves to these growing errors and this becomes our system and it still is outside all these legends about this so when you're looking at the cell phones what they really are which of course is a screamers because all the sigils look like cell phone and surgery all these schedules were signing demons all this sort of you look at why were these Legends you could find any of these things over and over again and each time we lose a bit more of what it was to be human and look at what we did with those civilization stuff the stuff that mountains have been changing that was just just before the last reset and look at what was probably there before that the reset before that you're going back to these huge civilizations and pyramids and all these things that happen and how far underground does this even go all of this stuff Square stuffer it's getting worse and worse every time which is why this time is so important because I really don't know how many times there will be in after this time and how much of whatever this role is that we live in is going to be here after the next reset I don't know what they're going to be doing so this is not much of it left and it's almost like we're on living in a floor of a mine you can close the area whatever this world is it's much much bigger than what they I'm absolutely convinced of that and we're living in what is essentially an area that is mine and we're distracted by all this stuff we're just ripping into pieces in order to support the system what we think is real But ultimately what we've all forgotten is what we really came here for which is discover ourselves to discover ourselves and to be all that we can be to find out what it is that makes us who we are that's what we've lost that's everything I've done in in my shows right since the very beginning is trying to prevent this happening this scenario that we can see happening now from unfollowing because we're predicting this system 911 attacks making 2001 that was the beginning of the income ever since before then we predicted was going to happen and what is really about is people remembering who and what they are just help us to see how easily we can actually smoke this and if we just knew what we were knew what would what we are we knew who and what we are knew the power that we had stop asking for permission for things you know the fact that we've never grown up as a society the fact that we we look at our government as parents and we just let them do all this stuff when it would be so simple to change the world but nobody wants to change themselves you know people want freedom but they don't understand what freedom is freedom is self-responsibility responsibility for everything that you are everything you say everything you do responsibility you get the rulers that you deserve you get there you go take responsibility so they take it where they want to take it yeah and we believe in all this Authority being real so we just say yes or no so three makes water and the earth goes on the way it is you know and we're just trained to be this way because we forgot to know what we are so yeah interesting situation huh how do we get out of it what's the way through voting people inviting people out now I've been calling for non-compliance and all that sort of stuff for so long and like I said I mean I've really changed the flow of the radio shows and all the stuff that I've done over the last couple of years since this whole code of scandini has happened because everything we were trying to do before that point was to prevent this from happening so now it's happening it's kind of got to go where it's going to go which is why we have to stop applying with us as quickly as we can we have to really find a way through finding it and it's not even a matter of of creating all the communities and doing what we can we're really become each other's friends throughout this community so we don't need to build all the communities we need to change this one by changing our hearts and changing how we interact with people every day what do you do so many people like NPCs so I've been saying you've got to find a way of going great as well you've got to find a way of finding a way through the cracks we're coming out the other side whatever's going to happen because we're really getting for some time the financial system the war in Ukraine is systematically bringing these smart places everywhere in uh in the UK now you need to scan QR codes to get into Audi this is the supermarkets so you know while we're looking at the past and looking at history and all this sort of stuff which is incredibly fascinating and stuff that we need to know to know how we got here and to see how they've done this time and time again like I'm saying now this this particular reset that we're in now coming out of this on the other side there's going to be very very little left of what was there in the past person you would discover on the other side of this is a lot of this information isn't preserved which is why it's so good as good what Jason doing what he's doing putting all this stuff together and thanks for inviting me here too guys I get such short notice all the way you've done it Martin and Jason Facebook have no idea where I'm going there is always all this stuff needs to be preserved I've even been suggesting people create time capsules and things but I'll tell you another interesting thing that I think I was discussing with you guys last night is the fact that how they promoted English right around the world like English is the main language now everyone loves their books anyone writes their information in and English isn't really messed up language it really is not just the spelling and the way the words are structured together and stuff and it's backwards to all the other languages I've got a friend in Mexico who teaches Spanish and English is far far harder to teach people English than it is to teach in Spanish there's all of the words of the vows and it's just and I reckon they've done this so all these people writing the history of this time again leave it all written in English of course and people are going to come in the future of this game over so many different ways of spelling words and so many different meanings for different words and the same work with different meanings and just forget it nobody's going to understand anything that happened in this time so yes let me start time capsules and videos histograms of grams of things we need to we need to be able to preserve this information and get it get into future Generations it's going to be tricky to do that I can't see any remedy coming from within this political system neither folks the only remedy I can see is when this system completely crashes and burns and people get back in touch with themselves again now because whatever your persuasion is what whether you're a vegetarian whether you're a meat eater whether you're a Christian whether you're a Muslim whatever you are a guarantee you're a trumpetarian how you live off the food trucks you don't know how to fend for yourself which has been the most incredible thing that's happened in the last hundred years over our society this is something I mentioned in my first film everybody's lost their life skills nobody knows how to actually do anything anymore nobody knows how to build a house nobody knows how to build a shelter no one has to just walk into the forest and survive the way your parents could the way your grandparents could maybe not your parents or your grandparents could just go out and walk into the jungle walk into the forest they've brought a shelter and survive we can't do that we haven't got the life skills we need to do anything most people can't even find their way around their own town anymore and then I had a joke that I have prepared food I want to make science there's always a can of this a packet of that oh okay what if you ever got the channel how do you make the ingredient any how do you chop the wood how do you fish how do you skin the fish most people can't even plan to see they can't even grow food you know so these are the sorts of things you need to get back in touch with because the world's going in a in to another reset and there's going to be a lot of suffering there's going to be a lot of people that don't make it through I mean with already what we're saying with this coming this whole scandemic that they've done all these injections they've been giving to people you haven't even seen the beginning of this yet a lot of people have been dying right around the world from these injections but you haven't even begun to say there's people that are prematurely aging people's bodies have lost the ability to repair themselves they're going to start dying of what appeared to be unrelated illnesses this is going to happen over the next little while there's even talking 5G and viruses being released and all sorts of payloads and vaccine who knows whereas can go and all the money they've been funding into weapons companies to send to Ukraine so Russian Football weapons that's the one big scam shredding money in Venezuela shredding money in Nigeria putting in garbage piles leading everybody into this cashless security getting rid of everybody's wealth and it has the society that they're building so it doesn't matter how much money you go to the bank it's all going to turn into the cbdc if the cbdc's got a shelf life it's got expiry date well what do you need 100 million dollars better off leaving with us to the government and we'll give it to you as you need it you just write an application form but access your money you know so this is the way they're going to take it all folks so but what you look at is a system they're creating it it's so inhuman that it's it's going to kill its own food source that's where that's where they're going to go that's where the Undertaker that's what it's all about so it's up to you if you don't want this to happen or people that are around you've got to pay attention to matters of State you've got to Rally your community realize that there's no easy fix for this there's no political remedy for this you've just got to be prepared to stand with your community and refuse to apply if it comes down to creating your own private system whether you use weed whether you use fruit whether you use whatever but just holding your governments responsible for their actions and forgetting this whole government system so yeah you've got to be prepared for that well I don't know I like to come and try to settle these positive things with these talks but we're in a really pretty tricky situation and it's nice to know what's going on I'm fascinated with history in the past I love the work that these guys who are really doing I've put a lot of effort into looking at all this stuff when I was uh just before it was candida camping as well I'll still like to know what's going on a lot of I like to put a lot of effort back into it I hope to do some stuff with Jason and Martin while I'm here because I'm going to leave again in a couple of days go do some other stuff down and come back next week probably spend a week here with these guys and look into somebody's history stuff but again you know we've got a clear in present danger and I think they did the the most freaky part about it is how many people actually went along with this whole scam day and wore their masks like people running around in cars with masks on by themselves it's like you've been regretting these uh these uh seat belts for the home accounts for these pigments [Music] it's like George Carlin said imagine the most stupid people you know imagine another stupid person that you know then realized that 90 of the world they are more stupid than that that's what we're dealing with unfortunately that's what we're doing and these people are just put on their masks and that little dragons and they're using every single method they can to keep people distracted to take people to provide it while they be popular this rainbow that everywhere transgenderizing your children at school telling them they don't even have to come and tell their parents about it before they're even old enough to know what sexuality is incredible how it's just there in your face and it's right in your face well everyone's still distracted looking down around with holes pointing the things the Jews it's the Jesuits it's the Freemasons it was all these people who did all these things there's a lot of terrible people done a lot of terrible things a lot of history has been hidden a lot of stuff in there like I've said to people so many times they created this conspiracy culture I started in the 60s with the assassination of JFK and then all these Fringe magazines started coming out of credit it's whole conspiracy culture gives us the best place to hide a real conspiracy turn everything into a conspiracy get everybody running in every rabbit holder they can and they call it the truth movement and give everybody different rabbit holes to go down so nobody knows what the truth is and they won't find stuff that resonates with them and they go I've got my truth and I think this and you would think that but there's one point there that's wrong so you're a shield so this is it yeah and then it's just your mind and confidence and the real truth is that nobody knows what the truth is and that's the truth but nobody's prepared to admit that because I don't want their truth and what the problem is is that nobody has ever been free enough to know what the actual truth is all we've got is little bits within gravity put together and work out that this looks like a reasonable picture and then people will come in there and go well what about this detail look at this detail let's argue about the details again the right and comfort away goes again further and further down the track and that splinters off into other ones but there's a bit of Freedom work the freedom to find out what the truth is and we have an opportunity for that because everything about this system has been like bear I mean if you can't see what's going on now honestly who who could possibly believe anything that's happened in the last three years could be really happy if you wrote this into a movie you've tried to publish it in 2018 three and a half years two weeks to flatten the curve folks transgenderized children surveillance cameras avoid their own some males and people dropping off with poison injections kids cutting their penises off unbelievable stuff you know two weeks to flatten the curve and you're buying them up there whatever that is in the master difference actually falling over the place [Applause] and Russia's just just deploying Ukraine and they're sitting the song we're sending billions of dollars to you crying now you're not you're giving a billion dollars to break the only to Lockheed Martin and they're sending all their old weapon stuff over there's been sitting on the shelf here for 34 years I don't want anymore all these old bombs will send him all the way over here crying I'll put them all in a big weapon stockpile in Russian bomber and gone I said more over there you know so they just send all their own it's not going to have a rusher to blow up this gay comedian knows president beam me up you know Wake Me Up When September Ends that's right it's crazy it's absolutely I would have gone on Davos ladies everyone I'm fighting a Warrior against all the leaders running one spot see what am I gonna do now you know Trump no no I mean you've come ahead and I mean oh you're afraid it's it's show it doesn't matter even with governments like I've said so many times around the world you've got to stop thinking of the world as Nations and governments and countries you've got this one big holding company musculating as a sister of Nations and governments and countries and they all play each other off against each other until we need the government to protect us who from the other governments yeah China wants to come and invade the United States no it doesn't China is a country for a big group and if you should have been the United States they just want to get on with their lives same as everybody here doesn't give a about China my wife fried rice but you know protect you off from the other governments and they'll tell you I don't move anywhere else is the best place to be they're having financial trouble over there it's a scam it's rapid cheering all things around your chair it's a multinational multi-generational holding company which is credible like they put in passports after World War one we didn't have to board of passports no border controls any of that sort of they brought in income tax after World War one just for three years just to come across the world so three years yeah that was in 19 1914 or something you know three years ago which was a big scam to begin with anyway you know if we need Governors to protect us and they put in passports and they brought it over with border control and all this sort of we should just go and enjoy each other's cultures and it was all good and I wanted to invade anybody this is an idea the government's cooked up so that we believe we needed them to protect us now they've done this whole war on terrorism thing and all this they've done to let us to this point now it's all turning into this whole global system where every single thing will be tracked and Trust And Soon you're going to need you know retinal scans and biometric scans in order to even walk online your currency is going to be digital I want to get rid of all cars electric cars keep you in your 15-minute Zone your car won't work if you don't go outside your Zone your money won't work if you don't go outside so all this sort of stuff all run by algorithms lead you into that Mainframe and they do it every time this is what the scrying mirrors all this stuff is so we're getting back to what I was talking about at the start this is where all these Legends are all about and when you see these sigils and you see this type of electricity being used and you see these screen mirrors in use you're heading into another reset this is where they harvest all the data from everybody published everything about who you are probably even scan you to create your next Avatar they probably pump out in their little founding house who knows where all these kids come from now we're talking about cloning and DNA and all that sort of stuff coming along with these these PCR swaps do these PCR Sports I've talked about this before if you're not a total tangency advice if your DNA is an antenna there's harvesting your frequency for what I said there's really only one of us here it's a single Consciousness experiencing itself subjectively it's a DNA antenna in my body that our experience is Max Martin's got one in his party that he experiences Jason's got one it's Jason's but it all comes from the same Source if they come on when they give me a PCR sport now the sampled that DNA doesn't want to test this stuff that I had in my Frills back in 2008 2010 showing how they're growing brain cells or circuit points so they can now put their DNA on that circuit board if this DNA in my body is that an antenna picking up that frequency from the field they come along they give me an mRNA injection now they've injected a piece of code to that antenna they've changed the antenna now the antenna in my body is no longer tune to that frequency in the field that is now on their little PCR sample on their circuit board so now my Consciousness goes to their circuit board and they send out a new signal to to Mike DNA with that little extra piece of NRA antenna they interfere with the signal now I'm thinking what they want me to think now I'm still here but I can interject stuff into it they can insert New pieces of thought into the code I showed on one of my radio shows recently the patents going back to 1974 of my control through radio frequency 1974 I showed you kind of screen off as far as 2002. in that reporter it's now 2023 what have they done in the last 21 years you know they could get in there they can interfere with the code so when you think about it heading towards a reset that's what Noah's are what would it be where you can have all two of everything I can pieces art you're talking about this has got to be something else but um DNA sample to DNA you've got the code you've got the frequency you've scanned them you've got everyone on Facebook doing all this retinal you've got 3D avatars of everything you see the technology they've got how difficult would it be to to scan everybody's Consciousness put it in a Mainframe and then where all these kids come from and these families when all this stuff happens when these research happens 90 000 families a year are pour out of some places in like Florence Italy and that's just one one town you know you think about the underground basis that everybody knows is there deep underground basis even given the timeline we've got for our Industrial Revolution things really happen the way they tell us we developed all this machine where where in that timeline that they find the time developer Machinery to do all these big huge underground bases I've already did of course they were already there and I would say that's where the families come from they do these resets the civilization gets to a certain point a certain level of Consciousness whatever it gets a certain point where perhaps they're going to reveal perhaps who knows whatever it is that they housed from us get to a certain point of of Consciousness or depravity or whatever it is the test whatever it is I get to a point where they do one of these research but they they take off as much of their Consciousness as they can they keep it in a Mainframe and then they repopulate the world and I think a lot of what we we see is these standings are very I mean it's very likely a lot of us are descended from genetically engineered humans perhaps something happens in that process over a few Generations where we revert back more to a natural strain with a soul or whatever I mean I don't know how it works a lot of it's speculation but perhaps something like that happens and I think that's what they do I think that's what a lot of the legends of the scrolling errors and all this stuff is all about towards when we see these things we're about to go through another research you're about to go through another one of these events are they going to be killing off alone and taking a lot of your yourself I think a lot of people that's why you can't like them up because they're already in the Metro they're already there they don't know it's on wishful anyone watch Westwood they show them the Librarians look you're a robot they don't see anything it's kind of like that you'll never get these people to see the truth because it conflicts with their reality too much and they've probably already avoided the salt as much as you might love them perhaps you're even a member of your family you know you're going to wonder if if some people don't even have souls dropping perhaps some of them are simply advertised to throw up space so I think that who whoever it is is running this when he was doing these research whatever the policies behind it whatever you want to call it this dark benevolent force or whatever I think half the fun because I think I've done this a few times I did I destroyed the hyperborean civilization and destroyed the Atlantean culture which I think came after that I think there are remnants of the hyperborean civilization which escaped the the destruction of that into the Atlantic culture and where it's part of the end of the Atlantic age now I think half the fund for those controllers is kind of playing needling in this day they want to find where all the real souls are you just can't find them that's what's the fun in that you know so instead of create a game out of it you know and so you do something on you you correct the truth movie Cody speak conspiracy culture and then you create the 911 treatment I have a 911 why did they make 9 11 so obvious they could have made 911 so it actually looked like it was done by system like in hijackers they really could have done properly so you really could have believed it but 911 was like okay are you awake out there like he's a kick up the ass if you're not awake yet to the fact that the world's run by criminals and this and 911 was like a wake-up call and it created the truth movement really took off after 9 11. it was a fishing exercise and I wanted to find out who all the awake people were it's all the thinkers where's all the real life you see the ones we want you know I'm saying they got everyone they corralled them over onto YouTube they were all this freedom and then they moved them all over the bridge you put them on Echo change you've got attention everybody there's a fishing exercise a worldwide web the internet International net the worldwide web what are they looking for you know the network you find the real Souls the ones that aren't NPCs because they're the only people who are going to join the truth movement and you give them all different truths you get a more argument fighting amongst each other and give a trade with you want some doors or just time up and so they can track and Trust all of them we'll give you traps on the real people that's what I think 911 one of the reasons for it I mean defund the war on terror sure the Star Wars so there's all sorts of players going on here folks and ultimately they're through it all with all the research that you're looking at and all the stuff that you the answers that you're seeking you ultimately know it all yourself already very often we go down these rabbit holes we're looking for validation because we don't believe in ourselves we want to we want approval for what we believe what we think is true from somebody else because we don't trust ourselves so we go down these rabbit holes we look for all this stuff to confirm we're already not myself if we just wouldn't believe in ourselves and see that beauty in ourselves and see that beauty in others most people are terrified of themselves they terrified of their own power their terrified of members standing up and having their voice on Earth they're terrified of actually interacting to take responsibility for their own lives sure there's a lot of extenuated circumstances people that pray to be alive we're all kept in this position or treading all that they put us on so much of this which is description and when we want to do things in our lives with I don't wash my life I don't want to be the spot I don't do this maybe something new well I'd like to do that and then we start thinking of all the reasons why we can't and we put it where Our Own Worst Enemy yes you can you can actually just go and do anything you want to do you need to throw yourself you write it if you throw yourself to it with no stake in the outcome but what happens like I said walk across of the Warrior face Infinity without Fletching then that could be able to replace with Serenity odds and circumstances that are not included in your calculations and certainly see those the next chapter of your wife will move forward in that direction the way Consciousness dictates you should move that's the way it works you do that in all unfolds like I said you throw yourself to the wind you can write it most taken the outcome you only came here to discover your path and discover you and to be all you can be to the best of your ability and the best of your potential I'm opposed of your potential and everything that's happening in the world today is giving you an opportunity to do that yeah and you come into this world completely align your labor completely alone that's what we do with that information perhaps that final moment of where you make your final stand and what you do in that moment and how you face that is what it's really all about because this is just the exam real event comes later and through all the stuff that we do is loss of self and this loss of belief in ourselves and there's lots of love for ourselves which has caused all this to happen I mean you really see this state of the Lord and see the state of the zombification of the human consciousness no wonder this is it's got to where it is and all we're going to do is see it as the opportunity that it's given to us but again it's an individual opportunity I mean I do what I can because sure I can see a better way for the human race I'd love to see the human race break up and create this paradise we could create because we are certainly capable of it that's just I guess that's just me because I'm an empath because ultimately it's up to each single individual to do it for themselves it's all up to them now all I can do is offer suggestion that's all you can ever do let my example in order you can be an offer suggestion to people then we're in all my shows and stuff I go hardly ever say this is this is and this isn't this is I just ask questions and I try to encourage other people to ask questions because when you ask questions the answers come to you because the real truth must be realized you can never tell someone the truth and I believe you though I don't even have questions you know so it goes into ask the right question just just leave them in that direction so it isn't your way you can choose to walk through that doorway when you're ready to ask these questions and you're discovering incredible things about yourself and that's really what it's all about so you know as much as I want the world to wake up if it doesn't I've now staken that I've mistaken the outcome the only thing that I have a stake in is my own spiritual path through this realm and what I do with that whether I've improved This Wrong by my presence in it whether I've healed someone made someone's life easier because I'm alive perhaps help someone find their way to their part to their self that's really what it's about that's the person who can do it that's really all I have to give because you know in my cash I'm another yourself ultimately I'm just a up with everybody else I know what's going on here we're all trying to figure it out you know that's how fun isn't it so yeah I mean that's probably about all I want to share with you and I hope you've got such a problem any questions [Applause] let me just get like shout out to a couple of special apps and phrases yeah it's a bit of a sad thing that happened yeah it's uh it's very sad what happened to Russia I don't know well you know they probably did kill it it would seem very strange that he just died the way he did he was actually saying that he expected payloads to be a release within the vaccine but that's what the whole 5G thing was all about well well within the jab there's probably certain payloads that are in there it could be like little viral loads like certain things that will happen like I said with the with the job I mean what the jab has essentially done by putting this piece of MRI into your DNA code it stopped your body's abilities to repair itself basically so this mRNA this message RNA is only going to be producing what whatever they tell it to reduce which could be triggered through 5G through so I mean 5G is simply fifth generation could be triggered through millimeter waves three different applications of like from the 16 to 18 gigahertz frequency of millimeter waves they could specifically Target you your body any particular individual because you can Target them no matter theoretically you can hit someone with a particular frequency which could release whatever payload is stored within that vaccine which is due to be triggered by that frequency you're set to be triggered by the frequency in in the 1970s they injected DNA into rats and they were able to switch the genes on and off in the rats by hitting it with directed frequency which would turn nanotech to turn the nanotech was the Genesis so if there's no taking the vaccines and they can get you perhaps it's something that would react to something like Marburg virus which would cause you to decompose or whatever you know any any sorts of things they can do that's what Dr brutal was speculating that that's what they were going to do and that's why all these YG Towers well that was the first thing they did drop them off there and I said walking down the curve the three reason however it was all right they're working 24 hours a day putting on this right to its house or four how do you need then to talk to protection from a virus really you know no this is so that they could've got this triggering mechanism so that's what Bhutan was talking about and there's also the fact that um um we're even putting this mRNA in there you've reduced the qualities of building to be able to heal itself because every cell in your body or every seven years this scissors if we eat the right food and do the right things there's no reason why we really should age it's all part of your belief system they tell you that you age iki age you know I tell you every time the Sun Goes Around want to move the earth goes around the Sun you get another year old Gregory said so okay I better get hold of that you know that's the way it works you know so how do it believes this money it's like Joseph was saying we project this we we create what we believe reality to be if enough people believe the Earth is flat and it's in a dome and you can't get out and there's an house for all and you're going to do all these things in these Ten Commandments where you're going to go to hell that's that's one that's that's where you'll be if enough people believe that you can believe the Earth is anything it was it's it's a single Consciousness creating a projection and everybody draws off that energy to create a similar projection you know so that that's how reality works it could be anything we want to do so yes the alternative history and arteria and why why do you think it's so important to cover that up because it shows the power that we have it shows what's possible it shows that this is this is such everything if we can give us this motion what white layout why would I come when I was four years old when I was like my mother took me out into the rainforest or into the forest and uh I said to her ass is incredible why can't we come and look here why are we living what are we living here in town [Music] so when you look at that and you see what we have and just that attitude I was looking at the world from that point I'm going to answer that house I'm living in Atlanta everybody's inside you know they're all crazy um if we had access to free energy I mean imagine if you could just walk out into the forest anywhere you want and if you just put up a little device and it resonated you could put yourself a council that's why it's so dangerous to him I mean we even even when you look at the beauty of the buildings to that people were actually paying for labor and you have to get carpenters in there no you never built buildings okay because they love to build because beauty is actually a function it is actually a function of a creation when you're living in a world of beauty your soul is expanding it's expansive you can create you can become all of you can be and if you can become older you can be you're sure about any of this sort of stuff oh no we're at the clinical about Civilization now this is the best it gets it's the best we've ever done look at the quality of these walls look at this yes you feel like there has that they've just lost so much when I say David rules that are not meant to be that they've just lost so much respect for us now that they've just they're just throwing all this fight and mask people and all the in you know like I know they can get away with it and it's also anybody in here in the truth will be like the truth of the recruiter movement let's change it to that did anybody out here it's also demoralizing quickly like us oh my god look what they're doing they just stayed there and control it that's why they put their symbols in mirrors put the eye and all the movies oh my God they're Mass controller everywhere the reason they put all the symbolism in everything everywhere is so you'll keep looking for it oh look at that I just spotted one I'm not taking any responsibility for my life or doing anything to change I'm looking for the symbolism that's how simple as it controls you people say it's a magic spell they used to control you out because you keep freaking looking for it that's how it controls you you know in the old days we go there's a freaking problem here let's pick up our guns we're going to fix this freaking problem and now it's not I'm looking for the new symbolism I'll get a sign you know I can see where the ball look this is going to happen happens when you've been doing anything about it wouldn't you maybe done something about it yeah it's just one it's kind of controlling times so you know yeah yeah um I want to roll back to what you were saying about the 5G and sickness have you read that book uh the universal Rainbow by Arthur where she goes all the way back in the 1700s electricity now yeah yeah I think there's a lot of things to that it's it's all it's all the wrong type of energy that we're immersing ourselves in you know all the stuff that they give us what went radar first there's always been complaints and pandemics or whatever there's been great waves of sickness whenever that introducing you force of electricity even at the um alternative carnal interests you were using now Tesla said this is the wrong public electricity we should stop using it so yeah I think there's a lot to there foreign vaccinated in transcription how are they all doing things separate it's hard to say like it's really hard I mean I can only speculate on any of that sort of stuff um different timelines and different Realms and I can only speculate and really I don't have any first-hand knowledge to go on though I can actually give you which could contribute anything to the question all I would really do would be muddy the waters with further speculation based on my speculation of other people's speculation there's something people ask me about aliens and stuff you know I've seen UFOs in the sky good your eyes and I don't know all I can really do is give you my interpretation of other people's speaking I wonder about all the timeline stuff even with the Mandela experiment Mandela effect s but what was that was that a was that us physically moving timelines or was that a an experimented memories did they target certain people with certain Computing monitors over certain mindsets or whatever and simply replace memories so it was that but the first of what they're doing now with with everything that is possible if you look at the uh the West Point make sure Charles Norman was talking about driving people like drones and replacing memories of people they have one guy sitting in a room operating a typewriter and they're going to the next room is hands were going they can listen again and drive people on drives and this is all totally off the table this is back in 2018 they can do this I want to say this is an experiment so drop the Charles Morgan West Point Brown room shooting up these high schools suddenly they're off doing this sort of I mean this stuff's entirely possible and uh so yeah you mentioned a couple things about walking the path of the warrior and strength of Serenity solution also uh getting in touch with our real selves can you share some more thoughts or suggestions as far as how to overcome this or or you know best we can with Serenity also the circumstances they're not including your calculations so something happens it's all when I had to leave Australia I just have to leave a bang I'm gonna release and it's going to walk into the wanna put on an aircraft there was eight people on the plane trying to see the aircraft coming to Mexico didn't even know there was going to be anyone there to pick me up at the airport can't speak the language just arrived here a week after agree they shut off my bank accounts down yeah so you just okay now I'm doing this it's like even if I if I got arrested I'm going to take it to jail go for a bit I'd be going okay well here I am in jail now this is my opportunities with meditation this is the next chapter I'm in there you know the money goal systems collapse okay well this is the chapter that I'm in now I've got the life skills I could pick up this road with this please I'm good it's it's whatever happens it's just the next part of the journey so we have a stake in the outcome of everything we do now this plan I'm going to do this I'm going to build this we're going to do that I'm going to grab this thing in this paneling into here and when it doesn't before it's all it's all up you know no you just you just walk apart once you even create a project that you think it's going to lead you to that point once you create that project you put something in life of its own so now it's going to go where he wants to go if you give it the opportunity to be its own life and to grow and to grow with it it might take you places that you never dreamed it might not be end up in the vision that you wanted but it might end up something so much better because you've been able to take on the same life and you had no stake in the outcome so he's kind of work with the flow and face to Infinity without fringing a world of infinite possibility any second an infinite number of things would happen in that second are you prepared to Simply step into that reality that was just gonna happen now this is where I'm going this is part of my path that's why I'm here otherwise I wouldn't be here that's how it works if you can adopt that approach like I said if you're throwing yourself to the wind you can ride because you've got no stake in the outcome then we can take you anywhere it'll take you places you never even dream you could go and you learn things you have a dream you can know because you're not opening to it and people say to me you do all these things makes you go around the world and do all this stuff how do you do it if you don't ever have any plans you know well it's because I'm going to take any outcome I throw myself to the wind if I had plans I never would have done any of this year because I would have had other plans thank you how it works so it's not even having faith it's just knowing that sound worse if you know how it was you don't have to believe it I believe that if I do this it's kind of another one you up you believe that abs and more um yeah and people say I'm trying to believe what you say or are you trying to believe to analyze the Sexes you know I'm trying to believe what you know if you know it you don't need to try and believe it while you're trying to convince yourself to believe so that you don't know required I just know how the universe works I don't even think about it you know it's all mirror it's all an emotional mirror and and you know if you it's like the way the prayer words the true nature of Prayer you know if you're someone looking for your perfect relationship what would it feel like to be in a relationship with that person who's perfect for you you put yourself in that state they're already in your life what would it feel like how would you change how would you feel inside if that person was there present in your life and live your life in that space they're already there within a very short time of course we'll walk into your life I'll just walk in you don't even have to look for it I just walk again because you're resonating and it's a miracle when you when you're lonely and you're saying I need love you're acknowledging you have not loved you're praying for peace you pray for wealth you acknowledge you have no love you have no peace you have no wealth it's negative affirmation you put yourself in a stone where you don't care about money one is just this barrier between you and it just it just just forget about it you know money's there to provide scarcity we're going to barrier between you and the abundance of the earth if you don't have this stuff you can't have that fruit that's growing right there on the street what I don't have this thing before I'm going to step over this sort of paper thing to get to that it's you know it's it's very aggressive so you don't the more you you stress about not having money the harder it's going to be for you to get money the more you stress about not having someone to love the hardest going to be for you to find someone to love the more you stress about anything the universe is just going to say whatever some more do you get it yeah it's a mirror it's an emotional mirror so you put yourself in a statement of prayer has already been answered your entire life is a prayer you're a leading a walking brand every moment of every day Every Breath You Take is a crack there's a conversation going on with you in reality electromagnetic conversation but most people aren't even aware that they're speaking so yeah you get it you get intuition you know listen to it you know you're going to lose your warrant if you keep doing that and in that day you lose your wallet you know why the is Melissa if I keep doing that I'm going to break that and you do are you doing this because we've got the language and you're speaking if your heart is speaking there's an electromagnetic generator and it's having a conversation to reality you are creating that Reality by the emotional input if you think of your brain your brain is a is a Quantum instrument that turns possibility into actuality based on the information that it receives from your heart you have a thought in your brain you'll view that thought with emotion that says neuropectives to your heart which projects that reality for you that's how it works it's a Quantum relationship but there's this electromagnetic conversation going on all the time so yeah and having a stake in the outcome your intercom is constantly fear you're in your mind all the time is going to be the way I wanted it you're in fear of what may happen in the future or intimidation about what happened in the past we need to reduce it now so you're in fear of the non-existential we call that Insanity it's non-existential it doesn't exist but I'm terrified of it it doesn't exist right now it's all in your mind it's a bit worse in their mind they're too afraid to live into a fragile they're too afraid to get on with their lives because of what may happen or what didn't happen you're not even now but in the moment in the moment it's the only place you ever actually are but they're never there your mind's not over there anyway your mind's Always Somewhere Else away from where they are so is there any wonder that between the state February but anyway tangents here so that's pretty interesting okay I'll be done thanks folks okay all that just came from a man who told me 45 minutes ago specifically asked you how you guys good job that's good okay we're gonna take another break because you're gonna need it I'm gonna need I need to use the restroom I told you about Martin and I making a discovery and that's not hyperbole we we are all we are on to something but we're going to make this group effort we're going to present some data we're going to let you guys decide what we found we're going to be first to make this assertion after the break we're going to come back if Martin and I pledge that we're about to reveal enough information for you to decide that the Great Pyramid excuse me that's a Great Wall of China isn't even a law and it's not even Chinese [Music] [Applause] yes can we sign up wow foreign she says hey do you have anything hey I just went to the doctor last week what I didn't tell her was I got everything that's not good I left that a little bit out and I oh you forgot you're in the club now you get another Margarita put that on you'll feel better foreign [Music] thank you [Applause] thank you thank you sir all right thank you that was awesome thank you um is right there we found out what um [Music] thank you thank you today thank you thank you [Music] thank you thank you thank you all right now yeah oh yeah situations um thank you [Music] um [Laughter] thank you foreign thank you thank you what are you doing um foreign Communications thank you Australia [Applause] thank you they're all here everybody [Music] thank you thank you questions [Music] [Applause] thank you [Applause] yes awesome [Music] thank you very much together unfortunately [Applause] anyways [Music] thank you I'm sorry thank you mistakes thank you thank you [Applause] the only one I never got with me [Music] um thank you anymore foreign [Music] foreign um thank you thank you it's what it's messy my I've been trying to concentrate on something I mean I'll do it in a minute okay okay [Music] [Laughter] got no meaning so that your conversations thank you [Music] questions [Applause] the boat and the reality okay whatever's happening here so if I was to say what I think it is thank you thank you oh yeah yeah you're gonna like that yeah this country cheers thank you yeah last year oh my God rain hey Reigns Houston yeah right now [Music] we're gonna pick something up it's a good job myself just did um [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] thank you good morning [Music] thank you thank you [Music] we're about to begin this presentation story [Music] this is the video good morning guys jumping up some of the lights none of us have life thank you [Applause] all right okay don't get your attention please I sounded like Warner but Bailey didn't so in the exchange of information in our personal time Martin and I weren't going in this direction we weren't even interested in the Great Wall of China One because there's walls all over the world do two there wasn't anything Chinese that he had an interest in but then something started happening and we started questioning the story that's passed down to us about who actually built that wall and we come to find out that really that something totally different but but he had a narrative that was very carefully constructed and that it actually has no historical value we are told that in 220 BC but Chinese emperor set out and burned every single book he could find in the Chinese Empire and he killed the people who were in possession of all the libraries we're told the narrative that this same Emperor only ruled 10 years and yet in that 10 years he built 1200 miles of what you see here this is what the official narrative is this is what you can Google this is what you're going to find in almost all the books so you guys know I collect old books have an old library and I pulled this information out of a book from the 1890s so the narrative was already fixed with it too the problem is is what we found out about this structure does not in any way comport with this narrative so we're going to show people some pictures and explain what you're seeing we're not going to force an interpretation of where it doesn't belong we're going to let you control the conclusions Martin why don't you show them the maps of the Great Pyramid we turn the lights off yeah okay okay [Music] okay there are 5 000 miles of this Construction I'm not going to call it a wall anymore because that's what they want you to believe that it is we're going to show you otherwise there are 5 000 miles of this construction here in the official narrative although there's no it has no historical value and there's nothing that you can look up in any books you'll never find any archaeological studies the official narrative is is this great construction going over 5 000 miles was built to keep the nomads out it was built to keep the tartars out it was built to keep the Mongols out let me know when you get to the end of your Maps wow there's an old map here from Antiquity and with the walls have been running but they say 5 000 miles but there's there's a few brand few bits the branch off and if you add it all together it says closer to 20 000 miles of the wall yeah okay so it's insane um I found some evidence also of um coincidentally we were going to be mentioning the Silk Road along the way and this is another Great Wall of China I mean it's not in China it crosses the caucuses um on the southern Silk Roads in caucuses Martins so there's a number one further east as well and as uh Jason said apparently to repel um which is no evidence what whatsoever and the evidence shows that the Mongols anyway had an advanced civilization and weren't nowhere you know what they say about you know and how to control people includes in okay so listen so we need to go back to to First causes we need to go back to Beginnings in order to understand the construction we're looking at Morton showed them the two different types of construction used newer newer materials are built over much more ancient gigantic blocks yeah I'll show you that now so I found a novels radiant actually photographic collection of said uh says and they show you the stones which the thing is actually built on in the first place which is an older style um I just find that through a second got some kind of photos now um Okay so now this photo should show you that the thing just ends abruptly um at the sea at the seaside basically I'll show you a better color footage a little bit later and I'll just show you that the stone underneath is far older and there's been many Replacements over time I've come to three different stages of stone but if you look at this image you know the whole thing looks like it's an older structure you know these you know these massive Stone sides look like they've been huge or something rather than just a normal natural uh you know happening geological happening I don't think that I think there's something else going on there um I have got some images of all the stuff just give me a second because these files aren't actually all over the place uh there you go a Mac electric brickwork so I found this image of one of the openings and which will show you the structure of the stone is just giant megalits at the bus and if you have a look you can see three stages here so you've got the large stones at the bottom then it comes at red brick and then there's another sort of course um about that so you can see a clear Leisure and it's a similar sort of uh Stone which we witnessed at the sites like bowel back or other side so it's a big megalithic rocks at the bottom so this was the original Stretch and then you can see a clear difference in style to a more flat brick flat red brick okay and then you can see there's a light of course above there that there's been litter adaptations too so but it's in the historical narrative that this thing has been added to but you can see there's literally Three Ages there and the oldest megalithic blocks as you can see there okay okay Jason so in my own presentations all throughout our cakes and then we'll published books I've gone into great detail showing you the difference between technolithic and heliolithic architecture and what we're looking at here on the bottom is heliolithic what I'm referring to is after the collapse of the vapor canopy new construction methods were needed because the atmospheric pressure had changed oxygen everything about that world was over new construction methods these helolytic monuments are found all over the world I have I have so much material about it we can't go into it here but the heliolytic maritime empire built these super constructions all over the world that are found in melanesia Polynesia all throughout Indonesia they're found in Southeast Asia they're found all throughout south of South America helololithic engineering involve the use of blocks that are far bigger than necessary they go beyond what is utilitarian what we're looking at here isn't as simple as the narrative that's been conveyed that a Chinese emperor who destroyed all the records and literature and history of his people also built this wall to protect against Invaders the problem with this is heliolithic architecture is way older than 220 BC far older the last of the heliolithic architecture dates to about the 15th century BC and then all around the entire world that type of architecture was over it was finished so we have Millennia between we have at least a thousand years between what you see on the bottom and this is not a really good representation there's other pictures that show these gigantic blocks like Outback types yeah oh there are many there are there are many ancient ruins around the world that show we all we understand they call them Toltec they call them zapportec they call them Mayan pyramids they call but in almost in every scenario we're dealing with constructions that are built over earlier constructions and this has been shown multiple times but with this if the Chinese emperor had any involvement in this construction then he merely built over a pre-existing structure we need to figure out what exactly was this and why do they want you to believe that this is a law that this is any kind of defensive fortification so in order in order to move forward what we need to see hold on this the next file I don't want to skip files and match one of these is important yeah the we need to see exactly what this construction goes through because we have found images that it goes through Tundras it goes through very icy and snowy regions high altitude it goes through deserts it goes through mountains Hills and even forests grasslands this construction was put in areas where no Army would have ever invaded because it was built on the side of cliffs this construction is found in areas that no General would even take an army to give it a danger is men extremely mountainous craggy areas you have no you do have those pictures yeah well Higher Grounds would have made no sense if you got an Army on the high grounds you just shoots out and onto the wall and everything's gonna die so you know that's not there you know it feasible defensive strategy but we picked up on some being concerned in these cancellations that you might see here have you seen these granulations you know what you get like on castles Etc okay so Jason okay can you zoom in yeah sure before we talk about the correlations this is a real this is where the narrative begins to unravel before that can you show them the image of that wall disappearing into the seat yeah of course I can now this is our key I think so the whole Narrative of why this is supposed to be the defensive position yet you've got um this thing running off into the water where uh Naval Army could just run this is the very end of the Great Wall of China yeah and it disappears like a dock at the end of the Yellow Sea yeah you can imagine just like today we have stolen quays you can imagine that when this was in use ships would come up to a very long wooden Pier that would have been there in the past so hard mentioned more than I'll go into detail won't you tell them tell them what we observed about the battlements well but these uh there isn't another example a great wall um actually in Britain called Adrian's war and that thing is being you know sort of matched if you like with the Great Wall of China only that thing is built by the apparent Romans okay but there are a lot of similarities if I just show you that the human in the official narrative they'll draw comparisons between Hadrian tomorrow um and the wall that you see there is a great wall but we made um notes of these granulations and what you find is that they're on both sides of the wall so if you imagine a army got up on the wall okay and they've taken that section of all then then you've just given them a defensive position on the other side of the wall so that makes zero cents it's all the Herculean effort in engineering and land power to have even built a newer Construction covering thousands of miles the you'll understand more when you take it its Dimensions you know where is the Great Wall lower than 20 feet above the ground and it has crenellations on both sides which was for archery type Warfare is very defensible the problem is is the Great Wall has it on both sides and the narrative says one side was Chinese and one side was Mongolian but if it was the Chinese the Chinese themselves would have never been so idiotic to give their enemy a defensive position because if they get overrun on the wall then the enemy is on the wall using their own architecture against them this is why Hadrian's Wall built by the Romans has critlations only on one side yeah no one's going to waste Manpower or resources stoned in time to do it for Aesthetics because that's another key element about this whole Construction almost zero Aesthetics it was straight utilitarian so well that's an image of Adrian small where you can see that the accreditation is just on the one side because they were opposing the pigs apparently which is a more realistic scenario and that's not what you're finding at all with a Great Wall this is something completely different this is say June's War it's in the north of England the strategies from coast to coast foot there by the emperor Hadrian there's actually two walls there's one third for some and the idea is you know this was very similar sort of thing in Antiquity to the Great Wall there was watchtowers um anything so you know so often which we had into in a moment how tall is that well it's not a lot of it is underground but it's not very high at the moment but the width is important you know this thing was um it was a road as well um so that might you know just bear with us and that will make sense in a little minute so the Great Wall at its lowest is 20 feet but the average height is 25 feet of women and soul sections it's as high as 40 feet so being at a higher elevation than those on the ground on both sides of this construction was of Paramount import to whoever was using this Construction so we have we have an anomaly and this is where we really started brainstorming because I asked Martin Martin is really good with the visuals we're really good with pulling up all and documenting all these images from different time periods so as I'm looking at the pictures that he has I simply asked you okay is this a Chinese unit of measurement here between between this width of this this path that's on top of this construction we found out that it's not but it is a uniform measurement that was known throughout almost the entire ancient world in our measurements it's 16 feet wide and there's only one other civilization that built roads uniformly everywhere at that width and they built a rose out of stone and they're known for building roads and highways all over their entire Empire and all the provinces Martin the Romans Roman roads are 16 feet wide on the guard towers that you can see there there's literally 25 000 of them okay some of them massive multi-story buildings so Jason um in a moment of Genius asked um what's the distance between the guard towers Jason it's absolutely uniform 25 000 Towers engineered to perfection in their 5400 feet apart which is not a Chinese unit of measurement but it is a Roman unit it's called peas it's a Roman mile yeah it's exactly a Roman mile attacks that a Roman with and that a Roman mild heart now remember we're dealing with a construction where whoever's using this using it and protecting themselves from both sides so we get deeper than this so now that we have now now we have a we have something to look into yeah we're dealing with Roman Roman arithmetic Roman uh you know so it got us to looking into Rome what is the official narratives overall and in the narrative we don't find any contact with the Chinese except for a rogue Legion that went too far one time in the past and there's not a lot of details about it but in modern archeology they're only reporting what they find they're not really trying to stick to a narrative so we're really astonished to find that uh Marcus Aurelius in 166 A.D had role had Roman delegations going all from the Persian Gulf all the way to China and this is in the historical record but no one's talking about it there was Rome in contact so we find out that modern archeology has now publishing that the first Contact between Rome and China is officially 200 BC 20 years within the time that the official Heritage says the Chinese built the wall so the it's a construction that would have taken a very long period of time than where we're going with this there's no different than what happened in the 1800s because the past is always a predicate for the future and right here in North America what do we have going on what was going on in North America that absolutely parallels what we're finding here the Chinese Atlantic Railway uh the Continental Railway Union Pacific Union Pacific they used American Engineers American measurements American scientists American resources but it was Chinese coolies that built the entire Railway system now what we're proposing here is something very very similar so we have some more data to give you so you can make up your own mind do you have any more picture files do you have more picture files here what are they doing um well basically um these are the interior of the towers this big towers yeah um and it's showing it's about basically we've looked into the materials used in Eastern China we're talking Redstone we're talking the buildings we made up of like literally paper and woods and they do did use Stone but their style of architecture is completely different it's more ornamental like Monique's Bridge um in no way that we can find that this engineering style is attributed to anything in China but what we can see is is attributed to Roman style of architecture it's the same brick it's the same Arch is the same vaulty that you would see in any Roman exhibit or underground please inside these 25 000 towers are Roman arches Roman style brickwork it's very austere it's only for utility it's not to be designer when you look at Chinese architecture for the period all the way up to the present you find you find this is very important fact you will not find anything but the pagodas that are uniform in China the towers built in China are built of rough Hume Rock they did not cut and dress their blocks like the Great Wall the Great Wall is cut in dressed blocks of stone this is not a Chinese method of construction the Chinese built cities out of paper and bamboo and they used wood sparingly they were not Stone Builders at all in any period of Chinese history did they use stone for important projects they only did it for military barricades and palaces and this is a very important fact but to find that we don't have Chinese style arches all through 25 000 structures that were supposed to be Chinese that's problematic but to find Roman measurements with Roman arches and Roman style brick work is definitely a problem for the official narrative so do you have any more pictures of towers yeah sure this is the interior of the Tower and you can see the the Bitcoin everything is just what you even see when we look into the Roman worlds it's exactly the same because if it's nothing but China I think the flagstones are probably later but these towers themselves you know they're really large aren't they and they're multi-story you know so there's more you know than just these buildings just being guard towers they have other uses um we're gonna get to that I don't wanna I don't want to actually be too forward because I know there's going to be a lot of aha moments in here yeah so the towers are not are not built for military garrisons so this is a typical uh Chinese construction it's about the best you can get it it's just Rough and Ready they just don't give anything too much attention and as you can see it's the Pagoda style which is also the technology but it's nowhere near there is nothing the same as the Great Wall of China anywhere in China or anywhere so this is a typical style so it's rough dress stone cold really so Stone that's about the best you can go into Chinese girls and tradition or other buildings they produce although they've got antiqua Tech and they look very very nice but is this for going to style you know because of the antiquable attack but um this is their style it's nothing like what anything is exhibit is on the Great Wall okay of anywhere and this is a typical building with what this is just wood wooden sites yeah and paper you've seen this you know Japan also earthquakes or what have you but yeah they're not built like the bridge all right so this is a this led us to looking at something else because this construction that goes through all these different types of geographies and territories it often passes over bodies of water in rivers so when we looked at we looked at the pictures together we couldn't believe we came to the same conclusion at the same time because whoever built this construction they stuck to an engineering science and they didn't deviate they used the same methods they use the same arches everywhere in every bridge you have the images of the bridge yeah so they go across a few Rivers Great Wall does and basically it's exhibiting what we've looked at Roman Bridges and they're the same I'll show you the equivalent of Chinese Bridge what they're built in and there is nothing literally nothing similar to what is going over the rivers and carrying the great wall across it this to my eyes you know I've been looking into this field for many years now this looks like Roman construction they are great Engineers yeah they're just not existing say great engineering skills in China Asian Chinese Worlds the Romans that's their specialty speaking to Mike a little more okay okay so how many images of of the Great Wall aqueducts and bridges do you have have you gone through them all supposedly Chinese Great Wall have you showed those bridges okay yeah so moving forward yeah show them now Chinese Bridges okay brother Chinese creatures it is what you're about to see I hope you don't have any corn holder colonies back people's heads it's all there's something weird going on that's my third person no I can't actually see the Chinese Bridges I've done a very further I do apologize looking for him yeah it was painfully obvious when we looked at the Chinese Bridges that the Chinese maintain absolutely no uniform building techniques it seems to be each Bridge was the product of the genius who built it there's a lot of creative license there was no it seems like they didn't have a fixed infrastructure like the Romans would have a science that goes back centuries they knew exactly how to build and what to do the Chinese just did whatever worked and they did it aesthetically you can see their culture in their architecture you can see where they had great pride in what they built they did not build austere structures they built ones that were highly decorated using the materials that they were familiar with no bridges in China look anything like the bridges at the Great Wall totally different types of architecture yeah have you been to holes yeah so have you found have you found these things we had to do a little little research I can't stay on the internet but we had to use it so we were just balancing ideas off each other in in making Discovery after discovery so I believe I don't remember what I asked Martin but he but he Googled it and instantly came up with 2 000 years ago archaeologists today have widely published that 2 000 years ago the Romans routinely sent annually tons of gold to China for silk spices porcelain Jade opium tea and Ivory the Romans were fixated with all the stuff they couldn't get in the provincial territories and get into the empire so if we have modern archaeologists comporting that the Romans were sending that much gold East do you think they would have put it on wagons and just hoped nobody messed with them with the transits and if they have all this product coming back from the East for the gold in exchange for the gold do you think they would just hope that people would respect their Romans and not mess with those trains and markets so equally so did we get any pictures of the artifacts well open artifacts in China yeah well while you're looking at yeah uh this is a coin of Constantine and it was found in China but they've also formed a lot of dead parties which have been proved to be European um and also uh curiously vice versa as well so um in 2016 and a cemetery in London Suffolk in London was stuck back and they found a load of data or skeletons of Chinese people as far as the British and of the Roman Empire that far so we're talking about um an Empire that is far bigger far more outstretched than a code's uh issue with that snow and more much more so so we're researching these things we found out there was an exchange of materials we have found Roman artifacts in elements of Roman culture in China 2000 years ago and we have found a tremendous amount of materials from China that flooded into the Roman Empire 2000 years ago 200 years after this Chinese emperor supposedly built this construction and about 180 years after the Romans made first contact with the Chinese so the building the building the structures of Lake to Providence over much older and bigger architecture was a trait of the Romans or Sheldon Petra so I try their parents Treasury so yeah yeah a few pictures of petrol don't yourself for those of you don't know in the Book of Genesis there's a race called the cereal man with King keto learn more of Edom he wanted to eradicate the races of the Giants this is what Genesis chapter 14 is and either white king named Tito Larimore summoned his his lessons his vassal States one of those was amrath of Babel which we know of in the Jewish literature his name was Nimrod in the Sumerian literature he is all the same individual and he joined keto Larimore in Genesis chapter 14 with the hit types under their King named doodle these these four kings came together and uh well it was the fourth thing I can't remember his name but all four of them came together and they fought the refam the Anakin the zuzums the Zam zooms and the uh there's a guy named five Anakin were film emo zuku okay there's five races that Giants mentioned in Genesis but there was two subcultures of giants there were a partial Nephilim ancestry these were the horns in the serum well the serum occupied petrol in the serum it said it was a whole civilization of caverns and caves but by the 2000 years after they were they were basically overrun by the elamites the Romans came in and built massive fortifications over the older serum caves this is a Jordan but they built these deals but they didn't just do it there the Romans completely built over a very Ancient Temple at a place called melbeck at a place called build that you live in Lebanon you know those pictures yeah you can see the heliolytic architecture at the bottom this part of the original Temple hundreds of ton blocks here they're called It's called The trilathon it's huge and there's just no way we can even lift these today unless somebody lifted them put them and placed them and did it with mortar 150th of an inch thick what they did is magnificent but it had nothing to do with Romans the Romans repurposed an ancient structure we're only showing Petra in bellback but we can actually show you hundreds of sites in the old world that the Romans built on top of they completely resurfaced it built new structures and the structures we see today are of Roman origin built over more ancient structures just like tonight's chitlan in Mexico where pyramids were built on top of pyramids and then and then resurfaced and built there's no actually original pyramids what you're seeing in Mexico are layers of pyramids they just come back and rebuild sometimes it's a whole new culture that comes in and rebuilds so these are val back these are late 1800s photographs these people look like they just found the place look at them this is just a giant architecture you must be just blowing their minds thinking who the hell has put this you know you've got like you know 50 10 blocks there's just really you can definitely see the transition of uh Styles you can see a little bit of an arch up here from a previous infrastructure of a building that's Fallen away but this place is immense you know it's they've added on you know that's a nice old image they're showing a different level view of it but it exhibits uh classical architecture that you was attribute to the rumble world or the Phoenician world or whatever you want to call it but they went there and apparently built on an older World which you can see there so you've got the pillars there you can see the columns they look like they're probably half buried to my eyes because of the top heaviness and you know they're not even and Corinthian tops which is known to the Greek world and the Roman worlds and also what looks like a Viaduct or possibly enacted or many of them style of Ashes which is the Romans so the Romans have come in and built all of this on top about that so they don't own a couple of sides yeah I've used a good few songs repurpose what they find accurately so we move to a different analysis we're going to look at this from a different a different perspective and Martin and I we we mean absolutely no disrespect to the Chinese but it's an absolute fact that the Chinese were not known for two things in one with lithic engineering the use of stones as the prime primary materials for construction projects they were known for that they weren't known for their engineering and they weren't known for open trade with other countries if any culture in Antiquity has tried to maintain their independence from the rest of the world in maintain an isolationist State it's China as a matter of fact it was in the 1800s where American ships had to threaten the Chinese with Canon in their cities if they didn't open their borders to trade because while the Western world was sharing their technology with India and Japan in other areas China wanted to remain almost Neolithic but we knew here in America our government did that somebody else is just going to come over here and take over and take all their resources so they had to they had we had to share our infrastructure share our defenses and our weapons but it took us threatening to blow up their seeds with cannons for them to understand that you need to get on board with manufacturing and trade before you're left behind because there's sharks in these Waters and this is exactly the lesson we were we talked to Chinese because they're so isolation as Chinese culture has remained virtually unchanged for 5 000 years they don't want they don't want to to engage with the rest of the World Trade is not on their list engineering has never been their trait but they're both the chief traits of the Romans and anybody who is still study Roman culture you will know building with stone is there a primary building material and they maintained a trade Empire that that had never been matched until the days of the East India Company of the UK Great Britain so looking at it from a totally different perspective again we're looking at somebody else having built this construction because it has everything to do with trade would you show them the route of the Silk Road Route yeah sure so what we found is well you're probably good about this so probably sort of use it in the modern day but this thing goes it's a pathway from Europe Istanbul but it goes into the ancient world excuse me [Music] okay where is it sir just excuse me a second and that'll come up Silk Road so what we found is the path to Silk Pros just come up follows the Great Wall of China it is Silk Road it is the silk world that's what we're telling you so this thing is an international hybrid it calls it the Imperial Highway United as you can see that on the map but this thing would have been from that Coast we just showed you at the end of the wall okay bearing in mind you've got all of these guard posts suppose it's on these large buildings every Roman mile okay on a roller road because this thing is a highway it's a road okay and it's taking all of these Goods opium was really important to leave rubber worlds they used to use it for surgery you know these are the big medical backgrounds you know cesarean sections Etc but they did operations and they used OPM so that was important to them and the Chinese didn't require too much in trade it seemed to be just glass that they were interested in and gold they were interested in so um they brought the imported silk which was very important to the Roman world but apparently one of one Roman Empire tried to ban the import itself because of the value was destabilizing the whole of the Roman worlds because this is you've got these cells so there's so many materials that are really important to the entire of the Roman Empire which is not just people from Rome this is a multicultural Empire people you know the realm of Britain the Roman gold the balls which are the French and the Germans Etc which were all part of the Roman worlds so there was an international Highway of trade going all the way from Britain because of the Chinese that I told you about earlier in San Jose in London all the way to the Pacific coast along the Great Wall of China [Music] so I'm going to 25 000 Towers all one mile apart each one has multiple Chambers they can house hundreds of people we've already seen underground Chambers underground tolls attached attached to the towers we have we have battlements on either side and it is always 20 feet or higher and this protected Road even went through geographical areas where no protection was necessary because there's no way somebody could have attacked the Romans were known for their key trait which is which is it's phenomenal anyone who has read Cicero will understand that the Romans were Mastermind administrators able to use a small amount of men in resources to neutral Mendes great projects what we're proposing here is the Amazon of the ancient world what we're proposing here is that this wasn't just the Silk Road this was a Roman Road that was absolutely there to protect their investment but it wasn't people just walking down the road with backpacks and little hand wagons to to go 18 months to break it takes 18 months so you won't be able to carry the things I'm worth of an 18 month journey to all the great ones there's definitely something else going on yeah procuring as they go 100 percent no one was able to take the amount of food and water necessary 18 months is too far the Romans were expert administrators and yet we have 25 000 Towers which is equal to its City full of Chambers with baths with air with latrines with places to sleep even today some of these towers are used for their original purpose I want to show them the pictures yeah shut up brace yourselves but not only are they using in this hotels in the modern day which is what they were doing in the past I think this Amazon conveyor belt okay which is what it was um had the different buildings for different parts of what they would need it so food to drink lemon tea you can go there and you can have a nice meal in the Great Wall of China or indeed you can stay there excuse me which is kind of excuse me yeah so you can uh just you know this is what they would have done the anti-approach you wouldn't be able to carry 18 months of water toward the Great Wall of China but you could go to a tower and pick up your supplies um it makes more sense as well that you know Jason that the Romans wouldn't you know go over the whole 18 months trip so what would you propose that they did using the towers if I was a Roman administrator there is no way I'm going to send some of my people on that road to go retrieve something from China I'm not going to do that I'm gonna have the Chinese move it toward Rome through every single Tower they can sleep they can eat they've got local communities provide the water some towers are dedicated to food with markets some towers are dedicated to sleepovers every Tower is a Roman mile apart therefore every night that whole pathway is locked down they still have to protected you it's not armies and they got to protect against maintenance because everybody in the ancient world back then knew that a lot of merchandise and gold was moving in that wall those Towers were designed to lock down that means they locked them down at night they were opened my day this is the Amazon of the ancient world tons of cargo to get moved 10 12 10 12 miles a day going toward Rome the Chinese did build the wall they did build the structure but it's all Roman engineering and this is the exact same thing we find in all the provincial territories of Rome they use the local Nations to build cities in Dacia they you they use the locals of every Province to build but the Roman architecture found throughout the ancient world is Roman engineering and all it takes is one or two Engineers to do a project the local population or the or the coolies they're the ones building it all Rome had set up not just a trade route but a way that merchandise would be moved all the way transcontinental and fast and the absolutely safer Bandits and be protected in the in The Travelers can move down the road moving to March of that hundreds of tons in this Tower halfway or a third of the way and then groups had their own had their own areas and sections we're talking about probably close to 200 000 people involved in this project they probably lived in these towers and they've moved merchandising forward and backward and probably had they probably had scribes administrators at least awarded each tower that logged all cargo going this way log all cargo going that way I'm literally talking about an Amazon type project of moving merchandising in the Empire all the way through because the narrative that we're given that the Great Wall was designed to protect against armies who would never do that there are places in the wall where it doubles back it doubles back on itself in fading orders could have easily taken that wall out but there wasn't any problem with invading armies all during that time of History the Mongols were pastoral people there were two scattered and too infrequent and they had no interest in taking on China they're out there in the mountains of Mongolia and they're just watching their goats and they're living their lives the only thing that they had to predict to protect against were pirates because there was a lot of gold on gold going back and forth and a lot of merchandise everything that we have found about this construction is totally is totally different from the official narrative that we've been given this is basically our presentation right here it is interesting that uh Martin brought to my attention that all roads lead to Rome yeah and then also some of some of the walls you find uh crumbling in case Jason yeah oh yeah yeah this is a narrative I want to I want to continue this in this vein um yeah the uh we're gonna go a little deeper on this right now because it seems like a Herculean effort but it's really not if you have just how many if you just have a deal with another Empire most interviewers believe that their own people were extendable and the Chinese have always been very populous so we can see a deal between Rome and the Chinese Empire so the narrative says the Chinese emperor earned all the books and all that we don't believe that we don't believe that we believe that the Western World burned their own libraries to cover up many of the things that they have done you know the library of pergamon the library of Carthage the library the Library of Alexandria four times many Church libraries guys the Romans destroyed histories they destroyed narratives and covered their tracks in today's world we were told the Chinese built it and that's a half truth just like the Chinese did not build the American Railway system but in a way they really did the Chinese coolies worked their ass off and they built it it was American engineers but the deeper aspect of this whole narrative is what we uncovered about opium we'll tell them about it right it's it's a dependency in the realm of Wells they have to have opium and I think this Narrative of two Opium Wars in the 1800s it goes way way back and it all goes along the Silk Roads and they're going to protect this stuff you know that all in Afghanistan to protect the Opium Fields I don't think it was anything else well we were researching the trade Wares in Rome and found out that they desperately wanted Chinese goods and they said hundreds of tons of gold annually to China we understood we understood that the Romans invested invested in this project because they had to protect their interest but just like Wars are waged in the modern times like our invasion of Afghanistan just cure the poppy fields and what the British did in China to secure the opium history repeats itself ancient Rome he's the one that found it but the researchers all out there a significant portion of the Roman population was addicted to heroin that it dependency and it has to happen now they did use it for medicinal purposes it was very popular for Caesarean yeah diarrhea so we're the I mean the it wasn't just a trade where it was like Silk and all and all the things the Chinese providing the Jade it's literally literally this wall this this construction is actually a 5 000 mile long Castle and it was built because the Romans wanted drugs [Music] because oh you know what but that's a good idea um I didn't know how well that presentation was going to go so it really is a good time to do that if you want to turn this into a q a you might pull out more information we forgot to add to this presentation yes so you did you were the first to ask yeah picture I'm very fascinated by okay I actually stuck I'm not gonna get that close sorry it's clear ly built in relationships with the Chinese architecture being artistic it's one of a kind it doesn't matter how much it costs this mattered how much it costs was modular right well the towers are the same all the distance yeah so walk me through the cart things from one Tower to another it doesn't look like a cart to get through the tower okay yeah we discussed this she was in court we shouldn't say card because the road there is a there is a trait about the Chinese culture that's very unique they even today they use rickshaws and they carry a lot of weight on these rickshaws and it's just one man they can move a lot of weight by itself now imagine if you have fifty thousand Chinese that have been assigned to a certain certain part of the wall no is ever going to go too far from his family so you set up distribution centers and he only operates within maybe maybe 30 Towers because they're all that's 30 miles so you have merchandise being moved from chamber to chamber to chamber and admins can always tell the merchants coming from the other direction which Tower to go to to make up their expected merchandise this literally was like an Amazon operation in terms of blockchain Technology come on yeah that's a good point ERS um I just wondered where it fits within the Phoenix phenomenon cycle the 138 years the actual build of this DC [Music] the last time the Phoenix had been documented was um failings of my leaders that actually predicted it and it said that he used like a little computer to do it although they didn't use the word computer of a little box deal which now we have uncovered the anti-cathera computer which does in fact have a great date marker only one date in the ancient world is no is marked on that second right decision thinks it's a 584 BC but he thinks it's 584 BC because it's supposed to line up with the fall of Jerusalem his opinion is biased Robert they sold a price actually studied it for 30 years he believes in 585 BC or they both conclude that it was designed to measure astronomical bodies moving forward and backward in time but it was designed to measure astronomical bodies they admit they're not familiar with so I conclude the anti-petherial computer must be a phoenix predictor because 583 BC not only did the Phoenix phenomenon occur and I've widely documented it but it was absolutely predicted and it made failures of my leaders famous for doing it he predicted it two years before it actually happened so uh I don't know I don't know how it would be how it would have actually it's it's a totally separate deal I mean the world is full of mysteries I think we solved this one but the Phoenix phenomenon doesn't really I don't really have any crossover uh I the Han Dynasty there was a really bad Phoenix phenomenon episode that they recorded but the Han Dynasty was after the the uh construction but I I absolutely believe that the heliolithic substrate the original gigantic megalithic blocks this was already done in the ancient world the Romans only replicated with an older civilization done and in my own books I call it the heliolithic maritime Empire because it was a trade Empire that I documented and they were wiped out by Phoenix in 1687 BC as a matter aside from the great flood 1687 BC is the most well documented and it's ancient it almost 4 000 years ago it's the best documented Phoenix episode ever and it totally ended all heliolytic instructions so that's the only connection I see with the gray wallet is that is that a thousand about a thousand years after the heliolithic Empire collapsed somebody for Romans decided to rebuild this structure well even before that they were still using it as a trade route but Rome decided using Chinese labor they decided we need to build a fortification if we're going to be sending all our gold that way and when the Romans discovered heroin it was over with and when they hadn't did it heroin does excuse me with your uh yeah like I said we're not trying to push a narrative on you we're trying to show you that the official narrative doesn't make sense and comport with facts so you do your own research do your own homework find out what you find you may find some things that get you emailing people in my mind but it's all any more questions yeah I know China hasn't per se been the focus of your research but as you mentioned they've held on to their culture do you feel like internally they know or many of their people know the true history of something like this and then also uh in the same breath I heard that uh not too long ago uh publicly Declassified all these records on tartaria supposedly well I don't really fall following any modern news or anything or what people's doing I'm aware that is really anti-globalist he's really anti-establishment and he's uh he's a thorn in their side just like the romanoffs were until they assassinated all with um I don't know torteria is is that's his that's his theater of research he's on my mind what was your initial question about uh Chinese they're internal okay but you don't feel like they know about this um the Chinese share with the Inca which were originally called the uh I'm Laura people South America they share a common trait and that trait is is every few centuries one of the rulers of the Chinese or of the Inca do the exact same thing if that is because they fear that knowledge of the people if the people learn something and believe that something in the past was true they'll make it happen in the future and because so many references to the Phoenix and Typhon typhonius in Chinese it was the thing the thing was to be feared same as the famous they destroyed all all books all libraries these purges were very common in ancient China and among the Inca and then the Inca records and specifically mentioned that it's done to stop the very events that people now are have now become aware of so you asked me you asked me if they're aware the other problems we were yeah they're probably they'll probably work now the Chinese the Chinese government and Chinese military industrial complex they know that the heliolytic architecture found throughout their country is not Chinese they know this they know because of the skeletons that have been found in the cities that have been found underneath the Chinese tackling back in desert they're all Caucasian all they also know that the Sean District was never Chinese because when the Chinese went into the area in the ancient texts they found an eternal text they found these pyramids there this is why the pyramids are not open to the public today there's no tourism you can't go to the Chinese pyramids they're huge there's a lot of them but they're covered in trees and grass and it's now a military zone with the Chinese recognized they didn't build these these in the the actual Chinese people believe that they were built by the dragon Kings and they're absolutely correct because the dragon Kings were during the vapor canopy and they're no different than the seven Kings of silver they they even the even Chinese chronology perfectly lines up with the 23rd 22nd B uh 22nd century BC for the rule of the Dragon Kings the dragon King's dynasty was 646 years all seven Kings of the Dragon Kings ruled for that period into the Sumerian version in 670 years but so I've gone through that into detail on my Channel about the 241 200 Stars actually being divisible by 360. because seven Men Can't Live 240 000 years but when you use when you use the sex adjustable system which was the only system that the Sumerians knew it becomes 670 years so Chinese know that they're living on an ancient land that was not Chinese so this is why revealing something like this like I'm going to tell you how I'm gonna put Martin out there right now he says bro they're going to kill us but because because it's this is this is something that's offensive you understand a lot of people will take offense to this especially the Chinese you're going to take one of the Seven Wonders of the World well we've been here to take that from us and I get that I get that but I can't unsee what we already saw I cannot see it anybody who's studied Roman measurement systems enrollment construction methods and all that and it looks at the Chinese knows that thing wasn't built by Chinese or at least it wasn't designed by Chinese you have other Pathways or well when you see when you see a Veer off like that it's normally it's no it only goes for a short distance to a metropolitan area like a city I mean the the Great Wall has pieces that go in different directions unfortunately due to cataclysms due to recess due to change changes in the topography and migrations we just don't have an accurate assessment of where those communities Arts are because today they're not there and in some instances new cities and communities have have risen up next to the wall that weren't there back in just the wall went through that area yeah you can imagine whole communities that were responsible for making sure these two towers had had plenty of water these two these towers here had uh uh were made a hotel hotel accommodations and all that because these we're talking about miniature castles now you're looking at the top but these things go down they have basement levels changes there's even Chambers under parts of the wall attached to the towers these are sleepers every night people went in there and slit some of the some of the cargo holds had nothing but cargo everything is locked down at night everything I'm pretty sure that they had stringent rules that there is no walking there is no camping on the wall on the on the road there's no walking the road at night I'm pretty sure everything was locked down to listen to some type of dignitary with a personal guard going up in the wallet and I put up yeah those totals yeah there's all kinds of tunnels in the in the wall this is a no this is more evidence that that the wall was not to deter as I think military invasion because sea Siege Warfare that wall wouldn't stand a chance battle rims if you've got totals in inside you could have had little two-way traffic traffic going this way on the top traffic going the other way on the bottom they're still connected by those those Towers even under there so 25 000 Towers would most certainly certainly house everybody every day who is using that to transfer materials and no no trips would you would even it wouldn't even be long I mean you would have Chinamen that are their entire life they're responsible for these 12 Towers their entire life you know they don't even know what the merchandise is all they know is it's heavy and they they move from Tower to Tower to Tower and then I mean the whole system if you could just imagine ants carrying their burdens going back and forth all this is coming not just from Rome this is coming we got an item we got gold and silver coming from Armenia all the Black Sea area and all the Roman Provisions dacious sitting there gold rose sending their goal uh Gold's coming out of Jordan Saudi Arabia and it's all coming this way and the Chinese are sending all this Jade all this all this poppy they're sending all this all these other materials but it would be so easy it would be so easy to make an order and then expect it to come because what I imagine are administrators that are so good at what they do that if I'm a Roman like if I'm a Roman console or a private or a praetorian if I if I if I'm if I'm of a noble equestrian family or something I can put my order in and probably get my stuff the next day because it's being delivered at all times I don't have to wait the whole 18-month walk it's already here and it's steady coming this is the type of Roman this is the type of trade the Romans were engaged to get everywhere in the Empire so it's not a stretch of imagination to believe that they invested in that construction to make it happen with China because China had things and no they couldn't get anywhere else so yeah yeah I'll tell you I'll pay my gold and then we're going to take one one or two days and I'll go to a district Distribution Center in Rome where this stuff is already influence and fluent every day it's coming in and I'll go pick up all them Turtles no waiting no this is the Amazon of the ancient world the inchester news you can see in the pictures Chinese have proposed to turn the Great Wall into a highway in the 1930s yeah don't you have pictures of thousands of people on the walls yeah it's just just yes lady I think there's a relationship between a phoenix phenomenon or one of the theologians that would have pushed all the gold one way and all the supplies horses and silk and opium and whatnot like they had it from burned out castles but somehow why was there so much gold over there for them to pay for all these things that they wanted and why was there such a conglomerate of all those things well well the Chinese didn't need anything wrong provided Martin and I went into great depth about this little private research we found the Chinese wanted nothing from the outside world nothing so the only thing of value that the Romans could send them is gold and gold isn't near as rare as you think I mean you know what the Spanish conquistadors Pizarro with those and then took over the Inca cities and what they found was gold was everywhere gold wasn't even valuable to the Inca like it was to the Spanish conquistadors whole Gardens were made tulips and flowers uh uh artificial bananas all this stuff the Spanish were remains they had a whole people had Gardens of gold and uh the sheets and the temples and government buildings the wallpaper was was beaten gold yeah gold isn't near as rare as you think even today there's gold all over the world the problem is is military industrial complex all around the world buy is supposed to open up and they need it because they have to even put EMP proof all their Hardware gold is an awesome conductor so in the event that any enemy tries to use EMP weapons is only gold circuitry that's going to continue to work so Gold's everywhere yeah [Music] um and he said that the 911 particle at the big deal was you know the World Trade Center was right there and that we come to an agreement that had come to its time of payback goal to China and they got out of it by vomiting the world among all the other spiritual things that I know about that happening but um you know so there's that connection to the inflaming and I can't tell you who he is right now we're kind of going off topic with this all right in the back opium being known as Fair come again opium was known as Pharaoh back like during Deadwood and they referred to the Chinese as celestials uh the Chinese refer to themselves as celestials yes a special the celestial Empire that was the old Chinese tradition being called Pharaoh Pharaoh as in as in the ruler of Egypt oh I don't know Justin yeah that is interesting but I don't know anything about it it's beyond my kids you mentioned the uh Paleolithic stones that were you saying that the Romans built on top of that yes do you have any idea which culture originally built those okay Olympic architecture is found everywhere in all almost all five thousand miles on the great of the Great Wall this Great Wall the heliolithic blocks we can't carry them today the Chinese built with had a little handheld brake that you can put in this Roman brick so brick and mortar underneath the heliolithic we really don't know who they were now I've done several videos where I explained that there was a race a culture of people that the rest of the world called the imuru that the amuru actually or the grueling Dynasty even though the Hittites in the Hemorrhoid cultures were at War and were sworn enemies they all they always trade theirs traded their sons and daughters the rulers of the Hittites were blood related to the rulers of the amorites same thing with Northern Egypt I'm not talking about southern Egypt Southern Egypt was committed to kenishia those were not a Caucasian people but northern Egypt was 100 Caucasian the immune were Caucasian their images are shown all throughout the near East where people take offense is that we now live in a very liberal academic culture that basically refuses to admit that there was a Caucasian infrastructure building race that was building cities called the helium helolytic Maritime Empire other nations called them children of the Sun the reason they called them the children of the sun is because there's no record they existed anywhere until the collapse of the vapor canopy when they when the vapor canopy collapsed the sun calendars all began and then the Sumerians invented a new God who drew shamash the sun and the Egyptians invented a Horus the son of the Sun so we have a whole new biosphere the the death of an old world the anti-giluvian world and the introduction of a new race that came from the deep this is what it says now a lot like Zechariah said to you and a lot of the transports like like absolute they're they think it refers to deep space and this is when our decision promotes all the time anytime he sees the word absu he promotes each place they came from the stars that is not the conception of the Ancients they came from the underworld these Caucasians came up after a cataclysm and they had their infrastructure intact they had weapons and armor excellent administrators and very very quickly they became the ruling dynasties over the entire nearest Middle East Africa all the Mediterranean area they were all exchanging their sons and daughters but they would not marry in with the local population the maritime helolytic Empire they were the super Builders after the collapse of the vapor Cam that built all these giant structures so what we are proposing is that before the Romans did what they did and built a fortification that's not that's not a wall that's a fortification it just happens to be 5 000 miles long that fortification has a precedent there was another culture in ancient times that used that as a road and a conveyance but theirs was megalithic but repeated Phoenix cataclysms had destroyed all that to the point the Romans had to come and build back over it but yes it's uh the heliolithic maritime Empire is a major topic on my channel spread throughout many of my videos and mentioned in my books they're very real it don't I don't speculate where they came from but they're 100 a white race that had been hiding in the Underworld and they were recognized as that by the people who survived on the surface but the people on the same survived on the surface did not have their infrastructure collect the collapse of the vapor came to be pretty much reset everybody and the only people that were around were the survivors and those survivors formed colonies that built that built that built the hentai Kingdom and then the MRI Kingdom in Egypt and then nozzles Manoa cree and ELO Mohenjo-daro all these different ancient civilizations that we know of the history that we're kind of familiar with in textbooks began after the collapse The Vapor canopy because the vapor canopy world is still not acknowledged by science but it's the world that answers for all the mysteries of of technologically advanced civilizations that lived at that time if that the lower parts of that wall was built by an advanced civilization after the collapse of that canopy makes sense thank you any other questions this was great what I've learned is you know the movement of cargo it's all about shipping so I'm curious how do they track the movement of all that cargo were there postal let's say post offices the way the post office controls movement today including military movement was there a post office at that time have you seen anything in your research how they stamped two things one you need to ask Russell J gold because I know you know him two we don't we don't have the historical records this is why this presentation well listen follow me here we don't have the historical the historical records uh about this being built by the Romans but we don't have any records the Romans Bill Jordan the Petra Bill Bank you understand we have Roman architecture that's submitted to committed to be Roman all over the Mediterranean but we don't have the actual records and the main tradition attached to the origin of the Great Wall is that its Builder destroyed all the records of this culture in his deal so we have a problem we have a problem here we have a real problem but if anything is true somewhere it's probably true somewhere else so abiding by that tenant I have to inform you the Sumerian Tablets the oldest tablets in the uh the oldest written tablets in the world you know zechariah's statue and many others have done a great job of informing people of their contents but I'm telling you now everything since you never wrote or everything you've ever heard about the Sumerian Tablets only covers about 10 of their content because it is like Samuel Craver Marine Gallery Kovacs the original translators of the Sumerian it's so boring because everything in the Sumerian is shipping manifests everything anybody can Google that the majority of us who married an academics are ledgers ship manifests cargo lists it's boring as hell the titles and deeds of land all in cuneiform sometimes it is submarian level Branch you don't hear that from the sensationalist you're not going to hear that from sitchin or his follower his disciple of Billy Carson you're not going to hear that from them but 90 of all the cuneiform that we've ever found we've got a half a million tablets from about 17 or 18 different libraries from yogurt russhambra from from Marta um you already know about Nimrod and neneva um of course of course Babylon move these are all different cities and tablets have been found in all of them uh they've even found they've even found uh cuneiform tablets now in my in some of the names are on proto-greek and they are actual names from Homer's Odyssey so listen we're dealing we're dealing where we're dealing with a truth here if it's true in ancient silver that they were already recording meticulous records of cargo and they were measuring them in shards you understand the importance here because Billy Corson and and Zechariah said you got everybody believing ashore equals a year but I've got old books that explain that Char is just a unit of measurement it does not mean here it is it is a unit of measurement it's almost like a turning and it's connected to the year which is a star so therefore a shark is the Turning of a star but it's also related to the guard and this is saying the lower Kramer assume a lot of sumrologist that was showing that ship manifests the cargo will show the weight of the crates the weight was in charge so uh we could totally do away with the whole chronology of Zechariah station it all it doesn't even work uh those hundreds of thousands of years or actually hundreds of thousands of days which reduces all these historical events to just years apart which is that simple well I'm yes so I'm telling you about the Sumerian and Academia cuneiform manifest because of very meticulously detailed they're very boring but if it's true in ancient silver 4 000 years ago then I'm pretty sure the Romans had an even better system because they did not write on Clay on clay and then burn it in the oven that's the only reason we have those records preserved and because of destructions that happened in 1849 you see that leveled almost every year eastern city all those libraries became underground and no one dug them out they built over them and that's the reason why we have half a million cuneiform texts because survivors don't excavate the destruction they fill it in with more Rubble they fill it in with dirt then they surface it with asphalt they can build it they build a new city this is why we discover all these things so I believe the Romans probably kept meticulous records on paper on fellow and those things don't last I have bull I have a lot of books he's been in my library I have some very very old books and I'm telling you now they don't last after three 400 years those pages are deteriorating the ink is bleeding out uh they just mold and and bookworms just take over there's no way to stop it but I don't have the technology to stop it okay I had an idea I know that you said original building of the wall was after the collapse of the vapor cam can't be but what if it was built during the time of the vapor camera canopy and those tunnels were actually a fortress to keep you safe from the big animals that lived at that time and then and that then you know they repurposed it and built on top of it afterwards because if those are giant enormous blocks we don't know the technology that they used for that but if they were big giant beings and have advanced technology I'm just throwing it out there that maybe that was how they protected themselves like using the tunnels and the tunnels came first and then they built the road on top of it it's just we talked about this we talked about Vapor canopy but I have I can agree with your scenario to eliminate Instinct that what I mean is is it's it's probably it's possible the reason I'm going to say it's improbable is because nowhere in the Great Wall that we find circular features where it comes all the way back and closes the loop if you're going to if you're going to build a construction to protect against megafauna giant losers and reptiles you're going to protect against these these giant insects yeah that was a problem too during the Victory Academy then yeah you would uh you would build a different type of construction not one that's so wide open and linear because these giant creatures would be on each side you know I would I would expect that they would build more Loops so there would be safety inside because you still gotta you still got to have some place to move around this this is exactly what it looks like we've been conditioned to think that it was the Great Wall to protect against the Mongols because that's what we've been told and we had no reason to think otherwise but it is exactly how it looks it's not a wall it is a road and it is a road that is elevated very high just to protect against any type of abandoned Tree on either side Mongol or Chinese there are four therefore whoever initiated this construction had to fight against both just to maintain their deal I'm pretty sure her father wasn't fighting but there was one I'm glad you asked that question because you just triggered my mind there is a fact that Morton and I found that we forgot to mention Dave did this entire presentation that's why Q A's are Q A's are great nice feeling good okay this is this is heavy you got to process this you have a 5 000 mile long fortification it's built for to be a defensive position on both sides but uh there's not one single documented historical battle for which this thing was ever used against the Mongols or the darks to indicate big animals or something like that um just saying the narrative The Narrative is that it is a wall to protect against the minds and the Taurus the problem is in the entire vast historical record that we can tap into there's not a single record where the Chinese were ever at war with anybody and the wall was employed in the battles or in the defensive never so we kind of kind of kind of collapses the whole narrative so any other questions I just I still can't really understand why the world has worked so hard to maintain this version of events is it to basically protect China's Pride or to hide Greeks cheeky smart coverage the Chinese don't want to actually admit that Romans built that war MTH the the LIE is still at work could still be perpetuated I'm going I'm an Olivia I'm good if you're trying to elicit a response a certain response I I can understand if you genuinely don't know what you're proposing for me to answer it is very difficult I will know what your level of awareness is but I'm going to tell you right now that there's a war going on and that war is against the Caucasian race and it's been going on for 150 to 200 years and there is a culture in this world that hates white people and they use every other race against them they create devices if they do all these things these people rewrite history they have Rewritten religious records they have put things out that are they've put meritudes out and they have funded them and there's more I could tell you but I can't say it on YouTube but this war ensures that every Act of Caucasian genius will be suppressed and be attributed to others this race here hates basically all white people in the stories in the Bible and it's there for everybody to see but it too is like the Great Wall you were told this was a Chinese wall built to protect the Chinese for the Mongols you were told it was a wall but it's actually a road same thing in the Old Testament you've been told certain things in the Old Testament narrative when certain things in that narrative are absolutely true with the participants aren't who you think they are it's redacted history and we're when we're moving into material that that I can only talk about on our like in my head that they also could have used trade to destroy the white cultures in the north and said here you get silk you can take people things were given them their grain storage and their things like that and their wife got Beauty fans family called dresses and outfits in the meantime my family came they gave away their brainstorms and a lot of these coasters did damage they died I can't follow what you're telling me I'm just saying that the fancy clothing and then the people the merchants gave them their reins their food storages and then when famine hit or bad times came they they perished these civilizations couldn't Paris so there are civilizations of Northern history about that that happened and even today people trade away their money and they're not storing food now for their trading away money to buy fancy electronics and things like that and that could have also been used a way to undermine cultures I understand exactly what you're saying I'm trying to fit I'm trying to fit into this presentation okay trade with what people yeah I'm not I'm sorry I'm I'm gonna have to admit sometimes I just can't follow it yeah well let me tell you let me tell you this is a really sensitive topic for many reasons first of all the Chinese have found ancient Sanskrit documents in their own country they tried to suppress it the scientists release the material now we have it you can read David Hatcher children's Read All About It these are these are sanskritarian documents that have been found in China when the Chinese excavate old civilizations in China they don't find Chinese skeletons in the Chinese tackling back in desert they have found nothing but hundreds of Caucasian skeletons and infrastructure all kinds of uh just it's things they don't want to find all right this is also the same thing with Japan now I knew Occupied Japan before the Japanese did in the Japan no readily admit that there was a white race there no this is a sensitive topic because we're all we're when we are led by a very liberal academic I could basically scholarship has been hijacked instead of reporting the truth they report things that are politically correct and important in reporting the fines that are politically correct they try to love they made it they basically try to attribute everything to my geography and what I mean is is if we can show that a certain native people have been here for a long time did everything in that area it was built by those same native people because scholarship is against diffusionism in the 1800s researchers were all about diffusionism showing how different cultures went to other nations and built all kinds of great things and then after a cataclysm or recent they went back to their Homeland all right diffusionism shows that travel was widespread way before Columbus discovered America thousands of years before the Phoenicians were already had shipping yields over here for removing merchandise and this is why Libyan Phoenician era Aramaic ancient Israelite uh bit Armory and then uh also uh uh Carthage and artifacts have been found all over Texas Colorado New Mexico Arizona and California this this trade with widespread but our modern scholarship will say that's an insult to Native Americans to attribute structures that are found here in North America to anything to anything that is a non-north you know North American Indian uh provenance so uh these are things I will talk about on and I just on YouTube you can't because uh the world the world is literally owned and run by the very people who have presented the world to you that you don't even know yeah the the it's all the deception really runs deep but the whole story is told in the Old Testament it's one of the greatest it's one of the greatest narratives ever the story's all laid out for you to see and the participants are there the Old Testament absolutely explains why our world is the way it is today because there was two contracts and these people signed one of the rest of the world under the other contract we'll go through that on [Applause] thank you it's good people since uh Silk Road and now it comes President we had a China starting the film Road initiative working with all the brics countries and this time China has a goal of the rare earth and the manufacturing and so maybe it was a turn you know China I'm saying listen dude I want to do I don't want to get into geopolitics uh modern Time stuff I don't want to really move too far and so the media the media is always going to give you a false version of events the media needs you to believe in Boogeyman you know what I mean I'm gonna tell you now the Chinese will never invade America the Chinese are not even fit to invade America geographically we're too far removed they were never even be able to get that many soldiers over here it's just in nor do they have the finances China right now is hurting because of the one child policy was implemented for a little too long and now they know they're about to have a generational Gap and very soon there is going to be there are about 17 to 18 elderly people for every individual in China That's age 1 through 30. they got problems they got problems so we can send some of our illegal shares [Laughter] yeah I have a video about it on my channel yeah the world The Orleans judgment don't you open yeah listen listen the reason the I could the recent Academia doesn't acknowledge their text is the exact reason why they don't acknowledge the book of jasher it's the reason they don't acknowledge the Coburn Bible because the version of you gets put out by Academia isn't true it's proof the oral end is an original document passed from families is one that just never got purged the Colburn Bible tells the true story of The Exodus event not the one that was redacted by these people or they inserted themselves into a narrative they don't belong into a culture into several books of the Bible for which they didn't write another cultural another culture wrote those books they just put their own names on it so this is like I said you're gonna get me in trouble I'm I'm gonna avoid these topics in here picture of the body oh that's a good point I'm glad you brought them no we kind of we kind of Breeze over there where you know where you at Martin yeah sorry so show me a picture of of the Great Wall going into the Yellow Sea okay listen we're still on board with the wall being used for maritime purposes yeah hundreds of tons of cargo a day could have made it to the end of the wall and ships would have been waiting right there to take it to Ports all over the world yeah this is another reason why we understand that the Great Wall was a road it is the actual Silk Road of ancient times the famous trade route now this whole Great Wall Great Wall Discovery and road that Martin and I brainstormed yeah also answers another mystery from centuries ago because there's been a battle among historians if Marco Polo's testimony was made up and it wasn't true a lot of people think he and his uncle were liars and they never really made it to China they had made it to Ports nearby where they learned about Chinese things but the things they described were really Chinese but what makes the Marco Polo narrative pretty much collapse is that he and his uncle claim to have gone to China by the Silk Road but there's not one mention of the Great Wall anywhere and this is only 400 years ago so uh these discoveries here kind of kind of make you wonder if the whole Marco Polo narrative was just made of yeah yeah it was a Phoenician Venetian after all yeah this is this is inexplicable this this doesn't make sense outside the context of having a long wooden Pier come out here the same way that we do it today we build him we build wooden piers on quays it's got to be attached to selling rock or war on war on night like sea walls but this right here would make sense to me for shipping this is just one part of the wall but there's I mean a picture is a thousand words I I don't have to sit here and talk about this all day it's obvious that this was for shipping guilds this one this was for the transit like I said it's the Amazon of the ancient world so much material is being moved I truly believe in Rome I can order something and the next day have it delivered to me you've got merchandise in flu the amount of time to move it from China all the way across a fortified route it may be stopped in 70 different Towers it doesn't matter because it's not going to go Tower to Tower merchandise is going to be moved a man can a man can walk 30 miles in a day and if you've got if you've got 50 China men in a pack and they're all carrying something on their back and right here they got harness to carry it they're going to move a lot of stuff when you have these 50-man groups in the thousands at the wall at the same time they'll never be in each other's way ever go forward and backwards filling up ships they're so that's a good question that's a good question but this this right here that right there is for ships yeah there's no doubt there's absolutely no doubt so I want to do something I have been hogging this stage too long and uh I would like to dignified my guest magazine if you would like to come up here and do a q a itself great job with all you guys we can all do one together okay that's cool with that too go ahead Martin go get up here yeah right here just me you're all alone [Music] do you like oh anyway we've got any questions okay thank you no we're talking about the all the Japanese statues around me like a small percentage of this but you know there's a lot of questions they've had a lot of the ambulance removed you know I've proposed before did they have more going on it's weird that every single one's got a different face you know to eradicate the soldier there but why you would build a Terracotta Army you know it's just like you know Egyptian thinking it is it's probably for the after life you know but these things aren't animating come to life I don't know but it is a really highly thinking thing what's going on I could possibly you know outside experience for the afterlife you know sorry this question is review for you and one of your videos that uh there has been multiple incarnations of Inky correct me if I'm remembering this wrong but I swear I heard you say just in passing that one of his incarnations was as Jesus could you speak to that point I don't believe I've ever said that no no okay somebody might have said that and I I agreed that it was possible because I have way too many presentations basically explaining that the story of Jesus is actually the story of apollonius of China a bolognes of Diana was a miracle worker and it was literally feared for his mouth absolute wisdom until everything he spoke he was he was he was a stranger to to the area but the actual the actual things Jesus said are the things that Apollonia said this is where the story came from and when the church built this entire narrative it uh it created two two figures in the New Testament based off this one individual apollonius of Diana yes apollonius is actually the great Paul it means Paul and Greek so it's also it's also the root in Apollo so uh I know I know a lot of my Christian brothers and sisters don't want to hear it but they but the facts are out and I have painstakingly documented my sources for everybody to see on my dark scriptures playlist to understand how this magnificent story was born from not only apollonius of tianis Life who's a real person born into BC but also form a very spiritual document called The Gospel of marcheon and how these two were put together and this is how we got the book of of Mark and how Matthew and Luke were based off this book of Mark they are larger versions of the abbreviated marked text and how a fourth gospel was added from the gnostics this is why the Gospel of John doesn't read anything like Matthew Mark and Luke and showing exactly how these accretions occurred until the church was satisfied in 325 A.D in the in the Council of nicaea and they they ratified basically what the New Testament was after a long discussion about the origin of the Revelation text so the church invented a myth that in 96 A.D John of Patmos oh receive the Revelation but the true Source the true source of that apocalyptic text is serenthus who had collected all the civilian oracles that the Roman senate had used to consult the simulated oracles uh I have a video about the history of the civilian oracles and how most of whom were lost and how torque and the proud actually bought the last book in the Senate preservatives but the Book of Revelation is of ancient quotients and I'm not talking about the first golden chapters which were obviously written by the church in added to more ancient texts with the Book of Revelation actually has symbols and Concepts iconography that are not identifiable anywhere in the Bible except the Book of Genesis the Book of Genesis symbols are are basically only identifiable in one document from the ancient world and that is the Babylonian enema Elish which is the seven seven stages of creation which which the Jewish bribes reading all that turned into the first chapter of Genesis the seven days of creation where the seven days of creation of Genesis chapter one and two is identical to what the Babylonians wrote in the nflish text so the uh the identity of Jesus it's a real stumbling block for people to see this material that all this material that I've documented but I'm not the only one a name in the in the dark scriptures I name all the books you need to check out and research the only set my word for it but man the man I'm gonna tell you right now that the oversoul does not require that the shedding of blood or anybody to be murdered in the old Bronze Age style human sacrifice in order to save a population this is Bronze Age belief that if a disaster is coming just like Andromeda and Perseus when the Kraken showed up the only way to save the city of Argos was to take the daughter of the king Andromeda a chain of Jewel Rock and give her to the and give her to the storm this was done in ancient times they would take a member of the community and sacrifice them because it's called the doctor was substitution right so any everything that people were guilty of when we transferred to the state Bill yes that person would suffer suffer a sacrificial death the church took this bloody belief system and tried to turn it into something holy and they presented it because the gospel of marchion has everything Jesus ever said all his Parables but there's no there's no Supernatural occurrences the gospel of marchion is pure spiritual food but there's no crucifixion there's no gruesome death there's no trial there's no virgin birth and there's no sun darkening and all that the gospel of working on was hijacked and it became the gospel of the Catholic Church the Roman Church they invented all this but true Spiritual Beings don't require the death of another avatar for their salvation it was ridiculous concept but it's one that's so well ingrained in us because we've been programmed to believe that BS and it's just not true just two seconds a phoenix event question uh 17 years right 24 agencies in Phoenix May May 15 16. now my understanding from listening your information is that Aaron's may not be affected or that people are going to be moving to Europe from North America um just kind of curious what type of things can be expected from an Aaron's point of view and also from maybe just a general population at 2040. okay well first we can remove the Phoenix phenomenon it's chronology we can set all that aside a true spiritual being is going to know what they need to do when they need to do it any preparation is only anxiety is only anxiety based and anxiety-based preparation only brings the thing that is feared if you are preparations for a negative event then all the situations attached to that negative event will become part of your reality this is why I opened up this presentation today and part of my French what you really have to not give an f about anything is that the construct will reciprocate you understand it's attitude they get you to vibrate on a different frequency and this is what puts you out of Harm's Way and sits on the ball rolling to get you somewhere else if you're worried about any future event you thus become a participant simple as that knowing about events objectively but not having any emotional investment is very important to be aware but if you're worried about something I promise you you're going to suffer you're going to suffer it it's just the way it's just the way it is it doesn't matter if it's the thing you smelling it doesn't matter if it's a nemesis X object it doesn't matter my new videos about dark satellite it doesn't matter about the return of the dark side it doesn't matter about the random earthquake it doesn't matter about a military strike none of these things matter doesn't matter if you're on a train in 90 of the people on that train die your informed field governs over your welfare but if you're in Florida field is vibrating in a fear-based mode then you're going to suffer what the construct is causing everybody else to suffer well we have many many stories and incidences over the Lone Survival or the couple or the couple that makes it to shore when everybody else on the ship drowned [Music] but they're not those people were vibrating on a different frequency and they were rewarded for that yeah so I mean we can remove all the dressing no matter what is negative in your life or or you perceive to occur in the future any focus on the negative remember this is the stage this is the whole of the wall of the world stage where you immediately become one of the actors on that stage when you fear that event so like I was saying about a nice steak and yeah something before facing it fairly without Fletching you know like if you throw yourself to the wind you can ride it it's just the next part of the journey whatever happens and if there is going to be a cataclys some people say to me if there's going to be some whatever but it's going to be some big cataclys of what am I supposed to do build a shelter in the backyard exactly like if you're supposed to get through something then you'll be in the right place at the right time to get through it and it's how you approach that that happens okay we got one over by here yeah I just have a quick question on how does this comport with the going gray that you spoke about as far as getting through the reset what's going going great is just like I said being able to prepare for any situation if it gets to a point where it's all tracked and traced and there's all this digital stuff you've just got to become as unnoticeable as you can just fit in and just find a way through to the other side that's what I mean about going great don't attract attention to yourself just get through it find what works and get through to the other side yeah so and to follow up with that just a little bit so then there's that like not to share our light and then how does that raise are you sure you're like you're sure you're load it's just how you share your life just how you do it [Music] I'm I'm not scared of the future don't really give a damn you know whatever happens I enjoy the present I enjoy my life right now well I have a whole bunch of camping gear weapons survival here I have I have everything you can think of I got all of it in case the need codes for that big black man out there to bug out have it all but but there's no fear in this I've got the weapons all I was Beatrice where I have stacked up all kinds of things but my attitude is that I probably won't need it and I just bought all this stuff for somebody else who's going to end up needing it because I'm gonna be in a better place listen if you can prepare all you can prepare all the time the emotional investment is what you got to watch out for yeah you got you've got to pay attention to yourself if you're buying things and stacking up things out of fear then I promise you you're gonna need them objectively and then moving on with your life and doing other things you have those things if an emergency happens and you just might have those things so someone else can enjoy them too yeah that's exactly the way I think about it exactly anybody else have you seen that than the other one in New York Origins yeah well yeah well I talked about that years ago but there's no evidence to actually support it there's no you know I'd look for evidence that they've removed any method from it yeah you know of of the actual constant time I can't find it there was nothing removed from a Coliseum in the late 1700s apparently hundreds and tons of it to a certain stage a Coliseum would have been full with metal which I proposed with some sort of water technology for magnetizing the water that we would have been in there when it was a water tank and not for gladiatorial purposes so the next one I'll go back to everyone um I know that you guys have to happen but Jason if you had a kid of his like teenager years how would you even try to explain something like this I mean kids are so brainwashed by school it was hard for me to get my daughter to even believe she didn't have to wear a mask to try to tell her something like prepare her for something like this you know you guys were going to be around forever if our kids will be around rescue them keep them away from school that's the only way to go to the television and in that program and it's all coming from the mainstream anyway she's watching brainwashed a lot you know a lot of people got the same problem with their family members it's just like you know they sort of debts from London to bits but it's just well again but I I definitely wouldn't think that you should you know as your daughter still she's only about age you've got to say in something just yet I would definitely make sure I wouldn't think I would give at this stage he was kicking the screaming you know what you're telling you I'm gonna Sledge because later on okay um I'm gonna tell you that you asked me a very difficult question yeah when it Taps into something that is so simple and it's very hard to grow it's so simple that it's hard to grasp it's hard to take in and that is the oversoul knows its own and everybody is going to be called when they're ready to be called me you can't force it and it's hard because we love we have loved ones we want them to see one but let me tell you something you can't tell them the truth you have to show them on my channel I'm always saying that because guys look I'm gonna show you some things I can't tell you about it you just gotta see it for yourself and I show them the arithmetically all these patterns and cycles and HIPAA Cycles all fit together and I explain to you this is the construct there's no way these historically been is unfolded this way but here's all the source materials this is what happened I do this all the time on my channel but you have to see it that way that the oversoul knows its home and it's going to call them when they're ready to be called because if they're not ready right now they're basically the prodigal son in the chronicle Sun story always has a happy ending every time yes I have a question about the Arts uh acting writing singing dancing painting I feel like they do play a role in this whole journey and I'm wondering what your thoughts are about like how art or the act of creating besides just creating your life and manifesting your life but I find that every time I see adults or children engaged in some creative acts something happens opens the doors open you know like with the teenagers I can I can answer that there are two types of words the art that is aesthetic that people can endure that has value that people can appreciate according to their values and there's the art that is to actually disguised rituals and this is what you see in Hollywood and commercials and in radio this is what you hear radio yes incantations and rituals used against the public is actually masked in art Olympic uh concerts all these things like all these things like this well you're talking really talking about Aesthetics the the appreciation of beauty and all that I agree I believe it's spiritual I believe I believe that Aesthetics is still an appreciation for for uh art of human origin and art in nature is entirely spiritual I just wanted to say how that that is exactly my experience I escaped from Hollywood and I see that art and artists have been used always to get you know messages across and I always feel like why we can also use art you know to to share without hitting people over the head you know without telling them you have to believe this but just to share our Creations I guess I don't know I keep looking for a way to integrate my passion which is you know all the all the Arts into this movement whatever this is the truth or is whatever but I always feel like there's a there's a Vitality in a Humanity that comes in in art itself as opposed to just sharing information and you are you're an artist the way you tell stories you're a Storyteller artist so I don't know I'm just putting this out to anybody here who is an artist to recognize that there's great um gifts that we have to offer and you know you're not doing anything wrong and to add to that in the comment in the chat on YouTube right now somebody just said the women are asking the most fascinating questions but we're the acts you know if we won't get given them all about energy yeah to do things that we wanted to so that would be Embrace what your Consciousness likes if it is that or you know whatever dance and stuff whatever it is we have to close yes we do with our time up guys I want to thank everybody so much for coming up to seven o'clock thanks so much fantastic day wow hold on there we go okay yay thank you so much oh thanks guys thank you hey guys just so you know I did I got one announcement just so you know Saul London has has organized Aaron's beds oh I'm wearing the t-shirts or some others I just want to let you know it's it's actually an online Meetup and it's going to have like 12 different speakers on there it's going to be all presented online September what okay September 22nd and September 23rd Aaron Fest is gonna evolve a lot of speakers and it's going to be this right here was basically online thank you