Live with Nick T: Chronicon Composer

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Streamed live on Jun 5, 2023

"Nick T has read hundreds of sections of Chronicon as an audiobook series for those who don't want to read the 500+ pages of complex chronological studies." [1]

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yeah if you look at yourself um I can see it really well on the on my browser so I'll stay here cool Nick T we're live right now hey guys arkx veterans archanges novices those of you who are curious some of you from uh Feb Martin's group joining us tonight let's get an audio check let me know how that audio is we got a brand new studio here and you can see and you can see all behind me and surrounding me why oh so we need we just need to thank you JJ Recon good the audio is good that's what we wanted to hear because we have been messing with these wires all day long Nick T and I were scheduled to go on yesterday but we had all kinds of technical problems technical difficulties new software uh ever a matter of fact everything from the archaic Studio has been relocated here uh with the library of old books that you see all around me it's I'm totally surrounded by this Library it is uh it is very impressive uh Mark Martin lead key has been here all day curious as hell pulling books off the shelves really messing with my OCD but uh all right so we got good audio excellent so I want to introduce to you guys Nick t Nick T sent me an email asking me for permission a good while back I think that's what a year and a half ago has it been that long Nick uh I think it was October last year okay it's been it's been almost a year and you've covered 200 over 240 videos let me explain what Nick T is doing guys Nick you're in Australia right yep uh Bunbury Australia West Australia Western Australia Okay so you guys know that I wrote chronicon when I was in prison it's over 500 pages it's very technical and a lot of people don't want to read it I get that it's got a chronographical material and it's a dry read for some but for some people they get absorbed into that data but there is so much material in it Nick T send me an email asking permission if you can read like an audiobook Series in just small pieces and he is already on his channel done over 240 readings of chronicon and I don't think he's gotten to 1902 yet he's still in the 1800s what year are you on right now uh the last point yesterday was 1888 starting uh with the Eiffel Tower yeah okay all right that is amazing that is amazing let's see so Nick T's volume is twice as loud as Jason's all right I'm sorry about that I'm sorry about that but uh I am still experiencing I'm still experimenting with this uh deal thank you Jamie go ahead I've been yelling yeah I've been yelling so I'll I'll just uh speak normally now oh it's okay we had audio issues earlier uh and my my own audio was probably going to have to be adjusted after this video and that's cool well we we pretty much know what's going on it's no big deal so this is your first this is your first time with the new setup is it yes it is this is my very first live video and my very first period out of this out of this room uh yeah I like your books I love you I love your shelves yeah there's a lot of good stuff on them there's no doubt there's no doubt yeah No Doubt so uh Nick oh let me get some announcements out the way before we go deep into chronicon talk about things you've seen and learn things that have changed your your ideas about the world that we live in from the data that you have seen yep good so anyway oh things I need to announce to my whole Community is that you guys know that just in five days from now five or six days from now you know that on the 10th of June Martin Leakey and I are going to give a live presentation it's going to be live on YouTube you're going to be able to watch it if you can't attend but we're going to give a dual presentation we're both presenting the same thing but we're covering different data and we're going to cover one of the seven eight seven wonders of the ancient world and we're going to show you guys that this that this thing that has been labeled one of the wonders of the ancient world isn't anything you were told that it was this is not a presentation on the Great Pyramid it's something else not only is it not what we've been taught that it that it was its function didn't even do what we've been told it does we're also going to reveal to you what exactly its purpose is so this is going to be a really exciting deal but even more so I'm telling you now at all we're we're taking ticket admissions at the door you don't have to go to the Meetup which is in the description box to get a ticket but uh we now have confirmation that Max Egan will be joining us and he'll be there and you guys will be able to take pictures with Martin myself Max Egan and any other special guest that happens to walk in the door so having said all that I need to let you guys know if you haven't noticed in the community post earlier today I did a live video with Tommy truthful and donut so if you haven't if you haven't seen or listened to that video you may want to go look to the community post the link is the link is in the community but Nick T before we go on CE you tell won't you tell the archaic Community would you you've been a great service you know there's a lot of people who have reviewed your work and listened to it you made very complex technical material easy to digest so why don't you tell people about your channel and who what you were doing before you ever started the archaics project and any other secondary channel that you may have okay yeah um I started my channel well it's been it's been off and on but I started it way back in 2015 I think and um and uh during the during uh in 2013 I started looking at the sky and started noticing some strange things like about the moon and that and I um had the urge to study the sky and um then I started looking into the shape of the Earth in 2016 like everyone else was and that kind of blew my mind for a while uh actually quite quite radically and then I started making very short videos um with my own music it's all my own music on the backing and in my early videos and um which I'd recorded previously in my Caravan uh all my own stuff um so I just wanted to get my music out there first but then I started looking into Mysteries and the sky and the moon and various things like that uh and then you know a history of course I've always been I've always loved history and maps of course too um and then um I had about 500 subbies up until last October and then I I noticed your channel um and I binge watched like most of your videos went right back through the playlist and that kind of blew my mind a bit Fair bit uh and then I thought you you all you'd often talk about chronicon and you're kind of saying look I know it's a difficult read but you guys really should uh check it out you know and you kept saying this was your core material so I thought to myself well you know it would be nice if this core material could would be more accessible to folks who either don't have the time or don't like to read you know so that was my original premise behind doing it and um I don't remember if I actually asked your permission initially um I know I did later but some because he kept saying you know anyone's free to to do it you know if they want to but um you know I think thanks anyway for letting me do it so that's basically it yeah I wouldn't have said anything if you didn't ask me permission I I'll have I have often given permission to use the archaic's material on other people's channels to uh upload and of course I even have trolls who have taken full advantage of that and also posted a whole bunch of my material to make fun of it but that's okay that's what it's all about um I'm not worried about that but you haven't oh yeah listen just being attacked merely means that you're important enough to be a Target it's as simple as that that's right yeah yeah so so I'm uh I do have to say that you you have very good diction in enunciation while you're reading those those and you even navigate the particularly difficult words uh I so a lot of hats off to you I don't know if it's the Australian proto-british accent I don't know but yeah you seem to do a very good job at holding people's attention when I listen to your videos like damn I can't even believe I wrote that his voice sounds better than my writing so my voice sorry my voice sounds better than I do I get that I get that I do yeah I um I've always been um I've always loved you know British uh culture and British music because you know we're Aussies and I was born in the 60s and that and uh it's like um kind of grew up with with the uh the British vibe more than the American and then the Americans kind of took over and then we've been then we've been blasted by you know British and American culture on you know Lefty British right ear American left ear British writer American kind of thing so I see I see Aussies or myself as kind of a strange blend of Australian American but of course we're Aussies if you know what I mean you know because we've got we've copped our popular culture it's being blocked at us for you know Generations now from both of your countries so I see myself as uh well you know a bit of an angler file in some ways but I mean I'm not talking politically of course you know but then I love the American attitude you know I like the American can do attitude yeah I like that I like the American Opera I like the American optimistic Spirit as well yeah it's all it's it's definitely been a game changer for Martin Martin's been here for 30 days or so now and he's been hanging out here in Texas with us and uh he's been having a blast he's had some aha moments and just really really he gets really mesmerized and quiet when we're in traffic he's never seen seven Lane highways with everybody going 85 90 miles an hour seven Lanes across on one side and seven Lanes across on the other we got these super huge interstate highways over here in Texas and uh and I'm not gonna lie I've been guilty of going a little bit faster just because he's sitting there looking out the window yeah we've been we've been having fun seven lines that's ridiculous yeah we got it we got it right here so we got quite a few people in the chat I didn't give any I didn't give any warning whatsoever we were going live I posted it about two two minutes in the community right before uh uh I intended on going live so I'm not really looking for all the participation I just wanted to break out this new studio for the first time and I thought that you're the perfect guest to do it with first since you have contributed so many hundreds of hours of readings uh reading chronic on so you're like 249 is that 248 videos you've done now 249 mate as of yesterday nearly finished video nearly finished I don't know man because if you're in the 1800s if you're in the chronologically you may you may be nearly finished but you see how thick the Twins and you haven't even got it yeah the events are coming thick and fast now yes they do yeah once you hit 1902 each year is going to be several pages well I might finish in June or July or it may be July I'm not I'm not in a hurry you know as long as it gets done as long as it gets done I'm happy I can only do it I can sorry go ahead you've done enough work and put this together uh I would encourage you to create an audio book it may be 20 30 or 40 hours long I don't know but your V your videos are like eight nine ten minutes each right um between five and 5 and 10 or 11 usually yeah yeah that's all yeah you're looking at a lot of out you're looking at a lot of hours you you could create an audio book of your chronicon readings and uh yeah definitely that would definitely be marketable and you and I could talk about that because I believe me everybody on the archanges team knows I believe that people should make what they're worth and I have no problem making sure you get that because you've done the work you've put the work in man well thanks mate that's a real honor that's a real honor to hear that what I wanted to do was was finish this series and then uh maybe then I was going to email you and ask you if if it was okay if I uh as you say uh spliced join the pieces together in in audio and I can do that on my computer and try to get it as small as possible and um I don't know I don't know maybe get it out there maybe um uploaded to some maybe Google drive or something and as a download or send a link or or post it out I don't know um but I'll I'll chat with you later on about that once I finished yeah that'd be good that'd be awesome yeah we'll we'll communicate later about that because there's all kinds of options audiobook options Amazon Barnes and Noble there's so many different things you can do with that and you should definitely yeah you should definitely get a return on that there's no doubt so I have some questions go ahead so they're basically anytime anytime we come into contact with new information that resonates as true things that we can assess data that we can go through and we realize it actually overturns some of the things that we held to be true things that we were trained to believe rather than that we just invested faith in things like like structured education which is deliberately misleading well when we come into contact with new information that resonates as true it changes us we actually become one with that data and it amends our Behavior it amends the way we process information the way we filter things out and see the world around us these are all subtle changes that have great differences in our lives and also changes the trajectory of our lives so my my real I'm really curious to to know um not anything beyond the the pre-flood world but just of What You observe absorbed from all the pre-flood material but uh I got a cat out here just howling I'm about to I'm about to open it yeah I can't really hear it just a little bit Martin I know you Martin I know you're listening please come over here in this hallway and get this cat with her this cat is loud but uh they must have snatched him up because he's quiet now so anyway prior to the interruption this is the point I'm trying to make you you went through some type of transformation when you started absorbing all this material that you have never heard before that was in the pre-flood world the king's Traditions chronologies the studies all the stuff that was packed in the pre-flood world that you just can't find in books today I had to put it all together from so many different sources different time periods sometimes in different languages and put it together in one cohesive format in chronicon in the data that's in the pre-flood world is just so different than what a lot of people thought actually happened at that time when you went through that material for these videos how did it change what you already believed and what expectations did it build for you in in doing in basically exploring the rest of chronicon yeah good one um well I um I've always been into history and like even way back when I was a kid you know I I remember when Von daniken came out I was maybe 10 or 12 years old and even back then I was getting the books you know so I've been fully into ancient history in whatever form I could get it for as long as I can remember but uh but chronicon um actually when when you read when you read the actual book it becomes a more an emotional experience like um and I went like when I'm playing my guitar for example uh I feel everything very strongly when I speak chronicon I feel it more strongly than if I would just uh be reading it to myself so as a result it's sort of this whole series is built up like a set of emotional responses in me which have been actually quite difficult at times when I see some of the the horror you know the harrowing as you'd like to say a lot of harrowing out there you know back there in history and uh it's it's really visceral and sometimes it's not not good for me you know but overall it's it's been a wonderful experience because it's made me possibly more serious I think I think I'm a more serious person than when I started and uh that's that means I should probably achieve a little bit more of my potential than than otherwise in the future I don't know what I'm going to do next but you know Okay so just uh recalling back what events unfolded like in the vapor Canopy World the pre-flood world that that stand out to you now that they're like damn I would have never guessed that occurred um well the whole idea of the vapor canopy the Viper canopy the way the water came down all at once in a flood uh that was a a new A New Concept for me I may not I'd never really tried to rationalize what caused the great flood and there were times when I I doubted it as well but but the the it's it's so so plausible you know the idea of the water coming down all at once from The Vapor canopy and because of my research in you know the shape of the earth I've come to to um appreciate that that there's a lot of water up there above us you know and I can see how and it also fits in with the the brightness of the of the heavenly bodies as well uh going back in history and and uh there's a what's that channel um electric Universe they talk about the extremely bright stars way way back and that that explains that very nicely as well you know the the magnification effect of the water the the water vapor canopy The Vapor canopy that stood out a lot and of course the size of the creatures uh really explains the size of the creatures the the density of the oxygen uh the way it penetrates the the cells and uh causes the most phenomenal growth you know and and and the difference in the the radiation as well the UV radiation um it's made me think about what kind of lighting I should be using in my house that sort of thing right right yeah so so having having moved past the vapor canopy is there I mean I don't know of any other book I mean the the amount of data after just immediately after the flood all the things that broke out new civilizations that appeared all all the migrations uh the the the wars uh just really unusual things that happened the first 500 years after the collapse of the vapor canopy after the great flood uh what most impressed you about that period of time as it was recorded in chronicon documented from like the Sumerian the acadee and the elamite the ancient Egyptian the Aryan civilizations the things that were going on in the world at that time what stands out the most well the degree of um manipulation uh kind of shocked me you know the the idea that we've been um you know their DNA's been messed with the whole time and uh that there's so much um written evidence for that that kind of blew me away a bit and also the the sheer number of tribes and the way and the way the tribes had been so um hostile to each other I found it hard to believe I couldn't understand in such a wide world why was there so much violence why why so much um why so much uh into into tribal hostility what's what was causing the um all the wars it was it just plain greed or or was it no because I can explain it yeah oh well that's a really good observation it's really good it's because the world is a very big place and the population of the world was a lot less than compared to now but there was a definitive reason for the hostilities and it was because the far extremities of the North and the South were frozen Tundras The Vapor canopy had become packed ice it had collapsed and Frozen and this is where we got these the megafauna these massive mammalian life forms that were frozen in place the only habitable area for centuries After the flood was the belt the equatorial belt and this is why we find the ancient civilizations of Sumer akkad Elum orartu the all the aruru all the oruru and all the omuru civilizations of the near East and Middle East the Hittites especially the Egyptians the libyans the Arabians the the uh the ancient sabians this whole area of the world was almost overpopulated and in the descriptions from ancient text of armies having hundreds of thousands of people this completely nullifies and goes and goes against what we have been taught as religionists that the whole world was destroyed in a flood and only eight people to survive that wasn't the case at all whole civilizations and communities survived and after the collapse of the vapor canopy now it was it was struggles and Wars for resources because they were compressed into a small geography of the world that was still habitable it could still breathe and it was a tolerable temperature but they couldn't go this is why we have no architect we have no architectural remains of vast infrastructures Canal works and cities and all that to the to the north and to the South all the ancient civilizations were right there around the equator all the way all the way around the world no matter what your Paradigm is if it's a flat Earth it's a ring or if it's an equator around the world that one built is the Civil civilization built it is literally called by archaeologist the pyramid belt it is where all these civilizations built their cities and their pyramid