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If AIX Has Been Fooled Once, Why Do We Believe It Cannot Be Fooled Again?

At this part in your video, you say that we cannot change the collective and that AIX will maintain control.

If AIX has been fooled before, why can we not "hack" it again, as Enki/Enoch did?

If it was vulnerable before, why purport that it now is invincible?

Thank you.

Determining truth in non-fiction works

How do you determine what is true in non-fiction works? I mean to ask, what is your determination as to what is selected into the Archaix body of work (truth), as part of the historical record? Cannot someone write a so called non-fiction book and include mis-truths and blatant lies?

Archaix Book Data Mining Video?

Would Jason ever make a video sharing how he goes about data mining old books?

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