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Example Question[edit source]

When Jason said this here example link, it seemed like it meant that ...

My question about this is ...

Thank you.

Stuck in construct vs Soul trap?[edit source]

What is the difference?

I don't think either are fixed?

Chief cornerstone[edit source]

Hi Jason,

The top of the Great Pyramid is the stone the builders rejected (right?). I have a few questions:

So the great Pyramid never had a it's "top" even when it had its white stone casing - right?

And the chosen can't exit till the cornerstone is "attached/put in place"? I can't recall you ever mentioning who is supposed to put the cornerstone on the great pyramid and if it so enormous and heavy we have nothing available to install it, so how or who does that?

If you have answered these questions I apologize for the redundancy. Please reference the video(s) so I can watch to get educated.

Thank you!!!