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Streamed live on Jun 7, 2023

"Our guest has intriguing data about petrified lifeforms and geologic formations that may indeed be fossilized gigantic creatures. The crossover here is that the Vapor Canopy world would have easily supported habitats for very large animals. Check out his channel at- " [1]

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okay hey guys uh you know I'm gonna start this video off I want to make sure that our audio uh might go ahead and say hi real quick make sure everybody we're gonna make sure our audio here is uh really good for everybody this is my first time writing solo on stream yard Martin Leakey has done a great job coaching me and showing me how to use this system I had never used it we were using obs audio is good thank you it is flat that'll work that'll work as you guys can see I'm in the smaller studio today this is where it all started I'm never going to abandon it got uh every every this studio here is designed for like book reviews every single book you see behind me and all the ones stacked up on the floor and all around me these are future videos these are some profound books and I just need time to go into them but uh my special guest today is stellium7 he's been reaching out to me for a while but circumstances prevailing I have been so busy going in multiple different directions I'm still trying to catch up with my my podcast list and uh he's got some really interesting material and for many of you already know the crossover it concerns Vapor canopy period and to to to find the things that he has found the the basically the the biological material fossilized petrified materials that look like rock formations and essentially are today uh could only have been possible in a vapor canopy environment so Mike why don't you uh for those for those of my listeners who are new to you um you've been on you've been on on YouTube about as long as I have I think you may have started a little bit later but once you introduce yourself in your background who you are and how you came to do this type of research because we understand that this is a this is this is just a conversation but for people to see your research they it'll blow their minds it's almost all visual they'll have to go to your channel and see the pictures see the science the charts and uh have you explain them to really fully grasp what it is you're talking about but why don't you give us a general introduction okay well like you said uh I started my YouTube channel about four years ago and that followed um a whole bunch of different uh things that kind of came my way as far as information I've been looking into all kinds of things with uh you know alternative history and Earth shape and you know just the nature of our reality looking into uh you know revisionistic history and and understanding that maybe not everything that I learned in in college was actually accurate and uh I went to school in the U.S I got a Bachelor's degree in Italian cultural studies started as a philosophy major and then switched when I went to Italy and uh and then later I went back to school and I studied to become a chiropractor and that was a five-year education so I've spent a lot of my time in traditional education and uh and uh really have learned so much more in the last five six years seven years since uh really waking up to a lot of the false narratives that are out there probably than I have in my entire life so it's been a real it's been a real journey and um I have you know I've come about this from a kind of a backwards way because I was exposed to different ideas like you mentioned the the petrification megaflora megafauna I I first saw some videos by uh mud Foster University which many have heard of there's another Channel at the same time called Flat Earth Nation he's he's now known as mud flood was Armageddon and um and then a lot of people here know Roger yeah yeah he's he's got a very tried and true following and he's been around for a long time um and then it was really uh a video by J dreamers that that kind of put pieces of the puzzle together and caused me to start really looking at at the world around me the Rocks around me differently and it started initially with a mountain here in Spain that's in the town that I live in and it has a a great resemblance to an elephant and it has a cave that's right in the right location for for you know you've got the skull shape the cave is right where it should be there's a there's a discoloration right where you would have had an ear attachment I later found out that there was a cave there as well that goes in deep that had been explored by by a whole team of archaeologists that went in and they did 3D mapping and and it you know it just it was it was a pretty deep rabbit hole but in initially I I was just interested in in the whole concept of mud fossils this idea that that um things could petrify a lot quicker than than we ever imagined they could and um you know the mainstream geological narrative which I never studied in school more than just like high school and you know seeing seeing lots of articles in passing through the the normal media Outlets um you know but I understood the basics of petrogenesis and how how things are supposed to have come about you know when it comes to you've got your igneous and your metamorphic and your sedimentary rocks and and that's all basically coming about through Wildlife that's that's uh that's died and compressed either under the sea floor or you know just on Earth over long periods of time and then that's leading to a compression that's eventually melting that that sedimentary rock and creating this blurring blending swirling kind of rock that we that we call metamorphic rock and I just took it for granted that that was how it happened and that tectonic activity happened the way they told us and volcanoes work the way they told us and all these things and and so um you know in the course of watching some of Roger's videos and and seeing his you know he every every third video he does is on on the dragon and the Sahara this Thousand Mile Long uh Behemoth that he likes to go into a lot of detail with and I and I thought okay that's pretty far-fetched and it was it was hard for me to to buy the that something like that could be could be real especially on a 23 24 901 mile spinning ball it didn't make any sense to me the thing would take a few strides and it would be back where it started you know so but um I had also been uh looking a lot into Earth shape for a couple of years at that point so it it wasn't such a stretch for me you know realizing that a lot of what we've been told about the heliocentric model is is fabrication and NASA is full of bull and SpaceX too so um yeah so when I when I started to uh Ponder these things it it wasn't so far-fetched really um and um and yeah that's kind of how it began yeah I mean that's pretty good Roger is an anomaly to me and it's oh I have to take him seriously he has commented on my channel uh he's a record he's definitely a recluse I engaged him in the comment section I uh I dignified him with a response um he doesn't leave his comments up on other channels he'll leave him up for until he's acknowledged and he takes his comments back down and which is fine and uh he just uh he's an anomaly to me because I still can't process and I'll be the first to admit I still can't process a dragon the size of the Sahara Desert and the uh I just can't I just can't process it or even on a flat Earth model the luminary that we call the sun doesn't light a whole huge area and this is why the extremities have this Half-Life this is why there's only you know six months out of the year they have any light so I I understand that a lot of people buy into the flat plane that's indefinite and uh this would require other luminaries the sun couldn't be the only one because it's very very local uh being a local object you can only bright in a certain area I'm on board with a flat plane but I don't know how far it extends I know there's a lot of theoretical material about about additional continents and all that and if that's true then creatures could have been that size and we could be microscopic today compared to the life forms of yesterday but uh as far as there being biological materials preserved in uh Petra you know Petra and petrification I'm on board with that I'm on board with it because the vapor Canopy World would have been very anomalous in addition to that uh I only deal with the historical record you know archaics only goes back to 5239 BC and I don't entertain anything beyond that because it's the most ancient calendar that we have it goes back at 600 year periods and then all the other calendars attached to that now I'm not saying that that's all of history I'm saying that that's recorded history we have nothing beyond that date that we can find from date still I architecture monuments anything written in the cuneiform anything in the Sumerian local grams we have nothing that goes beyond that date so I'm not saying that the vapor canopy that I have uncovered that happened during the historical record was the only one and that's why this is all fascinating to me because the vapor canopy could have been a world way before the anti-diluvian war way before the Genesis pre-flood world that I have documented of mirrors 1656 year period where humans grew to huge sizes oh the megafauna gigantic reptiles and and and and and and all amphibians and insects in that world would have been very different than the world we're in today but even that model doesn't doesn't comport with a a world with life forms the size of mountains so this would require a more ancient Vapor Canopy World that was even that was even thicker a thicker mesosphere with even more volcanism because those are the only those are the only things that are really required to create that increased atmospheric pressure increased oxygen because you know you know Mike that the larger the creature the more oxygen they're going to have to have so this uh the fossil record the fossil record is very very clear our world was like a Garden of Eden there was no agrarian there was no need for The Agrarian Sciences there was no agriculture humans literally lived off the land uh they didn't have really have need for clothing it was a beautiful Tropical Paradise unfortunately the ambient radiation and the vapor canopy ultraviolet light that came in which is the same that we use to increase the size in Hydroponics and in in our greenhouses from Plants this this type of world everything grew huge so I can imagine that even further back in the past there would have been another Vapor canopy prior to to the introduction of humans into this part of the construct and in that world yes you could have had biological organisms the size of mountains I have no doubt yeah I mean even in the mainstream geological narrative you know the they're talking about megaflora and megafauna and 70 centimeter long dragonflies and you know massive beasts and um you know you were talking about greater concentrations of oxygen and that's also something that they discuss and in fact there's you know modern scientific experiments where they've they've gone into rooms and created pressure with with increased oxygen and and gotten you know incredible results just growing plants in that kind of environment so um things were definitely bigger in the past and when you talk about a previous era uh you know that that could accommodate creatures of that size I'm totally on board with what you said about that as well because I ultimately I think that that you know our existence this this reality that we're in has a fractal quality to it and you know or holographic whatever you want to want to see it as you know the part contains the whole but it also is scalable and and so when I first um started pondering this this thing with the elephant um you know the mountain here in Spain it was because of you know what I had seen with Roger um and I just thought okay well if this is true then that makes sense from a fractal you know perspective that a fra because this this mountain is is roughly three miles long so you know a fractal jump up from that A Thousand Miles you know uh compare a three mile elephant to a you know a giant Mammoth you know you've got a fractal level down from that and then we have smaller elephants we have you know so I I don't I don't really see a problem with it and as far as Earth shape goes and how big the plane is um whether it's you know an infinite plane I I lean more towards we're in some kind of an enclosure um and and that it's um you know I I often talk about the the toroid because it's a it's a shape it's a it's a thing that repeats itself all throughout nature a lot of my videos I've touched on this looking also at the heart and the the function and the nature of the heart and what we've learned in in the last few decades about how you know blood flows through the heart it's not pushed through the heart it's actually this this dual spiraling vortexual flow that that happens so I I see the this this toroid um you know it it's in magnetics it's in plasma physics it's in sound it's in everything so I don't see any reason why our our realm couldn't be a toroid that's oscillating that's changing and expanding and Contracting and you know and has some sort of a singularity at a central point which would explain the North Pole it would explain our our Aurora Borealis and all this stuff that's that's happening there towards what appears to be the center of the AE map if you're thinking in in that way so yeah all of that makes makes sense to me so uh educate me what do you mean by AE map oh azimuthal equidistant that would be like that would be the sorry yeah that would be the um like the the Gleason's map you know that's the and and that's obviously loaded with controversy and there's there's you know they well I'll call it you could call it the map Wars you know here it is right here this is uh this is Gleason's work from 1890 right here fuel this has got all the equidistant asymmetal Maps it's got amazing scientific documentation everything that they were doing back then to prove that our world is not moving at all yeah it's uh it's a it's a book before its time but actually it was Eric Dube who put me on to on the Gleason in a synthetic astronomy and uh well you know it's interesting because when I was younger I I did a lot of reading on on comparative mythology I was a you know I I read several books by Joseph Campbell and and I was always interested in I syncretism though I didn't know what syncretism was at the time it was just this cross-cultural overlap of of Mythology and religion and and I always felt like okay the whole world is warring over religion and different ideas and and uh you know probably the truth lies where the overlaps are and so when uh when I was reading you know Campbell's stuff uh years and years ago it just resonated with me and made a lot of sense and uh I a lot of the things that I was reading back then that that were they were really kind of watered down versions of of deeper texts that you that you talk about regularly on your channel that had had basically been packed for the laymen and words sold in the New Age bookstores and you know that sort of thing so a lot of what I was getting was you know third fourth fifth hand sources so I didn't really uh go back like you have to the primaries and uh and I I thought it was fascinating when I first came across your Channel how you were you know because essentially it seems like what you were trying to do is chunk all of world's history and and all of the mythology and make sense of all of this and and so how do you do that you do that through chronology and I never really thought about that but it makes sense because you've got all these different calendars and different timelines and but the events are going to be if they're if they're worldwide events they're going to be happening all over the realm at at similar times and so even if you've got even if you've got different languages and you've got different calendars and this is when the world began no no it began here and et cetera et cetera I have to address what you're saying listen people don't realize how compartmentalized Academia is they have no idea that the anthropologists don't even refer to the journals of the geologists geologists spend their entire career only going through materials that are peer reviewed by other geologists and they don't even know what botanists are finding the botanists themselves don't know anything about anthropology they don't know anything about astronomy no one is checking in Cross referencing into into other fields in fact the multi-disciplinary approach is actually frowned upon they keep it so compartmentalized and all all it does is abstract knowledge no one really knows anything so when I found when I found that the historians were doing the exact same thing and what I mean is that a sumerologist and a seriologist would basically understand and know a lot of the same things open to a certain point but then there would be there would be places where there was Crossover with ancient Egyptian king list and dynastic list and they would never reference that an area of Sumer akid and elim would be totally devastated and there would be a reset for like a century with no development no regular list no histories archaeologists comport that new new layers of clay and mud and sand are deposited upon old foundations and they built on top of them and every bit of this would be there just just in and be totally ignored by The egyptologist Who's Who call it the first intermediate period which is a very clever way of saying that something happened in Egypt but we have no history no records we don't know what's going on nothing was left it was total Destruction and it took about a century for the country to wake up they'll call that the first intermediate period then it happens again five centuries later and it's called the second intermediate period but all the animals and records and myths and traditions that are dateable all around the world know that that second intermediate period was a 300 year period where the world tried to try to rebound after a total systemic collapse in many civilizations called by different names some of them were it was the day the sky fell others it was the return of the Phoenix it was the return of the Sky Dragon others called it the great flood some called it the uh some some referred to it as the collapse of the dark midnight in the birth of the sun calendars and uh so these this uh this this interdisciplinary approach is what I have brought to the table but I I brought to I brought it to the table from a totally unique uh basically perspective because there are no universities there's nothing in Academia today that promotes chronology it is the most ignored of all studies and yet we have thousands of Records containing hundreds of thousands of chronographic markers a Chrono a chronographic marker is simply a reference in a text that gives you something that you can date and compare it to something else so this uh this interdisciplinary approach is the reason why we're in the pickle that we're in today that we're having to put all these pieces together because the people who consider themselves to be the intellectually Elite are actually the most blind to the evidence that's out there yeah I couldn't agree more I mean peer review is is by definition a logical fallacy because it's an appeal to Authority and you know the whole system in my mind is is designed to to you know funnel the power into the hands of the few when it comes to con you know control of narratives and uh you know having working in the Healthcare System I've seen that not just over the last few years very poignantly Illustrated but but for decades it goes back to the 20s you know the complete takeover of what we call medicine um you know of the the robber barons essentially um you know it's it's just so obvious and then you have all of these different societies that are you know in control of the narratives and and it's like you said it's fully compartmentalized um by um you know the I'm thinking of scalajarian chronology as an example in in history I'm not a history buff by any means and I can't you know do what you do you know with all these dates and dynasties and whatnot but I saw an interesting six-part series by um Jacob duelman and and John Irvin uh from logos media where they were looking deeply into the primary sources when it came to scalogier and chronology which is the chronology that we all essentially in the Western World live under uh as I understand it and it's all a crock of bull and the guy was a total fraud and all of his contemporaries at the time said so and you know there's so there's so many problems with that and yet almost our entire history that we've been fed goes back to this one man who was who was a total charlatan uh so I I can recommend that to you know to people to to go through it um but um you know the um chronology and and chunking all of this data it's it it makes sense to to have done it the way you did it and you obviously you know with your life being what it what it's been had the time to sit down and compare all this stuff and and draw these these timelines up so I I um I commend you for the the work you've done I I think it's uh it's pretty it's pretty huge actually it's kind of uh hard to even wrap your head around but um hey I got Hey listen I got I got a I got an army of veterans our kids veterans and listen there they they they thrive on fact checking pulling their calculators out looking up sources ordering the same books I talk about my videos I got a we have a pretty interactive Community especially on in other platforms off of YouTube where this research is is continued it's uh I just got the ball rolling but there's a lot of people who have picked up the torch um yeah you've definitely uh amassed the following um it's amazing I started watching you uh I think it was the interview with Santos Bonacci I had done one with him I think about a year before so I was familiar with Santos and his work on on astrotheology and and syncretism and I was watching him before I ever got exposed to the the Flat Earth concept so I kind of watched him railing against it and then digging into it trying to debunk it and then realizing wow this all makes a lot more sense and then he went in through his uh Ali's atum phase and um so that was uh there's a lot of really valuable information there um and I watched several interviews with you like uh Alpha Vedic and autodidactic as well and then um I'll be going on I'll be going on with both of them pretty soon alphabetic and Campbell yeah but it was really I really enjoyed the ones you did with J dreamers because the two of you and the work that you've done um aside from mud fossil University there's really no no other channels that have really covered it covered this stuff uh that relates directly to to my findings so um and I've been finding stuff kind of stumbling upon it I didn't go out looking for it I wasn't trying to engage in research in fact I describe myself as a as a cross-disciplinary field researcher you know I'm not I'm not trying I'm not trying to uh Corner the market on the subject because I've got no background in geology I'm not I've got no background in physics or or chemistry or molecular chemistry so so a lot of this stuff I'm just looking at at well what what did the history say what did the mythology say and um you know when when I was watching J dreamer's petrified Titans video uh he was showing a lot of photographs of stuff that I can considered even then to be peridolia of things that that look like stuff you know there's lots of there's millions of examples of photographs of rock formations that look like a face or look like a body or you know that if you really ponder it is it really you know I I have I have um not problems with with what what Jay dreamers has done but a lot of the people are pushing stuff as facts this is what it is this is what it appears to be you know and they don't have any background research into it they're not actually doing any boots on the ground they're looking at something where maybe the Shadows are hitting at just the right angle and so it looks a particular way or the vegetation is grown in a way that that accentuates you know what what appears to be a face or what appears to be a body um so that was something that really frustrated me with the whole mud fossil Community um both Roger and and others because Roger had his DNA analyzes which I I think is great because he you know he he's done the work to to to show that hey when when I dug into these rocks and took them to a laboratory it came back with humanoid DNA three different times of three different samples that's big that should be something that should be reported on worldwide and should be you know the Academia should be looking at this but this gets back into narrative control and it gets back into this idea that that you know these are narratives that would start to take down not just oneology but multiple allergies or require or or would require major revisions of them so to um you know for them to allow this to come in that means that a whole bunch of tenured professors are going to have to start admitting they were wrong about some major fundamental aspects about our reality technology petrogenesis all these things so I you know I said to Roger a long time ago because he and I have had a lot of contact over the years because really there's nobody's work who's who's supported his more than mine and and yet Roger has been pretty silent about my channel uh from from the get-go even though we had a lot of like my first videos that I did on the hearthstones were called Mud fossils mud fossils the heart of the matter because I found a rock that was to me undeniably a heart now I'm I'm a chiropractor I've studied a lot of anatomy right and and so when I found this in a river bottom and I started looking at I'm like wow that looks like a heart and then I started looking closer and I started finding Chambers I found blood vessels I found I found open Innings where the the pulmonary arteries would have been the aorta was there there were all of these anatomic features that I recognized just initially on a first you know couple minutes glance and then uh brought it home and and went into much greater depth with it and I sent a video of that to Roger and and he he took no interest so that was when I made my first video about it and that was when I first I still thought at that point that they were mud fossils because that was the only reference I had was mud fossils and he he'd explained this this process known as paramineralization which were you know now I think he calls it nucleophilic substitution um but it's this exchange of elements so when when the mud flood happens you know if there's a mud flood or if there's a volcanic ash you know mixed with with water whatever it is that leads to one of these events that's going to surround the body and and it's gonna depending on how much heat there is there it's gonna also destroy portions of the body but but then over time that's going to lead to an infiltration of those material of those minerals as the water and the gases work their way out so that's even what the mainstream narrative is when we think about petrified wood they call it parameterization it's just that they tell us it takes millions of years or even hundreds of millions of years to happen and he was saying no no this can happen in a very short amount of time given the right circumstances and um you know he's absolutely right about that but there's a whole lot of different kinds of circumstances that can lead to that not just in case being encased in mud it can happen through heat it can happen through plasma it can happen through high mineral content Waters these are things that I wanted to dig into with you to find out more about what you know about them um but I've got several threads going in different directions now so you know cross-disciplinary field researcher the you know this is the kind of thing that that Academia should be doing but like you said they've compartmentalized everyone Everyone's an expert in their little tiny field and and they say being an expert is knowing more and more about less and less until you know absolutely everything about nothing and and so so then they are experts and they have the letters after their name and they're confident about this little tiny thing that they know about and then they they they don't have the ability to to you know get a good salt of the bigger picture and see where the overlaps are in totally unrelated Fields because nothing is unrelated everything is connected and so then they um you know they they defer to the other experts and they say well that's not my area of expertise so I'm not gonna I'm not gonna give you my opinion on that I mean just like we're seeing now with people who don't even know what a woman is you know they're like I can't I don't know I can't I'm not qualified to tell you it's like oh really you didn't get pushed out of one you know it's like well having to rewrite the narratives is one of the uh if you've been paying attention I have no I've been shooting a lot of darts at those who still hold to the Ice Age Theory even though the science shows otherwise the the world that has been been given to us is not one of ice ages the driest and the younger driest to me these epics never happened now I understand they're beyond the scope of the archaic's research which goes back to 5239 BC the historical record but I can't help but reading out of all these old books all these all these scientific reports that were putting out materials showing we had a a totally different world I've been doing videos reading whole passages out of these books from the 1800s where scientists were at war against the minority of elitists who were pushing this Ice Age narrative and they were showing that the data shows otherwise this is not true and um and I've been I've been explaining to people where where our all where these ice ice packs and ice caps in this permafrost came from it was formed instantly as soon as the vapor canopy collapsed and this is why we have so many absolutely Frozen uh life forms but this this collapse changed the pressure as well fossilization is absolutely instant and I have four different videos showing probably over a hundred different very unique fossils that are Impossible by the standard scientific method such as fossilized butterflies fossilized jellyfish fossilized dragonfly wings the Little Celia microcellion worms I mean all uh animals in the process of swallowing another animal both animals Frozen in Time stuck petrified in rock I've got I've got fish giving birth a million type fish giving birth to other fish where the baby is coming through the hip bones fossilized in the birth process I've got Pig I've got many pictures I got pictures of animals fighting I've got I've got a fossilized spider a fossilized spider about to pounce on a fly I mean this is almost this is It's amazing this means for for these clams and oysters because this species only thrives at about 250 feet of salt water depth or more and yeah we've got whole beds of these with the shells found whole entire shell beds where all the clams and oysters their shells were closed this means they died instantly and were fossilized because the relaxation and death opens the open opens the shells so there's a lot there's a in the the uh the posture of a lot of these animals that have been found shows that they didn't die in the throes of death there was no suffering in agony it's almost as if this is a simulated construct in instant it just shut down and rebooted and everything that was here was Flash Frozen and then it just introduced new programming introduced new uh new life forms because it doesn't make sense to me how how land-based land-based life forms were flash frozen and petrified at the exact same time as creatures half a mile underwater that means the whole construct was flash frozen because to have hundreds of of examples of fossilized jellyfish from all over the world means we're not dealing with a localized phenomenon we're dealing with something that was systemic in here and it killed everything at the same time uh even even my neighbor I'm in Texas but we have a neighbor a neighboring state nearby Arizona you go through Arizona you got you got petrified National Forest you got thousands of petrified trees out there some of them have turned to Agate and so I appreciate similar semi-precious crystals there's fossils out there of giant turtles there's all kinds of stuff out there and it's real close to a a meteor crater it's real close to the meteor crater fan it's called one mile one mile crater in Arizona which I don't believe is a bowl light or an asteroid or a meteorite I believe it was a Caldera it's something that exploded from underground and then collapsed but uh maybe a water geyser maybe just like the old Tech say you know during the great flood and collapse of the vapor canopy it wasn't just water falling from the sky but it was also water boiling up from the surface but uh yes definitely well that's why I introduced that because I know that you know what I'm talking about this hot boiling mineral water would it and how it created many of the of the things you that you're familiar with right yeah there's you've touched on so many so many things like for example the mammoths you're familiar with the uh because because this is an example to me of flash frozen the mammoths but but they're still they're they're you know there's this is in the tundra of Siberia from what I've read in mainstream Publications that that they're actually there's actually meat that people are able to eat uh coming off of these mammoths because they've been so preserved for so long so um I you know flash freezing to me I I'm curious about the process by by which flash freezing would lead to petrification do you know anything about that well the mineral Waters definitely we can get in a second but well okay we're just gonna we're just gonna do a logic trying real quick if we have hundreds of samples that have been studied by thousands of people of jellyfish of different species and that are native to different depths of salt water bodies and we have these today thousands of these petrified jellyfish we know they weren't fossilized in water so that means all the way down to the depth that they were at the water itself froze solid in an instant so then there's a thawing process and and we already know that salt water is mineral-laden there's minerals and there's all kinds of silicates and everything floating in this salt water so over a period of centuries or maybe you know maybe shorter I don't know due to temperature extremes this thawing out is a process where you already know the surrounding silicates and minerals are absorbed into where wherever the biology was wherever there is Decay it is replaced with the silica the silicates and the mineral and this fro this deep freeze created the mold and the mold fills with all these minerals and whatever compounds are are there some of these fossilized jellyfish are absolutely perfect they look like sculptures so uh this is the only thing I can think of how it's possible that jellyfish free-floating with tin with tendrils still like like they're in the water have been found so perfectly preserved this is the only explanation I can think of even the ocean froze instantly but as far as fossils on the surface there there's a problem there's probably a couple different ways that they could have fossilized yeah well the the mainstream narrative tells us that such a thing is impossible you know or not I mean they'll come up with anomalous stories but in general it only happens in the rarest of circumstances and that's why something like petrified organs is not you know it's an extremely rare thing to find a petrified heart still claim still claims despite the evidence that fossilization is is is uh is the trait of the vertebrae it's the vertebrates that fossilize invertebrates can't be found and yet we still have all these jellyfish and earthworms and in leaves and silica all these little little celias and all that so right and the soft tissue of the vertebrate doesn't petrify according to the mainstream model according to the mainstream what I like to mention the jellyfish because it throws all that out exactly and and the reason they say that is because you've got all of these larvae and you have you have different bacteria and things that are going to consume the flesh long before the millions of years that would be required for it to turn to Stone so this is why Roger's theory has initially made sense to me with regards to to this you know the mud flood I was I was following a channel called Philip Georgina um he's a Russian guy he's the guy who coined the term mud fraud mud flood and uh he's actually the first one to ever interviewed me so shout out to Philip Georgine and he's he's done a lot of great research over the years I've never heard of him yeah he's he's done some some great stuff um he's somebody you might you might enjoy interviewing um but um yeah I've done probably three or four different different interviews with him covering a lot of my research and and different different topics um but she mentioned the Waters of the deep and this this uprising of of uh hot Waters that are extremely mineral rich and you know we know they don't even have to be hot to create a a mineralization and encasing of of an object that will eventually Harden all the way through mother Shipton's cave is a perfect example of that where people go and hang objects and then the high mineral content Waters drip down these objects and then they within a matter of months they're fully encased and you know I don't know how long it would take for them to go solid but the same thing with uh Lake Natron for example I can't remember what country it's in but that that's an example of of another place where Wildlife falls into this Lake dies instantly because the waters are so caustic they're they're extremely hot you know extremely base and uh and then you know they start to harden to the point where they look like they're already petrified in a short amount of time so you know petrification through mineral water adding mineral water to to Ash is another way that it very likely happens because you've got you know when these events are happening surely it's accompanied with massive amounts of volcanic activity which are spewing huge amounts of volcanic ash up into the air so that's going to come down eventually and and mix with the mineral content Waters this is what another channel uh called wise up has has shown a lot of information about over the years and showing that what you're saying here is very interesting because I have multiple presentations where I'm explaining that in the historical record the Phoenix phenomenon is always visited with high volcanism a lot of Ash and pumice and outgassing occurs ambient radiation of volcanoes volcanoes are the reason we had a vapor canopy in in the ancient world uh it requires a lot of volcanisms spewing up Ash into the lower mesosphere the mesosphere is very thick it's a layer of the atmosphere that's miles thick and it's water droplets and when the lower mesosphere gets gets really thick with the volcanic ash the real fine Ash in the Phoenix phenomenon is Red Dust red mud and red rain depending upon the local humidity uh when the upper missiles fear gets blanketed with this with this red red particulate from whatever the Phoenix is it's this is when we have this Cloud covering that stays for centuries and this this this Vapor canopy uh it basically solidifies and it creates it's a dark midnight type world and it traps the the basically the greenhouse gases it increases the oxygen plants and animals grow larger and Vapor canopy has I have three I have three instances of the vapor canopy in the in the human historical record but uh only one of them lasted like 15 centuries the other two only lasted 24 25 years in both rapidly collapsed but they're but they're very well recorded yeah this is you know this ties in obviously to the work of J dreamers the whole plasma apocalypse thing there was a guy before Jay dreamers started talking about the the plasma apocalypse Brian Austin Lambert I think was his name and he was talking about the Emco which was the uh electromagnetic wait and plasma changeover event I think is what is what that stood for uh he was a strange character who's no longer around um but he was talking about this major cataclysmic event and so when you when I when I started I one of the first things I did after seeing a couple of your interviews was I went through your Phoenix playlist and that was almost a year ago that I listened to those and I planned on revisiting them for the for this conversation but I didn't yeah if it's been a year I've got about 30 New Phoenix videos yeah but um you know so that already then I was like this is touching on the things that I'm finding uh you know that are the results of these events and um so you know this is like I said I've kind of worked backwards because I've been finding these in fear empirical findings understanding that wow maybe a lot of the stone that we're taught is forming over millions of years actually happened very quickly and was originally biological but not as they're telling us actual you know more directly biological than than some you know imaginary compression that led to all of these incredibly complex geological formations that we see that don't make any sense when you start to think about sedimentary layering tectonic activity breakage and erosion you know we're seeing stuff that looks incredibly biological in geology and I always thought so but I but I was Paradigm blind this is a term I coined uh you know I was I was blinded by the the stuff that I was taught in school and this mainstream geological Paradigm about how Rocks come about and how long that takes and and fossils only you know they're they're only finding the skeletons because because all of the other stuff gets eaten away you know and then Roger comes along with this you know parameterization concept for me that was big because I realized wow if the body got encased in mud that's an anaerobic environment there's no Oxygen there right so you're not going to have any I mean there are bacteria that thrive in an anaerobic environment but for the most part the larvae and the bacteria that would be eating away at the flesh at you know that long before it could petrify those wouldn't be present in mud so what Roger was saying made a lot of sense to me but when I started finding petrified organs it stopped making sense because I was like okay well where's the rest of the body then and that that was a that was a total conundrum for me like because I found I found that initial Hearthstone that I sent him a video of and he he didn't use it um and then I you know I started taking a step back and going okay is this just peridolia have I found a rock that just happens to look like a heart even though at that point it had 15 anatomic features that were very specific and and that was when I made the video and um and then I that that's up to 23 or 24 now because I got an endoscopic camera I went inside I started looking at it with microscopy there were a whole bunch of things that I didn't notice initially that I started noticing later so I said well if this if there's any truth to this this can't just be a one of a kind thing there needs there there must be others like this and so the second video I made on the subject called Mud fossils the heart of the matter part two I went out into the to the river bottom you know where you would expect to find these kinds of stones because they've bounced around and eroded and smoothed out that's where you find that kind of stone right well that's the official story but I was finding these incredibly specific anatomical correlation over and over and over again and the more I looked at it and over the next couple years I started to refine my ability to to spot these things and and started to notice patterns that I had never noticed before in the stones and that's why I'm I'm I like to play backgammon and you know I understand what it's like to to play games where you know cards where you've you're calculating odds you know what are the odds of finding a rock with 10 different anatomical features that match a heart well every every specific feature you add to that list that number gets greater and greater astronomically greater what are the odds of finding a whole bunch of them but mud fossil Theory didn't hold up after that so I started just immediately pondering the idea that well the rest of the body must be getting destroyed in one way or another in the process of petrification but I didn't understand how how that would work so I was working at it backwards and it was it was J dreamers plasma apocalypse studies that that you know really kind of tuned me into well there must be something happening where the bones and the rest of the body are are melting and so I I initially toyed with this idea of what I started calling boiled egg theory because I I figured well when you take an egg it's liquid inside it's got a shell that's thin and that's kind of like the sac that surrounds the heart we had it's called the pericardium the heart has the thickest fatty layer surrounding it's a protective layer of all of the other organs it's got the thickest and I I just theorized that you know or hypothesize that you put an egg in the water and within six to ten to twelve minutes you've got something that hardens and it's edible right and the longer you put it in there the more it hardens and and you know what would happen if you put that in with high heat into a pressure cooker for a longer period of time you know is it going to harden even more you know is it gonna is it gonna eventually Turn to Stone or something you know like Stone um so that gets back to something you were touching on that I wanted to get back to um you were talking about pressure because pressure obviously plays a big part in this process of petrification so I wonder what your thoughts are on that well I'm uh first of all you finding a heart is not anomalous to me I I have pictures and I have read many many scientific reports of digits being found and being examined with cuticle toenail fingernails completely intact sometimes like here in Texas thumbs have been found not attached to a hand but clearly identified as a thumb but totally turned to stone someone sent me one last week in email yeah I think for dinner yeah a lot of people don't realize how often these are found and not recognized for what they are but uh yeah a lot of digits a lot of digits have been found of toes and or fingers and uh I've exam I have examined these in books and the studies and it just blows my mind that so many body parts and all that have been found and it's all I don't know I'm gonna I'm gonna be the first to admit I'm a chronologist before I'm scientific at all I am not really qualified to talk about a lot of scientific things but I I do realize that the vapor canopy world that is described like a native American traditions in the times of spider grandmother the dark midnight time oh this this period explains why some of our myths and traditions have these really weird references and anomalies such as the uh the akaian and Greek Traditions were real big on describing three types of people the Titans the Giants and just ordinary people-sized people and there was a time period in Greek memory when all three coexisted at the same time right after a reset and it wasn't that people grew to huge sizes the world that had collapsed the world that they had come from that was their normal size and then after the reset and the collapse of the vapor canopy after most of the oxygen had had had basically outgassed and it's gone there's the atmospheric pressure has plunged the world changed now that now they're living under the burning disk by day and it's not like it used to be when everything was thriving in a dark in a dark purple type light and grow and growing and thriving like this so this uh this this Land of the Lost type world was gone so the rainbow appears we have this Prismatic effect now and the Sumerian Egyptian uh pantheons at the exact same time had to make adjustments and it shows that the Egyptian and the Sumerian cultures all must extend back into the vapor canopy period they would have to because the Sumerian Pantheon was already well set when at the very end of Sumerian civilization the Sun appeared and they had to create a whole new God in the pantheon they called him utu shamash this is the sun god which was unknown in all the earlier Sumerian traditions and older texts the Egyptians did this at the same time they introduced Horus the son of the Sun at the same exact time the sudden calendars were born in the very first son was the water Sun this meant that the sun was born out of a sky that had been filled with water this is the ancient Native American traditions these are the ones that like the Aztec Stone of the fifth Sun the fifth sun is the apocalyptic period it is the it is the age that that that we are living in now that is soon to end so this uh this world this world would have been fundamentally different than what we know today we are no we are nowhere near the size that we used to be and our uh evidence of this is in the arc is in archeology oh we can look at check this out we can look at the the lowest portions of almost any or any Old World Civilization and we will find two different types of architecture the ancient Bronze Age architecture of cut and dressed blocks is is what's been built over megalithic heroic size gigantic pieces of stone that we have no idea like belbek and olenterra in in South America at tijuanaco and there's so many different places I could probably go through my books and name 40 different ancient sites uh even even the lower walls of Jerusalem uh Jericho these massive massive blocks we just don't know how the hell they would have moved it and it wouldn't have been possible for people our size with our engineering but in a previous world that had been reset and had been totally destroyed those basement rocks and Foundations remain the same in later people came and built their own structures and cities on top of what they found so this so it's not it's not anomalous to me that you found a heart or a petrified heart there are many good books out there of things that have been found in the peat bogs in the tar pits in different swamps oh hell I got one video that shows that free Wooden Ships were found petrified under three different mountains one in North America one in South America and one in Switzerland right outside of Baron but uh yeah the whole ships have been found underneath mountains and hollowed out caves how the hell do they get there what happened to the world that mountains were created around the ships and ships were found by coal miners can you imagine being a miner and just working the same veins for years this is your life this is how you support your family and then 10 years into it you hear rumors down from other other work projects somewhere in the mountain that something unusual happened and a whole wall fell in you know exposed the cavern and now everybody's running to go check it out you run into a cavern and see a hole fully intact wooden ship of strange symbols and about 40 men chained to the galley the the galley slaves were rowing they're all right there it's crazy but this has happened but uh so yeah these these things are not mysterious to me the uh the real mystery is that is that we're talking about it in the scientific Community has totally ignored these things yeah my good friend uh Ben he's got a new channel called uh the archivist waking up with analog and he's been archiving uh newspaper clippings from basically like the late 1800s to the early 1920s uh and and he's got a Twitter account he's archived of something like there's already 8 000 clippings up on his Twitter account and he's got another probably ten thousand to to share but he he's been showing he's been doing a series called anomalous America and he's been showing there's basically three levels of architecture all over the North America and this was an openly reported on in in newspapers all over the U.S until they were taken over and centralized you see keeping his stuff is he backing it up in PDFs I'm serious I'm sure he's got plenty of backups besides Twitter yeah well no no I don't mean no no backing anything up on just another social media side is just as bad I'm talking about backing you up on something like a thumb drive get it off the internet it's all yeah because it sounds like you're doing some important work oh he's doing amazing work um yeah and he's he's been finding clippings talking about everything that we've been discussing every manner of petrified creature Uh Wood petrified all kinds of petrified forests of of different different sizes um and and it I just I highly recommend his his channel um the um I want to go back to Titans though because speaking of all manner of sizes uh you know you you've uh you've talked about Titans in in numerous videos and you know I just want to Riff on Titans for a while I mean because just before you start when I got into this and I started you know looking at the mountain it was after these videos of of you know Rogers and and Jay's um I didn't know anything about the Book of Enoch I didn't know that the Bible was talking about the the fallen angels and the men of renown and all these these sorts of things actually I think I heard a video view the other day where you were talking about that that being misinterpreted but um you know just this this idea that these creatures were discussed not just in our mythologies but but in the religious texts and uh you know we've got we've got the myths of Paul Bunyan and you've got the Norse mythology and you've got the the trolls and all these things so it's like you know just like the dragons are are reported on in in cultures all over the world so are these Titanic beings and you know the Book of Enoch even gives a measurement for them and I this was mind-blowing because people in my comment threads when I first started making videos in the first few videos they said check out the Book of Enoch and I had never even heard of it and then they started you know posting uh some of the passages from Enoch where it actually gives a measurement 3000 L's which is roughly a mile tall and that's like that lines up perfectly with with the mountain that I had been doing the research on later on uh just you know not so long ago discovered uh the the passage from the Bible uh Ezekiel uh which went through Ezekiel chapter 31 I think it is where it's talking about uh the Assyrian the great tree and going into great detail about this tree that you know its branches spread across the heavens and uh you know it harbored all all manners of different creatures both in its trunk and in its branches um so you know there seems to be a plethora of evidence bless you pleasure you know a plethora of evidence for for Titans but I'm just curious you know what you can add to my uh knowledge base when it comes to Titans um well in archaics I never take an image as evidence of anything it's all uh it's one of my it's just it's one of my rules that you know the internet is full of Photography it's full of images and all that so it's a I'm basically I'm basically mathematically based uh reference you know Source back however we have to take into consideration that the bristle comb Pines the Sequoia Gigante the Redwood Dawn Pines these gigantic redwoods in uh in California these huge trees so if because of their location I suspect that the reason they are still free of termites and parasites if they don't fall down they don't die naturally they're still there they're ancient they're in between 2 500 and 3 300 years old they're right there in the only area in the world is where they're located there are no other trees in the world that are like those trees they're gigantic well we got a highway going through one of them I think it's General Sherman where we cut all so listen here it's not Sherman but yeah you're talking about the Sequoia Sequoia National Forest yes my home state and I've camped I've camped in that Forest several times so these trees phenomenal I don't believe these trees are anomaly I believe that they were the norm of the ancient world and I believe the real Anonymous anomaly is that trees are no longer growing that size and they can't but the reason they do there is because of its proximity to all the volcanic ambient radiation that is coming out of the ground one of the largest largest calderas in the world is underneath Yellowstone that whole area of the of the north Midwest is basically on top of these giant lava caverns and I believe that this this uh this this what we know of as volcanoes isn't anything that we've been taught taught to believe our world I say this all the time our world is not what you think it's uh these organic compounds and materials have have been detected in lava rock they have been detected even in the days of Charles IV scientists were baffled In 1902 when this red dust and red mud fell all over the world it's the Phoenix year of 1902 this stuff was studied in Rome they actually published the scientists that they thought it was blood that was falling from the sky they were looking at it under microscopes other scientists around the world had it tested and it varied from continent to continent this Red Dust In 1902 varied from about 17 organic to 85 organic compound falling falling out of the sky and then Charles Ford in the book of the dam going to end in low he spends a lot of time going over all the scientific reports of carbonaceous material almost like dead biology that flaked out of the sky and just fell in different areas like carpets and sheets of this stuff just falling in different areas of the world and scientists would look at this and at other times this is where it gets really strange I don't even talk about this on my own channel but in Charles Ford's material he spent some time explaining that what we see is shooting stars is something totally different and that scientists have actually gone out to the sites where shooting stars were alleged to have fallen and when they get out there there's this clear goo this clear jelly-like substance that's spread all over the plants and all over the ground as if this was the substance a liquid that was that was streaking as light going through the sky and we think that it's hundreds of light years away or or we think or Like Comics or we think that it's a uh uh a meteorite that's friction burning through the atmosphere but what Charles Ford shows is that this was a gelatinous material and when scientists got got close to it the vapors made them sick and all this is this is so what I'm saying is these to find biological materials in our in our uh strata would not be a surprise to me if biological materials are raining from the sky periodically because this is where the evidence is starting to point it's starting to point that comets aren't ice icy and rock and iron bodies that are that are going through a solar system that's not how the Tails act the tails look like it's a body passing through liquid looks like and many of the things even the rockets that are released by NASA when they go to a certain altitude the ejecta no longer looks like smoke and fire it looks like pressure being forced through liquid so uh there's a lot of people that have been making these associations that you the higher you go in the sky the closer you get to a layer of absolute absolute just total water or some other type of liquid it may not be water but uh this these Giants and Titans I have to I have to oh I have to be careful because I've never seen a Titan although although the historical record there they were there there acknowledged hesiad goes into detail about him a lot of the old Greek Writers Do and there was a difference between the tie the Titans were the original and then later when that world that world was gone the Titans when they had children only gave gave gave rise to another generation but there were the gigantes they were giants and none of them could grow as big as their parents the Titans they couldn't because the world had fundamentally changed now the Giants themselves didn't last either because the Giants themselves when they had children they gave birth to normal sized human beings so this uh this is why we had in one time in history we had one generation that knew all of them there was Titans here there was Giants here and there was normal size people and then the very first recorded war in the Bible the very first time war is ever mentioned is in Genesis chapter 14 and keto Larimore of the East leads an expedition and he is on a mission and if you read the chapters Genesis chapter 14 and 15 you will find that the very first time battles and war is mentioned in the Bible it is a king with a Confederacy of other kings and all of them are of human size and they go and they attack the repham the anakum the zuzums the Zam zooms and the emoms and then they're not satisfied with killing most of the Giants in destroying their cities because that's what they're called in Genesis they go to the subcultures that were intermarrying with them the albums and the horms and the serum they go attack them as well the very first battles in war recorded in the Bible were regular humans taking out the races of the Giants I heard a interview recently where you were talking you mentioned a hundred Titans is that something from from texts that that I don't know I don't know what video you're referring to or what what the context is yeah I don't I I just um there is a reference in Greek text to the gastricaries which was the 100 the hundred handed uh Titans but this was Lady number it was late in Greek history and what was really being described were those big long Phoenician ships that had a hundred oars and but to the Greeks who had never seen vessels like that it looked the paddles looked like hands so okay I thought I I might have misunderstood that or you I thought you were talking about like that they they had been Quantified like some talk about the Fallen Angels being what was it a number of 200 or something oh yeah y'all know yeah I do have I do have that in the video because then the number in The Book of Enoch of the Watchers who descended upon Mount Ardon does give him a size and if moms go was a Titan then given the size of our room you know there there are there aren't a lot of them out there because nobody else has found one like like I have and gone through a forensic analysis and and you know gone into the the the socket you know the eye socket and looked you know at the ear and and done these kinds of analyzes so you know I've been I I thought maybe there there'd be a lot more but um let me offer you something that oh we have to be careful on the data that we look at because there is there is there are saboteurs online deliberately let me explain a human skeleton of I'm talking about Epic Proportion was found in the empty quarter of Saudi Arabia it is one of the most Barren empty deserts in the world nobody would have believed that they would have found architecture under the sand and evidence of civilization but an oil company or a ramco did and they found this gigantic human skeleton and word leaked out word leaked out to the public so I would like to display or disbelieve it I would like to be a Critic and say oh man it's all Photoshop they it's all Bs and all I would like to to just disbelieve it but I have to judge a phenomenon by its effect and let me explain the effect immediately was a ramco covered it up in the Saudi military went out there in in fenced the whole area off and no longer allow archaeologists into the area the online effect was equally equally disturbing just after the discovery and and it started circulating on Facebook and online about this discovery and pictures got out almost instantly the internet exploded with obvious photoshopped skeletons of gigantic proportions that were so obvious that their fake pictures it's like an intelligence agency just flooded the truth or Community with a whole bunch of fake images trying to muddle the waters and try to get everybody to believe that because these 10 pictures are obviously fake they're for they're all obviously fake this is the this is what happened with AI that can happen yeah Now with Yo now with the AI I'm really sticking to my guns archaics will never use an image as evidence of anything I just can't I like to I I show images but mainly I stick to my chronological charts and stuff like that I just have to be safe I have to I have to be safe from cross-contamination especially cross-contamination with with an obvious lie or photoshop materials and stuff so the fact that you actually found a stone and you got eight or nine anatomical points that my lineup That right there is fascinating it's over 20. that's just one of hundreds that I've found and and for everyone I brought back there were many many more that that stayed but I you know I don't I've got limited space so I just bring the ones that are that are the most beautiful now some would say that's cherry picking but I'm I'm just showing that this is a very very specific reoccurring pattern and uh it's it's um it's realm-wide in my opinion I've gotten people have sent me you know photos and emails from all over all over the world and a lot of them have found specimens that were more beautiful than than what I've found here um so yeah it's um it's it's a fascinating topic there's no doubt about it but the when I'm totally in agreement with you about Ai and the the effects that that's going to have on our on our reality when it comes to Discerning truth and you know what is real and what is fiction um I've already been talking about that long before AI became popularized I I did a live stream on on uh the subject of pareidolia because it ties in so much because that's obviously one of the criticisms that that people Levy against my work is that I'm suffering from paradolia or or apophenia which is you know Pat pattern recognition they would say the same thing about you with the calendrics I'm sure that you're recognizing a pattern that doesn't actually exist even though you know I I've heard a lot of people criticize your work and they never seem to go into the work at all well funny how that is you know they they don't critic they always criticize the the uh bearer of of the information rather than the information itself so um yeah and and so I did this stream on on the subject to paradolia and Truth or traps and and the different the different things that you know especially when it comes to the whole mud flood Titan Community there are so many photographs out there that are riddled with with manipulation and people are passing them off as if they're just fact and they're not doing any photo forensics and they're not like looking at what what is the source of this image they're not even doing basic checks like to to look at the name of the location and then go and and look at other photographs and you find out you know oh this thing that an elephant you know is actually just a stone that somebody that you know put in Photoshop and made to look like an elephant so um you know that that's a frustration because it it just muddies the water when when there's people out there trying to do some proper research and and it needs to be boots on the ground and you need you know a photograph is is one thing if you've got a whole bunch of photographs and it's combined with video and it's on site and it's live that's a hell of a lot harder to manipulate than one angle of a particular Mountain that's shown over and over again and someone adds some eyes and adds an ear and you know next thing there's all kinds of different variants of these uh of these photographs so it's it's really um you know I've I've tried to distance myself from it a lot of people send me photographs and I'm just like I'm not gonna pass any judgment on it there's a whole load of people that are looking at Google Earth and they're just looking from above and they're doing pattern recognition which is great but it's like a Rorschach test you know you can I I'm I'm really great at that I've got abstract art you know behind me that I can look at it and I can see all kinds of faces and different things that that's a very real phenomenon that people have to acknowledge and when you're just looking in one dimension you know in two Dimensions looking at something flat from above that you you'll see something you'll be like that's a that's a body that's a there's the elbow there's a will you turn that thing upside down you'll see a different creature you'll see a different you know it's like it's going to change depending on the angle you look at it from and so that was the thing with won't go initially that first day where i'm just like I saw I saw G dreamers video and I'm like there's just no way I mean that that couldn't be you know and so the first thing I did was I got on Google Earth because I knew you could get in and you could tilt it 3D and you could zoom around things and look at it from all kinds of different angles and I'm like damn that looks like a head from above from the side from the front not completely from the front because the left side of the head is is crushed and it's the even in mainstream geology they did a massive Geological Survey on this mountain and they call that portion of the mountain right there where it kind of Curves down they call it syncline all and even in mainstream geology say that's where there was a major collapse so that's where the left eye and the left ear would have been right where that collapses now some people might say oh that's really convenient but I kept looking further and you had cutouts right where the neck would be you talked about the discoloration it's a it's a quarterman discoloration exactly where the ear would be and there's a there's a cave right in the center of that of that shape and uh just happened to be the most thoroughly excavated cave in all of Europe at the time that I was looking into this I didn't even know it existed I started with the eye and I and I and I thought okay I'm not going to fall for the whole whole peridolia trap and I'm not going to just start claiming hey there's a giant elephant mountain in Spain that used to really be an elephant you know that would that's kind of batshit crazy you know even even by flat earther standards I mean some of my biggest critics of are flat earthers which is Rich you know this is coming from a community of of people that you know basically are believing the opposite of almost every narrative you've got you know and and they're like no no we're not going anywhere near that you know which I understand um so my approach to it with the eye was similar to what I did with the the Hearthstone which is well we know the anatomy of the eye we know the construct of an eye socket the morphology of of skulls changes dramatically from species to species but essentially the makeup of the bones is similar so the shapes change but you know something like an eye socket is going to be very similar across species and there are these points where the the bones meet in lines those are called sutures and then you've got spaces between some of those lines which are fissures where like the optic nerve would go and then you get attachment points for the for the muscles that move the eyes and they're all of these very very very specific anatomical features that an eye would have if it was really an eye even if it was a giant petrified eye and uh and so I decided all right after looking on Google Earth and finding that first two hours that I was looking at the mountain I found 10 anatomical correlations that's already a big number and and that was without visiting the eye and I had been up to the eye in the past several times just hiking because I've hiked all over this mountain and I never um you know I I never understood how that cave could have formed way up there tectonic activity pushing this stuff upward and then this perfectly formed curved unbroken cave with all these weird things going on inside of it how the hell does that happen you know I I puzzled over it but it it wasn't something like I I stayed up nights thinking about and you know until until these topics came into my life but um so I I decided to approach it backwards and I got out the anatomy books first and I really really poured over elephant Anatomy I found an um an online video of of an actual elephant skull that that people were panning around so I could see it from lots of different angles I knew where the fissures should be I knew where the sutures should be I knew where there's uh right here on humans we have a thing called the infraorbital foramen which is a place where blood vessels and a nerve come out well on elephants it's here and and the Elephant Mountain the head is tilted back like this so that would take this this hole that's here and it would place it like in front of the eye and I saw that on on Google Earth before I even went up there and I'm like holy that that's the that's the infraorbital foramen and then I looked on you know I looked on the elephant skull and it was exactly there and that that's a cave with a channel going through it in my in my fifth video of the unveiling a Titan series there's there's six videos the first one is just an overview second one is about the eye third one is about the ear fourth one is about the tissues the histology of the mountain where I go into the the stones what makes up the stones the you know all kinds of things that I found when I started looking forensically at the mountain you know with microscopy and you know looking at what would you expect to find if this really was Titan bone you know how does that compare to Bone you know our size bones like what what are bones made of you know that that's what the fourth video is all about anyway the fifth video the the the thumbnail of that video is looking through this this infraorbital foramen that that is that a cave that's you've got the eye socket and then this this cave protruding so without even going up to the cave there was already like a dozen anatomical correlations that perfectly lined up and then once I got to the cave that's you know that was that the second the fifth videos are about the the eye there's another dozen or more correlations inside the eye socket so that that's the kind of thing you would you would want people to be doing in the in the technology Community if there were such a thing instead of just like posting picture after picture after picture going look it's a giant it's a Titan's head this mountain is you know a Titan and and another thing about it is we have all of these different tissues cartilage bone fat you know the cornea they're all they're all different molecular constitutions you know they're all different elements so some might get destroyed in the petrification process depending on what they are and others are going to be preserved well that that means that we should have a variety of different kinds of materials it shouldn't just all be the same Stone it doesn't make any sense you know so so that's uh that's how I approached it and um here I am you know Years Years Later talking about this stuff with you but um well let me let me address two things to saw um first it is the different compositions that actually would do away with a criticism that that I will I will offer now because I'm trying to wrap my mind around these gigantic gigantic sized biological life forms and the only way I can do it is that um it's a vapor canopy that pre-exists the human historical record it cannot it can only be that way because in the historical record we just don't have any references to anything that big so I I am very aware that the magdalenian Cro-Magnon were very sophisticated in their Aesthetics and their art the cave art isn't just on par with the greatest artist today it's like a Rembrandt going in just painting these steers and Ibex and elk and moose in Cave Bears these people painted these things but Mike these people used the actual outcrops of the stone itself to give their paintings a three-dimensional contour and it's beautiful a lot of people don't know that about Cro-Magnon art Cro-Magnon art they use the cave features to do the shoulder of the Buffalo and Graham Hancock's talked about this in his books yes it's all and it's supernatural he mentioned that yeah yeah he's a Graham Hancock hey you know what he's got a lot of good material and I've given him his props many times I'm just a huge critic of his Atlantis chronology and I think he needs to quit talking about it because he's absolutely wrong and the the right information is out there but it doesn't detract from a lot of his other material which is pretty good so anyway um this this so let's take this to another level imagine a time period when all humans are Titanic by our standards imagine a time period let's say way before the archaics model begins let's say 30 000 years ago all right we're not dealing with ice ages I don't see any evidence of it we're dealing with a with another Vapor Canopy World where where people are much larger we may be made of some other some other biology not as dense as we are today something else now get this my criticism until you mention the different compounds that make up these these deals would have been could it not be possible that this is an ancient type of thing chewy that you're that you're describing that giant civilizations actually made sculptures out of mountains in the same way that the Chinese sculpt the land all I mean they they sculpt everything even natural rock formations are turned into boars with tusks the Chinese were very artistic like that and they use they use all the natural energies in their environment and and they create these Landscapes that um what about a civilization that was so aesthetic in the past that they did that now that would have been my criticism but you you are making a very good point that that under the micro microscope biological materials can be seen fossilized and they're different different so I get that I do I get that and it would do away with that with that argument 100 so I I want to interject one more thing because you're you went off on a loan deal and I wasn't able to get this in but you asked about Giants uh I have a video about the Lost Cities of Bastion because the Western World doesn't really know this but there was an archaeologist named Porter in the 1870s and he wanted to see if the if the wars of the Giants was a historical occurrence did this really happen did keto Larimore of Elam and M rapho of Babel in total to in total of the Hittites come together in fight a war against giant Nations and if they did he'd find evidence evidence of it in Syria because in the Genesis narrative it is in Syria where we find this this this uh these giant civilizations however later on in the Torah I believe it's in the book of numbers it's as specifically mentioned that the cities of Bastion were built by the rafae of Giants and Porter had already excavated unusual uh architecture around the world so he goes into the mountains of Syria in these in this real real rural area and finds perfectly until he wrote a whole book uh and it's my video I I quote the whole sections out the book but he wrote an entire book about his finds he found cities in the mountains of Syria that it's almost like untouched nobody even comes out here anymore and they were on the only oh my God what just happened I had a blackout I had a blackout for a second so you're still here so anyway the uh deal the only type of people that have could could inhabited these because of the staircases the sides of the beds the sides of the of the doors and and uh the portals these people had to have been on average nine foot nine and a half feet tall and this is precisely what we're told Goliath's height was and he is described as the last of the descendants of the Giants uh Goliath that was killed by by David in in the Old Testament but bashing the cities of Bastion are still there today and they made they made their doors by an unknown process they had to have known how to forge and and soften Rock and the reason porter porter believes this is because the the megalithic doors and the door jambs and lentils were all made of one stone but they were but they could move and it's impossible we can't do that today without without without manufacturing that but it was all made of one stone and you can't make door jambs and lentils and them in the actual slab of the door itself out of one stone it's impossible they had to have had some type of Technology where they could fuse Stone together and make it appear to be one stone but uh anyway I'd like to interject just another possibilities which is that originally the stones were were wood that was petrified because when you're looking when looking at the um you know the evidence for megafauna you know of a Titanic size obviously you know there's my my work but in you know the mind of the mainstream that's anything but conclusive it's it's just a a crazy idea and and it's not like there's a whole bunch of other researchers that have come after me with you know additional evidence that that supports the idea and Roger's you know uh dragons which are this you know Continental size creatures that could very well be paradolia there's a lot of detail there that's fascinating to ponder and I think it's fun you know to to give that consideration and there are lots of other dragons you know that that can be seen on Google Earth Dragon plume serpent kinds of things and yeah and other in other shapes but I've already talked about how easy it is to you know you know just see a pattern and assume that it's it's something but for me the most compelling evidence of all for the vapor Canopy World for Titans for the the idea that that our mythologies you know whether it's the the Norse mythologies or the the Hopi the you know these these these ancient cultures that discuss this the this time of the of the Titans and these these great creatures and and and plant life you know they're they're talking about the trees you know this is this is what Hollywood gives us in in the form of Avatar movies you know but um you know there's a channel called hangman 1128 he's been around for as as long as I have or even longer um you know five or six years he's been he's been looking into this in the Colorado region and The Dakotas uh Arizona he's been all over boots on the ground he's got hundreds of hours of footage that is the most compelling that I've ever seen now everyone's talking about the tree stumps and there's this whole no Forest on Flat Earth thing that came out like six years ago seven years ago took you know took the interwebs by storm looking at the Devil's Tower and these different plateaus these different mesas around the world and the chipwase or tapuis I'm not sure how you pronounce it these these you know these plateaus that jet upward and they've got waterfalls coming out of the top even though there's you know where's the water coming from um it's it's fascinating and and I never really addressed it at all because to me it wasn't conclusive and there were lots of different theories like Roger thinks Devil's Tower was an Achilles tendon of a Titanic creature that's you know the heel is buried underneath and the tendon is all we're seeing I don't particularly agree with that I think it's far more likely that it was a stump um or you know there's a there's a video that I put on my channel uh showing uh like 20 different kinds of mushroom that grow in this exact same fashion so if you've got trees that are six eight ten miles in diameter which is what the work of hangman 1128 is showing in my mind unequivocally it's it is self-evident that this is that this is the case when you when you look at his footage and you see that it is identical in every way shape and form to petrified trees of a smaller stature and then we know that we've got the Sequoias which we already talked about which are liking intermediary size those would have been saplings you know Little Sprouts next to these great trees so if you take a petrified piece of tree that's that's this big and you compare that to a tree that would have had a six eight mile diameter now you're talking about something that's 50 to 100 feet wide and and that's exactly what what he's showing and he's showing all of the all of the detail all of the grain of the wood all of the different phases of decomposition because in the Bible they talk about um you know that the uh that they they went to work at the great trees right or was it the Book of Enoch where they the the idea was that the flood was going to come and so the trees were removed to prevent the the you know the ones who the flood was supposed to destroy from having an escape you know from being able to climb up the trees to escape from the floods I have no idea if there's any truth to that narrative but it's the idea that these trees were felled and and then you know or destroyed through some kind of cataclysm they laid for a long time decomposing and then the great floods came and that's what led to the petrification because it was combined with volcanic activity and I've hypothesized for a few years now that not all but many of the volcanoes in the world could very well have been ancient trees because what what you see when these trees petrify is that they give rise to all of the different materials that we find in the periodic table you know uh Ben from the archivists who I talked about earlier he's shown loads and loads of Articles of petrified forests where they're they're harvesting trees that had 40 percent copper 60 percent silver huge amounts of gold they're they're finding all of the different elements in these trees now were the trees growing those elements or was there some kind of a transmutation of the biological material that was in the tree in the process of of petrification and I would say 100 yes that's exactly what happened because what what we're talking about is on one hand you've got the the high mineral content and water narrative mixing with volcanic ash that all can explain a whole lot of different kinds of petrification but you mentioned it before the volcanic activity and the ash when that spews up into the sky you're going to get plasma in huge quantities and this ties into you know J dreamers plasma apocalypse and the Emco event in my last one in both of my last live streams I was showing how trees produce opal I was showing how that in in scientific experiments where in a microwave a guy shows you right there taking two different powders of different different constitutions he mixes them together he puts it in a thick glass votive like you would put a little candle into that's not going to break as the plasma hits it because you've got a magnetron in in a in a microwave they're very powerful he puts this in with a ceramic lid so there's a little bit of vibration and it allows the plasma to move in and out and the plasma Heats this stuff up these these powders and those two powders combined within 10 seconds he's making pretty damn good sized rubies rubies which are number two or not number two they're number nine on the hardness scale after Diamond which is ten so right there you've got an experiment showing that plasma can turn a powder into it turns it to you know molten vitrified Ruby in seconds so if you've got volcanic activity happening all over the world and it's combined with something happening outside of the the Dome if there is a dome or outside of the electromagnetic magnetic field if there is one that's then interacting with all that Ash you have every every element you need for instant petrification of you know any number of different things so uh I think that's what happened with the the the great trees and hangman 1128's footage in my in my mind is undeniable it's self-evident and and um you know people are nitpicking like show it's it's kind of like what they do with flat Earth it's like show me the model you know show me the the steps molecularly how does the chemistry work it's like I don't know and if you do a chemical analysis of that using spectroscopy it's going to be different elements than the tree because clearly this is Stone it's not wood so if the petrification happened there's going to be a transmutation of elements so it's not going to be the same anyway so I I don't have the you know the the skill and the wherewithal to be able to to prove that uh I also don't have a spectroscopy machine but this is the kind of science that needs to be done and then they're going to be able you know so this gets back to to what I was saying before my theory that I think a lot of the um the volcanoes are actually trees that contain whatever the initial constitution of elements was to to give us uranium plutonium radium right these are these are the the most volatile radioactive elements that that are known and they use them for supposed nuclear power and and you know I mean radium is a huge huge subject I don't know how deep you've gone into radium that's really fascinating that's another thing that that both uh Ben the archivist and Old World Florida have talked about quite a bit but we've got Radium Springs we've got we've got all of this stuff that that tie it you know looks to the the possibility that say one of these massive trees got hit with a plasma bolt or whatever you would call it the likes of which we can't even imagine what's it going to do to those elements are they going to just deep down in the earth be be festering and and you know molten and eventually burble up you know and and percolate late to the surface in what we call today a volcanic eruption there's a lot of there's a lot of evidence that I've shown in my videos uh wood turns to Coal turns to obsidian right there's all if you look inside the volcanic calderas you can see all this layering of it it looks a hell of a lot like tree rings and then my last video was called spelunking Titanic trees and showing these guys repelling down 500 feet and then another rope they go through these these channels they're you know supposedly carved I guess by by water but they're not smooth whatsoever so how did they get there why is it shaped like that I I address all of that in in those videos hey check it out Mike do you see the comment on the screen the world is of course I've seen this before and I don't know what what future Fields Forever thank you for the comment uh I haven't verified it says book of Thomas says the world is a course now this is a Gnostic Gospel the book of Thomas but for it to say that the world is a corpse is no different than the Viking Norse Traditions that the world was created out of basically the categor of yamir the frosh giant frosh the frost giant was killed gutted opened up and by the gods basically built our world from from a dead body of a tiger so I'm just saying it's it's an interesting comment because it does have some crossover the Norse are not the only ones to believe that our world was constructed from a biological life form of a pre-existing creature remember remember the Babylonian traditions this world is the construct that was built out of the body of Tiamat the Dragon yeah so again once again mythology I mean my my take now I I've seen so much evidence of of lies and rewriting of history and you know I mean what is what is this reality and what is our true history to me I I have a lot more faith in in the ancient religious texts and mythology than I do over any modern narratives when it comes to anything about our realm and our true history as as beings and and uh I you know my my friend 13th monkey he's star map or uh star Fort mapper extraordinaire he's got he's mapped over ten thousand star forts worldwide in his uh kmz file he's he knows he knows the realm like no one else from a Google Earth perspective uh amazing work that he's done put in thousands of hours of work uh he believes that we live inside of a of a Titan skull and so he may he may turn out to be right the I'm not sure how you'd verify that but uh yeah it's uh it's fascinating you know going back to the plasma thing with the big trees if you think about these things reaching up into the sky you know our our modern uh rainforests which you know that's where the majority of the wildlife in the world uh exists right and the and the great biodiversity they say that uh 80 of that Wildlife lives in the tree or on the tree right so it's either in the trunks or on the trunks so if you scale that up to Avatar size how much Wildlife could have existed you know Dante in the 13th century if the if the chronology is right he he wrote about flocks of birds that that were so so many birds that they would block out the Sun for hours at a time as they were flying by well that makes a lot more sense in a vapor canopy kind of a world where you know how much Wildlife how much you know how many beings could those tree canopies have supported well what's going to happen when the plasma apocalypse hits right this gets back to my boiled egg theory which areas are going to get hit first the ones that are tallest right so so all of that wildlife in the trees this might get back to you reigning body parts um you know comment at the beginning of the conversation you know that's that's the wildlife that's going to go first so I think this is where a lot of our our Pebble beaches you know some of it may be eroded fragments of larger structure which is the official narrative you know the the water erosion and the and the elements just taking their toll on what was originally a fragmented piece of something larger but um you know the um I think that a lot I've come to the conclusion now because of my studies with the Petrified organs um that that a lot of the smooth stone that we call River Rock are are varying things like kidney stones lymph nodes organs gallstones uh you know I mean these things exist in huge numbers in in bodies of all scales so if they're already Stone and an event hits that that just decimates the body well the stones are going to survive the decimation and they're going to rain down to the Earth and then they're going to accumulate through waves and and you know different kinds of motion and you know it's like all of it starts to really dovetail and make more and more sense when you when you start to look at the the bigger picture with all of these different theories it's not like a hairbrained idea where you're trying to bend over backwards with your thinking to make your stupid Theory make sense it's actually the opposite like I there's so many things that have come my way since I started on this that I never knew anything about that I didn't go looking for because I was trying to like prove my ideas and all of a sudden you know there's like whoa I didn't know about that like I didn't know about bog bodies until a few months ago you know about those bog bodies bog bodies are you talking about bodies you talking about like the peat bogs the humans exactly the humans yep I didn't know anything about them so I I was theorizing a plasma apocalypse this is the the nature of the boiled egg theory right the outer portion of the body is being destroyed through heat uh or fire or electromagnetic Electro plasma activity and and as that's happening the inner side you've got your organs are in a protective fatty sack those are in your chest and abdominal cavities which are in another big protective Sac that's liquid filled so there's your pressure cooker right and then as the outer portions of the body are being destroyed just like a hard-boiled egg the egg is gonna it's gonna Harden right and and I and I theorized that was what was happening but I couldn't figure out like where the bones you would expect the bones are already hard you would expect them to survive the process right well friend a friend I'm a vegetarian so I never made bone broth in my life and a friend of mine one day um armoro shout out to him he he was like have you ever made bone broth and I was like no he's like if you take a thick bone and you put it into a pressure cooker and you cook that thing you know at a relatively low heat compared to like a pyroclastic flow or a plasma apocalypse it turns to sponge and then it turns to a gelatin it liquefies and that's not even with extreme Heats that's in a freaking crock pot right so I've I was like well that makes perfect sense then the the organs are hardening the bones are dissolving and you know and then eventually the outer skin and whatever or that's just getting destroyed from the beginning and I knew nothing about bog bodies bog bodies aren't Pete like you said which is highly acidic and and I just learned that the acid causes the bones to deteriorate and the organs to harden so what you end up with is a skin bag with hardened organs and no bones well eventually that skin bag is gonna is gonna what is yeah uh erode to deteriorate right and the hardened the hardened organs might be surrounded in mud might be surrounded in you know some high mineral content water and then your perimeterization is going to finish off the process so there is literally an an infinite number of variations about how this stuff could come about you know as far as you know one kind of petrification is going to lead to one thing another kind is going to lead to another thing another then you've got varying stages of of uh Decay and then the petrification can come as the Decay is happening you alluded to the um to uh mold earlier right something could have molds that's infused into it I mean now now geology is starting to make a hell of a lot more sense because when you look at the mineral Kingdom and the agates and all the different manifestations of these kinds of of materials it's like the the petrogenesis you know sedimentary metamorphic and you know igneous which is your you know volcanic rock it just falls short in explaining these things especially when you see Hangman's footage of of the trees because that is I'm more convinced about his own his his findings than I am about my own and that's that's saying a lot I'd be more convinced of my my own if uh someone else that was coming along and doing something similar to what I've done with the mountain you know or found heart stones with even more uh detail that's it that is interesting it's all uh yeah I'm like I said is he it's far beyond the scope of my research however my research does involve a vapor canopy scenario it just doesn't seem to be near as accentuated as what we're describing but there is provision like I just said in many of the oldest Traditions about how this world was made and from a from a primitive post-reset Society that's basically how they would describe it is is uh I mean even the oldest belief about our world our world is an entity Gaia that's the whole concept of Gaia Gaia was a living breathing entity and we're living on it but uh so yeah it's I don't know man it's it's really interesting because the peat bogs fascinate me because what I've read is that brain tissue from Cro-Magnon have been perfectly preserved in in the peat bogs and it's almost as like the brain itself was housed in a mineral sac and what you're described that mineral Sac is the old cranium the cranium had been liquefied so this is not just the cranium you've got the you've got the um the durapia and uh the the I should know this really quick it's the it's basically the um oh my brain just stopped working with this um I'm a chiropractor I should know this like instantly the uh it's it's the the fatty tissue that that surrounds and protects the brain you know you've got your you've got your whole central nervous system and you have the cerebral spinal fluid that circulates through up through the spine and into the brain it has this complex pathway that it takes through the brain and through the ventricles of the brain but then all of that is encased in a fatty material so in a peat bog the the bone is gonna is gonna Decay right but the fat is going to protect the brain itself which is almost entirely fat yeah that's all I had I can't remember I wish I could remember though maybe it was uh Kingdom what was that Kingdom of the Neanderthal Andrew Collins or somebody I can't remember who wrote it but uh you know there's a really good book that goes into the peat box and goes uh the human specimens that if that whole organs have been found absolutely intact it's uh it's amazing it's amazing but it's the same thing with the with the La Brea Tar Pits it's uh well they like to say the La Brea Tar Pits are they date back to the ice age 10 000 years because they've got saber-toothed tigers and megafauna three-toed slaw but I don't believe that at all I don't believe I don't believe those Tar Pits are near as old as they say but uh I would really I would really like them to dredge them but they won't but I want them to dredge them so they can find human skeletons mixed mixed in there with uh all their megafauna and yeah I don't you know what you probably find too many giant giant uh humanoids you know that would destroy narratives I mean well I mean there's so much evidence for Giants yeah I mean that they always get squirreled away by the Smithsonian disappeared you know um you know going back to the whole petrification thing also you know there's a there's an 18th century Italian scientist named giralama sagato and he had a contemporary named Paolo gorini and both of those guys knew how to petrify flesh of all of all types and there's actually a museum uh I think more than one that's dedicated to to jira Lama's work and you can find all kinds of images online I've got in the very first video I ever made I made mention of this um so there's so many examples of soft tissue petrifying um and and that it can be you know brought about in a very short amount of time so that you know when they when they dismiss this stuff with hand wave dismissals like oh there's no evidence to support that they're either ignorant or they're just flat out lying well the double standard is that those of us in the community who are bringing to the table original research and original findings were held to a much higher standard than the scientific Community holds itself it's a double it's a double standard and what I mean is is the to be a scientist today doesn't mean you did the work all it means is you accept what you were told that other men found this is not that's not true science to me that's just education but you get to call yourself a scientist because you paid for the education you went through the channels and you got your doctorate you got your Masters you got your PhD you're peer reviewed but all you've really done is just accept what other what other books and materials have told you prior men concluded and this is the basis for your beliefs so scientists to me are only are only religionists their religion is disguised as something else but they're exercising faith not intellect yeah absolutely yeah it's you know Mike we're gonna have to conclude that's about two hours right there and I do I do have another show to do but listen I should have brought you on my channel a long time ago I should have came on yours because we got to do a part two because like in the project to show people you know because it's it's one thing to describe it with words it's another thing to see it and to see it compared with the anatomy and compared with the you know the the histology the the tissues themselves there's so much to it and uh there's a whole bunch of bullet points that I had related to things like synchronicity and the Matrix and simulation and all these and you know different ideas about uh those things because synchronicity has been a huge part of my research since the beginning uh there's just so many things that have just fallen in my lap in ways that are unbelievable I did a whole stream called the synchronicity stream um that if people are curious about that topic watch that video because I tell stories in there of things that happen that will apps blow blow their minds um what can we do a presentation let's pre-record a presentation where you can actually show the imagery this is a live video and I don't have the technical expertise to figure out how to do that on stream yard yet maybe Martin will teach me but uh yeah given given um a little bit of notice I can do it live as well okay all right we can pre-record or do it live whichever yeah let's let's let's let's do one of those but uh for now uh oh I've got your I've got I've got Mike stillium7 I got his channel in the description box you it's the first link you'll see uh easy to get to his channel I did notice that many of you in the in the comments section have already said you subscribed to him uh and that's good I appreciate I appreciate it uh I'm gonna go check some of these videos out in my leisure time because uh I'm on board with another Vapor canopy it just has to be further back in the in the distant past beyond the scope of the human historical record so I think the best evidence for the vapor canopy Beyond like the chronology that you've been presenting and and the overlaps you know historically uh is is the the footage that that hangman has shown hangman 1128 is his channel okay yeah I don't know who he is it may be one of my moderators can put his Link in the right here in the comments before this video game it's easy to find and um yeah the there was one last thing I was going to say oh for people who just want don't have a lot of time and want to see a quick uh kind of rundown of the things that I was talking about I did a two-part series called petrified Titans and organs uh the the discoveries and petrified Titans and organs the how and why um the major thrust of my channel has been Titans petrified organs and petrification in general and and more more recently the Big Trees because I really have felt that that something that needs to be championed because it's some of the most compelling evidence out there for uh the need to completely rewrite our historical narrative um and um yeah and then there's all kinds of other little side topics that I cover but that's the main thrust of the channel so thank you for inviting me on I I it's fun to be here I've been listening to you for a long time and and uh heard a lot of interviews and covered a lot of your content and um so it was fun to actually talk to you well you're just this was good it was uh I didn't know where what what direction we were going to go in because I know that we have a very different slant on history but history is a big place and we're talking about two different time periods but we're but we're also talking about a common denominator which is the vapor canopy in which I already admitted my presentations we've had a few times in his Earth history we've had Vapor canopies so yeah all that's good guys I want to remind you of the Meetup on the 10th Martin Leakey and I are going to be there giving a very special presentation on one of the seven wonders of the world it's not the Great Pyramid but it's something that you have been told and it's deliberate misinformation because they're covering up what this object truly is Martin and I are doing a dual presentation we're both sharing at the same time it will be broadcast Live on YouTube so you can see it for those who want to go to the Meetup it's it's in like North Houston Spring Branch we are taking uh cash at the door you don't have to go on the Meetup site um also we have a special guest or two and one of those special guests is Max Egan himself the three of us will be there and like I said don't be surprised but who uh whoever else you see but uh we're gonna have some things provided we got we got a few arcades t-shirts and mugs and stuff like that but one thing that Martin and I have done and we're not really sure what we're going to do with it yet but this is a 68 gigabyte drive and it has it takes two hours and 20 minutes but it has 7 147 old books all in English on this on this drive and it's Martin's whole collection and it's my whole collection I want one of those this is an entire Library just to give you some proper perspective remember guys in prison I was researching for a long time but it still took me 20 years to read 1300 non-fiction reference books and anybody can see the list it's free on podia as a download so it's it's in my links you can download the whole 1300 books that I read and studied before I was ever released from prison I've read more since then but this is 7147 books you know it has thousands of old images because these old books were all packed with it with with uh pictures you know illustrations and photos so anyway uh Martin and I are still trying to decide uh what we're gonna do with that we've already made about 20 of them but it literally took us a day and a half to make those 20. it takes a long time for those to cut for those to copy so this is Mike stillm7 his link is in the description box and uh guys you got a Break Free or Die Trying peace