Defying the Dungeons: Breaking Free is a State of Being

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Streamed live on Jun 15, 2023

"As the net of the Construct is closing and a grand deception being prepared to further enslave the collective, it is paramount that the spiritually empowered and awakened souls among us lead by example. In a storm of deceit and beliefs the self-realized Immortals among us will be the light houses through this darkening time. We are more than we suppose ourselves to be...and it is time for some of you to embrace exactly what you are."

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how you guys doing let's do it let's do an audio check real quick let me know let me know how this is let me know how my audio is how clear I am I'll change things up a little bit just for today so I don't have this microphone all in my face awesome thank you excellent um I'm echoing yeah that's not good everybody says it sounds good audio's good we hear you all good excellent I'll get audio engineer in here later on this afternoon fix this little problem this is all too much for me this is what I'm supposed to be this is what I'm supposed to be speaking in but I don't believe it's working right now all right Jeff H you said the mic was good is there a difference in my audio from when I'm speaking like this and when I'm speaking into this are you telling me my that my microphone is working right now so this microphone is working okay that's a lot of yeses well I'll just go and continue to use it then I thought I set everything up right I went through all the little protocols I have written down good I signed a whole 100 better excellent that's that's what I like to hear excellent I was going to play my other intro you guys you guys know what intro that is the three minute long one that shows all the ancient books and all the old books and ancient monuments the one with the dramatic music yeah apparently I don't have that file somebody else does I I've got to get it get my own copy awesome the mic works good sorry about being blurry guys the studio was on one of those Wi-Fi relays because it's kind of far away from the modem and have some internet internet guys coming coming out here later today or tomorrow to fix this problem so hey it happens when you it happens when you initiate something new funny help just you know in the news it's funny how people like William Cooper come out with the book Behold a pill horse which I have right here they come out with Behold The Pale Horse fascinating book all about UFO alien uh uh disclosure actually this book is what educated us to the word psyop many people in many people did not know what a psyob was until William Cooper explained you know it's very interesting that that these things that were that were so um alien to us these underground bases government projects all this misinformation listen guys William Cooper nailed it he wasn't the only one this book is not a popular book but it's not a popular book because many people who are involved with publishing this book have gotten into a lot of trouble yeah silent weapons for quiet Wars we'll be we'll be discussing some of these things in not on YouTube but these are all it's just it boggles the Mind here's William cordless The Unexplained Source book guys everything that we've been saying in in the alternative history in alternative knowledge movement since the 60s and 70s go back to Keel and and so many researchers back then it's it's amazing and all of a sudden Washington wants to do a press conference all of a sudden the Pentagon wants to release news like it's just new oh yeah okay yeah you know extraterrestrials you know we know it's a psyop we know we know it's not true we know that that all these Technologies are pre-existing and that we have developed and we know that everything is coming from the underworld and all the misinformation is to make you believe that everything that they are doing is going to be blamed on it extraterrestrial presence therefore there's no culpability they don't have to answer to anyone because the blame for whatever moves they make moving forward can always now be blamed it's plausible deniability everything can be blamed on an extraterrestrial species everything can be blamed on some ancient alien technologies that were left here on Earth everything can be blamed on on something that is non-human this is and and therefore there's nothing to investigate but it's interesting how the media was basically at war with anyone who would even even just say that you know these human abduction phenomenons are extraterrestrials abducting people so when the official narrative is not in agreement with what people are finding the media always always promotes the opposite the media promotes for years and years and decades and decades man the you guys are you got you guys are nuts I mean there's no E.T there's no aliens none of this ever happened this is all all Theory this is all speculation this is adult fantasy but when the controllers need the collective to believe in something they just change narrative oh yeah well you know what ETS are real oh yeah we do have I we do have UFO aircraft oh yeah the official Pentagon spokesman uh is allowed to now talk about these things openly even though it's all it's all Bs there are no extraterrestrials coming coming and going none of that's real the sky is simulated and they're going to do everything and they can to make sure that the collective continues to believe that the believe that the sky is travelable that you can actually leave and you can go places we are in a closed system yeah guys let me uh let me offer you an analogy it's an interesting one but if the material physical world is truly moving at 63 000 miles per hour around a star then so is the spirit world the spirit world has to be keeping perfect time with the material Universe they can't they can't be detached there can be no separation between spirit and matter it would be impossible because when people see phantasms and ghosts and Poltergeist when people see The Departed spirits of loved ones disembodied spirits they don't see a ghost traveling at 63 000 miles an hour they don't see paranormal phenomena they don't experience these things that are that are that are you know considered Supernatural they don't see these as fleeting events that just flash by 63 000 oh there's a ghost which is gone 63 000 miles an hour therefore I must conclude that either a the spirit world also moves at 63 000 miles per hour to keep up with the physical world so people in the physical world can experience that stuff or B we're not moving at all never have interesting books we got some things to talk about one of my favorite authors this will be on YouTube we're gonna go deep into John Keel this right here is is a William cordless material the this is just it's fascinating uh you're not gonna believe some of the things in the William cordless material it's uh we're Splendid with illustrations of all the weird things that have been found I don't really have time to sit here and show there's hundreds of visuals in this book but one thing that just really really shot out at me is some Charles Fort type phenomena that's just blowing my mind oh oh yeah it rained it rained fossils one time yeah petrified I mean they were very old too rocks that fell out the sky here's a fossilized Turtle embedded into rock but uh well that wasn't the funny thing the real weird thing I don't know where it is it's somewhere in this book a hail storm ordinary Rock but it's a hail storm it's particularly bad but when the rocks that fell from the sky were examined they all look like Saturn they all look like a sphere with a ring around it how does that happen so anyway yeah we're gonna get we're gonna get to it we got a lot of things to to discuss in those veins this video isn't really for that I'm just announcing what's going on you guys know I like to build up a little bit of anticipation and try to get more people in in the feed before I really begin my presentations so I'm glad the mic sounds a whole lot better that's good let's see and yeah I didn't slow the chat down today so you guys can you're free to free to engage I've been really busy uh later guys I have all um I um to answer the question that's on the screen right now when will archaics TV be up and running it will be up and running today right now in Texas it is 11 15. this will be a two hour presentation within within three or four hours after that our case will be up and running for those who want to go a little deeper on some things that we can't talk about on YouTube um uh and and in exchange you know in in exchange for the uh the support for those who go to there's going to be free PDFs well they're not free you are subscribing it's like five bucks but uh it's uh there will be free PDFs and there's also a little thing on there where I'll be I'll be doing posts these are posts that cannot be done on YouTube I will continue to do posts on YouTube I will continue to do videos on YouTube but for things that are a little racy that will only be on our and all and some of them there'll be some over overlap on my website as well that's getting overhauled very soon but uh let's see yeah if you got to blurb my screen on stream yard is absolutely crystal clear but I'm only seeing what my camera's showing if you guys are seeing a blur it's probably on my end well I have Wi-Fi ticks coming out either today or tomorrow I can't remember but they're going they're going to they're gonna hardwire the Wi-Fi into this studio Because the actual modem is pretty far away and I'm using a relay um and yeah there's a had to do a little house cleaning this morning so people got triggered over the T-shirt I was wearing when I want to advertise this video listen that's a cartoon guys Comet Pizza is a cartoon and for those of you who took it to another level talking about pizza gate and all that and then talking about my criminal offenses when I was 17 years old and then inferring that that my criminal offenses had anything to do with children I blocked all four of you don't ask to come back you guys already know especially you arcades veterans know I've got zero tolerance he says you're going to conduct yourself so as adults in my chat in any inferences or any negativity whatsoever is not tolerated here I got some really good moderators that pointed this out to me and yeah I looked at it reviewed it and I agreed all four of you had to go real real nice sophisticated the chat is monitored in archaic so well that the trolls have had to become more and more sophisticated so they throw inferences out there acting acting as if they're archaic supporters but they're really here to stir up so they've been dealt with they're not coming back if they do it'll be another email and all they got to do is just rare up one time and they'll be eliminated too no problem doing it see here so uh I do have a little I do have a list together there are there are a few people I have in mind that have been in our cakes for a very long period of time since since way before I blew up whoever who have been supporting through sharing and channels like you guys will be getting free free subscriptions to the uh believe me I'm not leaving you behind let's see Nemesis Bex that is such a great that's a great handle I'm gonna go ahead and just post that uh-oh Merrell GG hello Merrell I need to send you an email today give you a progress report because things are starting to look good thank you guys for my moderators uh when I'm in stream yard I do not see what you do I see the I see the chat so I can able I'm able to post it on the screen I I am not able to see the blue wrenches I'm not able to see any details in the chat other than what people say and what their handle is stream yard the stream yard is very easy to use Martin educated me on this and speaking of Martin I spent a month with that beautiful soul he was very emotional when it was time to go oh we'll he'll be back he'll be back but but uh he and Cheryl went somewhere else and that's all good but uh yeah it's very interesting um so while uh Max Egan coming here was totally unexpected uh because well actually first of all you guys already know I I had no I had no idea that Martin was coming it just it was just Cheryl Bailey had organized the first meet up for our KX April 1st after that come to find out that she wanted me to do a a uh like a podcast with Martin and I did and uh I had no idea that while I was doing the podcast she popped her head and she was in Wales with Martin I was like what's going on here and she says Martin is my boyfriend I'm like you could have told me that you know before but you know I thought that was pretty cool I didn't know that there was any connection there um but Cheryl did a really good job and not only that but she organized the first meet up and totally refused all the money both mad and I tried to offer money for putting the the meet up together and she just refused it and didn't want it then uh introduced me to Martin we did a podcast together then turn around and uh Martin came to Texas she and Martin got got him a Visa and he's been having a blast traveling going to Dallas Fort Worth and all over I've been taking him all over in the van uh we even did a van Vlog together and um yeah we've had a blast a couple videos with Martin hot Mike was uh are on our and uh just had a blast but Martin has been wanting to meet Max for over a decade and they have a lot of history online history they have a lot of background together they've been communicating together for years and uh it was really big deal so we we contacted Max in in you know he lives in Mexico he said hey man check this out got a place for you up here and we just gave him all the details and all that and and things his schedule was was conflicting and different and and then at the last minute he just said hey yeah you know what I'm I'm gonna come I'm gonna fly into Houston so we picked him up at the airport and he stayed for a couple days but he had but he had some some business elsewhere he had to fly to another state a few days ago so uh he and Martin have been gone but here in about 10 or 15 minutes Big John's gonna be picking Max up from the airport so he'll be coming back here for a few more days we'll have some interesting discussions uh I got Max on a hot mic also for uh things are nice things are going well okay we got over a thousand people in the chat that's always a good thing Frederick Nishi said when a matter becomes clear it ceases to concern Us by the end of this video you're going to understand what he meant by the end of this video it's gonna crystallize within your understanding of just how valuable it is that your attitude matches your actions because it's the key to doing everything that you have seen me doing my own personal life and for any of you new people to our cakes that don't know these accomplishments and these things that I've done in my life you need to go back to my original first videos when I was doing them absolutely broke living in a wooden Shack and telling the world basically what I was going to do with my life and how I was gonna do it and I am that person today that I predicted two and a half years ago so or like I said I lead by example but it's also time for others to come come forward as well it's time for a a collective body politic of not truth there's I really like the word truthers but awakened individuals I mean many people are awake but very few people do something with that awareness and it's creative the very fact of knowing something gives you power over it knowledge is creative and we have to use this we have to utilize this inner power because remember there's nothing external of us that matters nothing nothing attitude attitude has everything to do with outcomes as long as you are physically moving in the direction of the where you want to go has everything to do with it attitude attitude is absolutely creative because we are being observed every nanosecond of our existence something is watching us it is predicting all it's using it's using protocols and subroutines and programming it is doing everything it can to predict our Behavior so it can build for us the reality tunnels that we may travel some of those reality tunnels we never even we never even enter therefore they just collapse back into the mathematical programming but but the echo of their existence is there and we find evidence of these sometimes it is the same thing for historical historical routines whole timelines that have been edited out of existence there are still programming fossils of those narratives that can be found in red always leaves evidence of past activities what it does for historical routines it also does for the individual in the individual's reality tunnel the construct never stops building for you but what it builds is is directly in proportion to your attitude and what you're physically doing with your avatar so we're going to discuss those things in this video because when a matter becomes clear it ceases to concern us this is where you need to be you need to understand what Frederick Nishi was talking about because once you fully understand the matter becomes clear once you reach that spiritual threshold of it ceases to concern us what's what I'm going to reveal to you in this video ceases to concern you that's when you're going to be able to do great things because the construct will no longer have any power over you dungeon programming negative default programming none of these things will ever rise up against the individual who is awakened to What attitude truly is how it forges our reality remember guys I've told you several times that there is thank you that there is a very definitive power in the not given an F attitude I promise you because when you employ it it creates this programmed armor around you it is programmed to be Invincible against anything that seeks to do you harm anything that seeks to impede your progress this attitude is real because it is spiritual and there is no way that you can even maintain such an attitude unless you are spiritually empowered to do it because an ad attitude of not giving an f about opposition and not given not given a care or a doubt about all the things that come against you in your daily life and just pressing through it moving forward having a positive having a positive attitude this attitude of basically objectivity this attitude of I'm the and there's nothing that can oppose me this attitude can only be elicited by somebody who has become so spiritually awakened that they realize that the only thing real in their world is themself and everything else dissolves into programming but it's programmed templates that are self-created in anything that has been created by you in the past can be undone by you in the present when a matter becomes clearer it ceases to concern us these are the things we're going to discuss let me look at this chat feed real quick what's going on somebody said my shirt's missing my eye I can't never could I can't never because I don't know the message is still out there I don't know not sure chief of shampoo how you how you doing always here always here that's what we got 1100 we're approaching 1200 that's always good people need to hear this message yeah I got I see the stream yard Wi-Fi it is pretty low so I'm sorry about the blur in this guys it's just the way it's going to be hopefully when YouTube processes this it's going to be a higher definition so the uh the two the two dozen the two dozen drives ended up being close to a hundred and uh that right there it's awesome it allows me to pay my my help with our KX more money but it shows me that there are people who find Value in in what I'm providing listen it's no small it is no small achievement what Martin and I did when we put all this together yeah 7147 relevant old books not just any books taken off the library all kinds of magnificent texts with fantastic illustrations and old photos yeah we put this together you guys I I've been telling you guys it takes two hours to make a copy but it's not really true it really takes closer to three hours yeah just to make a copy it's it's just to make one copy onto another and we're and I use 3.1 USBs this is the this is the fastest processing power a USB can have is 3.1 uh I don't it's it's crazy because all these are three point ones that I'm providing and they're uh I can't imagine what a 2.0 is that's the old system those are the old USBS people still use them they still sell them but the 2.0 would probably take closer to four you know four and a half five hours but it takes a long time to make to make a copy so we're making we're making three copies at a time using using three different devices and uh when you try to make a whole bunch of them at the same time it just shuts down the computer processing and just really does one fast and the other one's slow so um yeah I'm I'm really glad that you guys have found value in that and I'm glad that this is being distributed all around the world and for some of you critics talking about well if there's going to be an EMP it's not going to be any good anyway that's your own damn fault that's not my problem that's your fault I have steel I have steel briefcases I have Faraday cages Faraday bags I have demonstrated them on YouTube I can put I can put myself on this cell phone I can put my cell phone right here in a faraday bag one of my small bags or my big bags and you can call my number and you're not going to hear my phone the reason you're not going to hear my phone is because the signal will not go through the fahrenheit Faraday bags we have tested these these Faraday bags that are sold on Amazon are the real deal signal signals Wi-Fi nothing goes through this Faraday bag and they're very inexpensive they're very cheap I think I paid 25 for for each Faraday bag I have I have one for each laptop and I have a small one for all my thumb drives that have all my data for our case I'm ready my big Faraday bag is for my extra laptop I have an extra laptop that stays in the Faraday bag most of the time sometimes I'm pulling it out adding stuff to it but stays in the Faraday bag with some thumb drives that have I've got I've got half a terabyte drives that have all my stuff and I have one backup terabyte drive that I keep it a different location and about once every two or three weeks I go to that location and I pull all my stuff out and I and I I all my new materials are uploaded to that terabyte drive I'm about to have to get another terabyte drive so uh yeah it's very easy what if there's someone if there's an EMP I got a generator that's got fold out fold out cloth solar panels that's fantastic I can run my laptop and all my little devices for years for years just using the sun even on a cloudy day yeah guys you just got to think the all the technology is readily available to us now they have really amazing generators now that are crank yeah it's small heavy little mole they're heavy and they're metal but they're crank you just crank it up doesn't need solar doesn't need wind turbines doesn't need anything crank is friction just crank it up and you can power your laptops and all your devices and if you've got 7147 books on on a drive then that's easy you can make copies you can go through the drive and see the books you want there's no way any of you will ever read seven thousand books in your lifetime it's not gonna happen not not these books remember my education is mainly from thirteen hundred books that I read non-fiction books that I read when I was in prison it took over 20 years to do that yeah do the math guys some of these not some of these non-fiction reference books are huge you're not going to read that in four or five days you're not even gonna read that in a week especially when you're data mining like I was Data Mining takes a lot a lot of time because you're not just reading you're also writing down everything that you think is is pertinent that goes in your files so yeah guys uh well Big John's making a lot more of those uh copies of those drives and we have changed our mailing system up I didn't like I didn't like the old mailing system so we went ahead and invested in the U.S post Services little little machine that they have that automatically prints out uh we have to weigh each each a package and it automatically prints the labels out it's so much more efficient it's so much more faster and we can just take take the packages straight even the Internationals are now fast we just put them up print them out uh uh print out the international mailing mailing coupons and labels we don't have to fill out all that paperwork anymore and we just take it to the uh deal so that that whole system I didn't realize was available but it cost it costs money but the money from the drive paid for that system so yeah that's uh I'm pretty pretty excited about that mm-hmm you see oh Lynn Lynn's been here since I had three thousand remember I used to get in the chat just like this talking just like this even when I only had 40 people engaging in my chat used to do it all the time I didn't have a problem with it I'm very familiar with Douglas vote he's he's featured in some of my videos excuse me man hey grindel dark I got your shirt I'll be wearing it during the video also got also took a also took one of your one of your songs it had a mellow kind of beat to it I really like it I'm going to be using it in an arcade's video arcade's video on YouTube so you so uh whatever links you want me to put in in the description box email those to me so I can put them in there yeah grindeldark's a musician he's got his own CD it's pretty uh one of the songs just really hit me is like wow okay instrumental it's not there's no uh there's no words or anything like that I don't believe there was not in this one yeah so uh Max will be here right as I'm finishing this podcast Big John should be bringing him from uh Airport we're definitely gonna we're definitely gonna do uh another hot mic just so you know guys right now our kids dot TV uh oh it's gonna be live today uh starting with 16 videos um Danny Danny of the unfuckers group in the UK has her own section and she talks about things that in the in the alternative healing homeopathic healing herb excuse me her blower she collects old books on all this type of material you can't put this stuff on YouTube so it's going on already she has her own section and of course we got hot mic and we got a section called mysterium and for those of you who remember me mentioning Micah dank I uploaded his video to it last night it's an hour and 45 minutes I'm not really into astral theology but I do find Value in what he's talking about I disagree with some points but it's no big deal I'm gonna let people watch it for themselves uh on has a comment section underneath there it's like YouTube underneath every video we can get dialogue started we can talk about these things this is a guy that you guys want to see on YouTube then you'll have to tell me on and uh uh he is he is a uniformitarian and he believes in the standard astronomy you know Newtonian physics model and that doesn't make him a bad fellow but uh when it comes to arcule astronomy yeah you guys already know my position got too much data I have revealed too much there's no way the sky is real the sky is a simulated construct it is there to deceive us into believing that the world is a much bigger Cosmos than the actual small construct that we find ourselves in so anyway having said all that let me get down here and see oh there's my there's my buddy Maurice Maurice came down here too from Florida where what happened to Maury there he is Maurice came down here from Florida while both Martin and Max Egan were here so yeah we had a blast we're just all talking kicking it real relaxed atmosphere you know you already know Max can get real relaxed so oh hell Martin too for that matter so yeah guys it's uh we're gonna have some more fun we're not I'm not gonna change anything up let's see I've seen Wendy Flores in here somewhere there she is Frederick Nishi German philosopher over a century ago well over a century ago I believe uh Beyond Good and Evil from which I believe I believe that's where the quote comes from I have so many notes from free she's uh I mean nishi's works this isn't the library where I keep my Nishi Nishi books these are all older oh I do have a Nishi book in here from the 1800s like 1897 or something there's no way I'm gonna be able to find it this has yet to be organized because there are books you don't see stacked up and then and there's many of these books like uh history of the world rid pack this was donated this is volume 10. it's one I did not have but I have the rest of the red path books back here got the whole deal this is the one I was missing and somebody donated it yes I want to thank Don Anderson as well just recently received a package from her and again Jay Hart uh don said some very very interesting books as well she always does I don't know where she finds all these things but uh don also sent those those cigarette pack cards you got that video coming real soon very interesting cigarette pack these are what cigarette packs had in the 1920s and 30s I'm gonna start with the one in the 1920s which is about all the uh archaeological Mysteries of the ancient world it's a 50 card it's amazing it's amazing the data they packed on that little card and these were collectors items it required you to buy 50 packs to get all the cards if you could get them all like that all right got me a new got me a new uh the uh dehumidifier right here I haven't opened the box yet but it's gonna be it's gonna be set up today it's just for this room uh you guys can't see it but the bookshelves go all from way over here you can't see from way over here wrap around me there's one two three there's four there are four oh shelves of old books and they all date one of them's from the 1700s but all the rest of them are I got a lot of them 1801 to 1810 and then everything after that but you can't see it but the shelves end well over here I'll get a better camera angle so you can see all those shelves as well uh they come all the way here but oh I lied I got all these books down here too all these are modern books though books for YouTube presentations I still have my my original Studio I still have my small Studio I'm not giving that up yeah I'm not giving that up that up at all so all right let's see here small Studio has over a hundred books but they're smaller books like uh the Moon the churchward books the small mood books and stuff that I'm doing videos out of because they're packed packed full of data that's my book monkey Studio that's where we're not no we're not done with book monkey I got a hundred and something book monkey presentations to get through because that's how many books are there each one of those books is a YouTube video and so I told you guys and I'm never gonna not tell you I still have 500 videos left in me let's see yeah Victoria I kind of agree Martin was really blown away when we got an advantages drove around we drove around for about four hours one day and we just saw all different parts of Texas I took him on a huge Loop way out in the country across Lake Livingston all the way around Montgomery County Harris County brought him all the way back he was like wow I said yeah man if I showed you a map it was just a small tiny circle of Texas that we just traveled foreign so the Meetup was great the Meetup was great it was more people than the uh them were to anticipated actually um I didn't have anything to do with that Meetup the first meet up was all about archaics and introducing me to the community and all that and me getting to know so the people that traveled to the Meetup the second Meetup was about Martin oh I know I hosted it and all that but it was really about Martin and it was about Martin to to take care of his Texas expenses take care of the airfare here take care of the airfare back uh to do all the things he needed he needed to do because that was really just just about Martin I didn't have much to do with it other than being on stage and speaking and doing and it really wasn't so much uh it wasn't archaic's Meetup but it was done in honor of Martin and and basically to make sure his whole stay here was a memorable one and that when he returns back to Cardiff he returns back not only having not spent any of of his own money but having actually returned home with some profit because he deserves that and Max was our guest in some in some qualified idiot gets on social media and starts talking about I I had several moderators tell me on Facebook starts talking about Jason only invited Max in because he wants to get canceled off of YouTube so he can switch all all everybody over to our and make money absolute morons but that's all right I'm not I'm not going anywhere YouTube's not canceling my channel they make a lot of money off my channel you don't even know super chats and and memberships and super stickers yeah advertising yeah you don't just throw away channels just because you disagree with their content there are a lot of reasons why channels get get xed out yeah you can talk about the wrong content but uh there's there's all kinds of different reasons and if you don't think YouTube which is owned by Google doesn't have a very close relationship with the IRS you got to know the thing coming hell yeah all the paperwork I had to fill out to monetize my channel I realized real quick how close that relationship was oh yeah a lot a lot of these so-called truth or channels out there disappearing if you do a little homework you'll find out exactly why they they were kicked off the channel you gotta hey when in Rome you know what I mean you got to Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and under God that which is God's you gotta If You're Gonna Play the game you have to play by their rules let's see here I'm gonna wait till the interest I'm just answering the question here I'm going to wait till the interest in the superdrive this this 7147 old books I'm gonna wait till that wanes before I bring the thumb drives back now that we have a new mailing system it's going to be so much easier to mail these these super I got the super Pacs and and the survival packs remember they're all the survival pack is the one that has all the old images the old photography all that stuff and all my in all my charts in there those are in the super pack uh all my all my books my 200 articles everything that's ever been published in archaics on Facebook all uh all the posts all the Articles everything's in that super pack all my personal research everything research findings chronicon chronicon notes uh over 20 books that I've written everything's in the Super PAC the survival pack is on the YouTube imagery and YouTube PDFs and all the stuff that have been used in the videos that's the difference between those two packs and those are very popular but then I then I kept saying I didn't want to sell them anymore because it's just too much time doing The Mailing and filling out International mailing forms and all that but uh we're taking care of that now so when a matter becomes clear it ceases to concern us um you guys know I'll often said that if the end is already secure then all the steps leading to it are secure as well but the problem lies in the individual not in the construct because if the end is truly secure then the individual knows that because of attitude the actual life how someone lives their life on a day-to-day basis but is is is very measurable in their attitude their attitude will reflect what's going on inside them and what's going on inside them will always have outward expression and whatever whatever that whatever forms that outward expression takes your physical Avatar will do things that will commiserate with the thoughts that are going on internally this is how the construct reads the individual it does not matter what you think it does not matter what you feel it does not matter what you Daydream what you fantasize there are millions of people who lay their head down at night and fantasize about things before they go to sleep and it has absolutely no effect on their personal reality whatsoever none because they don't act on it and they have recognized that it is just fantasy or they fall in the Trap that they actually believe that these are things that are unattainable to them so they've become comfortable with the with the fantasy daydreaming daydreaming does not modify reality because it's not acted on this is where attitude comes in if you have the attitude of faith of basically your vacuous empty of Faith you have no you have no true belief that you're a co-creator and that you can modify Reality by your actions and attitude then it's going to be reflected in your attitude and you're going to be miserable you're going to be fearful you're going to vibrate on the frequency of the collective instead of being a broadcaster you're going to be the only other thing you can be which is a receiver there's only two there's only two modes of activity here you're either going to receive as a as a way of reality as your personal walk through the construct you're either going to be a sponge and absorb the collective programming and be shoved into a niche a dungeon a dungeon protocol you're either going to find some polarity that resonates with your negative base vibration and you're going to yeah you know what that sounds really good I think you know what that's right you know what I think if socialism truly worked the way it's supposed to designed to work it would be a good thing and only the Democrats are really pulling push pushing that so I think I'm going to vote Democrat this time you have accepted a paradigm and now the construct is going is going to commiserate it is going to be begin building phenomena in your reality tunnel that basically justifies the very belief that you have adopted it's going to saturate you with people's circumstances in even places where you will find more confirmation that you're right socialism is the answer and Democrats are the only one pushing it you will begin to see that you're correct and this is how it ensnares you into a dungeon protocol dungeon programming is very real I am guilty of falling into those traps you're guilty of falling into those traps we all are because Breaking Free is not something that you do Breaking Free is something that you are breaking free is an attitude it is not an accomplishment every single day of our existence we have to fight this fight in the greatest utility to the Divine Immortal passing through this construct is to realize that they shouldn't give an f about any opposition because any thought to opposition automatically makes the construct construct a pure opposition in your life any belief that resistance is possible automatically knit some modicum of resistance into your your present any thought that there are those out there who could stop you from accomplishing the things that you want NPCs and real individuals controlled by dungeon protocols will then you'll start finding these people in your way stopping you from doing the things you want closing doors instead of opening opening ways for you to move forward we are the writers of our own existence here the dungeon Protocols are always convincing us that external stimuli are are to be blamed because if the Divine Immortal can get put into a feedback loop where it can start blaming external stimuli for the reasons why it itself can't move forward and do the things that it wants to do and experience the things that it wants to experience that in itself becomes a dungeon protocol the feedback loop is enforced by the the individual pointing out more things that pop up it is in his existence that thwart him from becoming what he wants to become and more people will surface in that individual's life to provide distractions and the construct knows you better than you know yourself because you live by agency of the temporal memory where you can't remember your entire past even right here you can't all at once you just know enough about yourself to get through for the day for the present but the construct knows every outcome of every decision you have ever made therefore its ability for predictive programming over the dictates of your own existence is far superior to yours if you're living by the rules of the construct if you are if you are judging present circumstances based off present external stimuli but if you're if you're not given a f about anything in this world but what you're trying to accomplish and trying to do there is nothing the dungeon protocols can put in front of you because you don't care you don't give them power remember energy flows where attention goes so if a Phantasm of trouble begins to solidify in your future and you see the evidence that this is this is the con this is the picture that's about to unfold but it hasn't happened yet the very consideration that that's what's about to happen will create that phenomena that barrier will solidify in your reality because you gave it attention your attention is the very energy the construct needed to bring to pass the very thing you feared therefore not given an f about anything absolutely prevents the construct from creating events and circumstances that will impede your move forward in whatever move forward that you're attempting to accomplish the internal attitude is absolute power it is also evidence to the construct that it has lost its control mechanisms governing your life those individuals are feared by the construct awakened individuals are not feared they're excised someone who merely becomes awake is just no longer valuable to the construct the similacrum itself views every one of us as a resource the dungeon programming collects Millions hundreds of millions of souls who are all expending energy into this field and it uses that energy to build more worlds and to build worlds for the collective divided into polarities right and wrong white and black Republican and Democrat Nationalist and globalist it creates these paradigms and these people in turn employing a feedback being participating in a feedback loop they energize the construct it thrives on their beliefs it thrives on the energy expenditure this is not the Matrix your body is not in a pod and your brain feeding some some AI system it's not What's Happening Here that that version was just it's it was the best approximation those those directors and authors could come up with to describe what is happening here it is an AI system artificial intelligence X is governing over the construct it is hijacked Like A Parasite it is hijacked a contra and turned it into a Predator versus pre-ecosphere something it was probably not originally designed to be but the construct does not fear the awakened individuals it merely it merely Cuts them off when it sees it cannot control it's not going to expend a lot of energy trying to draw you back when it's when it's obvious you have awakened remember guys once something is awake it can no longer go back to sleep once you see something you know it so it's over with the concert's not going to expend energy trying to draw you back what it's going to do is let you go you can build your own reality tunnel you can build the perimeters of your own existence you can be what you want to be inside the construct and a lot of people who find find out their true nature they go off to be wealthy they go off to be happy they they live these fantastic lives they end up finding the perfect maid that they find everything they want in life and that serves the construct too because they have fallen in into a comfort zone where they're not fighting the construct that's not me I'm not that individual I consider myself alive I consider myself awake but I'm not gonna be quiet I'm not gonna be silent the construct has much to fear for me but not just me but from other individuals as well because when I come into contact with those I know who are asleep but they're on the verge of waking up those are the ones those are the ones I I want to I want to bring in those are the ones I want to help wake up they're already almost there they just need a little help they need to be able to see what others see in order to understand that they're in a they're in a programming protocol that they're living a template that belongs to something else not to themselves so I'm not going to be that I'm going to be a pillar anywhere that I am I'm going to be a lighthouse I and those who are like me and I know there are many I'm going I am going to be a standard of example because that is the only way true Spirits learn they do not learn by teaching they do not learn but by some weird Guru charging hundreds of hundreds of dollars to spiritually awaking awaken you that's not how the spirit awakens that's just how you intellectually entertain people who think they're waking up the true individual who wants to wake others up will do so by his attitude in his attitude will Forge his walk through life and people will observe that because behind the eyes of the individual is an immortal looking at looking at another Immortal and that self-realization comes in they realize I'm no different than he I can do what he has done once once that takes place The Awakening begins and that individual divorces themselves from the construct when a matter becomes clear it ceases to concern us this is what we have we have to embrace those who have the don't give an f attitude and they move through this reality abs like a Viking unopposed these are the ones the construct actually fears there is no dungeon programming there's no negative default programming that can Corral this individual only set only set this individual back temporarily because this individual is still subject to the base emotions it's still subject to the central nervous system so it's locked into a prison but inside that prison it's virtually free to do what it wants while all the prisoners are stuck on certain cell blocks dungeon programming the polarities they have accepted so let me look at this chat section again old Karma doc how you doing um Faraday bags for the win they are you guys got to invest in them I know this EMP goes down aliens not you know according to the Pentagon if aliens knock out our infrastructure and and the electricity is not working or if the internet's down I don't give a damn I've got a generator that's going to work it doesn't matter if the EMP goes down now I might not have all the Creature Comforts of air conditioning and all that stuff but I know what I do have I've got something that's going to allow me to turn my laptop on because I'm going to be able to pull it out after it's all over EMP is not going to have hurt my my laptop at all and I got I got these drives that have all these images and all this stuff and I'm sorry if I can't reach out to the rest of the world I didn't I didn't cause it to happen but I know by virtue of the way I've prepared which didn't even hardly cost any money these little Faraday bags off of Amazon and you know I'm not making any money for this guys you don't see any advertisements on my YouTube my YouTube uh Channel or case rkx doesn't have any advertisements for any type of merchandise sold by anybody you don't see that under my deal so I'm not sitting here trying to push a product I'm not I'm just telling you what works and I have tested it the Faraday bags are real they will protect your that will protect your devices that will protect your thumb drives your terabyte drives whatever you whatever you use and if you get a small crank generator or if you get the uh the one I really like is the one with the cloth solar panels it's on Amazon too small hey the cloth solar panels are awesome you can hang them up wherever the sun's at it'll power your laptop it'll power your your whatever devices you're using because you ain't got to worry about a phone in the event EMP goes out it would take a long long time for them to even repair the entire infrastructure by which cell phones operate so yeah that's uh I'm gonna be able to read my old books I'm gonna be able to get all my stuff done and during that period of time it might be a month it might be two months it might be three months before infrastructure starts coming back up a new a new style of internet I don't know this is all conjectural we just don't know but they seem to be planning for a a Fall Guy for when something like this happens they want to introduce a a a a culpable element which which is going to be the ETS and for those of you who have been following the Galactic Federation uh where are they at because they're supposed to be stopping this type of stuff right there's a whole bunch of drop ships and capital ships from the galactic federations and for these fake plea pleadian pleiadian however you say it these fake pleadian healers out there uh uh in communication with these Galactic Federation dropships where are you at where are you at you would think if you were telling the truth your channel would have millions of followers and and people like that but there's something wrong something wrong here something's going something's going on and it's just not true it's uh we don't have a collective Federation coming to the rescue we don't even have a space force coming through to to the rescue because space force isn't the space you think that's not why that agency was created so there is one thing I do want to I do want to mention uh I don't there's no reason to do a whole video on it because the subject matter of our case is going in a totally different direction but I will I will say this about some new a new revelation I've had about open Ai and chat gpt4 and all that I subscribe monthly to chat gpt4 because I've been researching it you guys know I've already done a video on chat gbt4 and I showed you guys that the the sources that it could cites were made up they're fictitious they don't exist I've also shown that the open AI isn't near as objective as you think because it sticks to the narratives oh yeah oh yeah 100 it sticks to the narratives it does not engage in any type of conspiracy thought or alternative history thought at all it sticks to the to to the narrative this is troubling to me because we're not dealing with their true AI I had a revelation the other day when I was messing with chat gpt4 and I was looking up stuff for the Great Wall of China I don't like what I well I don't like what what passed through my mind [Applause] equally so I don't like equally so I do not like that the fact that this was like a splinter in my head all day long and it just needled me when this happens to me I pay attention because I got other things to do I've got projects I'm working on I got people I have dialogues I need to follow through I have emails to answer and I have a lot of emails to get to so I don't like that this is troubling me my my subconscious my deeper inner my deeper inner being that's more connected to my immortal Soul it's telling me something it's telling me to look and I did I went back to check chat gpt4 and I ran several experiments and I'm looking at in a new revelation dawned on me guys I understand what it is about open AI that that the establishment is pushing the stuff so hard in giving everybody free versions and subscriber subscriber versions I understand now two things were happening at the same time here we're being conditioned to accept the open AI as something that is going to absolutely replace the search engines on the internet at the same time the search engines on the internet are being scrubbed now I've already told you guys over and over and over Google being all these search engines listen they used to provide way more examples of things you were looking for five and ten years ago than they do today today sponsored stuff comes up then all the establishment versions of stuff comes up you gotta scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll before you ever get to anything you're really looking for anymore you're being bombarded with all the misinformation elements first before you can get to the good stuff and then when you get to the good stuff sometimes those those websites glitch out they're hard to log on to they buff or it listen guys the internet is being scrubbed there are many websites that no longer exist really awesome research Discovery archeology websites gone so I see what's happening I understand what chat gpt4 open a all with what they're all doing now in the near future you're not going to have to Google anything this is the great danger that falls that's about to be Flawless guys they are preparing to switch over the search engines to an open AI system that does the research for you you just ask the question as soon as you ask the question it provides everything everything you need and that's the version you have to accept because you're not given an alternative the days of Internet research will come to an end you're not going to be able to go find all these GMS because you're going to be you're going to be able to choose which open AI system you want not which search engine and they are all going to be plugged into the same thing providing basically different versions of the same data this is terrible this is an excellent way in one in just one Fell Swoop they they can totally not only rewrite the entire history of the world using false false absolutely terrible false they just make up sources guys remember on my on my YouTube video I showed you I am subscribed to jstor jstores peer-reviewed academic research papers one of the best websites in the world for this material and it cited that so I went into jstor and I went and looked they don't exist the not one source that decided existed when I went deep onto the the Phoenix Phoenix research from the ancient past and all these Scholars that wrote all these papers these papers did not exist the people were real the papers were not open AI lied so it has this capability to push the mainstream narratives lie about resources what's going to happen is we're going to have basically a replacement of the internet that you know today where you can basically research things and put you know put a picture together of what you think may have been true or not but in the near future that option will be taken from you and it will be open AI search engines and they don't do research they answer questions that's all they do they don't do research you have to ask questions and it produces answers it's as simple as that not not a uh it's not conducive to real research but you know what when that happens they're going to start hunting people like this people like me got all this stuff yeah guys yeah they're not gonna they're not going to allow for you know things like this the day is coming guys today is I'm prepared believe me I'm prepared yeah I stay I stayed two or three steps ahead ahead ahead of them boys believe that they can come in here and confiscate all these books right here it wouldn't matter to me they're just books already got all the information PDF I'm good but anything ever happens to the archaics library it's just gonna all it's gonna do is create an archaic virus that's going to spread all over the world and this information is going to get past because people are going to realize damn here it is right here and these thumb drives are going to become things that are going to be basically very well sought basically in Black Market underground there's going to come a time guys where knowledge is going to be more precious than gold believe that oh sorry about that glitching I see it's a bad signal sorry about that so when the matter becomes clear it ceases to concern us when a soul is moving with such a forceful attitude that it can go everywhere in public go anywhere it wants to and not be opposed and everything good happens and uh no matter what that soul attempts to do every conversation that Soul engages in there's a positive outcome when somebody is vibrating on the frequency of being a true Immortal and a true Immortal will never will never regard the construct as anything but programming a true Immortal will look around and understand that it is more real than anything it perceives a true Immortal will always know that it is more than anything that can happen to it I'm saying it because when you're talking about Immortals or celestials we're no longer attached to gender gender applies not to the soul but to the avatar so yeah guys it's all it's it's serious this is this is serious attitude is is is everything guys it's 100 percent everything yeah I'm not hurting I'm not hardly even coughing anymore guys I think I'm done with that it was bad for a while it was bad for a while Matt's traveling right now preoccupied oh somebody just asked about Jordan Maxwell hmm I do not sure I've never seen your name before not sure but I do read every chat message and there are people that will will vouch for that I'll read every single chat message I go through them after this after the videos fall over it's all uploaded in the chat appears on YouTube I'll go through those chat messages yeah I do that all the time I'm not trying to police I'm not trying to police it but uh but I often learn from you guys as well I also see your temperament I see where information is lacking things you know people need to absorb more data on this point here before we can move to the next point I get that I I can read your I can read the chat narratives and basically ascertain uh where I need to go in future videos an ozone machine for the library huh that's interesting yes so guys it's not a matter of Are we more than we suppose ourselves to be now there's no question about it we are more than we supposed ourselves to be so much in fact that it took this entire construct to even cause us to doubt and that's pretty powerful Revelation there but we agreed to this 100 I don't believe a single person listening to my voice is a victim of circumstance when the fact that you are existing in this construct no we agreed to this yeah our present Avatar and present situation might could be better No Doubt but what are you gonna do about it because attitude is everything and whatever you pay attention to you empower this is key that's why you got it you got to understand mainstream media can tell you all these different narratives but to the individual who totally ignores those narratives those narratives do not control that person but as soon as a carrot gets thrown out there in the individual pays a little bit a little bit of attention to that carrot that individual is going to be following the narrative for which that carrot is being led yeah guys energy flows where attention goes this is the great danger what you focus in on you lend your energy to you cannot help being what you are and this is our divine Birthright that no matter what we do in life we are always every day every hour and every minute creating this is why we came into existence and we're so powerful that we have created the very conditions that govern our own lives we're creators we're co-creators in the construct accepts that and it uses that to its Advantage because we're always creating the very things we do not want to experience and we do it to ourselves over and over and over but once you realize that it doesn't have to be that way and that you can just adopt it don't give an f attitude about anything in the world that is supposed to be troubling to you and you just move forward and be who you want to be where you want to be and interact and engage with others when you want to be to do that don't give a damn about opposition when you truly adopt that attitude your creative power is then honed in on the very things that you want to happen and none of it is being Borrowed by the construct to give license and solid and solidify the things that you worry about things that you that don't want to happen you've got to develop that attitude tune because that attitude is the signature of immortality because if you do give give a damn about any of the wickedness and evil that goes on around in the world then by default you become a participant and you can say all day long that hey I'm I didn't do that I'm not the one that caused all that to happen but if that's all you've been fixated on and you've been reading about it and watching movies about it and and and this is you participated you have lent energy to that phenomenon to allow the construct to perpetuate and continue that that dungeon programming and that oppression over what it is you're fixated about yeah guys we have an opposite effect in reality to the things that we think we do we think we are helping by trying to save the world yeah you're not you're not saying you're not helping the individuals that need help no every Immortal here can help themselves but when you lend so much of your attention and that energy is fixed with what I need to do all this for those people because they can't do it for themselves you have basically informed the construct that it can borrow some of your Immortal energy to make sure that those people cannot take care of themselves yeah you do just the opposite of what you profess to admire it's not your it's not what you want but this is a construct where almost everything is the exact opposite of what it should be and we see evidence of this all the time look at the morons who rule us we were supposed to have voted them in go through all 50 states of the United States go through all the elected positions the Senate house Congress even the president the vice president look at them they're all buffoons they're all absolute clowns there's no way any of these people should be ruling anybody of intelligent people but this is where we're at this is what happened it's not just it's not just that it's all over the world it's all over the world that those that we consider the elite are actually the most intellectually and emotionally vacuous individuals in the world why why is this it's because the construct uses these spiritually vacant people the best it has more control over these so it elevates them to positions of power it's so easy for it to do that because these people are empty scraped out and Hollow they're so lost you're not gonna find a spiritually awakened individual in politics at all that's not why they're there so anyway when a matter becomes clear it ceases to concern us to me Morpheus laughing I'm going to answer that I'm gonna answer this but when a matter becomes clear it ceases to concern us the matter that should be clear to you is that you're a Divine immortal and what ceases to concern you is that your Immortal status can be touched in any way by an external construct there's nothing in out outside external reality should that should matter to you you should Forge ahead in all things look at me I don't give a damn about these stupid insignificant little troll channels they only listen to each other they're dumb all they're doing they're doing the exact opposite of what they intend to do this is what troll channels do this is why Barnum Bailey was so right when he said it doesn't matter what they say about you as long as they spell your name right man Barnum and Bailey knew the secret he understood this is why with the troll channels I'm also I I am live sometimes I egg them on sometimes I encourage them the troll channels hate me and they make it so obvious they do but this hate is energy It's Just Energy and the energy is directed at me but it has the exact opposite effect because that energy is laced with the idea from these individuals that ah Jason of archaics is successful I hate him Jason of our cakes has a lot of people listening to him I hate him Jason Jason of archanges is doing everything I want to do with a successful YouTube channel in social media presence I hate him and every all they're doing is sending me energy bringing me more subs opening more awareness up to the public of Jason and archaics and personally empowering my only moral self to not give an f because they're helping me when they actually think they're harming me just like you when you think that it's your spiritual duty to save the world it's because you believe the world is real and when you think you're here to save the world you expend your energy which is divine it's creative it could be used to build your world better which by extension helps others but instead you focus on saving the world and you and you send so much energy but the energy that you broadcast to save the world is imprinted with the knowledge that something in the world needs to be saved it is in this condition and requires your assistance that alone is programming that you sent out in the construct loves it and it takes that energy and it oppresses that group even more everything here is the exact opposite of what we think the truer you understand when a matter becomes clear it ceases to concern us what should be clear to you is that as a highly individualized Immortal spark from a Divine fire the oversoul you are here to create a better world for yourself because in doing that you embark on the co-creator relationship and the co-creator relationship creates a feedback loop that begins to introduce more good into the construct because you're focused you're focused on your immortalhood and the relationship you have not with the construct but with the oversoul and when you focus on that it lends you more power you grow you affect more other souls in the construct you begin shining like that Lighthouse and all these other Souls that are on ships going in different directions begin to change and they begin to steer closer they begin to gravitate towards you because they see you're the light in the darkness and they see there's knowledge in that light and that the rest of the construct has nothing but Darkness so they move away from it these are the individuals I'm searching for I don't care if you're awake I'm searching for the individuals who have that inner knowing and they know that no matter what's going to happen in the next two decades they themselves can build a world for themself that is so insular it is so fortified and so well protected that it will even act as a sanctuary for those awakened individuals who haven't reached that plateau of spirituality yet I'm not asking for the entire awakened Community to participate because I don't think you can I'm asking for those individuals to do some self-analysis you know that spark is in you you know and resonate with the truth when a matter becomes clear it ceases to concern you what should be clear to you is that you've already been awake for a long time and now it's time to start building your own world inside the construct because when you do when you offer this Eden when you offer this walled enclosure of spiritual protection the people will come and sometimes it's going to be those that you would never suspect yeah sometimes the quietest individuals around you are the greatest co-creators in in our existence it's not always the most vocal so that's what this video is about this video is about those few out there I know you're out there you may you may number in the thousands but I know you're out there you were the ones destined to be the pillars in the future everything resolve revolves around the pillar the pillar is the one that leads by example the pillar is the one that other awakened individuals can lean on when they go through their inner storms of Doubt when that when they begin to falter it doesn't mean they're not awake it just means the construct still has those tendrils wrapped in some aspect of their psyche so I hope you guys enjoyed this presentation I'm not going to draw it out any further than this I do have company coming going to arrive any minute now will be live today um and I will post it in YouTube I think it will be posted in Discord and maybe Facebook and uh other places as well uh I hope to see you guys there um it's just things that can be discussed discussed on YouTube my YouTube family will never miss out I still have all these fascinating historical prophetic eschatological theoretical and chronological presentations I'll never stop and I'll never stop the pace either you guys know sometimes I'm rapid firing videos and other times or three or four days apart so when a matter becomes clear it ceases to concern you if you're truly confident in Who You Are then the matter has become clear and it shouldn't and nothing should concern you about the construct you move forward become what you want to want to be if you want to disagree that's fine too I invite you to go ahead and try to save the world and I promise you you're going to see the signs in your own life that are debilitating that are going to set you back they're going you're going to go through some emotional trauma you're going to go through all kinds of things are not going to go right for you and there's a reason for this it's because in trying to save the world you actually empowered the construct to harm others that's what you did and it's a feedback loop because what you do for others automatically happens to you as well this is a very difficult concept to to embrace I get it but when a matter becomes clear like it has for me nothing concerns me anymore I know exactly what I'm doing or where I'm going and I'm only wondering how many are going with me that's it for now guys I love you I'm gonna I'm gonna hit this little uh I'm gonna hit this little uh present deal I'm still experimenting with all this don't really know what's going on but uh I'm gonna try it I'm gonna try it