1871 Cyclical Flood Theory is AMAZING: with Martin Liedtke

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Uploaded May 19, 2023

"William Bassett Walker in 1871 delivers astounding fact after fact assaults in his demonstrations that the newly developed Ice Age Theory was totally bogus, that the scientific community was covering up the discoveries of anomalies that showed clear proofs that there is a cycle of destruction when one hemisphere totally floods the other when the center of gravity of the world is disturbed. He dates the Great Flood with total accuracy and mentions the purpose of the Great Pyramid in this incredible book." [1]

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this is Jason of arcades.com and I'm telling you now I am not alone I've got more than leaky right here I can't show the camera on him what he's doing I'm not going to but Cheryl is here a front row seat more leaky's here sitting with me at the table twisting one up and uh you all know Martin when we also got gone hard here so this is a quote monkey presentation you guys know it's serious despite the noises you're going to hear in the background I assure you this is a very serious presentation now the book I'm discussing Republican 1871. this book was written by a man who lived through the massive amount of deception that happened in the 1800s after Charles Lyle introduced a new a new idea into the scientific world this new idea is called uniformitarianism and it is the absolute poison that is pretty much corrupted every scientific theory that is home afterward because it had to be promoted through the lens of uniformitarianism and as I'm giving this presentation if I seem to get more jovial or lightheaded it is a contact high I promise you I do not indulge but yes this book was published in 1871 when copywriters from London as you can see right here uh on the tag you can see right here this is Melbourne Charles wood and Sons publisher and book is absolutely amazing I read it from cover to cover and you're gonna see it with me as I give you this presentation this is a book monkey presentation I hope you guys really enjoy this and please fracking up in the middle of the video you've got to bear with me foreign guys you're gonna have to bear with me here at this table and my listeners you have to understand when I'm presenting the data that's found in these old books we're still dealing with the scientific world that had already been convinced that we live on a sphere for only 63 000 miles around a star so some of the terminology you're going to hear is uniformitarian however the man who wrote this book was absolutely against what he was seeing being done in the scientific Community he did not like seeing how the rest of the scientists were being bullied into accepting the uniformitarian theory and divorcing themselves from the catastrophist model which the geology supported though for those of you who don't know uniformitarianism is a new scientific thought introduced by Charles Lyle in 1830 to 1833 where he basically said that the layers of the earth too hundreds of thousands to millions of years of age Heat age and that world history must be looked through through a lens of almost impossibly unimaginable long period of time he said we can't basically be introduced to the scientific thought that we cannot interpret geological and archaeological data unless we first ascertain that it's already so old we can't count the years this premise this filter has basically all geological and archaeological data since then since what we're discussing in this book but we're going to be reading passages that this man said in 1871 that proves that uniformitarianism is not only bogus but that the traditions of the world concerning a major flood are absolutely proved in the scientific evidence grows it in uniformitarianism were created to cover it up and had the way they did this is they invented the ice age this is what this book is about it's called cyclical delusions I've got Martin Leakey here and I've got Cheryl wrote a seat and the own [ __ ] group has a representative sitting right here named Don Hart so we're gonna get through this video together at least I am already feeling it no cyclical delusions the title is weird and explication of the chief geological phenomena over the globe by proof of periodical changes of the Earth's axis remember guys Phoenix phenomenon has already showed four times in reported human history where we had temporal poet gifts we have not had lithospheric displacement we have had 30 degree shifts that were temporary and went back to the normal positions only after the destruction was over we've got this in the historical record and we're going to hear about it now in the scientific evidence and it's very it's very very compelling my our my Phoenix archivist you guys know you've seen this data now you're going to see the same Phoenix data built from a pretty scientific perspective so let's move on oh this is a theory founded on geographical facts through geological formations of Carboniferous mineral talking about the location of the whole deposits because they are not found randomly the total scenes that have been found around the world are only at certain locations and it gives a great hint as to what happened to the ancient world and what found in those coal deposits also tells us what happened in the ancient world a uniformitarianism cannot account for it so let's get into this book it's going to be great more are you excited yeah I'm excited I I have um posted about a whole stream um that went from South Wales where I live and came up in Pennsylvania the coal mines there and it's exactly the same coal stream because right across the Atlantic good point yeah probably we're going to discuss that from this book these massive huge thick cold scenes go under the oceans and in the next continent as if there was a prior period where the ocean was even there so let's let's get let's get to it so in the preface to this amazing book from 1871 which was written 37 years after Charles Lyle introduced his uniformitarian theory so for 37 years the author had to sit here and listen to the whole scientific World basically rival at defeat of Charles Lyle and he didn't sit there and watch the growing career of Charles Darwin when when he came up with natural selection and evolution now natural selection of evolution was only developed because of uniformitarianism it would have never been developed outside that context so Carl's Darwin really isn't really a Pioneer he really just adapted to the scientific flavor of the day so having said all that that's my words now we're going to get into the author here and this is a this is something I should have mentioned I'm sorry I didn't mention the author's name I'm at a loss to even find it now because I didn't even put it in the stills but we'll get to it we'll get to in a little while because he's going to be named in the text in the preface he says as far as this author is aware claims to be the first writer who has pointed out the remarkable geographical position occupied by the coal fields of the world as bearing testimony to the theory of deluge epics as demonstrated by the scientist M alfonse adamar now the author of this book relies heavily on the French scientist or adamar and this is where he pulls most of his data we prevent scientists French scientists who was actually an archaeologist he had moved on the ground and these are the things that he had found the common belief is that for cycles of Ages before the historic era land and water were distributed in general as they are now as far as geological research has been pushed the reverse of this though is what has been found to be true for there is a great significant and hither to explain the difference between the northern and the southern hemispheres what this man is saying is that proof that something very terrible happened to our world in scene in that the distribution of the continents north of the equator is very different from what we find south of the Equator and he's going to give many examples so this should raise your you should be really curious about this because I have never even seen or heard anything like this in any other presentation that the distribution of land masses and seas and oceans are very different in the northern hemisphere as opposed to the Southern Hemisphere and that there's a pause for this that is easily explainable so what you guys excited yet yeah all right you better be that's happened you're checking out loud yeah 1830 1833 right it's closely associated with Darwin and the origin of the species it's about the same design both revolutionary books and he's been balls were the model the fields of geology the revolution in Natural Sciences not coincidentally and his associate this is saying and he had to watch them all live right so he's in there they're all lying and he's going that's not like get paid yeah right so but he's in there and he's he's trying to figure out what's going on so let's move on yeah we're gonna get into exactly what you're talking about hey the Northern Hemisphere presents evidence of the former existence of much more water than it contains today the Prairies of North America The Plains of Europe and the largest part of Asia were very recently under sea the very exist the very extensive prevalence of the waters where now they are not from the Arctic regions to the Sahara Desert is absolutely undeniable he's basically explaining the geographic the geology of our world today it's understood that the Sahara was underwater they said that it's compressed because of an ice cap the once laid on me Bell was the Ice Age Theory and he's he this is his book is about dismantling that and showing that it was a flood that did all this damage but uh he's basically explaining that we have the remarks to be true everywhere that we find fry ground there's evidence that seashells know it's been amazing and the places that are now greatly covered in water were formerly dry ground something has reversed the entire deal but it's not what you think the reversal is between the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere and it's going to go into detail so proofs of the sudden and violent change in the structure of the Earth's surface are to be found as cuvier judged in the Frozen carcasses of animals in the north and in the opinion of the same distinguished man that's that's pouvier the evidence also exists of a great Deluge only a few thousand years ago what are scientists saying this Mission very good yeah we may therefore assume that such a deluge as pruvier and others find to have been found among comparatively recent phenomena of the globe remember guys this is by scientists for nervous for these terms I'm reading the text imperatively recent phenomena of the globe best explains the scattered Boulders which have hit or two been regarded as the greatest proof of glacial action and also most of the alluvial deposits which are strewn all over the world for such was the rush of water all these cited facts and within the entire disappearance of the huge mammals of a very recent age which are puzzles if not contradictions or Orthodox geologists are fully accounted for by a nearly a year of the heartful deluge what is being said here is first of all Evolution from Muslim means life forms becoming more and more complex getting bigger and all that stuff instances of time for Geology shows we got massive evidence of a great catechism and the giant animals have suddenly become small paper canopy they don't have the oxygen debris so they can't grow that big anymore right so he continues to be American Pampas is a district three times as large as the whole of France and is a vast deposit of mud and which are in tune memorific in wonderful abundance one cause alone can explain its existence namely a flood sufficiently fat vast to leave behind as it surged and rolled to the mouth of what is now La Plata that prodigious residual of mud and animals which its Mighty Force has swept from the north okay I didn't fight everything in this book I never I would have never been able to but he's got visual pictures of what happened in this catechism or this massive freezing happened incident Vapor canopy collapsed everything Frozen which was on a flatter map it would be the center area well the greatest the tropics the warmer Parts didn't freeze or any further away from the tropics did it freeze well when it froze as it thawed out and the water Rose you can actually understand why they found like 2.5 million mammoths lost holy rhinoceros all all matted together like a corporate because when they died their mammals bloat yes loading mammals for to the top and as they decompose they blew together wow this is exactly how we find them and because as the waters come down the decomposing glued islands of animals of animals settle in the lowest Parts where the water go The Valleys they go to The Valleys wow we're already compression has laid whole seams so they laid they lay on top of it and then this mud is talking about three times the size of France right here in the Americas so much mud from this worldwide flood ended up in America and the mud was deposited over this whole area and then the animals were laid down on top of it because they were floating there were Islands animals that just laid on top of it and that's why they're so perfectly preserved all the way to the plateau then all the way to La Plata The Vapor Kennedy is really really hard on everything here isn't it when it when it turns on and off that changed big one what is explaining though is is the destruction entered the Americas and then reigned on the North it went to Gulf of Mexico so it is what you see with the United United States this is what you see with West Texas Arizona New Mexico you see where water just walked away yeah on the topography yeah right here playing it's part of the rock is that what a scene [Music] foreign group mentions clay she can't even see my screen here's the next next scientific data point the play deposit of the Panthers the trade deposit over the Pampas you're one of the most beautiful geological facts and deserving of careful investigation I think the huge memaphers that's the woolly rhinoceros yeah Mastodon three-toed sloth all the middle yeah saber-toothed tigers yeah yes so let's talk about talking about the megaphone I think the huge members of the Pampas are not in their birthplace and that they have been born wither not by flowing streams but through a geological invulsion which destroyed them all in a single stroke the play is the evidence that the scientists here is using the same the presence of this clay explains how all these bodies got here because they were round far away in another part of the world but when the world flooded yeah and then they flaculate they get together because as the water compresses them through valleys and canyons get together and then as they're decomposing they literally fuse together I can literally see it in my mind play is always where the bodies are found I mean play is alluvial it's deposited about water so the scientists are saying this is not what he's doing what he's doing is he's separating he's separating the data to show you that all this stuff the whole book is about smashing the Ice Age this guy's saying you all were being in 1871 he says you guys are all being live too ice ages fiction scientists or the scientists are covering this data up and he's itemizing the data flood not Ice Age so it's very interesting let's keep going but you mentioned play that's pretty cool that was good it was good so for the immediate result would be the destruction of all the living creatures of that part of the world okay what it's talking about is the is the is 23 to 4 it's about 23. first of all here's the here's the axis these are called obliquity right this is the 23.5 degree obliquity this is why the sun is at 30 degrees north latitude here right here in Texas so it's this it's this that's why the sun you'll never see the Sun at 90 degrees we're not on the Equator so we're 30 degrees north latitude so to us here in Texas the Sun never passes directly above us it passes the 30th it passes at a 30 degree Arc at night time you'll never see the moon at 90 degrees right so always seated at the 30 degree range it's because Texas is Way north of the equator so this is this is what he's describing the whole shift the immediate result would be the destruction of all living creatures of that part of the world and the vast play deposit of the Pampas if it were not so it would be hard to conceive of and explain two important facts but sudden and simultaneous annihilation of the huge terrestrial animals which inhabited the American continents and the immense accumulation of ampian mud the pampian Earth is the last deposit of a great important and important period which preceded the existing Epic number four he's basically saying that that repulsive caused the destruction of the destruction itself was flooding and the flooding and the flooding in the end of that world is why we don't have those giant giant creatures anymore what's the evidence for the pope shift maybe we'll get into it in this book I don't know I don't know I don't maybe it's magnetism readings and some stuff well I'm a simulationist and I have discussed Point shift in my prior videos I believe all this is a controlled environment I believe the entire sky is simulated to deceive us so pole shifts the entire movement of a pole shift would be in the sky only and what's what's done on the ground if technology can see in my in my in my Paradigm leading simulationist I have perfectly on board with earthquakes being technologically created not natural occurrences but an earthquake seismic disturbance disturbance even volcanism yep volcanoes because I believe that the overseers of this construct actually create natural phenomena they can they can create they can create destructions inside the construct that we interpret as pole shifts by looking at the visual data let's talk you know the star also the sun goes down it helps back up erratic well more it's more basically more Tom [ __ ] it's more whoever's in control of the cops are steadily trying to get us to believe we live in a heliosity system and it's not perfect this guy hasn't changed on record though The Parallax hasn't changed since apparently Rome machines or around great chats oh yes there's no term yeah you're right there's no change the Parallax there is no change but what he's describing too is not not there's two different types of pole shifts according to science scientists one of them is the one he he only focuses on temporal pole shift it's when there is aviation in return yeah but scientists actually speculate there's also what's called lithospheric displacement he doesn't even discuss it it's also the wobble isn't that they say yeah I don't know what the possession of the Equinox yeah uh you know what Graham Hancock's big on that and all that but yeah yeah how do you measure a wobble over 25 920 year period I don't I don't buy into it I don't so npn mud let's go the next one so so he's saying is it that is it that of Dr Edmund Hitchcock who says that only the Northern parts of the American continent have been swept over by a powerful current from the Northwest to the southeast that the deluvial waters must have been Oceanic this is another clue basically it's basically saying no that is good it sounds compelling for that so what other agency could have here produced a current 2 000 miles in width there is no reason to suppose the inequalities of surface which now exist were essentially different at an epic of deluvial action he's saying mountains and rivers and valleys have always been mountains and rivers events so um so for refined the boundaries uniformly obstructed in their path just as they would have been in the present Mountain situations today especially what he's saying is that the amount of evidence for a destruction is so much that no small Seas rivers and lakes can account for that damage only only oceans we've done this decontinent song so this is what he's scary right just even that now I've seen files nothing together like that can you imagine them scary um I'm scared all of it haven't you seen some of the pictures of the of the Frozen mammoths that they've been taking out yeah yeah yeah no for those of you don't know in a recent video oh I I will deciding the forces but it is now known it's been scientifically ascertained that the player on the wobby rhinoceros the hair on the woolly mammoth was well you know it's so long and it would do cool the Box our country because they're from a tropical environment it makes making sense and you look at an encyclopedia for for tropical creatures across the board in the tropics almost every animal is hairy right yes it's crazy but it's actually the opposite of this we've been told yeah it is so the hair cools the system because the sweat glands release more moisture moisture it's cooling system right schooling we were told in the 1800s this guy here doesn't believe it in the 1800s we were told by far when the law the hair was protected from the Ice Age hole yeah no they live in the eyes yeah it's crazy this guy says I am unable racial agency could have transported portageitis in a southerly Direction 400 miles over nearly all the most elevated Ridges of the American continent and even have driven it upwards a long slope considerably incline as a peers who have been done on the western side of New England okay western side of New England is the Appalachians yes talking about the Rockies everything in Queen filled with these with these megafauna carcasses all right and the destruction of water is so much he's basically saying there's nowhere no way glaciers has presented in Ice Age Theory could have done the damage or deposited the the play or deposited all these creatures where we find them relations could have never done this only water right that's what he's saying right here he says a whole from the Appalachian Mountains to the Rockies everything in the middle of the United States glaciers didn't do that water pushed through all that and deposited all that destruction that's what he's saying and I agree with him 100 yeah and that's how the Great Lakes got there and following the profound reflections oh you don't want to continue the Great Lakes well I was just I thought right now yeah and that's how the Great Lakes got there there's all that water can I tell you can I tell you what the uniformitarians say about the Great Lakes what do they say Jason they say to be great lakes from melt water from glaciers static in the Attic 1587 map shows man those Great Lakes aren't there right after 1626 Phoenix phenomenon I saw that on static in the Attic when he showed all those Maps I ain't showing look guys some Great Lakes from I hear 1500s and 1400s but there was a large body of water it separated California from the rest of the United States right yes then in 1626 we have a major Phoenix phenomenon episode which changes geography and all that in the maps after 16 15 46 today all of a sudden they all got Great Lakes giant body of water that was over there separating in California for the night it's gone but in its places of desert and Death Valley yeah right no some uh David Hatcher Childress in his books he has a little little annotation in there very interesting thing he thinks even this it's in the notes but I have the book and in there he specifically says that in the early 1920s and 1930s local Indians were walking tourists way out in the middle of Death Valley to show him a wooden ship with weird symbols uh that was way out just in the day in the middle of the desert yeah made out of wood yeah it got spread as though as it drained out from a cataclysm in 1626 and then you ain't got It's just in their name because it's lower than sea level that whole area into the Death Valley that's a seabed yeah right that's right outside of California wow so in following the profound reflections of mons adamar the French the French boots on the ground archaeologists that this guy is citing a lot been following the profound reflections of Juan's adamar we are constrained to admit that it has been established Beyond doubt that the immediate cause of the cataclysm which is known by the name of Noah's flood was a disturbance of the equilibrium of the ocean the inevitable consequence of a change of its center of gravity and what has happened probably many times can be safely calculated to happen again and from the same cause now you guys haven't read the books you don't know what he's really talking about I'm going to tell you really quick he is showing in his book that and and I'm going to read it because he's going to go into some notes here he is showing that if you look at a map of the Northern Hemisphere and compare it separately with a map of the Southern Hemisphere you're going to see where all the water left from the Northern Hemisphere and stayed in the Southern Hemisphere and he says the reverse is going to happen in the near future when the water of the Southern Hemisphere returns back to the Northern Hills and then all the land masses will be in south of the anyway that's interesting yeah it's almost all almost all the water in the oceans is south of the hemisphere majority of it the majority of it yeah instead of these deals but it pulls to mind ancient mood ancient yes the ancient rule it falls came down lemurians we don't want Lance has seen people's sea people's Federation 13th century blue scene down into the waves tubalization of move uh and and lemuria yes and the one off the coast of India I can't remember the name of it but they said Hittites were all from the Mediterranean cups yeah that's it yeah that's it yeah it's under the water it's something in the water it's not gonna water also also this also explains probably ravidians of Southern India because they said at one time they used to walk they used to walk all through through all far south of India across the ocean right but that's all it also explains how the Aborigines of Australia which which there have been Vedic Sanskrit and Indian artifacts so the dravidian pulled from found in Australia and the Australians same genotype as the dravidians of India right so they're the same but it's because they just told oh yeah yes there was no water down there um it was a landmass in the North Sea the connected I mean Britain was connected to Europe oh yes yes yes yes from England to Denmark yes and so what he's describing here is he says right here float the ocean will take repossession of its former bed in the northern hemisphere but South Pacific South Atlantic and Antarctic oceans will be suddenly poured back across the equator and submerge the northern hemisphere the high grounds Rising above the level of the Southern Ocean it will form a new arcg archipelago I never could say that the archipelago of a new Polynesia Australia by the Great Barrier Reef being laid dry will be joined to New Guinea and the supplier a new Eastern Seaboard 1200 miles long now I don't know I think you've been following archaics longer than anybody here well over a year ago I did a video explaining that Australia is known to the elite as being one of the safest places to be in the 2040 reset that's coming in the Phoenix phenomenon Australia widely known geographically because it's going to move 30 degrees north and take the place of China it's going to be a beautiful climate it's not going to have any ocean behind it coming up to flood over it and what's really interesting is using entirely different kinds of sin this man just said the same thing he said not only is all girl you're going to be okay but I'll swirl you it's going to get way bigger because all the water is going to recede North so what he's describing is a world that for some reason there is a there is a balance between the Northern Hemisphere and Southern symptom so if you imagine it as a flatter disc as opposed to a globe so if you imagine there's a flat Earth what he is describing that the center of the disc right now has elevated slightly as opposed to the outer parts of the disc making all the water go below the south of the Equator but something's going to happen where that went is going to shift and when it does the center where we are in the northern hemisphere you understand will commit slightly making water rush in and flood all over again but what we're looking at is not a globe we're looking at a flat disc and something is able to remember what a thing again what a super thin skin even oh you know it's only been eight kilometers more super thin skin over thousands of miles so it would be relatively nothing on a larger scale like something that will technologically advance in overseeing this whole just slightly shift the center of gravity the center of gravity has shifted just a little bit the ocean will react like that that's what he's describing in the 1800s and doesn't know anything about our newer concepts of a single they do contract but he's describing the same thing he gives you the chance it won't be different data sets yeah totally different data sets but he produces the same result his model shows the southern hemisphere is the safe haven and the Australia side it's the one that's going to be grind of all water even the Great Barrier Reef being laid open to the Sun remember mother Shipton she said 100 years after the world war with 2040. he said 100 years after the world war the dragon will come back the Phoenix the dragon will come back and ocean beds man's new Dynasty American Dynasty she said all the products are going to be washed we're gonna revealed on dried ocean beds because if she said well the chipton said that no oh all right you all right over there yeah you can't giggle and drink water and cough at the same time I'm fine all right he's gone no I'll call him for recently all right the greater part of England please turn it off the greater part of England Scotland and Ireland will become what they were before the last catastrophe which acted in the opposite direction unknown continents will emerge from the ocean abyss of the South it's basically the same what Nostradamus said because Nostradamus paints a picture of the British Isles going underwater well whale seems to be all right because they left that up they left Wheels out are you is that hilly country yeah very you know what you might be the next Noah well it's what it's on top 10 survival Armageddon list is on there yeah it also appears in the film World War Z you know there's options well they go to Cardiff in the end it's the last place you know the Last Stand if you mentioned really yeah and they got the vials with the um with the antidote stuff in the laboratory in Canada where I can't find them by the end of the film so yeah they're just gave you an app on your phone so let y'all know when water was gonna sweep over the island the water was a sweep over the island yeah see that well I just give everyone in Britain okay yeah and basically where Cheryl was it basically just the alarm started to go off I was looking around what the hell is that he said a hustler lab um and it says um in case of a tsunami coming tsunami there's a little less than a tsunami is number one so we now got an alarm to warn us have been painted in death and tsunami I can imagine it now if it makes 15 years somebody's gonna design a phoenix map you have 23.5 chance of survival yeah at your yeah please punch in your coordinates longitude and latitude oh okay let's check this out you have absolutely 0.2 percent chance of survival yeah that's on your elevation yeah obviously you know what hey eight feet above sea level elevation but you know what the problem is being able to predict safety is or the subduction zones you just don't know what areas are going to just sink and other ones are going to write yeah no you just don't so here it is continues cyclical delusions 1871. as a matter of fact the mountains will not rise but the effect will be the same by the retiring of the sea from the southern half of the Earth's surface thus placing the Continental hemisphere on the southern instead of at the present on the Northern side of the equine so it's going to look like mountains are rising but that's not always an effect is the Observer will it's an optical illusion it's actually going to be the ocean's lowering because all the water is going back over the equator remember even in the thickness in the globe model equatorial bulge yes well mathematically what's in the globe model would also be on the Flat Earth model it's still a thin skin but even a very very slight bulge control Flat Earth or Flat Earth Map equator is a ring yes they're staying it's a ring yes if that ring can be shown to be elevated just a little bit it was totally 100 validate this man's theory that that's the center of gravity if the ring goes down the water come in when the ring goes up the waters go back away from the Northern Hemisphere where they are now they're away from them they're away from the Northern Hemisphere right now but we're we're basically looking we're we're basically using scientific data that was used in the 1800s to disprove Ice Age but it was used on a false model of the world it was used on the globe model if we take the model and just flatten it out right his theory makes absolute sense is in the thinking of the time do they know about like you know scientific feel today of you know Continental drifts at your time okay no they didn't they didn't let me explain why let me explain why what you're describing was was basically invented by Wagner in 1901. Wagner 1901 he came out with continental drift theory they hadn't even got there yet Boston's wondering they had not even got their yet yeah plate tectonics came after the 20th century because they tried to say Indiana uh yes you know and all of this happens over eons of time all right let's go all right a glance at a map of the world informs us that the mass of water is very unequally portioned out between the northern and southern halves of the globe in the northern hemisphere the land Bears to the sea to the proportion of 415 to 1 000. you guys get that hemisphere the ratio between land and ocean is 415 to a thousand this is the Northern Hemisphere most of the population is in the Santa Fe you know that yes yes Muslims in the northern hemisphere yeah except for one every ancient civilization was in the northern hemisphere it's not interesting only South America Now check this out only 301 Alco the the agent I Mara so check this out but in the southern hemisphere wow in the southern hemisphere land represents 129 Parts in the southern hemisphere who a thousand parts of the water really southern hemisphere is way just reported but when I was in advance of water only 129 is land in the northern hemisphere today you've got to a one two two one thousand parts of land you've got 450 ounce water so it's not only it's not only just the opposite but in the South it's even way more water it's only disproportionate way more probably disproportionate so this means this means that what he's basically saying is is the evidence for all the I mean the pause for all this destruction is the periodic cyclical movement of this water over that equatorial bulge that's what he's talking about it as simple as that we don't have to do no complex theories about about this is a pole shift to him I mean when that's new complex theories about asteroid impacts I'm gonna do all this [ __ ] we don't have to know that if it's as simple as this for some reason that little air that little center of gravity that ring right there for some reason it's just lowers and when it builds all that water on the outside rushes in so what you're saying is there's something like in the center of the flat plane that that's pushing up and then down they're falling down epitome pain can still exist on the flat surface yes yes yes even on a flatter map you have the equator right everything is something this went up and then all the water's running back I didn't even take much yeah it's like it's like a bladder or something where it goes up and down right it's like a lever and it does it every 38 years what he thinks it is is subsurface rational he thinks it's weight distribution but he says after a while outside the equatorial ring outside the person gets so much and it just raises and raises and raises it just comes in all the same time now now then there's all the extra weight inside the equatorial ring for thousands of years the pressure builds pressure builds the pressure builds and then finally it just comes out and it goes out to the edges so what we're doing is re-translating his data into a more along a more understandable concept which is Flat Earth model as a simulationist it all makes sense to me you know it only makes sense to me but his data makes sense on a flat Earth it doesn't make sense on global it doesn't make sense on the globe anyway how does Noah's flood make sense all the water actually received to yeah or 100 100 I mean it's you know it's nowhere for you to go because it's evolved so horn from his bird with him his mud with which he formed the extensive lands of Transport which constitute the deluvium gigantic streams of water mingled with Earth sand and Pebbles formed the alluviums of the great valleys finally erratic Boulders sustained by the ice were raised by the piling up of the Arctic watering the altitude they now occupy and remained shelved on the sides of mountains who top they were unable to scale thus with produced an last flood about four thousand in 200 years ago which is commonly known as the deluge listen guys you're no archaics Advanced research and chronological history of artificial intelligence eggs and you know it's an arcades veteran I have about 40 videos that show all the sources that we have as a great flood happening happening in 2239 BC in the month of May and all the authors and all the chronological systems and all all the scientists in 1998 who came together and agreed that around 2240 BC our entire world was destroyed by the agency of water the scientific Consortium said that in 1998. yeah you have uh Bruce Massey uh Frank Joseph they've published this all these findings but uh 3239 BC is in it is in multiple multiple old chronology is fantastic but that's what he said right here exactly what this is he says about 4 000 years ago was this great flood when the last flood that did all this math and destruction so that's all amazing which really is amazing even if that puts that before when he wrote this in 1871 all you got to do is back date 1871 2000 oh I understand 1 200 years puts it right there at the 23rd Century BC he nailed it scientifically I sure did well you got to remember that what makes this so profound and compelling and this was written by scientists who makes it compelling for them to be talking about these you know topics and and completely disbelieving the Ice Age narrative yeah so that's what that's what blows my mind everyone has heard of the extraordinary object found in the last century on the banks of the Lena North Siberia the ice in melting exposed the body of a mastodon in such perfect preservation that dogs ate its flesh until Dr Clark conveyed the skeleton to Saint Petersburg in the museum which city it now stands Buffon mentions this elephants preserved in the ice near the Ohio in America start a shoe discovered another on the banks of the alacia a large river which empties itself into the ICC and sure there is scarcely a Canton in Siberia which does not contain the bone of electrons the islands on the ICC furnish enormous quantities which is put forward as proof that this rare region was at one time possessed of the genial climate if as geologists assert hold is derived from vegetable matter grown in situ that means right where it's found it's then submerged how are we to account for the Arctic regions being so abundantly provided with whole that it is found cropping out from the sides of sandstone Cliffs and water worn nodules of that mineral Tumbling With niches over a whole large areas so basically what he's saying is this is what he's saying the the geologists the following Lyle in the Ice Age Theory they believe that coal was basically is if vegetable matter that just decays and decays over millions of years and more vegetable matter decays and then something happens to crap it you press it and it becomes a whole scene but he's saying look man if that's true then not all these animals get in it you understand but who can go even further than that because this man does not citing who we know now from William Fortis in the sourcebook project from a very Phil America BC from uh many archaeologists that are forbidden archeology by Primo and Thompson yes they had had your children's books yeah yes now we now we know Jonathan gray of before us.com listen we now know that whole seems all over the world have produced silver bills metal hammers Spirit tips arrowheads Rings jewelry Pottery how did all these human artifacts open Soul scenes how is it that an old woman in Iowa accidentally dropped a lumbar home in a silver necklace pop down yeah I'm going to tell you how that happened because this hole is that alluvium of that floating mass of dead humans in there and what they had on their body yeah emotions the wooden wooden structures that still had items in it and as the flood waters go down all this organic decomposing materials of animals humans and human artifacts lay down as the water goes down and then the alluvium buries them and then more mud and water bury them then the compression creates the cold that's what's happening and this is the modern theory of a lot of creationists scientists today this is because it's the only thing that accounts for the evidence how to get these artifacts in the coal like that that's crazy so uh this is a real short statement he said he says we now arrive at the inescapable conclusion that the grand deluges periodic he said yeah so this is the system system washing away the world to bring a new world this is the system and it makes you wonder if prophecies are nothing but ancient science is forgotten yeah yes yeah but if we find on inspection that Earth has actually been ravaged by a succession of General cataclysms I don't know why that's by itself a final inspection oh okay and we find on inspection that the Earth has actually been ravaged by a succession of General cataclysm so this is basically a very powerful statement in 1871 because you remember what he's up against he's up against uniformitarians who are claiming there are no cataclysms everything happened over a long period but all the evidence is showing these are disasters that not only were terrible systemic that are also cyclical Julie just didn't tell anybody because they wouldn't spare them no there was there's there's more there's more to the story of the uniformitarianism it was about which God you handle all right Mesmerize listening to this story yeah I had to ask awesome man let's do it right it should be called knife they're British while you were doing this well we can do another book tomorrow information political green fine listen tomorrow you will record live I have another camera right here yeah you can record live on flight I was British well I'm doing a video like that and then they can watch it on your channel and then see each of my perspective yeah well I'll say okay let's do it tomorrow we'll tell you what I got to keep watching that I'll be brilliant so let's continue now okay illusion has been made to the extinct elephants referred to by Sir Roderick Murchison in his address to the Royal geographical Society for 1866. the heads of which he says or for the most part Burns toward the South plus this is very important we're talking about 2.5 million elephants who were found Frozen you understand and yet all their heads are facing south because the water came in from they saw the water coming yeah but before the water hit him what happened Vapor can it be collapsed and Flash froze yeah so listen the heads of which he says were for the most part turn towards the South as if the animals had been retreating Southward they're running from the north okay they're heading away from the north so uh retreating Southward when caught either by an inundation proceeding from the north polar region or by a change of climate due to a wide elevation of the land you got to understand he didn't know anything about Vapor canopy anything about Vapor can be back then to even say these animals froze they did amazing yeah she's amazing so oh so the humans didn't kill all of mavisoft Ice Age Theory that's Ice Age Theory and humans not political make you feel better oh we killed we made them all extinct they're more extinct at one time yeah so it doesn't sound like they suffered too much you know it would have been just looking at Rover right flash froze they would destroy Avenue the collection of it right you know what I mean I don't know if they suffer too much but I depending on where they were yeah that's my Saving Grace how many times you've been flash froze we've got some pretty don't come back from that so no you know okay I'm gonna have to switch into something else that's alive so as if the animals have been retreating Southward when caught either by an inundation proceeding from the north polar regions or by a change of climate due to a wide elevation of the land whereby their former pasture grounds became converted into frozen soil in which the mammoths have been preserved to this day all Northern Siberia which is now glacial was during the age in which the mammoths lived hovered with a vegetation adequate and support vast hordes of these animals even up to the 75th degree of north latitude it's the Arctic support these giant creatures but even more so a reason those these giant creatures don't exist today because without a vapor canopy we don't have any fresh oxygen they don't haven't they could they couldn't be you could you could create one today to die within a few days because it can't oxygenate blood can't get enough oxygen so that's the problem this is why we don't have a lot of large land-based creatures in the world today but the archaeological record shows that lizards and amphibians were 70 and 80 feet long at one time and these bastards call them dinosaurs when there's the same they're the same salamanders that are in your backyard now that explains the fables and the midst around me and they were Dragon Slayers you know and they had slay the dragons yeah because humans were living with these giant lizards yeah that's a there's a giant of that book yeah when they're killing um giant serpents in the old Americans we might have the same book because oh I think in my other Library it Matt's place or we have an Indian book that shows petroglyphs yeah or Native American tribes were scared death of the rock well the Thunderbirds and it shows that the petroglyphs thing about a bunch of a bunch of a bunch of Indians was fears were pulling the standing up at this guy in a giant Winged Bird well all right so oh got all that done so it's amazing basically you're saying that look there's no way that these animals could have been here in the Arctic without there being a lot of plants but what I'm adding to it is that it wasn't your plan it was a lot more oxygen you put that oxygen away the vapor canopy collapse atmospheric pressure instantly changed so it instantly changed they froze the whole land mass froze and this is why that front water didn't relocate them they were they were basically flash Frozen little ground and they're buried by the water and then this is why you can fall Mammoth meat out in Siberia today there's humans eating it yeah it's crazy yeah okay he's gonna go more in these mammals so let's check it out oh it does fossil vegetation and animal remains proper to a temperate climate or now found in the Boreal regions they hold and those now frigid lands must at one time have enjoyed such a semi-tropical climate as we now have in the south of Europe this completely froze Ice Age Theory out the window now all these we've seen you've seen the videos where the shows they're now finding all this property scope and the ice pack yeah Ice Age theory is [ __ ] it's all Bs let's move on the habitat of the vast herds of gigantic animals consumption of food would be so great that none would a semi-tropical climate with its freaking succulent growth of vegetation couldn't Supply that's what it is man is clothed with hair to enable it to dwell in a cold climate therefore it did well in the cold Northwest Siberia this is Ice Age Theory this is a deal we take leave to object to that the inductive conclusion the Indian Bear has an exceedingly thick coat of hair yet it chiefly inhabits the hottest part in India 1871 he's just he threw that argument because that was one of the The Ice Age Iris uniformitarians it was one of their principal arguments well we know it was Ice Age all those mammals were hairy usually the woolly rhinoceros and the woolly mammoth yeah that's why we call them wooly how was their argument they said well what about India India's Got India is hot in hell and in the hottest parts of India we got a fairy a bear and a terrier than a mammoth acts totally destroys that argument I'll load these books from the 1800s they're so simple a lot of friends flash frozen it didn't have a long Spanish yeah yeah here's another here's another uh observation no such extreme Northern winter season would ever permit the growth of food in sufficient quantities for such huge feeders yeah 2.5 million mammals well actually actually we're gonna go into more data here it's like 60 million in North America alone we're not counting Siberia all these giant preachers there's no way there's no way that that a Arctic climate existed at that time yeah there's no way the Arctic climate came later so there is also the important difficulty of light when the Boreal regions would be enrapped in their Long Winter Darkness vegetation would not grow thus this important objection exists even if we put aside the question of climate the further you go north don't you have only half a year of sun and then uh okay the north was Norway so you only have a fear of sunlight than a half a year of Darkness never would there have been allowed any vegetation to grow under those conditions to feed feed giant animals like no no no I'm gonna ask him happy Christmas can I get somebody else to say it Ice Age theory is Alex I mean that's a good one hold on you gotta say that on camera man there it is guys it's bollocks on toast there it is long toast does that have meaning or something yeah that means it's more it's double polar okay I love not to be mistaken with dogs for Alex which is a good thing some potatoes don't be confused by this well yeah here in Texas when we hear something that's out of place yeah I mean it's tater in them onions all right among the latest discoveries relating to the assumed ancient climate of the north polar regions is the Natural History fossil plants recently discovered by Dr whimper well that's a weird name Dr wimpier whose collection consists of 95 species indicative of a climate similar to South Italy in the Arctic this man's out there this man's out there looking at 95 species of plants that can only be found south of Italy when they're still promoting Ice Age Theory yeah yeah so let's break that into the right the more we advance towards the north of Russia the more extensive are the fossil bones of the elephants met with you can see how unusual that is Russia's Big Thunder rushes a lot warmer than Northern Russia he's saying the further you go north in Russia for more minimum can be found right so there's one of that so the extent are fossil bones or the elephants met with now gravelers tell us over islands in the ICC which are literally nothing but a conglomerate of ice mud sand and Bones wow the heat Islands bone middens well that's what I tell you guys in a flood all everything that was man million is now bloated yeah it floats to the top and then geography Corrals it to where it goes it adds into decomposing they glue together into these massive bone mat and they stay floating until they then the water is recede so in some area in some areas there were so much that by the time the water is receded almost down here like an iceberg there's a lot of school whole island is formed wow the bones and then the mud and oh my God can you imagine can you imagine yeah crazy it is so Billings Voyage this is a book written by somebody named Billings Billings voyage speaks of one of these oh so they call them Indica in Russian that Russians have a word for these islands that are made of nothing but bones and those bodies and all that in the in the Arctic sea right they call them in dirkas okay so in Billings Voyage speaking of these endurikas situated opposite the mouth of the Lena he says the whole island which is about 33 leagues long except three or four small rocky mountains is a mixture of ice bones and sand and as the shores fall from the heat of the sun's Rays thawing them the husks and Bones of mammoths are founding great abundance 33 leagues Long Island of nothing but miles to a knee oh nothing but bodies it's only a flood could have done this only a flood only an ocean floating over something could have killed that many animals and they and then matted them all together yeah crazy dude it's crazy probably makes you wonder how anything survived so because you've got to understand all the animals we find in in the fossil record and everything oh archaeologists there exists today they're gonna be some smaller forms we have elephants today we have African elephants we have Indians we have Indian elephants we have rhinoceros today no exact but there's no Vapor canopy so there's been identation they have genetically adapted to a new environment but they don't grow to huge sizes because they can't breathe enough oxygen so every year during the summer innumerable Fisherman's Marx director of course for the Isle of Bones and during and during the winter in men's Caravans take the same room they can walk to the Isle of bones in the winter time the ocean freezes there so this is this all the convoys are grown by dogs and they return Laden with mammoths to us weighing from 150 to 200 pounds each some have been found which weigh 350 pounds the fossil ivory from the Isle of bone has served as a chlorine for the valuable material for export to China for the past five hundred years and it has been exported to Europe for upwards of 100 years that's that yeah they're still exporting it yeah wow that's amazing matching up over late years we have obtained convincing truths that the mammoth and many other extinct mammalian species very common in caves but for also an undisturbed alluvium embedded in such a manner with works of art has to leave no room for doubt that man and the mammoths were existed and also died together human human art and mammoths have been found Frozen this is interesting because the Smithsonian has adamantly denied that the 1870s 1880s and 1890s a series of archaeologists started digging in all the hills in in the Ohio Mississippi mound builder civilization they excavated cheese wedges out of the hills and they pulled out Mammoth tusks they pulled out who had this Ivory fried smoking pipes and stuff like that that were made of mammoth tusk and human skeletons that were eight foot tall and the Smithsonian took all that stuff they're so they're going to research it they're going to catalog it and all that stuff and then later on it all finished and it disappears and Smithsonian claims when that stuff was never in their possession yeah because then they're gonna dump that in the ocean they got they're being sued because they've already been [ __ ] taking the whole ship all old ships yeah Smithsonian has been caught by an old ship fill it with a bunch of room Parts artifacts that they don't want anybody to know about and they take it out the Scuttle they they they they they all they don't just sink it they burn it let's see where it goes okay well one circumstance is more convincing than any other is related by Dr schmitterling hope I said that right from all the indications he found in the 40 Caverns he explored and some of which the bones of man and of extinct animals were found together the bones of Man soul rolled and Scattered as to preclude any idea of their having been intentionally buried on the spot it was manifest that the organic and inorganic contents of the caverns had been swept into them by screams communicating with the surface of the country land shells freshwater fish a snake as well as the bones of several birds were amongst the mass probably rolled in the beds of streams before they rent their havernous destinations what he's describing here is that what was found in 40 Caverns is that humans weren't living in those Caverns what happened was they probably ran to him to hide when all these creatures who were flooded around birds and animals and mammoths as the water was going down did you went into those caverns in caged all this alarm was going up reach the reach wherever they were they had Cavern nutrients flooded the cavern entrance and there were humans and they're hiding from their instructions that's how all those bones got in there as the water's going up you got this massive all these animals and the bodies were as the water went up it hit an open spot and some of them would float off into the oh yeah you can imagine it'll flood this watered right yeah all get floating decomposed dead bodies that are alive kind of Run to the Hills and find caves and caverns they hide in them to them and then the paved the rain flood and spilled all them dead bodies in there and then they they drown their bodies found too yeah and it's the greatest evidence here is the damn bird because they're flying bird skeletons mixed with mammoths and yes it's a cataclysm it's cataclysm yeah to get out of it and where are you gonna go if you're a bird flying in the air yeah philosophical shooter yeah what are you gonna go with the bird some Seafoods like 250 miles so Where Are You Gonna Where Are You Gonna Fly to so perfect Professor Huxley remarks there can be no doubt that the physical geography of Europe has changed wonderfully since the bones of men mammoths hyenas and the rhinoceros were washed Hill Mill into the cave of Angus 2012 you know this just 1K all it takes is 1K to find all that and you basically know what happened to the hole so for Charles Lyle confesses this is the one who created uniformitarianism this is the one that this guy is arguing against right he said he floats him sort of Charles Lyle confesses that after a very patient examination of the comparative Antiquity of the fossils it is impossible to come to any other conclusion than that man was introduced into the world at an earlier period than geologists have believed so he's take so even if hit cheese do that that imprinted uniformitarianism and Ice Age Theory and all that he's admitting okay well look man this evidence does kind of show that humans are a lot older than us yeah they still went with uh with it they still went with with the uniformitarian model yeah yeah but yeah Darwin has a famous quote Lauren is quoted by creationists alive he has a famous quote Oh when he was on the voices that's right on the islands he actually wrote in his Memoirs and has been quoted many times saying that he was inescapable the evidence shows that our world has been repeatedly destroyed which totally undermines his whole funeral it's it's the most anti-uniformitarian statement you can make and yet Darwin said that yeah but look at that you see how many images have you seen the Darwin going like yeah yeah yeah for example the philosophic Darwin in his research it says it is impossible to reflect on the change state of the American continent without the deepest astonishment the mind at first is irresistibly hurried into the belief of some great catastrophe but thus you destroy animals both large and small in Patagonia and up to the bear all the way to the Bering Strait we must shake the entire framework of the globe that's what he said he's admitting to them Patagonia to the Banning Straits after the entire length of America North North South B2 is admitting that the very thing that he and Charles Lyle stood against uniform turned out he's admitting through a massive catastrophe of epic proportions and yet the scientific world the way they moved forward until this until this day until children's day they're still moving forward yeah yeah so this guy he goes on and says the whole of Norfolk was made of a heap of rubbish from this destruction I don't know anything about Norfolk but it breaks that yes he's claiming that he's saying he's saying all of Norfolk it's sitting on top of layers of this destruction so oh composed of every known stratification of the world mixed up with the Pachyderm mammals scorpions crocodiles and Starks of the torrid Zone in juxtaposition with the walrus whale and narwhal of the Arctic Ocean lying side by side with the horse wolf Bear Creek bison and deer including the latter species and the large Irish ill all in one area of England in Norfolk England has been found all these creatures from the deep sea from the tropics and from Europe all found in one little location all found fossilized together that's amazing it's amazing in Norfolk I don't know where Norful is but I might have to put that on my face it's like a prominence of England it's called so there's Norwich yeah but it's completely flat it's the flattest place I've heard what has placed in Britain yeah and it's some of it lays below sea level and which report the north of Bronx which is supposed to be like you know antiques uh ancient Earthworks of a Warren of um waterways to drain all the water off the land to allow people to live on there anyway otherwise it would be washed away by the sea but not sick just a real scientists admit they found all these creatures together and if I mentioned doggerland earlier which is right next to connect it actually to Norfolk in Whitby before it was flooded that's amazing wow so continuing on the most striking peculiarity it's about this Forest bed it's the extreme contrast between its animal and vegetable vegetable Remains the latter with one or two exceptions almost exactly resemble the present Flora of Great Britain whereas the former are utterly unlike any animals now living in these islands all the geological changes above reference to have therefore taking place within the lifetime of existing species of plants and trees basically all the plants that are in Great Britain right now are found in the fossil record under Great Britain but they're mixed with all this tropical stuff that doesn't make sense okay floated in animals that are supposed to be in hot countries and not in Brandon right exactly so what he's basically saying is if they didn't all live there at the same time yeah blood waters islands of decomposing bloated animals who quoted to Britain and then the waters went down in that area and they were deposited with animals and floor and fauna that would already in Britain yeah that's that's how it was all mixed together it floated there because the whole world was flooded this is what the future he's painting now when I say the whole world I mean hemisphere because according to him the water goes all the way to one hemisphere because it's destruction it rains back out this is his this is his his model and it works don't worry it fits the evidence it gets evidence what other who the tile agency flooding except the mighty foresight in action by the Swift Waters of a deluge alternately from either pole would satisfactorily account for such red phenomena as we have elsewhere related the mere fact of mammoliferous remains over the pachyderms found in North Siberia in a conglomerate of ice sand and mud reconsider should to all reasoning minds be indubitably indubitable evidence of deluge acting in connection with astronomical signs we may expect the next Deluge oh it's cut off I'm sorry man I have no idea where he's going with that but my my highlighter my highlighter highlights a whole sanity I can't stop it it sometimes happens yeah so then the next part wasn't even a part of the presentation I don't even know what he's talking about in connection with the astronomical signs we may expect the next delusion I have no idea where he's going with that but uh my highlighter highlights the whole line but you know what I may have just introduced a few people to find this book yeah but this look at Reading so we also think that the day will arrive when the Great Giza Pyramid will be found as a warning guide to man why you Fearless about this because warn you that's going to issue a sound before this happens it's a major horn blast that filled the guy that comes out of the Great Pyramid when the pressure finally builds up right I told you guys I got a video about this it's 1871. well that's something that they will arrive when the Great Pyramid will be found to have been built as a warning guide to man was threatened in the year of the Hebrew world of 1536 which is exact because Noah was told 120 years in advance and then he says all right and then he says but the flood right here occurred in 1656. how many videos do I have that show you that the flood year was 1656. yeah yeah probably have 1 656 uh uh references to that I mean there's so many you know yeah 1656 was 138 times 12. yeah Phoenix number so right here he shows the same thing and remember guys I have a video that shows the 17 ancient books that all say that the world was destroyed in the year 1656 and Rashi Moses muhammades they also published that the world is destroyed every 1656 years remember I got all these videos to talk about all these things so to find it in this book written by a scientist in 1871 to even refer to the Great Pyramid is amazing yeah reason it's amazing is because this man didn't write anything in this book else about the Great Pyramid I went through the notes I'll probably figure out where he got that data from so maybe he wrote that by intuition I don't know we heard about this event so where I live in South Wales um I posted about this twice actually but it's the 1607 Bristol Channel floods which was the one of the worst natural events in British history and took a generation to heal the light apparently thousands died apparently came in this the speed they save of a of a racehorse Army a tsunami a mega tsunami which took out where I live in South Wales is a church the remnants of where they would have stood in Cardiff where I live see Mary's because it was taken out by the 1607 tsunami the interesting thing about this is I mean if you go to churches across the Bristol channel in England okay they've got plaques on the wall which will say 1609 it says 1607 because that exact year was the Juliana Gregorian Valencia change half of the calendars say 1607 have the flux c1609 and there's a mega tsunami that takes up the whole of South Wales 16 or 7 today the English landed on on the 13 colonies the the shores of America yes and in 1587 was was the Roanoke Lost Colony yeah the pilgrims Landing I'm trying to think of the um song that tells you the exact is it called Mayflower that tells you've been dating a song figuration out I think it is okay well I have one last this is it when did the pilgrims arrive yeah I'm gonna get there real quick and then find out there real quick and then we got one last citation we're done okay 1620 Mr Mayflower 1620 was Mayflower but 1607 I guarantee you somebody landed in North America because I have Nooks on it 1607. well I've got um a collection of books I'll I'll link them up to you but they're like from fear and their pictures and images of the old America by Theodore Frey uh early 1600s and they show you like eight foot people living in the Americas which are called Floridians and the none of them are Native Americans they've all got uh bright piano skin really yeah they say it's from Belladonna yeah yeah I know 1607 yeah 104 Englishmen and boys arrived in North America on May 13th wow it's really close to the theater where they founded Jamestown news they founded Jamestown 1607 yeah it's not taken out in a pretty apocalyptic flight have you ever covered the Jamestown Fleet no you don't you know what it's Rabbit Hole we're gonna have to go down that rabbit hole later Jane's going through the threats of buildings this is like an Apocalyptica it's the same I've ever seen I an iPhone on the Internet is the Jamestown tsunami we've got to do a video I don't know you do not right now it's just okay last citation muffin thinks that the Hebrew and the region delusions were the same event and arose from the Atlantic in Bosphorus bursting into the valley of the Mediterranean that's the last citation of Disguise and I have to tell you it's relevance why it's important in The Architects research one of my very earliest videos I'm showing that the great flood event was reported in 2239 BC is the breaking of the pillars of Hercules when the Atlantic broke through the Straits of Gibraltar and flooded all these pristine valleys it is the reason why the Mediterranean which used to be known as Middle Earth has over 200 Stone cities below the water line and this Atlantic burst forward it's the reason why Sardinia shows the evidence of all its megalithic architecture who owns three eastwards it is why Malta gigantia the hypogium and all these megalithic temples that are found on Malta you know all show a tsunami scuba divers have photographed all this architecture underwater that was blown by the force of water what happened what happened in 2239 BC was the Atlantic blew through that straight flooded those valleys and then went through the phosphorus and created the entire black I see and that's why those Stone cities have been found found underwater too because that was all above ground so what this man is saying in the scientific book in 1871 is that the evidence shows the support the Traditions that all the Traditions concerning the biblical flood must also be oh comporting with the traditions of the Greek flood this is the Italian empira and the reason is is because the Mediterranean is the most recent sea it wasn't there the Ancients didn't know it it was Middle Earth it was all dry ground so anyway this really concludes this presentation and because I have my humble guest right here I don't know if he's capable of it because he's been indulging a little bit but I'm gonna let him close this video out with a with a good therapy well thank you so much guys pleasure thanks you know you're on about the gates of Hercules by being through there many times the Gibraltar Straits and was in The Merchant Navy and if you go on the other side the Moroccan site okay when you're going through say Hudson to the Atlantic you just get where the endless mountains and it just literally blew my mind it literally gives me Goose pickles to think about it when it comes to an abrupt end and it is just a mountain I didn't have and I kind of thinking when I was going past I was trying to work out how how is that eroded away how is what is literally at this mountain into two but it is really really never mind the Rock of Gibraltar across the other side on the Moroccan side the end of the Atlas Mountains just comes to when I brought and it doesn't carry on through into the Iberian Peninsula it just brings up like a knife cut and then you've got this really narrow opening because it's not it's not I've been across on a ferry to to suit that in Morocco it took like 20 minutes it's not even a great way across you know why the umbrella built a land bridge from Iberia across happening across from the Iberian Peninsula to Morocco is beyond me they could literally build a bridge no problem though back to Europe with Africa it's amazing yeah it's all amazing and the facts of that that was really good Jason yeah on a private episode this book monkey presentation but man he's got my mind reeling about 1607 a tsunami in 1607. that's gonna have to be another Pig's report right there until then until until later guys we got more videos coming your way uh this has been a presentation by Jason of archaics Martin Leakey flatter British Cheryl um and he owned [ __ ] sent us one of their own yeah it's gone hard