PayPal on the Attack

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Streamed live on May 20, 2023

"PayPal has locked down our challenge coin account. The $2,700 in the account will not be released to us for 180 days, and PayPal REFUSES to refund the money back to those who ordered the coins. How did this organization get so powerful to run a monopoly owning Venmo, Buymeacoffee, and Stripe as well?

We will honor the orders we have received and pay at our own expense to get the coins to you. As we are trying to launch Archaix.TV this is just another minor setback showing the level of resistance we are experiencing. There is no appeal process with PayPal nor will they give answer as to why they have locked the account.

This is only in reference to the archaixdata ( All other payment platforms for Archaix are still active." [1]

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all right I think we're live let me check back over with the do a sound check that's the easiest way to find out y'all let me know what's going on in the chat I know we got a couple people in there already I can't tell for live yeah we're on okay it's just an extreme delay squirrel sniper says it so sounds okay Ryan D no y'all thank you we don't need no more no more thank you guys thank you true Johnny Wick all right guys this is not your typical live video we're just making an announcement uh it's not one of those setbacks that really affect our KX other than our attitudes and our pocketbooks a little bit but other than that it's no big deal but uh two days ago we got notified from PayPal that they had some questions about our archaic's challenge coin account for which we have before we have we have got all the receipts we've got all the paperwork we submitted to PayPal and this morning late last night Matt tried to get in there and uh what'd you see Matt so lo and behold uh PayPal for whatever their agenda whatever the reasoning decided um that our KX account um needed to be limited so as Jason said we provide them with the document say requested even doing so they sent us this we have been permanently blocked from PayPal and if you take a look at this picture here and uh you pause your screen you'll see down towards the bottom that we can't even refund the money they are holding the money for 180 days and for you mathematicians out there that's six months that's half a year yeah that's ridiculous now now listen this video is not an excuse for us to sit here and try to tell you you're not getting your challenge coins that's not what we're doing here listen we're going to pay out of our own pocket to make sure you got your orders that's not the intent of this video we're putting you on notice that the archaic's data it's called archaics Data arcade right the rkx data okay because we have another PayPal that functions and works just fine but it's it's used for other purposes but this was for the challenge coins and they shut that down and they also told us they will not they will not refund people's money which I think I think is illegal I don't know how they can do that stop us from pulling the money out stop us from using the money to satisfy orders in order to pay Postage and pay for packaging and tracking and yet also tell us that we're not going to let you touch the money in six months and at the same time we're not going to refund the money either this right here should be a legal PayPal already owns buy me a coffee they own venmo they own stripe there's probably a lot of other payment Gates they own as well kind of kind of kind of kind of makes you wonder if we need to bring in some some more you know litigation in the world for all these monopolies time to break these boys up they're a little too powerful it's uh I'm not cool with that that's entirely too much totalitarian control over over uh money and and it's really a very hard lesson when you think about the dangers of this digital currency they're trying to roll in look how much they can control just shut you down in an instant what's baffling is if there's an issue we get it there are people who make fraudulent claims on PayPal who set people up who steal people's money we get it but the the number one like combative method to that is to refund the money and they are they're not allowing that and that just completely baffles my mind how a financial institution who we're not even using to process any of the orders which when the first limitations hit uh we had to call them to um to basically get the limitation taken off of the account so we could continue processing orders and they wanted us to provide them with tracking orders for every shipment there's there's over a hundred orders you want you want tracking numbers for every one of those and then Jason had to tell them look we're not shipping through you guys yeah we're just using you guys as a money transaction and the person on the phone was like oh oh okay like yeah listen listen we need to clarify exactly what Matt's talking about here PayPal has a problem with us because we refuse to hand over all of your tracking information this is the issue this is what they wanted from us and we told them no I said we're just no we're processing orders through you guys that's it and you're taking your cut like you do with hundreds of thousands of other companies out there but now this was an issue with PayPal for some reason they want to know every single individual who orders a challenge coin they want your data and yeah it's not cool it's not cool but don't sweat it if you ordered a coin and you're worried standing right over here off screen oh yeah come on John hey guys come on big guy yeah so there's definitely a bunch of coins already packed um they're already packaged up they're kind of ready to go uh one of the things that this uh PayPal stuff is kind of doing is we're going to use that to uh for the postage for the coins that's only that's only two boxes we got we have your orders ready to go don't fret where we're gonna make it happen we just wanted to bring this to your attention Jason got off the phone with the people at PayPal um three to five minutes before we went live and I was like hey we gotta go live we gotta explain it still got a bunch of coins but uh we're gonna slow down these orders right now yeah until then we until we come up with something better we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna leave PayPal yeah the the plan is to abandon all of these external uh payment platforms and go to one primary Payment Processing uh for the new platform um and we are also going to put that link on our as well uh to simplify everything but as we've said before this is we're a very small operation right now so we're having to use these platforms to to process these payments and you use your imagination to to why this might be happening but it just that this this this set us off a little bit this uh this is completely uncalled for the the thing that outrages us the most is that there's an issue with payments that's fine let's refund on the money but no they won't even let us do that yeah refunding I would have had no problem refunding because refunded money I know that the archanges community is so awesome that all because I've already personally experienced some of this I would have gone with the to the post office with Big John we just mailed them out anyway and then I know if PayPal refunded that money and it wouldn't be money I already know that most of you would send that money back when you got that coin in the mail say hey man here's your money back I know that because you've done it before so I really have no problem with it it's uh like I said this is a minor inconvenience this is really just a rant video and also to let you guys know what's been going on we've been slow on the videos because we've been doing a lot of a lot of things behind the scenes to uh basically divorce ourselves from the mainstream we get we keep getting offers to get suckered into the mainstream induce you know what my soul's not for sale I'm not going to do it and uh we have a real good thing going and I'm and I'm fully aware that there are forces out there that are that are kind of wary right now because they really don't know what our is about so we've been under attack more than just people showing up on my deal or so we listen we've had some we've had some Electronics problems and we've had some we've had some pretty weird things happen to people that are close to us uh shot people shadowing you know what man it all comes with the territory not going to be intimidated and I'm not going to be set back by some stupid [ __ ] right here 2700 is not much yeah when in the grand scheme of things it hurts my feelings right now because I'm not really in in the position to lose that type of money right now but I'm cool with it because it shows me that I'm over the Target and it shows me that I still don't have any takers I got a lot of challenges out there and people are still talking about my past and not my my content and that's cool that's cool that's like a badge of honor keep talking somebody said but are you surprised though no not surprised at all we're not surprised that this is how this is just the first in many events that are gonna come once archaics keeps climbing the ladder in the truth or movement but I am I am surprised that we they won't even allow to refund your money yeah that's what that was like PayPal's biggest policies if there's a discrepancy with the payment you refund the money yep yep and then now they are he was on the phone with them and they specifically said we apologize for this inconvenience but no you're completely locked out you cannot do anything and we I don't even know if they're going to let us refund the money once the 180 days is up uh we don't know well there's no reason to I'm spending my own money to mail everybody right but I'm saying I don't know what extent like our reach will be once that hunt that limit is up like we don't know what they're going to do like I don't know either they just said it's uh it's on our money is Frozen for 180 days and have been completely blocked and any future accounts um with that information won't be allowed on PayPal so for those of you I wonder if everybody just did a chargeback every well I mean what if they tried I mean I really don't care because I'm fixing to mail everybody's stuff out anyway yeah so I don't I mean a chargeback a chargeback would only cause a whole bunch of an unnecessary draw as you can tell we're still processing ideas on how to deal with this I don't know I think because the account is actually locked nothing will happen yeah they'll try to charge back they'll probably get an email man that is some piracy there man Banks can't even do that so some of you have already abandoned PayPal uh now I see why um some of you were uh kind of on the fence with them you kind of use them for some things so for those of you who either on the fence on one side of the fence or the other doesn't matter let this be a hard lesson there was nothing deserving of this action absolutely nothing um I'm still baffled listen listen guys we're gonna we're gonna oh we're gonna do what we always do what do we always do when we're attacked we take that energy Mass spiritual Alchemy man and we turn it into positivity and something always happens our way every single channel that has ever attacked me suffered something afterward look at all the channels we monitor they you know what man just we're going to turn this into something positive guys we are a little frustrated we're human we're going to be frustrated but this needed to be to be sent out there so people will start stop using the the archaic's data PayPal that's what it's called don't use that email for PayPal anymore uh you need to stop because we don't know if they're still accepting money and then locking us out from it so don't don't use it so in case it hasn't been specifically said we apologize for this inconvenience it is completely out of our hands um there was we did nothing deserving of this action we apologize to you for any delay that will come of this but please know that it's all going to be handled you will get everything that you ordered um don't let don't let this run you off this is this is just a minor delay in the big play of archaics yes it's it's it's not that big of a deal just something that we had to put out there I was thinking about doing an upload Matt wanted to go go live and now that we went live I agree with him did you show them the actual documents that PayPal sent us yes 1932 in the account and six hundred and seventy dollars on hold it's a total of 2 700 bucks that they're just basically not going to refund you guys and that's that's some that's some BS that's some BS Elon Musk you deserve a boot for that yeah somebody just said Elon Musk owns PayPal yeah I know he started it I don't know if he still owns it the worst part about it was listening to the lady on the phone uh the representative for PayPal which she she offered absolutely no answers she just kept reiterating uh I apologize but no there's nothing that can be done you're you're screwed basically um no there's not no we can't do that no we can't do this no we can't no there's there's nothing that can be done she kept saying there's absolutely nothing that can be done it's out of her hands basically once they click that button it's over yeah that's crazy that is absolutely ridiculous Gnostic baseball says probably those two morons that showed up the other day nah yeah it's a good comment but yeah I don't I don't want this live to go on long not necessarily this is a public notice and and also to let the people that order don't worry about it we're still going to send their stuff out yeah we just wanted to jump on for a couple of minutes because we love you guys uh we wanted to express our concern and apologies for this um firsthand and live and upfront so if you have any questions y'all know how to contact us um the archaics data Gmail is still active but everything's just is just becoming like arcakes TV is it if there's ever been an example of how necessary it is this is a prime example yeah or case dot TV we'll be talking about those Banks hell yeah all right man we're good okay guys uh we love you we apologize but uh as always keep breaking free