Deconstructing the Construct: Visual Gallery 1851

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Uploaded on Jun 2, 2023

"Enjoy a visual tour through this old 1851 illustrated encyclopedia as we examine the Construct, the Collective and move forward in its deconstruction. Text: Iconographic Encyclopedia of Science, Literature & Art: 1851, J.G. Heck, New York." [1]

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takes the limits of his own vision for the limits of the world and this is the spell that we attempt to break in our kids we understand that the unknown can be discovered by clearly marking the boundaries of the gnome and we also we also understand that we cannot use two unknowns defining one another and conclude that we have learned anything at all but this is the patterning of the collective this is what they do they invent a scenario and then use it to show justification for the belief in all others and this doesn't work because investigations of the world they must be ongoing the limits of our knowledge can never be reached in a move in the wrong direction can always be a part of finding the right direction as we acquire knowledge things do not become more comprehensible they become more mysterious and one's level of ignorance increases exponentially with accumulated knowledge and the longer one searches the greater he discovers discovers the area of his ignorance to be because one can know a lot about something instill not understand it I've told you guys many times that one who is properly informed is not easily deceived and I hope that I have maintained this Integrity through my presentations that you have seen that it is not inventedness that drives the archaic's material with the actual finding of these gems in old books things that we can verify things that I have shown you that have either been scrubbed for the internet or they were never included to begin with but unfortunately even even these demonstrations these presentations the materials in my published groups even 200 articles over 480 videos it's still not enough the average person when told the truth will still seek some other way archaic is for free thinkers if we are content to live in the opinions of others we have no truth of Our Own because we have to adopt the model of Socrates and all the things that are propagated worldwide today the belief systems the face the ideologies the philosophies the Mysteries the histories these things that are given to us freely by The Establishment these are the things that we must scrutinize we cannot accept them in Blind Faith we must adopt the scrutiny of Socrates who said doubt is the origin of Truth further it is the position of archaics that even the things that make us uncomfortable they must be examined truth must be reported history cannot be ignored because it offends but this is not an easy position to take because the world loves to be deceived in fact in a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary Act and there will always be agent Smith's there will be agents of disinformation there will always be Smithsonian institutions there will always be intelligence apparatuses set in place to darken the minds of the collective so they cannot see the world for what it really is men will endeavor to invalidate that evidence which tends to unveil their dark designs yes guys it's not as easy as as the position of some who believe that history is just unknown that's not the situation we're confronted with history is known but those who know it keep it from the rest of us the collective their beliefs the things that are universally taught these things are wrong Frederick Nishi was not an error over a hundred years ago when he said that all the world believes so is already an objection to it because things do not count for what they are but what they seem in archaics it is our position that the only way to awaken is to First realize that you are asleep and that the real Voyage of Discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes for it is a curious fact of nature that that which is in plain view is often the best hidden in the amalgamation of so much data over the past 20 years the isolation of particulars to show patterns that aren't readily available to others who have been gleaning their information from filtered sources like the internet which was exactly what it was designed to do most of the researchers of today have abandoned the the gleaning of data from older sources pre-internet sources pre-World War II sources sources from the 1800s listen I'm not ever going to try and convince people that all the data and old books is correct but the corrected versions of History can be more easily found by just perusing the older texts and this is a problem this means that the institutions of the world that are foisted upon us this call the Scholastic the academic all these scenarios in world history that have been given to us force fed to us through educational programs they're false they are not an accurate depiction of the reality that we're experiencing and this is where we get our psychosis this is where we get our disconnectedness our problems this is where where the things that we feel intrinsically deep within us we know there is something wrong but we can't pinpoint it it is because the data saturation that we suffer here in the 21st century is a deliberate program to keep you from understanding where you came from and where you're going and this deception is very very easy to foist upon the population because in today today you people are trained to basically believe in falsehoods to Believe In The Establishment to believe in the plan today few men think yet all will have opinions this is what social media has done it is basically turned opinions into narratives narratives into facts facts into into beliefs and these beliefs have guided people into many different directions that has increased their sorrow and disconnected connectedness from the very reality that they're experiencing right now which could be totally different with an accurate assessment and understanding of the past in my own research in my own presentations in my own dealings with my fellow men I am employed basically the patterning of Herodotus two thousand four hundred years ago specifically wrote in his huge book The histories my business is to record what people say but I am by no means bound to believe it that's a true historian someone who ascertains the facts talks to people has boots on the ground goes around and collects all this data and doesn't filter it out it doesn't practice exclusions even when he himself disbelieves some of the things he is recording and through my presentations I have tried to maintain this integrity and I will continue to do so I have hundreds of more presentations to go we are far from done in archaics but I also live by this Integrity this this basically this philosophy of the old historians never will I can I will never consent to conceal my beliefs nor shall my opinions ever be at war with my tongue it won't happen there would be no censorship if there wasn't something important to censor there wouldn't be any misinformation if there weren't any truths that needed to be hidden the programs that are set in place to deceive the populace into false narratives of history and to create social conditions based off these false narratives these things were set in place by someone something archaic strives to pull the pieces of the past into the present so we can better understand the construct as it's being built around us by someone we do this through several different methods we understand the wisdom of Lewis Mumford who said time is measured not by the calendar but by the events that occupy it in this I have striven to show through my presentations hundreds maybe even thousands of independently dated events that I have showed you that are in cycles and epicycles and many of them have predictive value and we also follow the wisdom of Gerald Massey who published in the 1880s that it is impossible to understand the present without the profoundest knowledge of the past and of course we all know George Orwell 1984 goes without saying it should be a mantra of the elite themselves who controls the past controls the future and who controls the present controls the past censorship it's exactly what they're talking about Another Hero Of Mine George santiana who said those who cannot remember the past are those who are condemned to repeat it again [Music] the French writer philosopher Albert Camus he's a dry read but he provides some really good gemstones in his materials one of those was that he wrote that the last pages of a book are already contained in the first pages and this reminds me of the presentations that I have done on the Book of Revelation the apocalypse which was not originally a Christian document but belonged to a far older civilization and that the symbols and the motifs that are encoded within the Apocalypse in the book of of the revelations the very last book of the Bible the Omega text its precedents are not found within the New Testament nor the Old Testament there are there are 62 books for which The Book of Revelation has absolutely no correlates with but there's one book that the symbols of the Revelation can easily be decoded by because those same symbols are found in their more primitive forms only in the Book of Genesis which is the alpha text this amazing Cipher the codes of the Book of Genesis comport with those of the Book of Revelation and tell us a fascinating story of resets of the Phoenix phenomenon of The Rebirth of the world after it is destroyed and how humans are in the construct and everything in between all this biblical material from the book of Exodus all the way to the book of Jude right before revelation we find is this massive Corpus of pseudo-history built upon actual historical events by a people who did not participate in them but injected themselves into the narratives the Bible is therefore both a book of Good and Evil and it's up to you to discern which [Music] also pharmacist maternus pharmacist maternus wrote that the beginning of anything was to be found out by the unfolding of historical events and I have done this meticulously my arcades veterans know that I have not slacked in my showing of The events of the fifth fourth and third millennium BC the cycles and epic Cycles Phoenix phenomenon Jubilee counts the cursed Earth periods the Phoenix Cycles these things are all shown in the 138-year periodicity 414-year epics and the 552-year cycles of Phoenix and how all the events of the ancient world fit within this patterning and that these calendars overlay each other perfectly and there's a synthetic timeline that I have published called chronicon that shows all these calendars and how they work together showing that the events of the ancient world actually explain to us the world we're in now and the world that is about to unfold in the next 17 years this is why the eschatological text this is why the prophetic materials are always so dependent upon the historical narratives be they a metaphor allegory or codes be they literal historical events it doesn't matter they are dependent upon each other and Oxford professor and Nobel Laureate Frederick Saudi said it best civilization is not a continuous self-supporting movement the conditions under which it originates determine its period and fix the date of its decline he said this in 1911 and he was absolutely correct the the events of the world today are in direct juxtaposition with the events of the ancient world and what will begin to unfold in 17 years is precisely what happened back then as well and to understand the return of the vapor canopy and the Phoenix phenomenon of May 2040 we must decode and understand exactly how the Phoenix phenomenon shaped the world we live in and ended civilization after civilization after civilization and how communities of survivors built the next Epic in living at the same time as Professor Saudi was another one of my heroes the student of gurjif PD alspinsky Mr alspinsky published over a hundred years ago in tertium organum future events are wholly contained in preceding ones and if we could know the force and direction of all events which have happened up into the present moment for example if we knew all the past by this we could know all the future in just a few short years after that in Technics and civilization a huge treadise the Learned Lewis Mumford wrote the past that is already dead remains present in the future that has yet to be born in these modern scholarly statements they're merely a reflection of the older thinkers like Nicolo Machiavelli who wrote If one examines with diligence the past it is easy to foresee the future in archaics we hold that in it that a acute study a minute study of the past is absolutely necessary because we live in a world where people don't see the world as it really is even if they had the intelligence they do not have the desire and most men they occasionally stumble over the truth but they pick themselves back up and continue on as if nothing happened and I understand their positions I understand this this revulsion some people have with examining these deeper issues that we cover in archaics in fact the search for reality is the most dangerous of all undertakings Fred destroys the world in which we live Helen vonderman wrote that reality remains unknowable to us while we cling to our illusions and this is essentially what is happening but in archaics we're not going to worry about the critics we don't worry about the trolls the naysayers the disbelievers those who are basically imagine they're they're um they're just impaired intellectually they are stunted in their imagination which is a spiritual a spiritual capacity the collective they don't they don't feel they don't think they don't they don't imagine you remember guys imagination intuition and empathy are the three core spiritual qualities that separate an individual from the collective but in archaics we follow basically the wisdom of American Anthropologist Franz Boaz who wrote over a hundred years ago record enough facts and the answers will fall to you like ripe fruit this is why I'm always data mining this is why I'm always showing you factor for factor for fact after fact this is why I hold to the position and I say all the time that it's something is true it can be seen from multiple different mathematical perspectives in archaics we will follow the genius of Sherlock Holmes the brain the brainchild of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who said when you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however improbable must be the truth and this is what we do we examine the narratives that have been forceded upon us when we find out that upon Critical examination they fall apart under scrutiny we have done this to the Ancient Aliens paradigm [Music] and for those who come from the Ancient Aliens community and have divorced themselves from that programming they have seen how the archaic's data dismantles the entire Zechariah sitchin narrative showing the mistranslations showing that much of the data is true however the interpretation has been deliberately falsified there is a breakaway civilization here and it does everything it can to make us believe that they are from space they are extraterrestrial when in fact all alien abductions UFOs alien interventions they all come from the underworld and in my soul Journeys through archaics in my presentations in my dealings with others I am often confronted with those who come triggered who have who come in contact with the archaic's data in his it is antithetical to anything that they have been programmed to believe not free thinkers but people have been exposed to the wrong information it doesn't make them less intelligent and it makes them deceived and many vehemently stick to their narratives because they don't want to undo sometimes a lifetime of research and I get that and there are others that instantly go on the attack coming across our cakes for the first time and they're triggered into into basically being hyper critical over things they know nothing about information they haven't even assessed I refer to those who imagine that in one day they may discover all that that I have arrived at at 20 years of work work and this was this was basically a problem that Renee discarte also came across when he wrote that so I forgive them this trespass but I cannot back down or back away when the narratives are steady being promoted even though I have released the accurate data we have very popular names in the world today who are deliberately putting out this information working in tandem with the establishment to promote these ideas uniformitarianism this whole 65 million year old dinosaur age followed by Massive ages for which we have absolute mag huge invented imagined gaps until we reach these ice ages guys the Ice Age all the entire Ice Age phenomenon is just that it is a phenomenon of theory and deception because they never happened driest younger dryas these are effective the megafauna were tempered to tropical animals and even those who were promoted by The Establishment as free thinkers and Mavericks they're not they're working with the establishment because even their own theories of Atlantis and of ancient super civilizations still promote the ideas of the uniformitarians of Ice Age and of all those things that we know now are false for those of you who don't know my name is Jason and this is archaics and where we're going to go far beyond these paradigms and we're going to begin smashing many of these ideas that have been so foisted upon the public