From Giza to the Phoenix- This Reality is a Technological Construct

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Upoaded May 21, 2023

"It's time to abandone the adult fantasy narratives of conjecture and imagined histories and examine the data...information that reveals that the Great Pyramid is much more than we've been told." [It's time to abandone the adult fantasy narratives of conjecture and imagined histories and examine the data...information that reveals that the Great Pyramid is much more than we've been told.]

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hey guys it's your friendly neighborhood iconoclast again this is Jason of really busy I'm so busy and going in so many different directions I just had to slow down today and do this video this morning when I woke up this video wasn't on my mind but I've been going through a colleague of mine's book and it triggered me the song of the Sphinx this is not an advertisement for the book although it is good it's Larry Paul he is the director of the inst of the American Institute of pyramid research his book is very thorough he's got a personal note to me right here uh it's a really good book I was surprised uh he and I uh we have our differences in and that's only because our educations are our education is very very different we're we have approached the same object the Great Pyramid of Giza from totally different Vantage points and there's a lot of there's a lot of crossover and commonality between Larry Paul and I but uh I am uh I am impressed with some of the material because overall it's a really good book he'll as a matter of fact he he just released a paper on the speed of light recorded found found recorded in the Great Pyramids dimensions now you guys know from my prior presentations those of you who are archaics veterans you know that it is not an anomaly to me it is not mysterious to me that all the physics constants are found within the rectilinear and exterior and interior dimensions of the Great Pyramid this is this is I have said this many times and in my own pyramid research I have brought something completely alien and new to the table I don't care about the constants they're there for a reason it's because what the Great Pyramid is the this this amazing piece of architecture that encodes all the calendars of the ancient and modern world all the time keeping systems yes guys we have all we have an amazing we have an amazing uh we have an amazing structure in Egypt that until now there's almost no accurate information coming out about it people I identify the particulars and make a big deal about this and that about the Great Pyramid but the overall design is ignored as to what its purpose is it is obviously multi-faceted there have there have been people who have theorized but they didn't take their theories any further such as Graham Hancock I applaud the fact that he and another author I think it was Robert bovill have theorized that the Great Pyramid is a holographic template of our Cosmos of our universe of our world of our experience and I'm cool with that because you guys have seen them on presentations where I demonstrate it now there is a vast departure between theorizing something putting out a bunch of documentaries and putting out published books and putting out YouTube videos or or videos and other presentations on other platforms there's a huge difference between theorizing something and demonstration because demonstration also involves applications and this is why I've put out so much material in the Great Pyramid that you can verify with your own cell phone you can either Google the data and see the resources yourself or you can use the calculator app and you can follow me because if something is true it can always be seen from multiple different mathematical Vantage points this is a fundamental tenet of the archaics research and it will not change concerning the Great Pyramid I'm going to show you right here in this video a basic summary of the massive amount of data that awaits for you in the archaic's presentations and from arcades veterans I promise you you're going to want to watch this video it is a summary that you're going to want to share with a lot of people and for you podcasters out there or those of those of you who think you know with the Great Pyramid is function is what it's for its purpose who built it how it was built and ultimately what role it will play in the future maybe you want you might want me on your podcast you might want me on your on your show and believe me I'm more than willing to share what I know it's freely available all across my channel so the Giza the Lost secrets of Giza playlist that's what it is but I discussed the Great Pyramid in in many aspects of my channel as well so no excuse me oh is almost is almost ready to launch got we got the videos uploaded still got a few more to do I'm also scheduling so be patient with me uh guys I know many of you have sent me emails from other YouTube channels and uh uh basically other platforms um I am itemizing uh trying to get a ledger together of of all the podcasts because I'm telling you as soon as I launch real soon I'm also going to be doing in tandem I will be basically launching a whole podcast campaign right now I have 30 something people I'll be doing podcasts with I've reached back and contacted all the almost all the people that I've done podcasts with I still have more of them to to uh to uh contact and for those of you who have interviewed me before you want to do so again I'm all for it just contact me one of my emails uh but Matt will put you on the podcast list and we'll get to you but has slowed us down but I promise you we're going when we finally unleash you guys might have to take take a break because we'll be going hard with our and the YouTube channel at the same time so in this presentation we know that we're dealing with a technolithic artifact of Precision Engineering that is so sophisticated that the more we learn about the Great Pyramid of Egypt the more we realize by studying the boring by studying these amazing tolerances in very very little curves but the rectilinear distances remaining so true over vast distances throughout the pyramid in doing so through multiple layers in each layer being different than the one below yeah guys 203 levels of blocks but no levels of blocks or uniform they're all different it might this might have been some type of Earth some way of earthquake proofing the structure but we're dealing with a technolithic artifact that is so sophisticated that it itself listen to me it itself reveals to us the absolute technologically advanced sophistication that must have existed when it was built yeah guys the egyptologists want you to believe in something that is ridiculous that pyramids had an evolution to them that they want you to believe the uniformitarian standard that somehow somehow Rock Cairns became Hills and that Hills became pyramids and that in this way they developed the pyramid it's not what we have in the archaeological record we have the first five dynasties of Egypt putting out the most sophisticated pyramids and pyramids became crappier and crappier from the sixth Dynasty afterwards it was a Devolution it was a declination of technology and it is widely noticeable through all the civilizations of the ancient world not just Egypt so if if the if recorded history the historical record began as an advanced civilization then we have been in declination ever since up until very very recently and it's only very very recently that we've been able to decipher and put all these Mysteries back together look at this illustration right here this right here shows this is something I drew but it shows right here the Great Pyramid is specifically designed it is designed despite all the physics constants which are nothing but the protocols of the construction of our reality but within those protocols there are calendars going forward and backward in time like palindromes and this is what the Great Pyramid shows this Precision is absolutely amazing in this in this second illustration here this was done by somebody else or almost a hundred well over a hundred years ago David Davidson Drew this right here and it's it's amazing but it shows the Precision of the angles of the Great Pyramid it shows these 26 degree angle passages that produce the 52 degree angle at the axis but the exterior this is the interior but the exterior of the monument shows a 52 degree angle as well now these things Queens chamber Kings chamber these are not what they were called when this place was built there was something else these weren't air shafts these weren't these weren't uh um a grand gallery and and uh descended the Subterranean chamber well pit chamber these things are names that we've attributed to since it's been discovered 820 A.D the caliph of Baghdad almamon he excavated into the pyramid and and found this upper area only the lower area had ever been known and recorded history the upper Grand Gallery the king's chamber Queen's chamber relieving Chambers all this was discovered by them by Muslims in 820 A.D so it's all because of the the the fall of the ceiling block that it cleverly concealed an upper upper up passage so in this third third you just see right here in this third uh illustration just how sophisticated this was it's it's it's absolutely perfect from underground all the way to the top of the pyramid all of its liniments were absolutely precise it took a science a very sophisticated science that had already worked out all the mysteries of mathematics all this was already done thousands of years ago when they built this structure and understood here's another picture right here it's almost like an x-ray of the Great Pyramid now what you're looking at here in these shots right here we're looking at the measurements of the Great Pyramid interior and exterior Dimensions it's rectilinear links from feature to feature done to the thousands of an inch that's what these measurements are right here you were looking on at the screen these were done by Sir Flinders Petri they are to the thousands of an inch they are the only measurements that I use and I use them and I use them because these are the only measurements that the scientific establishment accepts these are the only measurements that egyptologists accept and yet these are the only measurements that produce the many Mysteries that I have found in the Great Pyramid that I'm that I have revealed in published books in my presentations and I'm going to tell you about right here in this video These are measurements done to the thousands of an inch this is just this all this is tabulated but if you look here here it is in two Dimensions right right here here's the Great Pyramids all the all the horizontal and and uh these are all horizontal distances right here sloping and horizontal distances are on this first chart these are all done to the thousands of an inch again right here these are the vertical distances everything measure every feature measured up and down listen guys this is the Subterranean chamber it was done to vertical and horizontal right here but it's but it's beyond belief what we find the archaic's research is what has brought this to the world's attention no other researcher before me has ever published this data and so far I don't have any takers who want to come in and try to write a thesis to disprove what I'm showing in this video because I'm more than welcome it I will publish it on my channel and then I will give answer but what I'm showing right now are these measurements to the thousands of an inch each one of them found in the Great Pyramid rectilinear sloping interior and exterior measurements to the thousands of an inch that just so happen to all be divisible by the number 138 excuse me it's short here there is a bunch of them here's another chart right here 1656 is divisible by 138 my arcakes veterans you already know 1656 was the year of the great flood in many ancient texts including the Book of Genesis Book of jasher 1656 was what is 138 times 12. right here's the king's chamber right here is is a aerial view of the king's chamber and the antique chamber and basically the entrance from from the grand Gallery 138 is encoded everywhere in these sharks you really need to see the presentations themselves where I blow these charts up much larger for you to see but here is the Subterranean chamber and again these measurements are all divisible by 138. this is beyond coincidence and it's never been published in any book prior to mine ever you need to pay attention because 138 is not an arbitrary number at all here it is again you can see 1656 right here is the vertical distance from the great slab which which serves as the floor to the king's chamber all the way to the foundation of the pyramid Foundation being Year One markings veterans you already know 3895 BC was year one 16 56 years later was 12 was 22 39 BC it was the collapse of the vapor canopy you know of it as the great flood here it is again more measurements all divisible by 138 here they are all these charts I'm not going to go through them that's what my that's what my my playlists are for I'm gonna publish books but here you are here you can see right here chart after chart after chart all these measurements in the Great Pyramid are divisible by 138. but then it goes even further we all know about the tetratus I have shown the practice it is 10 it is how you form 10 dots into a pyramid it takes 10 dots four at the bottom then three then two then one the arrangement of these dots in ancient times was called the tetraktus it represents the number 10 or something to the power of 10. we have four slopes on the Great Pyramid that are all 51 degrees 51 times 4 is 204. this is really interesting 204 times the tetractus which represents the pyramid is 2040 but even more mysterious is that the Great Pyramid is 203 levels high but it's missing one component it's missing the Capstone if the Capstone was set in place it would be huge but it would be the 204th component of the gray pyramid finalizing it so we have here this isn't something that is conjectural the 138-year periodicity is encoded all throughout the Great Pyramid it is the chief message of the Interior Arrangements of the gray pyramid but even more so look at this chart at the top you can see two different vertical distances in the gray period now two different distances in the Great Pyramid add up to 2040. next chart two different distances in the Great Pyramids architectural rectilinear features equals 20 40. look at the third chart we're going to start short three rectilinear distances all in the same line from the entrance to the pyramid to to the passage conjunct all the way up the grand Gallery across the entire 534 inch floor of the king's chamber it ends in 2040. again another chart this is beyond coincidence if you want to see exactly how these were done to the thousandths of an inch you need to watch those videos but right here this is a summary and to show here's a fifth chart again we find that rectilinear distances coming from different areas of the pyramid are going to different destinations still equals 20 40. again we arrive here at this next chart from many ancient mini ancient these are all 957 BC Solomon's Temple 930 930 A.D uh 617 BC these are not arbitrary every one of these dates are in my chronic on and I show you exactly what in world history as relating to the unfolding of human events and the Great Pyramid what happened in those years but in the rectilinear dimensions right here it ends in 2040. next chart this is all white this is not a this is not a black chart here this is a white shark look at this again we have the dimensions of the Great Pyramid starting with a very significant calendrical event in world history counting those passage lengths to the thousands of an inch we arrive at 20 40. again next chart again more historical events all recorded in chronicon with with Source materials what ancient text we take them from you can verify everything with your own calculator again we arrive at a Terminus of 2040. next chart again we arrive at a Terminus of 2040 over and over again do not think at all that this is all I have to present marrake's veterans already know I'm barely scratching the surface I have hundreds of charts that show these demonstrations this chart here shows the 203 levels of the Great Pyramid from the foundation Year One 203 levels all the way to the top to where 204th component is expected to sit it's the missing Capstone so this is 203 levels we know the return of the Chief Cornerstone is in the year six thousand six thousand from the new heavens and the new Earth which was a devastating pole shift the Adam and Eve story of 3895 BC this would make 2105 A.D coming up in the near future 2105 A.D would be the 203rd year indicated in the steps of this pyramid calendar right here in the 204th year would be the year 6 000 Annis Mundi since that terrible cataclysm so if you think this is conjecture I have multitudes of videos about 1902 and many references showing why that the last days countdown to the Great Pyramid began in 1902 but let's look at it from a rectilinear perspective in the internal Arrangements of the Great Pyramid look at this chart right here this chart shows all these distances in the pyramid and when you put them together every single one of them Phoenix related you you it adds up to 57.96 5796 years from 38.95 BC the Adam and Eve pole shift cataclysm year one of the pre-flood World 1656 years yeah that was 1902 A.D don't believe me pull out your calculator watch the videos follow along and you'll see it for yourself and you'll also learn some other things like what Nostradamus said about 1902 and what in what uh 1902 represented to different nations around the world so we have this complexity here in the Great Pyramid but don't take my word for it look at this flash right here do you see all these pictures no you can't because there's too many of them to show in this video and that's why they're spinning by so fast but my presentations go into great depth explaining everything that's in these images that are flashing before your eyes right now you can go to my lost my lost secrets of Giza playlist and learn all about the Great Pyramid and I promise you you will learn things that you will never read in other books that you'll never see in other presentations the Great Pyramid is truly an anomaly but the real the real mystery here is why have so many people ignored everything these old books tell us about the Great Pyramid because when you read people's books about the pyramid today you're basically reading rehashed material that the things that people already published in the 1950s 40s 30s 20s teens all the way back to the 1870s Charles piazzi Smith and John Taylor Robert Menzies it's just rehash material very almost nothing new is being produced except in the archaic's material and it's time for us to grow up and get out of this childish BS adult fantasy mindset and start entertaining these anomalies in understanding applications and figuring out what they mean to us because as long as we entertain all this about the Great Pyramid and all this stuff about Egyptian history and try to attach these pharaohs and dining to the Pyramids of Giza we will always be directed in the wrong way I'm of the habit of saying that too many coincidences exhibits no coincidence at all these synchronicities aren't aren't the actual mystery the mystery is is that we have taken so long to come to these understandings look at this chart the 138 inch spacing and denominations of the rectilinear measurements to the thousands of an inch in the Great Pyramid it has a meaning that meaning has been found in the Phoenix phenomenon in the event that occurs every 138 years in our holography it causes edits it causes changes in living conditions changes in in demographics sometimes it's astronomical phenomena great disasters are covered up Mass populations vanish some people go crazy others sink into the ground the Phoenix phenomenon is a multiplicity of events affecting different geographical areas and sometimes those areas are are absolutely insulated from what's going on around in adjacent areas as if the phenomenon itself is able to edit a Locale and yet leave a nearby area completely untouched this world that we are in I'm often saying our world is not what you think I mean that we are living in a very technologically advanced call it a simulacrum for those of you who want to get real property in your grammar a similacrum if you're an archaic veteran but whatever it is it's a construct and this is what we live in and for some reason it has a heartbeat and that heartbeat is every 138 years and it's very very very little difference from the fine structure constant that tiny little space in the 137 point something indefinite that becomes 138 that little spacing that turns a linear projection into a series of 138 multiples so we have this in the Great Pyramid among all the physics constants of Pi Phi curvature speed of light diameter of everything we know in the in the saw the different ratios all this stuff their whole books published about all the constants that have been found over and over in multiple dimensions of arithmetic in the Great Pyramid but no one has yet come forward and given an explanation why these things are done in denominations of 138 And yet when we look at the history of the world look at these charts I have an entirely different playlist not my gizo playlist my Phoenix archive playlist 81 82 videos that explain the Phoenix phenomenon and how well documented is three published books 81 videos probably close to 60 or 70 podcasts also that's not included in the playlist where I talk about it look at these charts this is the history of the year the history of the world in 138 year periods if it's dated on this chart we have data for it we know what happened in those years it's not pretty the patterns for the for The Disappearance and reappearance of the vapor canopy it's all here all these charts the Great Pyramid of Giza its rectilinear Dimensions the denominations of 138 it's all right here when you do it as a two-dimensional linear projection what we have in the Great Pyramid is right here in this chart and right here and right here in this short all these dates you see these are all in my chronicon over and over and over I have challenged people to look these dates up and see what you see they're all mentioned in the old books the ancient records no modern history books talk about these things these charts are meticulous because the data the data points are in the thousands the data sets scores of data sets to put all this together this is the archaic's data showing the Great Pyramid is a holographic calendar showing the past and the future here's another calendar here it's not even it's all encoded in the Great Pyramid but here's the Nemesis X timeline this is all the historical times the Nemesis X appear it always comes close close to our world for 60 years and for 732 years it's far away but here's the exact patterning 2106 the year 6000 that I just told you about the return of the Chief Cornerstone it's also the Nemesis X here it's the 60th year it's right there 2106. all this in the Great Pyramid look at this the 13 backdens of the Mayan Long Count maor KX veterans already know it's one million eight hundred and seventy two thousand days divided by 13 bactins of 144 000 days when does it end when the Nemesis X object appears in 2040 right here just like we saw on the other chart you can go through the specifics of this chart and see all this in my book and a Nike home world the Mayan Long Count never was never going to end in 2012. in 2011 I had a book published that explained the Mayan arithmetic it's the same as The Vedic in the Sanskrit and the Sumerian it's the same as the Olmec it is the same as the ancient Egyptian Assyrian Babylonian it's the same all all the entire ancient world used the sex adjustable calendar and you cannot you cannot apply you cannot apply a modern 365.25 day to an ancient system that only knew of the 360 day year it doesn't work that's why the academies came up with 2012. I corrected it and show you it's 2046. here here's the here's the great Annunaki chronology it's called the annuna nerve system nurse not a word I made up it means the 600 and this was the great year in ancient text many old texts talk about an old an old timekeeping system that was based off 600 year periods yeah it wasn't just flavius Josephus guys there's many ancient historians that talk about it and it's all here in this in the archaics research shows right here it's it's really amazing stuff every bit of it in the Great Pyramid all these charts right here guys what we're dealing with is an architectural structure in Egypt that is older than the very civilizations that surround it we're dealing with an architectural structure that required a science and engineering far superior to anything that we have today we're dealing with an architectural structure that has encoded within it three-dimensionally in multiple dimensions of arithmetic every single physics constant it is the it is basically a programming template for our world but encoded within it is a 138 year protocol that makes sense of the entire history of the world the heartbeat of the Phoenix this thing that changes our world every 138 years is in May 2040. this is the subject matter of the archaic's data and it's still open to challenge I'm not running from anyone the data is here you have three published books to go through 81 Phoenix videos and it's over 70 Great Pyramid videos but all the data is here and it's free and there's no reason you shouldn't know these things there is an object hidden in the sky our predecessors studied its appearances like a vast Clockwork apparatus it appeared on a fixed timeline and disappeared a whole civilizations they have left us records of this invisible eye in the sky and how they hid underground from its face they feared the return of the Phoenix