The Dark Satellite: Prison of the Seven Kings

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Uploaded on Jun 9, 2023

"In the near future the Phoenix, Nemesis X Object and the Dark Satellite will visit our world at relatively the same time. The subject of occult tradition, it is the prison of the Ancient Ones who will return as the Seven Kings in the Apocalypse." [1]

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I have provided you three published books and 82 videos on the Phoenix object I have also provided three published books in the entire unknown files playlist of videos on the Nemesis X object these two objects appeared many times in history and both affected the populations of our world in manifold ways but the dark satellite is a more mysterious object the term dark satellite comes from the mystics particularly one in the 1880s who brought the knowledge to the public this object differs from both the Phoenix and Nemesis X Phoenix returns in May 2040 fulfilling the Sixth Seal just prior to the apocalypse Nemesis X returns in November 2046 fulfilling the prophecy calendar of the Mayan long count and the trumpet judgments of the tribulation period and in 2052 the dark satellite will appear and release the seven Kings from the ancient Vapor Canopy World who will then set up a post-apocalyptic government referred to as the Beast Kingdom in the last days all three objects have their origin with Nemesis the dark sister of our present son Nemesis is hidden but her presence is concealed in the sky it is known it is known by her children Phoenix Nemesis X object in the dark satellite these affect our world in their appearances and for the first time in history all three objects they will be visiting our world at the same time they are the woes that are mentioned in the Book of Revelation that unfold in the last days Gigi young and others have recently mentioned the dark satellite so I felt it was time to bring the data back out for you to see I first published about the dark satellite in 2011 in my book Annunaki Homeworld wherein I wherein I pretty much explained that the 2012 doomsday Madness was all a lie that the 13 bactins of the Mayan calendar did not end in 2012. in fact the reason for the error in calculation by the scholars is because of the dark satellite I will reveal that in this video but it didn't matter 2012 came and went and 200 and something authors all got rich off off the fear-mongering and everybody ignored my book telling them that they were all wrong such is life about 15 years ago I read a book from the 1880s that mentioned the dark satellite it was written by a Christian Mystic named Thomas Burgoyne and the book is a favorite today among occultists it is titled the light of Egypt science of the soul and stars we are all familiar with Zechariah sitchin in his Earth Chronicles series and uh it tell you know he tells of the Anunnaki their Rogue planet Nibiru in its lost moon but burgloyne published his material 96 years before sitchin was even born and in burgoyne's work we find that there is a dead Planet somewhere in the sky he wrote that Wicked beings still reside within inside of this dead planet as well as in its former Moon known as the Dork satellite now Burgoyne wrote there existed an unbroken tradition among Mystics and there was a miss that there was a missing planet and that it was pushed out of line of March by a disturbing force and that it became in time it became a prey of disruptive action and ultimately this planetary form lost its shape and it is now a mass of fragments he says that the dark satellite is inhabited by beings possessing the highest forms of cunning and intelligence who are the producers of the greatest portion of human suffering and misery which afflicts Humanity also the rulers of the dark satellite mercilessly distort every Arcane truth into theological dogma and partial error causing it to assume in the human mind the delusive forms on the externals of Truth and logic and corrupt truth in every form wherein it struggles to manifest itself on Earth that's a heavy statement but these records are stunning for Burgoyne had no access to the Sumerian text sichin studied nor is there any evidence for going red Sumerian or even had had even heard of the term Anunnaki hardly anything was known about Sumer in the tech in the in uh from the text that were discovered in the days of Burgoyne because these were left uncranslated and put it in museum basements where they would stay until the 21st century and the 20th excuse me the 20th century when they would begin begin to be translated so it's very interesting that we're going was was publishing these things before Zechariah sitting even came around and basically said the same thing and put a whole narrative with it his information truly came from traditions and sources passed down outside the realm of modern scholarship in the media he claimed that this was an old occult tradition and we have no reason to disbelieve him it reminds us of the strange letter of Nostradamus after his centuries were published five five hundred years ago where he claimed that my writings are not my own and that I have preserved elements of the future that was written in many different texts he put them all together and then he burned that Library so others could not find it he encoded the future in a system of writings that he called the centuries divided by quatrains another incredible parallel is mentioned inadvertently by Burgoyne sitchin wrote that the Annunaki came to Earth in need of gold to prolong their existence but this is a new twist introduced by sitchin for the occult tradition tells us differently Oregon wrote that the evil these uh basically these evil inhabitants of the dark satellite they benefit by their wicked activities Against Humanity which provides them a means of prolonging their external existence upon the Earth Burgoyne was explaining that the introduction to of error wickedness evil into the world and the fall of mankind when humans participate in evil activities it actually prolongs the existence of the inhabitants of the dark satellite that doesn't sound like they came here to mine gold for many of the former residents of the dark satellite these have now descended to Earth already this is Burgoyne the occult Traditions claim that the dark satellite has been here a few times in the past and when it did some of these beings some of these entities came to Earth so so we take from this that there is a group of these beings already on Earth doing the bidding of the Lords of the dark satellite I wish to interject now that these beings have already set up their infrastructure and control systems in our own underworld these beings are the true power of the puppets that we call the elite now after reviewing the mystical Echoes of burgoyne's research one one should perhaps be a little less critical of some similar modern satanic literature further substantiating the existence of these evil entities in the testimony of the Mad Arab as recorded in the occult book titled Necronomicon the comb of the names of the Dead we read May the gods be ever merciful to thee May thou escape the jaws of the maskim and Vanquish the power of the ancient ones and the gods Grant thee death before the ancient one shall rule the world once more the maskim is a Sumerian idiogram for a race of demons in the old tablet texts that are often linked to the Anunnaki the ancient ones are demonic Lords of the Anunnaki known in Sumerian and Babylonian texts and in the Book of Revelation as the seven Kings they were present on Earth and began a Reign Over Mankind in 2909 BC a dynasty that lasted 670 years until cut off by the great flood or the Phoenix cataclysm in 2239 BC thus the seven Kings of Sumer ruled 670 years this dynasty is the same Remembered in ancient China as the dragon Kings the Necronomicon the text appears to be derived from the Babylonian enema Elish tablets concerning the Annunaki and the Genesis reset cataclysm in fact Genesis seems to be a condensed version of the events of the Seven Tablets of the enema Elish in my own video presentation on the Necronomicon I show how the text is a mixture of fact and fantasy with portions inserted in the text that came from older Works some of them academian writings such a race of imprisoned beings is also the subject of the 5th Century BC traditions of servantes in Persia who held that the star constellations were friendly to mankind but the planets were actually chained demons they're called wandering Stars continuing with the Necronomicon we read in the book of the conjuration of the Watchers that it is said that some of that race lie waiting for the ancient ones to once more rule the cosmos that they may given the right hand of honor and such as these are Lawless this is what is said that destroyed out the Necronomicon it's explaining that there are evil entities already here Among Us and they're just waiting for the return of the seven Kings the imprisonment of these beings is the subject of much of the Book of Enoch who was a prophet not for the antediluvian period but specifically for the last days in the inakyan texts they are called the Watchers the Watchers are the Anunnaki and the ones who are awaiting for the return of their Elite they are the world rulers who govern the Affairs of Our Lives they are waiting for the return of these beings they have libraries and knowledge stored in the Underworld that concerns these matters and they are very knowledgeable of the times this is why they continually spend billions of dollars putting out false histories over the world and funding anybody who will promote any type of rendition or fantasy about the past that is absolutely inaccurate and will promote confusion there has recently been talk on social media about not only the dark satellite but also a possible connection between Elon Musk starlink technology somehow being connected to freeing these demonic entities into our world this was mentioned recently by Gigi young for those of you who follow Gigi I want to add to this a very important fact that basically shows her to be right on the money you see in Old cuneiform tablets we have references to a civilization that existed before Egypt came into existence and this forgotten country was called Magan and in the Magan text of the Necronomicon we read man is the key by which the Gate of yak sakak may be flung wide by which the ancient ones seek their vengeance upon the face of the Earth upon The Offspring of mardu that's mankind for that which is new came from that which is old and that which is old shall replace the new and once again the ancient one shall rule upon the face of the Earth now my interpretation of this is that humans are needed to build and then activate a technology that will open the dark satellite when it reappears and free the ancient ones our ancestors remembered the reign of the seven Kings of the Anunnaki and their 670-year rule over mankind Before the Flood a subject provided in depth in another work of mine titled Return of the Fallen ones this book is also available on Amazon with Annunaki Homeworld this gate mentioned in the Necronomicon is the same as the Gate of Ross style in ancient Egypt it is the same one of the Gnostic records guarded by calipatoroth the Sphinx this is the Gate of and Mankind is the key meaning humans and human Destiny is inextricably entwined with whatever the function is of the Great Pyramid in Egypt remember in my prior presentations where I cite old books that claim that when the gods of Greece were scared of Typhon they fled to Egypt just as demons do when they fear that they will be exercised from a human host the gate is at Giza the ancient akuzan site where Enoch vanished before 800 000 Witnesses now we delve into the juicy stuff as my Welsh Friend Martin likes to say the calendrics of the dark satellite are amazing the collapse of the vapor canopy in 2239 BC the day the sky fell otherwise known as the great flood was caused by the Phoenix this ended the reign of the seven Kings over the ancient pintopolis or the five cities of the Annunaki the Sumerian king list reads that the flood ended the two 241 200 stars of the seven Kings reign their empire destroyed by the Phoenix Zechariah sitchin and his followers have promoted a false version of chronology claiming that seven Kings could actually live 241 200 years in my own presentations I have shown how humerian Reckoning works and that the day count system was the only one they knew in the vapor canopy period cars were the Turning of the Stars One turning of the Stars around Alfred gratanus the dragon eye and it was only one day thus the 241 200 shores of the Sumerian king list was merely 670 years of 360 days each the ancient Hindu the Olmec the Sumerian the Mayan calendars they all have this common denominator that they were Day Count systems and they're all divisible all their units and ages epics they're all divisible by 360. Zechariah sitchin has successfully deceived people into thinking that Kings Before the Flood could actually live for many tens of thousands of years and it is preposterous the end of a 670 year period it actually leads us to the beginning of another Empire that would end after 670 years and this synchronicity leads us to the first appearance of the dark satellite after the great flood it was the year 1899 BC Nimrod ruled but was overshadowed by his Infamous mother Queen's samaramus of Babylon Nimrod is the Hebrew rendition for the Babylonian Mardon or Marduk which is a Babylonian name derives from his Sumerian name Amar udaak in academian he was marrow deck and he began a construction project called babili or the Gate of God in 1899 BC the ancient ones realized that humans were building a technological structure that would open a gate but they deemed this a threat and instantly destroyed the structure with Thunderbolts from the sky and then used technology themselves to reprogram the collective human mind into 70 different languages only by technology could this have happened humans found that they could no longer understand one another and separated into the groups of those who spoke their own tongue I have a video where I cite all the ancient records and traditions that refer to this event this was a reset that scattered Humanity according to the Jewish tradition this was accomplished when God sent evil angels among them Nimrod was blamed for the weakening of Babylon and depopulation as groups left off to build their own cities his throne name was changed to am Rafael meaning he made us fall and in the historical record he is known better as Hammurabi he was empowered by an alliance with the amorites with fall with the fall of babilli or the Gate of God the hittite of Anatolia and the amorites of matani these are brother and sister Empires they filled the power vacuum and became the dominant empires of the near East in Mediterranean for 670 years precisely the Amorite descended people's built Mediterranean colonies and Nations that grew in power until they participated in the war against ilium and the fall of Croy this was 1229 BC in exactly 670 years after the fall of babilli it was also the exact date of the collapse of the hittite Empire and as I have shown in many presentations in 1229 BC fortresses in cities all over the world were blasted apart with strange lightning from the skies can't make this stuff up guys 1899 BC is the date for the Tower of Babel reset as published in chronicon with multiple sources and confirmed in the book of the biblical chronologist Stephen Jones in his work the secrets of time 1899 BC the fall of Babylon event is confirmed in a cross-cylindrical parallel found in that in the year 1899 anno domini of our calendar excavations of Babylon began by a German team under Robert coldaway you just can't make this stuff up in 1899 BC Babylon is destroyed in 1899 A.D babylonis Babylon is excavated by by archaeologists 1899 BC was 1976 years to 76 A.D the year that according to to naturalist Pliny the Elder a spear appeared in the sky and it was a strange omen when will when have we fight seen a sphere hanging in the sky look here at this wood cut from 1561 a spear appeared over Germany in India a whole new calendar was begun called the soccer count the Saka calendar remember over and again I have shown you guys that new calendars are implemented many times to cover up reset events as 76 A.D was 1976 years after 1899 BC Tower of Babel event 76 A.D is likewise 1976 years to 2052. Return of the dark satellite ancient ones require human assistance to open the gate of yak sakak at Giza this is when the seven Kings of the Annunaki will return to usher in the Beast Kingdom of the Apocalypse they take Liberty from mankind shown in the Statue of Liberty prophecy yes guys the Statue of Liberty off the coast of New York is a prophecy it is a lithic prophecy the world is full of them this prophecy is a statue of Queen samiramus of Babylon that was erected in 1884 of our calendar and it has 168 steps Stone steps that lead up to the torch each step represents a year 168 steps plus 1884 when the statue was dedicated and erected is 2052 when Liberty will be taken from the Earth 1899 BC plus oh 1976 years led us to 76 A.D when there was a calendar change in a in a great spear appeared in the sky we simply add another 1976 Years and we're at 2052. this is a huge isometric pattern with the start of a calendar basically the soccer calendar as its epicenter thus the cross cylindrical parallel is 1976 anno domini when the start of basically Zechariah sitchin's Earth Chronicles series began to awaken humans to the knowledge of the ancient ones and thus Empower them in the construct so you understand what I'm saying the ancient ones destroy the Gate of God in 1899 BC and 1976 years later they pass over in 76 A.D and in India they start a whole new calendar in 1976 years later it was 2052 when they when a gate is activated by Mankind's participation this is something they evidently need so this 1976 is very is very attached to these beings in 1976 years isometric projection going in two different ways at the same time connected to Babylon connected to the return of the ancient ones the 1976 period ends in 2052 with the cross cylindrical parallel is 1976 A.D when Zechariah sitchin began his campaign to bring about awareness of the Anunnaki to the world Chichen was a gatekeeper empowered by the Agents of the dark satellites using his work the elite in 1976 began to educate the public on these dark entities this was needed because the construct currently has them imprisoned in the dark satellite and their release is totally dependent on a significant amount of human Collective to believe in their existence this is an observer dependent universe and those things completely forgotten no longer exist that sitchin is the prophet of the dark satellite is easily found in the calendrics between this mystery object's appearances of old and the release of the Earth Chronicles in 1976. the ancient ones as manipulators and Sowers of confusion is proven in the calendrics 1899 BC to 2052 A.D is 3952 years or hidden periods of 395.2 years a simple deduction of 395.2 years from 1899.2 brings us to the year 1504 BC and another 395.2 years brings us to 1108 BC then a third 395.2 years brings us to 713.6 BC 713 is the end of the sixth bactin or the 864 000 days of the Mayan Long Count each backed in being a Mayan age of 144 000 days thus the dark satellite appeared at another calendar change this is no coincidence what happened in 19 in 713 BC was another strange reset like the earlier Babel confusion of tongues instead this time it was a confusion of calendars up to this point as I have shown in numerous presentations and in my published books all the world recognized and used a 360 day calendar but in this year something in the sky issued Thunderbolts that destroyed whole fortifications and even vaporized 185 000 Assyrian soldiers as the Sun not only stopped moving across the sky but retrogated 10 degrees this astonishing event is recorded in the Bible it involves King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah it resulted in a change of the length of the year the 360 day year turned into 365.24 days and every civilization after 713 BC changed their calendars and their time keeping systems this data is in my books Anunnaki Homeworld and in chronicon I have a few videos on the event as well it was this alteration of the year that changed the Mayan Long Count end date to 2046 the year of the return of the Nemesis X object the archons or ancient ones first introduced different languages to promote confusion and Scatter Humanity then they altered the calendar so men could not accurately reckon the times then they Empower Zechariah sitchin to promote widely a false version of events while still bringing public awareness of the existence of the Anunnaki thus empowering them in the construct the work of Zechariah sitchin is steadily promoted by people like Billy Carson the ancient ones are busy here is another interesting calendric in 1752 there was a major calendar change this was the year of the octagonal star that appeared over slavinj Norway and caused destruction across the land I have a video about this this was 150 years before 1902 the Phoenix year the appearance of a strange red star in the year of the Hidden reset a year Charles Fort said was a new Dark Age in itself this means nothing except for the fact that 1902 itself is 150 years exactly to 2052. so 1752 and 1902 being equidistant and concerning strange things appearing in the sky and affecting Humanity demonstrates that in the calendrics 2052 is the appearance of the dark satellite and the release of its inhabitants and probably the imposition of an entirely new calendar I have shown you many different ancient sources that reveal that days were the ancient time keeping standards that all cultures in the ancient world used a year of 360 days that mirrored the zodiacal 360 Degrees that the impossibly long periods the Egyptians in Chaldeans referenced were lunar Reckoning counts and that these things were already understood by ancient writers that modern authors have been lying to you 253 data packed pages from this 270 year old book right here that I have a video about this book right here was published in 1752. year of the octagonal star and amazingly in this old book all the data of both the ancient 360 day year and the later 365.24 day year the calendar change these things are all conveyed in this old book from 1752. there is no such thing as coincidence these palindromic patterns in history and perfect synchronicities in narratives and calendars are evidence that we are living out of controlled drama a protocol filled construct these hundreds of videos I have provided in my published books show clearly in the to the unbiased Observer that in May 2040 the Phoenix phenomenon will visit our world that's 6.5 years later in 2046 the Nemesis X object will appear and will initiate a species Invasion and in 2052 the dark satellite will return and the Seven Kings from the ancient Vapor Canopy World of the Sumerian pentopolis will be released and then use their power to support the reign of a dark goddess her Empire will last 54 years over the collective empires of gold silver brass and iron until the return of the Chief Cornerstone who will fulfill the pyramid prophecy and Usher in the stone Kingdom of Peace it's not even mysterious we're living in a programmed reality there is an object hidden in the sky our predecessors studied its appearances like a vast Clockwork apparatus it appeared on a fixed timeline and disappeared whole civilizations they have left us records of this invisible eye in the sky and how they hid underground from its face they feared the return of the Phoenix