Acambaro Artifacts of the Vapor Canopy World

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Uploaded on May 31, 2023

"In 1911 discoveries were made in Mexico of megafauna and human skeletons under layers of volcanic ash and architectural ruins. More artifacts were found in 1944...all proving that humans, giants reptiles, gigantic mammals all lived together in a Vapor Canopy environment." [1]

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there is an object hidden in the sky our predecessors studied its appearances like a vast Clockwork apparatus it appeared on a fixed timeline and disappeared whole civilizations they have left us records of this invisible eye in the sky and how they hid underground from its face they feared the return of the Phoenix in 1911 a mineralogist named William Niven was Excavating in Mexico when he uncovered an undocumented civilization it was found at depths of 20 to 60 feet buried in dirt architecture human artifacts tablets of writings mixed among all this debris with the bones of megafauna that had been destroyed and buried under layers of volcanic ash and Earth but this 1911 find was not permissible to science or it had been declared that no Advanced civilizations existed in the time of the megafauna because they had already concluded that the mammoths and other megafauna had died out in the last ice age they dismissed they totally dismissed niven's findings and the oh it was The Mexican government that stopped all the excavations but James churchward you know who he is I did a recent video guys James churchward had reviewed niven's fines and took photos and made illustrations of the artifacts these were featured often in churchwards books on the Lost Civilization of move remember the books the children of moon the Lost Cities of moo lost Continental move I have that collection of books I've been doing videos out of them it would be over three decades before that area of Mexico would yield forth even more amazing Treasures proofs that men megafauna and the vapor canopy were all here at the exact same time foreign a German retiring in Mexico in the vicinity of acambarro accidentally discovered some ceramic figures in the sand he then acquired help from locals and soon over 33 000 artifacts were excavated from the side of Bull mountain central Mexico the relics were of Ceramics Stone and Jade including obsidian knives sharper than steel figurines of blacks of orientals and of bearded white people the styles were vaguely similar vaguely similar to ancient Egyptian and Sumerian figurines of Bigfoot type creatures like Sasquatches and giant reptiles many eating people also depictions of sexual activities between animals and humans this is very Sensational for the time the ceramic nature of the artifacts is a reason the establishment claims akambarro fines were faked but this would not but this would have required a tremendous amount of time and would to fire the Ceramics especially over 30 000 objects but there are no trees to burn in the Mexican desert region further many of the relics are carved as Stone and Jade they're not ceramics but the establishment will do anything it can to get the general public to believe that these are fake when they are not my accusations are fraud by The Establishment scientists happened because these artifacts had been excavated with the teeth of an extinct Ice Age horse in the skeleton of a mammoth and this cannot be so here was a culture of humans that domesticated large reptiles venerated them and lived among huge amphibians and hairy megafauna and as I have shown in my prior presentations over and over again this is only possible during a vapor canopy period remember guys you were told by science that mammoths were hairy to protect themselves from the Ice Age cold conditions but modern scientists have already concluded that tropical creatures have the same long hair because it cools their bodies the long-haired ape of India is a great example so in 1955 the renowned professor and author of path to the pole and maps of the ancient sea Kings Charles pop good he visited attamborough Mexico and studied not only the collection of 33 500 artifacts but he also directed his own excavation and found even more in his book mystery in accomboro Professor habgood concluded the relics were real in the artifacts and the arguments of the establishment that they were fake were very weak indeed and and unbelievable he wrote All observers have agreed that there is no precedent for this discovery in the annals of archeology he concluded that the acambara culture did not bury their dead did not possess the bow and arrows they used Spears daggers in clubs they knew nothing of textiles they made unpainted Pottery this is not the pre-pottery Neolithic which is what you would find in the in the Ice Age narrative there is no knowledge of Agriculture among these people they had very close relationships with animals domesticated large animals and reptiles they even had pet dogs these facts Point directly at conditions where the people did not have to farm they did not have to clothe themselves due to harsh weather conditions and they had no need of husbandry and herds and probably gave their dead Back To Nature to re-enter the cycle of life these were things that we find very common in the fourth and third millennium BC cultures not in the pretended and thoroughly falsified Ice Age narrative the facts point to a vapor canopy existence in fact much of what had good documents in his book points to Vapor canopy a period of Earth history that was absolutely unknown to him Charles habgood wrote quote it indicates a woodland culture it becomes clear from the study of the figurines that the climate of the acambara region was very different at that time instead of the present arid Valley with the eroded and desiccated surrounding Highlands and the sparse rainfall the color The Collection here indicates that the region then was very well watered and that's what we find in a vapor canopy Charles had good also wrote that the collection contains unmistakable representations of the one-humped American camel of the Ice Age and of the Ice Age horses as well as animals resembling rhinoceros of expect of an extinct species it contains many figurines of giant monkeys such as actually existed in South America the acambara artifacts according to Professor habgood exhibit evidence of an Indian culture whose naturalistic sculptures far surpassed that of any later culture in the Americas except for the mound builders this is an amazing statement for it admits that the most sophisticated Arc was the oldest and it had devolved into subsequent cultures also the mention of the mound builders is amazing because I have explained in Prior presentations that the mound builders were a vapor canopy culture and this is why they are so mysterious this is why they have Ice Age artifacts in Hills that are clearly dated or after the Ice Age mammoth artifacts and huge human remains have been found in the Ohio Mississippi Valley mound builder ruins they have been they have been very routinely destroyed and covered up by agents of the Smithsonian the pipes and instruments for music of the acambara relics are are more advanced far more advanced than those that followed after among the omeka the cliche the zapatic the Maya the Aztec and the Toltec and other ancient American cultures this means the level of technology in the vapor canopy far exceeded the cultures that followed the post-reset cultures after the day the sky fell the great flood and collapse of the vapor canopy those cultures that survived never achieved that technological sophistication again so the ubiquitous American step design found in Aztec and Toltec art is even more pronounced and older in the accomboro artifacts showing that these were successor civilizations not original Professor had good holds that the accomboro culture was seminal the original of the American Indian blueprint cultures and that all others developed out of its descendants this is an amazing statement for Professor hapgood went unchallenged he was he was among the academic Elite of the day in 1955 when he published this material the relics show an affinity toward reptiles of veneration and interaction with both reptiles of all sizes and reptoid-like humans this is a clear link to the ubaid culture of pre-sumerian History which had yielded the same reptile human hybrids in his dated precisely in the middle of the vapor canopy period so here the similarity between the akambara figurines and the ubaid figurines is very clear the eyes of humans are very pronounced they are protuberant yet they are slits so this feature of the vapor Vapor canopy humans is found on both sides of the world whether our Paradigm is of a globe or of a flat Earth it doesn't matter hemispherically we are looking at two different collections of artifacts free Sumerian ubaid and akambaral and they're on opposite ends of the world and yet they demonstrate the exact same Anatomy features on human faces so what is interesting here is that scientists have dated these you obeyed artifacts at the at the 4 000 to 3 500 BC period this is in the middle of the vapor canopy sorry but the icing on the cake of this Ice Age smashing presentation are the scientific studies published on the acomboro artifacts themselves the tele the telen dies isotope Laboratories dated the artifacts to be no older than 45 30 BC the University of Pennsylvania radiocarbon dated the artifacts at 4400 BC to 1500 BC the University of Pennsylvania thermal luminescence dating targeted the artifacts at 2500 BC these are two different Labs using three different methods of relative dating methods which we all know are are riddled with errors but what's interesting here is all three of them fit within this chart look at this chart here and you will see that all three scientific datings match the dating that Scholars have given the ubaid culture and all four fit right here in this box which represents the vapor Canopy World the 1 656 years of the free-flood world before the day the sky fell everything lines up perfectly with Vapor canopy and shows that ice age is absolute fallacy so if we look at these scientific dates on our archaic's world history chart and find that all four now date two the pre-sumerian ubaid culture find where we find zero evidence of Ice Age we find megafauna the myocene horse please don't see mammoths and mastodons we find giant reptiles and giant amphibians and we find humans domesticating them all and at the exact same time they all lived together false Ice Age is a psyop specifically pushed by The Establishment to hide the vapor canopy period or the pre-flood world it was the collapse of this canopy that was recorded in history as the day the sky fell it is the great flood and I can think of no other reason although I am not a Christian I can think of no other reason for this massive campaign of disinformation other than an attempt by the scientific Community to basically be tracked from the truth of the Genesis narrative thank you