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Streamed live on Jul 13, 2023

"The more current events unfold, the more we see the tinfoil hatters have been on the money. What's YOUR conspiracy? Ask Jason for his take." [1]

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you know what I don't even need this I'm using a totally different speaker today let me uh let me get audio check make sure you guys can hear me pretty good I don't need but a couple people to tell me good good yeah man long as y'all can hear me I'm okay I had to switch cameras I don't know what's wrong with my camera very expensive it's not focusing right I'm not qualified to deal with it so I switched over to a guaranteed mobile camera that always works this is the one I take on the road with me yeah I'm not gonna entertain any conspiracy like somebody might be bugging my camera and trying to trying to stop this broadcast talking about 10 full hand conspiracies I don't think anything that Deep's going on but then again it might so yeah I want to give a shout out to my my brothers and sisters in the New Zealand archaics group they sent some envoys over here who stayed with Dawn and I for about three or four days I just now got back from Bush Intercontinental Airport where I dropped them off and uh AIX I mean something tried to stop me from getting home Google me in the wrong direction I was tight on time activated every single red light yeah put morons in my way oh yeah some people are not qualified to drive in Texas but I made it home only to find out that my camera is acting up so I changed my lighting and uh thankfully I had an extra tinfoil hat Don found it for me and uh I want to thank one tuck and his wife we had we had a blast past three or four days uh earlier today they sat together and they and they uh took one of my archaic caps and they turned it into a 10-fold hat for me and I really really appreciated that because I I kind of needed that for this broadcast we might go a little bit deeper than ordinary or deeper than some folks are comfortable going oh wow Scott 138 oh Scott 183 there's a 138 in there thank you man appreciate it you know and I will buy some coffee everybody knows I love it Nelson Perez how you doing man you're getting to be a real regular I see Elizabeth Blanchard I'm not gonna do a full call out jaharly always there don't get frustrated just because one or two days I don't drop a video and then on another day I drop three videos and they're all long montages don't get frustrated uh I'm not on anybody's schedule I'm on the schedule of absolute intuition and creativity I do what I feel compelled to do sometimes I relax and I read and I research and I do chores other days I'm in overdrive that's why it's my now I mean uh one talk one talk in the new zealanders you know they uh they watched me for about three and a half days and they constantly Marvel they say Jason you just you just ain't got no backup in you you just don't stop and I don't no matter what's going on around me I'm I'm video editing producing content pulling out data from really good books going through research notes I can't stop it's just it's uh it's what makes me tick and there's some other things that make me tick too but I take in the wrong direction I want to talk about some of those things like narrative control like many of the popular things that are going on in social media in the news today that man and they really pull on those Heart Heart chords they read they really they're really giving us some things to gather around to solidify behind they're they're really they're really pulling a number on us guys they already did it earlier they did it two and a half years earlier and I called them on a thin two in my predictions videos none of that narrative was true and because it's been two years and many of those people have disappeared we're going to talk about that because me in my opinion and YouTube listen this is my opinion sometimes we just gotta call spade a spade I'm starting to feel that some of these people on social media that have been putting out false narratives that have been actually helping the establishment maintain more and more control over the different people of different countries and doing it really on the slide using the Patriot movement I'm ready to call them treasonous that's what I'm about to say we're going to talk about that too so uh yeah and the third thing all this attention on the walk movement I want you in the comment section to tell me what your conspiracy is what do you think is really going on right now because I'm going to tell you anytime there's a major push or a major movement going in One Direction the elite are behind it every single time don't think these events are random they're not they're not we're gonna get to that because there's a bunch of names that a lot of people have kind of Forgotten people that have kind of Gone by the wayside people aren't really listening or paying attention to them no more they're just kind of you know disappeared now they're hidden behind pay walls or they're hit there's there's a lot of exclusivity to them now you know what I'm not buying it you can only drag out hope so long before your identity is revealed we may not know your real names but we sure know who you're working for so yeah man that's I got my Faraday cage on right now I'm wearing it on my head so I don't care they try to zap me I don't care that I know that stuff try to hit me with their life try to try to zap me through my cell phone whatever I got it I am covered I got my 10 full hat and you guys are more than welcome to get your tinfoil hats too you don't need tin foil you don't you can get a faraday cage or a faraday bag from Amazon pretty cheap just put it over your head go sleep tonight dude yeah this is a really good camera the lighting is the only thing that makes it makes it bad in here to light it I'm using Studio lighting I've got the I've got the light above uh completely turned off because I'm wearing tinfoil today and that tin foil is Tim fold is mighty bright and it just brightens the whole screen out I'm gonna turn the big light on so you guys are just gonna have to bear with me and uh got some announcements and some news let me look at some of these some of these comments before I get started on my on my rants because I'm ranting today and I believe that I have calls too and I believe that you have calls to be angry too because this shit's going on too long you know I think I've seen Maurice in there somewhere Rhino from Texas Maurice damir is right there Quantum paradox I wish I could do a full a full call out because I know a lot of you you know I Fearless Vig not the Clay's pigeons I know a lot of you Dr cord Stern I just uh can't do it those of you who have who have joined uh now you know what I'm talking about now you know it's no longer rhetoric you absolutely know that there are some things I just could never talk about on YouTube but I've been doing it on our and I'm not gonna stop but uh yeah we're all we're already looking for other venues we're looking to start like a basically an underground newsletter something that you can hold something that can be distributed something that people people can uh read and research share pass on even copy yeah I'm not I'm not going to rely on on this Digital Universe too much longer I'm gonna keep spreading my message but I promise you I'm into publishing and that's what I'm going to continue to do I'm going to continue to carry the paper tradition see the shampoos here wow this chat I actually slowed the chat down today guys last two or three lives I didn't do it but I slowed it down to David it didn't it didn't do any good didn't do any good Wow Let's Get this coffee in me all right guys the elite think tanks have been in overdrive coming up with all kinds of things we're going to discuss that today and whatever you guys got it got in here too but uh yeah we're gonna go show that one because uh that's that's kind of the theme there Kevin Frost I've never seen your name before man but you nailed you nailed it you nailed it so guys I got a yeah my new New Zealand friends we had a blast we had a blast almost an emotional departure by the time they left we've entertained a lot of people lately you know Cheryl and Cheryl and Martin were here Martin Leakey can't wait for Martin to come back uh I think he's coming back to the Cheryl already came back to the States I think Martin's Martin will be coming pretty soon uh you know Max Egan will be here again uh he almost moved in yeah he likes it here so um yeah man I'm just it's so crazy so crazy we had a lot of guests and we've had a blast with all of them people coming and going yeah guys uh it's been fun it's been fun so tomorrow I'm going live with Danny of removing the shackles some of y'all know her from the unfuckers group there's several unfuckers in the in the chat right now it's a whole different group they anti-date archaics guys I'm pretty new onto the scene three years some of these people are part of groups that have been around for a long time they've joined our cakes in uh in our pursuit of getting to the bottom of things but uh on Saturday I'm having a private chat with the paranormies yeah I've been over the paranormalities a few times and uh posted it on YouTube but this one's a private chat with the paranormies and it's something that we're going to upload in our case TV so on the 20th brother Sanchez and I are going at it again four hours the last time bro Sanchez last month the last time bro Sanchez Sanchez and I talked I couldn't even believe it it was four hours it went by so fast I like him and his community I like him I'm gonna find out where he lives I'm gonna stop back I'm gonna stop by and drink one with him because I am doing a bunch of traveling now so uh Logan of decode your reality and I we went deep we actually prepared both of us said hey man check this out we need to start talking about what's going on Underground when you start we need to do a presentation I agreed with him he had reached out to me I said man that's an excellent topic let's do it so we both spent a couple weeks just putting our heads wrapping our heads around all this and we did a fantastic presentation it's premiering on YouTube right now but I don't think it actually debuts till the 21st I think the 21st or something like that you can actually watch it but it's just it's just in the premiere form you guys I've never done a Premiere I don't even know how so uh but he he's got the premiere thing going I'm just letting you guys know that that pretty soon you'll be able to watch that video oh yes you're gonna have more Annunaki montages because I got a lot of material advice not like the Great Pyramid we only had three long videos now like the Phoenix I had seven long videos because uh because I had edited I I had edited 82 videos you can thank Big John for that I'm actually editing the Annunaki videos because there's a lot of content I I just needed to remove a lot a lot of times I was just freestyling stuff at the beginning because I I was so new to YouTube I didn't really stick with the subject matter so anyway more a lot more internet I'm telling you I'm telling you guys I do hold myself as the Undisputed Authority on the annuna on the anuna histories and I'm willing to debate that I don't believe there's anybody who has any but especially anybody who's who's material output even remotely sounds like Zechariah sitchin's research though those guys that have a real hard time debating me so a lot more probably three or three more four or five have been released you got three or four more coming on the Annunaki oh you guys know about the archaics March you already know I'm competing with all the other arcade sellers out there on on Amazon except mine are available on Amazon you got to go to My Links they're right there in the description box so I think that covered my music so oh dawn has been a significant help we've been sending extra t-shirts extra coins extra thumb drives to people because uh a lot of changes have come with with staff they also the relocation and listen guys the travel to we thought we had a lot mailed out when we didn't which is really hard to keep up never been organized but actually actually Dawn finally organized everything to where we just ordered a digital a digital scale from the U.S Postal Service so we can mail domestic and international print our own stickers we already got our own archaic tailored labels everything now is just absolutely so simple you know I I had made everything so complicated by going to the post office and actually writing out all Internationals so we're waiting we're waiting right now because a lot of people have complained hundreds of people all got their stuff and they said thank you in the comment sections and I really appreciate that but there has been 15 or 20 people in different places around the world that didn't get their stuff for whatever reason so dawn has been going through the emails and sending everybody what they had coming with some extras and I apologize for those delays these delays are why I have not pushed thumb drives or coins in some weeks because uh I have about 70 archaics Antiquated anti-antique Nickel coins here I don't even want to sell them I only want to push them out oh I told you it's a limited edition we're not ordering any more after that the next coins will probably be a year or two from now and they're going to be a different type we don't want we don't want to diminish the value 300 was our cap and the next time it'll be different types of coins so uh I just don't want to do those yet and these right here are the are the 7147 book libraries right here uh more books that you can read I got a bunch of them in here and I don't even want to sell them right now until dawn gives me the green light that everybody has been taking care of and they're satisfied because we send them extra stuff so yeah we've had extra extra t-shirts and hats and uh mugs and stuff from from the last meet up and that's what we just been putting in the packages so I apologize guys I've delegated and then and it just things got botched they got botched but that's okay that's okay so I don't know what you guys conspiracies are are I don't know what my conspiracy is Ukraine is being emptied hold on Ukraine is being emptied man this chance moving so fast again to read this dude's deal wow I lost oh there it is I'm gonna go and put it on the screen so I can read it Alfonso balcazar oh at Alfonso Bell because okay hey Valley I know you Valley I know you oh my conspiracy is Ukraine is being empty to give it back to these the the tiny hats as their ancient Homeland sounds like you're talking about World War one and World War II all over again oh let's not talk about what happened to the local residents who were demonized anyway yeah we're not going to that right now but you you might you might have something on there you might have there you might have something there so oh Meryl Gigi thank you for that twenty dollars you know you didn't have to do that Meryl Merrell's been a long a long uh a long time contributor but really thank her listen guys when I first started my channel I used to ask for donations when I first started when I first started my channel I wanted to do this full time and I wanted so uh if you go back and listen to my last 100 or so videos you will not hear me asking for donations I don't and I don't put the merchandise at the bottom of my my deals like a lot of channels do and I also deactivate the ads in the middle of my videos so you can have a better experience of my content is unbroken this isn't about the acquisition of wealth this is about me being comfortable enough to where I can do this full time so I can do exactly what I'm doing for you now unleashing four to five videos a week something that you you will find Value in and I'm doing that and I and uh I have people helping me doing all kinds of different things too and they have their their tinfoil hats as well so yeah I'm uh yeah I really do appreciate it because donations now base thank you Columbus donations now are for an entirely different purpose therefore you know increasing the production value of my videos being able to increase our studio equipment things like that I you know what I wasn't publishing for 15 years was it 2006 yeah I wasn't publishing for 15 years now with many books published long before I ever started YouTube YouTube channel I told you guys I'm new to YouTube I have not you I am not new but excuse me by any stretch of the imagination to the research community now so yeah bro bro Sanchez is pretty cool I like him I do like him I do like him so oh bro Sanchez is in Nevada damn it man me and Big John we're in Nevada four times recently damn going to California and coming back yeah man Undisputed chronological oh man you guys got some chronological stuff somebody inspired me to do something I do not know why I have never done it but this one's for YouTube not arcades TV but I'm about to blow you guys Minds I'm gonna pull out chronicorn and all my new chronicon notes and I'm gonna give you the business on Alexander of Macedon and when he became Alexander the Great by sitting on the throne of Babylon at the exact time that the Nemesis X object after 792 years appeared in the sky we're doing that one yeah that's a good one I don't know why somebody asked somebody asked me to do it familiar with my research said why why haven't you ever done this is it I said you know what it's a really good point I got hundreds of videos I haven't done yet thank you Julie Nelson Vinnie Riley how you doing man all right guys so on our kxtv I did go on a rant I went on a rant about the Patriot pacification program and I'm not gonna I'm not gonna reiterate those details here but what I'm going to tell you right now is I'll give you an example today I took the time out of my life while I was openloading and editing Anunnaki montage videos I listened to David Nino Rodriguez and I'm going to tell you now he's a fellow Texan he lives in El Paso and uh I've been on his show twice I'm gonna tell you right now though some of you may disagree and I know you do I have a lot of respect for that man I like that man he's trying to get to the bottom of things he started off his channel just asking questions and but I feel that he's being played I feel deep within me that he's being played by the People by the by the actors the agents and the Patriot pacification program and uh I'm gonna tell you now guys two years ago I'm gonna put my 10th I'm gonna put this on tight real real tight because I'm gonna I'm gonna break you guys off something all right two over two years ago a narrative was being was being broadcast all over YouTube and YouTube let everybody get their play out they made sure that all all these underground alternative news truthers were able to publish publish these videos and get them all out and once the public was aware of the narrative they slowly started removing some of these videos giving it the appearance that oh they're censoring they're censoring they don't want you to know this which instantly made people pay attention and it made them assume that what was being taken off of YouTube must be true guys we have been played and I released a few videos explaining the play and explaining exactly how it was a lie I'm going to remind you of those videos right now this all plays into what's going on right now guys that's why we're doing a 10-fold hat episode so two years ago I'm going to the very bottom of this thread I'm gonna have two guys thank you Dr Court Stern and yes you're on my list Dawn and I have a whole calendar she's really helping organize my life I'm going to tell you guys that I probably couldn't move forward with archaics the way I'm doing it without the help she's been giving me because she's she has administrative and organ organizational skills from the years that she worked in the oil and gas industry at the corporate level and it's really helped for me understanding rap because I'm a content creator guys I'm a researcher I'm a good old boy I'm I'm basically a a hillbilly Adept and I I can't explain myself any other way and she just has this stuff down and I bought me a big old calendar and we're filling in the days and it's very easy now for me to keep up with what I'm doing day to day when I have creativity time when I have time to uh shoot the when I have Dawn time when I have uh when I have time to you know I was just helping me out because it's very I have been blitzkrieged with so many Communications I'm not gonna lie guys I shut down and I don't even communicate with the people that are most important to me it's often the people that are most important to me that feel like I've ostracized them and it's not the case is that I'm trying to deal with too many things I'm only one guy so this uh it's been a blessing in any and you know I just believe me it's never my intent to make somebody feel like they've been forgotten it's just I've had so much on my plate that uh I just needed some help so check it out I just saw something about Tommy truthful oh yeah Tommy truthful has a disclaimer at the top of his videos yeah that's good stuff that's good stuff two years ago guys I wanna I don't want to deviate I'm not deviating two years ago I gave you the business I told you about I told you about the underground detonations that were being recorded in colleges all over the United States these these alternative news and truthers who are Patriots and uh really die-hard Trump supporters and I like Trump I voted for him but back then I was all about you know Trump trump was the most unique president in the world man no one ever did anything like he did I got a whole list of all his accomplishments how he was all about peace not war but man he did some fantastic stuff and it was only after I finished that list that I realized holy I was groomed and I saw I saw clearly what was really happening 10 full Hat Time guys that's what this video is about two years ago I told you about those dead Nations and I told you when all these videos were exploding across YouTube talking about the US military was going into the underground bases and blowing up all these facilities where the Deep State and these satanic networks were doing where it were housing hundreds of thousands of kids in these child trafficking rings every bit of it I told you that every bit of that is every bit of it now I'm going to go a little deeper here at the exact same time we have this major issue at the border where we have all these illegals males of military and work age coming across the border but people at the border are seeing two different things unfold they're seeing military convoys come and pick up a whole bunch of people no one knows where they go and then they're seeing civilian buses coming and picking up other people but nobody's really cute keeping track of what people are being sent where all we know is all these illegals are just getting shuttled deeper in the United States now these underground detonations are going off and the narrative is is that children are being saved oh my God no one would ever want to disbelieve that right that's something we can we can we can uh all come together on right when hundreds of thousands of trafficked children that are being kept in underground facilities uh are being freed by the U.S military this explains all those detonations in the Underworld right this was the narrative this is what they told us it was all over YouTube and social media everywhere that the US military was taking out deep State installations and that these detonations that were known and registered all over the world Underground this was the explanation that was given to us and it was a genius explanation and it was 100 patently untrue untrue throwing children into the mix strikes those Heart chords makes you not disbelieve the narrative U.S military wasn't down there blowing up the enemy instant in you know uh I mean even the Ancient Aliens guys had their own theories that it was the U.S military down fighting in the allied with the Galactic Federation down there fighting as a joint joint uh strike forces taking out a deep State uh food underground you know dumbs deep underground military bases this was the narrative it was promoted by ver by a lot of people guys I'm telling you now when does it become treason when it's painfully obvious that you specifically informed hundreds of thousands if not millions of people listening to your platforms and you gave them misinformation intentionally because it's really the Patriot pacification program just hold on guys trust the plan everything's gonna be okay while your rights privileges and immunities immunities are steadily stripped from you more and more and more and more now those dead nations were real the cover story wasn't Charlie Ward Simon Parks Mill K Nicholas vaniermann here's four players here and by far they're not the only ones Michael Jacko Clint Jacob whatever claims to be xcia he probably still is because there's no such thing as an ex 107 guys I'm not giving that man a pass it's been too long that this has been all the way drawn out and he has been wishy-washy and going back and forth hiding his identity and I'm telling you now there is no truth coming out of that man's mouth that man's a paid up 10-4 Hat Time those detonations weren't blowing up enemy facilities they knew they only had 18 more years until everything changes it's the Phoenix phenomenon 18 more years to the month of May in the year 2040. this is what I told you two years ago this is exactly what I told you what was being what was going on underground demolition where you need to clear real estate in the Underworld there's already natural natural flus Caverns cave systems there's all that so you find those that are already there and in order to clear more real estate in the Underworld you got to blow up and that's what was going on and after all these detonations are no longer reported and they were pretty much going on all at the same time worldwide what narrative what narrative happened then oh it was the wall in Texas yeah it was the wall in Texas this is all during cover God I'm talking about during the sea this is why all this is going on everybody's at home and we had trucker convoys remember guys I released videos Sean telling you they needed to normalize trucker convoys during the pandemic period they had to normalize that because there were many truckers have been to underground facilities where they literally drove into Amazon style Trucking Bays that had 20 30 and 40 truck bays and they went to the one that they were assigned to on to have to have forklifts unload everything that was on their truck yeah guys this is serious these we had a shortage although people aren't out buying a lot more stuff we had a shortage for a year and a half of the United States of almost everything we had shortages but we didn't all we had were really really was Mercantile redirections these things were taking off the shipping containers from China because remember there was a BS narrative about China as well about no more products coming over here all the ships are all backed up no that stuff got redirected to facilities in the Underworld you gotta feed a lot of migrants when you take them from the border and you put them to work in work details underground they got to be fed especially a bunch of men who are going to be working hard because you've promised them citizenship so it's tenfold had time like I said all these are matters of opinion so Charlie Ward Simon Park's Mill K you can you can listen to their message Nicholas vanillaman you can listen to their messages and you can see some like Nicholas may have started Innocent but then there comes a time when you know you know that everything you've been telling people is BS now 107's different this man was shady from the beginning but that hopium is real real toxic it's real strong like I said guys I am not critical of David Nino Rodriguez I'd like to drink a beer with him and talk about it we've already done two shows together I'm not I'm not sitting here trying to claim her for a third show very comfortable with my opinions and who I am I just think that he's being played and he's being played hard because he has a voice and he constantly thinks that he that's YouTube's not is going to censor him and he's got it totally backwards YouTube's Never Gonna censor him he can sit there and talk about this all day long they just need the illusion of possible censorship because that's what it does remember all those videos and channels that just start disappearing that are pro-trump talking about it's not the ones that are mainstream and it's not the ones that are even alternate news it's truther channels small channels where guys are going deep on the narrative and they're taking it apart they start taking their channels down start taking their Channel take all these channels down but it gives off the illusion that damn all the rest of us are watching and said why they took the Frog News Network down what Mike Penny they got Mike Penny and they kicked him off YouTube what all these guys were real into that narrative strong the Galactic Federation of people well I believe all of them have some type of mental instability so I don't really want to talk bad about them but anybody who's going to believe in some the adult fantasy BS like Galactic Federation and Pleiadians are going to sweep down here they're just waiting on Trump to Blow That Whistle when Trump blows that whistle those drop ships Galactic ships and all they're going to come down here and Galactic Federation is going to save us oh my God I just lost IQ points so what I'm saying what I'm saying is that our controllers our controllers have been doing this for thousands of years and they're far more sophisticated than you give them credit for it's all about the children listen guys they don't care what you think about them whether these these activities are going on or not we have to judge things by their effect not by rhetoric not by frequency and not by when I'm not saying vibrational frequency I'm talking frequency as in how frequent something comes into contact with our Consciousness listen guys we have to judge all phenomena that we experience by its effect and I'm going to tell you now this hopium sold by Charlie Ward Simon Parks Mel K Patriot Street Fighter uh who are some of the other ones Michael Jacko oh I'm not naming them all guys oh and there's one a fellow Texan that I got some some respect for I really don't know him well he and I have never communicated but man he makes me nervous man because you know him monkey Works he's right here in Texas too and listen the listen innuendo and insinuation is a very powerful tool it is very magnetic to the mind monkey Works may be telling the absolute truth from his perspective about all these flights and they're going on yeah he reports that he could call the call signs and the numbers and he tells you what's a military flight what's a civilian fly and he's got code names for for all Kamala Harris and he talks really good like a patriot and I'm going to tell you right now I think he is an American loving Patriot but he's also works military and uh there was a while there was a good while where he was doing fanatic amount of reporting on all the flights going in and out of Guantanamo Bay and it was I listened to him for a while until it's like damn dude are you trying to create a narrative here because there's nothing here you openly in me oh there's nothing here we don't have any evidence that any Hollywood actors politicians anybody's being taken to Guantanamo Bay and we have other military sources that are reporting there's nothing unusual going on in my own guantano Bay but the regular but the regular badoons and Middle Easterns who and who get caught up and stuff and get sent there and and a bunch of them have been there for a long time awaiting different types of Trials so listen I don't know about monkey works he's got a lot of people listening to him he's right here in Texas and I haven't I haven't even listened to him in about four months because I just got turned off by hearing about Guantanamo Bay over and over and over and over when there's zero evidence of that we know that the man pretending to be Biden right now is not biting we know that anybody with half a brain knows that's not the same Biden from the 1970s 80s 90s and thousands so we switched out we know Trump's got four body doubles we know we know almost every famous politician and world leader has at least one or two body doubles it's not uncommon guys it's not uncommon so it's just uh yeah I'm just a it's crazy so these explosions were clearing out real estate I showed you isometrically when 1998 is the isometric epicenter and I showed you many reasons why how how events go forward and background in time and how interesting it was that the isometric epicential years for when the pandemic was going down or in the early 70s the exact same years that Congress approved a series of bills to fund underground cities in America yeah so I showed all these things it's not even a signed a surprise to me but the play during the pandemic while you were at home and you were wondering oh man what's going on man I they got to be stuck at home and now we find out that there's been a there's been a a socialist Democratic takeover of the United States oh my God the Republicans and conservatives man they've totally lost now there's nothing they can do they just been pushed out of the White House whatever happened this is what was was given to you they just they just basically reported event after event after event after event after event from the media side they're saturating you with phenomena that makes you resonate and vibrate at a base level they're inducing fear fear fear causes psychosis psychosis causes all kinds of physical physical negative situations to developing your life in the lives of those around you the media is doing their job they're doing their job right now throwing out so many narratives that you don't know what to believe anymore and all of them are negative there's no positives anywhere in here while significant people have been chosen to start pumping that hopium out they pump that hope you amount one of them's 107 Charlie Ward Simon Parks Mill K Nicholas veneerman oh there's others I'm just not I just can't I can't remember all their names right now because I haven't listened to any of that garbage in a long time but I'm telling you this these because they because because the elite know that a lot of people who are not going to believe the establishment narrative are gonna latch on to this and there's oh wow okay the U.S military behind the scenes they're actually taking all these people out arresting these actors or arresting these politicians soon to Guantanamo Bay they're in the underground they're taking out deep State facilities all those explosions they're rescuing all the kids where are the kids where are the kids that were rescued where are the med beds where is anything that 107 milky Charlie Charlie Ward Charlie Parks yeah all of them where is anything that they said where how where did it manifest over and over and over and over and over the media continues the saturation of multiple narratives all of them negative there's no positivity while Paige Shields under the table have to have signed the contract and they're being funded and they can just put their boots up on the table and go from motel to motel and they can just whine they can tell these stories and they can spread this out well yeah that's the 10 days of darkness they can throw out these little pieces of rhetoric these colloquials these prepositional phrases they can throw out this imagery and they can do it using patriotic overtones and and allow the listeners to build the narrative for them it's genius it's also an intelligence tactic I'm telling you now we've been played and it's called The Patriot pacification program The Tipping Point is over nobody cares about Simon Parks anymore nobody cares about what Charlie Ward's doing no more nobody cares about Bill K Mel K's an awesome researcher she can find out the dirt on anybody but there's one culture of people that girl don't touch there's one culture of people who happen to be running the world banks that were happening to run they happen to run the uh all the uh uh Hollywood uh you guys know him oh they got some they got some really interesting hats as well and that girl right there doesn't go near that topic yeah so pretty much it she pretty much gives up her position then you got other people man Michael Jaco are you serious oh me this Meathead dude sitting there telling you all over and over and over he's xcia and you really think he's gonna be able to divulge any type of national National Intelligence to you at all whatsoever he he gets over and he's got so many people listening to him where he used to I don't know I knew the cat was out the bag when he started talking about Galactic Federation I want to reach through that screen and see if he really was a CIA yeah I was oh my God half IQ Point going so crazy so crazy yeah guys so Kelly Miracle you make a really good point because that's where I was going with this I'm not gonna sit here and pretend to know all the answers but I'm gonna tell you that I was right about two years ago those detonations were not the rescue of children but that was the narrative and it was very heavily promoted that means it was very heavily financed somebody I don't know who but they really wanted to pull on the emotional Court what better way that if you're destitute you're tired of your whole situation there you don't see no way out the the governmental person you religion is oppressant you society's oppressing you your employer's oppressing you your neighbors are all oppressive this this this plan this epidemic is is oppressing you this yeah God is oppressing you all this is this is what they try to do get you to feel hopeless because Souls that become unhinged are controllable all they have to do is provide a hero and you're going to get in line this is why I've told you over the past two and a half years guys watch out Elon Musk isn't who you think he is the man is being groomed for something he's being groomed for the public to trust yeah hell yeah you think the Twitter files wasn't planned you think the elite didn't think that was a genius move on their chessboard yeah put our poster boy out there yeah put Elon Musk out there we can Checkmate the public with him because by the time by the time we're done taking out all the elements of our former regime remember guys it's like a chrysalis the Deep States like a chrysalis different appendages grow old and they no longer have utilitarian value so there are removed but they're removed by those who have now have the public trust because they did away with the evil ones but the ones that are that that people invest their faith in are never who you think they really are yeah guys even Trump isn't who you think he is they're going to bring that man back into into the Forefront and people are going to get behind him if that was the intention all along because in creating a hero you gotta beat him down and then the people will will all come together finally when he makes his rise like wow that dude did it he was a good man the whole four years he was President they were at war with him and he's still got all these things accomplished and now he came back and now look you know it may not even be the same one they all got body doubles on listen guys it's so easy to manipulate the public and that's why I asked earlier in this show when do we finally just say hey man when does it become treason when it's obvious that you've been lying all this time yeah is it treason I mean is it cool for somebody like like 107 to get out there over and over and over and just throw these things out there man and then build these narratives and then join yeah man yeah is it cool I'm gonna tell you now the only reason I'm offended about it I mean I'm offended because I'm American Patriot 100 I love America I love the United States of America I love the people love Canadians too although I I disagree with a lot of them however I don't I don't I don't I don't resonate with this one old saving God and and all my all my little Spidey senses went to tingling when people started sending me emails talking about damn man one on savings talking about Vapor canopy and pre-flood stuff oh no as soon as I heard that I recognized that for what it was yeah somebody was trying to get me to invite invite them on the channel that's not gonna happen not gonna happen yeah he's been invited on multiple channels and this was right after uh David Nino and I started talking that this happened I was like oh yeah yeah 107 started watching Jason of our cakes and tried to get over here and try to get some of this now you're not you're not you're not touching my community yeah they got the archaic stamp of protection and I'm not I'm not having it you know keep you can keep that hoping to yourself yeah when does it become treason when does it become trees and what is absolutely obvious you're a liar no one knows your true identity it's real easy for you to slip through the cracks isn't it yeah guys it's not cool it's not cool at all it's time for that dude 107 to put up or shut up David Nino Rodriguez needs to tell that man hey man you know what you gonna pull your driver's license out bro hold it up to the camera you need to identify yourself because you've been stringing out a lot of people for a long time now so when the Deep state is an absolute 100 control of the United States and they start doing away with the Patriot elements and they start taking guns away when the Deep state has started starts to do things like that it's gonna be a little too late because No One's Gonna know where where Mr Boots is he'll be gone disappeared into the cracks got his money and ran he did exactly what he was paid to do just like all the others yeah Temple at a time just total totally absolutely matters of opinion all right yeah guys it's all so we need we need to uh we need to look with more clarity at current circumstances in light of the employees that have worked against us in the past we need to pay attention to what's going on around us really think do you really think that that beauty pageant went down that way and even the people that held the pageant thought it was fair no an agenda is being unfolded it's not a transgender agenda they're just being used the true agenda is to instill hopelessness in every Echelon in society the true agenda unfolding right now across the Spectrum started with the pandemic it started with it but the true agenda of the elite is to get the world's populations to the point that they can't take it no more they're the immigration has become a problem the sexual issues have become a problem the family issues have become a problem uh to get the public to to pull their emotional cords and to have them believing that children are being harvested and all the all these narratives yeah guys this is a deep State narrative all the all this is to pull on the heart because people do not think clearly when they're thinking with their heart not their head guys we need to figure out where they're what direction they're trying to move this in with this sudden Blitzkrieg of social media alternative media and even mainstream media all this coverage about all all this woke Hollywood and Hollywood molester oh narratives and all this uh uh what is it child predation this no it's child child slave Rings whatever they're trying to put all these all these involving children we need listen guys it's real easy to Rally around a cause when it's given to you in such a perfect package who's gonna who's gonna argue against that it's a noble call yeah guys it's no different than the psyop of edessa when the Roman Catholic Church needed more armies to go fight Jerusalem so that they could so they could take more lands away from widowed uh uh widowed European women same thing guys it was a noble cause back in the day are you not willing to fight in God's Army for the pope to go deliver Jerusalem from the heathen no one back in those days would have been unwilling to say what would have been willing to say no I don't want to involve myself in that hell no they would all said hell yeah I'm willing to fight I'm going to go okay we're looking this money right here we're gonna outfit you with some armor and a sword and a horse and you're gonna join this Lord over here and he's and y'all going to March all right cool man never comes back as soon as soon as it's found out that he's dead dead on the battlefield when the rosters come in from from the Middle East guess what happens yeah all of a sudden his wife is accused of fornication or accused of heresy or accused of Witchcraft it doesn't matter what the accusation is always untrue it's just a way for the church and the state to divide their divide his properties so this went on for a long period of time it's called The Crusade it never was about taking Islam it was property acquisition so this all we have to we have to uh take these things into consideration guys right now there is too much media attention on on this whole scenario about uh whatever I don't even I'm really I'm not I only have a clear clear idea is it child six trafficking Rings or is it abducting children whatever listen they can show a few video clips from gas stations but that doesn't mean there's 2.5 million child slaves out there that need to be rescued from Hollywood or or from or from the elite or none of that no guys this is a narrative yes there's always going to be assaults yes there's always going to be some type of indentured servitude somewhere in the world yes there's always child victims but when something is obviously a narrative that's when you need to watch out you need to figure out what else is going on around here for them to have pulled that card because that's what it is and all the other narratives they don't even belong don't have nothing to do with that they're also fulfilling an agenda remember think tanks come up with all this stuff for the elite and they throw it all at us they throw it all at us in order to get where we are today it required a pattern break because the continuity of civilization was just fine in 2017 in 2018 in 2019 but in the beginning of 2020 the pattern break was necessary in order to even introduce the situations where almost the entire world was put on lockdown that's a pattern break that pattern Break made people vulnerable that pattern break gave the elite and their puppet governments more power over the people that power that pattern break allowed the elite to introduce unprecedented measures they would have never been able to release again that pattern break allowed them to introduce new narratives that now now people can grasp where heading to head not that pattern break ever happened no one would have ever believed the world would be like it is in 2023 back in January of 2020. they would have never saw it never saw it that it called you a liar who all this reporting of of transgender athletes who were beating the crap out of women and all this stuff you would have never believed it in January 2020 but it's so easy to believe now winning beauty pageants going on in women's bathrooms and having more rights than the females yeah you would have never believed it in January 2020 but the pattern break of the pandemic makes everything believable now even though it's unbelievable so I'm not saying I have all the answers at all and I will I never will gotten to the point we have gotten to the point where we can simulate realities and call it the news we can employ deep fakes that are indistinguishable from the real so we have to judge things by their effects to me is just a a long game con man that's all he is you know what I mean prove me wrong Juan put your put your put your driver's license on the screen for everybody to see not the one the CIA gave you as a fake license I'm talking about your real one yeah trying to hear that man this this uh foreign yeah this old Patriot deal going on about trust the plan yeah I mean it's got you know 107 it's all he's about man talking about oh man it's gonna get worse for it gets better that's what you always say he said that two and a half years ago you got nothing new to say unless somebody else introduces new ideas or new spins on the old narrative and then he'll run with that because he's got something else to drop now oh I can drop this yeah he'll just add that in people's imagination to be on fire and build a story around that and then that store will get picked up by another podcaster and then over here somebody will add elements to that and then by the time by the time one old saving goes back on and he talks again he can drop little pieces here and drop pieces there and there and it's validation now people are like oh wow yeah that's exactly what I was thinking he just said what I was thinking but the whole narrative was guided from the beginning yeah guys yeah it's crazy oh it's a and it's not it's not it doesn't escape me also that I have been attacked vehemently by trolls who are broke ass people they don't even have any money they don't have they don't have anything they're just and there's I come out of nowhere in their Finance just to release video after video after video I don't even have time I do full-time YouTube and I don't have the time to listen to other people's videos much less copy and paste and pick Pizza it's ridiculous yeah guys you gotta understand man these people have Deep Pockets You Got Deep Pockets yeah but I'll go and do that uh my little my little tin hat shout out to the trolls thank you guys for making me who I am today I Gotta Give Them credit every once in a while yeah oh it's all I like David man but he's got a real hardcore Christian conservative community and they don't like me a lot of them don't like me as a matter of fact oh his comment section was toxic as hell both times that I went on uh his channel so I you know what it's a it is what it is like I said I would love to sit down and have a beer beer with uh David and he and I can kick it in El Paso or whenever he comes my way it's all good but when it comes to some of the people that are whispering in his ear like 107 I'm gonna give him the business I'm gonna tell him exactly what I feel I'm gonna logically put out and put put my whole case out man cause that man that man when does it become obvious that something has gone from opinion to treason win I'm just I just want somebody to educate me and let me know when you pass that point is it measured in months is it measured in three years is it measured in podcasts I just want to know what the litmus test is that's all I want to know thank you Cindy I like my hat too so anyway a lot of contractors in Texas you guys know two and a half years I was a contractor Paradise Rock Gardens listen talk to a lot of Foreman talked to a lot of other contractors there may be contractors in my chat chat feeds like they've been before chat contractors who are equally mystified by me where are all the migrants if all these millions of migrants have been brought here to the United States how come I can't get any to lay Flagstone how come when I go to the Home Depot and go to Lowe's there aren't Hispanic guys standing everywhere like they used to be before the before the pandemic why I'm gonna tell you why because after those dead nations were over military convoys were taking a bunch of those guys straight away from the border and straight down into the underworld because they're contracted now they're working they're building facilities for the elite to survive the May 2040 Phoenix phenomenon that's why guys they're down there trucker convoys were necessary to bring them supplies and food for their commissaries yeah how come how come 2.5 or 3.5 million migrants aren't spread across the cities of the United States the only ones the news shows are females old people and kids migrants where are all the guys yeah contractors here in Texas have been bewildered if so many illegals are over here then how come we can't get anybody to work because in Texas that's how contractors have always done it they've always got work on the workers on the side you pay them under the table with cash it's been that way since I was before I was a kid yeah it ain't going down right now where are they all at yeah somebody's rounding them all up and they are not on the streets my friends nowhere near anywhere I live in central East Texas nowhere near the Houston area now I did hear David Nino Rodriguez saying that there was a bunch a bunch of homeless in El Paso maybe some of them are migrants and all and maybe some of them are allowed to stay in that area to keep up appearances but throughout the rest of the United States where are they at because I'm not the only one asking that so I believe they're in the Underworld I believe they're underground working their asses off stay in waxberg in Arizona you got a bunch of guys there we don't have any in Texas running around I don't know what they do with them in Texas but that's neither here over there they're all it's either here or there so I'm asking you I'm asking you to use your head just use your head if something is true in the elite wanted to hide it they're really good good at that they've been doing it for a long time therefore if anything is widely broadcast YouTube's been centering for a long time why all of a sudden they're allowing all these channels to talk about all these child sex Rings all these child abductions why why is this being pushed on us why now I know a lot of people who probably people that are that are very close to being members of the collective who just haven't quite woke up yet there are many personality types that as soon as they hear children their heartstrings just get pulled and then they're going to refuse to entertain that children can be used by the elite as a narrative to distract you yeah they'll refuse to believe that but I would never promote such a thing I would never sit here and tell you straight out that hundreds of millions of people are being educated right now that children are coming up disappearing all over the world and the elite are allowing all this news to be broadcast to you 100 because they care because it's true I would never tell you that directly because I don't believe it and I'm not going to tell you anything I don't believe we're being manipulated we are being corralled into making a future decision that we have not yet basically been confronted with remember if you're being manipulated and groomed to move in a certain direction then that means the end result has already been ascertained by the person that's manipulating you or the system or the people they see the end game we don't we're on the receiving end just looking at all this information come down the line from all these different sources from from movies and from articles and podcasts and Talking Heads and everybody's oh wow and then and then also well you're very strategically very carefully broadcast your hearing from mainstream how mainstream has been ignoring it you don't think that's intentional too because any time you're told that mainstream media is ignoring something you automatically assume it must be true then because only the alternative news is doing it but there's been a there's been a shift in the last year and a half in a lot of all a lot of alternative news have phased to the other side they have just quietly basically switched sides and are now 100 percent promoting Elite narratives deep State narratives told you these people are amazingly slick so all I'm asking you to do my friends is just pay attention take take it all in chew it all up and spit out the bones whatever works for you as for me I'm going to be as objective as possible I'm not going to let my emotions get involved because it's exactly what they want me to do because once the emotions are involved logic and observation are off the window so I'm trying to see what's going on Beyond this narrative and trying to see the why of the narrative and they pulled this narrative out real fast especially since the other one was only two years ago when they used children at the Forefront of a false narrative so there's always victims there's always there's always people murdered there's always people kidnapped there's always people who are who are the uh but of political political violence there's always and there's always children being abused there's always children coming up missing but the narrative that's being promoted is that it's going on like 10 000 fold more than usual and is it that's all I'm asking you to do is consider that there's something else at play here because if all these alternative news sources which are now become the new mainstream because you can go on YouTube and look up CBS you'll see 400 people watching the live CBS I pulled in 1600 to 2 000 people live all right I've done that many times CBS NBC CNN they'll be live and have 500 people at the most people aren't listening to them and this is widely known the alternate news sources the ones that we grew to trust in 2020 2021 in 2022 have been behind the scenes you've served many of them many of them have and now they're playing ball gotta watch out guys this is an information war and in an information War it's the effect of something that usually gives it away and what I'm seeing here with the whole child narrative is that they want to get they want to get this other arm of the deep state to have the moral High Ground remember guys two years ago I got videos I got video multiple videos explaining that we're about to see one arm of the deep State take out another arm in the arm that's getting taken out is going to take the fall for all these crimes and what's going to be replaced is a Ultra conservative Reich because the because the elite want that in power they want to bring noahide laws they need a Christian conservative Ultra Southern Baptist type mentality taking over American politics because that's what's going to set the stage for the next worldwide conflict which was written over a hundred years ago it was published in the 1880s World War One in World War II were fulfilled to a t according to this plan by masioli that plan calls for World War III being a Christian invasion of the Middle East it will be Christianity versus Islam and it will be fought in every Western Nation because the Muslim combatants have already been put in place in the UK in France in Spain in Germany all throughout all throughout Europe all throughout the United States it's already been planned guys in Canada they've already been put there they've been there for for for in the past 10 years there's been nothing but migration done by the Deep state to put all these players in into uh into position ask funky prepper he understands what I'm talking about so he and I I just sent him an email two days ago I'm waiting on a reply funky prepper uh you and I supposed to supposed to uh do a podcast together so check your emails I sent it two days ago but yeah guys it's all when the when these things are the they want to Foster the hopelessness you gotta understand there's a reason why the media shows you the crimes of the elite puppets shows you the crimes and then nothing ever happens to them Hunter Biden nothing two and a half years everybody knows about laptop now President Biden nothing they got the stooge pretending to be him but but what it does to the collective is it Fosters a hopelessness like damn they just get they get guilty oh every month there's a new felony reported by Biden and still he's in office and when this has gone on for three years people lose hope hope and when they find out these Hollywood Elite have done this and this and this and this not one of them's in prison oh yeah they're allowed to go to Greece they're allowed to change your citizenship and flee yeah guys we are look at FTX man the dude the dude scammed over a billion dollars from investors to give it to the Democratic party all the money was traced they know who got it all the Democrats got it when and then suddenly they stopped the Red Wave with FTX money then it was found out that it was all scam FTA the FTX guy oh oh Friedman you know who that is of course but uh a bankman Friedman yeah this guy turns around and walks it's all by Design guys every bit of it is by design it is to get you to the point where you just say Epic none of them get none of them get what they got coming drawing this out all this time which 107 is an expert at getting you to do drawing this out all this time it has psychological ramifications on the population it it makes the population more docile and ready to accept the solution that solution will be in the form of an individual people will rally around that individual is going to look like he is the absolute opposite and enemy of the deep State he is a proponent of freedom of free speech he's going to be a hero this man has already been groomed they're gonna put him in a position and everybody's gonna flock to him because all these sacred cows of the establishment in the elite he's going to topple them fast people are going to be going to prison people are going to be be getting executed people are going to be getting locked up or institutions are going to be getting shut down he's going to provide the answers this man is already alive and that time is very very close this is what all this is leading up to psychologically preparing the population to receive a solution that's going to do away with all this chaos that you think has happened to the world when it was actually all 100 percent planned and it would have never unfolded this way had not they introduced a worldwide pattern break called the pandemic beware when you were bombarded with multiple stories from multiple different perspectives that are attempting to pull on your Heartstrings because there's a knife aimed at your back I promise you promise you good with Richard good one yeah he probably wrote that right after they killed Astoria on the Titanic yeah man so I'm looking for some of you guys so some of you guys might have some uh uh no it's not hot it's cold in here it's not hot I got different listen guys I got I got different uh I got this Lighting in here it's not real good because I don't have my lighting up there but I need to put this back on during this episode you almost got me you almost got me I gotta put this in like yeah I don't know who you are but you almost got me to take off my protection so who has that I already lost it Shiva shampoo Matheny thank you did I say mazzioli I was hungry and I was thinking of Ravioli and mazzini at the same time thank you Shiva and Shiva please I got I got help cleaning up my emails drop me an email I got something I need to talk to you about yes they are divining rod two wings of the same bird that's why that's why I can't really oh that's why I can't really fault people for falling falling for a lot of these paradigms I mean I mean I get it I get it I fell for him too I'm just like you I'm trying to figure things out I fall for things too but when it becomes painfully obvious that somebody is doing something like promoting a narrative that will stop you from acting on impulse yeah guys Patriot pacification program is real the time is over this is why you don't see a lot of these type of channels on YouTube anymore it's not because YouTube X them out and got rid of those channels it's because that narrative is no longer necessary Charlie Ward's time in Parks Mel K Patriot Patriot Street fire fighter Michael Jacob they're they're they're not even needed anymore because the time for America to rise up in arms and anger behind their government being usurped his over it's done that anger existed then but the Patriot pacification program worked so you got people like 107 when do we actually call people out for treason that's all I'm saying it's all I'm saying Philly filmer is trump our modern day Hitler Philly I don't know what you know or what you think you know about Adolfo Hitler I don't know but I'm I'm having a suspicion by what you wrote here is that you believe the official version and the official version of anything has always been proven to be untrue so I'm gonna leave it with that and uh maybe one day I will find another venue to educate you on what really happened in World War II because I promise you you're not going to read a single history book published from 1946 and after after the Nuremberg trials that's going to give you the business promise you that hold on hold on conspiracy got my antenna shaken conspiracy fact KT cleans a lot all right KT Teddy Roosevelt was president in 1902. his son Kermit played the role of Adolf Hitler and Walt Disney with some help from JP Morgan singing brother sing it brother yep so we have this uh you have to look at it from the controller's perspective the population of buffoons and puppets that they use to fleece the American and the people of the world through stimulus trillions of dollars of stimulus package all those people are now in their late 70s and 80s this is why Nancy Pelosi retired she's done she already stole all the money that she could possibly steal and send it to different areas stealing it from the American people now you got you got others that are in on in on this whole deal and uh yeah I don't I'm not gonna name all these names I ain't drawing that much attention to me right now see how it works yeah it does it don't just keep it don't just keep the weapons out but it keeps some thoughts in where they need to stay remember guys just because something is called the sound of freedom just because the subject matter pulls on those heart strings two plus two doesn't always equal four not when there's a hidden number in there that's what we're looking for guys we're trying to figure that out because something's not right with this whole narrative what else is going on in the world that they would love to distract all those who seek truth they don't care about the collective they don't give a damn what the collective are already controlled they're already sitting there watching NBC CBS BBC CNN Fox even Fox 2 murder Murdoch's just as guilty of of being uh yeah I believe it's all treason anytime you provide incessant amount for a long period of time or false information knowing it's false shoot it's treason simple as that No Doubt thank you Layla 10 hat came with a big heart yeah all we're doing like I do say that Alice in Wonderland that's exactly what I said in a video about a year and a half ago we are witnessing a Transit a transitory period it is a Changing of the Guard yeah yeah the Deep State's taking out all the older puppets and all the older operators they're no longer needed they fulfill their purpose they brought us to the world that we're in now the the clintons are not needed the Obamas are not needed oh oh oh Klaus Schwab the w e f none of them are needed no more it's time for a change of the Guard once once they have their fall guys that's what this is about the news is steadily reported the crimes of all these people soon we're going to be given we're going to be giving somebody who's going to enforce those punishments now are those people really going to prison nope are they going to really be executed absolutely not they've got deep State facilities where people like Osama Bin Laden oh oh oh you mean you mean that cartoon wasn't real you mean the absolute proof the world has the Osama Bin Laden is dead that cartoon of six guys oh six cartoons pushing a cartoon coffin off of a cartoon aircraft carrier so until we saw a cartoon Splash in the water you mean that cartoon's not proof Osama Bin Laden's dead wow I mean that's why they killed SEAL Team Six right yeah guys two full hat two full hat we can go on all kinds of different directions but why should we we all know the score we all know the score so what what it boils down to is on social media and in the news when you have like Hollywood Hollywood actors calling out Hollywood Elite and accusing them of all kinds of crimes I'm telling you now that would never appear in social media it would never appear for the public forum if there wasn't an agenda being unfolded if it wasn't being promoted yeah guys how do I know this because I can list a long list of names of famous people who tried to come forward like Kurt Cobain like Michael Jackson like Bill Cosby who ended up getting accused of heinous crimes getting falsely accused of all kinds of BS and and made to be looked and looked into a fool because they thought to turn around and bite the Beast that had made them great oh yeah guys there's a long list of dead Hollywood and and music stars and the reasons why they're no longer with us today yeah guys so that is my proof that what we're seeing now is 100 agenda driven yeah woke Hollywood oh yeah Hollywood panics because this actor is now exposing all all Hollywood don't think for a second he's not reading from a script too it's one arm of the deep State preparing to take another arm out it's all that's happening so it's really it's fine it's nice say it's real nice to be able to uh you know see this is uh it's all it's all nice man but you know what oh my God Jay dreamers get off my channel man just get off my channel came back as liquid rap yeah man you need to let that die man you didn't just attack me J dreamers you attacked the entire errant community and that's unwarranted man I can understand if you attack me but you attacked all my my community all my archaic family man and then tried to take it down after a whole bunch of people screenshot it and send it everywhere it's all over Facebook it's all I got copies of it man you can't rewrite the past and I've already emailed you J dreamers that I forgave you daydreamers is in the chat as liquid rap I get it man I see you right there man listen you did what you did and I accepted that and I told you you're forgiven for it you're done but that doesn't mean I need to have any associations with you no you attacked me and then you attacked the community and that's that's done be who you want to be but you don't have to be with me I don't need you sit there trying to defend yourself and all that you done did it you were called out on it by multiple people and I left it alone until you emailed me and now I'm telling you now live your life man and just leave me out of it simple as that I got I got nothing to do with you I'm not I've already moved on yeah man ain't nobody lied about you everybody's seen that everybody's seen the attack it wasn't just me you attacked you attacked the whole anybody who listens to our kids you talk bad about it about my listeners man yeah you tall you attacked an entire community and then tried to hide it no dude no dude yeah I'm sticking by my guns man I'm all about moving forward you're not baggage to me because I have no emotional investment in what you did I've been attacked by a lot of people and I don't care I'm moving forward man but you need to let that go you need you need to move around man because I'm telling you now I got a whole lot of people in the archaics community that don't want you in the thread as well so so quit changing your names and trying to come back in it's done do your thing man and nobody's sitting and nobody said anything on a website lying about you what I did do on our kegs TV where I can say whatever I want to say I named all the people on YouTube that have attacked me that I'm aware of and people in the chat were also aware of these attacks and we talked about that we talked about that phenomenon and you're listed among those people yeah man you took your videos down that had me in them I still got you I still got videos on my Channel with you in them yeah dude listen whatever you're going through in life that's that's between you and and whatever you believe man but when it comes to me yeah you cross the line when you attack my community yeah even my most of my trolls don't even do that they just attack me attack my criminal history as if it's even relevant 34 years later you know man just do what you're gonna do man become become a troll I don't care dude just move around thank you now what I was going to say before I saw his comment just now is this JJ Recon you're absolutely right that's exactly how the intelligence communities operate so look at this so look at this I'm gonna tell you like this what do we do with this type of information well I'm gonna tell you what Jason does I'm gonna live this life observing the things that is our observe all around me as objectively as possible because the only thing really important around me is my relationship with the oversoul that relationship with the oversoul also happens to involve those who are closest to me friends and family my archaics community anybody I come into contact with on a daily basis I am only responsible for those things that I come into contact with that the oversoul brings into contact with me I am not here to save the world I'm not qualified to do that neither are you the the whole the whole psychosis that set in when you try to save the world you are terrible are terrible these people are the most miserable individuals in the world when they think they are here to do God's service and save Humanity you're not here for that because the very admission that humanity is sick makes you a participant and you're just as sick as that as everyone You observe yeah why because when you pass judgment on someone else you are equally guilty so man leave it alone leave it alone and live your life that's what you do all this information you're a spectator you're a pilgrim you're a soldier you are traveling through this existence archaics is not not a movement it is not a cult it is an acronym for advanced research of chronological history of artificial intelligence X and I I am proud that the majority of people who are in the archaics family are those who are free thinkers in intelligent enough to understand that all this around us is BS even the elite are playing a role everything around us is just different spirits of vibration that's it that's it and it's all that's all we have that's all we we we we really need to take away we don't have to entertain the dark no when we do that and we spend too much time chasing Shadows we become dark so now I bring these things to your attention because I'm a free thinker and I want you to be a free thinker too and I'm just real Curious when when do we get to the point when something can be called treason that's all I want to know front row seat I entered dream I'll answer your text today uh Cheryl about your idea oh that's a good quote that's a real good quote thank you Richard Roland man uh Christina the astonishing hey how you doing wow yeah man Lisa 107 that's little feet lady rocks what is your opinion on x-22 report listen there's a common denominator between x22 and uh uh 107. both of them hide their identity and uh what I what I didn't like about the x-22 report is if something is going to be so censored and he's supposed to be so hated by The Establishment why do they still let multiple channels broadcast this stuff and why are all these channels Chinese so uh yeah I'm not sounds real good and I listen to probably 20 or 30 of his shows but again we are being drawn out this long complicated and convoluted deal and it's this is stretching out this opium it's the exact same thing so yeah can't do it I can't do it guys oh when did it said Jason what do you think about how these take on things in history just being a filler or backstory like placed there when did howdy start talking about that because that's my position since my very first podcast that's what I've been telling people all right here on YouTube history is backfiller it's coding it's full of beautiful patterns and all these discoveries that you can make you can you can discover so many things but essentially it's all coding every bit of it so and again there's a lot of things to to learn from the hit from the historical coding that has applications today a lot of these predictive patterns that I show all throughout my channel and my published books but that is my take as well we are Immortal beings passing through a programmed series of templates we call history I have been saying this from the beginning somebody mentioned Sasha Stone I don't know anything about him don't know anything about him I've never listened to him but I've heard the name I've heard that name in Rise movement you're right Jesus did do that went up in there and cleared those tables didn't he yeah it's crazy so crazy so I don't want to I don't want to drag out and just not have a lot of things to talk about see I'm convinced we're just the most beautiful thing we have a lot of beautiful ancient buildings that you did get this much pooka you're right poker you're absolutely right the tinfold had on Jason's head looks eerily like like oh man you're not gonna get me started talking about just lunar Landing with this bad ass girl listen you can't disbelieve how technologically advanced that go-kart looks the one that was wrapped in aluminum foil like like like what I got up here that looks so good and Slick I mean there's no way you come on guys you know that go-kart was on the moon right a go-kart wrapped in aluminum foil excuse me uh Mr NASA guy but why how come we haven't been back to the moon since 1972 and that was we only went we went 1969 right yeah those Apollo missions 1972 was the last time we've been to the Moon yeah that's correct well why don't we go back we had four space shuttles well you know that was a long time ago we've lost the technology I'm not making that up that's official NASA spokesman we lost the technology hell yeah I could have gotten the technology shoot Dawn and I could have gotten the car went right on down to HEB and got some got some aluminum foil got a bunch of it down there for sale it's crazy how the hell are you gonna lose a lose the technology when they sell it in the grocery store it's amazing Kurt Cobain Robin Williams thank you guys Chris Cornell man you guys you're doing it man you guys are doing it yo man I can't wait to talk to my bros man the paranormis I like them guys man I like those guys this thing keeps coming off all right yeah guys so yeah I just I have one more video to do tonight I might wait till tomorrow yeah I might do that tomorrow [Music] I don't know I don't even know I'll figure it all out I agree with that too man JJ I don't need to explain myself I just do it man trying to be a modicum of uh fairness yes Eric protocol that is good uh that is I have that one of my published books I also explained that how media and media is an ancient Greek mythology it's a really good schemer yeah media is schemer you're right man absolutely I have a breakdown of all all these words like church that comes from Cersei a witch that turned men into pigs yeah turns men into unclean animals Cersei the origin of the word church I got a lot I got a whole whole list of words that are really cool that you didn't know didn't know the uh the meanings too that you wouldn't think that they meant that but it's pretty cool it's pretty cool stuff I haven't heard that song Rusty woodpecker Jason what's your thoughts on starlink projecting worldwide Holograms when all satellites are in place well I don't know about satellites I know they got drones and I know they got Halo drums which are suspended by a gigantic helium balloons but as far as anything higher than that I'm very critical Kathmandu that's a cool name Ted Nugent yeah guys I don't want to just sit here and just ramble now my message is out I'm just saying guys you got you got to be careful play very close attention to this narrative but do so while paying attention to everything that seems to be going on outside of that narrative because this is agenda driven and that's what makes it dangerous don't know where they're going with this one but it's never going to be where you suspect and remember think tanks have already gone through all the variables and they know the direction narratives can go in very quickly yeah guys this is something they've been doing for a long time all I'm telling you is that there is absolutely no reason for the true highly individualized Spirit to ever fear anything that's going on in the world because a lack of fear creates an insulation where fear cannot exist that dungeon programming will ignore you you'll be vibrating on a different frequency you move forward in your daily life with the absolute faith that no matter what war is going out and unfolding around you the oversoul is going to make sure you're not a participant live your life that way and you'll see real quick what I'm talking about we have a lot of freedom in this world but it's good to observe what's what's going on in the collective even though we can in an instant face back into the individual because that's what I do I live my life in the individual and then there's moments where I just have to immersion to the collective start taking in all these all this stuff so I can process this information my ability to phase back into the personal and be insulated from everything is why I can see these things so objectively you can too you just got to know you just got to know that you're able to do it and you have to also understand that the awareness of an ability will make you do that ability much better the awareness of power creates power so that's my message today you guys be good I love you I got Kibbles and bits on my mind and uh I can't take this hat off until I turn off the stream because it protects me while I'm absorbing all this love you guys well we're gonna hit that amazing badass outro that I had designed a well a while back if I can find it but uh peace out