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Streamed live on May 24, 2023

"Oi, oi! Martin takes us on a ride through edited history, unexplainable mysteries and the evidence of post-reset societies.

Find Martin at FEB channel - / @martinliedtkefeb67

MeetUp June 10th Houston

Antiquitech, Cycles of Destruction & Redacted Histories/ Antiquitech, Cycles of Destruction & Redacted Histories, Sat, Jun 10, 2023, 11:00 AM | Meetup

Martin Liedtke of Flat Earth British and Jason Breshears of Archaix are hosting a MeetUp in Houston on June 10th from 11 AM to 7 PM. This is 8 hours of presentations, photos and Q & A with these great souls.

  • children 17 and under admitted free
  • you are responsible for lodging and meals
  • 1st hour Martin Liedtke presentation
  • 2nd hour photos, meet and greet Martin and Jason
  • 3rd hour Jason Breshears presentation
  • 4th hour photos, meet and greet Martin and Jason
  • 5th & 6th hour [2 hour Q & A] both Martin and Jason on stage
  • 7th to 8th hour photos, meet and greet Martin & Jason
  • ticket price $80 per adult [cash accepted at the door]" [1]

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okay guys let's do a sound check because we've been doing some manipulations with this OBS system we need to make sure we got everything going good looking good one two okay we're good oh it's sunny in Wales you see I need to I need to see an audio somebody just somebody needs to mention the audio sound is good cool thank you itan thank you and Michael sounds good thank you Don awesome Victoria Pamela Simplicity revealed Dr Corey Stern how you doing oh I hear you and Matt are are doing video something we can't really talk about on YouTube I heard you guys going off into poisons and stuff that's pretty interesting so uh you guys know we like to we like to stack the deck before we get really involved in our content so I have some announcements to make but before that we got some really interesting things happening in Martin's neck of the woods in Wales we had some incidents we've been on the news morning this morning checking it out you know this channel is really not about current events and news and all that but you know this is where he's from so it's kind of interesting that that he comes down to Texas spent 30 40 days with us and all of a sudden his Town's on fire you wanna tell us about it yeah I live in an area of um of Cardiff called Eli which is a large counselor station it's all over like literally the world news today and all of the British papers there's a full-scale riot ongoing apparently there was um a head-on collision um two deaths and that was enough to trigger my local community into burning everything so everything's on fire and it's only day one they're gonna get there back there tonight apparently it's operation storm the police station tonight in Ely I've had the inside in town and while Wales has gone through all kinds of chaos Martin's over here in Texas doing stuff like this can y'all believe it super weird look at that yeah I know you see that right there I got it on my phone I'm gonna get that one with the Scooby-Doo bag with you yeah he kind of he caught a pretty interesting picture of me holding my Scooby-Doo lunchbox off to work with your Scooby-Doo but hey man but it's the Mystery Machine we all like the mystery machine right we got to solve that's what the archaics is about that's what flatters British is about it's it's about solving the Mysteries yeah that's pretty interesting hey funky prepper man you know what let me add you to my list real quick this is my podcast list this is just the people that have responded to me but uh let me give you an example you know funky funky I'm gonna put you in here right now so we can do another show funky prepper I want to show off some of my toys let's see monkey prepper all right uh I'll be doing a podcast I'll be doing a podcast pretty soon with the Melt also uh Danny Danny of the unfuckers group we'll probably do one for and for the YouTube channel um oh she she should be in the chat right now removing the shackles I came I came representing young [ __ ] today pretty good pretty good group of people yeah they're all they're like a lot of small groups they're trying to get down to the bottom of it trying to figure out what's going on so um Forbidden Knowledge news I've been on that show two or three times I'm going back also the paranormis uh paranormally so I think I think we're going to do about three or four shows of the paranormies on because we can't those guys there go deep on a lot of stuff just can't talk about it on YouTube but I have some YouTube videos with them and we're going to be doing another one or two YouTube videos with him pretty soon too uh germ warfare uh Micah dank some of y'all don't know he's oh he's a basically like like Santos wonachi uh Astro theology I don't know a whole lot about it I've looked into this material and I remember him from two years ago before Facebook labeled me as a dangerous individual and it didn't kick me off twice I remember Micah dank hitting me up with messages back then so we invited him to the channel give us a presentation of what he's talking about uh Beyond The Forbidden I believe that's a new one for me I'll be doing that podcast pretty soon and when I say pretty soon these are all within within the next two weeks Within some of these were within a week uh the Melt though is in September Atlantic underground or alphabetic Nick T you guys know Nick T he's the one that reads the chronicon videos um I haven't heard back from square peg I sent her a good email last night we need she and I need to do a couple videos but uh I don't I hope it's the right you see it's the earlier email so square peg if you're in the chat uh please look at your emails because you got an email from me last night uh Dr Corey Stern after you and Matt yeah we'll definitely do one for YouTube uh you and I uh funky prepper 2 and I got more people uh I've reached out to brother uh brother Sanchez and I have exchanged emails in the past he caught me at my busiest when I was traveling and then I had to catch up when I got back so I got I got I kind of got late getting back to him I sent him an email last night tell him I'm I'm ready to chat whatever you want to talk about he's got a pretty faithful following some pretty level-headed people critical thinkers that's all that really matters uh I want a special thanks to Don Anderson I'll received the books I showed them to Martin he is so jealous of all these old books 1803 1804 to 1850. these books were fantastic and uh not only that but you guys are all gonna benefit from the gifts that Don Anderson has sent in the 19 in the 1920s cigarette companies when you bought a pack of cigarettes you would get one of these cards in them there's 50 cards it's the whole collection each card is about one of the ancient mysteries in the world and in the back is very good highly detailed material about that mystery really I could do a video off each card and uh what I might do is I'm going I'm going I already have somebody y'all know Big John he's already photographing the front and back of each card to preserve them for integrity for PDFs uh Martin gets copies of those Martin gets copies of all my material lately I've been sending him all these this stuff and he's uh uh he's getting copies of the PDFs and all my all my my pictures so it's uh you guys are gonna get a video I'm going to read the back of all these cards and show and we'll see you in 1920s it's really it's really interesting how things have been watered down in the 1920s all these Mysteries were already known but if you go across YouTube right now you would think these are things people just discovered it's not true so it's all in here it's amazing these are from cigarette packs in the 1920s I have another one called called Lost Treasures which is from the 1930s he's photographing that one right now you guys are going to receive that those two videos and maybe more from those decks and uh I'll be sending Martin home with a PDF of all those images as well we need to preserve things like that that's part of our history yeah Jay Hart thank you very much for that for the donation package uh Jay Hearts been a study a steady contributor to the channel she has contributed a lot like Don Anderson to the archaics library finds some really good unique books and magazines and things I can share with you guys and that's what it's all about it's a Jahara Lee thank you for your donation thank you for the for the presence the gifts you've sent it says you two have have really been a boon to the to the community I really thank you for that um the coins all 100 of all domestic orders were sent out yesterday they're gone they're gone you guys are already in the mail don't worry about the PayPal Hang-Ups don't worry about all that we've already shelved that just moving forward uh the coins are all for domestic are on the way tomorrow um because it say the international slips are they're terrible trying to fill them out tomorrow you guys all the international archaics challenge coins will be mailed out tomorrow it's like it's taking us all day and all night to to do the slips so don't worry about your coins guys just because we had a little hiccup doesn't mean you're not getting your stuff you are you are so anyway uh we got something else going on right here in Texas what we want to tell them about it yeah man we've got a meet-up coming up on the 10th of June myself and Jason we're going to present we're going to meet up with a load of you and it's going to be a very special event it's going to be the new Summer of Love 2.0 oh my God you did not say Summer of Love I did all right oh yeah guys you talk YouTube It's a meet up we haven't given a lot of people time to prepare like we did for my first meet up but that's okay uh we are taking uh uh last time it was you had to get on the Meetup deal and do all that this time and you can come in cash cash will get you in the door it's uh either way or you can go to the Meetup site but uh we haven't announced the exact venue because we have four or five different locations that are uh viable at this point we're trying to figure out attendance before we decide on each one because each one of them is priced differently but other than that it's going down on June 10th and we've already got some pretty interesting emails and messages from people in the truther Community who plan on stopping in so you might just see more than just Jason and Martin anyway oh I think that I think that's all that's it from the coins yeah arcades coins I've already mentioned those yeah we still sell them it's just oh we have other payment options PayPal was just one I mean one our PayPal still works it's just not the PayPal for the coins it was a totally different PayPal the art the uh the archaics PayPal still works but not the archaic's data PayPal but anyway that's that's enough on the coins we we can then we can go on there 823 people watching let's see oh let's see here um thank you moderators I don't I can't really see who's all in here you know Matt normally takes care of these things I'm playing match roll today because I'm about to get quiet and Martin's about to take us for a ride and I know because he showed me some footage this morning that blew my mind from 1902. man you think you think horse and buggy and all that when you think 1902 until you see these pictures this video is amazing I need you to leave a copy of that video too yeah because I definitely need a copy of it anyways yeah I already have it in the files it'll take me months to get through your files all right I'll give it to you again so you know where it is oh I'm going oh I'm going to get to it believe that all right we steady we steady growing we're good we're getting there okay oh removing the shackles okay Danny I see you're in there Pamela Swan thank you Simplicity revealed hey we've been missing you where you been girl uh you're over there in Europe aren't you Pamela Swan thank you Victoria Z thank you Wendy Flores Never Gonna Never Gonna Miss alive Victoria's never going to miss one unless she's just sleeping unless we're at a terror unless we're at a terrible time Shiva shampoo Shiva I'm adding you to the list man I'm adding you to the list right now because it's been past time you and I did a video you and Clayton Phoenix protocol you a few out there uh I'm adding you to the list man we should do a video you've been on you've been a you have grown quite a bit since you have been in the archaics community you're like you're you're like a leader of the community man in the Discord group and uh people should hear people should hear your testimony man about the things you you have witnessed and the things that you have learned and how and how our kids has actually modified some of your beliefs and uh I'm gonna add you to the list Shiva you'll be getting that email from me brother and uh Clayton Phoenix protocol YouTube all right man you know what cool I'm real close to just giving you the floor I'm gonna do something that's very uncharacteristic cool I'm gonna shut up wow like that yeah man they saw me man to see um all right on [ __ ] United all right man you know what you're you already know how to you've got a Mastery of the OBS system you already know you already got all your images ready there's really nothing nothing left to do guys guys this screen back here is not what you're going to be looking at be using the OBS system as he's giving this Pro presentation we're going to disappear and you're going to see what he's showing you but you're going to hear him talking about it okay you ready guys put your mind blown good good let's do it it's all about you okay let's get stuck in so what I want to talk about today is I don't know that's gonna be enough No it should be there is American city fires American city disasters I should be coming up is it there it's an awesome picture it is an awesome picture hey just so we know everything's working right in the chat let us know you see that image then we'll know we're doing good I'm not seeing my image I'm not seeing it just not coming up do you guys do you guys see a black and white photo right now okay where's Matt yeah it says yes we see an image yeah no no somebody else says not yet nope not yet all right Matt we're gonna need your assistance I'm gonna pick one he's on pick one but they're not seeing the image all right all right oh that's awesome oh okay so as you can see here is a picture of Chicago following um the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 which was a wider event uh because there was a natural disaster happening at the same time uh the prestigo forest fire which was um just to the west of uh Chicago so I kind of thinking that this is all just one greater event now what I'm gonna propose and show you now guys is as creepy as it may sound and as weird as it is most American cities seem to have been completely destroyed during the late 1800s and I mean most of them the center bits completely gutted okay and there is a strange ammo with the pictures that I'm going to show you they all share the same ammo which is clear streets okay everything falling in its footprint and everything being reduced to tiny little bricklets is what you find so that's the Chicago Fire now the entire city has been destroyed rebuilt destroyed and you can see the same sort of ammo for most of um the cities which we've been looking into in America what you can see there is the top pictures of Chicago 1871 the bottom picture is of 9 11 9 11. and what you find is there seems to be a consistency with the damage that you see in these cities and the Damage that we witnessed uh when the towers that is amazing okay it is amazing so let me just switch through now transition okay excuse me pick three okay so um this image here you can see here is Richmond Virginia during or just prior to the American Civil War now the city was raised to the ground but what you can see in the background considering this is supposed to be Richmond Virginia is what looks like a temple of Apollo or a greco-romano temple in the background and again you know this is supposed to be attributed to Canon shot fire which is apparently destroying massive masonry buildings which we're not buying we think there's another sort of Weaponry which we're going to talk about in this post going on and we're gonna I'm gonna propose the motive um the way they did it and what I think is going on so that is Richmond Virginia and what you see is a pile of Cannonball shooter on the left-hand side you can see some old cannons in there and but what you see for the city is just utter Devastation it is just it's hard to even imagine so let me just bring a picture number four is 1861 Charleston in South Carolina also attributed they say to the American Civil War again massive masonry City you know they show us in the movies that you know the wild west 1860s you know Saloon bars wooden Shacks but that is not the reality you've got big brick and stone structures All Over America of what is an older World guys this stuff was there already so again same ammo completely cleared street so what do they have a load of bulldozers come in like in the days of horse and cats you know the effort to clear an entire City's streets of rubble I can't even imagine because in World War II it didn't take them like a following year to clean up the streets of Germany so I can't imagine what is going on rebuilding a city requires more effort than building it to begin with because first you got to clear the robot and this is it but they can reuse the rubble that's there and um you know clean it dress it up Etc so and reuse it which is that which they do it's amazing so there's Richmond it's repeated excuse me so uh also Portland in Maine Portland Oregon was completely destroyed and Portland in Maine as well was completely destroyed and it is just unbelievable that the size of those buildings and that architecture this is supposed to be for the Antique World guys and then everything is seemingly a fire okay and all of them um the stories the narratives Behind these fires are absolutely ridiculous we'll look at the Chicago narrative shortly but you know with Boston Portland Chicago all identical everything is reduced into tiny little bricklets okay this is a fire does not do that okay a fire does not reduce large Zone stone structures into tiny little bricklets and then leave the streets clear things are falling in their Footprints there is obviously something else going on and the weird um you know the weirdness that look at this look at this architecture in the back that's untouched unbelievable and it's just like it's so it seems like it's selective you can get areas you know the Boston photographs are quite good for showing this that are completely wiped off the face of the Earth and then literally next to it is a building that's completely untouched it's just like the California fires that were showing whole neighborhoods destroyed and trees were untouched that's going to come up the picture of paradise shortly you know it's part of this narrative so what I'm suggesting you know this is the first Chicago Fire 1851 destroyed 2000 building so dig the tired of Chicago gets completely destroyed then it all appears again only to be destroyed in 1906 in the great fire and great earthquake of San Francisco so it's burned down it's rebuilt it's burned down it's rebuilt it makes no sense okay and all of the American cities uh got the same ammo it makes literally zero sounds so that is uh of San Francisco Colombia 1865 another large city completely destroyed by the American Civil War again everything falls in its Footprints again all of the streets are clear I definitely think um there's something more going on with the American Civil War we're on paranormis aren't we Sunday yes Sunday we'll be on with paranormus talking more about the Civil War exactly what really happened yeah so that would be interesting um and the narratives behind you know the reasons why these cities get you know blitzed off the face of the Earth you know in this case um there's an accident milking a cow so you've got like um Superior architecture massive masonry yet there's an old lady milking a cow and then there's an accident in the entire Chicago burns down similar narratives for Boston symbol narratives for all of the city fires just really silly reasons for what the fire why the fire started it makes zero sense to me so 1835 the second fire of New York New York although later photographs basically the later fire photographs were around and there's not one photograph available anywhere in the world the the Second Great Fire uh the third great fire this is the second 1835 all of New York is destroyed rebuilt destroyed and rebuilt but be you know included in the photographic Journal yet there's no photographs to show us I wonder why that would be okay the next one so this is um another one of Columbia American Civil War 1865. I definitely think uh we're gonna talk about that in that paranormal show but I definitely think there's more going on um than they told you with the American Civil War so again massive masonry buildings everything just the interior of the building seemed to be disappeared similar to what was witnessed in 9 11. the Curtin walls some of them are remaining and the streets are cleared everything else is just turned to bricklets and dust so I'm going to propose the this is deliberately caused and probably I'm thinking from the air probably okay let me just get that picture up this one Charlestown again and this one is again the year the American Civil War finished Charleston the size on this architecture of this place in Charleston South Carolina and you know this place I just can't go over okay they got like mud flood attributations what we call them lower Windows you know you have to go downstairs to get in the front door but everything you know considering this is like the American Civil War to me that looks like that place has been left to nature for years you know the the everything has grown over you know it seems like there's years passed by and it seems to me you know that this is a reset image the whole world or the whole of these cities got destroyed and they got you know basically a narrative the American Civil War or whatever stupid um disasters caused by stupid reasons that make no sense to me so so to interject or for those of you unaware with how there's crossover between what Martin is talking about in the archaic's research it's a In 1902 who there were two foundations one of them was the Rockefellers and I can't remember the other one that's called Carnegie yeah I'm sorry there were three the Rothschilds were involved as well but uh uh Andrew Carnegie as well and what we have found is thousands of modern libraries that were instantly funded and created and built and all these publishing companies just come out with with a plethora of new history books and new versions of older texts all in 1901 1902 1903 up to about 1917. and it's almost there's in basically what we're proposing is that a REV a revised historical narrative was funded and put in place all over the world to cover up the very events of the images you're seeing right now I just wanted to interject that um okay so yeah the the fire is like 1870 year before the Chicago one um and all consumed and I find it notable that you know with all of these fires it always seems to be the central downtown area in the business districts District that gets destroyed the same for San Francisco the same for Boston the same for all of these cities there's got to be something in there so how would they be able to destroy a city if it was done deliberately through artificial means how would they do that in that day and age when the whole world is in horse and cat and the airplane hasn't been invented yet apparently so I definitely think they're doing it from the air so here's Atlanta Georgia and that suffered um apparently General Sherman in the official narrative you know this is the Sherman neckties where he ties all the railway lines in knots cuts a swave across the south of America and destroys every rethink apparently in its path in his path but what is showing again is that same ammo of everything falling in his footprint an utter destruction guys just phenomenal for what they say in the animates are like for that day and age just makes no sense to man or beast so 1849 Saint Louis fire not the only fire and what is notable most of these most of these cities have been wiped out and had a great exhibition in the city following a great fire I think there might be something in that 1849 to St Louis great fire uh nothing absolutely nothing left of the center of St Louis and then later on they get the most one of the most famous great expositions just prior to that 1845 Pittsburgh no photographs photographs uh actually around or lithographs are 1845 there could have been a plate glass image taken one thing that I want to bring to attention apparently the official American Civil War photographs that we witnessed today were found in the roof of a greenhouse in Maryland in America so somebody had had all of the record of the American Civil War in glass plates and they'd made a greenhouse with it somebody a lot of them have got faded a lot of them apparently got destroyed but that is apparently our best source for American Civil War photography it's crazy it's crazy and it's hard to believe also 1845 Great Fire of New York okay no actual pictures so that's the secondary fire 10 years later New York destroyed explosions all of the rest anomalous no reasons for it no photographs are available of New York being destroyed so that is questionable why some of the most important events have no photographic record for them only pictures and Engravings Nantucket Island Massachusetts or Maine actually 1846 completely wiped out of the face of the Earth and these are not the only ones guys I could go on and on for ages Philadelphia 1850 completely destroyed and it really does look like there's something happening from above I wish all I'll show you now okay so Philadelphia this one is Troy New York 671 buildings destroyed 1862. I don't think they could actually attribute this to the Samaritan Civil War because it's too far up in New York state I don't think it actually was affected there um so again the business district the centers of these cities completely melted and destroyed just unbelievable to have a station Denver which is a Italian city you know if you look at them for today it's predominantly red brick in the center it's actually a really beautiful city is Denver so they say these buildings are built what like you know 1800s late 1800s but yet the entire city was destroyed in 1863 according to the photographic Journal makes no sense to man or beast and then you get these anomalous photographs this one's your is the fire in Boston okay 1872 another major fire City completely raised to the ground but you see these unusual customers in these um in these shots this one he's got his hand inside his coat suggesting that this is a masonic um or a masonic inter you know intervention with this and its dates as well some of the dates you can correspond to you know astronomical phenomena they put some of these destructions on certain dates like they do with major battles so they're Boston again major fire city destroyed but you can see these giant bits of masonry that they're sitting on and everything turned to bricklets and what looks like just literally melted stonework you know I've seen you can close up on some of these and the the stonework is literally bubbling so whatever has hit these buildings is a being from above b as disaggregated eh okay or literally turned it at the you know the smaller stuff into bricklets everything else was a bigger size like the lintels ETC um they're all still on the floor everything else disintegrated it's crazy so that's quite a frightening technology to think that you know that there's something like that about there then in them days but I think the technology that caused this is the most agent technology efficient is real which I don't think it is so there's Great Fire of Chicago there and you can see that the entire city is raised to the ground and there's no think left is quite unnerving when you see all American cities destroyed in such a manner now what could be doing it well ballooning balloons were the transport of the old world they got rid of this in 1930 with the crash or the burning of the Hindenburg well I've already posted a couple of months ago the Hindenburg disaster is actually showing two separate pieces of film okay it can't not be a real event it's fabricated events and all of the media that turns up and the famous oh the humanity which was an edited video was released a day later even though he could have gone live with the biggest disaster you could imagine is a too much of an alarm call for me this thing's a Psy up so what you see here this old newspaper articles from the first World War and what you see is zeppelin attacks okay and they're releasing fashes so fasces and we'll look into it in a minute is essentially a direct energy weapon it's something that can turn Mata into dust now they really do exist because you can get a fair Shades in your microwave oven this is your magnetron there are experiments you can see on YouTube some young Russians boys they took the magnetron out of the micro microwave oven pointed it at like literally metal paper clips and the metal paper clips melted and that's how you microwave this is fascia's technology an electromagnetic technology and this is what they were using in these Zeppelins there's also newspaper articles reported at the time which will tell you that basically Zeppelins were shot down using sachets also from the ground so you can see Zeppelin's coming over shooting a high intensity Beam at a building and they're always these large tatarian buildings and igniting it and these were the Germans long and feared by all England so a giant Zeppelin that was coming over England and basically lighting buildings up with its technology Technologies there's plenty of evidence for these flashes balloons so I think they were using these in the Americas I think that you know if they were there in 18 1915 during the first world war it doesn't you know it's not a great leap of the imagination to think that they were there 20 years before okay when they were definitely using blooms 20 years before so here over Calais in France you can see a zeppelin attack first world war you see that massive tatarian Town Hall taking the Direct Hit and bursting into flames you can see another Target over there on the right hand side picture another beam of light hitting a building and literally exploding it wow yeah I've never seen these pictures no no not many have and the zeppelins This was um shot down over the mersey and in the Wirral in England giant zaplings with this um fascist Technologies they don't really want to tell you about in the official narrative because they don't want to admit that that technology exists so we think also in what I regard as a golden age of free energy which we'll be looking into elements of it was a real thing I can prove that now and these belfries towers without bells in that you see everywhere in Christendom and what we think were they were Landing platforms for blooms so it wasn't flighty at airport have to travel home I mean the bloom would take you direct to your destination and where you need to be even to your home which I'll show you in some of these pictures so we definitely think that was the case now modern day equivalent this is Paradise in California um again similar to the photographs of the American cities things literally falling in their Footprints trees all around the areas of these incinerated um you know this incinerated towel completely unaffected you can get two houses next to one another they've completely disappeared off the face of the Earth but the trees between the properties are completely unharmed proving that this cannot be a forest fire something else has been happening and I think it's deliberate and I think it's part of the narrative if you want to think agenda 20 whatever that they're clear in California eventually you know putting in a super highway everyone else is going to be move for these this is part of the agenda apparently so what you see here is a vision okay from a famous artist can you see these images coming up are they on there oh there's a there's only a slight play with mine okay you're showing you're showing yeah okay I got that image or something and so this is a British Artist and he envisions the time that I'm talking about of great Italian buildings free energy and balloon transport which I definitely think was the case I think that they definitely didn't want to carry on because you know they wanted to push jet planes and airplanes for you know Fuel and everything else and balloons they're quiet they're safe they're efficient on money and then a brilliant way to travel of course would they want that no okay here's an example of balloons this one is uh well it looks like it's flying over the um at the Triumph or one of them I think this is the at the Triumph but they will give you the narrative inefficient out of a Montpellier Brothers you know being the pioneers of early ballooning but we found evidence of that of British of balloons being used way way back and they have something half between a ship and a blue so well even if the da Vinci narrative is not true we still have the da Vinci illustrations yeah whoever whoever DaVinci was oh Zeppelin yeah yeah and also helicopters in the da Vinci yes yeah DaVinci Engravings or whatever they are so um we get the great expositions which have these large exhibition Halls which are large greenhouses or Crystal palaces they are anomalous because of the effort gone into putting the map okay most of these Crystal palaces New York's Crystal Palace fire destroyed London's Crystal Palace fire destroyed because apparently glass and metal burns okay so I think the everything I think after a reset buildings that are left on the ground they just get repurposed from whoever arrives next and I think that these buildings were potentially originally holders for large balloons anti-rip dirigibles of the era because I can show you that the the blue balloons they were using were exceptionally big here's one at the great expositions they add large balloon uh you know exhibits at these expositions but the buildings unbelievable technology divine principles this one and you can see on on the right hand side has four Towers which are four Angels these are electromagnetic Technologies if these are copper or metal or even got metal wrapped around on the inside will cause magnetism which will forward these on each Tower which will be the Four Angels technology so this is an energy producing unit if you like I'll show you more evidence for free energy right now which is here so balloons they can be used for collecting charge okay what we see here is aerostat aerostat was used in the past for collecting electrostatic potential in the air which is high up the higher up you go the more electromagnetic potential is available so it makes perfect sense to send a balloon up to catch the charge out of the subtle ether's a transported down to a wire and you can see there they put into basically units where the energy is saved and they can run a city three three from Bloons and they were using it free energy why aren't they doing that now well we know the answer to that don't we so here's another example of Aero stature which is an energy Gathering Bloom they'll have a wire on it it will be ascended it will catch a charge the charge will be transversed down the wire and will be collected into some sort of battery or terminal and use later so free energy used by balloons as well okay there's another example of free energy okay producing Rain by electricity and x-rays using balloons like I said many applications today how many applications the balloons are there like literally zero I wonder why that would be yeah well I disagree Nasa uses yeah okay for our satellites but you know the loom balloons they've literally um stopped it they stopped the program like last month or something yeah is that why they're saying the ISS had to come down and all that wow when all of that stuff happens about apparently the Chinese blooms can you remember that yeah a month ago yeah so they stopped the Loom balloon program at that time they say so I don't know but they have been crashing down lately you know in Brazilian Gardens Etc so that's the vision we see of what how it was in the past other people have envisioned this it's a it's a free energy Society okay everything growing well everyone in good health and well-being and I do feel that the people of this realm at this time had protective clothing protective bed covers and everything because I think the electromagnetics may have been a lot more active than they are in this day and age post uh canopy era so what you see here on these gantries you can see on these buildings now what I will show you now is a blue can literally deliver you to your property here's evidence here from a newspaper or an article saying the zeppelins were shot down over Paris using sachets I'm not sure if you can see that but that's under that red line so evidence in the newspaper that they were using actual sachets now if you don't know what flashes are it's a double-sided coin there's a good size and a bad side to fascase technology the good side is this so if you imagine a fascase like the Roman sachets is a bundle of rods bound together which is what you see here with this church organ now with churches they say that they're places of Warship I mean worship uh where you go to do religion that's not what these buildings were originally built for again they'd be repurposed again post reset the new arrivals or whoever come in they find these organs in place they don't rightly know what is going on with them they fitted a harpsichord underneath them boom then you've got this technology but before then there was something completely different going on these uh a resonance a Harmonic Technology organs are good for your organs if you're in there and that vibration is passing through you it'd be good for your health okay in fact anything beginning with orc it's good for okay so that is the technology of churches so churches churches Cathedrals cathodes churches are essentially machines Church machines resonating machines to produce a sound quality that eventually could be transversed out into the ether Through the Windows which I'll show you examples of another thing that looks like the fachets is the Atlantic Subterranean or the underwater cables that cross the Atlantic this is a sample of the first ones that were laid apparently by the Great Eastern the famous ship that Brunel built the biggest ship there ever was and these cables apparently um lay on the bed of the Atlantic all the way from Britain and all the way to Newfoundland so they say so that is meant to be a Mid-Atlantic Mountain Ridge so I'm not sure how these wires go up and down mountains or safe but if you look at it that way okay you can see that it's rods all the way around bounce and what you can see is a few rods in the center and if you look at it that way it's identical to what we see with church windows okay it's identical to a cymatic pattern so there's a bigger clue of that I actually think that these things were down there already and I don't believe the narrative for for Brunel laying them trains and transports so before we had steam trains and before we had diesel trains we had pneumatic trains trains that worked on air which would comfortably and quietly Propel you from New York to Chicago no problem using air and then they got rid of that so it seems that we had a lot of technologies that were really really you know beneficial to humanity in the past that they've got rid of it was better before so can you imagine living in that street an electric train passes you know comes up to your window and drops you off literally at the property you live in just quietly up quietly back and all of this wrought iron all of the decoration is all part of a technology it's not strictly for Aesthetics you know please into the eye this you know wrought iron you know this stuff catches the subtle energies they literally put Solomon sigils into their wrought iron to basically affect the subtle Leaf is before they arrive to us so basically balloons exactly the same way they would have come down the street dropped you off at a belfry there's a you know you can see photographs of air balloons dropping off people to the top of the Empire State Building in New York City you can see them dropping them off on the tops of skyscrapers in La Santiago All Over America blooms even the graph Zeppelin until you know it blew up would be pulling stop a skyscraper just drop every party off in the center of the city or alternatively before then drop you off at your house which would explain all of them steel Verandas that you see all around so so many of these all-wheel properties you know New Orleans all of them have got these steel Verandas all the way around them amazing it is you're getting some donations in here awesome yeah I guess I'll just be giving you the cash [Laughter] we're winning so Balloons look at this massive titarium building in the background too just put out in the middle of nowhere you've got mud behind it I can see that it's a Seaside hotel but there's something else going on with them these are all over Britain as well this is the polar Palace Hotel and it's got the blue delivering people direct to the holiday destination or so you can get thousands of people in a balloon all at one time you can literally have balloons that big in the past this one here 5 000 people wrote it I got pictures of early on that in the Napoleonic era literally um on one one ship itself 16 000 people that many you could literally invade a country using balloons all you need to do is get a balloons come over um so the technology I'm talking about is this Medusa Tech okay now the Medusa as you know in their analogies she's a lady with serpentee hair you need to look at her in a reflection Theseus can take her out unless he looks at her through the mirror image in his Shields if he looks at a tie Rex what happens he gets turned to stone it's an analogy for the technology that will discomporeate and disaggregate or turn things to Stone or alternatively dust dust as well this is the Medusa Tech this is what it's all about you can see directly below the Medusa there these rods which are bound which I'll give you a little idea of how this is working shortly so yeah I definitely think that these air balloons were kept in these large massive look at the size of the people the people are actually just tiny little dots in this massive massive steel and glass um exhibit hall where they're exhibiting the actual transport of the day which is air balloons now the flashes is definitely the most dangerous weapon I think of the whole of the Antique World in history I think they're using a similar technology today as I said it's not a fictitious technology you got one afachets a magnetron in your microwave oven that does exactly the same thing and looks exactly the same as a sachets they tell you in Halls of power where the power comes from here in the center building or in the Congress building excuse me you can see an S and an S there in Laurel leaves but they're opposing one another they're complete opposites mirror opposites also the flashes are facing one another in complete Polar Opposites okay like mirroring one another they're not left and left they're always facing one another opposing magnetic fields they're showing you in this Hall of power that these are electromagnetic weaponry just move on a second and they've got some images of this technology being used in the past here in Napoleonic battles you can see umachets being released and uh starting fires and destroying cities I've got some images of old Roman photographs where they're coming back so how does it work what is it well in this case it's copper rods they're put together and they're Bound in this case by brass that will create an electric field a magnetic field okay all you need to do then is introduce a charge an extra charge get this directionalized because apparently that's the main thing with fachets is directionalization and then you have an electromagnetic weapon this is what they're using that's what I'm proposing the fascists the fascists Adolf Hitler and before then Napoleon he had the fasces for his emblem of his regiment um Napoleon's emblem for the fascists was the fash a because the word fascists derives from fasciae fasces the electromagnetic weapon Mussolini here you can see he's got two Ethiopians from abyssinia a country that they really did think that was really important but I think we know what was going on there with the history going on in Ethiopia and you have two what they call lichtas and these will carry the sachets these are obviously wooden fasciates but they are symbolic of the power yielded by the fascists the fasciates and going back to so-called Roman times this was exactly the same technology it's repeated here there's the undersea cable I showed you and it looks exactly like a church winter okay again it's copper it's cables again bounds with the central core this is fast Chase technology only in this case is using vibrational qualities to pass a signal but it's exactly the same there's two sides to the first Shades coin there's the good side good health beneficial things with church organs okay because literally they would have been Healing Centers you could have gone in and been hit with the guard note and then you would have been literally in tears and probably having the best time in your life so what we find with church Windows is they completely and utterly match cymatic resonances now if you don't know about cymatic patterns you can carry this out um basically people put sand or iron filings on a steel plate and they will introduce a sound or a frequency like four three two and the sand will exhibit the sound visually and what you see is perfect beautiful geometry no sound has got the same geometry every sound or resonance has a different vibrational quality and they all look like uh snowdrops they look like there is an individual as snow drops but coincidentally they are put in the front of all of these churches in Christendom now the churches are got the the organs inside the church organs are playing rather loud and then they pass through the lead treated lead crystal or Rose windows in the cymatic patterns delivering outside into the community a resonance an ether that will only be beneficial if it was four three two well then everyone even the plants even you know the animals the birds the trees the grass everything would bet would have benefited by this technology so inside the churches you get these beautiful beautiful cymatic patterns perfect geometry and the organ is directly underneath it so you get that you know that vibration going on that resonance and it passes through the wind so out like a speaker if you like out into the community and this would have been like literally like church bells do in the modern days they were also a part of this technology um out into the youth for beneficial purposes here's another example of a beautiful cymatic window pushing out into the ether then beautiful 432 or whatever it is resonances now churches had um one note that they regarded and it was removed from church organs in the 1700s apparently it was called the brown notes or regarded today as the devil tone apparently it was affecting females in a certain way okay they were getting like that feels really nice so that wasn't you know too good in a church that wasn't too good in a church so they got rid of the old brown note but yeah the benefits of these organs as you can see in this image it's like the sachets it's shooting it out you know horizontally out into the people who were in the uh you know who are in the church machine and uh you know some of these churches Church machines I've I felt you know I've been into a lot of these old ones and you can literally feel it inside your body these church organs and believe you me years ago these were ramped up these were a lot louder than you might find today okay this is a beautiful example here of a what I call a sachets device which is the decoration is fantastic the gold leafing is fantastic but again horizontal like organized energy splaying out into the ether this would be blasting out Good Vibrations good energies into the uh into the church itself so that same technology that is good is also destructive you know the narrative in the Holy Bible for Jericho so The Army Goes Around the walls of Jericho blowing trumpets and banging drums the resonance okay of that sounds caused a de-aggregation it caused the stone of this massive which looks like a massive you know classical architectured City to crumble and be destroyed this is the same technology that we're talking about with fachets the sounds resonance vibration which will make matter not even matter okay and Jericho is the evidence that sound can in fact destroy Stone and Masonry in the old Maps we find here's a nice little asymuffle equidist and so this these Maps here late 1400s 1500s just prior to the Renaissance they're really early they're beautiful Maps but what they do show you is everything in this realm is green there is not in fact any white bits or snow anywhere in the realm in these Maps but more interestingly they show you the places that nowadays are covered in sand and large bodies of water are not the case at all so you can see this here and you see that everything is green Africa completely green but interestingly in the North Pole up there if you can see um literally it's connected Europe and the North American continent is connected which is not in the modern day obviously and you've got this large body of land underneath but if we get to Africa you're going to wonder what's going on so this is a called a butterfly map a beautiful as you muffle equidistant map okay looking down you know from the you know on the North Pole perspective a flatterative map if you like but again they're showing you that everything in this place is green and there's no Great Lakes in America as well they're not there on these in this period and you can see the Iberian Peninsula here and the streets of Gibraltar but you can just make out the barrier here on Morocco and what you will see is an abundance of glittering palaces all green but what's most interesting with this image is there's deciduous trees on there seasonal trees like you get in northern Europe which you don't get in the Sahara Desert so the climate was completely different 500 years ago according to the maps Okay I saw that Phoenix on the bottom of that map you just showed them did you really yeah there oh yeah it is it is yeah it is there it is in the bottom Phoenix oh yeah it's so it is okay see so it's even coated there we get this North African photo up uh map up so North Africa so that's the Sahara Desert as you can see it's covered with strange beasties um naked white people because there's no black people in Africa in any of these old maps and um these glittering massive what look like European type cities they've got all of these you know this mountain range that comes through which is apparently called Kong Kong mountain range um and the abundance of Forestry and deciduous trees which are not really supposed to exist so in the modern day now it is a desert and it's an encroaching desert we don't know you know in science they say they don't know how deserts happen but they're encroaching meaning they're getting bigger all of the time all deserts are growing it's anomalous not really because I think the entire of North Africa or Africa itself I think was destroyed in a terrible apocalypse and I think that the entire place was turned to dust possibly used using electromagnetic Weaponry because it's not sand you have a dust storm in the Sahara Desert proving that this is dust but this place in this area is completely covered in Buried greco-romano architecture okay and the whole of the Sahara Desert and all of the Fertile Crescent which is supposed to be you know the holy land is now desert it was supposed to be beautifully green according to the narrative and Now dust test well in in support of your your thesis here the uh diador siculus strabo Herodotus these these ancient writers as I mentioned all of all of North Africa was was a whole bunch of cities in the cities were all on the coast of what was called the Triton sea the tritonia and then something happened in the Triton sea disappeared and was replaced with the Sahara desert with the Sahara Desert it's interesting because it's got a massive amount of tektites what's his name um Tutankhamun had a bit of this Libyan glass in his uh in his jewels yeah they call it Libyan Gillette and scientifically it's Tech tights but yeah it's called Libyan glass so yeah that's my proposal guys is I think there's a deliberate um destruction of American cities I think it's part of the narrative I definitely think in this case in this instance that there's been a deployed some sort of electromagnetic technology to destroy this place that is what I'm going to propose so now I'm just going to show you a couple of um movies um just to finish off and we're going to show you a movie one is okay is it there I don't think they are they're not showing so I don't think they're there they're not okay I'm not showing you those we're going to go back to uh camera we're going to come back for a little bit and I'll sort that out in a minute so there we are as my presentation for a minute there we are Jason all right oh so we're not going to show the videos if they didn't come up maybe I can find them well there you go you might have to reload video One video two no it's not coming up bro oh it's not coming up no worries no worries no worries mate how you say it no word is Kobe oh that's awesome yeah no worries mate I've been learning it's Wiki didn't he that's good stuff let's have a look at the Chaffee that's good stuff oh man you got a lot of stuff in the chair feet I'll be giving you some cash today wow yeah man yeah I appreciate you guys for donating yeah thanks so much several people uh several several people uh designated the donations is going to you all right is that is we back on now or well yo we're back on okay I'm not seeing you on there you know see on on their feed oh no right here oh do you guys see us or do you see an image we're trying to we're still figuring out this old obs okay there we are okay okay math all right all Matt had to do was look in the door and you figured it out there you go good to see you guys cool oh so you guys in the in the archaics presentations I'm often explaining that you know it only takes 200 years for us to go from horse and buggy to Hadron Collider and that nothing Martin has shown surprises you archaics veterans you already know you have already seen the evidence not only that but even the chronological materials technology is very ancient and that what's going on on the surface world seems to be subject to powers that are existing and technologically advanced Societies in our own underworld and I've shown you in the archaic material that all the evidence points to an underworld civilization that's pulling the strings it's controlling Affairs on the surface and yet it puts out a prodigious amount of agent energy and funding to make the people that dwell on the surface to believe that all these anomalous activities are coming from space that are coming from extraterrestrials where it's all cover it's all cover story all the Ancient Aliens material every this is this is why uh listen I listened to a video very recently by Gigi young now I've never reached out to her and I don't know if I ever will but we have some crossover Gigi young went into a specifics on one of her videos feels about how Eric Von daniken and Zechariah sitchin who basically spearheaded what became the Ancient Aliens crowd were both funded by by large organizations that did not have Humanity's best interest at all so there's a reason why Eric Von daniken and Zechariah sitchin just exploded with millions of copies of their books and why mainstream Publishers pick them up when they when they hardly pick up anybody else I can't get a mainstream publisher not to publish anything about the Phoenix phenomenon or or the reinterpreted Mind along counter any of my 13 books ain't no no mainstream publisher will touch it maybe my Awakening Immortal within but I'm not going to jump ship I'm gonna stay with the smaller Publishers that have been loyal to me so uh having said all this Martin's Martin's only scratching the surface I saw one comment where somebody said this is all anecdotal evidence listen this is one out of thousands of presentations if you're here listening to this presentation and you're looking for proof of a paradigm you're in the wrong place this is evidence in support of years of research in the collection I have seen 55 000 files from this man and I haven't had time to go through all of them but I have them and this is a lifetime full of research but if anomalous material is presented and you don't have an answer for it you can't expect this man to have an answer for all of it either so so it's a mystery so if we have burned out cities and we have many of them all over the world and yet we see even the photographic evidence that something is very unusual like true reason plants untouched when everything else is destroyed which is the same thing we've seen in the American Midwest all the way to California in the last four years with these on you with these whole neighborhoods going up in flames and cars melting in rose bushes and every rose petal is absolutely unaffected listen we have these anomalies going on today the zeppelins that he showed in these pictures are no different than the 13th and 14th century when the Great Black Death plague killed one third of the world's population now remember I've shown you in my presentations guys great large huge silent cigar-shaped objects passed over the European cities and forests in the four in the 12th 13th and 14th centuries and they sprayed these Mists and they dropped from their underbellies decomposed animal body parts that it just were feeted in the great Black Death plague according to the historians of the time was caused by that not the historians of the 1950s 60s and 70s who will tell you it was infected Rats on ships that had come from the Orient so what I'm saying is we have genuine Mysteries that and there's a lot of crossover between the Flat Earth British material and and archaics we're basically looking at the exact same phenomena from different perspectives so the Phoenix phenomenon is not a it's not it's not of human provenance what he is showing are destructions that seem to be of human provenance like human destructions Technologies the fascist Vehicles hidden in the sky in the skies we're talking about basically two different things however we are acknowledging that technology did not start in the 1800s technology is ancient and we see the evidence of this everywhere especially Martin's got some all and Martin's got other presentations that'll just blow your mind on all the things that from from that are that are dated centuries and thousands of years old that cannot even be replicated today things that have been built the video that we're not able to show was from 1902 and it's fantastic yeah maybe my consult that right so well maybe um maybe we'll we'll post it somewhere but yeah it's unbelievable to see these electric trains and aerial train stations and it's not a concept piece it's an actual video of of a city that we don't even recognize the the architecture is fantastic and the Train's just moving and it's all in 1902 and it shows trains coming and going and it's all in the air it's a suspended rails you know on these on these steel steel girders and platforms it's amazing this video he has yeah it don't show up man yeah you can't find a video you can't oh that is just one shot but I mean think about think about Jules Verne 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea menu as you know about Jules Verne Captain Nemo in the Nautilus the submarine that was technologically advanced and the story that Captain Nemo gave and about technology and how these things were hidden from the rest of the world kind of makes you wonder who's Jules Verne and why is this material now sounding like it's fact not fiction we have many we have many incidents from the historical record of authors who were promoting Concepts and ideas that to the people on the surface world were really amazing there's here's the video here tell them about this video well it's um that's how um I can't pronounce it weedlesberg but it's near Dusseldorf and this is like you know it's supposed to be the Victorian era but yeah we'll have a look at the architecture as well at least second to none but it's an electric train everything below is horse and cats yet you've got this massive masonry built in a beautiful large city a massive Viaduct as well an electric sky stations so what did they deliver all of these girders by boats by horse and cats however how are they building this stuff you know in what would have been the late 1800s when this was built so I've seen other than evidence Liverpool had a SkyTrain I can't help thinking that you know this was a mode of Transport in the golden age but look at this look at this for um you know over elaborate engineering it's just Fantastical imagine that it's still there today you can still go on it in the Monday it's still there this train is yeah it's still there today yeah there's color footage you can see today but it doesn't look half as impressive in the modern days it does it does right yeah it's just it's just phenomenal let me just show that again if I can yeah it's not coming up again is it okay well let's put us back on so yeah that is just crazy I think that's 19 um 19. oh free I think it's amazing yeah it is massive it's just a massive mind blow that way and yeah how do we get us back on there and we are back on now our camera's back on cool because I can't see nothing yeah I got a delay though Mine mine's delayed by about 10 seconds I guess okay everyone it should be there that should be us okay yeah we're back on okay cool okay that's amazing yeah that's mind-blowing the other image you've seen was um evidence of free energy that being captured in basically put on pen in Cambodia um there's a Temple there that has been uh charged and um basically exhibiting uh Antico Tech a free energy where it's been Gathering that was the image first damage oh yeah okay yeah yeah so you are somebody just plugged your uh apparently you did a really good video on Niagara Falls and tickle Tech yeah okay Lake Erie and the power plant yeah yeah I've done a lot of that yeah in ancient times oh right there in that area there were uh the largest copper mining facilities in the world were located in that area by the great lakes and the copper is found on the top soil and they literally mined it right there on the on the top yeah it's crazy then you have to dig deep in summer yeah it's a it was a 16th 15th 14th century BC and it was probably uh most of the copper was was shipped to the UK from North America from the UK over to Europe and from Europe down the coast all the way into the Mediterranean oh that's interesting most of that copper has been traced now to to be uh all throughout Ikea in Egypt yeah it's a so that was the copper used for basically the Bronze Age oh you're going way back right because I'm in the more modern day Swansea in Wales they call it King copper and it was you know in the 1800s the biggest copper Expo oh no these are the copper Fields this is the BC time well you need copper to make bronze don't you just can't make it but yeah in the um when Swansea was producing it it was to go apparently the narrative is the copper was to go on the hulls of the ships of the British Navy which were apparently only wooden up until that period Then they you know put copper on them and eventually like in no time at all they're giant massive steel juggernauts of 20 000 tons in like you know literally 20 years they've gone from wooden to like the the ships you see in the in the American Civil War the um ironclads have you ever seen them the iron clads yeah yeah so they're just like drafted to the water oh yeah ironclers were awesome I just saw awesome I just saw stellium's servant's name I got him yeah I got I got Mike almost on my list too for a podcast yeah I think I think we have a date set up I gotta look on my list again still him I know you sent me an email back because uh I'll put you on my calendar see I was interested in what you said about that Texas wall and all of that deep stuff in Texas that's definitely I'm still thinking about going there yeah yeah I'm still I'm still thinking about taking you taking you there guy we have a place called Rockwall Texas and the establishment has has done an injury which they always do trying to cover it up but the locals know better and uh sub service interface radar lidar or whatever yeah it's uh this this this they've tried to show they've tried to explain it away as a natural formation and the way they did this is they excavated a small little 20-foot section and they found an area that could that would that could kind of pass for natural but in order to show that on video and then try to and try to dismiss the whole thing they have to ignore the other 20 miles of wall which is 70 foot high and it's like 30 feet thick it is an ancient megalithic wall similar to some of those we find in the ancient near East and uh this wall in Texas is underground but oh it is uniform it is not a natural deal the entire Wall's perimeter all the way around has been measured at precisely 515 feet above sea level meaning this isn't natural it doesn't flow it doesn't go this is a construction and it was perfectly level at the top and uh there are really good original photographs of raw of the rock wall when it was being excavated in the 1890s all the way up well excuse me 1870s all the way up to about World War II and in these pictures you show huge joints and bricks and even Windows it shows all these things in there but the the establishment has done a really good job just dismissing this based off one person going and showing a part of the wall that looks kind of natural but they ignored all the actual construction Parts Wall is gigantic and I'm thinking about taking him there to talk to some locals and look at the local photographs and uh you know I'm thinking about doing that how many stories did you say it's a four hour drive from where we're at yes seven seven stories high yup seven stories high I mean we have Angel we have Angel constructions in the near East that were that tall too but but uh ziggurats were huge but but still this was a wall and because it's buried here in Texas like uh I've shown you guys many presentations North America is not like the rest of the world ancient ruins ancient ruins cities and all that stuff they're still on the surface like Zimbabwe and Africa a Phoenician or a Phoenician trading post that kind of turned into a city in Africa but and we have all these African cities that were just slightly under the desert and then Mediterranean and Greece everything's relatively close to the surface Mohenjo-daro and arapa you know you guys know I like to talk about reshammer and ugrit these are huge metropolises in Northern Syria that were widely known uh strongholds of the amuru geyser oh North America is not like that North America everything's founded 60 70 feet to 200 foot depth and in some areas like heaven or Oklahoma artifacts have been found two miles below the surface of the Earth so and it's always found by these old companies mining companies and well you got to read you got to read like The Source book project they don't publish this guy no more William Corliss was exposing at all forbidden archeology talks about the well shafts and all the human artifacts have been found whatever happened in North America it was a resurfacing it was basically depositing a whole nother land surface from somewhere else on top of North America and it buried cities it buried civilizations wow you know and it was in recent history it was not and when I say recent I'm talking about last few thousand years or so but uh yeah these things are amazing uh and the handbook to puzzling and amazing artifacts you're going to see hundreds of things that have been found right here in the United States but they've all been found at Great depth so to find a 70 foot high wall that's 20 miles in circumference and it's a perfect rectangle it's not it's not going in all different directions it's a perfect rectangle and you can be seen from the sky listen guys that's a vapor canopy wall it's just like it's just like the other other constructions that I I have gone to in great depth about showing you guys that the architecture and the cities that were built during the vapor canopy are fundamentally different to those after the collapse of the vapor canopy humans at during Vapor canopy times did not fear other humans they feared creatures even insects were gigantic so yeah there's there's reasons we had those walls that was really good Martin that was an awesome presentation oh thank you thank you no you got it okay I know you got thousands and thousands of more images I have I have I have more presentations and all sorts we'll get to them later well you want you guys want to see him in the archaic Studio again give another presentation let us know right here in the comment section it's really hard to keep my mouth shut I don't lie that's hard yeah that winds you up so if they solicit Media made that kindly made that video for the meat um our our meets she made the video we posted um yesterday who did um holistic media oh holistic media yeah my friend yeah oh you know holistic media been seeing her for like a year and a half yeah she's gonna make this now that's good match her a couple of times good stuff yeah also my brother there David the one I was telling you about this morning who was a soldier in the tanks right who never made his bed properly and ended up in a big biggest tank battle since the battler cursed but this is him all over David Manuel there is a it was a very brave man well it's pretty much across the board that you're expected to come back bro that's a lot awesome okay that's enough well we'll bring him back okay thanks we still got plenty excuse me we still got plenty of time yeah before uh the 10th we got two 10 days in June and we still got five or six this month but yeah uh you know what I think let's go and let's go ahead and do it let's go let's go to Rockwall Texas and do a video yeah yeah go check it out talk to the locals that would be fantastic if you could do something like that yeah you know what because I got the Victorian photograph actually the old photographs when you found it yeah there's some really good photographs from but you pull up your old photographs and I'm pretty sure the locals are going to have some yeah yeah maybe the locals will know more that's the best thing to do yeah that might be worth a look is it fair oh it's a four hour drive all right well I just I just took two troops for a lot longer than that so that's around the corner in Texas yeah we can go four hours North and get to Rockwall Texas or we can drive nine hours straight west and still be in Texas at El Paso wow that's mental yeah it's crazy so big it's crazy so let's have a look at the chat feed we've got any questions or anything going on for Jax I've do Havana Vlog on the way yeah yeah that's a good one yeah more than you ain't done a van Vlog well I've got a van but I would do a fan of Vlog well you I'm gonna put you in the van Vlog mobile okay then that's really good I'm just not gonna let you drive don't let me drive yeah yeah it's not trustworthy it's great okay yeah there's a few of my peep shirts will oh yeah so how long are we on 84 minutes ago wow wow that went good presentation yeah I'm excited about these guys I'm excited about this video I'm gonna do with these cards yeah because these little cigarette pack cards from the 1920s are packed the juice they give you and they tell you there's some of them they're like really obscure like the crystal of so and so which is like yeah I'm like well I've never read about that where's this information yeah this is crazy I got to uh it's uh these are fantastic oh I don't know if y'all can see these I'm sorry yeah they're coming up but the back of them Don Anderson did an awesome job finding these donated them to our cakes you barely donated to all you guys because I'm about to do video I'm reading every card and doing my doing my arcades commentary on them so these This Is 50 cards so this may be 10 different videos because you guys know how I run my mouth as soon as I'm triggered and I'll read something it's my characteristic yeah I'm gone they're awesome I do the veggie saying but some are awesome okay check this out we still got a little bit of time left so how about let's do some q a just for Martin okay don't aim for me Jason's not answering any questions right now I'm gonna look at this chat if you got any questions for Martin make sure they're in all caps they need to be in all caps so I can distinguish them from your internal chat and what you're trying to ask Martin okay do that then all right Rhonda Ingle first question Martin can I take you to dinner no you can't run to love I'm taken here it is taking gone oh Rhonda Ingle says in Rockwall well if you're in Rockwall and you want to entertain us for dinner then I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure that we can make allowances yeah he's in Rockwell is he she's in Rockwall that's cool yeah you're in rock wall yo we're definitely coming to rock wall because we need to go ahead and do this video while he's while he's in Texas really cool and if we meet any dangerous individuals uh you got that new knife yeah look at this oh yeah check this out this is what and you allowed to do this in Texas this is what Jason gave me as a gift it's my bestest gift ever I don't know if you can see that okay nice in here oh yeah oh yes it's a beautiful make as well it's a nice solid I got to make sure he's got something weird yeah sometimes we're going to say that wrong it's going some weird places yeah we do go to some weird places and weird stuff happens but we're all right I I look after you Jason yeah make sure nobody gives me yeah I'll be your bodyguard what we got then Yeah man so let's look at some of these questions here okay uh Martin do you believe we will see the Golden Age again yes I very much do Lynn and I do think that you know not to give you know words to experience but I really do think that we are the indigo children and I really do think that we're ushering in the new you know the new elevation of consciousness for everybody in this place and that is definitely coming that's the most important thing all of history waking up all simultaneously all across every time span all at the same second there's not going to be any stop in it and it is definitely coming Millions if not tens and millions are waking up to the [ __ ] of this place the you know the dialectics and how they play us you know people are empowering themselves because they gave away their power too easily not realizing that they did have all of this weird [ __ ] through consent when you didn't actually have to consent to any of anything at all and then people are starting to now Empower themselves and be the captain of their own ships okay being the captain of their soul be careful using that Maritime lingo yeah well I ever say let's all get away with it they all know I'm ax Merchant Navy so yeah they'd be the captain of your soul and Empower yourself to you know to be brave in this place and be Fearless because that's the only way to do it and never doubt yeah always drive forwards to the next goal always you know in our case we you know I like to help people Jason's exactly the same he's always thinking about other people all of the time you know so that's what we'd like to do you know we're the indigo children and we're ushering in a new paradigm are new Epoch for the whole of humanity and it's come in whether you like it or not and it's going to be beautiful by the way so somebody's asking about the Eye of Sahara the Reichert structure yeah oh could it be okay a lot of people ask this could it be the location of the Lost Atlantis well they say that don't they yeah so I would like to I would like to comment on that real quick um any archaeologist or anybody who studied archeology will know that that that structuring you see what looks like Canal Works in concentric Rings this was not uncommon it's precisely how Carthage was laid out this is exactly how the Romans described Carthage I'm not saying that's Carthage because we know the location of Carthage today but most of Carthage was destroyed in a massive Mediterranean tsunami in the year 365 which is the subject matter for a very obscure book only one copy of this book has ever survived and it's called sacred history it is um described this amazing tsunami where the ocean disappeared it destroyed Alexandria the ruins of Carthage well I mean Carthage was already in Ruins but it had been repopulated and it's and it was absolutely destroyed then it then the same tsunami that left Northern North Africa crossed over the Mediterranean and deposited ships all over the mountains of Greece so it was it was a it was a pretty big event in 365 A.D now the reichat structure you're talking about being the Eye of Sahara I don't know about if it could be Atlantis but I'm pretty sure because we know about diador circulus that that could have been some City that we just don't know what the name is they're similar you know the canals in the concentric Rings you know with the iPad there's another place that they cited that could be something to do with volantis outside the cadizi in Spain have you seen it it's exactly the same but looks on a smaller scale yes I know exactly what you're talking about it's where they found that famous statue of that white pasty lady with the with the Star Wars curls yeah that that Felicia yeah yeah yeah excuse me you knew better you already know I always sneezed twice yeah man I can never sneeze once or three or three times it's always twice never deny a sneeze but I would rather sneeze than cough oh yeah so yeah that's all that's an interesting question I just don't know it is interesting I've often thought about it I've looked at it a dozen times I don't know you know I've got different ideas if I think's going on you know the thing looks like it's being petrified in a lot of places uh front row seat can you move to Texas yeah who's this for me yes front row seat all right let's see all right I don't know if this is relevant I'm going to ask you because it's here how about Chemtrails what do you think no more Blue Skies I think that it's attached to fear is what I think and anything with a negative connotation and Fiora to it it's got to be a source from them um I'm not saying that I don't think that they can manipulate the weather because I've got evidence I was going to show in today's post that you know they were doing weather manipulation in the 1800s now they can create whatever they can seed whether they've been doing it all along so the Chemtrails what is in them now there is definitely a difference between contrails and chemtrails they definitely lay this out in a grid pattern but everyone jumps to conclusions and says well this is nefarious they're gonna just dump in all [ __ ] on everybody and making everybody ill on Nettie well would they basically poison themselves because they've got to sit under the Chemtrails too haven't they the elites or the you know the other half so um is it the case that they've had some sort of tablet so that they won't get affected by whatever is happening oh or is it the case that the Chemtrails are up there to try and prolong um the safe Zone before a reset you know what I'm trying to say is maybe the the Chemtrails are there to help rather than to hinder same token you know they do block up the sun rays at the end of the day you know so limiting um our exposure to the Sun and that might be you know something to do with it but they certainly don't block they certainly don't stop blue skies you see nothing but blue skies since you've been here yeah nothing I haven't seen any you know chem deaths guy here but where I am in Wales there's a chem death Sky all the time but um you know I'm in two minds whether or not it's um you know that they're just trying to kill everyone I've got you know poison everyone and the aluminum and the and the barium they're supposed to be in these things it's just words I haven't got any evidence that this is the case and apparently the aluminum falls into the bottom of watercourses and lands in the Moon anyway which makes it completely inert and you know not dangerous at all because we're not drinking the mud out the bottom of rivers so um do I think that it's real yes do I think it's them having to go at us not completely no there may be more going on something to do with the resets though I definitely think so also the fracking I think the fracking is something to do with the resets as well pouring all of that solution into the ground it seems a little bit too much like an electrolyte to me and that's uh interesting somebody asking what are you what are your thoughts on operation high jump and Admiral beard well whatever happened there we got like limited information about isn't it some of the official artists I've got a couple of books on the subject I've got to say videos we looked at um some slides the other day um which were of deep freeze you know so you know it's intriguing the name of high jump anyway high jump well for an exploration of Antarctica what they had jumping over you know deep freeze bit more about self-explanatory but not with high jump um Admiral Byrd is the youngest Admiral in American history sort of like a superhero in America but you know I'm not saying that it's free Masonic connections would mean that he was dishonest in anything that he was saying I think that he gave us little bits of truth I think what he said on the chronoscope TV appearance in the 1950s um long what is it the chronoscope long I can't remember what the full name of that program is but he says there's an area larger than America and that's never been satis on by human beings that is past um little America you know the community that they had set up there so an area bigger than America there's never been set oh he's on full of Natural Resources so what I think is when they went there they found something they found something maybe they found the edge of the Dome maybe they found out you know that the Dome is glitching out at the ends maybe you know and rendered whatever what have you but they definitely um said stop you people are never going to be able to come yeah okay the place is just separated up to different countries you know the Atlantic you know the Antarctica treaty gets brought in straight after um deep freeze and I can't help thinking you know when you have a treat so you have to draw a treaty with somebody so who is the treaty actually signed with is what I'm thinking and um you know so you go past the 60th latitude line South things get strange you're not even allowed to smoke a cigarette pollute the air or anything yeah they say this is for scientific purposes to be down there yet the only thing that's come out of there is zero of scientific discovery you know it's just rubbish it's just yeah and they say then they got to keep it pristine well I've got evidence that they were taking nuclear powered generators there in the 1950s and just carving massive underground installations and stuff so I definitely think that Admiral bird is is what you call a gatekeeper or what have you but I definitely think that that guy's giving us little bits of truth especially with concerning the North Pole which I definitely think there's more going on with and the South Pole apparently the South Pole Antarctica I definitely think there's more going in I definitely think that it's an ice ring that surrounds the whole of the anti-methyl equidistant Flat Earth Map it's rised up above of us we're down below it wherein if you like like a puddle or a pond and the whole of the ice wall is up above us and you know you explained about that reset that blew my mind concerning the equatorial play that was just mind-blowing and it made so much sense to the uh to the reset so yeah little bits of Truth a little bits of lice but it is you know anybody who's got like a major voice in in historical narrative um you know they gotta watch what they say there's also there's also the fact that I mean being such an important Discovery in Antarctica he would have been forced to sign ndas U.S military is not going to let him go public with all the information no he's saying this official Secrets act he can't come out and say what they found but you know since um the last few years whatever has happened there is something definitely going on in Antarctica their needs in forklift drivers all of these famous people in history Senator Kelly uh patriarch Krill you know the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church what the hell is he doing in Antarctica um smelly Kelly um Buzz Aldrin although he gets flown out and ends up in Chile apparently so you know I always used to think used to have to acclimatize to go to Antarctica spent you know a few years in a cold climate maybe climbing Andean Mountain you know to get acclimatized to be able to go to these extreme temperatures but I can't apparently that's not the case they literally fly Senator Kelly over and then fly him back like no problem whatsoever you know just busy for the day look at a few Penguins apparently and then off again there's something else going on well someone was so much preparations going on at this point in time with Antarctica that we've been able to see like like you and I saw the slides of the U.S military yeah transport planes that are landing on the packed ice oh so this is back in 1953 and we know that like the royal family and others have been buying real estate all yeah that's true all around Australia but underwater so uh guys remember I told you that the next Phoenix phenomenon is going to bring the vapor canopy back and this is where all that ice buildup came from when the vapor canopy collapsed all this all this cool temperature and cooled humidity it went it went straight to that area and became Two Mile High ice pack you know ice cap the snow fell it was very rapid it's not like the uniform materians say that it took hundreds of thousands and millions of years for this to build up it did not and proof of this is the fact that even today barely one inch of snow even Falls in or Antarctica it is is a problem so it shows that that was recent further the proof that it is recent is that we have Maps that's so interesting we have Maps so in maps don't last a long time so we can go back maybe a thousand I mean our Maps only go back four and 500 years but they're indicative of a knowledge about a thousand years ago and the maps that we have show Antarctica free of ice yeah release maps not only that but what's what's the other map the Phineas mask shows the numeric altitudes of the mountains in Antarctica there's no way unless somebody had went in the surveyed that when it was Ice free so in order uh in order to I mean even we've I've even quoted on my channel uh US Naval intelligence officer where he says straight out he says for these ancient maps to be true then it would have required an advanced survey to have gone there when the ice was not there so it's a I mean these aren't conjectural these are pieces of the puzzle we've been putting together the vapor canopy collapse only takes one day so that moisture from The Vapor canopy has to go somewhere and then all that cooling it goes to the extremities and this is what it does it creates this ice pack but it also it also disappears rapidly as well and when the vapor canopy returns it's only good it's going to be rapid all it takes all it takes is volcanic activity as soon as that volcanic activity have it doesn't even take a lot of volcanoes but as soon as that Ash and pumice begins to blanket the lower mesosphere the upper missile sphere then traps all the red Cosmic dust wherever that dust is coming from we don't know we just know that every 138 years it blankets this world it's even I've even theorized that these are these red brick structures May may be getting their material because it's not just United States it's it's the UK Australia places in Europe where are they getting all this access to this red red brick only during this one period of time so it's a this red Fallout is the subject is the subject matter of of archaics I have to tell you guys all the time and so we have so many scientific reports of red mud and red dust and red rain falling during these 138 year episode so it's it's all these individual pieces that that different researchers put together that's going to form a whole picture but it's uh not one of us have all the answers and that's why these these these type of get-togethers between Martin and I they need to be done more throughout the truth or Community because the more networking we do the more we're gonna find because it's the isolation of common denominators that where true knowledge is born it is not identifying all the particular where we where we differ because that's what everybody does and they never grow and they never learn anything all they do is argue and then by virtue of negative emotions there's no longer any more communication people watch those interviews and they're turned off by it and nothing ever good comes of that so when we focus on the common denominators that's when we find out that that there's a lot of crossover and that we can put these pieces together I've learned a lot from Martin I'm not done either and just this contact for this 35 40 days that he's here is uh you're gonna see the trajectory of our kids research change a little bit of direction and that leads to one of these questions here somebody in this said uh Martin uh what do you uh how was your contact with with Jason uh basically affected your well the same viewpoints you know there's a lot of the information to come up from you in the last week of stuff this blown my mind guys you know and the similarities in our research overlapping so yeah um I think that you know I've learned a lot and I'm going to learn a lot more and these old books you know there's the juice in these guys and you know and Jason's like me he's a worker like this guy never ever stops guys it's all archaic exact case you wouldn't even believe it the machine is just total work you wouldn't you wouldn't even fathom how much work that is getting done yeah and um I'm saying exactly the same we are very similar so we are similar so we're both you know we can crunch the the information the data and you know between us two you know two heads together is better than one guys and we're thinking this out you know if this was expanded across the community the answers that we will get in puzzle pieces would be Fantastical and it is already we've already you know you know made a few discoveries in the last week you know it's mind-blowing stuff guys it really is you know so that should be encouraged I really do feel that great things will happen and are happening okay and it is you know it's up in the ante it's up in the game to a new realm of information and learning and the data set you know we're we're up in the ante you know getting some real answers and you know you know sharing everything that we learn and discover with you guys which is a beautiful thing 100 yeah 100 percent all right guys we got more Martin on the way oh we'll be coming back in the live studio in a couple days and do this all over again we'll probably be I'll probably be getting nosy going through his files looking looking for some more gems because there's a whole bunch of them there's hundreds of videos in his files just like mine it's crazy so we're gonna find something to do believe that yeah it's gonna be awesome presentation I appreciate you guys who have donated I will go through here and I will give Martin the cash out of my pocket today for the donations that were put in here on this chat that we're saying designated for Martin thanks guys give him some zuzoons and Wham whams money um the way everyone in America as um treated me as being fantastic you guys just absolutely Rock I've been made so welcome everyone is so happy that I'm here in America you know all the Americans they're like oh I'm so glad you're here and everyone's just been so welcoming the best hosts you can imagine you know I just tell everybody this is the best place in the world no doubt about it and Texas is better than the rest of it Texas is where it's at Texas is a great place it's a great place so beautiful really beautiful place wow so beautiful but I've been eaten alive by um mosquitoes I'm afraid yes he has I got like there and all over my party I'm covered in holes what was crazy I mean you should get eaten of mosquitoes ain't no ain't no self-respecting individuals gonna walk around like that don't walk around like that all day [ __ ] man it's crazy I'm gonna go and I'm going to take that back off [Laughter] hey guys love you guys yeah I love you guys thank you so much hit that like button on the way out share Flat Earth British share archaics uh you guys know some other truthors out there as we've got their own platforms and they really want to talk uh they want to talk to one of us hey man you know let's uh forward our emails do whatever but uh Matt's gonna hit this outro and guys really appreciate your attendance and you want to go and say say a word bye yeah thanks so much guys you are absolutely fantastic love you all and I will be back on my channel very soon and hopefully back on Jason's that would be fantastic too awesome to you all platforms