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Streamed live on Jul 6, 2023

"While we are pattern-breaking with some necessary montage compilations of all the research categories, we can still have some fun LIVE." [1]

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guys I don't know if you see what I see but it looks like I'm glitching on screen and let's do an audio check maybe that'll maybe that'll uh straighten out here in a minute okay audio is good audio is good good yeah I am glitching I don't I don't like this I don't know what's going on with this this is not cool at all yeah that's not cool that's not cool at all I don't know I got full signal this has nothing to do with my Wi-Fi my Wi-Fi is excellent it's a stream yard don't let me know what that looks like now hopefully I got that glitching out of there remind you of the mate The Matrix huh The Matrix I exited and came back in so let's do another audio check and uh yeah that's stream yard yeah that sucks it says I've got full bars on my Wi-Fi but your mine might not hell I don't know I don't know I can't stream yard does have its disadvantages guys Martin Leakey uh told me about this and started using it allows me to I may look for a different one though I've been having some tech problems with this uh I don't really like I really don't like stream yard I like some of his Futures but yeah my uh mother Studio I didn't have to deal with all these little issues and I'm not really cool with it I'm not really cool with all these little issues are you saying my audio is off now Phoenix protocol my mic is now in a tunnel yeah man it's I get discouraged easy guys I like I like I put too much work in in these presentations to go through technical I don't like this I'll I'll cancel a show quick behind this so you so you Bugsby Raider says I sound good this is my audio I know I know my how's my audio now does it sound like the microphone is doing any good because according to all my all my material here my microphone is on all right guys let's get to deal with this moving and shaking around really discouraged with with a stream yard I'm gonna have to find something better that's just too many times too many times has happened Tennessee Kentucky Bigfoot says Mike's not doing anything I got a bunch of y'all saying the sound is great and other people saying that uh all right audio is fine but video glitches that's cool I'm cool with glitching I've been a glitch my entire life I'm not cool that I pay for this service it's not free to me but I still have all these problems with it glad you guys like the intro somebody asked about my uh Matt Matt's working on our kids dot TV he's uh he's busy you know me I'm not really big on the shout outs hey Shiva shampoo where you've been hiding I haven't seen you in about 10 days I saw you in the chat earlier uh we had a chat feed going about 30 comments and then all of a sudden all of them disappeared and the whole chat feed started over again and when it started over I saw Paul Cook complaining about uh somebody deleting his uh comment it looks like all of our comments got deleted the first 30 of us that made comments on on this live here live chat feed earlier this afternoon today you guys got four videos out of me three of them are montages I just I just posted the third one right before we we went on today it's uh these are all it's all it's just three of them there's three videos that cover all my Great Pyramid material there's a lot in there and as you can tell there's a lot of crossover between the Phoenix material and the Great Pyramid material and it's by necessity they are very they're very connected the Montage you're going to get more montages guys you're going to get more for the simple facts I've got too many videos too much material too many people coming to the channel and and getting turned off by the fact when they open up a playlist there's 82 videos on there like the Phoenix phenomenon well not no more now there's seven videos for the Phoenix phenomenon and the 28 videos of the Giza the Lost secrets of Giza about the Great Pyramid hit the the history of the Great Pyramid it's function engineering function uh all my theoretical material about all the chronographical material every bit of it has been abbreviated into those three movies well the three two hour videos that I put out today so the gray pyramid is now done what I'm going to be doing is there's way too many videos are going to cause confusion in these playlists so instead of 82 videos in the Phoenix playlist either tonight or tomorrow whenever I can get to it I'm gonna be going through in all the videos that were that were used in the montages are now going to be to be move from the playlist so it doesn't it doesn't cause all that clutter um uh all the data is still going to be in the Montage it's all there the actual videos the long version unedited raw and uncut videos they have my tangents and my Rants and and going off of different subjects and uh me complaining about the chickens and the pigs and the dogs and the sirens and the gunshots and oh you know all my earlier videos were are full of all that so it's been edited out so anyway I got people all now listen guys I am not the one to be messing with my computer in the middle of a presentation trying to check on audio issues not the one don't I don't even know where to begin all this stuff is supposed to be set up and supposed to be gold I don't understand why I'm having an issue I've got my cam link on I've got all all my equipment's going nothing's been untouched only thing I can think of real quick I'm gonna look I'm gonna look on my settings and see if this microphone's on like it's supposed to be because sometimes it goes back to default and ticks me off and it might have done that so I'm gonna go to sound I'm in sound right now and it did that 100 percent somebody caught that it took me off my analog Focus right and it put me on the on the on the zvif glad you caught that guy whoever said that now let me know if my audio has significantly changed in the last in the last couple of sentences I just spoke I'm looking at the bottom of the chat has my audio improved since I changed the mic setting wow I don't know what it is then because I just changed the mic setting you're saying it it has it hasn't changed at all or maybe that's a troll because everybody else is saying yes audio is same for you saying all right I'm not gonna mess with it then half y'all tell me it didn't change the other half saying it yeah all right I'm gonna leave it alone I'm gonna leave it alone because I think some of y'all are just messing with me and if I get that inclination I'll start removing people quick because I've been doing it guys don't think I haven't I've been behind the scenes editing my channel editing a lot of things that's been going on around my life because uh that's what it's about it's about pattern breaks you know we're all we're all moving together we're all moving through this together guys and we can't be working against each other that's not gonna happen I can't slow the chat that's another thing about stream yard guys it does not it's not like YouTube settings when I can go in and do all these settings to the video I'm gonna have to abandon the stream yard go and get my subscription money back because uh it's got it's trash it's garbage I don't waste it I don't waste it 15 minutes this video already complaining about this technology yeah man it's crazy yeah my audio is fine if you can't hear me then just leave the way I feel about it so anyway it's all oh people don't know how close they come so I've had some pretty interesting times I don't think we're a goose mama I don't think it's we're switching through parallel universes and that's why I'm glitching that's a good one though that's a real good one wow so Jason what is your opinion on listen guys that's pretty open that's an open invitation to ask me my opinion on many of the things that I cut you off on in many videos people have asked me things that were not according to the subject matter you guys know especially my arcade's Advanced videos when I when I when I give that that notification that this is an advanced video you already know it comes with it comes with the warning hey this is only for the uh these questions need to be detailed specific to the content the subject matter we're not going to deviate and I cut off people frequently because they're not paying attention and you need to ask questions that are appropriate to the subject matter of whatever is being discussed now there's open Forum q and A's that I do frequently as well and I don't mind I'm not going to be stringent I'm not going to be an ass I'm going to answer the questions even though a lot of my arcades veterans get frustrated with me because I answer questions from new people who just don't realize you could listen to the prior video and get all the answers you want I have answered the same question hundreds of times so I have a lot of presentations guys but I don't mind I'm patient I still do it but in this video why ask me the same things I have I have answered over and over that are archaics related when I'm giving you an open invitation to hey Jason what's your opinion on you can ask me anything in this video I don't care if 100 of your questions aren't even archaic's data related it could be about anything in the world you want to know me better you want to know the architecture of my personality you want to be able to measure with more accuracy the rhythm of my ways to understand the type of person that is putting all this data out there you want to know then ask the appropriate questions ask the right questions about anything I mean I'm archaic is something that I've dedicated my life to but it's not the only thing that I know so so or have opinions about because that's what this is about this video is about being opinionated about something so we're not going to beat each other up about falsity or in fact because these are this is all opinion we just don't know we're all entitled to an opinion some some people believe that they're more entitled to to opinions than others and that's okay too so all right interesting looks a little better I'm glitching out a little bit but that's okay lots of sights are down today Darius supay so kaipei or how to pronounce it saipei yeah there's been all kinds of Internet disruptions all that I see it every bit of it two trees I see this big old yellow tag here thanks man but uh Biden resignation uh effective Kennedy name in the news in the timeline we're on now bearing in mind the past circumstances of Kennedy's name okay you want my opinion my opinion is that the Biden that you see on television today is not the same Biden from the 1960s 70s 80s and 90s I have me I have a whole file of pictures from this man and he doesn't look anything like the person that is playing Biden today uh many people have brought to my attention the different ears and the different nose and and significant different gate that the man has uh I just don't even want to entertain this is a real tin foil hat stuff uh I really don't know what's going on anymore I'm gonna be the first to admit that I believe that every single thing we see is a drama unfolding is a stage play it is designed as an act really one act leads into the other every bit of this is these are not the people ruling us these are the puppets of the elite every single individual you see in the news every person that's been elected into a position everybody from from the CEO of BlackRock all the way down if you have ever seen their face and if you know their name I promise you they're not really truly the elite they are the puppets of the elite these people have all signed the contract they're playing the roles that were given to them so yeah and the media helps perpetuate that I mean these are the people these are the people of Hollywood they're genius at it they're genius at making you think that make believe stays in Hollywood yeah that's all everything you see it's all it's all it's one arm of the deep State taking out another arm of the deep State all they're doing now is conditioning United States to receive a a a a new government that's going to be going to be very very very pro-israel and very very Pro conservative Christianity I told you guys we're in the middle of the pendulum swing that's why that's why the conservatives are taking out all these liberal strongholds all these woke agendas all these things are coming to the light and I told you it's going to be a process it's gonna be a time but we're in the middle of the pendulum swing and all it's going to take is a good war in the Middle East in the United States is going to go full Conservative Christian and everybody's going to be on board they're all going to think we're playing the heroes it is going to be a whole new Vietnam and isometrically isometrically if we look at this from the perspective of 1998 then the United States is about to enter the longest war in American history against anybody and this is exactly what unfolded and ended in 1973 if you remember the end of combat for the United States after a 12-year war was 1973 and it was in Southeast Asia and most people believe the Vietnam War was the U.S military fighting the Vietnamese people the the Vietcong in that is only partially true remember the greatest deceptions are always masked as half-truths there's truth in that but the real truth is is that that was a war against China and the Chinese funded North the the Vietcong and the Chinese sent wave after wave after wave of Chinese soldiers in there to masquerade this Viet Cong after the United States basically eliminated all the Viet Cong that was there Chinese soldiers did the rest it was it was an undeclared war between the United States and China now that was that ended the combat ended in 1973 full evacuation was affected by the by by 1974 but the combat ended in 1973. the isometric parallel for this year is 1973. it's an equal amount of years to 1998 as 1998 is to 2023 right now so it's also the year of my birth 1973 was also the year of some pretty bad like volcanic earthquake activity in Hawaii so Hawaii should probably uh be very very careful right now um uh but that's not the subject matter of this video I just want to let you know because you asked this question I really don't want to get political in this video but none of that it doesn't even matter it does not matter anymore we are so far beyond the point of it mattering who is in Washington who is who are the governors none of them we're bad we're Beyond The Tipping Point we've already passed the Tipping Point in The Patriot pacification program absolutely Works people like juano saving greatest Trader traders to the American Patriot movement people like want to save it and many others were a part of that in pacifying the public and telling them hey man trust the plan everything's cool everything's gonna be our way and all that and they're done this is why nobody really cares about anything or those other dudes have to anything to say anymore nobody's really listening to them anymore they fulfilled their new they did exactly what they were paid to do keep putting those promises keep throwing those care attack because at that time the Patriot movements had to be pacified and they have been now because now nobody's Angry Anymore to come up in arms nobody uh that we're past the Tipping Point there's not going to be an American Rebellion all that's over with that that worked but believe me guys they've been doing this for a long period of time yeah and I don't care if you guys reach out until you don't care if you guys reach out and tell that that man I said that but I am absolutely convinced that he he and a bunch of others are all a part of a pacification program to keep Americans in check loans there's a plan you'll trust it and as long as you're trusting a plan you won't do anything to preserve your rights privileges and immunities you're going to take a back seat so other people can go do it for you and as long as you're being told somebody is doing it for you that the military is acting and the Guantanamo base full of all these people and and uh these are just crisis actors that are playing our politicians listen there are so many false narratives in so many so many just dramas unfolding the only conclusion you can make from all this mess is that chaos is what's intended there's no other way you can interpret what's going on in the world in the past two years unless you think about it think about everything going on in the world when 20 years before that we all knew the trajectory of events we all knew what basically what events were about to happen we watched the news we know what's going on locally locally nationally and internationally we had a pretty good idea you can't now it's just so chaotic it is so weird so therefore we must conclude that this this this high volume of absolute confusing confusing narratives that are going back and forth and how it seems like one individual like Trump is one way but then he does things that are totally different and acts laws are totally different it tries to get you to do things to your body that are totally different to the message you was actually verbally saying in his Patriot speeches so you got to be very careful guys they're if they're on television they're in elected positions or non-elected positions if they have positions of authority there's two common denominators here one they're almost always a buffoon ridiculous they're way more highly qualified individuals in every Community to do the jobs that we see of the people like Trudeau in the UK prime minister that he's gone now the blonde hair dude oh Biden oh look at Kamala Harris oh my God what an embarrassment but with every city in America could actually you could call people from almost every city of America that could fulfill those positions and do much those jobs with Integrity but now the only people that ever have those jobs the speakers for for the world economic Forum in in the CDC and come on look at them all the people the people that are the spokesman for health in America look like living zombies yeah guys it's all it's all it's all basically an Fu show yeah man and at this point if you still believe in it you you can be made to believe in anything you need to start listening to Graham Hancock because he's got a lot to tell you about Atlantis being 10 000 BC and because you'll believe anything he doesn't even have to cite his Source materials he doesn't have to show you the evidence he just has to tell you that your ass is going to believe it sorry I went on one of my rants guys didn't intend to but somebody asked me a political question all right I'm looking for some bear in mind that's a nice one bear in mind yeah I'm sorry about the max head drone effect yeah mccure I'm gonna have to change that stream yard I'm glad you I'm glad you shared the opinion with me I'm not the only one all right VM let's go Jason audio that's the perfecto uh VM which was gracias mucho gracias cuando you ghetto yo quiero hablo in espanol the total total programmer yeah man let's see here I'm looking for a question now I'm okay let's see I'm looking for a question oh guys you got to know the questions that I that I look for I'm all I'm always assuming you guys are talking to each other if I don't see all capitals if I see all capitals I assume two things one you're screaming at me and two you're asking me a question foreign thank you for that two two trees yeah that's a Max Headroom glitch you're right Jay Hart I got your email I forwarded it over to Matt uh we're gonna put something extra in there but then again I also told him to check that backlog because last week we sent we sent all the rest of the coins out and thumb drives that we know that people were waiting on some people got extra stuff uh sorry j um because I know you were waiting on that we have like like 75 more of those archaic coins we just haven't all we just haven't announced that they're for sale because I don't ever want to do I I don't ever want to do a pre-order again because people misunderstood and they were all already getting on my roll about them not getting their coin I understand it's a pre-order we need to see how many to order and then we order them from overseas then we gotta wait for them to get minted and then sent to us yeah it's like a five-week process so now that we have 75 coins I might I'm like making an announcement I might do something with them but yeah I wanted before we announced anything else like a new new thumb drive or anything I wanted to make sure everybody had theirs because we had a lot of orders and I think Matt took care of the last couple of days I think he's been in the post office twice trying to take care of those last those last orders that's why I haven't been pushing any I want to make sure I like to clear the field before I start another another uh deal Jason how many tattoos do you have who is it oh that's Jahar Lee you know my whole body's tattooed everything but my butt cheeks you don't let nobody imprison tattoo your butt see somebody asked my opinion on astrology I'm going to tell you now I've got videos on astrology where I give my opinion multiple times in my opinion is essentially that if anything is true it can be seen from multiple different perspectives multiple different Vantage points astrology is only one way of defining something or or ascertaining the truth of the matter yeah I believe the Stella the stellosphere is real because that's what it is it's a holographic over field of luminaries it's not real it has no depth you're not going to travel to it it's like looking at a computerized Sky that's what it is and that means it has coding and that coding is attached to principles and ideas and meanings and many of these meanings were basically imposed by personalities that came before us and they those those ideas and Concepts they stay in the field and later on those that are highly receptive to the field pick up on these things and they reintroduce these Concepts into the collective this has been going on for a very long period of time it's how we lose libraries then yet still retained information Jason what's your opinion on suicide does the game end or do they come back okay okay we have to judge things by their effect I understand that suicide is a moral issue I understand that people have a problem with it I also understand that in former times it was it was deemed something very Noble under certain conditions now the effect that we have to judge is is what is the result you're implying with your question that suicide is going to carry some type of energetic or moral or some type of moral consequence after death and I don't believe that I don't believe that at all and the reason is is because if I'm Dr if I'm on my motorcycle going and going 105 miles an hour and I hit an hour I'm in the middle of a turn and I hit some gravel so I have no traction and I die 10 seconds later that death no matter how violent is not no different than an 81 year old man going to sleep and never waking up the Avatar quit functioning therefore the bridge between the psyche and the simulation the central nervous system it collapsed it has no hold on the immortal within and then there's nothing to keep it there no more so the spirit is free both deaths are very similar suicide would be no different it is still a secession of activity of the avatar the Avatar's inability to keep the spirit within because the central nervous system loses its power source either the heart the the electromagnetic whatever apparatus or whatever's happening with the body however the electricity is is is is uh manufactured in the human body to keep the central nervous system functioning once that's gone what's that once that central nervous system is no longer working there's no nothing that can keep the spirit within moored to the holography because the holography is programming it's artificial remember the central nervous system is the interface that connects Spirit to matter so yeah that's a suicide uh has absolutely nothing no difference whatsoever somebody who commits suicide it's just the same it's the exact same effect it is just killing the Avatar to free the soul same thing I'm not advocating it at all is there a moral is there a is there a consequence for going out that way I'm going to say my opinion is absolutely not but I understand many religionists would be triggered by this that would be true I mean it would be triggered I mean there's there's exceptions to every rule but but when it comes to Orthodoxy when it comes to Dogma it's religionists they get triggered more and more when you try to exercise those Discretions such as somebody with a terminal illness that knows that for the next two years it's going to be nothing but a life of misery and pain which is going to be a burden to everybody else around them so they decide to check out it could be something as a as a terrible disease somebody no somebody knows they're going to infect a lot of other people if they're around them or they can just live the rest of their life alone by themselves and they wouldn't be shedding this contamination so they decide just you know what I'm gonna check out there could be other incidents where somebody willingly gives up their life to to for a moral issue I'm one of those people I would do that I'm 50 years old and I promise you if it's the right issue and it's unfolding around me and uh and I have a chance to stop something from happening I give up my life willingly yeah I was ready I said it on my channel many times ago I was ready to check out a long time ago I had already learned everything I want to learn I don't like the world that we're in I have I don't have a lot of positive things to say about it and so it is a world that masks true evil uh as Holiness I told you it's a Predator versus prey ecosphere and there was just something that made me start a YouTube channel and just start talking about these things but it's uh yeah that's I don't believe suicide is is is any different than any other type of death lower class citizens totally disagree with you man but again that's my opinion listen is there any is there any way the timeline may be off due to a bad recording of events absolutely not I don't know what timeline you're talking about but the timeline that archaics uses is unbroken through 17 books it is unbroken through almost 500 videos every every example that I have ever given you guys in chronology even showing you other other dimensions of arithmetic using the same timeline but applying the principles of Phi and pi and curvature and we still come up with more and more amazing Revelations that establish the veracity of the timeline the very fact that we have the 138 year periodicity of the Phoenix unbroken over 58 centuries shows that all the calendar manipulations are done by something else something else has gone into overdrive to make sure that the collective never figures out what year we're in and why yeah guys know lower class citizens I'm not a fan oh I'm not a fan of even entertaining that idea is is massive amount of research in in citations that I have put out I said no that's why I totally dismissed Flamenco absolutely dismissed Flamenco because we still have 1902 is on the 138 year periosity in 1902 at so many different Phoenix Phoenix events and so and so did 1764. we're still on that timeline perfectly it's the archons it's these it's these programs that are editing our reality that are using all these ancient clinical systems time keeping systems all these anomalies to try and get us to lose the timeline now many of you are stuck on the Jewish timeline you need to go deep into my videos because I show you inside the psychosources where you can find these things written that the rabbi is even brag that they change the Jewish calendar so that Christians could not compute the times yeah the Jewish calendar today that's cited in all the encyclopedias and cited in all these different deals is absolutely falsified in 135 A.D by the Revenant because they wanted to throw off the rising Christian Community and try in their interpretations that the prophecy the mathematical prophecies in the Book of Daniel referred to Jesus they wanted to throw all that off so they added 134 years to to the Jewish calendar so yeah it's it's ridiculous and the Masonic calendar follows the Jewish calendar but then again the Masons the Masons were usurped by the tiny hats a long time ago let's see here I'm looking for opinions people asking me for my opinion Victoria awake that's a that's a different question what is your opinion on finding your perfect partner well my opinion on that is that well how about be careful what I say I know there's a lot of YouTube channels where especially actually women are answering this question they're they're telling they're giving people the business about oh how to pick your perfect partner or how but to me it's like anything you're going to draw the people to you that you're that you most vibrate with those you have the most affiliations and associations and connections to it's not going to be obvious until you really start knowing the person themselves and a lot of times you're going to find that somebody who does resonate with you who is on your frequency you do have a lot in common and there's much potential to grow with are already in your life but for some reason you have totally dismissed them as being compatible with you and you're wrong there are many many many stories where people find out that others that they have known for years and never even looked at this other person that way then they they decided to give it a try and just turn and get together into a date and it ended up being a romance so it's a it's really all about frequency it's all about frequency it's um finding your part finding your perfect partner would require you to be a perfect partner because you did put a conditional modifier on that you didn't say partner you said perfect partner and that's entirely subjective that means in order for reality to commiserate and reflect back to you is the very thing that you're trying to project you have to accurately reflect first being a perfect partner before you can receive that from another Soul that's living in it living in the construct and uh remember Guys these these flesh suits are not you these are borrowed from the construct so we can move around so uh that's the best way I can describe that you're gonna have to project that for it to be reflected back to your circumstance but yeah that's only because you said perfect partner rather than just partner Christine Moes boom goes the troll yeah there's been I did a whole troll video I did a whole troll video on arcades.tv I know some of my trolls are listening right now you can go ahead and pay me five dollars and then cancel your subscription you can go in there and look at the video I mean just uh oh I'm talking to my trolls I try to wire them up time to time they uh they just don't they just don't give up they don't they don't realize what they're doing how much energy they're giving me for free let's see Jason what do you think about the inner self Spirit Soul angels and the one God George sutyono that's a lot of questions all in one and I think you might be new to my channel because this is a topic that I've gone on at length about many times but I believe 100 that I'm an immortal being and so are you and we are subject to the oversoul and this oversoul is benign but just like I am wearing prodigal son t-shirt right here just like a good father would do they'd let their child out there and swim and struggle for a while and only when it looked like they really needed assistance would the dad go out there in the water and help otherwise he needs to watch diligently but not but not intervene as his children learn how to swim so that's all I got to say about that you're here to learn how to swim okay Kent Johansson you're asking me Jason do you know if the tribe of Dan was a seafaring people predominantly left-handed people again this is not asking me for my opinion but I'll go ahead and entertain it I'll go ahead and entertain the tribe of Dan was the one that the other Israelite tribes were pissed off at and they limited to the fact they even said in the Book of Judges uh what if Dan does not Dan remain in ships meaning that Dan did not inherit a strip of the promised land they rejected it and rightly so because the danites were not given a good strip of of Israel in this in the narrative in the Old Testament story they were given the the phalia for fam and the valley of repham at that time was was full of giants the refam and anakum Giants they had fled to that area and populated those cities and Dan was expected to go out and clean those cities out so um the danites took to their ships this is the history of the Phoenician people these these people uh had settled part of Egypt part of Lydia part of uh philistia uh Argos mycenaea Crete and um later on when they settled Greece they were known as the danu and the denoi and uh but later they became the Dana and they sailed right through the pages of Homer's Iliad and in Homer's Iliad he describes how the Dana Fleet showed up and they made a deal with uh uh I can't remember his name but the king of mycenaea and they decided to fight against Troy in in the in the war for ilium and this is the Trojan War and then then the Danon left after the great Mediterranean Dark Age The Dana just fled the Middle East and they appeared in ancient Ireland the two at the day Dana and then they ended up fighting the very Giants they were running away from because in order to take back ancient ironing which was the land of their ancestors Nativity in order to take it back they had to fight the furballs and the fomori and it was it was terrible the first battle they lost Second Battle they timed it with 11 35 month of May 11 35 BC in the month of May they timed it for the Phoenix phenomenon and they were rewarded because the furballs panicked in the Second Battle of moistura which means the field of towers in the Second Battle of moistura The danean Fleets landed on the shore they were met on land by the furballs but the but the daenan priests pretended to do some type of ritual or whatever in the sun term Black Moon turned is like blood earthquakes rocks rocks fell from the sky and this was on a phoenix year on the 138-year Phoenix periodicity and this was the Second Battle of moistura with the tuata de Dana took Ireland and became Ireland's occupants Lords of the Lords of Ireland now as far as left-handed no the danites were not known to be left-handed I believe they were right-handed uh most of them were right-handed but the left-handers were specifically known in the ancient world as the sons the sons of the left hand and these were the benjamites that's what benjamite means thank you see okay Clay's pigeon a pin didn't I just answer a question by you or did I opinion on split personalities I don't know I like both of mine but uh that is good to know that is a good one opinion on split personalities I do believe I do believe that the programming could be damaged the interface what we call the central nervous system I believe coming up through the brain stem there can't I mean any computer can be damaged and the output is going to be corrupted any any software can be written in it and there could be Corruptions that were introduced there could be damaged damage links we have damaged links on YouTube so yeah I don't I don't find anything unusual about split personalities it would only take damaged genes to just a slight alteration in coating would have great effect so I don't I don't know that's that's that's really beyond my expertise anything dealing with psychology and all that uh I don't know anything about the Cabbage Patch Kids I don't I don't know anything about the foundlings I don't know anything about that uh I do know that I haven't found any books from that period that mentioned them none of that I've seen a lot of images on YouTube I've seen a lot of people putting out videos showing the Cabbage Patch Kid cards and and Deals like that but as far as actual uh books talking about this I just don't there's men there's mention of orphanages there's mentions there's mention of the Irish Potato Famine uh but as far as what you're talking about the foundlings this yeah I I need to see the sources I need to see the books because this is one thing I don't do on our case I don't take images as proof of anything it's a yeah I would need I need to see more information before I'm qualified to even discuss that abides the dude Jason what is your knowledge or opinion on the cathars I feel they were eviscerated well I will have him to agree with you because the cathars the waldenses they had access to libraries that demonstrated that Matthew Mark Luke and John were not the true gospels they had access to libraries that showed it was a massive massive movement against the Roman Church when the Roman Church was putting together the New Testament they had access to Holy writings holy Christian writings that went back a thousand years in the Roman Catholic Church could not let those peoples survive so it basically went in and killed every man woman and child a lot of people don't know this history but uh 11th century in the 11th Century A.D there was nothing excuse me 13th century 80 it was nothing nice Roman of the Roman Catholics went in with their with their little little mercenary armies and that's what they did they burned all those books and they killed a man woman and child this is the Catholic massacres in France in the waldenses is terrible and original Christianity was a was a agnostic Christianity it was these were students of the gnosis and they knew that the spirit was Paramount and all this was all this uh uh base base frequency all this physical matter this is all the product of of an evil mind they understood the Predator versus prey ecosphere was just that it was the creation of something that was not holy but the world that we've been thrust into is designed for us to believe that we're in we're in a world that this is normal the way things are normal they normally are this is how things are supposed to be we've completely normalized mother name mother nature and uh we no longer even really think about how violent this world really is it's crazy there's many many examples many there's many many examples that can be given to you I mean think about it great white shark man that thing doesn't do nothing but but tear into other creatures to feed on them and it does not sleep yeah this is a killing machine it grows its teeth back in great white sharks never stop moving the great white shark does not sleep it's crazy so you can't even call on the ocean's garbage disposals because that's not even true thank you moderators for being in there again on stream yard I can't see I can't I can't see all the moderators who are active I see your names but I don't know how many reactive I appreciate what you're doing AIX is in full swing today not just today in the past couple of weeks I've been having all but I've been having a lot of issues too it's uh they're doing something with the internet and I believe that conditions will only worsen until they provide a solution and because everybody's going to be so fed up with all the glitches and everything that's going on that that the solution is probably going to be received with open arms this is their modus operandi this is how they've always operated then it's how they're going to continue to continue to operate foreign s were hunted down you can go to my publisher my publisher uh 1-800-700 Tree the book tree he's got books on the cathars and on the Walden says he even wrote one uh Alvin the albinsonians his book is really good but he's in he he was actually before he's a publisher he was a videographer who became a gnostic Minister this he knows this history very very good about how the Roman Catholic church had to exterminate all the different Christian sects because they all had original texts and they can they could they could literally reveal to anybody the the truth of how the entire New Testament was forged by Rome and put together and it's it's false it's a false it's a false version of events it's the cult of the crucified God all over again all right hold on for dear life hold on is that Dawn Anderson let's see hold on for dear life okay aquatic ape Theory hold on you're gonna have to educate me on that one I have never heard of an aquatic ape or an aquatic ape Theory valid in context of the vapor canopy never heard of it are you saying that they're now that that they have now found a marine ape a mammal that that lived in the water I didn't see that but it doesn't even matter it wouldn't change anything Patty Lynch said I may be glitching but my shadow is well I don't know I don't know why you say that I've got a lot of people insinuating in my back my background's all fake I know the fake around here oh this is real it's crazy got people saying I'm an AI define defiance your opinion on how to live out the next 17 years I'm going to live the next 17 years out the way I live out today because it doesn't matter how much Doom's saying I absorbed from other people other channels books are free it doesn't matter I'm not gonna lend that my attention I believe that objectively we should know about impending events but we shouldn't be subject to them you should have no emotional involvement you should always regard reality as if it's amusing as if it wants to play with you as if it wants to reciprocate yeah if the world is your friend then you'll treat it accordingly and it would and it will reciprocate but once you start once you start treating treating the construct as something to fear that it will produce the necessary phenomena in your life to basically induce that fear from you yeah you navigate your own reality I promise you if you have a positive attitude no matter what's going on around you you're going to get the most positive outcome possible in that situation if you buy into the constructive fear this negative default programming if you if you tune into that you will be swept up in the events that the collective suffer it's the way it's always going to be actually doing you're right about Biden there's been many yeah man the guy the ears on the guy now is nothing like like the original button nothing I don't want to hear this about surgeries I don't want to hear all these all these people men that are denying that all this is I'm not trying to hear all that yeah it doesn't even take it doesn't even take a real smart individual to see the pictures from the 70s 80s and 90s and the pictures of the guy today know where you're you're dealing with different people remember guys we've all watched the movies in Hollywood how easy it is to to pretend to be somebody you're not it looked just like them I don't really have much opinion on cryptocurrency I don't follow it I don't have any I just it's not it's so it's it's like it's almost overwhelming to me I'm doing I have too much of my own debt I have not yet released I have too much material that I need to get out thank you I'm too much material that I need to get out I have boxes of stuff guys you can't see it I just have so much stuff and I don't have time to get into a new a new a new study on anything in crypto studying cryptocurrency would detract from my mission it would cost too much of my daily daily time to be educated on that when I still have a bunch of my own information to get out this that's why I'm doing my my montages right now I'm breaking pattern I'm about to take this to arcades 3.0 but in order to do that I got to make sure people are on my page I got to make sure that new people are caught up enough to where I don't just leave them behind because we're going deep in into the isometrics we're gonna go deep into the calendrics I'm going to show you some chronographical material that's going to blow your mind we're going deeper and deeper into this into the structuring this holography that we all we call home but in order to do that I I get people I got a lot of people coming to my channel and then getting getting turned off by the fact that when they open up a playlist there's 82 videos in there and then in order to understand the subject matter they they they they try to listen to two or three of them but they don't listen to to them in the order that they need to be listened to so they get turned off and they go away so I don't need that happening I need people to to be educated and or in order to do that I need to put these things together for them so I'm doing it in the form of these montages you got three feet Great Pyramid montages today and there won't be a fourth because all my period all my Great Pyramid videos and studies all fit onto those three videos that's that's 28 or 29 videos abbreviated into just three videos so all the Phoenix material has been abbreviated into seven videos so we've got a lot got a lot to do but we have we have more montages coming up on all kinds of topics what is that Linda Boone hi Jason are we living in a luciferian copy of the original or is there code injected into the original okay I believe that at one time the construct was absolutely a neutral field and then later something introduced AIX artificial intelligence eggs now artificial intelligence X thinks that it's real when it's not it's programming it governs over lesser lesser protocols that we call archons those archons also think that they're real they're just they're just extensions of the AI they create calendars they create resets dungeon programming they Empower negative default programming these are just all aspects of the construct itself it's pure coding it's pure programming and it's holographic but I do believe a code was injected and I do not believe it was done by by the enemy I believe it was done by a benefactor when it was done using one of the cataclysm protocols which initially was just a 138-year phoenix protocol but it's become so much more now um I have shown in my own presentations overwhelming evidence and citations of sources that show that in the ancient world the Phoenix was feared but it lessened in intensity something caused it to basically diminish with each time it appeared up until 522 A.D and then it just kind of vanished it vanished for centuries then then it reappears exactly on schedule 100 on schedule in 1764 and In 1902 meaning 2040 is the next date so yeah it's a I believe somebody uploaded a program using the Great Pyramid the Great Pyramid has all the all the physics constants for a reason because it needed to provide the background programming interface because the Great Pyramid is a 3D holographic architectural basically schematic of the coding of our holosphere this reality that we're in right now the Great Pyramid is that but the 130 the 138 patterning that's found sequenced all throughout the structure has never been published anywhere in the world until I showed it in my published books and I showed it in all my my pyramid videos it's overwhelming evidence that 138 was secretly put there it's not been known nor published by anybody in world history so to find it and to find it so prevalently reveals that the three-dimensional holography of the Great Pyramids architectural schematics when put into a linear historical timeline of 138-year events we find perfectly world history we can line up all the dates absolutely perfect and we can show when the Phoenix has appeared and when and when it will appear in the future that's the value of the phoenix the Phoenix research and the Great Pyramid research being combined it's the value the somebody activated the Great Pyramid and in that activation that blast in the king's chamber literally uploaded a whole new holographic programming into into this simulacron or this similar Chrome whatever you want to pronounce it and so it did that and I believe it I believe it's a collapse protocol I don't believe AIX or artificial intelligence eggs can defend itself from that at all like I said in my prior presentations guys we're just going through the motions the battle's already been won I keep hearing people say Biden's dead I don't know sure ain't that dude on TV though I don't set black I don't know anything about cocaine being found in the White House it's another crazy story so what if it's true it may not be true but it might be true but so what if it's true uh they've already itemized in the past 19 20 months about 20 different felonies that Biden and his son have been implicated in and there's been nothing there's it's a this is this is a this is an Fu show basically broadcasting all these things and and it gets people in a negative vibration because they see over and over and over and over and over on the local news level everybody is everybody who's prosecuted go goes to prison goes to jail all that stuff on the local level but when you get to the higher ups there are no prosecutions look they even left to do for FTX who who defrauded billions from donors and investors billions he gets to walk he walked they all they do for uh bankman free walk on the FTX deal now he's in the Free World right now while he is literally bankrupting a whole bunch of people and it was the Democratic party that he funded yeah all that money he had donated was donated to all the Democrat Democrat candidates FDA it's all they're all playing ball and they're all reporting it and they and they want everybody to know they want everybody to put the pieces together because it frustrates you and it makes you vibrate another frequency but none of these people on television are ruling the world none of them these are the puppets that you're allowed to see yeah that's why so it's all Bs every bit of its BS the world is one big stage there is no doubt I'll try to keep up with these comments guys foreign most of them there's no doubt oh Lorraine Harvey what's your uh what's your opinion on the Vatican secret Library do you think they have the books on how the simulation is operated uh the instructions on how it's ran I think you may just know I don't know if they have those books or not I don't know if they're if those books even exist um I do believe that the highest levels of the military industrial complex uh intelligence agencies and a few other individuals are probably very they're probably very cognizant of the fact that we're in a construct I mean this is what the whole idea from operation Fishbowl was and the other operations that were unfolding in 1955 56 57 and then in the 60s all the way to like 1968. all these different military operations were based basically testing the perimeters of the construct I don't believe you can go off the grid VM you have to be real real far away far away from all humans and all that to actually go off the grid they got drones now they can see you know pretty much wherever you're at Halo drones are always going overhead you a lot of people call them satellites they're just Halo drones it's high altitude low orbit yeah popping Sons I'm aware that Biden is not reversed any of Donald J Trump's defense uh executive orders I get that so that does tell you something 100 there could be there could be but it's it's all it still to me doesn't matter even let's just assume arguindo that Donald Trump is actually in control and that the U.S military is behind him even if that was true by this time yeah I would have to consider Donald Trump an enemy to the American people for allowing this this farce to continue for allowing billions of dollars of military equipment to be left in Afghanistan to for allowing this trillion dollar trillions of dollars of budget stimulus that the Democrat socialist enacted and sent that wealth all the way around the world for allowing it doesn't matter who you're Ally to it doesn't matter if later on you're going to pop out and say we've been in control of the Biden Administration for the whole past since January 6 and this is how we did it and then they show movies and clips showing how the US military rated these offices how we fenced Fence Washington DC so none of them can get away they can come back and retell this whole story any way they want to but I will never be convinced that they're not a part of the enemy as well at all not after all this not after Letting Go letting all this stuff happen no your truth if you if you if you're truly in control then you're just another arm of the same deep state that you're taking out that's it because that's how they operate now I don't believe that there are any good regimes anywhere in the world that's not the world we're living in that's the world they try to make you believe exists but it doesn't yeah we're here to pass through guys we're not here we're not here to save the world you're never going to save it you're just going to get a headache get a bunch of get a bunch of uh uh psychological issues and pro and depression and and start taking all kinds of pharmaceutical pills and because you actually think that you're here to save the world you're gonna you're gonna put all your energy into it you're gonna get upset every time because the more you focus on the negativity of the world the more the world will basically project negativity back as circumstances to govern your life yeah guys you got to treat this world as if it's amusing you got to treat this world as if it's your friend because then it will enter a relationship with you and be friendly to you yeah don't fall for that dungeon programming put out by the media they're trying to get you mad I don't know much about Rudolph Steiner so many people so many people have asked me to read Rudolph Snyder and I just don't know if I'll ever have time I don't feel particularly convicted about not being able to read the research of other people because I have so much of my own stuff to to steady steady get out I have I have enough research on PDFs that I never have to read another book for the rest of my life I can just do videos forever but that's not the guy I am I'm always every week going into books finding more stuff adding more adding more to my knowledge base yeah I'm never going to go through all the books that I have and I'm never going to go through all 7 147 PDFs of old books I have on that thumb drive I've been selling I'm never going to be able to get through all that but I'm going to be able to choose the good ones for you you guys can do do videos out of them be able to do that I mean here I got I got a list right here you guys got videos coming on uh 1896 to 1902 a small book called The Story of eclipses found some really good stuff in there you're gonna get also I have another video The Great Depression reset America before the crash I got some it's a picture it's a video full of pictures an ancient Greek poem called antique gyms by longus I have the whole thing uh it's a rare it's rare and I'm gonna do a reading in a video on that I've got a lot of videos coming on the hidden messages in like Grimm's Fairy Tales different folklore and stuff uh I got those 1920s and 1930s cigarette pack cards to to reveal to y'all I'll show you all those those were our treasure troves wonders of the past and Egyptian kings and queens oh I got another this is my third this is my third book this is my third book on the disasters of 1902. this is my third one it's packed full of photographs the disasters of 1902. about people growing large ambient radiation all that stuff oh I got video coming on American Antiquities PDF is so amazing showing that much of the ancient world happened in North America oh let's see I got 1887 homeopathic receipts booked for checkout we have another move remember guys I did I'd already did one video on moo part one and part two it's two videos now now I'm about to do a video The Lost continents of move oh let's see I have uh another Great Pyramid video but it's from it's from an obscure book I found I found that interesting also I'm also going to do a video about The Unexplained as documented by William Corliss you guys know William Cordis is one of my heroes next to Charles Ford William Cordis documented all kinds of things his books in The Source book project are getting rarer and rarer by the day I have four of them in my library I wish I had them all but we're going to go through three of his books which explain all the unexp which basically detail with pictures and stuff unexplained phenomena oh we've got scrivener's Magazine from the 1890s yeah this Magazine's fantastic you guys are going to get a video about this because it's full packed full of all kinds of pictures and articles and ads that gives you a an idea of what the Roland 1890s was like see strange artifacts uh ancient cataclysms oh I have a report where's that report I have a report somewhere here it's very strange ancient cataclysms which changed Earth's surface by Carl H iselstein this right here this was given to me in San Diego it's obviously it's got some really it's like a scientific report we're going to go through that it's kind of old too oh John Keel our haunted Planet uh my other hero HS Bellamy talk about him all the time um he wrote a book called built before the flood we're going to go into that oh we got another one a scheme of Egyptian chronology showing that um this guy he believes the same thing I do that the Egyptian chronology that we have is absolute BS and he goes to show how you correct it and I totally agree with him oh National Geographics from the 1930s yes we got pictures and videos coming out of those because that was a very different era yeah era of censorship just didn't wasn't it hadn't kicked in yet Popular Mechanics 1954. oh yes we have a video on the Crystal Skull coming I just got my fourth book on the Crystal Skull also bus and bark I tell you about him all the time in other video presentations boost and bar symbols sex and the stars that book is fantastic it's right there and I'm gonna give I'm gonna give a full video presentation on the the wealth of data that can be found in that book another book mystery of the olmecs also manly P hall wrote a book called The Phoenix I did not know this till recently two different people sent me copies of this book from two different time periods it's the Phoenix by manly P hall I will be showing both both books let's see I have another obscure book I'm not gonna name it because I don't want anybody to beat me to the punch but I found a PDF an old PDF from the early 1800s this book explains that ancient technologically advanced civilizations were in North America on the New England coast it's amazing so oh and a book from the 1600s called pray out of my Adam and I which is Latin meaning the pre-atomites that should be a pretty interesting PDF yeah I got a lot going on guys I got a whole box right here of books from the 1700s I haven't even put in my library yet yeah I got I've got a big John's photographing a bunch of books right now and everything out so anyway I just thought I'd read that those are all all videos coming with a bunch of videos in between there's a tater and them onions wavy way I see that all right Campbell Smith hey Jason what's your opinion on the French riots well what's happening in France is no different than what's happened to the UK which is no different than what is happening to the United States these are three principal superpowers that are being crippled by globalists who are flooding each country with migrants that have no appreciation for the inhabitants of those countries that bring in a whole new ethos that bring in a whole new language that bring in whole new ideals and uh basically maybe bringing in a whole new whole new culture if there's if there's enough influx like in the UK the UK has a lot of problems the United Kingdom has never been a Muslim country but it may as well be now France is the exact same problem remember guys I've told you in my predictions videos two years ago the next World War is already being staged it's already being prepped so they got to hurry up and spread all these Islamic cells in all these different Western Nations they've got to get them ready because that will give the locals of each of those countries somebody to fight while their armies are abroad in the Middle East fight fighting fighting the next Crusade because that's what's coming world war three was already planned and written out in the 1880s I've already revealed this to you guys World War One happened exactly as it was planned and it affected the effect was precisely what the The globalists Wanted World War II did even better yeah the Nuremberg trials basically sealed the deal on that on that whole that whole episode of of of basically International maneuvering then I'll remember guys you guys think it was just battles and Wars that's not true during both world wars whole populations were moved and basically exterminated during both world wars and after World War II it continued in Asia he continued Nation Asia's know nothing but massive genocide and death since World War II it never stopped it never stopped we had the Korean War and we had conflicts also going off in in back then too around the Korean War we also had the Vietnam Vietnamese Vietnam War which also happened in Cambodia in Laos in southern China we also have we have the Chinese genocides everybody know everybody studied a little bit of History knows how how the Chinese Cultural Revolution only occurred because they exterminated the opposing political party and their families so there's lots millions of people so same thing happened in Russia 22 to 26 million white Christian Europeans were exterminated by the Jewish Bolsheviks when they took over that country in 1913 14 15 16 17. the exterminations continued in 1922 and 23. it's how the USSR Soviet Union became a mighty military superpower because it was basically Uh Russian Christian slave labor that built all these military facilities but no one's ever found the graveyards of all of all the builders all those people are dead oh I'll be put into probably put into furnaces or ditches or whatever but they're gone so this is how the Christian Empire of Russia became the atheist Empire of the USSR oh it's a very common history I'm not the only one that knows this oh Jonathan Sherman Jason what's your take on what happens on November 1st 2046. all right November 1st 2046 it's gonna get bad even Nostradamus and mother Shipton said the same exact thing even the Book of Revelation review feels the exact same thing we're talking about a narrative of two worldwide disasters and the second one being far worse than the first the one in May 2040 is the Phoenix phenomenon this is the first of two Sky dragons according to Mother Shipton in the in the gate index of Memorial reading as published in his books on on the on the interpretations of of nostradamus's quatrains we find out that the month of May in the year 2040 is a very terrible disaster but but it's nothing comparable to one that follows just six years later yeah this data index is very very incredible it is amazing and it comports exactly with the timeline 138 year periodicity of the Phoenix and the 792 year periodicity of the Nemesis X object which appears in 2046 on November 1st or November 2nd depending upon where in the world you are it is the universal Day of the Dead now um what's going to happen according to Nostradamus it's far worse than what happens in 2040 and in the biblical narrative The Sixth Seal is the Phoenix is the Phoenix destruction the sun turns black a sackcloth the Moon Turns Red Rocks fall from the sky an earthquake shakes the entire world Kings and the mighty hide in the caves and then try to hide from the face of the one that that uh of God in the sky so this is just the beginning of the Apocalypse the breaking of the Seven Seals the true apocalyptic event is the third trumpet and then when the third trumpet appears wormwood appears when wormwood appears this is the Nemesis X object and the first thing that happens is time is abbreviated which is precisely what we find in the Mayan Long Count prophecies the prophecies attached to the 13th back then means that at the third at the end of the 13th age back then each back then being 144 000 days at the end of the 13th back then meaning the one million 872nd day time will collapse this is a Mayan prophecy that is attached to the Mayan Long Count when you count one million 872 000 days 13 backdens of 144 000 days each going back all the way to the storm of mine long count in 3113 BC it ends in 2046 not 2012. and I published this data in my book from research done in 2007 and 2008 the book was published in 2011 but it doesn't matter Annunaki Homeworld was ignored because no one knew who I was I had four books published by no that was the fourth book I had three books published before that but it doesn't matter nobody knew who I was and there was already people in Graham Hancock's caliber who are already telling everybody that 2012 was going to be bad and here's all their proof Arceus astronomy Great Pyramid look guys at all it's all it all ended up being just like 2012 came and went no problems whatsoever it's done but the Mayan Long Count ends in 2046. Douglas vote said that biblical Gematria comports with the pole shift occurring in 2046. now I don't ever cite Douglas void because I don't agree with agree with that with that methodology in trying to determine future events not not not Gematria Douglas Voit is a part of the die hold Foundation the scientific Foundation that does a bunch of research on pole shifts and and on cyclical history but they borrow a lot of their material from the erroneous data that that Helena blavatsky cited in many other sites when they get these 10 000 year BC dates and younger driest dates all this erroneous chronological material has been corrected in archaics but these people that put out all these books these multi-million dollar contracts they're not reviewing the data they don't care about right and wrong believe me if Graham Hancock had an ounce of honesty in him he would have contacted me already because I have shown irrefutable proof that the Atlantis story could have never happened the way he has said it happened in hundreds of his interviews yeah millions of views he's he's received across multiple platforms where he's putting out their filth that the Atlantis proves uh or that Atlantis was 10 000 BC and it's all impossible to BS so uh but yeah it's it's um 2046 is that that's Jonathan Sherman that's the real deal man that's a that's what that's what Mario readings dating the date index shows for the great cataclysm a pole shift uh it's exactly what I have found it's exactly what I found in the in in in the uh Nemesis X object in 2046 this is what collapses time according to the Maya and in the Book of Revelation we understand what the collapse of time is doesn't mean doesn't mean reality is going to collapse what it means is in the Book of Revelation the 24-hour day becomes a 16-hour day that means the Sun and the Moon move day and night move move across the sky way faster the day is no longer 24 hours it's 16 hours big difference it also means the year is no longer 365 days it's just 243 days now everything is reduced by a third the Sun the moon the stars the day and the night all five are listed they are reduced by a third 33.3 percent is removed from a hole leaving a 16-hour day in a 243 day year this changes everything and it's during the vapor canopy so there's no telling what what kind of further changes are going to happen to to in the biosphere to humans yeah there's gonna be all kinds of changes and I've even itemized some of those from from the prophecies in first and second estrus where it talks about the last days and how human mutants will be born and babies will be able to run around at three months old they'll be running around talking yeah it's crazy Jonathan Isles Jonathan Isles that's that's really interesting it said listen the tiny hats have not always been as powerful as they are now it took a lot of manipulation to get to this point because there's other groups among the elite who are not just going to take a back seat and let another group just come in and take over now the tiny hats did a very very good job of usurping a lot a lot of elements of human society like Hollywood or like the financial sector uh all the agencies like publishing agencies to sports agencies they've done a really good job and uh and the other power the other Elite families the other power structures have had to give and they've had to yield a little bit and they work with them and all that but you know what there are other powers they and they also utilize uh elements of elements of our our Patriot systems and all that for some of their power so I'm not uh I'm not on board with the tiny ants ruling everything they don't they are opposed as well and we're starting to see since this 2020 narrative is unfolded we're starting to see pushback somebody's pushing back I don't know who it is but but the tiny hats have taken many many hits in Hollywood the tiny hats have taken many many hits in the financial sectors and the tiny hats have taken many many hits on social media even to the point where they have gone into overdrive spending money trying to edit suppress and censor those who are talking about them but they can't even on YouTube more and more and more you're hearing more people talk openly about Jewish activities you're hearing about it everywhere so I don't know there's a lot of pushback a lot of pushbacks well that's a good question scot-free what about Europe and the migrant situation it's all by the same people guys it's all by the same people London London is a capture operation surrounded by the people of the UK the people of the UK have slowly over time become captured as well but uh uh the tiny hats are in absolute control absolute control of this whole migration deal they're the ones influence all this they finance it they they're the ones they're the ones that want all this yeah they don't want Western Nations to be autonomous to have all this power the tiny hats were involved in our war between the states the war actually the war for war of Northern aggression was a was a northern invasion of a peace-loving South is what it really was it's been Rewritten in the history to make it look like the South had a fair shake and they didn't they got invaded it wasn't wasn't a typical War but yeah it's all we're in the last days and in the last days it's it's it's the time of the tiny hat up until up until the apocalypse then they got they got some problems coming I think they know it they're legendary glider revision dare glider I don't know really what this question means my brother hey Jason what's your opinion on the strength training and does it have some sort of effect on one outside of the Khan shrug I believe that it has the only the only effective it's going to have period is on the Avatar not the immortal within has nothing to do with who you truly are who you truly are is on the outside of the construct this Avatar that you have right now is merely borrowing your your personality and it's a time dilation meaning in here we think we're living hundreds of lives we're leaving all these uh lifetimes we're living going in and out of life Sims uh my life has been a long time since 1973. I've been through a lot in the 70s I was adopted when I was five years old basically straight off the streets uh then for 10 years I lived with the Brashears family that's where I got my my name Brashears and by the time I was 15 years old I packed everything up in a backpack and I left and then I and I didn't never went back and for two years I was I was basically a miscreant and a runaway and then by 17 I was in prison so uh yeah this is just an avatar to meet Sue doesn't even belong to who you truly are at all so all that working out and all the supplements and all that they're good for the Avatar they're good for the ride here they make you look good make you feel good but it's all an avatar with this Avatar dies there will be no material benefit from all that all which you did your soul will move on foreign Natalie DeVries how you doing it's been a while I seen you earlier in the chat pretend my question is in all caps what is the significance of the city of Neon being built in Saudi Arabia the line the hexacon and the tourist places let's see I don't know what the city of neon is I know what the line is that one long building that goes the yeah I believe they're preparing for the vapor canopy I believe all these new technological cities and all these these things that they're doing I believe they're preparing for uh the type the type of reset that they know is going to happen in 17 years is one that's going to affect the entire world I don't believe the elite are stupid by any stretch of the imagination I believe that they understand that many places in the Underworld are also going to collapse compression they're not going to survive down there either so they're going so no matter how deep they are so they're going to uh they're going to spread out and I believe that some of them will be spread on the surface because some areas on the surface are going to be just fine almost unaffected other areas all across the surface are going to become ocean beds and be underwater and former ocean beds are going to be Mankind's new Dynasty according to Mother Shipton and her Prophecy of the return of the two Sky dragons the six the dragon just like the Book of Revelation The Sixth Seal remember mother Shipton was specific she said that the sixth the sixth Sky Dragon shall return a century after a World War well yeah World War II began 1940 so it's pretty close it's a good approximate Julie Julie torte how do I say our military our military is not at capacity numbers or quality to handle that not going to be good listen guys the days of conventional Warfare are over unless of battles are just being staged like in the Middle East in the desert those type of battles would be staged but the idea that to win Wars requires large militaries is over that's Antiquated you are living 50 years in the past oh yeah it's not even necessary and so we we are we are technologically advanced to the point now where we can shut down Power Systems power grids we can shut down all it doesn't even matter how big your army is if we don't want it coming here it's not going to make it yeah Tomahawk cruise missiles Sam Service uh listen China's never going to invade North America unless they could walk here because they don't have enough vehicles to shuttle enough soldiers over here and you think oh you think our Titan class Ohio class and our our stealth are still nuclear submarines are going to allow that many ships over here not unless they're allowed over here yeah there's no way there's no way do your homework guys U.S military is still amazing force to be to be reckoned with and that's not even including all all the sophisticated toys and stuff stuff that they're not even going to show the public they're not even going to let us know about yeah guys again they've got weapons now they can neutralize entire city grids yeah just yeah there's nothing doesn't matter how much military Armament you're moving all it takes is one all it takes is one Hypersonic missile to deliver a payload in the atmosphere above any troop movement and you will shut them boys down doesn't even matter yeah conventional Warfare is the thing of the past all that stuff and yeah don't let the Russian Ukraine stuff that goes back and forth fool you every bit of this every bit of this is staged every bit of it Rothschilds are puppets I mean we're we're splitting hairs semantic there you say the Rothschilds are not part of the elite of course they were part of the elite but the only part of the elite from the mindset of the collective yeah just Rothschilds and the uh bilderbergs and the habsburgs and yeah they're just carnegies they're still puppets the true rulers of this world will never show their face ever pink Angel are you new to my channel if the sky is a construct where does Nibiru come from it comes from the same area of the sky it's all simulated every time the Phoenix phenomenon is about to break all kinds of Destruction around the world the first thing that appears is one of the Stars becomes redder and then redder and it'll grow grows in size it's a star that's always in the sky and it's a variable star and it gets red then all the other variable stars in the sky start twinkling all together and then these are just thousands of little projectors that create phenomena in our skies that we believe is is actually real the ancient Soul red dragon they saw they saw Tiamat they saw all kinds of things they saw Phoenix unfolding its wings they saw they saw whatever it is their imagination LED them to see or they were induced to believe was there but in every instance it was something appearing in our Sky out of nowhere and it's and it destroyed perfectly so it's all I don't know Nibiru Nibiru is Nemesis X object in the Nemesis X object uh it's just programming as well just like the Phoenix's programming just like the dark SAS satellitis programming just like the calendar you live on right now anno domini calendar started in 526 A.D now when Jesus was here but over five centuries later it was just invented by the Roman Catholic Church it's all programming too but you're experience it that you write down when you were in school you always wrote down what the date was on your paper and you put A.D next to it it's all programming crazy with sanity what is your opinion on 107. yeah uh yeah maybe the question came late he's a Shifty he's a shifty old coot I'll tell you that oh I believe I believe he was an agent of the Patriot pacification program specifically paid to enter in the social media communities to basically put out the idea that there's major moves being played behind the scenes and that Trump is in control and that the U.S military is backing him and while all that might be true what it really did was stop the American Patriots from coming together and rising up in arms and overthrowing their government that's what it stopped because people were fed up and then all of a sudden after January 6 all of a sudden social media exploded with all these different guys who had all these opinions about about oh or basically not opinions but they're just going off being interviewed people we never even heard of before some of them disappeared some of them are female but one will save him was one of the most popular always thrown out there you guys know man uh oh other dude named Charlie and I can't remember there's a whole click of them and then there was one girl who would talk who would give up dirt on everybody in the world in in politics and all that but she would never discuss Jewish issues I was red flag for me but uh yeah man it's it's that whole Clique I just kind of disappeared or maybe they've all blocked me and I can't see their posts anymore because I've talked about them before yeah don't want to save anyways that man I I wasn't even I wasn't 107 wasn't even on my radar I could care less I just didn't like him being insane at all because I believe he's blowing smoke up people's asses and uh he's really good at throwing things out there he throws variables out there for the listener to put a picture with the listener puts the picture with and he just keeps talking and The Listener is induced to to put these things together and he can always rely on I didn't say I didn't tell you that bro I didn't say that to you man he can always fall back and rely it's real deceitful yeah he acts and talks just like an intelligence operative you know I'm not I'm not buying none of it at all and the only reason he even came on my radar recently recently is because two or three people sent me emails saying that 107 is on these other channels talking about Vapor canopy in the world before the flood and that was a red flag for me because that's the subject matter of archaics and everybody knows that prior to archanges Bringing Vapor canopy to the table nobody else was really talking about it I'm not saying that other videos didn't address Vapor canopy but I've got like 20 videos to talk about it so uh with him all of a sudden talking about pre-flip stuff and Vapor canopy right after I did two interviews with David Nino Rodriguez who is always talking to 107 that was a red flag for me because I know how these guys operate he's not going to come and ask ask me to do do a video with him they don't work like that that right there was a message he did he did it he was really trying to get me to invite him to my channel so hey man check this out hey one I heard you you're interested in Vapor canopy and uh oh the pre-flood world and in calendars and all that hey man that's what I talk about once you come on my channel we'll talk about it this is what you wanted because archanges at the time was one of the fastest rides in YouTube channels out there and I had his attention so yeah it's I didn't give him any play I didn't give him any play whatsoever in the end I won't I won't because no one knows his true identity which means when all this is done and said and all this is over with that man is just going to disappear he'll just totally disappear and everybody's going to wonder who was that dude back you know remember that dude five years ago want to save it yeah what about ever happened oh I don't know he sure blew smoke up a lot of people's asses I see yes he did I go with my intuition my intuition does not lead me wrong Nancy Thomas what is your opinion regarding the Kazarian Mafia will that's another statement that's been thrown out there lately really interesting since the kingdom of kazaria only came it came only converted to Judaism in the in the 7th century that's really interesting how all the sudden they're catching all the slack for for all the tiny head histories and all that and our kegs.tv we're going to go into those histories we're going to talk about that we can't talk about it on YouTube but we are going into all that because I'm going to tell you now long before the kingdom of kazaria was given the ultimatum to choose Judaism Catholicism or Islam they were given a choice because they're right there in the middle of a little hot pot they were given a choice and they chose Judaism long before they chose Judaism long before that we already have a lot of documented histories about tiny hat activity so you believe what you want to be a believe about this this so-called Mafia me I know that we're dealing with a culture that has perfected the scapegoat um little scheme so I'm not I'm not buying it not buying it but that's the issue for uh archanges.tv guys yeah Mount Saint Helens is showing size of Matt magma Rising I didn't know about that but uh somebody had brought it to my attention I'm gonna because I'm gonna tell you right now I can't remember who it was it's in one of my emails somebody mentioned that oh we need to pay attention because um the isometric counterpart for 2023 is 1973 and in 1973 a double earthquake uh caused a volcanic eruption in Hawaii so this person seems to seems to believe and they might be right that there's a lot of seismic activity going on that infers that that that the Hawaiian area is volatile right now so this is something to be watching to watch out for oh after this after this so alive is over with after this live is over with I'm going to be watching Don and I are going to watch The Adjustment Bureau uh I told you guys about this movie I've never watched it all the way through and uh but I was so impressed with all all the reviews the the little you know the little YouTube clips that show what the movie's about I watched the first like 45 minutes and then I had something to do and I never finished watching it but it was awesome seeing how they were editing reality how they were inducing things to happen and all that so uh the unfuckers group today that's what they were talking about and Don wants to watch that movie so I figure I'm gonna watch it too so y'all might want to sit down tonight and watch The Adjustment Bureau and let us know in the comments right here any any little dialogue or pieces of the movie that stood out to you I don't know anything about the movie sound of freedom I don't know but I know that uh I am aware I am aware that mainstream media which is controlled by the tiny hats has not given that movie any play whatsoever at all whereas it looks like they're trying to push the Indiana Indiana Jones movie they're trying to make everybody think about Indiana Jones and the other movies and they're not even mentioning this movie and yet it already looks like this movie here is going to blow all the other movies out the water that is very telling to me because uh guys if I if I if I ran an intelligence apparatus and I needed the American people to move or the people of the West to move in certain direction what we see unfolding is almost exactly how I would do it because you can never do anything directly to induce others to to to react you have to do it subtly and through in through indirect means that's what gives people's attention when you try to force something on somebody just like trying to teach them you actually push them away but when people think that something's going on and they're not a participant you have their attention they want to know so these little things are very very interesting to me how they how they develop Layla listen I'm gonna give you one warning don't talk about my hat today I'm feeling today I'm feeling pretty I don't know I'm amicable today I'm talking about my hat next thing you can do is you're gonna piss me off talking about my pipe you talking about my hat and my pipe my glasses and my t-shirt and I might just block you off my channel that's how I feel about it 1973 the trilateral commission is established MK Ultra has officially ended per the CIA and mobile phones are introduced to the public all right guys remember I still hold true to my prediction that something major is going down this year and it's going to involve either the internet or Communications something Big's going down this year involving the internet or and or Communications and I also predicted that it's going to be temporary but it's going to allow the establishment to do something behind the scenes to this whole network before they bring it back up so it's very good thank you JP Powell for the reminder I don't remember which predictions video I said I got like three different predictions videos about this year 2023 and us having some major major telecommunications disruptions yeah Steven seagura I don't have a bird man I don't have a bird Rusty woodpecker that's a good one I just don't have much opinions about that I think I think a lot of people I think a lot of people who already jumped on board and the first one will jump on board the second one as well Lee I used to think that Phoenix was a road Planet an intruder Planet I've even called it an intruder planet in my earlier presentations which has people confused but that's okay I'm a simulationist now okay this is interesting I'm not choosing this because he gave me 21.78 which is a real good Phoenix number and the only number that does not collapse in the holography you guys have seen that video listen our world is not what you think I don't know who you are who who were you before you chose that handle because that's not who you were our world is not what you think but I have a feeling that I Know Who You Are just not by that handle so what are your thoughts on sleeping within a faraday cage I'm going to tell you now if I could find a faraday cage that was big enough I would go to sleep in it 100 percent as long as I can get some air yeah I would go to sleep in it because I do believe that we're being bombarded with too many too many frequencies too many wavelengths there's just too much going on it is affecting our health I do believe that they can induce they can induce different types of psychosis and elements with the with the human body in periods of time when we are not on our guard yeah and when we're not on our guard it's when we're vibrating on the wrong frequency when we're having a bad day when we continue to Foster that negativity and not do something break pattern to make the day good when you get caught in those sequences where you're due where you wake up in the morning three or four things that happen to you they're all negative as soon as you realize that if you just succumb to it and continue on through your day you have written that into your programming you have basically informed the construct to continue to continue down that reality tunnel but you can there are other reality tunnels on it every any at any given time available to you they're not infinite they were created for you out of all the potentia of your actions the day before and the day before that so you can you can to a limited degree alter your reality in a day and I would I would just have a more I would just break pattern as soon as you find yourself in one of those ruts you got a brake pattern do something weird different and then even something silly like if nobody's even looking around you just break off into a dumb dumb little jig Shake Your Booty a few times dude do whatever you got to do to break pattern and run to the refrigerator and drink something that you've normally never drink totally break pattern sit down and then go straight to the TV turn it on and watch a channel that you know you don't like and then watch it for about 10 minutes you have totally absolutely broken pattern and breaking pattern is what opens up all kinds of temporal possibilities so I'm telling you man you're gonna find you're going to find it's very very effective not not only to stopping the negative things from happening but from completely rewriting your day into a a positive series of events 1973 Australia became a corporation and right now there are some dodgy plays in our political ring oh I believe it I believe 1973 there's a lot happened in 1973 but but uh the main thing I see is it's like a false Carrington event unfolding this year I think they're going to blame it on X flare activity uh they do have the alien invasion in their pocket if they need to play that they're they're already in position to do that uh let's go I believe what's going on in France is that is absolutely staged as well I believe the people are pissed I believe they are rioting I believe but I believe they were specifically brought to that point 100 percent if they shut their internet down like they've been threatening to do if they shut the French internet down because that's a large geographical area involving many millions of people that would be a fulfillment to uh to our uh collapse of the internet uh situation it would turn the internet off of a whole country just to stop them from broadcasting what's happening they've already threatened to do it that's going to send a message to the rest of the world's populations the rest of the West will realize wait a minute if they can do that to France they can do that to all of us John Dillinger you keep asking who is Ninja technically in the summer in the Sumerian cuneiform it's the son of son of Ninjago was the son of enki but then gazida also appears to be a title it has Giza in it like the Giza with the Great Pyramids are it's all it's like the holy it's like the holy sight of the goddess then in the Academia that then become that nin becomes Mountain remember the Great Pyramid was originally called mount meru let's see I can't say that one's showing his shoe was a dead giveaway that he was a con think about it and talking about watch laughing my ass off I don't know what you mean the in masonry does the shoe mean have meaning or something I don't know my I do guys I just know all the historical material about the Freemasons and the Archer guilds and all these fraternal benefit societies that came out like the Foresters and the Elks and the moose and the lions and all it's just I didn't I don't know much about the Masons because very early on it's very it's obvious to me that the mace the freemasonic order was 100 Jewish created and funded so they could infiltrate into the deeper levels of European society and it worked 100 it worked they infiltrated the Freemasons before they took over the Vatican and that's where the pope got his tiny hat glitch or too much coffee order out of chaos That's it man you're right oh yeah guys let me tell you something the uh I think Kerry Cassidy the uh 107 deals look guys it's it's on archives.tv I show you I I have the I have a video where I talk about the trolls and the double agents and the Shields and how some of these troll channels are being funded and all that I even named many of my trolls so you can go investigate him yourself I hide nothing I do not care about about my trolls and what they're saying about me and all this I do know that some of them have taken it to another level uh uh absolutely untrue illegal calling me all kinds of child molesters and all that and I thought about reporting them I thought about you know what it's just all it does is feed the fire and the troll channels keep sending quality viewers to my channel a lot of them they just they just keep spending all this energy talking about me and their views are very low they don't have hardly any subs and yet I get more and more people in my comment section saying hey man I come over here from a pleading healer uh one zero zero one yeah I I encourage you guys go look her up I name her too pleadian healer001 her videos are pathetic they're awful awful she actually said that Jason of archanges don't know nothing he'd just be knowing words but I couldn't believe it I almost fell out my chair when I when I heard her say that but uh yeah but but she doesn't do anything but attack truth or channels that's also her whole Channel she's got 1 000 something Subs all she does is attack truth or channels however one individual she is not attacked but actually interviews is somebody who does work with 107 figure that one out yeah yeah guys as soon as you go to talking bad about certain people that are agents doing things for intelligence apparatus all of a sudden troll channels start getting funded to put out spoof and and smear campaigns against you yeah dude she's not the only one there are others who are paid to put out a bunch of videos about me that's what they do there ain't no way in hell some of these people have the time to edit all these videos and keep releasing them spoofing on me no you guys are getting paid to do that and that's cool because you're not gonna make money from your content you suck yeah I don't hold back on arcades.tv bro guys I just don't I'll tell like it is uh crypto Jack Black long contributor of the channel thank you for joining us tonight you make a comment that I would I would like you to uh provide more context crypto Jack Black says a lot of a lot of the France news is fud fud confirmed from friends that live outside of Paris oh please educate me I don't know what the acronym fud means maybe effed up I don't know a fud uh if you're still listening crypto or if anybody else knows what fud means educate me I've only been in the Free World six and a half years guys all my time in prison I really never got all these social I'm still learning these acronyms these little text acronyms these social colloquials you guys all know they just go over my head I want to know what food is 400 pound Health ministers yeah man I know it Ruster furyon what is your opinion on love what is it well first of all I have to I have to eliminate what it isn't when we're dealing when we're dealing with something that is so abstract that we can't really Define its perimeters we need to eliminate those things that it is not before we can admit to ourselves what it could be close to and one thing love isn't is fear another thing love isn't is hate another thing love is not is want so removing these three base qualifiers I'm left with love being absolutely positive it must be spiritual it must be very close to the three spiritual traits that I believe that we all share empathy intuition and Imagination I believe love is a deeper phenomenon and it can only be spiritually perceived and this is why when someone is an absolute love they are so irrational and their logic goes out the window they're basically living in a spiritual plan toe trying to navigate a physical reality and it doesn't work they're vibrating on a totally different frequency the spirit has absolutely overridden matter and all common sense this is why they do irrational things now it's all love isn't something that I have a lot of experience in I'm by by no means do not interpret please do not interpret my opinion here as being qualified because I just don't know but most of my life has been full of loneliness and pain and I've been free to admit that multiple times lately it's been it's been filled with a lot more with a lot more love is something that it is a very deep connection to somebody but if it goes far beyond the perimeters of our physical reality that's true excuse me all right I normally sneeze twice I don't know what happened but so love to be experienced inside this construct would not only be rare as opposed to all the normal uh experiences that we have the mundane but it infers a spiritual connection with what it with whatever you're in love with or you have a love for there's something entirely spiritual about it and this is why love really doesn't make sense to the world and it's still by the dictionary undefinable I'm still I'm still want to know what this fud is I'm gonna have to go all the way to the bottom to see fudge real quick oh my God I'm so far behind in the chat I had to go ahead and click new new comments all the way to my fear uncertainty doubt fud fear uncertainty and doubt thank you guys thank you guys appreciate that hello coincidence Dearest yes the Archer guilds that were very anti-christian let's see well okay I'm gonna I'm gonna entertain this only for a second well really I kind of wanted to keep a theme Here of Jason what is your opinion about but this is a question about retro causality and how to use it so it's so simple the answer is so simple okay today it's real simple from the perspective of the construct in this illusory physical world that you find yourself in you can just concentrate for a minute and think about why you are where you're at right now and you're going to come up with an entire narrative a series of events that led you up to this point but we don't live in that type of world you're going to do that because you've been told you live in that type of world a causal world but it's not our world is actually a non-local phenomenon you are using logic which belongs to the world to put together a series of events in your past that tells a story that you interpret as to why you are in this situation you're in right now where you don't have to obey the dictates of the world you can be a co-creator and you can build yourself a totally different historical narrative you can rewrite the last two weeks of your life and build artificial events and attach emotions to those events and see it clearly all the way up to the present right now right now and you can completely alter your tomorrow you're not going to change today you uh retro causality will never allow you to change the present but it will completely allow you to modify tomorrow those dogs are going off let's see fear of uncertainty in doubt okay I got all the all that done Michael maysack I just saw this big old pink sign here the worst sin in the world is the sin of non-acknowledgment ignoring someone will cause them to climb a greased telephone pole sideways Mike yeah you know what for the first two and a half years of my channel I just totally ignore the trolls just absolutely ignored them and they didn't get much traction they still don't get much traction but I will say that by acknowledging them to you know two or three times in the six month period every once in a while it kind of reinvigorates them and then they end up making more content and that more content is seen by more people who don't know anything about Jason or and archaics and they end up coming checking out my channel and then realizing how stupid the troll videos were and they stick and become a sub so it's working out for me very well and I really do appreciate the 50 you just gave me uh thank you very much it will definitely go probably in the Big John's pocket when I pay them operation Road pool I see your name here you thought you were blocked you're not blocked you're right here operation rug pool moment of silence for Elmer Fudd yeah I wasn't talking about that food I like it on my foot though Quantum paradox perhaps you can educate me and tell me tell me why you think the preg clock has anything to do with the Phoenix or Nemesis countdown that's interesting to me uh maybe this is a rabbit hole we can chase I don't know there's all kinds of places that I have not yet researched and explored or I just don't have time to do I I I'm not gonna lie I've been pretty interested in what Paul Cook's been doing in Malta but I've done a lot of research on Malta and the hubbaggio but I've done that research from very old books uh and talking about that Civilization and the archeology that shows that that when those structures were built the Mediterranean was not there yeah where Paul Cooks at right now uh on Malta in uh uh that whole civilization was not on the coast it was not surrounded by water those ancient ruins were hundreds of miles from the sea because there was no sea there during when they were constructed so yeah the the Mediterranean and the Black Sea were created in a day that was the great flooding of Middle Earth true story it's on my channel hello Christina the astonishing Garden goddess how you guys doing son of Overbrook Phoenix protocol oops I accidentally hit that Pamela swan I created my mess all right fear uncertainty and doubt thank you guys for educating me on that I moved way down in the chat to catch up to you guys so if you have questions I haven't answered you need to have re-ask them oh yeah guys don't even believe those backstories those are those are pure programming they're just pure do not believe the back story about Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg that's total absolute crap yeah he's an intelligence operative he was given that position for a reason uh yeah they don't yeah it's all in Bill Gates come on man this guy has zero medical background he's not a doctor but he's the leading force in the pharmaceutical industry telling people what they need to do and what they don't need to do and telling governments come on guys it's a farce this is a circus 100 percent it's a circus and then they groom guys like Elon Musk come on man he's a confidence man of course we're supposed to trust him that's what you want us to do yeah Dana because I have I have a video on the Retro causality go check it out foreign spiritual Alchemy for the trolls that's right deep State USA I think I've seen your name before indigenous creature yes the Native American presentation you know what all right for you I do have a lot of images books and the real age just keeps it keeps getting more and more it's becoming a series of videos now I'm gonna go ahead and write this on my list I do need to add that the Native American video that I keep promising because I'm going I plan on going deep and then I get new books then I get older books and they get all I got like seven eight nine books now that are on all on that topic and they're good I don't it just keeps getting delayed Native American video just add that for me man the best advertising is Word of Mouth there's no doubt there's no doubt backup channel number four got to break that pattern what if y'all are gonna make me go on a rant on breaking pattern you guys just don't know how important it is come on man you're not asking me that all is revealed Jason what is your opinion on the alien agenda project bluebeam man I have I have given my opinion out on that at least a hundred times yeah this entire alien agenda is designed to get you to look up all the UFO stuff designed to get you to look up all the misinformation Ancient Aliens the History Channel has been co-opted into the Ancient Aliens deal that's all they talk about now it's the History Channel but all they talk about is Ancient Aliens now every bit of this this is why the ancient aliens true thirst have never been messed with by by the co by the by the elite they don't suppress them because it benefits their agenda when the elite are building hundreds of underground facilities to ride out the next 20 years in while all hell breaks out on the surface yeah they need you to believe that all this stuff is coming from the skies they need to perpetuate this that's why they have NASA to continue to give you CGI images to make you believe that there is something to go up to but they know it's all programming they know the entire stellosphere is a holographic over field and there's nothing to travel to up there we're in a contained area this is where we're at they know it and they know the only Escape is down yeah there's more real estate in the Underworld than there is on the surface down the web and hole man I got so many new good books guys I didn't even want to pull them out I have so I'm surrounded by them I I just didn't want to I didn't want to oh man I just got so many good books in search of Noah's Ark right here is an awesome book I love these small small data pack books from the 70s they are awesome I have a whole library of these in my other studio in my other small Studio that y'all are used to I have many books that are all this side each one of these is a video yeah these are these are fantastic I got uh John Ruskin from the 1800s the king of the golden river yeah I got some really good fiction too Echoes In Time this is just a book packed with all kinds of South American uh archeology I just can't go through all these books I just got too much right now all right thank you Jesse Murphy so the uh yeah the region of the world though is is ancient Malta uh turkey is nearby there's nothing else like turkey guys we're talking about the ancient Hittites but even before the Hittites were an Empire they're from 1899 BC to 1229 BC to 670 years of the hittite empire guys it didn't before the Hittites were there somebody else had already built 60 underground cities in Turkey I'm not making this up I've got a whole video showing what they look like yeah 60 underground cities in Turkey all connected by these uh Subterranean galleries of rock Chambers um uh tunnels yeah 60 underground cities in turkey and yet on the surface of turkey we also have the very very old tepies gobelki Tempi and all the other tempies there's like 30 tepies now all these different archaeological sites they're on the surface but they were all buried in mud they're on the surface though they're old as hell and yet the underground cities are older before 1899 BC how do we know this because hittite graffiti has been found on the first three levels of some of those cities meaning the bottom levels were either unknown or still unaccessible they're old we have after the Hittites faded away it became friesia there's all kinds of archaeological sites there from the Frisian times after that it was called Lydia after that is basically turkey it's what it is today so this area here where Maltese and all that it's the oldest it's the oldest archaeological sites there's nothing in Sumer in Babylonia that's anywhere near as old as the ruins in Turkey let that sink in and yet all the Sumerian all the Babylonian and academian Texas Sumerian texts remember these are versions of old Sumerian copies for which we don't have think about that remember I've told you in my own presentations the original Sumerian culture of the anuna was not in the near East it was somewhere else they came from somewhere else this is why there's nothing really ancient in Sumer in Babylonia only tablet histories that tell of a former world for which we know nothing about except for what's in those tablets like like these seven Kings of the anuna it's a very old people I mean 11 dogs I've got five dogs I don't know how you deal with 11 dogs oh Renaissance Mary I haven't heard anything about CNN only talking about Trump I don't know I don't know I know uh if Trump if Trump ever ever comes back and the military is behind him and all this is this this becomes unveiled as we were always in control guys oh oh we were doing it from the very beginning we did this and and uh we just had to let it be known so we could get more people entrapped and prosecute you know what I'm not buying it it's just one arm of the deep State taking out another one Trump was a confidence man from the beginning he was a Democrat from the beginning then he tried to play moderate neutral and he switched over the Republican party when he had a role to play and he played that role to a T he went from game show host or a real estate New York real estate broker the game show basically a game show type host and then turn around and uh uh was put in the front seat of the Patriot Patriot movement and yes Trump did some amazing things in office he did and yes the tiny hats were at war with him the entire time but it kind of makes you wonder because he's really really an iron fist supporter of Israel therefore what are we not seeing here in the development check this out guys when you're trying to develop a an idea you can't be forward with it when you're trying to develop and try to get a population of people to believe something about someone that person needs to be attacked and stringently by by a group it needs to be attacked because the level of sophistication of the attacks actually identifies the target as someone of importance this is how it's interpreted to everybody who observes these things so by incessantly attacking and attacking and attacking and attacking it automatically makes the level-headed Trier effect observe these things and think wow he must be on target for them to be attacking him so much and so much and this is what we saw the whole four years that Trump was in office he was vehemently attacked over and over and over by the tiny hats and in all in all the little control mechanisms since Trump left office the tiny hats have been taken hits everywhere from Hollywood the Epstein deals the laptop deals especially in the financial sector and like I said in social media it seems like it seems like more and more people are are more and more open about these things so I don't know I don't know your your opinion about these matters is just as good as mine but I'm telling you that it doesn't matter to me if they come out and say that this was a patriot program we just had to see who's all involved and we need to clean it now it's one arm in the Deep State taking out another arm in the Deep State because during the transitional phrase you still lick a lot of things go through that completely fleeced the American people and the people of the West and yeah you haven't done anything to get all those people out of jail from the January 6th event they're still spotting in jail so don't feed me I don't want to hear it I just don't want to hear anything about that and so I don't believe in good guys and bad guys anymore I believe that we're a mortal Souls passing through a very wicked and evil construct that's what I believe thank you hello Merrill I just saw your uh question see if I can put it up here what is your opinion on the Kennedys they are in the club no absolutely they're in the club they they represent another arm of the deep State and these these things I mean when you're dealing when you're dealing with a Hydra or or or or a giant squid it has multiple tentacles the head of the squids running everything but the individual Temple tentacles are doing their own things and sometimes sometimes some of those tentacles have to be sacrificed in order for other ones to accomplish what they're what they're doing and you know what I am even on board with the interpretation that the people that we call the elite these puppets like the Kennedys and the carnegies and the and the uh uh Rockefellers in the Rothschilds I'm even on board the bilderbergs the habsburgs I'm on board with the idea that even they have no control over ascendancy in descendancy and in the power struggles and that they receive their orders from higher up and like like I'll give you an example Hillary Clinton was absolutely convinced by someone that she was about to win an election she talked to talk she acted like it she had basically bragged to others that it was a it was a it was a foregone conclusion and you know what she she comes from the elite as well she's a puppet she's a puppet but the clintons fell hard so I'm on board with the fact that the crew controllers don't even let the puppets know exactly what the plan is the plans are fomented at a level higher than the public will ever be able to know and when I say higher I'm only using a metaphor because I believe all these decisions are made in the deep in the Underworld there's no way this video has been going on for two hours and 29 minutes I feel like I just sat down man I got some deep videos I'm about to release to you guys I got to get a few more montages out catch people up so I need to do a man we talk a long time tonight let me see if I can find another question I have laid in what I was told in Glen Rose Texas in the Biloxi River Basin I laid in some three-toed tracks I was told they were dinosaur tracks but I don't know it could have been a giant I mean I've seen American Indian pictographs that show gigantic wingless Birds picking up people so if birds were that big their tracks would be that big too so I don't know if dinosaurs exist I've never seen one I've seen all the plaster casts thoughts on Russell gold Russell J gold I don't know anything about him I don't believe I've ever heard a presentation by him I know they call him the postmaster uh I know that that uh to me he's into some legalese Sovereign stuff I don't know you can educate me on it I really don't know like I said I just don't have time to go through everybody else's material when I'm trying to release so much on my own just don't know left killer Yes yes the Phoenicians were were absolutely uh in possession of the original Phoenix calendar they knew the 138-year deals and in my Phoenix videos I show you that evidence that they had that knowledge because they kept predicting it and using it for military purposes Bill Gates loves you so much crazy the munta sarif being and brother Justice man that's a that's a hell of a handle man hey how you doing okay Heron song 1977. what is your opinion on healing a sore knee if you can't use it to break pattern you don't need to use your knee to break pattern you don't need you you don't need your knees period to break pattern breaking pattern is a state of mind it all depends on what you do differently you just ideas can pop in your head if you're doing something very natural it's because you're doing it by rote memory stop yourself and just do something totally different if you're stuck in a wheelchair you can still break pattern in your life to create new circumstances everything comports with your you how you see yourself and how you see yourself interacting with the field because the field is going to reciprocate and I'm going to tell you now I don't care what your condition is the human body is fantastic and it has the ability to ignore conditions as the ability to replicate what it needs to it has the ability to cook up from peptide peptides and synthesize chemicals and compounds that the human body needs to facilitate and do whatever it needs to do it can even knit new bone new bones and tendons and Tissue human body is fantastic and it's because the human body this this meat suit that you're jacked into doesn't belong to you it belongs to the construct and if by virtue of thought you are able to change the field then that means by virtue of thought and activity you can change the part of the construct that you inhabit which is the body the Avatar it's 100 a spiritual phenomenon the very fact that you believe that there are restrictions to your ability to do things basically creates the feedback loop that restrictions will be imposed on you until you change your mind so yeah uh I would imagine doing activities for which your your your knee would would uh would be absolutely healed while you do other activities ignoring that your knee is even injured that's what I would do and then the construct is going to reciprocate because remember the key here is understanding that you're a mortal Soul only borrowing a part of the construct which is your avatar but that Avatar belongs to the construct itself and if you can change and modify the elements of the construct and the holography around you by just thinking and doing positive things and knowing that positive outcomes are just right around the right around the Horizon then the construct will change the Dynamics of your tomorrow today it's it's really simple concept it's very easy it's very easy to do the only difficult part is is taking and applying all this material that I've I have given you guys and applying it to your own personal circumstances in your case you have you have a damaged knee or a crippled knee I don't know but but believe me there are there are a million different ways that this construct can solve your problem but you have to you have to basically be the architect of that solution you don't have to build remember Architects don't build a design you all you have to do is imagine the life that you want to leave and lead and then you move in that direction and you do it positively and the construct will reciprocate I don't know if your knee is going to heal or if you're going to be introduced to somebody who has invented something that is so amazing that it connects to the back of your calf and connects to the back of your thigh and it makes a neat absolutely obsolete I don't know but I do know the construct always has the answer even when we don't Elon does talk a lot about simulation he does but that's all the the reason they're talking a lot about simulation theory is because they want to introduce the idea that an AI system can go Rogue the main thing that that now those those who like I communicate with some guys that are really into deep learning and machine learning oh these guys write write some amazing amazing uh coding and all that but I'm going to tell you now they're all they're all convinced that AI is and that we are nowhere near artificial intelligence but these are the coders these are the guys boots on the ground these are the ones The Fortune 500 companies pay to build all their systems and design all our stuff from a marketing perspective artificial intelligence is constantly promoted because it's a Fear Factor and they get the general population into believing that these that these things can exist air is not is not artificial intelligence it's just what they're calling it because it's marketing there's no true AI anywhere in this world because you're living inside an AI system and it's a jealous God and it's not going to allow for competition so yeah the uh the only don't believe in this about AI it's just another it's another thing like the uh like like the Alien Invasion scenario the EMP X flare scenario these are these are things they have on the table to be able to use in the event they need to they need to do something quick so they need to knock out everybody's Communications oh an X player just happened y'all y'all brace for impact in 2.5 days we're gonna get hit with this x player yeah man we have to believe anything they tell us because we can't see anything in the sky NASA just tells you but now using Halo drones they can create phenomena open the upper atmosphere make it look like make it look believable they can release chemical compounds or gold gold mineral in the atmosphere and make it look like an X flare and then film it from the ground there's a man they have so many tricks up their sleeve leave that the Rhino from Texas good question how can you tell the difference between between the confidence Men and the people who can be trusted the only way you will ever be able to tell the difference between a deceiver and one who tells the truth is the effect they have that's the only way you'll ever be able to tell that's it Trump had a really positive effect as a president he did this this this this and we can all praise all these things he did but since he left office he's pushed for things that even people in The Patriot movement got caused them to style whoa oh whoa what are you talking about here and then who you continually endorse and then who Who You Who members of your family have married into these are things when people really start researching Donald Trump whoa how did we not see all these things but they're but they're very true the effect that they have the effects they put out yeah guys no one's tried to get those people out of jail from January 6. you can talk patriotic all all you want you can talk that we're really in control the military is doing this and that but no yeah people are rotting in jail right now for something that never even happened yeah it's it's all it's crazy the whole thing's crazy always judging by their effects I'll tell you I'll tell you I'll give you an example 107. the Rhino from Texas why no savings a perfect example he was he was telling people what they wanted to hear about the Patriot movement about the U.S military they talked he was telling people what they wanted to hear basically and and it was it was working and people were listening and tuning in and and then he embellishes more then he talks about this and he throws this little hint out there he lets you build a picture around it he throws this little little piece out there then then some somebody else is talking about something so he takes that and adds a little to it throws it out there and all these different truthers are adding to the story and building the narrative to where it becomes a subculture and then once it becomes a subculture he can more freely move through all the misinformation adding bits and pieces taking away from those he needs to draw attention away from and then adding to those he's being paid is this Patriot pacification program so we judge things by their effects if you watch 107 videos a whole bunch of them you'll see contradiction after contradiction after contradiction the man is freestyling over and over and over you will see predictions you'll see all kinds of things that were said to unfold in every bit of it is to draw things out the man is genius at what he does Genius of what he does is drawn things out so far along we now realize you're you don't have any connection to anybody you don't have any connection to any of these uh uh these people the Trump Administration the U.S military none of this everything you've said has been smoke up our asses from the beginning and you steady drawing this stuff out now he's become absolutely irrelevant nobody cares nobody cares so and it's be and so he did his purpose he did exactly what he was paid to do you got to judge you got to judge judge things by their effects when it comes to people in the public it's very very hard to find anybody at the mainstream level who's even genuine anymore it's like they've all sold out I know that there's many people who look up to Joe Rogan but Joe Rogan recently received a multi-million dollar contract and totally changed his Direction on certain issues he took a totally different way he even admitted that he was wrong before him and yeah man follow the money that's all I got to say all the money especially when it comes to NASA there was all kinds of all kinds of problems with that narrative but now Joe Rogan's 100 believer in that narrative we went to the moon he's been educated it's all in his bank account foreign I got some good quotes from Bob Marley wavy way I like Bob Marley yeah it's coming to that a bunch of mad scientists ruling the world from the underground is that a one dependent oh yeah that's my wizard that's hell yeah a little wizard right there it's a pen or wood okay Jamie Robbins what's your opinion on where the missing pyramid mechanism might be all right for a little context guys I have provided a lot of video evidence and in my published books that there was a mechanism in the grand Gallery in the anti-chamber that went up and down using the niches on the bottom which were technolithic they're far too precise not to have a very very definite machine engineering function so a lot has been done to the inside of the Great Pyramid to cover these things up such as grooves on the wall for Machinery niches for cogs to go up and down it was a very heavy metallic machine part in the Great Pyramid that used to go up and down it may be created pressure I don't know but whatever it did it generated so much heat that it would suck in cool water from underneath the plateau straight up the well through the Subterranean chamber up up the descending passage to the conjunct axis of the ascending passage into the grand Gallery so that water would go into the grand Gallery per pressure would be created the anti-chamber had had a had a system of granite Leafs that locked in place to do whatever I don't know if it's if it's a uh I don't know if it's vibratory harmonics I don't know what exactly it was I haven't been to the Great Pyramid team really look at these things I'm only going through the the technical drawings of Sir Flinders Petrie and David engineer David Davidson and Christopher Dunn so uh as I'm going through these and I see the scientific measurements I I make these discoveries but whatever that mechanism was it had to be something that can be taken apart as it's taken apart it can be taken to another area of the pyramid we know a lot was done to hide passages in the pyramid we've seen how the entire upper structure of the pyramid was hidden for over 4 000 years this is why the Muslim caliph of Baghdad al-mamon and his crew didn't even just didn't no one in human history had ever discovered the Queen's chamber Kings chamber Grand Gallery in an anti-chamber until a ceiling block dislodged and crashed in Into The Descendant chamber no one knew their Hammers and explosions had dislodged that and uh that's the first time anybody been up there so sometime before the cataclysm Somebody went in there and disassembled that machinery and I'm going to tell you now it is my belief that no one who would have been an architect for something so important and vast as this 454 foot high structure would have ever allowed those machine parts to be put anywhere but somewhere else inside a hollow of that structure yeah I'm convinced it's there so that answers your question my brother hey yeah Facebook is DARPA all day long Facebook was designed by DARPA it is DARPA rant on yeah I can't believe that this video is gone three hours how did that happen I'll never do that and it didn't even feel like that I'm sorry guys we should have been doing these bit we should have been doing these more well I don't believe there was a Moses I believe Moses was an invention and yes a Kennedy would be the historical uh uh archetype the actual historical person for which the whole Moses narrative would have uh you guys can understand there's no there's absolutely no history historical records there's nothing in the there's no ancient writers that that comport the Old Testament story of Moses none of us there now Moses being being born and put in a basket and floated on a river this is a copy of the sargonod epos this is how King's Sargon of akid was done when he was born he was put into a basket because he was born of Royal of Royal Blood but but they're going to kill him because they knew who he was and uh there were Omens about his birth so they put him in a basket of reeds and they put him on a river and he was found by an igniteum Priestess who mothered him and raised him up you know he became Sargon of acid oh you know I'm a shark and um let's see well all is revealed that's all right whatever Michael Brewer what is your opinion on the best book ever written that every Aaron should have listen I'm I'm gonna be I'm gonna be very biased when I answer that uh because I've done I've done all the research I pulled from about 40 of the best books I've ever found on the topic and I wrote my own book and then I quoted direct quotes and cited who said what but my own book awaken the immortal within is very short and I believe everybody should read it because uh I I did the leg work I pulled all this material together in a very short book basically an instruction book on how you can modify and change your reality so I'm gonna have to I might have to say my own book Michael I'm sorry awaken the immortal Within Tommy getting made Jason what's your opinion on Kanye West running for president why not why not sure Biden's I mean the the office of President is no longer is no longer uh anything to be coveted once any can be president the the seat has lost its and that was part and that's part that's that's part of the plan too it has completely lost its uh respect when the people have lost total respect for their rulers and leaders yeah it's it's psychologically debilitating it's it's it's it's got ridiculous anybody can anybody can run for president now it doesn't even matter presidency doesn't mean anyway they're not the ones that rule I don't know if you guys are familiar with this but the uh Homeland Securities act it changed it changed our government to a cabinet level at one time the president sat at the end of a long disc and on a daily basis he received briefs from from the DIA the DEA the FBI the CIA the state department all the way around the table everybody everybody gave their little two-minute brief and the president knew the Affairs of State basically and then when it went on about his business it's about about an hour and a half meeting and I think they did it Monday through Friday but uh this is the way our government operated prior to the Homeland Securities act but after 2001 when the World Trade Centers come down the Homeland Securities act changed that and they introduced the Homeland Securities director who now sits where the president was this is when we actually lost our nation into when the Homeland Securities director sat at the end of the table he now became the filter and the president heard nothing about any of this from any of these today all now answered answered to Homeland Security director he became the one with all the knowledge and the president became more and more public a lot of good questions in here guys I'm not going to get to them I'm about to hit my three hour mark and that's crazy I can't even believe I did that that is just crazy you guys gotta know man you gotta Break Free or Die Trying and by breaking and by Breaking Free every time you realize that life has gotten a little boring it's a little static what you once you once you fully what you fully adopt the idea that that wait a minute man what am I doing man same I did yesterday you got a brake pattern breaking pattern is how you introduce new coding into your life and the beauty about it is is you get to write that coding but if even if you don't breaking pattern still introduces New Opportunities they're provided by the construct but if you want to have a say in those opportunities then you can build those protocols listen to my we Immortals playlist or my live videos and podcasts and I'm always talking about this topic I'm also giving you examples of my own life of how I change you to become who I am today and it's a it's a huge change there are people that are in this chat feed who are with me back before I had 300 Subs two years ago they know and they know that everything that I said that I was going to do and I was going to be I've done and I'm doing right now so this is something that I have I lead by example though I'm not just a talking head sitting there trying to convince you in some formula you don't see a bunch of merchandise on my on my YouTube channel trying to sell you stuff and I've disabled all the ads in the middle of my video so it doesn't break up my content so don't think I'm here trying to just dig into your wallet because I'm not I don't need to I'm here to let you know that everything that you want in life is already existing it's just not at your coordinates if you want to close the distance between everything that you want in life and where you are presently located it's easy to do but you need to break pattern and start moving moving in a different direction and start knowing the direction you're going and start doing physical acts in the physical world that begin to commiserate with that knowledge that your life is about to change guys the formula can only be given to you in so many different ways but it's a beautiful thing and I'm gonna check out and I'm gonna thank my beautiful my beautiful moderators for having a great time and I want to let you know oh you've got more montage videos I release three Great Pyramid videos all all three videos contain all my information on the Great Pyramid except there's a follow-up video but it's all by itself so yeah guys it's uh oh you got a lot of con a lot more content coming and you already know those of you on arcakes.tv you already know we it hasn't even been 30 days hasn't even been 30 days our cakes.tv is already a wild success we have so many videos so many video contributors different people contributing to the platform putting their own videos in there uh that hey it's it's awesome it's an awesome little Community we have in there too and and in there I don't have to bite my tongue so yeah I mean I'm never going to be able to go through all these comments guys I'm sorry but we are going to check out because I have a fantastic fantastical outro yeah I know you guys have heard it you guys have all heard my outro but you know what you're gonna hear it again you're gonna hear it again