The Light of Egypt (Volumes I and II)

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Written by Thomas H. Burgoyne

"First published in 1889, "The Light of Egypt" was written by the Scottish born astrologer and occultist Thomas Henry Burgoyne. One of the founding members of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, Burgoyne claimed to be a psychic and that he was visited as a child by the Brotherhood of Light, a group of advanced beings who attempt to help humankind. Burgoyne moved to the United States in 1880 and came into contact with others who said that they too had been in contact with the Brotherhood of Light. Encouraged by these new associates, Burgoyne wrote "The Light of Egypt" in order to bring the teachings of the Brotherhood to the rest of humanity. As described by Burgoyne, the Brotherhood had initially been established to oppose the dominant religion in Egypt in ancient times and have continued as an esoteric occult order in the modern world. In Burgoyne's work he sought to provide lessons for the reader to practice in order to obtain spiritual wisdom and the relationship between the attainment of that wisdom and astrology. "The Light of Egypt" is essential reading for any student of the occult and esoteric mysticism." [1]

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