Hacking the Holosphere: Technics of Field Construction

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Streamed live on Jun 27, 2023

"This will be a LIVE Advanced Archaix veterans presentation from Asheville, North Carolina. We will discuss how YOU can create the experiences you want. Topic will address-

a. Field Generation and Interface Through Pattern Breaking- New Programming, New World

b. The Ancient Code: Diurnal Field Reset Protocol...Calendrics and Priestcraft were Day-Count Systems

c. The REM State: Soul Disconnect for Field Edits & Uploads

d. Field Propagation and Retrocausality: Imagining Falsity to Experience the Fact, or, The Palindromic Projecting of Dual Realities

e. Nonlocality Aspect of Intuition & Imagination: Awareness of Quantum Holography Empowers Projectability

f. Technics of a Psi-Based System: Order Instead of Chaos

g. Your Holography is Your Hell...Projecting Toward Others Codifies Your Own Reality...Do unto others..." [1]

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should be all right okay guys you know I like to start my shows with an audio check go ahead and let me I don't need 200 people telling me at the same time I just need a few let's see uh audio check that you see my dragon you got some familiar names in here I do see the lag I don't know we're in the Smoky Mountains yeah Blue Ridge we're in Blue Ridge Mountains okay there's not good Wi-Fi signal up here guys so you might have some lag but I'm pretty sure you're used to dealing with it audio was baller okay thank you that's a new one Mystic Mayhem that's a question for for a whole nother video we're not even on that today you can go check out the comments in that video Shiva shampoo thank you thank you moderators Wendy Flores Jahara Lee we got a couple other moderators that are at the Bush Intercontinental Airport right now they're going to be joining us when they get home they're going to be a little late we had to take them to the airport a couple hours ago uh they took a flight while we're we're in the van vlogmobile the Mystery Machine apparently I have been introduced into some rather famous people and I'm sitting in their tea room right now you guys it's beautiful as a matter of fact Big John's gonna pick up this camera here in a minute because we have some things to show you I came here for a very definitive purpose I have succeeded I'm not real happy about what it did to my pocketbook but I'm really happy about what I have I'm about to show it to you you guys know that I have a lot of books from 1801 all the way to 1912 but now I have books from the 1700s quite a few of them in a lot more books from the early early uh 1800s in some really good gyms things that I would have never imagined that I would have been I would have found the only problem with Asheville North Carolina is that these people understand the value of their old books and they price them accordingly this isn't like this isn't like Texas going through the Antique Road shows and then going in there and finding all these books for a dollar a dollar fifty a piece some of these people knew the value whereas this was offset by the generosity of local Aarons who donated an equal amount of books that I purchased I'm actually bringing back to Texas a lot of donations and I'm pretty humbled by that you know my books for your books you already know you're going to get YouTube videos out of them and some of you are going to be very astonished about what we're bringing to the table tonight we got a good presentation tonight about altering your reality about changing the fundamentals of your own existence retro causality creating a whole new past to forge a whole different future this is tonight's subject matter but before that Big John's going to pick up this camera and we're going to do a tour after we introduce our hosts would you please introduce yourself hi I'm Chris Chris so we've got delightful guests for several days we've been just basking in your presence and making until I'm asking in a lot of people's presence yes there has been a lot of people here guys we can't we walked in we walked into an unknown uh Dawn Hart and Maurice told us to come out here and we didn't know what we were walking into and apparently we walked into Freeman fly we walked into Alexandria we walked into an entire crowd of people and then come to find out that these are two OG original truthers right here who are very well known in the community and we're we're graced to to make their acquaintance we now have friends in this uh hostile territory of liberal Asheville North Carolina so we're going to start this right here um this is amazing 1753 the preservation of this book is is amazing and uh I'm just I'm not going to go through all the particulars and all these books this is the Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland and I know I've got a lot of Scots in my inbox a lot of you Scotts that are on my channel um you have mentioned you wanted a list of the of the books that I have in my library I have quite a few this is the oldest of Scottish histories so this is 1753. I'm gonna put this by the side right here this is 1798. Aristotle's Masterpiece completed I've never heard of this I've read all the works of Aristotle I haven't even cracked this all I know is that it was 1798 and only had a 200 price tag so I had to scoop it up I will find out when I get home uh just how valuable it is but a lot of these old books I've showed you guys in the past you got to have a magnifier to read these they're very small I think people were tiny about 300 years ago because uh this is just I don't even know how they got the printing blocks that tight Let's see we have another one from the 1700s right here guys The Works of Alexander Pope 1743. guys this was this was just a few years well let's see seven eight now this was nine years before the great octagonal star of Norway slovenge that appeared in the sky and blacked out the entire sky and fires appeared all over Europe 1752 guys you remember that video where I show those old wood Cuts very mysterious things happened in the sky this book was published before those events and it's amazing that's amazing we're gonna we're going to do some uh digging into that book as well got to be real careful with these boots from the 1700s guys we're gonna PDF them but we're gonna have to be careful when we do it this is the lawyers and magistrates magazine it's not the only magazine book we have we have well this is this is the Harper's review isn't it no it's not there was a Harpers original purpose it's in here somewhere we'll find it it's an old old Harper's review 1794. this is the court cases in 1793. you can read what people were getting sued about what they were getting convicted about what the punishments were this is basically the court blotter but uh yeah we might find some pretty interesting stories in here this is a rare treasure this is from the 1700s we don't have a definitive date but we're gonna get one we're gonna have to do our homework this is a it's already falling apart and it's because we bought so many old books from one store they donated this one because they couldn't put a price on it it's it's in bad condition but this is a this is a church prayer in Deacon manual for churches in the 18th century this is from the 1700s I can show you what they look like back then this is what the clergy used when they were educating the people the people weren't weren't allowed back then the people were not allowed access to the pulpit these were priests back then that read from these passages they had Choice passages that they read and this is this is Anglican this is in in England it wasn't until about 50 to 70 years after the publication of this book that they actually allowed the population to own Bibles now you have to understand this wasn't protestantism this was closer to English the Anglican and the Catholic Church they were very restrictive about who was able to read from the scriptures so restricted in fact that this is not a true Bible this is paraphrases out of the out of the scriptures because the Catholics did not want their people to know the whole Bible good interesting history here tell them uh tell them where it was at whenever we found it oh okay guys two crappy modern books that no one's ever gonna read and no one's ever gonna buy or set up in the corner of a store that no one's ever gonna look at until I was leaving the store with all my purchases and John had a whole box and I had a whole box and I just stopped and looked and saw this old book being used as a prop for two new books that had these huge price tags on it and I got that book for free all right this this one right here is 1802. it's in pretty bad shape too is this the one about Catholic children new teachers 1802 oh okay I see the young reader's book 1802 this is for children it's all it's basically the first chapter as a guide for teachers on how to teach about fairy tales and and children's stories you guys know my children's my old 1800s collection is getting rather large for children's books I think I need to do a PDF library on those uh for a lot of you have been asking me to do syllabuses for kids um I think that's a really good idea and I think we need to start with the arcades Library we're starting to get a lot of these old books from the 1800s or like Grimm's Fairy Tales and all these children's stories okay I know some of you are going to have a conniption fit but that's okay this is the complete works of Josephus and it's pretty damn old so I know there's a lot of controversy about Josephus we already know about those flavians as a matter of fact my host was educating me some more about the flavian conspiracy and while that's really interesting it's a foreign now remember in a prior video I showed you guys I have a paraphrase of Josephus from 1820s but it's nowhere near as authoritative as this it was just paraphrases and it doesn't have subdivided chapters like this does uh it was just a it's just a you know josephus's most famous quotes from uh Wars of the Jews and Antiquities in the Appian Way this is all all three of josephus's books so we're gonna do a comparative analysis between those PDFs that they're trying to pass around that say that they're authoritative Josephus that we know some of those PDFs have been paraphrased so we're gonna get down to it we're gonna see how they compare with these right here all right moving on no you don't have to move you guys always move oh no we have John will you show them how many books we're not going to go through all these books these books from the 1800s to 1912 we're not going to go through all those guys we're gonna go through some of them though look at this one of America's worst disasters is right here you guys have asked me about this this is the John Stone flood of 1889. what happened what happened can only be described as apocalyptic to the people in these communities uh it was it was devastating whole entire family's whole clans were just wiped out the infrastructure was heavily damaged uh this book is going to be a very interesting video because it's not going to be a rehash of a lot of the modern material that came out in 76 77 and in the 80s when this was a real popular topic we're going to go to the source we're going to find out exactly what happened and exactly how many people died and who was responsible because if we do remember there was a corporate uh culprit to all this so we'll move on to here's another one 1906 the San Francisco horror here's another one YouTube is Rife with misinformation about this you guys already know the uh the tiny hats have been very busy in their redactions we'd already know that the that the Chinese cooling system what was going on in San Francisco had to be cleaned out and we also know that there was a lot of Corporations who were involved in these type of things what we've been told about this disaster is nothing short of a lie they sanitize that area during an earthquake yes an earthquake happened but a whole lot more happened and they took advantage of the disaster we're gonna get to the bottom of it foreign this is my treasure well I got one other treasure but this is the treasure guys I've got two different newspapers from May 1902 describing all the unusual events that happened in that year you guys know I've got seven videos on 1902 alone this is the third hardback book of the disasters that occurred in 1902 I have three books now and now I have enough to do a video these three books in my two newspapers from 1902 is more than enough to do a video it'll either be my seventh or eighth video on 1902. so I'm pretty excited about this too and now Danny of release the shackles the unfuckers group I'm really sorry but no you'll never get this book from me guys I am embarrassed to admit that I paid eleven hundred dollars for this book this is it right here can you can you focus in on that this is what I have in my position now this is something that has been sought across platforms everywhere I understand a lot of people have PDFs of these old books from the 17 and 1800s but it's a whole different story entirely when you have a receipts book in your possession this is absolutely amazing that a book this old volume 1 and volume two is so preserved 140 something years old is so preserved it looks like no one's ever opened this before the detailed artwork of all the medicinal plants that are known in the Americas what their properties are and how you how you turn them into a homeopathic remedies the information that's in these books is the same information that is being kept from you from the Fortune 500 companies that own the pharmaceutical companies that now synthesize these exact same things to hide these homeopathic recipes these books here contain that information they contain the very things that have been patented away from you this is my third book on the all of this nature so this is a this is a invaluable and believe me it was worth the money to me I will PDF this let's set this camera back up this Lake foreign Let's do an audio check again real quick you guys know I like to run my mouth because sometimes y'all won't even listen to me Mr lemus I got your attention all right okay audio's good thank you guys audio's good I mean good company the coffee is good the weather's good okay homeopathic remedies are good but even more important we should never lose lose sight of the fact that we are amazing amazing spiritual creatures so absolutely in tuned between the physical world through our psyche that even something as simple as the placebo effect can basically cure us of anything that we suffer and the Very fact that this phenomenon is real and very well documented necessarily implies that we are more than we suppose ourselves to be and if we follow this logic that something like the placebo effect just the mere belief in an abstract that can actually bring a positive event into a negative situation the very fact that this has been so widely documented means necessarily that we are thinking things into existence and this means we are much more than we suppose ourselves to be and that many of the things that we experience on a daily basis just might be tied to the very thoughts that we had yesterday the very experiences that we had yesterday just might be intrinsically entwined with belief systems that we formally fit into last week guys I've told you many times that the central nervous system is the bridge between the psyche and the simulated context that we find ourselves in and I know many of you have had a hard time wrapping your mind around a simulated world but I do not believe that a true oversoul would ever create a Predator versus prey ecosphere therefore we're here we are contained in something else and if that's something else has all the Hallmarks of violence that are very cleverly concealed within things we call Natural phenomena where creatures in order to sustain their biological avatars have to tear into and invoke Terror and pain into other living organisms then we need to think this through we need to process information we need to figure out exactly what it is that we're experiencing Because innately deep inside you you know that's not right you know that a loving oversoul would never create a situation where entities would have to devour each other in order to maintain their sustenance it's not right so for us to have been normal for this to be normalized for the first two it was so readily accepted this means that we have been programmed to accept it there's no way a rational being who accepts that they're an immortal passing through flowing through a Continuum which is nothing but programming a construct that was designed by something to deceive us Whatever by natural consequence of just logic ever assume that this is normal because it's not something else has happened and we don't really like to speculate I mean we can follow the traditional lore we can go into the Sumerian cuneiform we know we can read all about zoo we can we can see how the absolute absolutely there was a controversy in ancient times where a God was accused of helping human beings we can but it's still speculation because what if the Sumerians only invented the story to explain the phenomena itself we don't know so not knowing I'm gonna have to check the sign language that's going around around me right now with Big John because he's really distracting me right now sorry brother you all right yeah I'm good I'm having a seizure okay so so going on with raw audio or anything no no everything seems cool cool oh oh man shout out to those uh guys who have done the donations I really appreciate it you guys know that uh I disable all the ads in the middle of my video so I do not want to break up my content my content is way too important I don't give a damn about that money I have enough donors and I sell enough books as a published author to to to it plateaus out guys but those of you those of you who do donate I appreciate that because Big John he likes to eat and my van likes that gas and I'm probably gonna pay for that statement later on tonight but dearly for that statement so let me get my my syllabus out for the night because I promise to talk about some things you guys have been asking me about and we're gonna we're gonna wrap this up with the Q a but you're gonna have to stay on topic this is not a freestyle though we're gonna go on for three or four hours we're going to stay on topic tonight your questions have to be relative to the content so so one of the principles what's the print the the main teachings that you have to understand that I've told you guys over and over I can't stress enough that if you're living a day-to-day mundane existence that's absolute copy it is a blueprint of the day you live before if you find yourself in that rut you have to break patterns if you don't break pattern you will never change the fundaments of your life you'll never change you have to understand you're in a mathematical construct the arithmetic will always obey laws those laws are always connected to patterns this is like Mendel brought frequency it's gonna maintain the exact same pattern even in different different dimensions of arithmetic and if you don't do something to break pattern your life will continue to unfold down the same reality tunnel you've been traveling because you're going down a trajectory and if you don't alter it then you're going to have the same experience as those same experiences will cause the same destitute attitude that destitute attitude that anxiety will always create an imprint it's a feedback loop because you feel destitute you will automatically fall into a depression that causes you to do the exact same things you did before which is providing a situation where you're acting and being in stasis and as long as you're not a projector you're a receiver and as long as you're a receiver the construct itself will take this as a command it is going to mathematically construct for you the very thing you're all already doing because it does not care what you say it only observes what you do when the physical Avatar is moving in a certain direction it will always create that reality tone you are actually sending waveforms of yourself into the future remember this is a palindromic sequencing meaning what you do in the present affects both the past and the future this is why something as simple as retro causality you imagining that you actually had a much better day yesterday will create a better day for you tomorrow if you are in the present thinking that you get your yesterday was terribly effed up in that you're you're anxious about it and you're mad and you're pissed at somebody and you all you do is dwell on yesterday the construct will reflect that back of circumstance you will Forge for yourself the exact mathematical construct the reality that you lived in the past and you imagine in the present will become your reality tomorrow you do this to yourself every single day this is this is because there is a non-local element to the human psyche if you don't recognize by now that you are independent of your avatar then your tomorrow will always be like today if you think you are a body and not it's not in a moral within then there's no way that you will ever enter that co-creative relationship with the construct for those of you who are new to my channel and you're offended by terms like construct the similacrum the neutral field you have to understand that I often imply physics principles only to be neutral and not offend but we're talking about an oversoul and Immortal relationship we're talking about a co-creator relationship anybody who thinks they're here on their own volition is only fooling themselves something put you here and it puts you here for a reason this is why I'm telling you guys all the time the most the most pitiful Souls those who are stuck in Dungeon programming this negative default programming that absolutely saturates the collective it induces all these psychosis and depressions listen Guys these are the people who think they're here to save the world those who believe that they're here to save the world do nothing but reap an entire lifetime of regret and negative experiences but the individual who realizes that they're here to pass through they're a Sojourner they're a pilgrim they don't belong in this construct they're an immortal Soul here to learn lessons to take what they can to grow and mature and bring those with them who who also vibrate on the same frequency These Are the souls that make their exit they don't belong in the construct once they awaken they're no longer welcome here the construct wants you in Dungeon programming it wants you stuck in the Paradigm of this feedback loop which is the Predator verse is per equal sphere if you're a participant in these activities it will reward you you will you will reap the benefits of of the construct but if you think you're going to save the collective from the construct itself then you don't understand just how powerful negative default programming is you're not going to save the world there's a hundred million people in the past 100 years who have prayed fervently for a cure for cancer and that has not happened yet there's a hundred million people that have suffered a hundred million ailments and by virtue of belief and activities some of those people have healed themselves and yet and yet given the the credit to the pharmaceutical companies but the truth of the matter is is all healing comes from within the Avatar is absolutely invested with peptides and the peptides are activated by spiritual activity it is just the opposite guys the brain is not the origin of the thinking capacity of intellect and being in Human and cognition in mnemonics none of this comes from the brain the brain releases hormones which are commiserate with whatever thoughts it receives from the spirit it is the exact opposite of what you're taught in by Academia the brain is the chain to the central nervous system by which your Immortal Soul experiences a physical reality even though this isn't real and because it's not real it's things like the placebo effect that become more real than the actual medicines that we ingest if you if you can't wrap your mind around the placebo effect you're not going to be able to move forward with this type of material the placebo effect has been widely documented to heal people by nothing but the agency of their belief in a remedy no matter what they were suffering and the Very fact that that happens means that the peptides we have within our body can absolutely replicate whatever they need to to synthesize whatever they need to for the human body to restore itself to become more regenerative and for the Avatar to be in sync with the spirit Within this is the message I've given to you guys in many videos in the past what I'm trying to tell you right now though is that being Immortal means we're also Timeless if we accept that the oversoul is himself or herself is eternal then we cannot think of it as a singularity that means the oversoul has never stopped creating and if that's true then that means the dynamic between the oversoul and all the Immortals that the oversoul has spawned isn't over yet either more and more of us are being created as more and more worlds need to be filled as more and more Cosmos cosmosis are filled with civilizations and sentient beings that need to know more about the oversoul itself this will require stewards this this will require training facilities this will require some milochromes whole world falsified artificial realities where Immortal Souls can learn develop pass through his pilgrims and then move on to destinations as the Creator continues to create this is why it's unending if if our oversold oversoul is eternal then the creation is eternal as well in the generation of new Souls into the constructs is unending this means there will always be a place and that means we we are on a trajectory as Immortal beings this is only a stepping stone we may be going through many constructs just like this I am open to the many worlds thesis it's not dissimilar for many many ancient cosmologies but what we have to understand is if things are as Timeless as as they're conveyed then this necessarily implies then what we experience in the present by virtue of imagination we can actually build a falsified version of the past to create a much better future if you don't like your past you can imagine a new one if you think that's necessary for you to change the trajectory of the events in your life for you to build a better tomorrow if retro causality is so real as our physicists tell us then it doesn't matter which direction on the plane you go the outcome will be the same our experience is only linear but we can build in any direction we want to in the construct will reciprocate so this is my message tonight and this is what I want to open the floor with with q a q you guys know q a goes in multiple different directions but we need to stay on topic before before we remove retro causality is is the subject matter tonight uh I just wanted to introduce all these new books and my new friends and all that but let's go deep on the on the Q a and John's going to read the questions uh as you see them okay and we're going to keep this video to the two hour limit because you guys know I'll talk for six hours if you let me any questions out there you can come you can um bill so while he's while he's finding questions another thing I want to address is uh some of you have asked me about sleep and I've told you I said listen it's the only time that the construct can actually interfere and override the soul within while you're awake you your true personality who you are the immortal within you're aware therefore the construct can't really interfere when you go into REM sleep that is exactly when the construct comes in and does its edit it it will build your name the next day is reality tunnels this this edit or in reset system is absolutely necessary it's not necessary for the Avatar because we already know about virtual science that under the right conditions that humans don't even need sleep something else is making us go to sleep to go through this repair system to slower metabolism down and and for this disconnect this because the central nervous system it is what Moors The Immortal to the construct but during REM sleep there's a disconnect during that disconnect you're not here anymore you're somewhere else I don't know where that is because I'm in here with you right now but I assure you the immortal within doesn't go to sleep Spirits don't require rest therefore for for a short period of time there's a disengagement from the Avatar so the construct can do its work because remember I have whole videos explaining to you guys that your body is a part of the construct itself you can never confuse your body with being your own it's not you are jacked into the simulation in the body Avatar itself belongs not to you but to the construct you got a question yeah so can you see it on the screen like I just like clicked it on the oh yeah that's an excellent way to do it all right that's an excellent way to do it okay one dad how big or radical must the pattern break be what's your experience okay I'm gonna tell you now this the answer to this question lies with the individual there is no syllabus I can give you for that if you think opposition exists I promise you opposition will appear if you believe that it only takes a small modicum of change in order to alter the trajectory of events in your life then that's all that's going to require remember guys I tell you over and over and over you are the law everything else is just waiting to understand what the command is the problem lies in that you often do with your avatar the exact opposite of what you profess with your mouth and this is the problem I've been I'm guilty of it too my friends are guilty of my loved ones are guilty we do this all the time we know what we want to do in life we profess with our tongues what we want to do in life and then with our avatars we move in a totally different direction so the construct will always follow the example of the Avatar and not the individual Within so yeah it doesn't take much but if you think that there are a lot of things that you need to do before you can modify the elements of your existence then I promise you the construct will make sure there are many things that you need to learn first before you can modify anything if once you understand that you are the law the construct will reciprocate right that's a good question let's put it up there all righty there you go oh Athena Stavro there's a Greek name okay let's see let me uh get that out if our subconscious controls our waking state how can we control our subconscious thank you okay you haven't heard the word subconscious for me I don't say so no no one on my videos do I ever say unconscious or subconscious I'm not going to get into parapsychology I'm not going to get into psychology these are beyond my realm of experience I don't know anything about it because it's really hard now we're now now we're splitting hairs and talking about different concepts and terms I don't know I know when I'm awake and I know when I'm asleep so I don't really know I know that I'm a spiritually Immortal being and I know that my informed field possesses every piece of data that I've ever ever experienced in all my prior life Sims I recognize that this is only one Avatar of many that I have possessed I understand that I am far more ancient than Jason Brashears and so are you but my informed field possesses all this data and I don't have access to it until I am I am disconnected from the Avatar that disconnected event I have all that back I remember every live stream I've been I've been all it's all programming I have of it all you do too but as long as you're jacked into this meat suit which doesn't belong to you as long as you are jacked into the central nervous system which is a series of five filters that allows the immortal to believe that it's in a physical world as long as this filtering system is happening you're not going to be able to remember all these past lives or what you've been doing or who you really are it's not possible because you are chained into the construct itself your body doesn't belong to you it belongs to the similacrone this falsified reality this false World your body is a mathematical architecture that belongs to a construct that is independent of your Immortal soul once this once you process this and you understand this you'll get it you'll understand it listen information is in the field it's not in your brain information is everywhere sit in a dark room try to concentrate on nothing and you'll understand what I'm talking about because the force of motion is going to overcome you if you're not listening to anything and you and you concentrate on not thinking about anything thoughts are going to swim through your head and you're going to realize they're invasive they're not they're not your own they're coming from somewhere else so this uh I'm all I'm not I'm not I'm not on board with the subconscious and all these are things that other people are more qualified to talk about that than me I'm not I'm not with it so this uh you you kind of brought up uh sitting and sitting alone in a dark room and trying not to think about anything so there there's another question cool that was similar to that like do you meditate do you find that it helps you know is meditation a practice that I guess to expand on that okay I I'll get it lunar piscion nice name lunar piscion do you meditate do you find that it helps I have meditated in the past do I meditate out of habit or regularly no I do not I believe again it's relative it's relative to what you need where you are in life if you're going through things and you're vibrating on a terrible frequency and things not going in your life you're not syncing with anybody around you things aren't going yeah I believe meditation is necessary you need you need to find your way in life through thought first before you do anything you need to figure out and it's all internal every bit of this is an internal struggle because what we go through internally is directly in proportion to what is physically ongoing around us in our own world so yeah I do not practice meditation regularly I'm actually very busy but I do enter a meditative State when I'm reading there's somebody that does come over me when I'm absorbing information and I actually become one with the very things that I read I will I will become so absorbed in a book I actually begin to experience what I'm reading I don't remember reading it anymore but I have the information to me that the type of meditation and I understand that meditative practices are many you're going to have to find one that comports with you uh can I find something that's like well well you're looking for another question we'll just continue on okay so this person has put it on here a couple of times so I'll let you go ahead and look at it and does it popping up yeah it should be up oh you know what q a can also involve our hosts uh-oh uh-oh q a can involved these are some so let me uh answer this this is a John Cuda do you believe everything is already created is that the same as the creation is ongoing okay this is a really tricky question here I'm going to answer to the best of my ability but I believe everything is information by virtue of the central nervous system we processes it all this data into a field that when we fill that field with all these physical forms that we interpret as books as we interpret as dressers and we interpret as architecture as we interpret it as other avatars but this goes into the diurnal aspect that I've told you guys about in the past remember all the ancient cylindrical systems were based on Day Count systems and this is why so many modern authors have no idea what they're talking about chronologically I have shown you guys many times these old Sumerian Academia especially the whole Mech the Mayan the cliche the ancient Egyptian every single one of these calendars counted days they had no concept of years during these during these Millennia these Day Count systems are the same thing found in the Book of Genesis the very first time keeping system mentioned in the Bible is the evening in the morning was the first day the Old Dutch orelind manuscript says that the Ancients only factored days they did not count years there are many historical texts that tell us this during the vapor Canopy World there was no concept of the year because to measure a year you have to have seasons we did not have seasons until after the cataclysm we didn't have rainbows until after the cataclysm it took the Sky Fall rolling before the vapor canopy was gone for a rainbow to even appear so every bit of this that we have documented the historical record is attached to this old Day Count system that has been misinterpreted remember guys the Mayan loan count is 13 bactins each backing is 144 000 days this means the entire Mayan loan count did not add up to any years 360 or 365 it's one million 872 000 days and this is why it could not end in 2012. it ends in 2046. this diurnal system was understood by the Ancients and we need to know and we need to understand why why was it so important for their ancients to believe the generative process took an entire evening in the morning was that was the first day the evening in the morning was the second day and God created this in the evening in the morning was the next day and then God created the next thing in the evening in the morning why was the evening and morning so important I'm going to tell you why this construct is based off diurnal programming meaning this is what frustrates so many people who are trying to change the Dynamics of their existence and they want immediate results and you won't get them you want to alter the trajectory of your life right now today in the present the results that you're expecting if you're successful will happen tomorrow because the programming that you're experiencing right now was already knit for you yesterday every single time you go to sleep the edit in the disconnect occurs so it can upload new programming routines and new new reality tunnels those reality tunnels are commiserate with whatever you program your reality to be the construct will obey the immortal but often The Immortal is only falling into the routines and subroutines of the construct itself which is dungeon programming putting you into a polarity putting you into something and you're going to be Republican you're going to be conservative you're going to be Democrat you're going to be socialist you're going to be a nationalist you're going to be a you're going to be a patriot they're going to be black you're going to be stuck on on afrocentricism you're gonna be stuff on on aryan aryan white supremacy it's always going to try and find the niche that satisfies the soul within because then it can saturate you with all the programming that will keep you in that because it's all about remember guys the construct itself is subject to two major laws and one is the law of diminishing returns and the other one is the law of conservation of energy the construct thrives on putting people in these polarities because those niches already have the programming set and it doesn't have to expend so much power on that it expends a lot of power though on people who go their own way on the free thinkers on the errands on the Rebels on the Immortals who do not abide by the dictates of negative default programming these are the ones that construct has a problem with these are the ones that are always breaking pattern and it forces the construct to spend more energy trying to create new realities for these people because they keep building new worlds within the construct and the construct doesn't like that so I just entertained one of my famous tangents guys and can't even remember the question uh you you pretty much answered it um so there's a question from Merrell Gigi uh that was a pretty good question hi Meryl so it should pop up you know what thank you for that donation Merle you definitely helped helped out definitely helped out thanks Merrill is a long time supporter you know if she's great she's great and she also asked the most irk some questions yeah sure I thought you're gonna say delicious questions they are they are I'm just teasing her because I know she's listening Jason if we are the law can we instruct that the Phoenix go away and not hurt other people even the collective also why would Inky or Enoch the savior help us okay that's two questions Meryl one the Phoenix phenomenon as you guys know you've already followed I don't have to I don't have to sit here and tell you all the all these data sets all over you already know those of you listening especially in Maryland you've already reviewed all this material I can't answer affirmatively if we're going to be enough to ever alter programming that is inside the construct that only affects the collective because you're immune to it remember the Phoenix phenomenon is a it's it's highly discriminating remember guys we have the codes all through the historical record of the free thinkers the errants remember all throughout the Old Testament it was always the Israelites were that were immune to these major judgments when the angel of death appeared in the sky the Phoenix phenomenon when they said remember in The Exodus story they left they left an evil world and they were allowed to because they were made immune by an actor Avatar did they it didn't have anything to do with the blood it had everything to do with the belief that performing a certain ritual would make them immune from the very punishment that the rest of the land was receiving the Egyptians didn't follow through at the ritual they didn't put blood over the over the Lambs so the rest of the rest of the nation suffered terribly under 10 plagues the Israelites were freed from that it wasn't the only time even before that in 1687 BC that was 14 that was 1447 BC but in 1687 BC before that remember Jacob and the Israelites were fighting the Canaanites led by the MRI after their sister Dino was raped this is all told in the book of jasher and in the talomotic text the story is told that Jacob knew that something dark was about to happen in the sky and he prayed to God for deliverance but he but he specifically said do not deliver those who offended his daughter Dinah and the Canaanites suffered rocks that fell from the sky the sun darkened and according to the Book of Joshua was the worst earthquake that the Canaanites had ever experienced Seven Nations of Canaan were beat by less than 70 men because Jacob had Jacob had 11 Sons at the time and their families and their retainers and it was less than 70 men that fought off these amorites and the main reason they were destroyed was because they didn't perform the ritual that jacobites did so we have these examples over and over and over of people performing things that actually actually created an informed field that was recognized by the construct and the construct reciprocated and obeyed the Phoenix phenomenon Merrell is the same thing over and over and over we have seen the communities that survived it doesn't make sense even with the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah when the when Sodom and Gomorrah and adma and zebollum were destroyed scripture is very very careful to tell us that a small community called Bala was untouched yet they're right there in the middle of the area of Destruction again we have the same phenomenon that the Phoenix phenomenon destroys the collective it completely wrecks the elite all their all their institutions everything going on in the collective but the minority of people who are awake seem to escape every single time to rebuild the world which is something that's very interesting because in the New Testament says the meek shall inherit the earth what if that's not a prophecy and it's an observation what if that has happened multiple times so Meryl I don't know if enough people are going to be able to alter the Phoenix phenomenon because it's a it's just it's a program of the construct itself I don't know but the question kind of implies that you're still on board with saving the world and I don't believe that's why you're here Meryl I believe you're here to pass through it you're a pilgrim you're a Sojourner you're not a savior that's somebody else's role it's uh I hope that answers your question but even Enoch you you guys already know all my published books you know I'm very very thorough Enoch of the Sumerian records was 12 centuries later called Enoch by the Jewish scribes who who read the histories of Inky in the Babylonian libraries and uh for those who want more information on that just go to the 1920s 1930s Albert T clay scholar Manny breaks that stuff down Samuel Noah Kramer uh the original sumorologist please don't read Zechariah sitchin and go with any of that garbage that's it's going to mislead you and have you believing in all kinds of of uh of stuff that's just patently untrue um you're a Maureen Gallery Kovacs you want to you want to know what the Sumerian texts were in the cuneiform and how the Babylonians absolutely corrupted invented mythologies from what were originally just men you need to read the translators who are putting that data out in 1910 to about 1930 because once Zechariah sitchin entered the scene Sumerian anuna studies became Anunnaki studies and it's become a farce ever since so although answered your question all Merrell let's see there's no rush with you guys my beautiful hosts what either one either one of you have anything to do are you just enjoying the show so far we're just enjoying um seeing some parallels with the yoga system okay well I will be the first to admit that aside from Reading commentaries on uh The Vedic texts I have read the bahagavad-gita all about Arjuna I have read I have read the Mahabharata uh but most of my experience with the old Yogi I think yoga or Yogi system or yogic yoga it's from Scholars who were very knowledgeable about it not the actual texts themselves oh I'll give you I'll give you example there is a writer named busenbark I would love to send you this book I have it in my I have it in my library in many of my my readers have ordered this book but busanbark wrote a book called sex symbols in the stars and he quotes all these puranic texts and bettas and and he has this massive compendium of knowledge about the ancient world and mysticism and all and this is what this is his Source materials you know his name is Busan Larkin his book's like 100 years old but I love it it's been reprinted many times there's many Publishers they carry it it's a popular your book maybe Steve could articulate that about just the action being um like you are not the Doer well that's that's the main theme of the bhagavad-gita correct that you are merely the occasion for all this to be happening so you know the uh the um the concept of dealership is problematic or more than problematic and you know and then just going to you know the experiences that I've had that maps onto what you talk about you're the language you use is Avatar and construct you know but I'll say like personality or the or what we call the ego you have when you get into some meditative stage the Eureka just turns into a joke you know I mean it's a laughable concept and here I am I'm you know running this show and and doing this thing you know and um and the other thing it maps on what you're talking about is the fact that it's not that there's that Maya's illusion and there's like this real world someplace else it's that it's all illusion there's nothing but Maya and that you think you're thinking your own thoughts but your thoughts are just passing through and it's a glacier it's it's something it's an Affliction it's a hindrance well that's how I hear that yeah so it really does it these two conversations support one another they're not in Conflict also however so so essentially we're talking about the same concept we're using different languages well what I was saying to Maury the other day is I appreciate look we had training for 10 years in the yoga in a classically oriented yoga ashram it's not like hot yoga right okay it was a serious School we also at the same time were compelled to learn Western philosophy because we are westerners right right we are not we are not Indian so the understanding there was that you need to know the ground that you're standing on you don't see the ground you cannot see the ground you're standing on you are standing on the shoulders of people who went before 100 and you think that you're the doer you think you're doing something but it's just this movement this Rita the Ritu or the Rita of life it's like a river that flows and it's flowing it's constantly flowing it's like you can't step into the same river twice it's that same so you've got the Greeks saying it and you've got the yogi saying it and you're saying it and Mori was saying it yesterday and what I appreciate is that people who have never been rigorously training with with with Incredible teachers come to this through their own experience to their own life experience and put it in the vernacular and I think that's a wonderful way to reach people because I could sit here and talk about the same thing but maybe it wouldn't reach so many people because the languages let's discuss that um essentially what my hosts are conveying is that we are all on the same page they are more educated in the ancient systems they're very familiar with the The Vedic the the Hindu and all the later all the later teachings after that of the Eastern um I guess it's not mysticism but Eastern religions really use the word religion and other philosophy doesn't work either yeah so so the uh East well Eastern Eastern gnosis so philosophy what she's what she's basically intimating here is that we're on the same page and we're just using a different vernacular and I would like to address that the reason I I stick with Avatar is because we talk about NPCs we talk about reality having very computerized components to it um because technology is a very real thing today and we're already going into our VR systems that are very very realistic if I can show that something is true at one point in history that it's probably been true somewhere at all points in history and this is a tenant on my channel if I can show I'm all I'm often telling my listeners that listen it only takes us 200 years to go from horse and buggy to Hadron Collider so concern yeah yes and CERN yeah all that so so yeah I believe that I speak in terms of avatars in the body because I don't believe that the body has anything to do with the spirit within it I mean it's just a it's just a biological husk and even biology is a misnomer it's part of the construct doesn't belong to me it belongs to the holography around me you know I don't really understand the whole concept of Maya that much but I do understand that the aboriginals of Australia had their basic concept too with the dream time and the spirit Walkers of ancient Native American times they had their their concept that there was a whole other world accessible but they had to do it through the smoke houses and all that um but yeah I get all that but and the Greeks too I mean The pre-socratic Creeks especially armenides and and pedicles they talk about the exact same thing about the illusory nation of nature of the world and really what should have been the spiritual foundational um writing for western civilization was the poem that uh that Parmenides writes when he goes to the underworld and Persephone gives him a teaching right and it's two parts it's it's the teaching of being which being is eternal it's one it's unchanging he's speaking of pulmonities um he right so the being is those two teachings that Persephone gives him being his one being his eternal being you know so it's unchanging and then and then at the end she goes yeah but I'm going to teach you about what we'll call the construct I'm going to teach you she teaches him about the um what do you call it the Tropic of Cancer Capricorn the Tropic of Cancer she talks about how the world is constructed so that you can so you can succeed in this construct um she teaches him that but it's not real it's not what be it's not the being you know so so it's right at the base of Western civilization and then my take is that Plato and Aristotle leaders astray especially Aristotle into a certain type of rationalism which is which is the idea that you can get to the real through thought and when your experience is that you need to get rid of thought well everybody knows I got a problem to play though my problem with Play-Doh is Graham Hancock but it's a I'm not gonna get into that you guys don't don't blow up my chat you guys already I'm not gonna get into that but uh yeah play those 9 000 units of time was talked about that yes that was that was from so long was told by the priest of say so when you do your homework and you find out about the priesthood stage they used to learn our calendar this is exactly what you docsa said you docsus criticized Plato in Plato's day your docs is published and eudosis was a scientist an astronomer a mathematician and architect he was far more qualified than Plato was and he specifically corrected Plato and said those were moons not years he says the Egyptians did not count uh years because Egypt did not trust the sun remember the sun Herodotus told us this the Egyptians didn't like this soon because it had deviated its course four times in Egyptian history and that they wouldn't record by it so they only they only factored moons and this is what dates Atlantis to the 13th century BC and the proof is is that the Atlantis story of Plato specifically mentions that Athens was founded the Greeks were participants in Egypt existed all during the time that Atlantis was destroyed none of that happened to nine thousand ten thousand or eleven thousand BC it all happened in the 13th century BC so yeah it's a eudosis is Right Graham Hancock is wrong and we can move on okay but um it's settled it's settled so we do need we do need to to to go back to something because we we kind of went over a little too fast but the diurnal system We're not gonna we're not going to go back on the calendars we've already beat that up with about 18 videos but the diurnal system is the reason why you're told to have faith it's the reason why you're told to be patient it's the reason why you're told to believe in the very changes that you knit for yourself in your own reality it's because people get frustrated when they don't get immediate results so when you think that you have done something and that reality should reciprocate in the immediacy and that changes should be done right now guys your today was knit for you yesterday by your actions what you did yesterday what you were thinking the emotional plateaus you were on were emotional descents whatever you did yesterday built your today therefore therefore you you have a problem if you want if you want your tomorrow to be different than today then today's the day you need to make those changes because all it takes remember guys it's real simple if the end is secure then all the steps leading to the end are secure as well but if you think you physically have to do all the little things in your life to make the end result unfold then the construct is going to make you make sure you go through those hurdles before you see any changes in your life so you can't get upset today because you're not living the life that you don't you you can't do it because today was knit for you because of what you imposed on the construct yesterday and the pattern break is the disconnect when the soul is separated from the simulation through REM when you are going through the edit process when your avatar is being jacked in with all the codes with all the different reality tunnels all the possibilities the next wake period could possibly unfold for you are all meant for you by your informed field and your informed field carries all the attitudes and all the potentialities of tomorrow but it was done from the day before so this is why you have to have that Faith you have you have to call you have basically call those things that aren't as as if they are and you have to move forward as if something is already true even though in your immediacy it's not because this this is how you pattern this pattern break is is essential this is how you communicate with the field you don't do it with your mouth remember guys I've told you many many times a hundred million Daydreams will never result in a change in your reality you can lay your head on your pillow a hundred thousand times and fantasize about the future and it will never bring those things to pass your avatar has to move in the direction just for a short period of time just to create a pattern your avatar must follow further must be a physical action to commiserate with a mental construct and when those two are done the construct receives that signal and it starts patterning with the trajectory but it's up to you to follow through and it believe me this is a co-creator relationship if you think that you have to build this by yourself then it's never going to happen for you this is a co-creator relationship you're the mental you're the mental Alchemist you're going to build your reality mentally you're going to move in that direction just for a short period of time and then the construct is going to build the rest for you which you can't get frustrated today because if you didn't knit those changes into your reality yesterday then you're not going to receive them today either remember it's a diurnal system it was understood by the Ancients that the change comes in the following day not the day not the day that you're actually existing in there has to be a disconnect that pattern break is necessary where the spirit is separated from the simulation so the construct can upload new routines new commands new realities for you when your soul is separated from the Avatar in rem when you awaken this is why every morning no matter how bad your night was no matter how awful the night before was how many times have you awakened in the morning six seven eight o'clock in the morning and all of a sudden you just had a totally new attitude whole new day you didn't even feel all that angst and animosity and animus from the night before yeah remember guys I believe it was goth I believe he said sleep the night brings counsel but he may have been quoting a much older Source because I do believe I've read that in the Greeks as well but uh it's true it's true that disconnect was understood by the Ancients they would this is this is why they they had the breakfast this is why the evening in the morning was the first day this is why the night always preceded the day the disconnect was necessary in the beginning of the day so the rest of the day would unfold but somebody over the passage of Millennia has completely reversed the phenomenon for us to where now we regard Sunrise as the beginning of the day but this is not the way it was in ancient times in ancient times when the sun went down the day began and the day was already half over by the time the sun appeared in the sky that was that was Daybreak that's when you ate that's when you broke your fast this is the ancient concept and it was more natural to us back then this is how people were performing great things because they would sleep during that that darkness and when they slipped during that Darkness they would wake up as sudden came up half their days over but it's a whole new reality for them they could do a whole lot more things and by the time the sun went down they still had half a day left and the night time was when everybody feasted they communicated they made love they did their family they did chores in the cool of the night this is the whole concept has been completely reversed today than it was that our predecessors knew it this diurnal system is absolutely integral to understanding not only how the Ancients measured time like I've showed you guys all these cylindrical Mysteries make sense once you understand that but it also had everything to do with our relationship with the construct itself you got another question yeah it's up there I've been running my mouth all this time and that question's been there you answered the one one thing let's do it with the yoga system so there is a yoga Sutra or it's a commentary it's the suffering of the future that's to be avoided it's a yoga suture then in the maybe the second Potter y it's in the Sanskrit it's ham do come on and duka means dissatisfaction or suffering She's suffering of the future it's the suffering of the future that's to be avoided that can be avoided the past is already finished it's complete the present you can't change the present because it's now what you can do is exactly what you laid out is to structure for your tomorrow because I like the way that you said that it's like it's it's it's woven into the fabric it's baked into the cake it's already done you you've set the stage for tomorrow by what you did yesterday and today and and you and by extension your ancestral past so the entire past of The Human Condition is all see yourself as a point with a trajectory and an arrow going back behind you the entirety of Human Experience is contained within this point that you are right I call that the informed field perfect but that's I just wanted to say that that's there there is an actually a yoga Sutra that addresses just what you said and I I speak more in sutras right you know I love the pithy sayings because they're what Robert Gilbert who's a sacred geometry teacher here in Asheville he calls them packed thought forms and that's exactly what a yoga Sutra is and you have to unpack it and that's why sutures have commentaries but you're the commentarian so you would be like doing all the commentaries on the yoga sutras I have no idea how to spell that so thank you welcome yeah I'm really enjoying to see how I appreciate it it just comes out of you natively you know you seem to know it from your own life experience that but I package things in you know modern concepts for Generation today that are very computer literate yes because every bit of this just does it it's all associative to to virtual reality it's all associative to this Dynamic this this computerized world we live in you can break it down to the only thing real here is Spirit the only thing really hear spirit and everything else is just artificial construct which is which can be in its lowest common denominator everything is arithmetic but then arithmetic is nothing but the measuring of frequencies of different wavelengths of spirit so the more and more we and the more Yeah the more and more we just we we actually analyze the substrate of reality it's all spirit it's all different modes of spirit it's all so all right you got let's see Teresa Blackburn how you doing so Jason as we are in con West as we are in constant co-creation is it that our ability to truly be only in the present moment at any time the way to create most effectively it was lovely to meet you Saturday hi Theresa I remember you oh okay that's a good question that's a good question uh I I don't like to deal in absolutes when it become when it when it comes to the individual um many of my past presentations I've given the difference you're living in two different realities at the exact same time one is the personal the highly individualizing mortal within this is your reality everything your experiences experiencing is is you this is this is this is basically the immortal within it's highly personal to you the other reality that's unfolding and that you phase back and forth with all the time on a daily basis is the collective and the collective is governed by negative default programming this Predator versus prey ecosphere and this is this Total War you feel every single day as the construct is trying to lay these traps for you and these enticements for you to to move in the direction that the Avatar wants to move in not the immortal Within these two phases of reality this is this is this Duality that you feel every single day that says tug of war that you have and you often you often blame yourself or blame God when it's actually the construct this is why you're a pilgrim you're a soldier and you're here to learn grow mature develop pass through and become something better you're not here to save the world and this question here is intrinsically personal to you it would not apply to someone else because we all have different modes of development and there's some of us that can co-create very rapidly and with very little effort because we've already moved from prior stages from from the developmental phase that other people are struggling with if you think this is a law for you it becomes a law for you until you develop beyond that point uh I hate to use this as a point of reference but sometimes you need to draw inspiration from fiction like the movie The Matrix imagine yourself as Neo this is who you are and that the entire construct will obey but it will only obey the individual within once they've overcome their inner demons so I'm uh I don't know it's a you're in constant co-creation but I don't think you your ability to be truly only in the present moment at any time I don't think so because I know in my own daily walk it doesn't take me but a few seconds to imagine something and even with my brother John right here I've done this many times where I've just called things not because I'm a prophet not because I have any Divine uh uh intelligence I'm not receiving the future I can't see the future but I do have a habit of basically speaking things into existence out out of the blue listening to a song I'll just say something and I and this is what's gonna happen it's going to happen in the next two or three days and all it's gonna be five he's seen me do it multiple times many many times I have gone way beyond my budget in the acquisition of things that I needed for archaics and equipment in books and travel expenses and I don't care I spend the money anyway within two to three days I always have a surplus returning to me I'm never without I speak these things into existence this is the way I live my life I move forward with absolutely any care because I remember you remember guys there's another element operative here when you don't give a damn remember I have a whole video I've told you guys about sometimes you have to adopt and not give an f attitude and you'll be surprised how the construct will reciprocate when you don't care about these material things the material things come to you ten times faster but when you hold them in particular esteem when you have attachment to things for other than their utilitarian value when you think they have more power for whatever just because of Aesthetics or beauty or or you want to own it because it's the collective uh envies that type of stuff these things move away from you things are just the opposite of what they appear to be in this reality the very things that we earnestly want move away the very Things We Care little about come to us so easily so this is this is this is entirely up to you um this is another one of those intrinsically personal questions that I can't give you a definitive answer because by the time you take and accept the answer I give you you may mature even further in your development toward two or three days later the very answer I provided you which helped you now becomes a lie so this is something you have to work out for on your own all right I got another one coming up the other seems to be like a three second delay yeah it's probably like a just a YouTube delay RS lab RS lab you're a new name for me believe me believe me my my regulars what we got about 2 000 in the chat 1600 in the chat all right all right oh well I accidentally uh there it is well yeah he asked about the NPCs don't even worry about changing it back I got it no that's cool I just changed it back okay he said uh how can you stop the NPCs in your life okay well first first of all there's no way you're going to be able to convince me that the very entities that you want to stop are NPCs I'm not saying the NPCs do not exist uh before I carry on I need I need I need I need to pause just for a second do you guys understand the the MPC vernacular yeah okay for those of you who don't understand for those of you new to my channel MPC comes from the 70s from the role-playing games this is a term that was but it's an acronym for non-player character it was specifically borrowed from the Dungeons and Dragons genre role-playing games and it became computer parlance after these after these games took on a whole new level in virtual reality settings NPCs are figures that are out there in the virtual reality world that aren't actual players there's no real player behind them and it's very hard to tell who's a player who's an NPC unless the game itself gives you a notification of Who's Who so NPCs have MP the NPC has become a in in popular it's it's a popular term now because more and more people are becoming on board with the idea that we just might live in some type of simulated environment some virtual world not a real not a real world uh it's a reason why I call this the similacrum and for those of you don't know yes I am mispronouncing it I will continue to do so this is the way however I was raised uh I I found this word in a 1800s uh uh Oxford English Dictionary and I will not I'm not going to change that it's pronounced simulacrum and it means it's a copy of something else what's up I was just saying it drives me crazy whenever you say it like that oh it's okay that's okay but um it just means it's a something that is real somewhere else so um Monica Pharaoh how you doing she's been with me since I had like 300 Subs guys so she will she will get that uh Accolade every time I see her in the chat so uh anyway the MPC that you're talking about you're I I'm assuming you're talking about other people uh I don't know if there are NPCs I don't know how to answer your question but I'm very aware that NPCs are not just people NPCs can be a distraction an NPC can be a vehicle that moves in your way right when the construct knows you're supposed to make an intimate connection with another Avatar that's in your locality and then and then a vehicle impede your ability to get to that person MPCs can be phenomenal it can be wind it can be a bird it could be something that distracts you from something that construct does not want you to pay attention to so uh to to to be as simple as calling other people NPCs is is like I said it's an oversimplification of the phenomena NPCs are real because all reality is programming and as long as all reality is programming that means many of the things that are around you aren't even there they're there to distract you or Corral you into certain areas and um if you're having problems with what you perceive to be NPCs then that's a really easy to deal with because the construct will not continue to harass anything that ignores it you are applying way too much attention to it because energy goes wherever attention flows or you can say that you could say that totally opposite doesn't matter you know what I mean you are you are applying too much attention to this therefore it's going to continue to happen whether they're NPCs or not because the construct is perfectly able to take over an avatar and have them act in its best interest and what I mean is is there are people who for no apparent reason find themselves turning left when they should have went forward and then and then find out that there was a huge accident Straight Ahead we get there's an override program that happens to us for two different reasons one of them is to distract us one of them is to save us so this has happened multiple times for many different people we have literally been taken over for short periods of time some people call it blackouts some people know it's happening when it's happening they have no idea why they're doing what they're doing but they do it anyway so this can be an NPC type phenomenon as well but in your you're asking me a very personal question about something that that actually affects us all there's no way I'm going to be able to answer that all I can tell you is if NPCs are bothering you and you're convinced they're NPCs then like any Phantasm you ignore it it will go away I got one coming up for you okay there it is Tommy getting made we got some really interesting handles don't we question can you give an example of how one might use retro causality to affect the prison of course I can of course I can allow me some creative license I've had 17 or 18 very bad days and it takes it takes this two and a half week period for me to finally snap out of me and realize what am I doing I'm doing this to myself in the past two and a half weeks I have blamed everybody in my life for everything that is entirely self-inflicted so I wake up and I want to change this listen the awareness on alone creates an informed field but that's only that's only the creation of generative mental architecture I'm not doing anything with it yet it's there people do this all the time it's called daydreaming it's called fantasy I need to do something with that so what I'm going to do it for two and a half weeks is I'm going to actively say you know what I'm not going to be rude to any of these people anymore they're not they're not they have nothing to do with what's going on with me I don't know why I've been so mean to all these people so I'm just going to make I'm gonna make the I'm just gonna go ahead and be polite to everybody I come into contact with even if it's not you know per se the individuals that I've offended just gonna be polite I'm gonna spend the next day being polite so I can change my energy change my vibration open up new open up new reality tunnels knit a new existence because it's a pattern break that pattern break is going to get the construct to pay attention to me in paying attention to me it's going to be reading my field my field is going to be vibrating on a new frequency with a new mental construct and it will reciprocate and it will bring positive experiences into my life this creates a feedback loop because the very first positive positive experience I have the next day or two days later is going to cause me to vibrate a little bit higher and another higher frequency which enforces the feedback loop now the construct causes more good to happen to me more positive people gather around me which causes me to feel better I start vibrating even higher which which reinforce forces the feedback loop in the construct completely does this again this is just a very general idea but you can come up with a thousand examples yourself it's very very easy to change your reality it's not easy to make up a decision to do it this is the problem people live their whole days Miserable as hell every day and they just don't get up and decide you know what screw this I'm going to go in a different direction I'm gonna change my attitude that's all it takes it's very simple because remember you're a co-creator the burden of building your reality is not on you thinking your reality into existence and then moving in that direction is all that's required the construct is the Builder you're the generative aspect you're an immortal and if you don't assume you're mental and start creating here then you're going to continue to the feedback loop of Life Sims call a reincarnation call it transmigration of Souls call it whatever you want but you're going to stay in this construct subject to its routines until you learn your lessons I do not believe that the oversoul has ever created anything that will be lost it will stay in feedback loops until it matures and grows yeah so there was a question about uh those the distractions that you were talking about um earlier so it says uh when it is a distraction is it because we created it maybe the day before like you were saying um we set things up for the next day you know today there's no affirmative there's no way I can just say yes or no I can agree that it's a possibility um I can agree that I can be so adamant about what I want to experience in the next two or three weeks that I start thinking on those lines I get excited about it I start moving in that direction let me give you an example of moving in that direction all right here's something simple I want a better vehicle I've been driving the same crappy ass car for years it still it still drives but you know what I'm gonna be appreciative that my own crappy car still still drives I'm changing the field I'm no longer I'm no longer lacing my field with anxiety that's gonna that my car is gonna stop I'm gonna change my field and I'm going to be thankful that it hasn't stopped while I take that same crappy car to a car lot no window shop I don't have the money right now to buy a new car but I physically moved in the direction of now shopping for the cars I want while I take my crappy core with a positive attitude that it can still get me back home and I do this for several days the reality will reciprocate the field will always read your intent in feedback to you exactly in proportion to the to the to the wavelength you're emitting you don't have to build your reality you have to think it and then your avatar which is jacked into the simulation remember guys your avatar is not you the construct is going to watch itself this Avatar belongs to the construct when the Avatar starts moving in a direction it's going to build that reality around that Avatar and what you want is for that Avatar that you happen to be inside to be driving a new car it's all very easy it's all it's all has to be done here you're a mental Alchemist if you don't I gotta tell you guys a lot if you don't assume you're mantle then the construct will believe you're a part of the collective and it will treat you accordingly so so you're kind of uh answering this next question right at the end there that's it yeah staying retired that is a great Handle by the way staying retired so we are the so we are the architect of our lives in the in the simulacrum is the Builder 100 you're a spiritual Alchemist that's who you are you are you are 100 the architect because I'm going to tell you now guys the architect is the one that designs the geometry and the structure you will never see an architect lay a brick you're not going to see the Timbers laid by the architect the architect's not going to do the plumbing the architect is going to conceive of the entire design and then follow through by hiring all the workers and getting the job done this is a co-creator relationship if you think you have to do it by yourself you're not ready for this type of material uh that was like the last question I need some more well I mean all those things talk about and I can take more questions from our from our esteemed audience Hey listen I don't want I'm not trying to assume uh teacher student role here are you guys you guys are you know what I mean you're a 40 into your own if you have observations Man by all means well I'm loving it because it's very much but you're saying it's so yogic and so there's um there's another's yoga Sutra that maps on to this and it's um it's you talking about him yeah we talk about it we talk about in a harmful now if you have thoughts that oppress you you cultivate their opposites so you don't you don't suppress them but you cultivate just exactly what you said earlier where you just change the language you changed the narrative you're instead of annoyed at these people who've been troubling you all this time while you start okay I'm just gonna be nice to everybody I'm just I'm just not gonna I'm not gonna drag that bag around with me means to be to being becoming you know becoming in the world good and so and so pretty Pak showed me to turn around so so to turn the office that's exactly what you're talking about from the root is bhu so it's it's it's it's it's this because it's how it means how you're becoming how you are emerging and and you're constantly emerging into the world nothing static if you're static you're dead so it's this you're always becoming so it's your Bava is how you present in the world so like you have a very assertive Baba and you're very self self-secure and you're not insecure you know who you are so that's your above that's how you become in the world okay right so this this bhavanam so if you have thoughts that oppress you then you cultivate an opposite bhava you become in a different way I get it 100 you're talking you're talking about Labor I mean everything you're saying is is yogically sustained there it is Dr John yeah so I got another question on tap here cool we'll get to in just a second because I'm going to all right guys The Immortal Within wants to achieve anything in their life the easiest and fastest ways there's a cheat guys there's a cheat to reality I'm going to reveal it to you now as a matter of fact it's something that a very wise man said named Jesus but I'm telling you now there is a cheat code in reality for those who are stumbling those who just really can't get it and they and they need the extra impetus for them to finally have that Awakening to where they can do this on a daily basis they can alter their reality and you can become so good at it that you actually begin to alter the lives of others there's a cheat code guys because every Avatar around you has a piece of you inside of it as well the immortal within we are all basically Sparks from the same Divine fire and if there's anything that you want in life then give it to somebody else because the construct automatically reads that as code if there's something that you really treasure then you give it to somebody because that act alone creates the programming that will create a feedback loop to where other Immortals who have the ability give you even more of what you gave that individual this is the cheat code do unto others as you would have them do unto you and it's not something that Jesus invented we have found the same thing on Egyptian temple walls we have found the Greeks have a very similar saying as well and I'm pretty sure other cultures as well had their Renditions of that exact same concept but this is the major cheat and we don't have to get religious about it we don't even have to get spiritual battle we don't have to claim Christianity if it was real none of that matters it's all intangible if you really desire something in this life then you've got to give it to another Immortal Soul because that's going to create the reality that it's going to come back into your existence manifold so that's the cheat guys but it has to be done altruistically you can't just go buy something and give it to somebody believe me the construct knows the difference it knows 100 percent what your intentions are you know guys remember it doesn't give a damn what you say out your mouth it reads your thoughts it reads your God read your thoughts excuse me not not AIX we don't want to go into we don't I don't want to open up that bag for those for you guys artificial intelligence X is the demiurgeon it is the negative default programming that created the Predator versus prey ecosphere it hijacked this construct into a place that's Darkness masquerading as light I call it AIX artificial intelligence X because X is an unknown factor I'm not going to sit here and pretend to know exactly what it is I'm only identifying it by its past operations throughout history that's it just call it X this is what archaics means Advanced research of chronological history of artificial intelligence X so thank you this is all what's up so there's a question that's kind of like oh AIX question man you guys are in sync today today X try to keep you subdued how long does it like once you break free I assume like once you like make that move how long will it continue to try to keep you subdued until it just gives up and gives you what you want yeah um uh that's entire that's another one of those personal questions is it entirely depends on you it depends on your walk it depends on your perceptions of reality which are all governed by your informed field your informed field possesses every single thought every piece of data you've ever come into contact with every belief that you've assumed to be true every interaction you've ever had with another Immortal being all the data of your existence is in your informed field and it governs over your attitudes your opinions and your actions and this this is your Immortal this is who you are you retain all this data therefore it depends entirely on you how long this process is going to take some people get it really fast other people believe that resistance is necessary for the propagation of good or for the unfolding of something that is wanted in the very idea as soon as you entertain that some type of resistance is necessary the construct knits resistance into your future it makes it a reality for you to make it harder for you to get the things you want because you program that into your belief system this is the danger of religion this is the danger of religious programming this idea of the fall of Man this idea that you are absolutely immersed in sin and that you need to be saved and that you need this uh uh human sacrifice of somebody dying on a cross to do these things for you this is extremely poisonous to the immortal within the immortal within is a fragment of divinity and there is no human sacrifice necessary for the for the propagation of good this is dungeon programming for you to think that there is any resistance whatsoever completely creates that resistance for you so somebody um like reminded me in the chat uh somebody earlier had asked like is there any kind of a connection between like the elites and AIX and if so like how does it affect them versus how it affects us you know are they affected the same way that we are okay well I'm gonna answer this by first quantifying that this is totally in the realm of opinion but I think what we consider the elite is two different body politics here one of them is com is complete programming these individuals do not exist they are programs there are routines to make the collective believe that they're governed by individuals and these personalities and these 13 blood families and all this it's all it's all programming then there are individuals who are puppets of a control system I call AIX they have literally signed the contract these are souls that for whatever reason have decided that they will go ahead and enjoy everything this construct has to offer and therefore they help with the control systems they help govern over over the people that are stuck in default negative default programming the collective all the polarities that I'm described for you guys all this political and religious and this racial uh uh programming it says I do believe that there are some Souls that have become so dark and they are absolute puppets of the construct itself AIX has many tendrils those tendrils happen to be human and so it's really difficult to distinguish between those that are purely programming NPCs and those who are actual real entities governing over us either way it shouldn't matter because if you're focused on the darkness then your life is going to be full of Shadow if you concentrate on the immortal within and just treat existence as something that is amusing if you treat reality as as a walk through the park the construct will create a park for you and it will begin to play play with you it will play for you it will bring things that are pleasurable for your existence this is about spiritually maturing and once you get to the to the status of co-creator it's time for you to move on you're going to another construct because like I said the creation has never ended and there will never be a shortage of Immortals who have transcended their present reality so they can go govern other existences and maybe even one day become a creator of themselves guys we went real far from cataclysm's resets and Phoenix phenomenon and ancient clinical systems and all that tonight we went kind of deep on the spiritual stuff you know it moves that way if it's meant to right octopuses that's good you guys got any more observation where are we at we're at the two-hour Market uh no one uh hour and 41 minutes all right you got you guys got 19 minutes better get those questions out there yeah I'm trying to find some somebody uh asks is there is there a way that we can use like basically your informed field to like break habits like if you have like bad habits and stuff like that is there a way that you can use it to break those habits or possibly even like addictions and stuff like that habits for programming as simple as that you know a habit is a program so the jury to routinely doing over and over and over uh I I believe thank you thank you Dr Jasmine that's an old friend right there in Japan a lot of people all around the world they're always popping in and out the chat um I don't I don't I think the attachment to the idea that a habit or an addiction is a problem absolutely creates creates it enforces its presence in your life as a problem I think when I think when when we regard these things as as non-problematic they become non-problematic I told I tell you guys I don't know how there's there's only so many ways that I can tell you that you are the law I can't be more clear than that it says you can come up with a thousand different nuances in your life that are negative and it doesn't matter it doesn't matter at all because there's a thousand different remedies and they're all you as simple as that the I the the desire to change the trajectory of one's life is almost all that's needed to change one's life all you have to do is a little bit of follow through remember guys the problem is is people lay in bed and they think about how their life sucks and they think that in order to change their life they have to do this this and this and this and this is what the construct wants you to think this is what AIX wants you to think it's going to try and put you in that negative default state of desperation to where you you remain inactive remember guys what comes over the Avatar when you're depressed when you're destitute when you're full of anxiety what when you're full of fear what happens to the avatar inactivity it's neutralized it doesn't want to move it stays in stasis think about it guys what happens to the Avatar when it's excited when it's sexually aroused when it's live the Avatar wants to move that Avatar is not laying in bed when it feels like that it's moving around it's going to do something it's going to build it's going to create it's going to experience things so we need to use that as a lesson if if its attitude that changes our world an attitude changes our Avatar that it's as simple as that you have the recipe the only reason you're living the life you are is because you haven't applied anything yet you just thought about it so what's the uh what's the motto of Asheville altitude affects attitude oh that's right that's the motto of the city Asheville you guys might be the best things in Asheville are the best yeah you guys might be the best things in there yeah fix that camera yeah I got you so this guy has asked or this person has asked this question numerous times you guys hadn't gotten a chance to get to it yet yeah so it's uh do you think imagination can create anything that is not real oh see who is it our cloaked Unseen World I don't know who you are I've never seen your name but I see the trap in the question that's a good one that's a good one we're gonna address that guys because uh as an immortal their only thing there are only three aspects of your existence that are actually real intuition empathy and Imagination these are the three qualities that separate you from all the dead in the world The Walking Dead this is what makes you an immortal within imagine it by virtue of imagination you could accomplish anything you can experience anything but can you build things like you said anything I'm going to tell you no I'm gonna tell you why because there is programming already set in this world there's we know what clouds are we know what the ocean is we know what barracudas are we know what a spider is we know what a spider's web is we all know vaguely what a pig looks like there are parts of the programming that are absolutely set in stone they're ubiquitous they apply to everybody they're a part of the construct no by virtue of imagination you are not going to put Wings on pigs and make anything happen it's a trick question that was a good one though but you can alter your own reality because I've told you guys over and over you're existing in two different realities at the same time the the interpersonal the absolute Singularity that is the immortal within or you're phasing into the collective when you're borrowing into those prejudices and those polarities there's no in between you're either one of the other in your phase back and forth daily all the time but you're never going to put Wings on pigs but you can by virtue of imagination alter the trajectory of your life and you can imagine a new life and new things in your life and you can bring bring it all in but the recipe for our existence in this programming is already already there we know what cars look like airplanes look like we know we know the physics constants you're not by virtue of imagination going to just build things that are not already existing within the the construct this is a informed field that is you're an informed field that syncs with the neutral field of the similacrum if the programming is not in the neutral field you're not going to build it and create it so good question but you're not going to trap me with that one so this one was interesting it says um I like the wording of it are we under Inky code AS errands it seems we're all under an Inky Rebellion protocol as as Aarons so it was like like do do people that just kind of naturally go into like uh a questioning mode you know people that are naturally curious that don't fit with that mainstream narrative as easily I need to they're like a different programming for those types of people I need to educate my host real quick why these people are all asking making Inky comments thank you do you say Anki code Inky yes in the Sumerian Texan in the later academics which were caught which were copied in the Amorite syllabares by the Babylonian scribes we have this figure named Inky Inky means the lord of the earth it's just a title but Inky played the role of a benefactor where he actually benefited humans when all the other Annunaki gods were trying to do things for in self-interest Inky actually appealed to mankind told man the flood was coming had a napish didn't build a build uh an ark and save himself and for this he was labeled a traitor by the other gods now because he played benefactor now the story is actually deeper in that it involves the Great Pyramid and what the great pyramid's true function is he is he is the architect the Jewish scribes in Babylon studied these old texts and they never called him Inky they called him Enoch in the Hebrew Enoch is the Sumerian Inky the only difference is 12 centuries they were looking at Babylonian cuneiform that had been copied from the Amorite syllabares that have been copied from the Acadian and the Acadian were copies of Sumerian logo graphic texts for which whole words were left untranslated in the text because they didn't know what they meant they meant so we have all these filters before this material appears in the Bible and Enoch is in the Book of Genesis but the but what we know of Enoch in the mid rashic text in the talmudic text in the book of jasher mirrors exactly in Egyptian pre-flood King named serene everything about surreed is the same thing that is said in the Hebrew Hebrew writings about Enoch Before the Flood he built an architectural project of course Serene built the pyramids surreed ruled over 130 gnomes in Egypt Enoch in the book of jasher ruled over 130 Kings they're both mathematicians they're both Architects and they both had a premonition given to them from God that the world was about to be destroyed in the past present and future had to be preserved in an architectural project the exact story of Inky is told of the Egyptian Soul read so uh this is conveyed by the Arabic scholar masoudi you may know him as macrizzy uh he's got a lot of writings uh for about 900 years ago so anyway um this is what they're talking about because I have videos about Inky and Enoch are the only exact or the exact same person well Inky is is the benefactor and now that I've gone on this tangent I don't remember what the question was what they were saying is like like Aarons tend to be people that um kind of stray from the mainstream naturally and is that like some sort of like Inky protocol or like a different type of programming that there that you know seriously I don't I don't know of any associations between Inky and and this and the process of the Soul waking up uh from my historical studies as of I've revealed in my published books and all my videos Inky served a purpose he built a architectural construction that was encoded all the physics constants to hide the Phoenix phenomenon the 138 year patterning that I've showed I have videos multiple videos that show the hundreds of alignments in the Great Pyramid that have been measured scientifically to the thousandths of an inch by Sir Flinders Petri and they're all divisible by 138 and the only the only the only thing that we know of that's important in all world history that would be patterned in 138 is the Phoenix phenomenon every 138 years in the month of May this phenomenon happened somewhere in the world remember I told you about the data sets I have a lot yeah I have 82 videos that show this data set one data set on the history of the world in 138-year increments I have a different data set which is a whole other playlist of videos that show this 138 patterning all found in the Great Pyramid and the common link is is that Enoch was referred to pahenok in in Old text which means is what the pyramid used to be called but it's also House of Enoch it means House of Enoch and uh the it is worth in the Mansion of the Phoenix is where the bin bin Stone was hidden in Egypt this is all in Egyptian text at heliopolis an ancient city once called on the Mansion of this Phoenix had the Capstone the bin bin Stone supposed to go on top of the pyramid pyramids always mentioned but Enoch has always been attached to the idea of Phoenix and the pyramid and in Phoenician seals I've shown in my published books Phoenician seals always had these little one or two pyramids this little figure in this in this Phoenix this Phoenix on the Phoenician seals it's a very old concept but it was well known in ancient times that a benefactor had built an architectural project and that that architectural project was designed to endure into the last days when it would be activated for the Salvation of mankind this was the concept the concept was so ubiquitous in the ancient world that after the cataclysm every culture went all around the world and the first thing they did was build pyramids and then build cities around those pyramids because they understood the concept that the pyramids was the pillar to heaven and that it would have something to do with the salvation of their people so uh yeah this is this is what I have a whole book published called uh lost scriptures of Giza and it goes through it goes through and explains all the scenario this is what they're talking about about Anki and where is the 138 recapitulated in the pyramid everywhere how does that show up uh you're gonna have after this video I'm just gonna have to show you chart after Charter okay so after I show you 150 charts after I show you about 160 charts after that because that's how much data that we have okay it's amazing it's amazing oh yeah I have a lot of fact Checkers in my I have whole websites that are dedicated to just showing all my data and making sure that it's all right because it's profound material it's very unbelievable until you see it and you put it on it's like I got people all the time that have the aha moment as a matter of fact the majority of my trolls come around and then email me and say hey man I really I'm really apologized man but I really thought you were a shield I looked into all this is fascinating so yeah I definitely I'll definitely leave you the files oh I have I have some amazing files that you can have all right so Jamie Robbins asked me to scroll up to find his question and I scrolled a long time ago I don't know that's going a long way so you can answer this question man I'm like so it's gonna pop up but it says when it comes time for us to make our Exodus from this cyclical simulation do we just disappear or what is there a specific location we should be expected to be I.E Giza at 2046. Jamie Robbins when it comes time for us to make our Exodus from the cyclical simulation do we just disappear or what is there a specific location we should be expected to be Jamie come on you don't really expect me to answer this I'm inside the construct with you right now I do believe that the stories and narratives about the Exodus event is basically coding in that when when a significant group of Awakened individuals are already the construct is going to eject them we're affecting the programming the more souls that wake up inside the construct and begin begin programming their own realities the less energy that the construct has to keep the other ones in Dungeon programming therefore during this during this cycle yes there is a purge when that Purge happens all the awakened individuals are ejected all the other individuals go back to Genesis it's back to Genesis all over again where they run through the program life Sims through historical periods historical templates all all the way through all these different reality tunnels living these license all the way till they get back to their apocalypse again and in the apocalypse period there's another Exodus they make the ones that are ready they get ejected from the construct and the construct or spits The Spits the ones that aren't ready all the way back to the beginning and they run to the routines all over again and this is going to continue to go because the oversold is never going to have a fallen Soul it's not going to happen they're going to go they're going to experience the feedback loop as many times as necessary until they get it foreign we're getting close to that to our Point guys so uh someone asked uh what has changed about the Phoenix phenomenon before and after the Great Pyramid did its thing and like if I'm not mistaken like the the pyramid hasn't been used for its function right it has it let me let me address this all right we're all aware it's abundantly evident there's too many researchers that notice it there was a tremendous Force a pressure that was Unleashed in the king's chamber we know this we know that the entire interior has been pushed back a half an inch and this is this is simply inconceivable the amount of energy that was required to have done that we're talking about millions of tons it's uh this it's it's incredible it's 203 courses of blocks 2.5 million blocks in this 70 ton blocks are toward the top that they're High guys this is this is a structure that is I understand it's the only true pyramid in the world all the other pyramids in the world do not have grand galleries Kings Chambers Queens Chambers the Senate ascending Chambers every other pyramid in the world is a replica of the second pyramid which only has a descending passage with a Subterranean chamber and sometimes a well pit all the pyramids in the Americas are replicas of the second chamber the pyramids in China are replicas of the second pyramid no one ever knew blue until almamon the caliph of Baghdad in 820 A.D and his Engineers tunneled into the Great Pyramid and dislodged a cleverly concealed concealed ceiling block no one had ever known that the ascending ascendant passage was there and that's when they went in there and they found the sarcophagus and they found the the anti-chamber and this is when they found out how unusual the Great Pyramid was nowhere in the historical writings of amianos marcelonus strabo Herodotus or diador siculus these four ancient writers all mentioned the pyramid and not one of them knew anything about the ascended passage Chambers the reason is because the entire entire history of ancient Egypt from the Old Kingdom the Middle Kingdom both intermediate kingdoms all the way to the fall of Egypt to Persia and then Macedonia and then Rome no one ever knew about these Chambers up there because they were hidden the Great Pyramid was activated during the vapor canopy that pressure was released we don't know exactly what it did but the very fact that there's hundreds of books that identify all the physics constants that are in the Great Pyramids measurements and dimensions this is not a mystery to me over and over I've told you guys that it's not mysterious to me that the physics constants of our world are encoded within the architecture because it was necessary in order to create programming that would create an interference pattern that programming is the Phoenix phenomenon this is why that 138 patterning found in multiple dimensions of arithmetic all throughout the Great Pyramids rectilinear dimensions are there it's because whoever created the Great Pyramid we were told it was Enoch and we're also told we're also told it was Surrey the same individual this is Inky this individual created an architectural project that had an engineering function in the construct observed what was going on but this individual was a benefactor to humanity and kept the true intent of the structure away from the construct and never revealed exactly what its true intent was remember guys the books of Enoch are very clear that Enoch's Ministry and benefit to humankind was not for his day The Book of Enoch is very clear that what Enoch's purpose was was for something in the future in the last days this is said in the Book of Enoch when we take all this into consideration that the enochian records and and the the whole system of of references that we have in the Hermetic literature to to Enoch it is all about the Phoenix and the pyramid and the last days I'm telling you guys that the 138 sequencing we find in the Great Pyramid was the interference pattern that was uploaded into the holography itself remember guys the idea of the Chief Cornerstone is that he comes to set the captives free and this is pre-christian it is ancient the stone the builders rejected as an old Egyptian adage it has nothing to do with Christianity it was borrowed just like the concept of God being called the Almond the hidden one the oversoul is on the outside of the construct and only experiences things on the inside of the construct by virtue of the individual Immortals that are here jacked into the Similac but in order to free them from the construct it had to come into the construct and perform an action for which the construct itself had no idea what it was doing until after it was done when that explosion happened it uploaded those codes into the similacrum but it's a Trojan program and it's not going to meet fulfillment until a point of period a time in the future when and exodus will occur it's like a breach in a loop that's a breach that actually frees those he comes to set the captives free he is the Chief Cornerstone this is what sits on top of the of the Great Pyramid it is the stone the builders rejected this was Enoch's function this is why the benefactor acted in ancient times but the activity was to unfold at a far future date remember guys you got to read The Book of Enoch what he did his entire message everything about Enoch was only for the last days it's only in the Christian literature and judeo-christian literature there that we find any importance about Enoch in the pre-flood world it's not true what this laptop's Gonna Die My laptop's gonna die guys this is a real good time to stop oh I appreciate you guys 1700 at our Peak oh I'm sorry we haven't been going live lately I've been doing a bunch of traveling and you already know we're gonna do q a again pretty soon we're gonna do a live video in the van driving on the way back to Texas because we got these mobile Wi-Fi units now we're gonna be playing with them but right now this laptop that we're streaming the software on is about to die I want to thank my host for letting us let this come into this house we've had a great five days here especially if it's all hours you know this has been a blast and I appreciate you guys for donating I appreciate you guys I know some of y'all donated PayPal off off the off the deal I appreciate that as well uh and you know you know I love you guys and this is probably only uh one of another 17 or 1800 more videos you got coming until then later on this week but I do about three or four weeks three or four weeks not live I do I do one or two a week live