Dream Weaving: Weaving Imagined Threads Into Tapestry of Your Reality

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Streamed live on May 28, 2023

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we're live what's up beautiful people welcome back to our KX live Jason managed to uh squeeze a little time in for you guys is a busy schedule chat opened up here hey let's do it all you know what yeah you need your mic you might need my mic Let's do an audio check so we're not talking for nothing oh he is good audio check okay Enoch thank you see all the moderators in the house JJ Recon Shiva donheart Phoenix protocol I sold your Horrors yeah and we got a lot of members and there's a lot of green names today Rick Mason the force Jamie Robbins Aurora was not what you think Enoch Gaia Sonoma readings Dr Corey Stern take control of your health uh I actually just got off the phone with uh Dr Corey Stern uh about 30 minutes or an hour ago we're going to be doing a video interview a zoom call tomorrow for the new platform uh something for you guys to look forward to you don't just get to hear me talk about my uneducated research on wellness and health and my theories on certain institutions that aren't looking out for our benefit we're actually going to hear from a an educated expert on the subject so I'll be going on with her I think tomorrow around three o'clock we're going to kick that off and you guys will be able to watch that in a couple of weeks once the new platform picks up we got Christine Moes Nana no shift I like what you did there Mary or ceski Tina Cisco DJ DZ Peggy Bender wow a lot of green names up in there today all right guys as per usual we got our audio check out of the way we've got a couple announcements and uh Jason gets to ease himself for the frustration of uploading the video that he has been beating himself to death with trying to get to work uh he'll explain that here in just a second um but did you did you grab those papers which one for the coins oh I got one of them I got a whole stack of them down there here's one yeah so this is just this is just one yes those are Internationals yeah these are just Internationals I've got uh two stacks of these and uh this is the shipping receipts from all your coins that went out we already got several people commenting that they got their coins that they're awesome um some people in the chat right here said they got their coins already if uh oh no something just fell hope that wasn't important uh if you haven't got your coin yet and you ordered it just a disclaimer this is for the first order um if you did I'm sorry somebody said shut up Matt uh if you did the first order then your coins are coming in now um there were a handful of you that we got your names and your payment and we got your coins but we're still trying to hunt down your address um yeah some people paid Brazil and venmo and didn't provide addresses so we're hunting those emails down to uh find out what your addresses are but uh we'll get that ironed out and if there's any hiccups if we can't find our address if you didn't Supply it we'll be reaching out um if not then we'll try to send out emails or put a post um I don't know how we feel about just listing your names on a community post but we need to get you your coins Mary orceski says she got her coin today it's beautiful awesome awesome I'm glad you guys like it it actually uh it actually was quite a bit of work designing those things um Jason really didn't get the the full impact to how they looked until he had him in his hand I showed him all the design work and everything and he was like oh those are cool but once he had it in his hand he he was so excited that he jumped the gun by like a month telling you guys about it um other announcements uh you know Jason and Martin uh doing a meet up in Houston um uh the details or in the description box and there's also posts in the the community of the archaics community section um you got two you got two interviews coming up you got one tomorrow night I have 14 interviews coming well you got yeah I'm telling you just this weekend so um Martin and Jason are going on with the paranormies tomorrow night so that link will be in the the community box before that I have two other podcasts with two other people I'll be doing podcasts all day tomorrow and we still have any there's still and there's there's so many there's so many there's still some that I haven't even put on this calendar yet I'll be on Monday with Joel uh perceiver when we did one uh Toltec chairman oh the Toltec okay okay yeah that's on Monday we had to reschedule because um somebody gave me a gummy guys because I was really uptight yesterday was a stressful day had to deal with some stuff I'm not used to dealing with and uh yeah just you know when you're trying to embark on an Enterprise it seems like a lot of things just get in the way yesterday was one of those days also at the same time I'm dealing with YouTube because the very video You're gonna watch right now is a video that I just have not been able to upload to Youtube and it's because of my inexperience I'm not I'm not I'm not it Savvy but I've I've uploaded 470 something videos I've been doing this for a while but I still make mistakes such as I forgot to take the 4K UH 60 frames per second setting off of my of my uh my software so when I process the video I process the 42 minute video not in 720 not in 1080 but in 4k and at the highest 60 frames per second YouTube's not able to upload a 40 gigabyte video so I had to reprocess it this morning down to eight gigabytes so you guys can see it but we're going to show that video you know what how many people we got we're about to hit that thousand you guys are going to see the video here and because we turned this into a live presentation we're going to go ahead and do q a over the video right after this but for 42 minutes you guys are going to see the video that I've been telling you about how I basically repackage the Wii of Mortals playlist into a single video so you can understand the very method and mentality that I employ on a daily basis to make all these wonderful things that are happening in my life happen so and what I do by extension every one of you can do too there's no difference whatsoever is that all of our uh announcements up here yep all right welcome the video is about 42 minutes so um we'll still be here you'll just be watching the video oh yeah you're gonna watch a video for 42 minutes and as soon as it's over we're launching into q a in the Q a today is restricted to the contents of this video this you guys know I'm a Critic of Law of Attraction and I've explained why multiple times they they are missing a key element and uh many of you guys have many of you guys have read and studied my book awaken the immortal Within so you're gonna you're gonna get the gist of it in this video right here so this is uh my best-selling book thousands of PDFs of this book have been spread all over the world and then recently my publisher published it so here it is we're gonna hit this video I will be I will be live in the chat during the whole video so and we are doing a q a but um watch the video and then post your questions oh I do have one announcement before you crank this video up many times I've told you guys throughout my presentations about a mysterious place in Mexico where 33 500 artifacts have been found that could only exist if the vapor canopy is real well I have a whole book that I just finished reading and I'm pulling the pictures out of it now but I'm going to give you a video that shows you that one single archaeological site has produced all the artifacts and evidence uh just completely completely smashing the entire Evolution natural selection 65 million year old dinosaur crap Theory also smashes all the Ice Age stuff as being completely contrived in fiction and it's 100 percent absolute proof in the vapor canopy history one archaeological site you guys got the video coming up it's about the mysterious objects excavated at acambaro Mexico now you can hit that video I guess we'll be right back [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] this video was completely inspired by a conversation I had with a very dear friend now I listened for about 10 minutes while this friend identified for me basically the perimeters of his existence he explained to me why things are the way they are why his daily routine is the way it is from day to day the information that he absorbs the things that he sees in life how these things only slightly modify his daily Behavior he described to me basically or wrote existence of somebody passing from day day to night from day to night from day to night and what I heard from him and I was very quiet and I listened I let him get it all out although I was totally disagreeing with his conclusion what I heard from him was an individual soul that had been trapped in a default mode merely projecting the present and this is a default mode that many of you suffer as well you project the present meaning that you are a product of your programming you are programmed to believe that there were set perimeters within your life that you couldn't transcend because of money because of social standing because of maybe even race there are reasons why you cannot be who you want to be and you have found comfort in relying on these factors because they often give you a an excuse not to strive not to excel this is dungeon programming and it's worked fantastically well for many of you projecting the present is basically the admission that you live day to day because you see no opportunities because you don't see any way out you're stuck in a paradigm living it day after day after day it's Groundhog Day for you this is the existence that was described to me and while I listened I understood completely where he was coming from because I've been there remember in archaics we break free or die trying I broke free of that and I fully understand that I am an informed field I am a soul of spirit in a mortal being trapped in this false holography this world is the exact opposite of almost everything it should be think about it this Predator versus prey ecosphere where the wolf can run the rabbit to gain its sustenance where is the Morality In that where where is and I understand that there are many Defenders of natural selection the uniformitarian theory and they believe that good and evil should never be attributed to the Animal Kingdom I get that but I do know that mother birds they nurture their young lion cubs they nurture their young and yes and I understand you you can fall back on on pure science and say the well that's just visceral that's all instinctual I get that I get that but there's nothing holy about a great white shark and what it can do to the human body nothing so this world it's not what we think it is it's something else and when great evil and violence is promoted and propagated and even those who perpetuate those activities are even rewarded then the world is not what we think it is or at least it's not what we've been taught to believe it is projecting the present is what about 99 of the world do that's what they do and this is why they never break out of their paradigm this is why they're still worried about the future 30 years after they have graduated high school they're still worried about all these same exact things they were worried about when they first graduated high school and knew they had to enter the job market and and make a living and they had to do all you're still worried about paying the bills you're still worried about social standing you're still worried if you're in the right religion you're still worried about a whole lot of external things that are nothing but dressings on a dungeon that's all they are you're projecting the present so this is a large class of people that fall into this this uh this habit I'm gonna have to stop my dogs are going crazy out here I gotta go see what's going on sorry about that you're gonna hear dogs in the background I got some pretty good audio they're playing with each other I got five dogs and four of them are small and they like to pick on the 200 pound Rottweiler but listen projecting projecting the present it's what we're trained to do which what we're trained to do since we're since we're little kids and what I mean by projecting we're essentially building Thought Field thought forms in releasing them multiple times of day through expectation through anxiety through daydreaming we imagine what we're gonna do tomorrow in the next day and we're actually building our reality those anxieties they form an imprint into the neutral field of the holosphere we're building our own problems over and over projecting the present is equally as bad as projecting the past this is another class of people earlier I said it was 99 of the people that project the prison but it's not I'm sorry it's a large percentage there's another percentage that the present isn't what they're focused on it's the past this done this aspect of dungeon programming has them isolating particulars in the distant past that in their own minds they feel have meaning and that somehow they are chained to incidents in the past that that prevent them from moving forward into a better future projecting the past is basically an admission that the past is a predicate for the future or at least your future now before any of you get confused about projecting the president projecting the past you have to understand I'm only talking about in the personal many people new to my channel do not understand the intricacy of this this this construct that I have given so much so much material freely to you describing how it works you are existing within two separate independent realities as you were listening to my voice one reality is the personal it is the one that you know it is the highly individualized yet mortal Soul listening to my voice right now the other reality that you're existing in is an oversoul construct it is a Confluence of programming templates of all kinds of reality tunnels that we as a collective are traveling through it's all kinds of backdrop programming it's dungeon programming negative default programming we are experiencing as a group a world that is saturated with media programming and is saturated with cultural and racial and intellectual programming and we basically pick and choose how we navigate through this morass this this Maelstrom of of programming that is designed to impede The Immortal being from moving forward two separate realities one of them is the is the highly individual you it is the immortal spark it is the soul which has an informed field that informed field possesses every iota of data you have ever absorbed in your entire life now and in all the life Sims that you have been traveling in in this construct however many lifetimes you've lived before you have acquired data your informed field builds up this informed field is what nature responds to it's also what gives you power over your environment and over the minds of others you come in contact with it makes them pay attention to you on the surface people don't don't know your depth but intrinsically their own informed fields are in neutralized by the presence of a powerful informed field who has awakened and who knows who he or she is those who understand that they are Immortal the construct no longer has power over them this is why it's probably your last cycle through here because once the construct realizes that it has been basically perceived as such you're now a threat so you're probably not coming back in to experience another life Sim you're going to be ejected you're going to be sent off into the next construct or back home or wherever that is it's really not the subject matter of the archaic's research we're dealing with the here and now and then the here and now the vast majority of the population of souls trapped in this construct are are projecting the present therefore tomorrow is still the present therefore the day after tomorrow is still their present in 3522 days into the future they are still living the exact lifestyle they were living three thousand whatever in 22 days earlier they have projected the present and as a co-creator this was honored they're informed Field built their future and then they lived it no one to blame but themselves projecting the past is equally bad because these Souls have been traumatized into believing that something in their past has changed them and they are unable to move forward it's equally bad it's equally bad they believe that the past is a predicate for the future for the individual this is what they believe the past is not a predicate for the collective remember you're in two separate realities they are governed by different rules you are the law in the personal but not not in the construct and this is a hard this is a hard pill to swallow many of you have come to my channel thinking that you're gonna find the recipe here for how to save the world and you found just the opposite and I have told you in presentation in after a presentation that we are not here to save the world because the world is an artificial construct and everything here is just the opposite of what it should be we're living in the photo negative over real reality even our arithmetic hints to a greater arithmetic Beyond I've shown you the mathematical experiments yeah we're living we're living in nil space we're living in we're living in something that is absolutely artificial there's no better way than to say it is a simulacrum I like to call it similacrum but it's a copy of something that is real somewhere else so this world thrives on Deception on lies on violence these are the Hallmarks of its creator remember even in the New Testament we are told that Satan is the God of this world he's not the he's not God and he's not he's not God of the universe he's God of this world this is like the Gnostic Viewpoint where the Demars the do my urge is the creator of this false construct that Immortal Souls are passing through I am I'm in agreement with both of those tenants though I am not a Christian I agree that something negative created this construct but something positive on the outside of the construct has basically allowed for the very deceit of the construct itself to be our greatest Ally this is another hard pill to follow remember Jesus did not speak the truth he spoke in parables parables are images of Truth they're not the truth those stories didn't happen therefore they are fictions so we don't project the present we don't project the past the true Immortal the awakened individual the highly individualized Immortal Soul inside the constra the co-creators among the race we are they who project falsehoods to create the facts we imagine what isn't book pretend that it is and it comes to pass this is the method we use it's not the law of attraction it's the Law of Reflection because this is a construct that operates like a spiritual hologram a reflective mirror-like hologram that responds to the etheric temerity of spirit because empathy intuition and Imagination are purely spiritual therefore using those three together we build pictures in our mind of what tomorrow's going to be like and then we follow through we project this and then we act as if we are so we will be we pretend that something that we know is false is actually true and therefore it becomes real to us guys I tell you all the time our world is not what you think this should be a soul empowering message but instead for many of you it's going to be a stumbling block and you're going to leave my channel and that's okay that's okay but I'm telling you now we are Immortal beings trapped in a deceitful mirror-like holographic field and it reflects as circumstances the very things we project into it and it's a neutral field it does not care about fact or fiction does not care about true or false and does not care about good or evil these are things that the immortal must work out with the oversoul inside the construct they're not barriers to the creative process so if you want to if you want to be a co-creator if you want to basically receive the inheritance that was already given you then don't project the present or all you will get is the present it's not that you're neutralizing the creative process it's that you're using it you're using it to create a repetitive program you are using your creative power to create a duplicate today of today onto the template of tomorrow it's entirely your fault you can blame no one equally so those of you who disregard the present as inconsequential but you're holding on to intangibles from the past you're holding on to events you're holding on to experiences in your past that you believe are stopping you from becoming who you want to be tomorrow this is the victim mentality and it is very popular in Psychology they actually promote it but it's your fault it's your fault for not moving forward because the change that you imagine are connected to your past are entirely created by your imagining that they exist so you can equally break them Break Free or Die Trying This is what the construct is about it's about who it's about the immortal Soul not only learning who he or she is but learning that they're a co-creator and that every experience that they're they have moving forward is entirely of their own making I'm not talking about little kids who get victimized and all that I'm not talking about people who haven't developed there's a certain stage in the in the period of human development where the soul and the psyche finally unite morals morals are fixed and people understand it's called maturity there's a reason for that and there's a lot of people who die exit the construct before they're ever given a chance to even experience maturity they're still adolescent when they're victimized or when they're a murderer when they suffer an accident for whatever reasons the oversouls thought it fit that that Soul should be removed from the construct at that time we don't know what the oversoul had planned we don't we don't know these things so we can't beat up ourselves over these issues but what we can know is our personal self and if you want to project the present by all means do so but don't complain tomorrow when when your tomorrow is an exact duplicate of the boring ass life you have today because you are using your creative capacity to endorse that it's your fault and those of you who are chained to the Past equally so I don't have to repeat it but for the true creator we speak things that are not as though they are we do the same thing Jesus did we project falsehoods this construct was built by the arch deceiver this construct this Predator versus prey ecosphere this this dungeon programming that accelerates the evil in the most violent the mass murderers the genocidal the war dogs these are the ones that are at the top they're at the top why because this construct rewards them because they have recognized that it's not about morality it's not about good or evil it's not about true or false we are what we repeatedly do and if you don't ever change your itinerary no new reality tunnels can ever be built for you in its entirely your fault you don't project the present you do not project the past you must project a falsehood if you're not happy today if you don't have the things you want in life today but you imagine that you have them and you look into the future projecting and you imagine a better future and you imagine that three weeks from now you're gonna have a much better vehicle and you're gonna have a much better living conditions and and you're going to be surrounded by people that are more alike you that can strengthen and edify you that can build you up but you don't have that now there's nothing wrong with that because if you truly believe that your circumstances can change quickly and that they're going to change for the better you don't even have to attach any particulars to that you can just feel it because empathy is spiritual and you don't have to empathize only with another no it's a spiritual phenomenon phenomenon you can you can feel the feelings of an alternate you living in an alternate timeline with a whole alternate reality so divorced from anything you are presently experiencing and you can start moving in that direction and you can let the oversoul do the rest because you have projected a falsehood it's not true in the present which is dungeon programming but the freedom lies in that you imagined it as something very soon to occur and you feel that that is the truth therefore this reflective medium is going to reflect back his circumstances what the individual Spirit projected as true because it's not going to have you a liar there's going to be there's going to be a commiseration As you move forward in your daily life excited about how your daily life is changing your daily life will change which will endorse the excitement which will create a feedback loop where you will imagine more particulars about this wonderful new life you have which will make you more excited this this energy field emanating from your informed field will be absorbed by the neutral field as factual it's like it's like it's like a steady stream of data you are sending programming into the neutral field of the construct itself in the construct which is a neutral field and doesn't care either way will receive those instructions to begin and begin knitting for you the very picture you had formed in your mind because the amplitude this emotion behind it is is accelerating the process and the more you see the signs in your daily life of these individual changes that are getting closer to that to that period that you envisioned the more the feedback loop is enforced the more it grows because the more you see the changes the more excited you get the more excited you get the the neutral field reads that as factual because you're experiencing it therefore if you are excited about certain conditions in the neutral field hasn't yet brought those conditions Into Your Existence it will speed up the process and bring them into your existence cannot predict the present because you're programming the similacrum to do what it does best be a neutral field in static just shoving the entire Collective through a series of protocols you can't project you cannot project the past because then you tell you're basically programming the construct to create barriers for you that will never let you move forward because you have imagined and painted with emotion the power of these chains connecting you to the Past therefore you're fixed and you can't go forward in the neutral field won't let you it will never bring new experiences Into Your Existence because you have written the program it's going to let you live it you've got you have got to project falsehood you the highly individualized soul is forced to be a deceiver in order to create a truth process that for a minute tell me this world's not evil the arch deceiver who's a murderer from the beginning creates a false reality that has imprisoned Immortal beings and in order for the immortal beings to get the things that they want in the construct they must to must participate in the lies the father of Lies now has a defense against the oversoul or does he that's not the subject matter of this video but these are things to ponder this construct is not holy at all it's a neutral field in that it will receive any programming and reflect them back as circumstances but it was created with deceit and it only its only operative by deceit think about mass media what does mainstream media do they tell us lies all the time but the lies of 10 years ago have become today's truths happens all the time it's a poison absolute poison that's how dungeon programming is enforced you have to understand how impowerful you are this informed field that carries all this information it does not have to cerebrally be present it's already there animals perceive your aura nature perceives your aura your aura can be read by the trees that you lean against and they respond guys this informed field is the programming field that allows you to interface with your environment and make whatever changes you want to make yeah this isn't coming from somebody with a doctorate this isn't coming from somebody with multiple master's degrees this isn't coming from somebody who has read hundreds of books on self-help and and Law of Attraction and all that I've done all those things but I'm going to tell you now this is coming from someone who started his journey with an eighth grade education went to prison at 17 years old stayed in prison 26 years because he was a dumbass and he did a lot of dumb in prison got out when he was 43 years old with 27 dollars in his pocket he built archaics from the ground up hundreds of videos 17 written books nine or ten of them published I mean a lot more of them are published but they're published by me on Amazon but I have I actually have a publisher as well guys I have over and over and over been sent back to the very bottom and just by virtue of the recognition of the principles I'm revealing to you now I have come back up each time I Ascend I Ascend faster stronger guys this is my life in prison over and over knocked down to the dungeon closed custody Maximum Security Administrative segregation isolation sales I've told you guys I've read the Bible Genesis to Revelation 40 times through and some of you think I'm lying but that's okay I have shown my friends and family my journals and I have them now I can show them on YouTube every single time I was sent to isolation the only thing they ever let me have was a Bible and the whole time I was there each day 15 to 30 days I read the Bible Genesis to Revelation I've been to solitary confinement over 40 times each time I Rose back up getting reset and knocked back down was something that was a part of my programming it's no longer there but since I've been out of prison for six and a half years oh again I found myself in this cycle I started a small a small company called called A Woodlands residential pressure wash made a whole lot of money then I got to sit back I got some you know terrible some circumstances came up and I lost small company so even it was because I was on Parole and they didn't want me to have that freedom but I had invested a lot in all that equipment and I was making good money and then my parole officer saw how much money I was making and and how wide the demographic was that I was working and you know they just shut me down and said no no you've been in prison 26 years we don't want you moving around like that I had been doing it for three months no no problems in just one executive decision shut me down they didn't want me making any money they put me under house arrest and I stayed that way for a while when that was over with I started over from scratch from scratch worked my way up through the oil and gas industry I worked my way from the bottom of the pipe yards in my 40s working with teenagers in hot summer pipe yards in the oil and gas Industries and I worked my way all the way up just in months time in just in just a few months all the way to the to the most sophisticated equipment they had the pipe threader CNC machines the entire pipe yard the entire everything in the pipe yard everything focuses on that one machine that I mastered because if the thread counts wrong and you don't know how to read a micrometer then you can cost the company millions of dollars just in one contract so I learned that then I went to then I went to the Vulcan facility in Tomball and I learned how to do pipe welding on fracking pipes thin tubes learned all that had a good had a great time but it started affecting my health I left after a while I was broke again and I started Paradise Rock Gardens which is still on the internet you can see Paradise rockgardens.com you can see all my stonework we did a lot of stone work in prison but I applied that and I just I just started from the scratch the bottom and I built the whole company this one this company has employees and for three and a half years that's what I did did an awesome job in my first 150 200 videos I'm often showing a lot of the work I did in Paradise run Gardens I've always been a hard worker but these resets were a part of my patterning I'm I'm done with that now I live the very principles I teach and from my very first YouTube videos I have shown you guys over and over these principles and I explained them in different ways using different vernacular and and yes the the message has has become more and more clear but what should be very clear and is clear to my archaics veterans is how fast and how far I have come since I started my YouTube channel yeah I was living in a wooden Shack with only a motorcycle and a backpack and a tablet started my YouTube channel yeah guys Ty started I'm not living like that anymore at all but I apply the principles there are no barriers in life I move forward I I Envision that I'm going to meet the people I need to meet I Envision that I'm going to come in contact with the data that I need to come in contact with I envisioned that I'm going to talk to the people across YouTube and podcasts that I need to talk to I Envision all these things I I let I let nothing stand before me nothing I don't know the single Channel on YouTube right now that has been trolled more than mine there are whole channels dedicated just to pulling up my criminal history as if it matters it doesn't because I'm not chained to the Past I'm moving forward and this is why I excel and this is why they look so stupid with their little few followers and they all watch each other it's the same it's the same comments from the same people across all 15 or 16 of these little dumb channels they're all trying to clown archaics I get it I get it in one video I have more views than all of them combined so it's no big deal but we cannot remain chained to the Past that's victim victim mentality victim programming produces the victim of tomorrow I'm not going to be that I'm going to move forward because that's exactly what we're supposed to be doing but this is a construct and it requires us to be deceitful in order to in order to perform this amazing spiritual alchemy that we're performing the lies become the truth and it shouldn't be this way but this is how it is inside the construct and this is how the elite govern us this is how they govern the collective they know they already know they have the receipts the world they've built they've built is because they've been applying these principles they know in the some of the most powerful ways to create things are through deceits and deceptions in the form of rituals and they do this all the time right in front of us they even make us participants by observing the rituals on television and the movies they do it right in front of us and then the fictions become facts and we turn around and and we call it predictive programming when it was our Collective creative capacity the elite used to build the very fiction that they wanted to be turned into a fact do it all the time they use us over and over so all I'm asking you to do here is not save the world you're never going to do it you're not here for that purpose you were here to not project the past you are here to not project the present guys you are here project falsehood what your life can be is what you need to be projecting not what it is because if you were truly content and happy with your situation right now you wouldn't be listening to my voice so I'm telling you the only barrier to understanding just how just how amazingly powerful you are is yourself it's yourself guys remember it's not the Law of Attraction it is the law of reflection it's the same thing the Phoenix is the greatest symbol for understanding this entire process Phoenix it's everywhere you see the Phoenix everywhere especially when I've been drawing into your attention you've seen all these ancient texts you see the Phoenix is very very destructive yeah the symbol for destruction in the ancient world for the collective but it's not the same for the highly individualized Soul it's not the same for those who are vibrating on a different frequency it is a symbol for rebirth regeneration Resurrection it's a totally different symbol but it's the same thing but it's a different truth attached to it yeah it's the fetus guys this is a reflective hologram and it generates experiences out of out of the imaginings acted upon act as if you are and you will be how many times have I told you that so in essence this is what I mean over and over when I tell you guys that we are more than we suppose ourselves to be in this video here the only difference from my prior messaging in the past about this topic about this co-creative capacity that we have that we interact with the very field we're in the only difference is is that there's three main types of souls trapped in this construct there are those who build their tomorrows to mirror their today's and they're trapped in Dungeon programming and there are those who think tomorrow will never be any different than today because of events in the past and then there's a small minority I'm hoping it's you but there's a small minority who understand that the past is not a predicate for the future for the highly individualized Soul this small minority understands that all they have to do is Imagine something feel what it is that they feel the emotions of having it and then physically move in that direction you don't have to follow through because that's not what a co-creator is all about co-creation is having trust in the construct in the oversoul to fulfill and end merely what you started because if you think that you have to end or complete something then you have completely eliminated the whole co-creator relationship if you feel that you have to finalize something then you have essentially told the oversoul that it's not needed you got this that's not a relationship the co-creative relationship is that the immortal imagines in the construct builds it's that simple so you got to break for your diet trying guys it's it's like that and you got to remember always it's the words of James Allen and probably almost 100 years ago 90 years ago we receive not what we want but what we are so I'm gonna encourage some of you many of my my many of my my own viewers know this is my book it's very short this is how short it is it doesn't need to be long this is awaken the immortal Within over 4 000 PDFs were given out for free all over the world then my publisher published the book and it's my number one bestseller now and in the comments section all I ask is for those who have actually read the book just to tell other others how it changed your life just be honest not asking for anybody to give it a dishonest review just here's the book I'll have a link to my publisher where you can get it or you can order out off Amazon awaken the immortal Within the principles in this video and all my other all my other Immortals we Immortals playing this videos these principles are in this book and you can read it for yourself and remember guys you have got to break free or die trying thank you well I'm just now seeing that for the first time just like you guys you gotta mute your computer oh oh caught me sleeping oh all right yeah that's the first time I've seen it too since since I recorded hell I haven't been able to watch it I haven't even been able to upload it to YouTube and that's because I wasn't paying attention and I processed it in 4k at 60 frames per second which I never do I normally use 50 50 frames per second in 1080k you know what I mean but I wasn't paying attention I had it all in the highest processing so it was a 40 gigabyte file that YouTube couldn't upload yeah I got uh I got all the studio equipment set to 720. because that's a decent high resolution for if people are watching from their phones or their laptops um which reminds me if you're if you haven't checked your settings yet and the archaic's lives are a little bit blurry or not very clear click on your little gear and change your audio or your video settings to 720 I think they Resort on cell phones down to like 340 so it's very low resolution hmm but all right so we open up q a well I kind of I'm kind of damn I didn't know we were stepping on square peg I didn't did she like is it she has a fixed schedule only on the weekends I'm not sure we'll have to reach out to her and find out she's about to go live um I haven't seen her back in the chat so I think she's she's already gone she'll do her live right now yeah yeah I don't want to just keep running over so basically every Saturday in the evening time because I know she's on a fixed schedule I don't I don't know we got to figure that out square peg here's a shout out and we apologize um was definitely was not intentional I don't know if you got my little chat comment yeah well uh somebody post Square pigs live in the uh in the chat feed here so everybody can jump over there because we're going to cut this video a little short so people can go to her uh her show I don't want to step on her toes I didn't know that was happening I didn't want to get this video out to you guys so you can see it so this is going to be a short live hey Monica Farrell thank you if somebody could just post a link to uh to her video because she starts hers in here in just a couple minutes I don't think we're gonna do a q a today all right guys we can always um if you got questions on the subject matter of that video there's always next time yeah Square Peg's always showing the uh isometric projections and cross-colonical parallels things that things that that you learned in the archaics research uh about the patterning of and spacing of basically events in the construct and how we perceive them she does a really good job following up on that type of research so I encourage you as soon as you get you know as soon as we stop here click onto Square pick Divergent and go check out check out uh what she's talking about she's about to go live and that officially marks the shortest live we've ever done wow yeah let's go ahead and hit that outro I'm glad I'm glad you guys got to see the video I'm sorry I had so much problems trying to get it up but I'm glad we did it this way all right guys all the same things stay well stay positive love all you beautiful people and keep breaking free