Lost Children of MU: Old World America, Grand Canyon & Petrified Forest

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[Music] thank you [Music] hey guys I'm back in Texas I'm still about eight hours nine hours away Texas is pretty big several of you left comments in the in the comments section from my past but van Vlog that you wanted to see the scenery well I recorded it as I've been driving so you're going to see some pretty interesting sites in this video but this is about James churchward at the book Tree in San Diego and at my buddy Jesse's place you'll see him in this video uh I drove the van way up a mountain to to go visit him and I got I've got books from James churchward about the lost continent of moo the Lost secrets of moo the children of moo the uh James churchward a hundred years ago produced a lot of really interesting material that's relative to the archaic's data things I've told you about ancient American migrations and civilizations and infrastructures that were intact in North America that had had carried over as colonies in what we call the old world of the Mediterranean Europe Africa and Asia which is not the old world at all these are the books you can see them on the screen here I'm showing them to you uh it's a fascinating collection of material a lot of historical citations his bibliographies are great uh the bibliographic references I hope you guys really enjoy it for the benefit of those who have not read the lost continent of mu a short synopsis of its content follows as pinned by James churchward the land of moo was a large continent situated in the Pacific Ocean between America and Asia its center lines somewhat south of the Equator basing its area on the remains which are still above water it would have been about six thousand miles from east to west and about 3 000 miles from north to south all the rocky Islands individually and in groups scattered over the Pacific Ocean were once part of the continent of mu cataclysmic earthquakes rent moolisunder she became a fiery Vortex and the Waters of the Pacific rushed in making a watery grave for a vast civilization and 60 millions of people Easter Island Tahiti Samoa cook tongas Marshall Gilbert Caroline Marianas Hawaii and the marquesis or the pathetic fingers of that once great land standing today as Sentinels of a silent grave the existence of this great continent is confirmed by Nicole tablets books writings inscriptions and legends found in India in China Burma Tibet Cambodia Ancient Maya books inscriptions symbols and legends found in Yucatan in Central America remains inscription symbols and legends found among the Pacific Islands stone tablets found in Mexico near Mexico City cliff dwellers writings and inscriptions found in Western North America books of old Greek philosophers books and writings of the ancient Egyptians Legends throughout the world these confirmations are all given in the lost continent of mu they show that there was once a large continent of land in the Pacific Ocean called the land of moon all this great continent man made his Advent on Earth about two hundred thousand years ago I interject here in churchwards narrative you guys know in the archaics research I don't go beyond 5239 BC I do not agree with his 200 000 year old assessment continuing the land of mu in the biblical Garden of Eden were one and the same land both in the cow and the Mexican tablets show clearly that man is a special creation they also show in what way he differs from all other creations an account of the creation is given in both sets of tablets which is very similar to the biblical account at the time of Moo's destruction her people were in an exceedingly High state of civilization as regards science she was far ahead of the present world the great civilizations of the old oriental Empires India Egypt Babylonia were only the dying Embers of Moo's great civilization they were her children who withered and died without her care all tablets inscriptions and writings which I used in the lost continent of mu are accompanied by keys for reading them every assertion made is accompanied by reasonable proof the facts are there the theories will have to take care of themselves I wish it understood that what is revealed of the past in my writings must not be considered discoveries by me what is disclosed in these writings is startling yet archeology and geological phenomena corroborate the facts without calling to our Aid Legends which also confirmed them Laos C the Chinese Sage 600 600 BC speaks of the great learning and advancement of his prehistoric forefathers the Ancients were wise and thoughtful for those who were to come after them they left indestructible records written on clay and stone this wisdom is spoken of by socialist priest of says to Salon the Greek as recorded in Plutarch these writings have been broken up and many of them lost as they were Universal among the Ancients scraps and fragments of those found in all quarters of the Earth when put together they supplement one another to a great extent so that by combining them we may make the beginnings toward unraveling the world wonders of the Earth's first great civilization for over 50 years I have been hunting these scraps and putting them together so as to form the beginning of an intelligent tale of the creation of man it rests with those who come after me to complete this task relics that can be traced back as coming directly from moo the motherland are extremely rare during the past few years I have been singularly fortunate in finding two that are at least intimately connected with moo both are symbolic figures in bronze they were either made in the motherland or in one ancient place euger the cities of the eastern half of the great Empire which was destroyed by the north running wave of the last magnetic cataclysm which was known as the biblical flood this wave destroyed all that country over which it ran the people were drowned in the cities washed away or buried under the drift the euger capital city today lies under 50 feet of Boulders gravel and sand it is situated in the Gobi desert which today has large areas of Rock Only the soil and everything with it having been washed away by this flood in moo the motherland There Were Ten distinct tribes although they were physically easily differentiated there were few variations in language and these only of a minor character a greater change is seen in their glyphs and writings in the motherland each of her people occupied his own territory and when various tribes took part in the colonization of a new country they did not settle down indiscriminately but each tribe took its own land and built its own cities as their fathers did in moo they settled down adjoining each other informing a homogeneous whole this original form of isolation grew with time so that the tribes eventually became separate peoples and finally separate Nations and as the isolation became greater changes in language began to creep in when moo the motherland became overcrowded or among her great Navigators some ambitious and enterprising company found new and available lands a colonial development was then started these immigrant children of moo were called Mayas all who left the motherland in any direction were always called Mayas from the remains of man of great Antiquity found in all parts of the earth of which in many cases a fragmentary history is given in the form of symbolic writings Tableau tablets and in ancient documents I am enabled to plot out the courses or lines taken by the colonists from this motherland from these remains it is very clearly shown that two main directions of colonization were followed with many branches from the main lines in many independent short lines the two main directions were east and west from moo I have found no record showing which of these directions was first convinced or the approximate date when Moo's first colony was established the date of only one colony is to be found so far the Maya Colony on the Nile Delta in Egypt records point to the possibility that the first colonies on each of the main lines were started at about the same time we know definitely however where the first colonies were started in an easterly Direction settlements were made on what was now the west coast of North and Central America Westerly colonization first took place on the eastern coast of Asia a symbol was a sign for the colonies the sun rising on the horizon without Rays when a colony had Advanced far enough to govern itself under the suzerainty of the motherland it was turned into a colonial Empire and a ruler was appointed its symbol was a sun with Rays Rising on the horizon the ruler had the title son of the sun bestowed upon him by the motherland which meant that he was a subject or son of moo the Empire of the Sun there were probably two principal or main lines one of these has left behind it a blazed Trail in the form of many records it ran from moo to Yucatan in Central America from there to Atlantis and from Atlantis through the Mediterranean Sea in Asia Minor and through the Dardanelles to the southeast corner of the Black Sea from the west coast of America a branch ran down the west coast of South America traceable as far as Chile from the east coast of Central America a branch ran down to the east coast of South America traceable as far as Argentina another Branch ran to the north and east Indian Scandinavian Europe from Atlantis branches ran to Southeastern Europe and Northwestern Africa along the Mediterranean branches were thrown out north and south and last of these Mediterranean colonies was the Nile Delta Lower Egypt this line I have called the eastern North Main Line the other Eastern main line has no records only evidences and an ancient map It Started from the southwest of the motherland to South America from the west coast of South America it passed through canals to the Amazon sea now the Amazon swamp after passing through the Amazon sea it crossed to East Africa with probable calls along the Southern Shores of Atlantis for supplies there were three other very important Eastern lines from moo that went no farther than America first to about Nevada second the Mexico Valley Third to Peru the canals mentioned above are still in existence but in a broken wrecked condition they are found on the top of the Andes mountains near Lake Titicaca remains of an extremely ancient people are found from Alaska to Cape Horn one prominent fact stands out boldly no very ancient remote remains of mankind are found close to a shoreline this I will take up later remains of three or four civilizations are found in our Western States all but one are shown to have been destroyed by cataclysms and the remaining one was destroyed by the raising of our Western mountain ranges Utah Nevada New Mexico Arizona Colorado Mexico and Central America afford the archaeologist today one of the most prolific fields to work in nowhere else on Earth is there such an abundance of varying material for him to study not only this but some of the oldest records of man are to be found among the archaeological wealth dating far back into the tertiary ERA with some few cases probably extending back as far as the myocene period okay this is an archaic's interjection you guys know I'm not a uniformitarian although Charles churchward was influenced by uniformitarian principles now the myocene period here is mentioned because these fines these these pyramid cities that were found near Mexico City by Niven distributed distributed among the ruins are human skeletons and the skeletons of of mild scene creatures now these are three-toed sloth giant sloth these are uh giant bison mastodons and um saber-toothed tigers so this is why churchward dates some of these ruins to Impossible periods they he didn't take into consideration The Vapor canopy period where these animals were normal and quite recent okay interjection is over these remains are hoary with age there they stand awaiting intelligent sympathetic believing students who will listen to their tales and truthfully recount what is told the student must read the writings on their wrinkled and weathered faces and interpret them intelligently they are too old and venerable to be bluffed into giving up their secrets the student must come to them with an open mind capable of receiving what they tell him he must come to them knowing their language and their alphabet the evidences which tell of these civilizations vary from Flint arrow and spearheads to Exquisite Pottery jewelry and paintings even to Great cities built of concrete and Stone the quetzals who were the first people to occupy any part of North and Central America have left nothing but Traditions behind them unless some of the oldest remains of men which have been found belong to the quetzals without our knowing it which is quite possible in my book The Lost Continent of mu I gave a few I gave a few out of the many legends about the quetzals to which an additional note must be added here back in the 1890s during my trip to Central America I obtained from Indians the information that far back in the dense force of Honduras and Guatemala there still exists Villages of blonde White Indians one of these Indians claimed to have lived for several weeks among their Villages he obtained from them the most authentic accounts of the quetzales that I have ever heard their language is Maya and they claim that they are the descendants of those who fled the force when their King quetzel was conquered and overthrown now very few writers on Yucatan have said anything about the pygmies yet they must have been in important Little People judging by what they have left behind for all along the coastline of Eastern Yucatan and on many of the islands lying off the coast are to be seen their little houses in little temples among the natives of this region are found many legends about the pygmies who once lived there and not so very long ago in dispute Mexico and elsewhere are to be seen many of their Stone remains everything about them is dwarfed the rooms are small and the ceilings are low on an island of kazumet there is a little Temple whose doorway measures only three feet in height in eight inches in width 18 inches in width this is a typical doorway among the pygmy civilization the question is are they all extinct in America I am told not for when I was in the British Honduras I was informed that hunters and explorers occasionally meet them back in the dark alleys of the mountains there are about three feet tall with dark complexions and an abundance of very long black hair it is said that they speak the Maya tongue fluently when the motherland started out to people the Earth North America and Eastern Asia were the two lands where she planted her first colonies so that here in our home we may look for the earliest records of men not in Europe not in Egypt or in Babylonia they were the tail Enders going to these countries to find the early records of man is like a Shepherd going everywhere to find a lost lamb while he is carrying it under his arm all the time let us convince by mentally carrying ourselves back to that time when the first men trod American the soil and reconstruct a probable scene we assume basing our assumption on modern history that moo expanded while her civilization was in its early stages we therefore picture to ourselves an ancient craft leaving the shores of moo the motherland manned by a crew of stalord young adventurers with milk white skins blue eyes and light flax and hair when their craft was fairly launched upon the Eastern Sea they pointed its prowl toward the Rising Sun they were called the quetzals in the motherland on account of their making the venomous serpent quota their symbol for the Creator and creation at the end of the moon's Journey as the Rays of the morning sun were lighting up the Horizon ahead the crew saw a hit of their craft a long line of surf breaking on a low Sandy Shore with a low rolling country Beyond on nearing the surf they turned the prowl of their craft and skirted the shoreline until they came to a stretch of less turbulent water this they crossed and found themselves at the mouth of a river they proceeded Inland until they came to a suitable Landing place where they drew their boat up on the bank and made camp from the camp they explored the surrounding country finding it unoccupied by man and imminently adapted for a settlement they then returned to the motherland with the good news the country which they discovered was America as we call it today and the particular spot in North America where they landed was Mexico as we know it today after the arrival home of the Explorers then Expeditions formed in a regular colonization of this new land set in soon it became a large and thriving Colony other tribes settled to the north while the original colony spread to the South eventually settling in Yucatan in Central America this is now Guatemala and is where they built their capital city and elected a king there is no spot on Earth that has greater attention and Fascination for the lovers of the of the ancient than the valley of Mexico a series of tragedies has followed man in this Valley starting from the very beginning of his appearance in America take the first settlers after many years of successful development extension and expansion and after building great cities and imposing temples a huge cataclysmic wave from the ocean rolled in over the land leveling the cities and temples and blotting out almost all human life when the waters finally subsided they left behind a stratum of Boulders gravel and sand which blanketed the whole country burying the remains of the temples in cities the remains of this their first great City lie 29 miles north of Mexico City four known settlements followed the original in the valley of Mexico and each was wiped out by cataclysmic waves the last one behind indestructible writings on Stone excuse me the last one left behind indestructible writings on Stone 2600 of their tablets have been found by Niven they are not of the settlement previously mentioned some of these will be shown in my next chapter with their decipherings a short account of how this civilization was wiped out gives one of the most interesting and one of the most valuable little geological tales ever told a gas chamber which has been underlying the valley of Mexico blew out the roof collapsed and crushed to the floor of the chamber carrying with it all Life thereon The Waters from the ocean rolled in and filled up the abyss caused by the land sinking this totally submerged the valley of Mexico the submersion was accompanied by terrific volcanic workings earthquakes followed one another in quick succession the land opened in volcanoes burst forth vomiting fire smoke in rivers of lava which spread out over the country carrying death and destruction in their wake some of these ancient craters with their lava flows still remain a noted one is called Sibley its lava flow extends about 25 miles and ends on the very edge of Mexico City the flow is about 25 feet thick showing the enormous ejection at the time of the conquest of Mexico by Cortez 1521 he was told by an Aztec priest that quote long long ago a great flood of water covered the valley of Mexico and drowned all Humanity so great was the flood that it drowned out the Sun and left the world in darkness by and by the gods created a new son in this new Sun ruled a new age in the history of the world unquote the submergence of the valley of Mexico took place long before the submergence of moo because after the valley had emerged again and become habitable for man it was re-peopleed more than once moon was called the Empire of the Sun and was Sue's Reign Over All the world she was the son referred to in the legend thus when move the sun was submerged she the sun was drowned out I again interject here this uh guys remember I have told you in in several video presentations about the research of W.J Perry in his Epic book 551 pages in length called Children Of The Sun where he essentially is saying the exact same thing as James churchward but from totally different research and findings uh he he wasn't concentrating on the Americas he was concentrated on Egypt and Libya an African Traditions the Mediterranean but he said the same thing about these destructions he even dated one precisely as a phoenix cataclysm the Empire of the Sun was the ruler of the whole world her laws governed all people when she was gone all laws throughout the world became chaotic new forms of government had to be arranged for each colony in colonial Empire each one from then on had to be self-governing this certainly was a new era in the history of the world shortly after the last re-peepaling from moo the great gas built began to form along the western parts of North America and informing raised mountain ranges two of these mountain ranges run down through Mexico one on the west side and the other on the east side forming a broad Valley between them as these ranges were being lifted They Carried the valley between them up several thousand feet if at that time these mountains were being raised in Mexico was inhabited it is safe to say that nearby all of the people perished as was the case in all other cases were the areas where these mountains were raised the various phenomena which are shown throughout the valley of Mexico today demonstrate with without the possibility of controversy that the mountain range ranges in Western North America are not older than 11 500 years if even that old the two Mexican ranges are continuations of the Rocky Mountain and Cascade ranges the bed of the valley of Mexico during its submergence was a stratum of Boulders gravel and sand interspersed with seashells which were brought in by the flood from the ocean waters when they filled up the abyss caused by the sinking land evidently the water was not very deep nor was the land very long submerged as there appears to have been sufficient pressure to form a very solid compact Rock today it is found as a crumbly unfinished immature conglomerate rock called tippetate in Mexico this tepetate rock is found not only in the valley itself but high up on the mountain sides which surround it how long afterwards it emerged again is not known but from the character of The Rock if we may judge from that it could not have been very long underwater comparatively speaking a civilization occupied the land again and after it after it emerged this civilization was also wiped out by a cataclysm from the ocean this clinches the fact that the Mexican mountains of our are of recent origin the Mexican mountains being of recent origin and being continuations of our own Western ranges in the United States proves that all of the mountain ranges in the western North America are a very recent origin I just read to you most of the material between Pages 11 and 24 but I'm going to skip over from 24 all the way to page 70 where he begins to address South America remember Guys these books are available I'm merely trying to induce those of you who are very serious about your research to find these books and read them for yourselves many of the things that I have told you in archaics and shown you from other data points and data sets are are very well supported in this man's five books page 70. there is an unpublished Peruvian manuscript in the British museum London written in the beginning of the year ad 1631 by a Jesuit priest named anelio olivo which states that the ancestors of monco Kapak who founded the Inca Dynasty or colonists from Central America called cliches the native language of Peru today is called quiche from the cliche branch of the Mayas of Manco Capac was evidently a descendant of one of the royal family of the motherland the Empire of the Sun for when he ascended the throne he assumed the colonial Empire title son of the Sun out of this came the myth that the celestial orb was his paternal parent the cliche colonists from Central America found the civilization of the imaras the people who own the country with whom they settled so much higher in advanced than their own that they adopted it but retain their own language so that the great civilization of the Incas was not cliche but was that of the imaras some writers have stated that the Incas invaded and took Peru where they obtained this idea I cannot imagine both traditions and written documents state that it was a friendly colonization similar to the European settlement of our country again there were no Incas until manko Kapak was crowned and called Inca by both the imoras and the cliches in honor of their new ruler the fascinating part of Peruvian history however is not the tale of the Incas or the arm or the imaras but of those who preceded them priorly Peru had enjoyed a civilization as prominent as the civilization of the Yucatan this was about the time of Egyptian history commenced there was an ancient now prehistoric City in Peru the ruins of which are now called tilwanaco on the shores of Lake Titicaca now 13 500 feet above the level of the Pacific Ocean this city when built was on a plane but but only a few feet above sea level since then the Andes Mountains have been raised in the city was carried up with them there is a remarkable monolith covered with symbolic figures and writing at tiwanaco which I deciphered and translated in my book The Lost Continent of moo the characters are all what is called Maya it shows when it was built that it was constructed at or near sea level as is shown by various Marine shells that are in the neighborhood the mention of the civilization in this city is made in an oriental tablet with an accompanying map which I have succeeded in getting a tracing of it will be given hereafter when the Spaniards conquered Peru they asked the natives who built the Great structures of Tio Monaco the answer they gave was quote they were built before the sun shown in the heavens which means before the country became a colonial Empire the same expression is used by valmiki the Hindu Sage historian regarding the ancient Naga Empire and he says quote before the sun has risen above the horizon this is a very important data point guys remember tiwanaco was built and it was destroyed because of pro because of a prophecy of the coming of the Sun what we are told here is that this civilization high up in the Andes mountains which wasn't built high in any mountains it was built at sea level it was actually built during a time when the sun did not shine in the sky therefore it was the vapor canopy period uh infrastructure due to the cataclysm the mountain range was thrust high this is what I've told you in other presentations about Tijuana and Lake Titicaca here we find it in the writings of James churchward and like I said he provides a whole bunch of different evidence and even cites you know ancient texts that I wasn't even familiar with so I wasn't even familiar with the fact that in Ancient India there was a great Naga Empire that also believed that that it existed prior to the appearance of the Sun in the sky these are data points that are just very interesting concerning Vapor canopy uh uh chronology so now I'm going to skip over to page 197 because I found something interesting I wanted to to bring to your attention churchward he wrote history asserts that the first or early Babylonian Empire was formed by an invading race of semitics coming to Babylon from the north whose origin is mysterious history is partially right and partially wrong first there is no mystery about the origin of the Semitic race which came from the north they had left the motherland moo and first made a settlement in Yucatan calling their City zahia the remains of which are to be found a few miles from Wilkes Mall from there a company migrated to the east forming a settlement on the Caucasian Plains and around the foot of the Caspian Sea this is the hinterland of Asia Minor and where we find the biblical historical Mountain Mount Ararat raising its imposing head some 15 to 16 000 feet above the level of the plane the Egyptians called this country zahia after the Yucatan name as they grew in numbers they extended their Holdings in a southerly direction the semitics who overpowered the academians and Sumerians came from the Caucasian Semitic settlements second the early Babylonian Empire was not composed entirely of these semitics for the academians and the Sumerians were associated with them having been absorbed by them again I have to interject and bring to your attention that what he is describing is the arrival of the amuru to the ancient near East the um he's describing the arrival of the amuru when they came in and with almost without War without a battle they by peace came in as Children Of The Sun the amuru very tall very light-skinned race of people they're called the tamahu and they're even depicted as taller than anybody else on Egyptian Egyptian reliefs anybody can do their own homework and see that the tamahu were a basic white people and they were much bigger and taller than the locals in the near East and they they had come in and they had set up a whole new infrastructure a new city they called it Mari and the kingdom of matani they overrode Babylon a Syria assumer this is this is a this is the story of history as I I have conveyed to you guys from the writings of people like Albert T clay uh a a Biblical scholar and historian from over a hundred years ago uh um a Harold T Wilkins This research is fascinating James churchward he he uses uh more cultural or ethnic names attached to different texts uh he's not using the names that are found in the cuneiform of the nearest and that's fine he's still talking about the exact same people the exact same invasion of people this is why I've described you in my prior presentations that the same Dynasty the same rulers were all of the same Dynasty these children of the sun were a mural ruling in the hittai Empire the Amorite Empire the Assyrian Empire of the fifth dynasty of Babylon was the Amorite Dynasty and anybody can see that in any Bible dictionary or encyclopedia the fifth dynasty of Babylon was Amorite so these are muru they had taken over they had the Egyptians hated them and called them the shepherd Kings they called them foreign rulers but they had taken over Lower Egypt around the Great Pyramid area what we have here is an is a totally different source of data this is the research of James uh churchward which is basically telling you the exact same story that I have presented in over 400 videos in the archaics research my published books the collapse of an ancient American infrastructure that had filled the Pacific and it had filled Central and South America and by virtue of a series of cataclysms they had basically sent out fleets of survivors that that colonized and began new infrastructures in what we call the old world of Europe the Mediterranean Africa and Asia when the truth of the matter is the old world has always been America we are reminded of the histories written by Herodotus of halor karnassus 2 400 years ago wherein he wrote in book one one through 181 and says that barosis who was an early Babylonian priest historian wrote that the first inhabitants of Babylonia were foreigners of another race the Roses then proceeds to establish distinctions between the foreigners and the Babylonians in between the Babylonians and the Assyrians and follows by saying civilization was brought to Mesopotamia biowanies and six other beings half man and half fish who came up the river from the Persian Gulf ohanis is the Babylonian late Babylonian rendition of Anne in the ones he brought with him were the annuna these were Navigators from the sea which is why they are represented as half fish are coming in contact with your guys is basically the arrival of the annuna and how they founded the Sumerian civilization because they had just survived an epic cataclysm in their own world I hope you guys really enjoyed this presentation I thoroughly enjoyed going through these books on my trip uh to California and back if if James churchward in Reading More citations from these books is something that interests you the way I give these interjections to allow you to understand better what he's talking about then leave then tell me in the comments section this is what you want to hear and I'll do more of these videos until then this is Jason checking out love you