The History of Atlantis

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Written by James Lewis Thomas Chalmers Spence

"The History of Atlantis may, in the light of our present knowledge of Plato 's sunken island, appear as a somewhat presumptuous title for a work, the object of which is to present a general outline of what is known concerning Atlantean civilisation. Yet the author placed this study upon a scientific basis, and in so doing he has attached the description of "history" to this work in the hope that the mere invocation of such a name will endow it with the spirit which should inspire all histories a desire to arrive at fundamental truth by every available means.


Preface Introductory The Sources Of Atlantean History I: The Writings Of Plato The Sources Of Atlantean History Ii: From The Fourth Century B.C. Atlantean Historical Sources Examined The Geography Of Atlantis The Races Of Atlantis The Stone Age In Atlantis The Kings Of Atlantis Atlantis In Britain The Traditions Of Atlantis Life In Atlantis The Atlantean State And Polity The Religion Of Atlantis Animal Life In Atlantis The Colonies Of Atlantis The Atlantean Culture Complex" [1]

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