1902: Hidden Takeover & Future of the New York Stock Exchange

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Published on Apr 20, 2023

"Tearing down beautiful, historic buildings, dead Presidents, silent takeover of the economy and the future date when the entire power structure of the Elite collapses."

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[Music] so I'm going through my library and I give John the multi-series volumes of Harper's Encyclopedia of the United States history which strangely reads from 458 A.D to 1902. here is the title page for volume 8. at the top you clearly see from 458 A.D to 1902 and at the bottom you see this series of encyclopedias was published in 1902. as those paying close attention to my channel already know I have isolated unusual activity and facts about the year 1902. this video is for those who have followed this material in this 121 year old book is an illustration of how the earlier New York Stock Exchange appeared the interior of the building is magnificent this is the stock exchange even earlier in 1881. and another illustration but looking back at this original illustration we find that the New York Stock Exchange this Grand beautiful building that we see right here it says right here at the bottom torn down in 1901. so naturally I searched for a reason for why it was torn down I find that the New York Stock Exchange has been located at the same site in New York since 1865. all the way all the way to now 2023 except a total which is a total of 158 years however one small period is omitted this should come as no surprise but the official Stock Exchange history on the internet reads since 1865 with the exception of two years between 1901 in 1903 The Exchange has occupied all or part of the site of its present location okay so we have a Target date of 1902 here without even mentioning 1902 that the New York Stock Exchange was not present at this location so I searched further and I come across something new something that I nor Gary warmerdam or others have been able to find I don't know why it's been there all along but it's the Panic of 1901. yes this is in the newspapers on May 8th and then follow in followed by May 9th the New York Stock Exchange crashed and then closed for four days the month of May is interesting as this is the Phoenix month and the exchange itself was started on May 17th in the year 1792. as many of you know from my presentations the Phoenix phenomenon occurs about May 16th or May 17th every 138 years in the month of May every time the New York Stock Exchange Building as we see it was torn down in 1901. and the architect George post designed the new one to replace it which was built in 1902 and then opened in 1903. post also designed the New York Public Library in 1901 open to the public in 1902. look at all those books so in the same book from 1902 that we found the illustration explaining that the stock exchange had been torn down to be rebuilt we find an illustration of the original Great Seal of the United States as you can clearly see here this is a Phoenix on the seal as I've shown in my published books in Prior presentations the founding fathers explained that the seal was of the Phoenix but in the year 1902 the Great Seal was quietly changed to that of the bald eagle another item of note in New York at this time is the building of the first skyscraper in New York known as the Flatiron Building by the Fuller company from these original pictures you can see that the Triangular structure was the tallest building in New York when it was erected in the year 1902. the beginning of the New York Stock Exchange at its present location was in 1865 which was a dark year in American history President Abraham Lincoln was an enemy of the world banking dynasty of Europe and he promised to free Americans from foreign intervention in American currency and he was assassinated President William McKinley was opposed to the world Banks and he succeeded in getting the gold standard passed in the year 1900. but in 1901 he was assassinated the New York Stock Exchange opened and closed in both 1865 in 1901 both years of these presidential assassinations and the construction lasted through 1902 and in 1903 the new Financial structure began Over America and the World by extension in a totally new Exchange Building a financial takeover of America had happened right under the noses of the public the bird of Hope the Phoenix which changed to a bird of prey the eagle the calendrics of these events actually show us the collapse of this power structure at a future date remember if something is true it can be seen from multiple different mathematical Vantage points so let's examine three separate series of events the start of the New York Stock Exchange in 1865 and presidential assassination was 36 years until 1901 presidential assassination and the tearing down of the stock exchange but when we add another 36 years we find that in 1937 stock prices fell rapidly in a sharp recession Falling by 58 percent when we add yet another 36 years we arrive to 1973 when the stock market crashed and remained low all the way into the following year adding another 36 years we get to 2009 the housing market bubble crash and adding a final 36 years beyond that we arrive to the year 2045. there is no reason to calculate any further all archaics veterans understand this period just prior to the year 2046. but this could be just coincidence so let's look a little deeper the two worst stock market crashes in history are documented to be 58 years apart in 1929 the crash began the Great Depression in 58 years later the 1987 crash was when International markets plummeted the whole world crashed simply adding 58 more years after 1987 brings us to the year 2045. but these two examples pale in comparison to this final one it's this third example that demonstrates the finality of this oppressive Financial system's end in 1907 the Knickerbocker Panic happened in New York but it affected International markets a major banking crisis that was totally caused by fear-mongering and people drawing out their money from the institutions but the affair had been contrived it was planned and executed to make it easier for the issuing in of the illegal Federal Reserve and the IRS in its many International counterparts simply adding the number of the Phoenix 138 years from 1907 brings us the end of this corrupt system in the year 2045. thank you