America B.C.

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Written by Barry Fell

"CBS' 60 Minutes program of 9/15/02: KENNEWICK MAN -- the discovery of a 9000-year-old skeleton - not only seriously questions the notion that Indians inhabited America first but is causing an old-fashioned science-versus-religion battle. While scientists are fighting for the right to study the bones Indians say their religion requires they be buried immediately - so reports 60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl ... America B.C.(Barry Fell) was uncovering this some 27 years ago! When Barry Fell's AMERICA B.C. first exploded on the literary scene it was acclaimed by critics as" ...The first major work to penetrate the mysteries of ancient European inhabitants in America" and its support has grown even stronger over the years. It has long been taken for granted that the first European visitors to American shores either sailed with Columbus in 1492 or with Norseman like Lief Erickson a full five centuries earlier. But the history of America before that date has remained so far lost in native Indian leg"

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