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May 7, 2023

"I'm scooping up amazing old books from different places. Prices, gas and motels- we'd love some help." [1]

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I went through an old estate sale they peeled me but it's okay because I walked away with some awesome books y'all check this out listen to this old book from the 1800s got Jack the Giant Slayer in it and a bunch of other Tall Tales from the West Highlands and in different areas of the UK valuable uh valuable Edition guys um we're on our way to San Diego there's a 600 uh 600 rare book we're going to pick up somebody already donated the 600 for that whole for that book I'm on my way to pick it up right now somebody else provided us a 500 voucher they're in San Diego for us to pick a bunch of the old books because we always we always said we're going back to San Diego because a lot of books from the 1800s we missed so we're going to get those now this video here is not only to share these these these amazing books we've got from New Mexico but also it's a cry for help because they cost me it cost me a lot of money I got my PayPal Link in my buy me a coffee Link in the bottom in the description box in the pin comment I know some of you are able you want to help out that gas money or pay for these books or even more than we're gonna get from booktree because believe me I'm not stopping guys I got some gyms to show you I got some awesome videos I'm gonna make out of these out of these check this out you guys know Treasure Island you already know Robert Lewis Stevenson I had to get this book this from 1909 but this is a classic I'm gonna add this to my Long Fellow and my other classes I had to get this one too coincidentally it's also 1909. this is the Arabian Night this is a classic you guys you guys already know these stories I'm some of the Arabian Night stories are so good I mean I just may read some of these from YouTube you guys let me know if that's something you want to hear so we got here Journey Through bookland by Sylvester couldn't believe I found two old books about old books here they are right here we'll be going through these on YouTube as well library of wit and humor this is like some Ambrose Beers or uh like so luckman's latest book this satire is changing the definitions on words this is humor but it's very educational as well this is a good read I'll probably be pulling up some some interesting material out of that book I couldn't pass this up because I already have a lot of these in my collection they're all different types of grammar spelling science arithmetic uh social studies these are old these are old books from like 19 I believe this is pre-1920. very old book but these are what students were given we're given a long time ago some of you old-timers remember seeing these books lad the last printing was 1908 the original printing was 1857. okay I had to get this book this is a water reprint this is what booktree press does they do they do modern reprints of very old books this book is from the 1600s but it's one you guys are going to be interested in 1652 this book is the the diseases of children in 1652 a doctor put together basically a book that describes all the things that can affect children and how you treat them so that's this one here that's an old one [Music] moving heavy things remember I have a post-reset Library part of the archaics library is post-reset meaning we have a large collection of books that any society is gonna want if they're gonna have to rebuild and start all start all over again start with a whole new infrastructure information like this non-electrical and non-large tractors you know means of moving very very heavy objects with just really clever Contraptions this is what you need that's going to be added this is a real good one it's only about 80 years old but it's called a history of civilization it's absolutely packed with data and illustrations and my boy John right there holding the camera has his work cut out for him oh he'll be taking all these pictures from all these books yeah it looks like it so uh yeah don't send him any money now I'm just joking both of these the students history of our country and little visits with great Americans both of these books well this is from the late 1890s this is from like 1914 both of these books are really good General history books anything pre-World War II get your get your hands on pre Nuremberg Trial history books and you're doing good all right you guys remember I showed you one of the one of the very first donations to the archaic library was the 10 volumes of red paths history of the world and I showed you those books in the video and I'm not done this those are from 1902. this is from 1893. this is rid path's history of the Americas and it basically features 1492 Columbus all the way till until about 19 about about 1890. this this is also packed with a lot of good illustrations a lot it's packed we'll be taking some pictures the century November 1923 this is really popular magazines which were very well written historical stuff social social material they were reprinted interesting things were reprinted in formal books oh by the way for those of you who don't know most Americans and most Europeans receive their education not by books in the 1800s but by pamphlets this is a this pamphlet is in excellent condition for 1914. it's in color beautiful illustrations and photographs but this is this is how people collected these pamphlets they just don't last as long as books I can't believe this one isn't such great uh it's Science History and philosophy but it's a it's awesome pebble I'll be going through that through that too all right I'm trying to make this video as fast as possible guys if you want to help out on gas expenses hotels and books don't donate through YouTube for this video because I won't see that money for a month I'm gonna need to spend that money tomorrow or the day after tomorrow in San Diego so this is the people's Common Sense medical uh medical wow advice this is another book from the 1800s on medical materials medical issues I haven't really gone through it so I don't have any details to give you I will you know I will oh okay here's for you guys in Ireland this is Seamus McManus this is old Irish tales and folklore that's from the 1800s all these boots are like fiction from the 1800s I went ahead and kept them like 1905 1907. oh this is a history of North American literature this should be a good book as well [Music] okay I don't think this is a very old book I really believe fifth reader this is all to educate youth like 12 to 18 years old I'm sorry it's 1889. in Indiana educational series fifth fifth grade reader introduction to physical science John wasn't this the oldest book 18.0 tonight 1897. science books this was a very popular book like er like erdman's books this was a very popular book in the 1800s and early turn of the century as well this is not a Bible but it is it is a narration of the biblical material trying to stay out of the Sun a little bit it's kind of throwing the video off okay this little this collection of books I don't have the whole collection but I grabbed what I could find these are also for youth they're just as good today as a matter of fact I promise you these are much better than what they're allowing our youth to read in high school and in junior high today these are the books they should be reading these are the books fiction in the 1800s in turn of the century was not just about entertaining our youth fiction also taught morals and taught lessons life lessons it taught things or or vow intrinsic value to culture uh national pride or even religion and politics but now it's all propaganda now it's all propaganda it's all it's all everything they're teaching our kids now is crap but these are some excellent books to be added to the archaic Library I would consider these to be post-reset gonna need to gonna need new educational books after after a collapse oh we're going to we're going to put this book back together we need to because it literally has hundreds of of actual World War One wartime photos and it's it's awesome in the actual photography is a really good deal so I want to do a video and show like these right here did you guys know that submarine mines look like that they dropped them off of ships to to destroy submarines they also put floaters on them so other ships would run into them those are those are underwater mines look at the size of them they're made of iron yeah it's a I'm gonna put this book back together because it's worth it it's World War one it's got a lot of it's got a lot of battle footage there's some flying Aces books in terrible shape so these are not old books but they were absolutely necessary I'm going to tell you why first of all I have a whole video already prepared showing you what's in this book I cannot open up this book on YouTube I can't I am not allowed to show but this book shows this is an actual photographs of the things that were found all throughout the ruins of Pompeii when they dug it Out From the Ashes of Mount Vesuvius what they had and what they were selling and the type of culture they were in this book that's one of the new videos that's being uploaded to that to that channel so this is a fantastic book but like I said a lot of the things I've resourced or not YouTube friendly I can't put them on my channel you are getting this one on the channel because this is 1971. it was a famous book uh we are not the first this book is packed with scientific findings of artifacts that prove that a technologically advanced civilization existed thousands of years ago this book is packed with the proof 1971. this book is cited by everybody who wrote on the same topics in the late 70s 80s 90s thousands my hero David Hatcher Childers excuse me and several others you you're gonna get a video on this book also I have a series of Native American videos coming out showing you things I know you guys do not know about their belief systems and I've already hinted about quite a bit so it really shocked me to come across books that I owe they're already in my bibliography I already read this and I cited multiple times in chronicon this is in my bibliography it's huge book on ancient Native Native American tradition also book of the Hopi I cited several times but you have to understand I was a Christian back back when I was doing all this type of research I'm going to reread these books because I know I'm gonna find even better material and here's another book The zunis so I will go ahead and read these three books before I release those Native American videos because I know there's going to be further gold mines in here I have been I have been like crazy John's been driving and I have been downloading all kinds of video uh packages and software from I mean uh videos from Shutterstock so to upgrade the quality of the videos and the content but as far as this goes all this came out of pocket but to me it's worth it every bit of this came out I had to pay for all this and you know what I'm cool with that I'm cool with it if you want to help PayPal link buy me a coffee takes all credit cards the links in the description box I need to keep this short oh we got a 12 hour drive ahead of us today we will be in San Diego tonight we're in Albuquerque New Mexico right now oh really we left we left another part of Albuquerque yesterday and it took us a whole day to get across Texas so uh I'll be in I'll be uh looking forward to any help you guys can provide and you know you got another video coming from the book tree because that's uh just like last time except this time Big John's gonna be holding the camera