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all right now yeah yeah [Applause] [Music] um thank you yes mic check alert alert everybody can we start taking our seats please we've got some announcements to make we're getting ready we're getting ready to start the show here we go [Music] [Applause] [Music] Pamela Swan the best moderator on the planet [Music] [Applause] clay are you in the line to get merchandise thank you thank you for everything you do Harry one okay all these lovely faces I just can't is left and they're sitting down all right everybody we gotta get started here Hocus Pocus we can learn to focus [Music] a couple more can we have your attention please here we go guys everybody Welcome to the first annual convention yeah foreign [Music] [Applause] okay guys we're gonna have a fun day filled with fun and we're all going to have just lovely times getting to know each other I just have a few announcements the restrooms as a lot of you already know but I'm gonna tell it anyway the restrooms are out the store out here and right to your left right there there's your restrooms there we've got snacks and goodies here in the back we've got drinks coffee whatever you need um if if the children make a fuss if we could just step out because we are live streaming this event for all of our friends that couldn't come with us and what else Matt let's see uh I think that's it man will cover the rest I'm so glad to see you all thank you for working so hard in the Meetup and getting all that done I appreciate you all so much and thank you and it's been an honor to assist all of you [Applause] thank you yes oh you get quiet now huh all right so like Cheryl said actually you know what let's back up a second let's give Cheryl a big hand because she's the one who did all this [Applause] [Music] [Applause] and and another one you know what I need to we got two mics one for the live stream one for this I don't want it all go in here hey in the live stream let me know uh how this sounds so I'll go check it when I'm done talking um everybody back there behind the tables everybody man in the doors everybody who volunteered their services for this event thank you a big round of applause for those guys those people back there at those tables are working right now you good oh I knew there was one more thing that's it there's a uh it looks I think it's an iPhone with like a pinkish case with Birds on it somebody lose this Boston found all right I already made 200 bucks all right all right so like Cheryl said the bathroom's at over here there's also if you go out this way there's more bathrooms out that way these bathrooms actually aren't that bad um Cheryl got it got it thank you so there is a room over here if you want to get away from this crowd uh if you just want to break away for a minute um we will if it's not yet I'm gonna do it uh as soon as I get done talking here I'm gonna go set the TV up over there so it's live streaming in here so if you want to step out you're not missing anything and there is a delay there's like a two minute lag time uh latency on the video feed so by the time you get over there you're not going to miss anything you can even go to the bathroom first um I know some of you brought your kids first of all for all of you who brought your kids and have introduced your kids to the rkx material and this whole truth or movement of this Mass Awakening thank God for you [Applause] there's one thing I wish I could do is I go back and bring my kids up on this questioning the world movement that we've that we've been on and I know all of us are on different paths we're all walking at different Paces um I found Jason's material I think I was watching a John Levy video the next thing I know I'm watching this dude who like talks funny Emily why why are you talking like that like if I can make my voice low you can make yours normal like you know Jason is Jason we love him for who he is um wouldn't change anything about him except maybe those camo pants he always wears you'll see what I'm talking about y'all don't get to see a lot of the pants at the desk on the live streams um he loves those camo pants um the biggest thing I wanted to portray here today is take a look around I know you've all been in the live feeds and seen the you know a thousand we had 2500 on one of our last live streams it's easy to click a button and get online this is hard this is hard to make these changes make these adjustments take the time get a babysitter make plans to bring your kids make sure everybody's fed make sure your bills are still paid and you still made it here this is the first of many so let me officially welcome every one of you to the first annual archaics Aaron's convention [Applause] [Music] [Applause] see you later now this is not this is not a platform where we try to teach you anything new I like to look at our KX as a doorway to opening your mind to stuff that you already knew that we already knew in past lives that we already know to be true when you watch these news headlines you read these history book stories if you go if you've been following archaics and been watching videos at least a video a week for six months or longer there's no way you can watch the History Channel now there's no way I was in the hotel room last night I put it on the History Channel and they're like this is where the Ark of the Covenant was laid and I know this because the stone is the same dimensions as the Ark of the Covenant that explains it all except the 250 billion other stones that match that same description so archaics has ruined us a little bit just like every other video John Levy um who wants some shout outs what are your favorite channels out there there you go Nino Minden build all of these people are on the same path we're just all trying to figure it out and let me give you a very rude awakening and I know many of you are older than me and you're like you can't teach me anything new BET how about this this is really going to uh what do they say on The Matrix really uh baked your noodle the answers you're seeking aren't going to fulfill you once we know the answer we're still going to want more we're going to want to know why so enjoy this journey because it's a journey you're never going to go watch that one video and go oh it's over I did it it's never going to happen this is an onward Journey it's it's an uphill climb Miley Cyrus it's the climb I got a lot to say I'm trying to time it make sure I I cut it off enough time for the for the big man to show up um so a lot of us found Jason and archaics at different times in our lives but I think we can all agree that the archaics material and especially the way Jason presents it because he's not a know-it-all scholar you know what I mean that's trying to preach down to you he's just telling you what he found out and it just so happened that my analytical mind and my animal attentiveness for organization and detail Drew us together and here I am introducing this man [Applause] [Music] for those of you who've been watching since I've been on the channel you've heard me say I never asked for this and I didn't I was honest I never asked for this I never asked to be standing here I never asked to be on camera I never even asked to be a part of archaics all I did was send Jason some emails of Curiosities that I had and he kept emailing back like oh I just made a video over this um pretty much saying what else you got uh and then we sat down for a meeting um the day before I met Jason in person the the very next day my sister killed herself so we took that as a sign like that's AIX for you you know some big stuff when they're making some that the bigger the complexity and event has in your life the more important it is what you're doing is that's the way I believe so now here's my favorite part of my speech I want to recognize some very very very important people that mean the world to me and that I couldn't see archaics here without them so if you have ever donated your time or money please stand up hold your applause hold your applause if you have ever liked or commented positively on any archaic video please stand up if you have ever subscribed purchased or had any interaction in a positive manner with archaics please stand up and now lastly if you appreciate what archaic stands for please stand up everyone look around you these are the most important people in the building [Applause] it really meant a lot to me to recognize you guys because I know I say it a lot in the live streams we appreciate you you are what makes archaics relevant you are the reason that we're here and the sun is really brutal it just peeked over him and just busted me in the left side of my face it was like got you now punk okay so we're having a little bit of technical difficulty here so give me 30 seconds I'll be right back away [Music] 30 seconds right is that 36 anybody time that ladies and gentlemen the man who needs no introduction the founder host and leader of this archaics family Jason for shears [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] wow like a shirt foreign [Applause] [Laughter] I have absolutely no complex about showing off my pants [Applause] yeah yeah that was a good one it really took a lot for me not to run in here when he said that let me remove this do I have do I have mobile or I got to stay right here at the podium y'all been telling me what to do all morning yeah I'm in the Sun good morning good morning I'm off okay all right I'm always being told what to do hey initially this was going to be 12 20 people and it was and it was Cheryl's idea and and uh it quickly morphed in about 30 days to about 300 people so I don't know if there's 300 people here but that's how many players and signed up but it grew it grew faster than we were able to keep up with so uh [Applause] I will say that I do not endorse the hat but [Applause] camera I do see familiar faces I met a few people last night I was way late at the hotel to met some Miss more but uh yeah this is an emotional moment for me I'm not gonna lie it's it's a I've been out I've been out of prison for six years and it's it's been uh it's been a good ride but it took a lot to get here and uh most of you know the history of my channel and just slowly uploading over 300 videos didn't even have 2 000 subs and then I and then I'll when I did grow it was super exponential but I never changed anything I just continued the same type of video same type of format and just brought some more people on board but from the beginning the fundamental my message has never changed because there's absolutely nothing about me that's any different than anybody that I see before me and so I am not of over averaging intellectual intelligence I just had the time to do what I did and be able to process that information and uh my message from the beginning is it is is still important no matter how much chronographical material that I go through no matter how much of the event prediction software that I mess with on the side none of that's really relative to the fact that we are highly individualized souls and I'm sticking to my guns people I do not believe we can change the world I believe that we can change our world the collect the collective is something that has to deal for itself but uh and this is a powerful message because it means that any number of people can come together and change their world but the World's Gonna protect itself and it just means that that change is going to happen on a personal level and a familial level your own little personal Society but changing the world as a construct is not why we're here it never was and this is where all these psychosis come in this is where the problem comes in for a lot of people because they can't reconcile that the power of the human Spirit can't change something as big as this construct but it was never meant to be we were meant to pass through this experience we were not meant to change it it was designed to change us so this is the this is the message of archanges in a nutshell everything else is just dressing all the chronological material just uh all it does is show the perimeters of the construct it just shows that uh and I understand a lot of you don't follow a chronological material it's not while you're in okay it's not good but there are many people who do because believe me I've got fact Checkers I've got whole websites designed dedicated to going through everything so like I said it's an emotional experience for me I can admit that no that's that's saying a lot because normally I keep my I keep my walls up but I've had a this has been a whole series of pattern breaks for me last three weeks I've been in like five different states so it's been very experience and while this is absolutely ad-lib totally unprepared had no idea what I was going to say I'm uh I will introduce my team old cantankerous ambassadors right here okay so this must be the live stream this must be the live stream mic and this is the auditorium like right all right okay I got you y'all are working the hell up okay well go ahead and go and see if those people are on live stream can hear me better now that I'm holding up this second mic yeah let's do that sound check you know we do that a lot yeah we do that so about about four and a half years ago I was living on a property uh way out in the country because that's my preference I'm always moving far far away and uh a guy came back from Arizona and traveling the United States and uh he was raised in he was born and raised in the UK he's been military in the UK police officer in the UK and when I first met him I absolutely detested it I did not like this man at all he moves he moved he moved me close to me well we lived on a duck pond it's really nice area I just didn't like him it was Mutual it was Mutual it was Mutual believe me I all for no apology because he hated me too but but it grew into a real powerful friendship and it took a while took about only seven eight months before I started sharing with him significant details about her research and uh my office software and event prediction pattern recognition system and I had no idea that he had an I.T background in in doing the same thing like in the military for police so I met Barry Featherstone he's become a very good friend of mine I just want to introduce him right here thank you [Applause] and you guys know Matt oh Matt yo Matt Matt and I admit about uh 70 pounds ago yeah he was like he's not the guy you see today uh but uh I met him because he was really interested in arcades asked the right questions and he has a buddy that's a friend of mine named Jesse out of California as a matter of fact if you watch my latest couple of videos from California you would property on some of those pictures well I took my van up a mountain and he thought it was funny and he filmed me coming up all the way but uh I couldn't believe I made it because it was muddy and I fishtailed that whole van all the way up but I made it and uh Jesse is Matt's seal in the military and uh Jesse and I are pretty good matter of fact question we're gonna do a video for YouTube uh sand Dunedin two foot high sand dunes in Southern California yeah if we if we live we'll do the video yeah he's got an awesome vehicle I'm kind of scared of it I'm intimidated but that's how I met Matt and Jesse some years back and uh Jesse is in California and he's been a real strong supporter but he's not really heavily involved he's just heavily involved in the comment section anytime he gets triggered by somebody talking to me other than that you don't see too much of Jesse on on YouTube but uh I got one of my best friends here for 11 years it's uh the the actual story is is we were surrounded by idiots and and just the process of elimination I just walked up to him to a day room and I said hey man you seem pretty normal as talk that's true I mean there's no embellishment here that's exactly what happened so I met I met him in prison and let me tell you something people that go to prison in Texas it's very easy you don't have to really you don't really have to mess up hard to get wrapped up into the criminal justice system you know and once you get there hey it's all about manufacturing Logistics it's all about those factories they got a lot of factories they've got a lot of reasons why not to parole you so I didn't play that game I didn't play that game and it cost me dearly because I could have got out of prison a lot earlier but I didn't and I did things my way I was I was messing around doing things I wasn't supposed to do I was living that life uh I got more time when I was in prison so my my extended incarceration was entirely my fault but I came out with it with an awesome education and uh I won't take that back so having having said that uh Jr's real quiet but he's right there in the back wearing that hat he's just uh he's just waiting for somebody to attack me that's all he's waiting on so in general but uh Jr's a monkey Rich he's the he's one of those Natural Born gifted guys that you've got to keep around because he knows how to fix everything and he's going to cuss the whole time he's doing it because yeah doesn't like to work on machines and cars but he's a genius at it so oh Justin back there with the hat and beard we're just getting to know Justin we just brought him on the team he's actually related to Matt I don't know if you can tell the difference see but uh he's the size Matt was when I met Matt so Christina the astonishing when she's staying in the hotel with us she's back here she's did the intro to my movie [Applause] yeah she's still in character uh we have Robin doing the merchandise back there uh Robin does like the she has her own business doing this the same type of stuff but for the like Cut and Shoot flea market stuff like that she makes some handcrafted some amazing stuff and uh she's a good Gift Giver too I appreciate that but that's Robin back there she's a part of our team [Applause] so I know I know we have he goes by Phoenix protocol many of you have talked to anybody he's on the Discord group this is Clayton and I've been dealing with Clayton for a while he's a real strong supporter but and of course you're gonna see you're going to see Jahara Lee somewhere taking pictures that's what she does she's a photographer and uh matter of fact there she is right here here's Jahara she's gonna try and hide thank you [Applause] [Music] I wasn't trying to get your attention I was just trying to introduce you all right cool entirely a delay tactic this introduction so as many of you know another one of my principal messages is that and you've heard it many times but the problem is is it's really theory is really good applications are more difficult and you know what I'm always teaching you know we live in two separate distinct realities coexisting at the exact same time and this is why this is this is actually the origin of most of our problems because we haven't learned to recognize when we phase the inner phased out of which reality but we live in a total 100 personal reality that personal reality governs almost all the eventual experience the very next day the only pattern break is sleep the other reality as you know is the collective and it's the collective that is the problem the highly individualized Soul can do what it wants to do it can make up its own rules it can it can modify its own reality just by wanting it modified and believing that it can occur and then physically moving the Avatar in that direction to make that happen you don't have to do the work all you have to do is initiate but the problem is and I and this is a problem that I suffer as well this this isn't so this isn't something that that uh anybody can Master because if you mastered it you wouldn't be in the construct anymore this is a process and those of us who are are better at it still struggle as well so there's no there's no levels of initiation this is a little cult this is no this is no Constitution it has to be followed and all that you have to understand that the collective on every single day is going to try and polarize you it's going to try and pull you into it's going to try and pull you into a political party into a religious ideology in even into a neighborhood squabble among a bunch of people who don't like each other it's going to try and make you take sides every single time and you've got to avoid that because the true power of the individual is objectivity when you learn to be objective no matter how emotional people are around you it's going to give you more power than than anyone that's observing you when you are immobile and you are emotionally in stasis and you're observing everything around you it's like reality is paying attention to you it's already controlling everybody else so reality is paying attention to you what is it you're trying to do what is it you want to happen do you want to modify the outcome the reality will reciprocate but you've got to learn you got to learn those moments because it's easy so easy to get caught up in observing behavior of other people and they're emotionally Laden they're vibrating on frequencies that pull you in and if you allow those frequencies to pull you in you're instantly participating as soon as you participate you lose your power as soon as you take sides you polarize and it's over and you are now living in the reality tiles of other people not yourself so there's really no other way that I can re-wrap that entire concept around there's no way to others say it I can tell it to you a hundred different ways but that's in its most simplified common denominators so what I would like to do because I would like to take examples from anybody here that's going through something or has any observations and instead of applying Theory or let me tell you what Jason would do but Supply applications so this requires it basically requires you to humble yourself I say hey man this is my problem this is my problem right here and you just have to share with the whole crowd and then basically I'm going to tell you what Jason would do if I was in your shoes applying the very principles that I teach I need you to drink water you turned it off [Applause] can you hear me now here they can't hear the questions that are being asked could you kind of like go over the question and rehash it okay I will do I'll do that on the next on the next one and you're trying to and most people respond to it I I agree but your question was sick in such a way that it automatically inferred that you were talking about tuition is there a better way you could ask that question is there a better way you can ask the same question right listen that's pretty deep question how can you protect yourself from not getting our loads of double layered sword that is not something I'm going to claim any expertise to um it's you're talking about a phenomenon that we have been experiencing and studying for thousands and we still don't understand we know love is very powerful and we know it it actually bestows the energy to us we know that that love is magnetic and we know what his entirely spiritual and because of spiritual we're living basically in these avatars it's something that will always be in this career we can recognize this operation that we can recognize when people knows and when we love someone else but to identify it and to try and put it into some some type of describable format is almost tantamount to me telling you definitive and answers about what God is really like I can't do that I said we're talking about an extension of the godhead that's love and I can't I can't reply on my Channel all I ever say is the oversold because anything else is going to be me trying to give people something but I know and uh so it's a hard question you ask I'm going to admit that I'm not able to to her answer so that's a good that's a good point he said that his opinion is that there are very existence in these avatars is is for the purpose of experiencing these emotional roller coasters and John Walls and I would have to agree with him I would have to agree with him because we grow I know that my patience and I'm a real patient guy oh I didn't talk bad to bad when he came over here and hit the button I'm a patient guy [Music] because I wasn't always that way so until I would agree with this guy right here it's good it's a good observation hey you wanna listen that's an easy one yeah I'm glad I called on you I needed a break okay [Music] and then she wants her own place out in the woods and she's not financially able right now how did she manifest that listen we can reduce that to the common denominators we don't even talk about a house we don't need to talk about the fact you don't have enough money we're dealing with energy and when it comes to energy you have an unlimited source of energy the only problem is you channel that interview to a mental contract over lack and the more the more you continue to do a fact that you on a negative you're dwelling on a negative that you'll do for somebody else instead of dwelling on the positive I can't wait to get into my new home it's sound pretty good as it sounds horrible but the the courage reality it doesn't matter if it's a house on the car if it's a boyfriend or a girlfriend if it's something you're trying to manifest you would dwell on that because anything that you're consciously thinking you're over You're Building extra that conference and attached to frequencies this umbilical will respond to those frequencies but you just admitted to me you don't have the money in the funds that right there creates a lot for your life so while you're alive today I would start thinking otherwise that I don't even need the money it's already there I just keep waiting for it to happen once you start thinking with inferences that's something that's already happened it's almost like retro cognition retro causality you are now basically telling you made a mistake I live alone you make a mistake I got plenty of money and it will correct itself really quick it all depends on you it all depends on your attitude and you have to completely absolutely remove negative aspects never dwell on a negative you got to dwell on a positive it is that easy because I've got hundreds of examples from my own life it is absolutely that easy it takes a change that's 100 true and it's been published the way before I was even born it's like that [Applause] I have to say I'm a little bit sure yes yeah three 40 men don't ask permission damn right more so uh I want to attract a weight type woman in my life right um yeah [Laughter] [Laughter] all right okay so that's that's it right there that's your proposition all right well I'm gonna take it I'm gonna tell you like this basically no no he's he's trying to attract a partner that's on his level somebody who's thinking outside the box someone somebody who's I mean we you know you know we call ourselves Aarons but he's trying to he wants to attract the right partner not just a partner so again again I would like to remove the common denominators it doesn't matter if it's a partner or a house it doesn't matter if it's a card you want to attract somebody that's on your frequency you 'd be very positive about your what your mental output is such as you know every day you wake up that she's close by you know every day that it's just any minute now she's going to introduce herself to her or you're going to be put into a situation where you two make contact when you develop that attitude on a daily basis where you know something's right there about to happen something will happen it would just pop into your existence if it's going to be what you least expect it it's never going to be when you're actually looking for it just like I told just like I told this lady about her daughter listen we live in our observation dependent universe but when it knows it's being observed it won't behave you understand so when she starts to ignore her daughter the dynamic that's going to be created is her daughter's polarity is going to flip she's no longer going to be negative now she's going to be positively thinking about what's going on my mom changed and that curiosity is going to draw her back you focusing 100 on what you want with the emotion like an emotional charge of lack will always prevent that from happening for you so you wake up positive every morning I know she's around I know she's here but you also have to make Minor Adjustments in your life like if you live in a home by yourself there's you need to make minor changes in your in your environment that infer an expectation of the second person being here the more changes you do the faster the Silicon will bring that person into your life it's really that simple we over complicate things all the time it's that simple but I knew I was sweet so I'm sort of touching upon intuition it went the difference between this is kind of a double question so the difference between the difference between um manifestation and then and then the other part is being able to knit these I can do but I'm looking at some bigger pictures that are going to require a lot more sustainability and that just that collapses that that sustainability collapses I'm eating the ultimate the reality that I want to live I haven't done that but I know I can but I'm just not I mean it's very simple okay thank you it's hard to repeat everything you just said you just said a lot so 102 she didn't know she was going to be here 24 hours ago didn't know how she's gonna get here but she's here now I'm going to tell you now it's not a cashier intuition intuition had nothing to do with that you're vibrating on the same frequency as many people here so as a natural consequence now you're here it's as simple as that nor the the year now you didn't go into specifics right now but they're not talking about major changes that need to be done in your life you're talking about the problem here is you are telling me about complexity you are introducing to me that your situation is so complex it's going to require a layering of changes to build this huge model of whatever you're trying to do and I'm telling you now the more you introduce a complex the more complexity is going to be in deter for you to what you want everything can be redemplified common denominators here's what I'm hearing somebody who's very logical and you automatically assume that what you want is going to require a graduated steps to get there and this is how the construct wants you to think going to be inherent then if the end is secure then all the steps leading up to it are secure as well they are doing it you're doing this milicrone's job and you're never going to do it and you're never going to get where you're going if you don't give that to it to do that you're trying to do it for it you need to build the mental energy image of what you want and don't think about all the steps to legal to that because you're going to bog yourself down and you're going to pressed and then you're going to quit donating to the archanges channel [Laughter] [Applause] s [Music] yeah I get that I do he said that his biggest problem and you have to understand this is coming from about a 66 year old guy here so his biggest problem is that he has a rage anger when he sees Injustice and I know a lot of us do a lot of us do I have anger management issue you might be surprised but I have anger anger uh management issues and I'm gonna I'm gonna there's nobody in here better and more qualified to tell you about my road rage than Matt yeah yeah I I drive a 21 foot long van but everybody acts like I'm in a Volvo and you're like so yeah so so I get it I do get it but listen the world is going to be is going to throw and you can't save them and that's a terrible message nobody wants to hear because they're still thinking in the terms of the world we all want to save our neighbor we all want to save individuals that we know are going the wrong direction I'm telling you like last night in a restaurant I had a long conversation with Meryl and I explained to her what you cannot reach people through dialogue that is the ways of the world we are pattern recognition creatures and we we rely on our powers of observation more than we ever will the words that come out of somebody's mouth unless that individual has built up a repertoire of trust so what you have is is your avatar if somebody can measure the rhythm of your ways they can ascertain the architecture of your personality and that goes farther than anything you would actually say to that individual like you really want to change somebody it's not your words that will ever do it it's your behavior people but we'll be curious they will watch they will modify even if there's no no verbal exchange of information between you two they have learned something by observation and now they adopt your your stance this angel you have in you you gotta let that go that's uh there's no easy remedy for that you're hearing this from somebody who has a lot of that too I just so this isn't something you need to wake up every every morning and just you know curse yourself for having it you you troll it when you come into those into contact with situations that make you vibrate like me I can't stand bullies I don't mind going to jail for beating up a bully so this right here is counterproductive to me though my fighting day should be over he should be doing it now so but uh but but that rage comes up in me too when I see those type of injustices but there's no easy answer for for your question that rage is going to continue because you're human you're supposed to feel something for them but you can't save a little buddy when you adopt that attitude you're trying to save everybody you're the one that's going to need to be saved let's make it right and after listening to you it has to do with me and like I was saying the neck because in this world in the same way I suppose people don't look at music what I do now with my life and so it doesn't bother me so much you know this is what you're describing is in in our modern culture people have a hard time wrapping their mind around it but in almost all the old hermetic only all the cut systems they're in their own good Francis Barrett from 1801 you'll know he's got more volumes on nothing but and what was known to our predecessors has been forgotten by us and that is that we are real girls and that we're we don't we do not belong here and we are designed to pass through this is where the town of Johnny men came from this is where the uh the term Freemason in medicine came from originally it was building building reality later be structures out of stone without all the whole Shipwrecked cultures the shooting it was all about a marital race we were here sailing through Foreign Waters no humans were actually from here we're here to learn to develop grow and pass on the story in the Bible The Prodigal Son the part of the prodigal son was in I keep forgetting these guys online but but uh the story of The Prodigal Son one son stayed behind didn't learn anything didn't develop there was no celebration at the end but but the one who made all the mistakes and the one who went out into the world and experienced all the ups and downs of tumultuous life came back and they threw a festival so that's who you are it's a you're a Stranger in a Strange Land This is the whole concept that's why all these archetypes are in the Old Testament such as the Exodus and such as all these strangers living in lands that they don't belong with their promised and exodus when the days are over all that is metaphor every bit of that is real and on spiritual level this is this is where I have my problems with a lot of the historicity but you guys know that you see that in the videos yeah there's no doubt there's no doubt anybody else oh I got one in the back I'm not sure I'm going to be able to hear you yes yes okay stop right there before you admit anything you don't want to admit or or anything like that just just health and body alone is that what you want me to address right now because I can say a lot on it and say hello it doesn't matter what the malady diseases no matter what the before you know that matters that's what you want me to talk about yes okay that you do have to accept what I say because there are some things I'm watched by a lot of people and they're waiting for me to say something along those lines I need to be careful careful listen concerning the avatar this isn't Jason telling you this the scientific studies are out there for anybody to Google and find but the human body has a mass for little group of peptides that do every single thing the human body needs and what I mean is these pentatives are building parts of the Avatar and through your diet these and interior will these peptides are eight absolutely able to synthesize anything the human body requires this is widely known it is that researchers have been silenced talking about this the pharmaceutical companies do not want anybody know that almost every single thing that can go wrong with the human body the human body or it has a recipe to to correct it but the problem is is the informed field the media the media television shows movies books magazines these are people playing Dustin so we were little kids to believe that if you've got a headache you better take us out but if you have a cold dinner tonight you will this program has saturated us to the point that the peptides are neutralized because the peptides only activate by will if you put a mental picture of your completely healed and prospering the peptides will be empowered by the informed field and they will begin to emit those they will begin to knit and repair alone confusional cartilage even brain matter the neural Pathways have been seen under microscopes to grow when they were told that they were dead because this is the power of the informed field and when I say that is you have to acknowledge in order to understand truth you have to acknowledge some of us you know we're real physical people and we can hit ourselves so you know it's almost very you know uh emotionally latent people but in the end or just justiform feel and every bit of that sight touch here you taste smell all olfactory senses all these all these senses are programming the informal field carries all the data you will ever need but the construct is saturating more than you with data making you believe you need extra strong materials it's not true it's just not true this is why indigenous cultures are the healthiest people in the world they're not saturated with this programming so they don't believe it they know aloe vera does I know what a eucalyptus does I know they know what tea leaves do leaves do and they also know that they can take random pieces of and make a recipe and believe that and it works like it's true [Music] [Applause] well and I mean you guys aren't educating lots and you already know um you're already familiar with the placebo effect but placebo effect is absolutely real and the only way the placebo effect could ever work is because it's pure programming you have believed in the programming that a certain thing will result by a certain Act so you perform the act and you enjoy the result but it's entirely placebo new medicine was given you and yet you're still healed if the placebo effect can be absolutely heal one human being the placebo effect can heal him thank you come on yes you can and we have no rules here except don't beat me up [Music] but then I feel when we come at that level like Pleasures that you see okay let me stop right there okay you're never going to convince me that I'm not here to enjoy sex [Music] so listen listen I understand it shortly all right but the problem is is there arcades of material fast I get that it's a lot to take in but the real problem is is that people bring in baggage from other belief systems systems and they try to marry it with the things we drew well that's good Journal okay if if you're an immortal highly individualized soul and you're an individual spot from the oversaw and you are invested with potentially entering in a contract and enjoying all these things the only perimeters to those enjoyments are what the construct improves is not the older Soul the oversold places Freedom the construct has religion Doctrine and dogma and all these things that you were raised with doesn't matter at Southern Baptists like mirror or it doesn't matter if it's uh Mormonism Jehovah Witness or Buddhism it doesn't matter these are all part of the construct every single belief system is a part of the construct you can't marry that material in if you're an immortal being there's no restrictions on what you want to do outside your nose ethic at what you want to do personally things free in the older you've got the more enslaved you became and this is the poor this is what the construct does I'm absolutely free to do what I want to do to have a girlfriend I got a job which is our kids I could travel you can do what I want in in the closing confined to the bedroom look at nobody's business with what she and I are doing but we're going to do it and there's not a belief system in the world so we'll stop that so and I don't believe the oversaw would ever try to put those restrictions on you don't want an avatar that's highly sensory than having sex as a part of the program and you're not supporting and I believe there's a lot of psychosis involved people by trying to stand that out I mean I'm not a psychologist but I'm aware of the literature and reposition of sex actually creates psychosis [Music] [Laughter] that's good that's good it's freestyle y'all hit the floor you guys have the floor [Music] I'm going to tell you um please don't be distressed I'll buy this answer but uh this is probably her last live stream here then because that's where you're supposed to be that's what you're supposed to be it's this this world [Applause] [Music] look at this is going to welcome you it's a reactive medium I've said this many times but if the world has become your enemy and if you are truly inherent and an error doesn't in some some obscure pronoun it's just the only reason I am even coined the term Eric in reference to people who are awake is because it gets a computer Department what we're talking about different types of computer codes and coding and subroutines and something that's not working the way it was designed to work is inherent so the over programming [Music] wow oh you found the brick okay yeah let me get back to Aaron's here I'll just hold I'm just hold it up it's not gonna stay it's too it's too it's too much of a declivity here okay um getting though yeah I know I'm sorry y'all forgive me out there so you um Matt that's a nice camera but I'm not asking you to take a picture of me bro so oh you are exactly where you need to be now any any try any type of control system is going to be subject to several laws but two of the biggest ones are diminishing returns the law of diminishing return to the law of conservation of energy we have a problem while we don't have a problem but the construct has a problem when too many people are not abiding by the programs that were laid before them because it it creates the problem of holography each individual people here has to have a world a reality tunnel now the reality tunnels don't take a lot of energy but it does if they're highly errant and they're not they're not going by the constructs they're not going by the programming they're not they're not folding for isms and different dogmas and religion so it has to build a separate world for each individual one and that becomes a problem so in defense of its own territory is going to eject those Souls who have woke up because it can't do any Collective is the Battery Source through fear programming which I call negative default programming if that's where it draws its power then it's not getting power from the individual highly the highly individualized soul the soul that does not succumb to fear is a problem not because it's not drawing power it's costing power because they have to build a whole different reality tunnel therefore I'm pretty sure it's going to kick you out so excuse me a little bit yeah propose a question on that by the way Dino does it fantastic conversation with the Norman and then so some guy walks up and some and he knows my position and he asserted to use do you really believe we're not and build the whole conversation there are some suggestions you have to share things like that you guys keep asking me about that Moon [Laughter] okay um up until about eight years ago I believed in Newtonian world my very first published books are still from the perspective of a solar system and all that because I bought into that narrative I had no other I had no other way of viewing reality except for the reality that was presented to me I had I had not done that type of research to really understand that there were anomalies that were already scientifically uh documented such as the ad the absolute uh non-reference points and Parallax I didn't know that was a thing but many astronomers have noted that there's no Parallax and that NASA has to photoshop Parallax into a lot of those pictures that's a problem and for those of you who don't understand Parallax it's really simple if our world is 93 million miles away from a burning star then that means six months from now we will be 186 Million Miles Away and there is no way at that distance that observatories can photograph the heavens six months apart at two different coordinates in in the system and come up with the exact same star patterns it's impossible Stars would have moved there would have been Parallax because some of them were very close some of the luminaries are purported to be only 2.4 to 10 light years away and if that's true 186 000 Milli million miles is plenty of space for Parallax we should have seen not the same stars but we should have seen totally different star patterns and that's not what happens so this has been covered up a lot that was one and this was noted crazily this is the year 2023 these scientific reports were published in the 1890s and they still haven't been widely known so uh Charles towards one person of William chorus is another they talk about these type of things but when it comes to the Moon I'm uh nervous I've been there nobody in this room has been to the Moon all we have is the Space Center in Houston where we can go visit and we can look at actual tin foil that's been super glued to us true I mean I yeah I've seen it in person I've been there uh it's uh this is this is what we have this is the narrative that they created in 1969 and they're sticking to their guns I'll applaud them for that they're sticking to their guns however they've now had to wake up the public by making statements like Elon Musk recently Elon Musk was very serious but he said we lost the technology that was his answer you know I can't be sued for that because I have the video clipped yeah he actually said that now we lost y'all we lost y'all we lost that technology we can't go back to the moment what we did in 1969 was the unprecedented it but that's what you know I must said but what he's really referring to is in 1969 what they did was one of the largest basically there's a black flag it was because it involved about 95 of the employees of NASA they were full too they all had jobs they were all funded by the government they actually believed there were in only about the top two and a half percent of the employees at Nasa actually knew that the rocket they were sitting in space is going to land in the Atlantic no one else really knew that but everybody in NASA was believing that there were a part of a major major event in human history and it only came out like within 10 years after that that people started putting together the pieces such as NASA has been very prohibited that the manifests for the Apollo program have been published and anybody could Google them and on the Manifest is every single thing they supposed to have taken to the Moon those manifests don't have lighting equipment they're [Music] from those benefits they got caught in a lot because there's double shadows in all the pictures so this is little little things like this don't matter a 1969 Dr Pepper battle Dr Pepper bottle was an airbrush out of a lot of the 1969 Apollo film called cables um somebody had taken or like a blade and scratched hose into the original NASA negatives um I don't want to spend too much time on the moon it's just the whole thing is it gets ridiculous when you compare it with what other nations already knew such as the Russians the Russians who are far Advanced airspace program their their materials are our public our public record and you can Google them but they had already fried all their rookies dogs and mice sending them to into the atmosphere and they knew that there was nothing living getting past that radar belt they knew it wasn't going to happen so they knew NASA wasn't sending any men to the Moon the whole thing was the whole thing was the start so if you're interested in that there's a book called Dark Moon and I suggest anybody who wants to really know how deep How Deep The Rabbit Hole goes when it comes to NASA to understand that NASA is not a space agency NASA is an intelligence apparatus and it always has been so the move the the uh the NASA whistleblowers I wish we were real you know I've talked about it in my videos it's a group that everybody should see because once you see a black and white official NASA photograph that shows in Dr Pebble bottle from 1969 69 table on the moon you'll understand it's all you ask people basically we're in a basically talking about [Applause] all right yeah so let's maintain a modicum of respect there's it is hard to hear it here our audio is not perfect so I appreciate that guys you're the only one there okay I I got it she was asking about the near-death experience that she's asking about do you go to the light all right um I'm not this is a subject that's real popular on YouTube it is not popular with me um my opinion my opinion on this is a near-death experience is exactly that I'm a literalist it means if you did not die because had you died you wouldn't have come back to be able to tell me this Narrative of a light and all that I understand that the Avatar quit functioning I understand the heart can go down I understand you can quick breathing your your respiratory system can stop for several minutes I understand but for some reason you didn't die because the Same Soul personality and the same Avatar came right back no matter what your situation is no matter what you saw no matter what you traveled in your mind to even if you pass over the veil and they sent you back an nde is simply an experience where you experience some hellified trauma and you may assault white light but you do it's a near-death experience so why I'm of the opinion and I always have been since I started my channel that a near-death experience is not dead therefore everybody who has them is still subject to the central nervous system third if they have not been severed from the central nervous system and their personality is not free to go inhabit another Avatar then would you experience with trauma in that trauma and that means that you menstrual architecture of the similar room up to portal you may have seen a portal you may have seen all that but you didn't go through it could you go back here now telling me about it so that's about all I can say on a on a near-death experience you're asking me if we go to the light I get it so um let me let me sum it up this way I'm gonna summon it up this way I can't tell you yes or no to your question I can't well what I can say is that I have so much faith in the in the over s that whatever you need to do when you 'll team and it's not guesswork it's not something something is important as the spirit there will not be but it will be known to you when you need to know it my problems [Applause] [Music] right you are ugly so this direct observation not a question right okay as a mature perspective I agree with it and I'm absolutely confident that once an individual has become tired of this of this he realizes everything's an illusion and everything is a game and nothing is really real once you've actually pass that threshold that's when you're no longer will come here that's what that that's when when you're if you're not going to fall for the deceit of the construct the country it's not going to want to expand any more energy on you so that attitude is a good one to have I don't know if it's going to be your last life soon here but that's where you need to be when that happens um I think the second part of the question was how do you um you're absolutely correct he did have a two-part question and I got lost I lost him because it was the mood again so listen so check this out approach this the question is is how do you approach somebody about the moon if you have an intrinsic belief that we did not go to the Moon which you're surrounded by people who believe it how would you even approach listen it's really easy this is how I do it I'm gonna say man uh I know I've never been there you know I've never been to the moon and I've never met anybody so long in introducing so what is my natural consequences you say why astronauts have been to the phone so what I've never met astronauts but you know I've never been with an action in autism and I know that everything that I know about secondhand information except that I can do in the backyard look up and I can see it but I also know it's so far away from a lot of Earthly get to it now if a rocket can get into it that's fine but I've never been in a rocket I've been told there was people in there but I've never seen it happen so when it comes to things like the book it's almost you 'll ask about the man I've never been introduced to him I've never seen it it's so distant loss that anybody who wants to Faith that we went to the moon the burdening of proof is on their life because it's so alien to the human experience flipped that into the burden of improve on the disbeliever you're going to flip that back you got to flip it back on the individual who believes that and you need exactly why they believe that because because I heard it from the media I heard from the news we're investigates and that's what they're going to rely on then you're wasting your time talking to that individual denominator and then they I haven't had that that personal period yes and just trying to get straight back huge difference here Universal experience with something objective that I have experienced with this myself and anything that I took a second hand [Music] there's nothing you can do all you can do is tell it to me is second hand information but when it comes to the Moon story it's it's third info it's third person information that we're taking it from it's it's not even second hand it's 30 minutes it gets really ridiculous the more you try to get somebody to defend their position as to you know how do you know we're really into how do you really know if you're going to find out almost in every incidence basically it's all going to go back to the media see you then shoot abcc it's the only time that fox Hansen didn't agree so yeah move the hard one but the move is hard simply because the motor theories ever purported or the hardest ones to just move [Music] [Music] days [Music] what is a success man you're the first person that allowed me to say My slogan Break Free or Die Trying [Applause] foreign [Music] programming like you're describing this Pentecostal Pentecostal religion hammering it into these Bible verses that talk about Rapture hammering it into true consequences for your actions all these all these scriptures that talk about hell listen religion just to war the world's worst country programming and what I'm hearing from you from useful struggling with it and all that tells me is that your moral soul that has realized that our other truths which are still attached to some of those Dungeons and that's cool because that's what Breaking Free is this something you do on a daily basis you can't do it in just one day and they claim that for the rest of your life because the contract was not going to leave you alone you're people with the awareness the awareness that there are other truths will make you gravitate closer to them and further away from those dungeons it's not like you're on Middle Ground right now or you sound like you're you're really wanting to break away from that just a little alone I believe threshold the very fact that you even complicated this is like I said Breaking Free is not a singular event I can't break free of my institutionalization it's never going to happen there's going to be times when this level head says something I don't go off there's going to be times when I'm set off when I hear something I'm triggered and I admit the institutionalization for 26 years from prison against bread and me certain responses to certain students like I'm never going to be able to break free from that all the way even issues I share with this guy my road rage you you're never gonna break free from all that religious what you can do is grow what you can do is mature what you can do virtually empower where you can almost laugh off that working programming because when the time comes in your life in this life suit or maybe the next life sin there's been a couple more you have awakened so much that now you're you're Reserve problem and it's time like I told this lady here you're almost at that point it's it's the recognition and the public admission that you're going through that is about to propel you for accomplishment thank you okay by historical evidence that said for like a major thing if there is obvious we're [Music] the record I have lots of submissions I can't I don't have anything definitive to answer for you as far as what we're going through now because I am of the opinion that this Mass Awakening has been happening for a few years basically since 2019 2020 what's really going on is a once in a cycle phenomenon all right we have been led up to this point punctuated by many resets some of these resets were soft some of them are hard but we've had many events in the historical record where there has been extraordinary circumstances of survivors even though everything else was laid waste we are we are we even though the minoan civilization of 1447 BC was wiped out by a volcanic eruption of Theron even though that happened all along the coast when no one survived and they adapted and absorbed by the myosinades and it became a mighty Empire with the Dana and heliolithic Maritime Empire the survivors of a epic cataclysm actually thrived same thing happened with the team plagues on Egypt exact same thing happened with Herculaneum in Pompeii and 79 A.D when Vesuvius erupted that whole area was full of plantations they all survived just fine there was even there were even rolling records of survivors that were right there in in the vicinity of all the lava flows and they made it out just fine because they're the ones that told us the stories they're the ones that told us the locations of the cities that were buried under 80 foot of pumas and Ash there are always survivors to ever reset and and you know in most cases they Thrive but this is a punctuated this is a punctuated historical timeline it's very easily discernible chronologically but what we're going through right now is the end of the cycle this is the grand cycle and all my charts show it all my charts show all how we've built up thousands of years and what we're going through right now this is it we're about to experience an exodus and it's going to come after a cataclysm I'm not even unconvinced that the cataclysm is going to hide the Exodus meaning the people that are still here are going to be convinced we died in the cataclysm because as I've documented on my channel many times and then I'll publish books we have a lot of evidence of Phoenix phenomenon occurring but populations just disappear Ed and uh and it seems like the populations that were doing the most nefarious activities are the ones that we find in human skeletons we find in human rights they're obliterated but peaceful communities just vanish uh we've seen evidence of we've seen a lot of evidence of this so I don't know to give you a definitive answer on your question but my opinion is we're hitting toward the big one not only the big cataclysm but also the big Exodus you already know my research we're going right back to the whoever's still here it's going right back to Genesis going right back to year one they're gonna go through this whole cycle all over again [Music] okay 2106 is a return of the Chief Cornerstone this is the 6 000th year since a new heavens and new verse that was created by the Phoenix phenomenon in the year 3895 BC is your Adam and Eve story this is the serpent story this is this is a I know some of you are familiar with the CIA release document about Adam and Eve I know y'all some of y'all have read that it's very close to the truth that the whole Genesis story was about a reset the whole the whole Genesis narrative totally destroyed describes exactly what we find in the Babylonian seven talents of creation it is almost word for word in Hebrew Aramaic compared with the Babylonian Semitic in the cuneiform what we have with the enema illish is a expanded version of Seven Tablets of the absolute destruction of the world and its rebirth but it also seems to be the exact Source material from whoever wrote Genesis used to and the Ellis to write it and what they did is they abbreviated it down to very simple Concepts instead of Seven Tablets it's now seven days the whole destruction and Recreation and then the introduction of evil with the tree of evil you know knowledge of good evil then the introduction of of mankind it's not the order you think if you pay attention to the biblical narrative you'll find an evil pre-existing appearance of humans in this world cool so oh he brought coffee [Applause] you guys know my addictions so did I answer your question at all okay [Music] 2106 let me go back to that okay okay [Music] um mud shorts for those of you who just haven't really looked at my chartreuse it's hard to follow what I'm talking about but if you've looked at the charts and you've checked the math with your own calculators you will that the 6 000th year which was a year which was known as the rastrian prophecies this raster and processes of ancient Persia they also talked about the six thousandth year Deliverance uh Theo pompous ancient Greek geographer was also an eschatologist and he also mentioned this 6 000 year he thought it was that he thought it was two 3 000 year epics where two different gods were given were given a period of time to Reign Over Humanity to see which God did better it's still 6 000 years well the god that did better is supposed to be the Chief Cornerstone so and this uh this is something that's it's it's really difficult to find as a matter of fact I have a book here I don't know uh somewhere in the bag or selling law scriptures and Pisa he's got it in his hand this is a my first published book and I was given the contract because it seems to be the only book in the world that actually talks about this this topic it's a all the ancient religious and Mystic texts that talk about the return of the Chief Cornerstone I I put them all in one book it's a lot it's this book here so in in in the law scriptures of Giza I have over 400 Source materials in that book where I show all these ancient texts that had a core fundamental faith in all these original belief systems that was contorted after thousands of years but when you remove the cultural dressings from all of them we're left with the fact that a benefactor entered the construct at a time during the vapor canopy and did something that was going to alter the construct to create an exodus and that thing that it that he built was a monument it was the Great Pyramid that benefactor vanished but promised to return us on a future date that future date was supposed to be known to us and it was encoded in the pyramid but it's also encoded in the Phoenix phenomenon it's encoded in many ways you know that's what my other publisher books did we showed you six different ways where you can get chronographically to the year 2106 which is the completion of the monument so the return of the Chief Cornerstone is the completion of the Monument of man the symbolism of the simple every single block of the stone pyramid represents a soul a redeemed awakened soul the monument is finished only when the Chief Cornerstone sits on the top the Capstone when that's done construct collapses construct collapses frees those became to set the captives free that's his message um Aaron's cold whatever you want to call those who are able to be freed or freed the risk go right back into the into the cycle because this is a program and it's on a loop over and over and over and uh I don't believe I don't believe that that's a bad thing so it's hard to wrap your mind around that but if the construct is here for Immortal Souls to be both male and female because I believe you've been a male before and you've been a female and you've been both many times through our life stems it's the only way that an immortal soul is going to grow is from the accruing of multiple perspectives how else would oversold guarantee that something was going to be put into the position of an inheritance it then it needs to have all the qualities necessary to inherit what it's going to get so just made a statement know ye not to hear all gods I promise you that's where you're hitting but it's a rough road to get there and you're probably going to go through multiple constructs until you're ready but that's what this whole experience is about because uh you've heard me say it before if God is eternal then that means the creation is unending you know there's no there's no single event in the past that we can say was the creation but stopped and if the creation is never stopped that requires an infinite number of Immortal Souls to mature to the point where they can receive inheritance is to help govern New Creations that's what this is all about it's on ending it's hard for us to think about it because we think in terms of Beginnings middles and ends and ends but that's not but that's not that's not how an eternal God is an eternal God is going to have an eternal number of children no I'm not getting over religious or cultist or nothing because you're still talking to somebody who likes sex so don't uh I'm just telling you I I try I try to with a little brevity here I'm not I'm not even religion I'm not religious at all at all I'm just telling you but I'm giving you the information as best I can by virtue of my research but the best information in the world comes from the most diverse sources you can't demonize the Bible even though I know most of it was written by men because some of it was inspired by God you can't demonize the Quran there's some spirit in there you can't demonize this into Vista the dead the the Corpus for medical there are gold mines put in all these texts for a reason that's what that book's about though it's uh putting all these fragments from thousands of pieces and putting one narrative that anybody can understand so I hope that answers your question [Applause] somebody else I told him hold on that was you that's right you said how you said how do we know it's a loop okay I I don't know I don't know but the more I study reality the more I'm convinced it's coding oh oh oh that's okay that's even that's even easier to why do people go right back to the beginning to look that's really easy it's easy if I was the oversoul and you weren't ready and I and I'm what I had prepared for you and I knew that I had created this multiversal world and systems and it was ready to be delivered to you so that you could grow even more by by come demigod like or whatever if I'm an eternal God I'm not stopping growing either and I'm gonna need more people like you but you're not ready because I know how good this is I know how perfect this construct I'm about to give to you these solar systems this whole universe all this is about to be delivered to you but you're not ready so I'm gonna make you go through it one more time to accrue those necessary perspectives in maturity because when I finally give you what you're what you're striving to earn it's going to be Eternal therefore I have to be convinced you're ready so it's not an insult to be recycled back you just it's just natural consequence of immortal growth you're gonna have to accrue the experiences and perspectives and the maturities before you can actually receive your lifestyle before you can receive your white robe these are mystical cult symbols that have a lot of meaning talks about an eternal very powerful Avatar these are temporal avatars but what's being conveyed to us in the Hermetic literature and in the Christian literature is that the Avatar that you're going to get is going to be awesome so you have to be trusted before you're given it [Music] 2178 [Music] yeah um I don't really talk about it a lot because there's nothing positive for me to say um but first of all 2040 is not going to be near as bad as people think it's going to be bad for the collective but even not all of them I've gone through the arithmetic I've shown the actual prophecies what Nostradamus has to say mother shipping especially if it's in the biblical narrative what we see that it's a 75 survival rate and most of the western world will be just fine Asia is going to have problems in 2040. now 2046 is different but there's a six and a half year period between them Nostradamus is specific about that is two huge migrations out of the West he says the whole Western World will die but he won't be known the 2040 event is going to wake the Western World mass migrations Liberty cruise ships bombers everybody will be going to Europe Europe and the Middle East the land of our ancestors Nativity massive migrations from the West so the survival rate for 2040 is going to be high too it's just going to be we're going to be all living back in the old world so what we have 2106 is you're familiar with the term Armageddon yeah the return of the Lord all these these were Concepts borrowed from the Zinda Vista they're not even Christian they're absorbents of the Christian narrative these are these are much more ancient Iranian prophecies and the Iranians get their independent prophecies from uh what is it all in Toronto like this is my first mental Labs today it's not my first mental Labs today so is it a best that comes from your old version the old version the Prophecies of media the religious writings of the ancient elamites and ultimately from Mohenjo-daro their act the whole rap of civilization so Christianity has an ancient roots on for the Roman Catholic Church that tried to convince Everybody by killing all all the holdences and killing all the kafars and all the all the students who knows this by killing all of them they were able to lay claim to these tanks it is the exact same thing that the tiny hats did in the 5th Century BC when the Israelites were actually taken into a Syrian captivity they weren't allowed to take their books and their records their administrative records so the tinyads came in and took their libraries and rewrote them all from a 100 Jewish completely eliminating the fact that these were old Israelite prophecies Israelite books it's like cannons they eliminated all that so there's a lot of Truth in the Old Testament but it's about perspective you got to understand who's telling the story and who's rewriting it so if I need to cheese well come on Dora get out of my way thank you so 2106 is the end is the only end that you need to be concerned with as far as if if this is it for you this is it there will be an exodus event and you'll be gone and completely out of this contract moving on to a new destination which I'm going to tell you now is another contract but it's going to be something fundamentally different it's going to be for a row and accrue experiences and [Music] one well I believe this is this is a program called the Nemesis comic stroke or the Nemesis simulation as I believe that because all the calendars in the world basically hardened back to 5239 BC they can all be shown some way by five high curvature equations or by Straight your annual years counting they all have some type of attachment to 5239 BC which was when we had two stars and one exploded are imploded and this is the origin of our myths our Legends are Traditions they all tell the story of it in different ways cultural dressings have attached to the mask what's really being talked about so haven't said that 2106 yes here is the Exodus the pyramid timeline is complete he came to set the captives free is fulfilled it's done with [Music] but it's going to be populated from one processional cycle which is 72 years to the year 2178 during that 72 years that she Cornerstone will remaining here in every Survivor here what true government is but there's no Escape they're going to be recycled 21.78 whole program collapsed I'll see the arithmetic on YouTube you 'll go to YouTube to try to check that arithmetic and they agree with me it's all yeah there's no way to get around it at 217 2178 is when the entire thing collapses and resource the Genesis but they're not going to experience the Exodus they're it's basically look at it this way it's almost as if the owner of the construct is gathering all the people who just couldn't get in in educating them for 72 years before he sends them right back into the construct that's what's happening between 2106 and 2178 and in 2178 becomes 5239 BC instantly construct totally starts over and everything that you read in chronicle on happens again just like that I think we've talked about it in one of your videos yeah and so just curious what it was talk about the Lord box what okay she's asking me about something I had no business talking about here today but um well when I was improved when I was in prison I wanted to come up with a way to write and put all these Concepts into an understandable format for people who are more they gather more information through fiction than they do non-fiction because I'm going to tell you now my books are they're non-fiction they're packed with data and a lot of people don't want to read them a lot of this dry reading you can also it's fascinating so I wrote a seven book fantasy series it's epic Dark Fantasy it's violent it's very realistic but I created a fairy world called dagger farm and I invented about 6162 new species of of fairy and magical type creatures I didn't want to copy other fantasy systems and I created huge books to describe all the different races and cultures and it's basically the fan art Saga is a fairy apocalypse the world of the fairies is coming to an end apocalyptic events are unfolding and they're about to have a war with humans and uh this is what my series of books is about and I have I have a YouTube channel called the Fatal and Saga where I I tell the story I actually read I actually read all this and I have a whole other a whole other 30 videos ready to be released almost to to add to the the fan on Saga so she's asking about the Lord in the Box the lord of the box is a concert that's in the in the uh in the fantasy series in The Lord of the boxes Inky in the boxes the sarcophagus in the king's chamber of the Great Pyramid and in my fantasy story I am explaining that that box had contained all the information that future humans need code of this Matrix and this is what's in my fantasy story and this is what the characters in the fantasy story are doing and it's just written so people can make the connections with the with the non-fiction resource that's what she's asking but that's what she's referring to that's my answer is that the fantasy story actually complements all my non-fiction it's just for those who just need fantasy instead of the uh about getting the dry non-fiction as a matter of a matter of fact John here he's read all those books you know you know you know he's not gonna give it away a person called problems but um he's read all those books so with uh yeah so with the kind of controlled demolition going on so many things right now uh especially as complete banking you know the financial markets and other things what do you see is the best thing that that we can do you think you know loading up on Silver personal choice of mine you know that's constitutional money but what other things I would recommend that we can best do to protect ourselves okay I'm gonna just I'm gonna disagree with you on one thing um he's asking he's asking me what's the best thing to do right now knowing that we are experiencing the collapse of all these different Control Systems monetary systems Banks what is the best thing to do to prepare and for that right now I'm gonna have to do have to do one thing and that's the collection of silver so I think it's my one of my personal friends I consider him a friend we're in communication uh he sent me some silver and some books that he's had published is Memorial and uh and he listens to the channel and comments every once in a while but he's uh silver is a more volatile than you think and let me explain why 48 to 72 hours after an infrastructure collapsed No One's Gonna Take Your silver in fact no one's going to take any dollar bills out of your wallet no coins that you have no gold uh the only things that you're going to find of value that's going to make you a very valuable member of your community is weapons and supplies because after 72 hours the store is going to be empty once the rest of the population realizes that the this is this Hiatus is is going to take longer than two or three weeks people are not going to wait at all I've told you guys about out of the Ashes about where you've drawn Johnstone about infrastructure collapse and what happens you read them oh you're on book 17 yeah they perfectly describe what America would be like if we if we experience such an infrastructure collapse it's not listen this you're going to see people's true nature come and come out within four days within four days you have to be surrounded in a community willing to share like the Martyr system is the only thing that's going to matter so I would if I was in your position and I had a lot of silver I'm not I'm not I'm not telling you what to do with your silver I'm telling you what I would do I know that there are some awesome weapons manufacturers that they manufacture silent weapons and I know that MREs taste like but they're going to taste good after two weeks of not eating and then the mrns are cheaper you can have them bailed to your house I would take I would get hard assets I would get anything that I could trade that's gonna be the most valuable things blankets lanterns oil MREs food flour sugar if you stock up on supplies they can be used not only are you going to be a valuable member of your immediate you're going to be somebody to be protected so this is what I would do because the total infrastructure collapse the metals mean nothing anymore no one's getting no one's going to take them es I don't see that from happenings in 2040. no I don't see I don't see any total total infrastructure collapsed until 204.9 I see temporary I see something temporary this year so and I'm not saying that for those of you who knows the arcades material I'm not talking about psychic anything I am not psychic I'm not metaphysical or any what we're talking about is deep sequence Predictive Analytics rewarding software and we're looking at chronometry we're looking at the unfolding of historical events as they relate to the urine it is so when I say I see something like a temporary setback like maybe an infrastructure infrastructure collapse for two or three days I'm talking about uh from a non-mystical I'm not like I said I'm not a medium I'm not a channel no I've never Channel anything I'm not even into that stuff at all so I'm just wondering I just want you to clarify that when I say I see something like this I'm really referring to videos that I've already posted and itemized all the evidence while I'm saying what I'm saying so I believe there's going to be a fundamental change for the internet this year that may translate to a collapse taking it down then bringing it back over something a little different I don't know I don't know I can't go into the specifics it's just something I see but uh yeah you're this uh here's another problem I have with silver and uh you're not going to want to hear this but you but you asked this question [Music] governments that with one single late night ruling they can easily criminalize the possession of those medals they've done it in the past so they can easily create legislation that gives you like seven days to turn in your medals for whatever assets they're going to give you in return I mean uh I can see that happening with gold more than silver and that's because the U.S military requires a lot of gold to hardwire or circuitry to protect you from human being what is it being sorry I'm sorry that's my second cognitive disruption so so yeah silver doesn't protection U.S military uses a lot of gold Bradley Fighting View Vehicles just to protect it from an immunities so silver may be safe in that respect but still one single law that can come out quickly can completely nullify your entire stash of silver yeah and for an interview and it's for National Security then you're in your real estate because you're not getting anything that far so yeah I'm just not I'm not a fan I'm not a fan of boarding precious metals it's not I'm a fan of the weapons Munitions uh food stoves I'm a fan of having about 90 days to 120 days of materials to be able to share with five or six people I'm a fan of that because you can do a hardware system and do anything that you don't have in Detroit food will be the goal of the future [Music] the the phone without Our obligation but you know something that we should do to share this information several levels of awareness and sometimes you can say that to people and expectations whether they're going to accept information okay are they going to come to that information anyway or should we you know come along and that turns Christianity you're really going to get to heaven to go through Jesus birthday today so I get it I get I get it exactly no fossilizing discipling bringing people trying to awaken people bring them to the light I get all that and uh I'm going to tell you like I said earlier it's the older soul is going to take care of its own this is natural responsibility it's there is no way that something's so important as the maturation of an immortal being gonna be put into the hands of other immoral beings the oversoul is going to put you through whatever you needs to put you through [Music] yourself you are worrying about other souls and all you have to do is lead by example if they're going to wake up around you because they're going to want to know what you have but you you can't tell it doesn't matter how eloquent glim how knowledgeable you are you cannot sit down with a stranger who is not awakened and you can't you can't penetrate that barrier but what you can do is is by virtue of your behavior you can attract their attention they're gonna want what you have because evidently what you have is something special because you're not responding to all the stimuli that they respond to you're not acting like you're supposed to act you are an anomaly AKA Aaron they don't know you're an Aaron because they don't know what it means but they're going to come to find out when they talk to you because that's the best way you can the world but by your behavior you can make the world approach you that's just the best way to do it somebody I saw somebody you okay um if you have a small interaction that made a folks where that card came in front of you it says five nights yes yes that's like a dominant current skin sometimes y'all friends I'll get messages it's like it's speaking to me there's a game my husband and I played you know we're having a conversation and when somebody makes an important statement then the phone will like ding right this has happened hundreds of times and so now we've learned from like oh you know maybe that's true okay and I was wondering it's like do you have those types of experience where photography like kind of you're able to read it or you know you know the it normally surprises us well we go through those little glitches and things in our life it's when we're paying attention to something else else it's almost as if the reality tries to surprise us there's never when we're looking for it it starts talking more yeah I'll give you the exit I'll give you a perfect example the one you just mentioned yeah she's asking about the choreography games yes the recognition of the glitches and the synchronicities that happen in our lives uh it makes it induces you to pay more attention it's a so you guys know I have a recent one with the the car the license plate spy 10 1902 I posted on YouTube okay listen this is how I interpret that situation it's not even mysterious to me I don't believe the holography just created a phantom car with a phantom license plate for me what I believe is is that I'm vibrating on a certain frequency that draws all these things to me whoever the driver of that car was was in my County at that time reality itself synced two things that are vibrating at the same frequency the frequency of that car it had 1902 had spies said other things in the name I forgot the name of the car um the driver of that car probably had no idea it was actually being he was he was actually being controlled by the construct because if he was in reactive mode you understand he's not actively doing anything because a lot of people just like me a lot of people zone out when you're driving because what that man did was astonishing pulling out in front of matinee yeah we were in the HOV lane just pulled out right in between remember to work you know there was a lot of space there and there's no reason for him to pull out the HOV lane get our attention and then fly four lanes today the 1488 exit and make the exit I'd have flipped the van trying to follow him so but he did that but he did that and I have sewn down at the wheel before where I was deeply thinking about things and I would drive and then kind of snap out of it and I'm 20 miles down the road this this is one of those incidents where the construct actually influenced him to do that he has no idea he thinks he's just showing off he doesn't know it was done because of his license plate so these things happen in her life all the time just like the digital sign outside of Phoenix when I was driving in a YouTube video yeah I couldn't live when I saw it but but then again think back to what was happening I am narrating a video my mind's on something else I'm not looking for Saints I'm not looking for coincidences I'm not looking for Mandela effects they always happen to us when we least expect it I'm actively doing something else and then just popped up on the road it was a it was actually three it's a digital sign and it has three destinations in the top Homes Phoenix 138 it's like wow that was something else and I just do the best that I can to pull off of all like the corporate systems or the you know Beauty themselves so I feel like if other people you know playing the start we've seen other things well I want to comment on that there's a it's really hard to it's really hard to convey but I'm doing the simplest way I can for every single problem that we have in our life in our immediate environment the solution the solution is right there it takes a shift of perspective to see that it's actually there but the construct itself is like a two-time adventure game it's like a book that has multiple multiple Little Adventures you can go through the problem is it's like personal or spiritual parallax as long as you're standing still and that means physically and intellectually as long as you're not moving you will never see another perspective to a problem so what a problem arises in your life the solution is right there around you and it takes a mental shift or a physical Shield so you can change your perspective to seat down I just wasn't even thinking about that here's a perfect example of a phenomenon a perfect how many times have you guys proposed a problem and it was really hard to figure to figure out and you were stumped but as soon as soon as somebody else they said something something so simple you felt stupid Heavens all the time it happens all the time it's because the solutions are always around us we just haven't followed them or we had to really really looked at the whole problem with the 360 perspective and I knew that intellectually as well as physically so that's a really good comment you triggered a good one there you did I need to get oh [Music] oh I haven't I have another YouTube channel where I read all those fantasy books it's called the Fatal articide but uh oh out of the ashes yes out of the ashes by William Johnstone is about the infrastructure collapse yeah it's it's it's excellent excellent reading thank you I'll come up here with no gun what [Applause] the hell oh my God you are not taking a picture of that oh my God oh my God come on take your pictures man we come get this that's a good one that's a good one thank you I'm sorry that's not going on my studio we might use it as a problem we might use it as a prop somebody okay here we go all right so my question finish um for example um right carrier and then I'm driving back to Boston and I was like trying to go through all the stuff and all these downloads kind of I I knew that up it was all part of the plan and like I had to like you know Anthony was like you know where is she like you know I'm just asking for like I don't feel like oh baby map kind of starting me on my right and I swear an assistant to look over but you know when I did look over at the last second and said Abby went and my dog's Abby and I'm like Abby land and I was like oh my God like it was like so happy grocery store oh yeah I felt like it was smart every individual particular sink can be can be a message for an individual problem and listen I believe the oversoul is awesome and I believe that in that instance there it realized you probably needed an upper and you got that and it only came in the form of that little sink but I don't believe that there's anything more mysterious about it than that yes I mean if something can't talk to you if something can't do sign language to you in all other forms of communication are are barred from it because it must remain separate from the evil that's inside the construct because in itself is pure then what other way would it communicate with you but by intuition imagination sinks Mandela effect coincidences all these little things in our lives that we consider mysterious I don't believe they're mysterious at all I mean if I was trapped outside the construct and I wanted to talk to my children I'm going to come up with many unique individual ways and I would even do it with a sense of humor and not even be clever about it so that's the best way to answer that Focus yeah it is it is oh she she's asking about can you walk us through why you believe there's a living dimensions all right but while there's 12 dimensions and why we only have access to 11 right okay there's two I have two answers for that and I'm not going to bore y'all with a bunch of details one of them is one of the top one of the top mathematicians in the entire world is a female and her own output shows 11 dimensions in for a 12th but she can't mathematically reach that 12th and I found her research pretty astonishing um I may post something on YouTube about that now that you asked the other reason is because a personal friend of John and I his name is James Desmond Moore he's a computer programmer he and I sat down and we were the ones that discovered the 2178 collapse protocol we're the ones that discovered that but in discovering that we 400 pages of charts because we ran the numbers one through ten thousand and we ran them down to see which ones collapsed to zero and which ones went through a whole series of permutations before they collapsed to zero and that's when we found out 2178 is not collapsed it mirrors into it to it and into its all Loop so those those pages that we printed out every single permutation of numbers that take a while to collapse did it in 9 and 11 Dimensions so we we kept that paperwork not knowing what the hell it meant we didn't know what it was we're not really mathematicians so we kept that paperwork when a friend of ours sent that that uh Popular Science magazine article about a physicist who a mathematical physicist who concluded the exact same thing and we even wrote her but she never responded she never responded but that's that's why I believe that I believe one because we do have a mathematician who knows her business and she's highly credited and she came to the same conclusion through totally different data sets and we we just ran a computer program to see what the collapses were going to be for all numbers that were measured against each other and we found out one blue wooden 2178 but all the numbers that do collapse do it at 9 and 11 dimensions and we need we like I said guys many of the things that we've uncovered in our cakes require greater minds than we have it really takes a network a project and we're starting to get that attention but I'm gonna tell you now there's a lot of things that I have the data for I just don't have a description to give you I don't have the qualifications to really understand what this data is telling me I just have the data a lot listen up I'm telling you guys I always say I have 500 more videos of me and I I'm telling you I do I do so you've got a lot of YouTube videos still on the way and that's probably going to be one of them to talk about thank you to follow up a little bit on synchronicities but not synchronicity I've come across um codes that are used to I guess manifest so if we're living in a simulation it's the more operating under a rule of codes right so are you finding any sort of consistency in codes and um and and in a way that they can be applied to create that we want next um taking all the historical research and applying it into the form of a event prediction software algorithm called office we did just that and we ran for two years we ran NFL NFL uh algorithms on the NFL and it became very apparent that we live in a trickster medium that once a pattern is identified and isolated it collapses as soon as as soon as that happens we we predicted NFL outcomes with 87 to 93 Perfection each time we ran four or five weeks of NFL games but on the sixth week or the seventh week it always changed all of a sudden we got the exact opposite of what should what should have happened this happened so many times that we had to go back to the drawing board and try to figure out what's going on I know what's going on now I should have anticipated it but this medium is intelligent and it knows it's when it's being observed and pattern collapse is a part of the program this entire reality that we're living in operates on basic reset collapses personal resets all kinds of let me see this sleuth over here gave me okay so um how many as I've known my channel in my presentations I have also grown I mean I don't just release information I'm questions people ask me they plagued me at night I'm back at the drawing board I'm pulling books out I get my calculator out how dare that individual asks me something I can't I can't answer so that's what happens that's what happens and I search I continue that search but this reality we're living in it operates perfectly on pattern breaks and this is the key to the individual as well this is why I'm telling people all the time listen if you're having any problems in your life if you're if you're stumped whatever whatever the situation is the pattern will break it's when you just get up in the morning and do something totally different than you had anticipated doing the day before you have not given reality time to even digital reality tunnel so now it's Just Gotta Throw all kinds of things that you get most of the things and throws at you are beneficial to you it has no it has no way to really introduce dungeon program or negative deep programming because that requires the laying out of infrastructure A coping infrastructure I didn't have time to give you that so the personal break is what modifies reality just like in NFL and NBA event prediction pattern breaks keep us from a contiguous weekly predictions we have to actually stop as soon as we proceed the pattern break we gotta layup for a couple weeks and reinitiated and this makes sense of the Phoenix phenomenon which is which is based off the fine structure constant which is based off resets resets are pattern breaks for the collective personal pattern breaks are what you need to do to modify the conditions of your life to move the direction you want to go so the pattern breaking the personal is no different than the reset and the collective you're saying it's the same phenomenon that was my last question for right now I'm coming back to the podium but I do believe Matt has something to say I'll be back up in two two more times guys [Applause] I'm okay with slouching over while I talk so I don't have to hold the microphone up all right so this is not the end of Jason for today we still got a lot of Jason left so at at this time I'm going to make a few announcements and then there's going to be an intermission uh we're gonna get back rolling with the announcements the presentation starting at two uh so I don't know if any of you have stepped outside yet it is gorgeous outside perfect time to walk around outside the sun I thought it was going to be hot today uh thank God it wasn't so just a few announcements I know a lot of you want to talk with Jason want to get him maybe sign some stuff take a picture that's great I'm about to go get him and tell him he's got about 15 minutes and I'm gonna try to get him up here be flexible I'll announce if it changes and then those of you who want to stick around we're probably only going to do it for about 30 minutes and you can uh just make a line somewhere and then one at a time you come up on stage we'll have somebody over here you can handle your phone and take a picture with Jason up here on the stage um Justin May can we get some work on this back here uh we'll get the backdrop fix for you so the picture's not ugly we know that fell down I just didn't want to interrupt the video um okay so this was announced at the beginning the merchandise is almost gone uh last I looked like 20 minutes ago there were only five coins left uh and that's all we have right now now all the other ones are on order it's gonna be like four weeks we have a rifle drawings for those of you who do not know about the rkx raffle you buy a ticket you can buy as many tickets as you want but there's only five bags and and I think the cheapest bag is 160 worth of stuff in there uh and I can't tell you every bag has a coin in it so these coins are rare they're not as rare as I wanted them to be because Jason got too excited and wanted everybody to have one um open those things under wraps for like four months and as soon as he got one in his hand he was like we're showing this on the video man so okay so just to recap we're about to break um I know I don't know about this place but I know if you walk out these doors and like go around this building over here it's like a strip mall on both sides there's restaurants I know the uh the biscuit bar I think is what it's called is open and I just got sausage biscuits from that place uh for all the crew and they said they were the best sausage biscuits that they've had in a long time so I would go check that out the coffee isn't that great though um but you didn't hear that from me the coffee here is better but I don't know how much they have so two hour intermission here in just a minute if you want to hang out and wait in line and get a picture with Jason you are going to be rushed in a very polite way uh so we can get everyone through hang on let me let me let me have your attention before we start getting a little Ronnie for those of you who don't want to wait in this line we're going to do this again at the end Okay so so what if y'all want to go ahead and start forming up I'm going to give him a little bit of time and then young start doing this okay all right [Music] here please [Music] I just want to see howdy to all the Florida errands out there I wish you were here love you Jay hearts love you John thank you okay [Music] okay um [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] hurry up that's like 10 minutes [Music] 100 seconds foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you for everyone [Music] thank you exercise [Music] [Music] it sounds like something else yes yes [Music] [Music] I came back [Music] [Music] um [Music] [Applause] [Music] happier right now foreign [Music] [Music] yeah yeah yeah thank you [Music] [Music] thank you hello [Music] right now yeah or two dollars [Music] you've got no surprise [Music] [Music] thank you anyway yeah [Music] all right foreign okay [Music] Mustang New Years right here yeah [Music] sometimes [Music] [Music] obviously questions [Music] [Music] um I know yeah yeah [Music] [Music] um all right check it out hey I'm not gonna use the mic because there's no need for it but so uh you're gonna be standing over here so um you if you have your own phone or the camera just get it ready hand it to Justin here hand it to my brother and then you'll come stand right back here and take a picture with Jason all right that's how it's gonna go and you just walk up one at a time wait till the last person comes back down before the next one comes back up [Music] no yes [Music] there you go hey man would you mind yeah yeah I've got the digital but I just wanted one of your life yeah do the two pictures over here yeah [Music] [Music] um thanks [Music] again thank you foreign [Music] effect s [Music] it's beautiful this is Jessica and Jessica has something special about it Jessica now she came all the way from now anyway oh wow and she has some really important incredible okay absolutely horrible I love it I love it is [Music] now I can't say it you're gonna isolated the world I can't say it anymore Jason she's read all of your books all right uh um [Music] it just needs to be threatened by another pin all right yes sure amen [Music] right now [Music] this is remember everybody we should have been more prepared because something for you yeah it's not coffee it's not perfect but these are flexible yeah I'm super better than dip ties they're they're like um twist ties [Music] community [Music] for 30 minutes [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] sacrifice [Music] okay yeah yeah [Music] yeah yeah [Music] um [Music] [Music] um all right um [Music] yeah I'm doing three for everybody cool you wonder if you could sign this morning [Music] yeah I got a house that's where I live now yeah this is just it looks like his mask but there's another Star Wars inside yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you foreign [Music] thank you it's nice yeah [Music] the situations [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] currently like filming sometimes 13 years old scriptures [Music] and I had some of the questions [Music] [Music] come on [Applause] yeah [Music] I'm famous [Music] [Applause] um [Music] thank you yeah [Music] good talking yeah [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] um [Music] [Music] it's just amazing ready ready [Music] [Music] thank you um [Music] that wasn't easy change [Music] [Music] [Music] okay okay [Music] um [Music] [Music] yourself [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] yeah it's interesting it doesn't sound like you can do it yeah and there's so much yeah [Music] it's always a different different things business [Music] ES um foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] um foreign okay [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so there's no way [Music] so like I have witnesses [Music] [Music] [Music] wow [Music] there's some stuff um yeah myself tomorrow yeah [Music] [Music] you know what I mean even though I know it's like that way yeah foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] um [Music] it did something thank you for a long time I was 22 one of my favorite presentations since I just covered this ice cream yeah that ice cream because I bought it so certainly one day it was like a big deal about this ice cream I've only seen it three times in my life and it's either around [Music] five six seven years go by without seeing it you know but yeah [Applause] [Music] [Music] he said [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] right yeah so like like I'm not kidding I'm not depressed either I'm just eating it made myself [Music] [Music] and it wasn't one that people voted for it was just there you know I wouldn't remember this I'm like so just so you guys myself when you're not really inventing this ice cream now let's play games do you want to take it from me like that was a personal like jacket or maybe maybe I witnessed something I mean it wasn't a personal thing maybe I just so happen to like maybe it was the wrong day for me to walk down that Island like my job in the future yeah something I'd never done before with an ice cream and I only see one other time exact same here when I was 19. so 13 about six years he's like um if I only seen it like six times ever I don't doubt a little bit especially when when the ice cream that's why I'm like I have nobody to turn myself that makes sense right yeah there's more stuff oh okay yeah [Music] um I'm okay um [Music] [Music] thank you foreign it is true [Music] there's so long that's what goes in your mouth [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] oh my gosh the pillars ity over here um okay okay [Music] they are [Music] History Science yeah [Music] right there oh that's so cute [Music] oh yeah [Music] that's right um [Music] thank you [Music] um [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah yeah [Music] you're doing it it seems like you're never gonna get it practice you get this like anything it's like learning to play the trombones or anything mindful of your practice yes [Music] 10 months ago [Music] Starbucks now it's not important sunny again um thank you thank you see in a bit yep success 20 seconds [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you yeah yeah right yeah yeah that's good yeah [Music] associated um I used to be a station believe it or not and again it's like and that is not it's not stable and it's only two inches from the internet um right now I don't want people to see it yeah [Music] I'll get a picture of that he's doing video I should have I should have tested it out this way before I put that under you think it looks better [Music] [Music] don't knock it over here yeah [Music] it's on oh yeah it's streaming oh my God Daddy hi folks I think I made it worse it's just a little sticky thing we need some duct tape that's it okay okay I think it's better I think it is because it was wobbling pretty bad yeah okay just as soon as her feet okay this is definitely not sticky hello it's very close garage [Music] no thank you yes more like more like this towards the sign there you go right there it is upstairs foreign [Music] but you know it's clear [Laughter] well it's a good thing we fix it now so it didn't fall during it exactly man this one yeah well no yeah oh no she just did a dance performance no that was pointed kind of more the the outside of this camera is at the tripod and then it goes to the left foot and I was like wait a minute I like that shall we just make a little round yes it smells like it smells like weed in here I'm just kidding [Music] all right not right now I know it's like not at all nutrition but I'm like oh look things in a bag okay it's okay okay [Music] breaking news that's right here the whole series of crap I said I think quickly matches guys run around here okay um questions okay [Music] spell intelligence [Music] [Music] [Music] Industries foreign [Music] and then tonight wow yes [Music] is awesome yes thank you Palestine yeah [Music] experience okay um understand perfect we're still live stream and the audio is live also so if you ever wanted to put on a show yeah astrology foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] tomorrow downstairs okay okay [Music] all right it's not okay [Music] is humans [Music] [Music] [Music] I don't know what happened yeah [Applause] [Music] all right [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] yeah yeah but yeah um [Music] that's right um [Music] thank you very much [Music] issues [Music] um you know um guys [Music] um thank you [Music] finances [Music] it's awesome oh yeah um thank you cheers [Music] [Music] can you listen up for a second did anybody lose a set of car keys I got a set of car keys here I found them on the uh the back of the front entrance over there and I've had them for a couple of hours I forgot they're in my freaking pocket [Laughter] and then I noticed there's an air tag on them so I'm probably being tracked right now but it's they'll be looking for him good point I'm keeping getting into the second part today here no I picked them up I picked them up and then I took them to somebody I said these yours you said no no put them in my pocket [Music] yes [Music] [Music] um military [Music] oh yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] oh yeah do that I don't apologize foreign [Music] uh yeah and doing events like this it's like he gave me everyone is a learning experiment yeah [Music] oh yeah the um yeah yeah [Music] [Music] um thank you [Music] that's okay [Music] oh yeah perfect [Music] [Music] I'm sorry [Music] first time [Music] oh yeah [Music] you're here yes remember yeah oh yeah [Music] questions [Music] [Music] [Music] um all right anyway [Music] s yes [Music] [Music] everything [Music] foreign [Music] yeah yeah that's okay [Music] yeah so exciting today please [Music] I'm sorry I said don't be afraid because it's okay guys [Music] thank you yes [Music] [Music] I'm trying to like slap me away oh my God [Music] [Music] [Music] yesterday [Music] foreign [Music] thank you okay [Music] [Music] thank you so much yeah [Music] because he feels experience um [Music] I [Music] am available [Music] foreign [Music] I love this experience taking place [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] I think so yeah more than 35 years [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] education yourself um how to explain itself okay okay [Music] yeah [Music] what's in my channel [Music] thank you [Music] anymore [Music] thank you again foreign [Music] and then you know um [Music] recipes [Music] yeah yeah [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] very much yeah yeah [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] foreign experience [Music] [Applause] [Music] yes [Music] please [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you yeah [Music] [Music] yeah foreign [Music] no worries [Music] [Music] all right okay tell us about um wow [Music] smiley face [Music] [Music] this is awesome [Music] exclamation point [Music] [Applause] foreign [Music] yeah yeah [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] very much [Music] [Applause] something else [Applause] [Music] it is nice today [Music] survival games personality [Laughter] [Applause] thank you [Music] [Music] don't forget [Music] okay separations foreign thank you [Music] [Music] harassment okay um [Music] investor I know this conversations [Music] foreign Apartments downstairs [Music] [Music] exclamation point [Applause] pictures [Music] foreign so [Music] um anymore foreign [Music] [Music] all right now foreign [Music] conversation thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] um is [Music] [Music] okay [Music] guys [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] I was gonna see if y'all were gonna be quiet when I got up here doing work all right Beautiful People how's everyone doing everybody gonna have a good break get outside and enjoy the good weather thank you looks like just about everybody's back I think trying to see all the empty seats it's easier to count the empty seats all right are we ready I don't I don't want to make any announcements and uh someone not hear it I'm trying to be the good teacher wait for you to I'll wait I'll wait all right so if you haven't already raffle tickets uh we just stuffed more stuff into the the raffle prices so there's even more stuff in there now it's up to like uh 200 worth of stuff in these bags um anytime during now when Jason's up here anytime you can go buy your raffle tickets in about an hour we're gonna do the first drawing uh I think we're gonna do two and then we'll do the the last ones at the the end so here's how this is gonna play out um Jason asked me when setting up the second portion of this Meetup this convention with all You Beautiful People what he thought well what I thought he should talk about so uh let's see if he took it to heart I know it's down is it affecting the sound can y'all hear me in the back yeah can y'all hear me in the front okay it just looks weird I'm trying to eat the mics closer together so Jason's not holding that this thing up he can sit here and relax on the podium but he loves knocking stuff over so he'll probably I don't know how many you saw when he kicked the camera during the live stream um anyway so we're gonna hear a little a little bit more from Jason I asked him to get a little bit a little bit personal with you guys to get deep so we'll we'll we'll see um he's got free Reigns though none of this stuff is scripted y'all get to see the real Jason today which is I love that because I get to see a part of Jason working beside him that y'all don't and it's almost the exact same thing except you see him through a box on your TV your phone or your computer or your tablet and it takes away that personal Factor but he is that person I promise you like going to the grocery store he's the exact same person that you see on these YouTube videos and I'm hoping that he'll share a little bit and you'll you'll get a little feel of that so again raffle tickets get to raffle tickets there's uh there's a few merchandise uh left up you guys really closed down shop back there um I hope you guys appreciated everything so far thank you for keeping it positive and cordial just like I like to keep it in the chat feeds um I think that's it we are going to close down about an hour early so we're closing down at six we're going to shut the presentation down at five and Jason wants to hang out with all you people for an hour uh so I will he will have his personal security tag along with him everywhere he goes so just kind of keep your distance no quick movements I don't want to see you get knife handed um and just be be courteous that there are you know 350 people in here and uh it can get a little busy a little crowded real quick so I understand a lot of you have been waiting to talk to Jason because you have these profound ideas I get it I was there too I was just lucky enough to get through it at email um but yeah I mean timing is everything right we know this so if if it's just I don't want you guys Jason's a good guy I think I'm a decent guy and we don't want you getting the impression that oh he didn't have time for me well there's 300 people here like if we had 700 hours we could make it work um but there's always the next time and there's always these personal connections that we're all making a lot of you have come up to me and talked to me about some pretty amazing things and uh we've been shut down for a couple of weeks um Jason took off on his road trip and it just got so overwhelming more stuff came piling in and we just said you know what we're pulling the plug on everything until after this Meetup so you who have been neglected by emails I'm sorry I'm aware I'm the one neglecting you um but it's only because we're just putting it to the side so if you've been sending me emails or messages and you've been trying to get stuff taken care of several of you have approached me today we'll get to that please just give us some time be patient um this was this was a feat for us like this is the first Meetup like this this is this is the first and next biggest step for our KX right here and there's it's only bigger and brighter from here on out so um well this Phil Jason's Vibes here where he wants to take this and without further Ado here comes the big man himself Jason bashirs [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] thank you [Music] [Applause] [Applause] not think so all right can I can I be heard by them like in the video all right I hope you guys enjoyed the yeah hope you guys enjoyed the first half of our presentation [Applause] [Music] all right just as I introduce absolutely having no idea what I was going to talk about in the first half I am ad-libbing the second half as well um I didn't come I didn't come prepared because I don't believe in it in most of my live videos or straight from the hip and that's why when I do podcasts with with other channels I'm always telling the hosts of other channels please do not tell me what we're going to discuss I would like to like to be asked the questions in the moment so Q A's are something I like to do but let's talk about the archaics movie for a second I know many of not all of you see it but many of you have but and it was some comical stuff and uh Christina the astonishing she's here she did the intro to the movie but but the movie was necessary because in one 44-minute presentation I actually abbreviated about 5 000 years of history and made it comprehensible so people stand when we talk about mud floods and Phoenix phenomenon and resets and I was a man after my own heart you know I love you coffee man I love coffee so [Music] the Phoenix presentations are in 61 62 videos and it's not easy to absorb it's not easy to read to real world as a part of a mathematical construct that is so absolutely perfect it has predictive value that's a lot it's a hard pill to swallow it's a very hard pill to swallow that whole civilization to have vanished without a single Survivor again we found the architecture it's a very hard pull to swallow to know that whole segments of human history have absolutely been silenced because every written record every inscription every book and every tradition there are gone from that period and yet we find the fiscal evidence of the existence of a culture although we find nothing that they can leave behind but but empty buildings and architecture buried very deep underground oh for those of you familiar with William cordless or Barry fell Barry Phil and America BC William cordless of the Source book project David Hatcher childress's books I've mentioned him all the time these are just three men that have documented many different parts these are out of place artifacts that have been discovered by the oil and gas industry and uh the problem we're having with these with massive discoveries in the cold scenes in the strata from fracking drills and from the oil companies is political it's entirely political the US government will shut down any single drilling operation that reports an archaeological artifact so what do you think is going to happen when they hit when they find them when those companies when those companies find those artifacts since the 1960s the very first thing they do is destroy them and we're only getting evidence that these are happening by individuals who are acting on moral impulse who photograph it with their cell phones or talk about it or tell their families or by affidavit and say man I swear either Oklahoma two miles below the surface of the Earth we found a limestone Cavern and we found a whole building made of black stone in streets paved in Black obsidian blocks this is an actual historical fact that's been documented but these things are covered up and these authors are often ignored by scientifica The Establishment ignores these three I've read hundreds of them but Jonathan gray has a website many of you would find interest in it's called before and this man has spent his entire life documenting all the strange artifacts that have been found all around the world many of the things that are absolutely ignored by Graham Hancock Randall Carlson you already know guys I'm a Critic a Critic of those boys uh not everything they say do I disagree with but they say enough to where I understand that they're a controlled opposition and they're not they're not their true intent is not to reveal the truth it's to censoring it's to provide another Avenue for those who want deep research but their material actually steers you in another Direction so it's just a false Trail it's just like flat earth flat Earth has opened the minds of many many people to think outside the box and to go beyond the perimeters that are normal or comfortable well Flat Earth is a stepping stone Flat Earth flat Earth will not take you where it will box you in this is one on the simulator this is why I'm a simulationist that we have that we have lived through an entire series of multiple simulations is exactly why why the historical record is so convoluted it is why all the artifacts are abbreviated it is why we have this burst of archaeological discoveries in one strata and then it's absolutely empty other places and this is any this is an it's inexplicable there are enough intelligent triers of fat all around the world to ascertain truth from fiction in the geological record but the geological record isn't revealing everything that it should so something has been happening there has been edits edit it's occurring that we have been able to see only in retrospect which introduces the value of Charles Fort Charles Hoy Ford 1919 published The Book of the Damned and I know many many of you have read that book in here because I have I have recommended Charles Fort to many people and many of you have emailed me and told me how it opened up your mind how this man had amassed thousands of scientific reports and discoveries and put them together and basically just gave up and said there no way we can explain all these anomalies and let unless we practice exclusions the only way to make sense of history is to practice exclusions and that means we must ignore data to push other data to the service to make it comprehensible and because we're forced into that corner to have that that necessitates that something is missing something's been edited and this was the value of Charles Ford's research only in retrospect did Charles Fort realize that something very terrible must have happened to a significant population of the world in the month of May of the Year 1902 and it was so horrific he was able to document what happened outside that area of effect outside that area of effect he found out that people documented mud floods and red mud falling from the sky a strange red star appeared in some places in the world the ground liquefied building sank many people in 1902 had no idea anything happened in yet other populations in the world were documenting all the strange phenomena falling out of the sky and yet at night yet by 1919 Charles Ford had enough data to prove that something very unusual happened in 1902 he was able to publish it all he even called 1902 that other Dark Age and the reason I value Charles for is because like Charles like Charles piazzi Smith and Sir Flinders Petrie he had the presence of mind to document his research and freely admit to his readers that I have I have this data set I have this material you're welcome to look at it I have no idea what the it means so this is what Charles Ford did this is what Charles piazzi Smith did and this is what sir Flinders Patriot for those of you who don't know sir Flinders Petrie he measured everything inside and outside the Great Pyramid to the thousands of an inch even today with a micrometer even today floor so Flinders petri's measurements are the only scientifically accepted measurements by egyptologists and many researchers they're the only measurements you will ever find on the arcades Channel and they just happen to all be divisible by 138 and many of you know many of you understand the relevance you see the connection between the Phoenix phenomenon in linear history between resets in the actual rectilinear measurements of an architectural structure that has been sitting in Egypt at 30 degrees north latitude barking exactly the latitude of the next pole shift which will be at 30 degrees faces of the group of the great Mark perfectly right to linearly the cardinal directions of Northeast South and West and from the beginning it has been sitting there as a zero degree longitude zero degree latitude for the ancient priest pre-flood world it's not that that's not worth that today it's been moved 30 degrees but in the pre-flood Vapor Canopy World great period it was was considered Mount marrow which was zero degrees latitude zero degrees in longitude it was at the Apex and the center of the world at the exact same time so whoever built this Monument wanted to make sure that it drew attention to itself whoever built this Monument made sure that all in all dimensions of Phi and pi 1.618 and 3.14 and curvature of 5.08 in every measurement three-dimensionally inside and outside the Great Pyramid that pyramid record every single physics constant we have including the fine structure constant so in my own videos and on my own books I tell you guys all the time I don't care I don't care about all the physics constants and the fine structure I don't care about all the constants being record all there was was the architect of that Monument basically telling us look pay attention all the arithmetic that governs all the natural phenomena of our world has been isolated Monument this has been published in about 600 books in German English French and Israeli since about 1881 1882. none of this is secret the only new information that is brought to the table is his archaics showing that this 138-year pattern is found all throughout these measurements everywhere inside and outside the Great Pyramid and not one scientist historian archaeologist or even engineer architect has ever come forth with this data before and the reason is not because of intellect the re had never studied the world to history and found out that we have these 138-year reset without a working knowledge of chronology there's no way this discovery would have been made no one would have been able to know the value of dividing all these rectilated distances in 138. so we have a monument in Egypt that shows that these recent destructions when they happen on a massive scale we've moved the world 30 degrees the last great movement put the pyramid years this is this is mirrored in the Apple them of the Great Pyramid Apple the sloping distance from the base of the pyramid any you can choose any four sides of the pyramids you want to it just measure the sloping distance all the way to the Apex and you get some inches and that is not a coincidence it's not a coincidence by any means just like the year 1902 the 203 years to the year 599 which you know of in your calendar is 2105. introduce the Chief Cornerstone when the Great Pyramid is completed the Chief Cornerstone is the final stone that finishes the monument it went once it's in place that's what we have the 204th level of the Great Pyramid which makes the 6 000th year which is which is 204 years from 1902. so 1902 has a lot of value in ostronomics 1902 has a lot of value to the Phoenix a lot of value to Charles for In 1902 is encoded everywhere inside and outside the great period so it is a year that we need to pay attention to when we painted pay attention to it we find some really remarkable things we find that hundreds of government orders of agencies organizations we find hundreds of real estate purchases all over the United States and Europe we find a whole new Concepts that suddenly appeared in 1902 and 1903 The Fortune 500 companies that are in existence right now all 500 of them almost almost all 500 of them are direct descendants of companies that appeared in 1902 and 1903 and this is very easily traceable many of them have changed their names committed to conceal their identities were splintered off and fractured off into umbrella corporations but they're still the exact same companies they exploded onto the world scene in 1902 and 1903 and to do that at the same time that all these other things were going on is inexplicable outside the context over reset though it begs the question I'm not here to I'm not here to even guesstimate or to impose my belief upon anybody I'm not here to tell you that that reset was of human manufacturer because I don't believe that it because of reset in a controlled mathematical construct can be done with very few people actually understanding what happened until they reviewed review material in retrospect so what I'm telling you is I'm not of the opinion that a group of people initiated this is too much what happened in the changes that happened from 1902 to 1904 no 1304 are so prolific and world changing changing the trajectory of Nations is do a slight Google search and we'll find all the territories and all the countries that came into existence or ratified new constitutions or or change their names so much happened in 1902 and 1903 that we are left with the conundrum that something happened for which the effects were in and out edited out so I can stand here on this Podium and sound like a total imbecile to those who have no idea what I'm talking about so this is how this is how perfect this is from the editing is very easy to see it's very easy you just have to be willing to sit here and just read the books or read the articles or watch the videos and see the evidence yourself and calculators don't lie I'm always using a calculator on my channel but my point is is we can easily fall prey to the deceit of artificial intelligence X and always blame another human for inducing these resets when actually it's the system rebooting itself we can blame the elite we can blame some secret orders secret societies the worst of societies who can do all that we can blame the governments of the world Listen there would not I'm going to tell you right now something factual there would not be so many intelligence operatives trying to crawl up my ass if they actually knew what was going on they're finding out for me as well this is going on guys you don't know behind the scenes we have we have been busy not just Fielding in many Fielding emails the meeting people strange telephone calls listen it's it's this hey it's real it's real but I'm going to tell you what it is it's not oppression I don't have anybody trying to silence me I have I have I have groups that want to hijack the message and do what they want with it and try to capitalize off of it and then I have then I have some shadowing more sinister I don't know that are actually trying to learn this material from me they're not they're not trying to steal anything they're not trying to kill me they're not trying to actually I'm honestly of the opinion that our own governments are starting to wake up to something to the truth or movements or onto some things like man you know what we've been we 've all had these guys for a long time but it come to find out they may be on to something now a lot of them are some of them are just on some really wax stuff and I'm not I don't follow a lot of stuff on YouTube but when it comes to the archaics material I'm going to tell you now to go this long over a hundred thousand Subs to be able as an ex-con in the conservative state of Texas to continue to be able to release all this material and nothing has happened to me means that there are entities that are way up there in government who are still learning so I'm not I'm not all I'm never going to show it up I don't care what the opposition is but I just want you to know that I mean even in this room most of these people most of you guys I know you're here for a genuine reason I know genuinely you want to know truth you believe you found soul of the truth and I understand that it's really hard and difficult to find because the entire Netscape is absolutely packed with Fiction it's hard to find any facts out there and then you already know or case is not going to have all the answers but we're going to have a lot of them we're going to have a lot and I'm equally confident that in this room right now our former enemies I believe I just met a couple of them they introduced themselves former enemies who have now turned around and they find the value of the information and they're not [Music] activities that's what it's all about I'm never going to integrate or hate somebody for their past I got a colorful past my damn self so I'm just it's not who I am but I'm equally over the opinion that there are people in this room that are that are here to Scout and they're here to basically ascertain the trajectory of archaeus to what we're about what brought all these people together flying in from all different points of North America because not everybody in this room flew in from the United I've been I've met a lot of people so there's people in this room that are doing intelligence gathering right now and I'm going to tell you I'm going to tell you their vocal they're more than welcome to because in archaics family we've got not a damn thing to hide there's nothing to hide in the acquisition and in the dissemination of accurate information I'm not going to hide it I'm not going to show it up and I'm expecting that from the arcades family as well Jesus [Applause] so back to the movie yeah that was a tangent I know I know I know I know you guys are familiar with the tangents I don't even have to apologize anymore actually there's people who get irritated by my apologies about my tangents because my tangents are so frequent yeah my whole life's attention one of them lasted 26 years so the arcades movie is the best approximation but it's me summarizing the best approximation of the facts so I'm going to tell you from the very beginning 3895 BC which was our year one to our present calendar right now year one of the calendar that at the 6 000 years the return of the Chief Cornerstone 38.95 BC is found four different times rectilinear inside the measurements of the Great Pyramid and there is no way that's a coincidence none I show those on my channel I show the chronometrical charts and there is no way to say that those distance [Music] thousands of an inch there's no coincidence here so this cow this calendar in this pyramid timeline Begins Counting down 38.95 BC is the beginning of our calendar but this is a problem because all the data that we have uncovered about 38.95 BC year one is actually the absolute total collapse of a previous previously existed for which we only have very few fragments from different ancient records about it nothing else destruction of that wall was so perfect that all we really know is that the survivors of that world became our people in Genesis the people that were introducing Genesis are the descendants of the survivors of the Epic cataclysm it was a new heavens and a new Earth that appeared to the sky it was a phoenix reset it's on the 138-year Phoenix timeline it begins the 1 656 years of the pre-flood world that you know of as the vapor canopy period this is before all the ancient Americans Sun calendar systems because at that time in history the sun was not seen in the sky the period of History I'm talking about now during the pre-flood world was a matriarchal structure women had powers of authority the matriarchs the goddesses in full effect there was wasn't a hint of patriarchal culture during the vapor canopy during during this Vapor canopy period symbol for all religions and all political associations at that time was the moon or the Crescent Moon because it was the only thing that could be seen in the sky other than other than the stellosphere every every night people could look up and the stars were magnified ancient ancient Native American traditions are very specific that in the days of their father's fathers in the in the dark midnight time at night they could reach out almost touch the Stars it's not because those luminaries were closer it's because the vapor canopy is a marine mesosphere that's still there today but the water droplets are so fine compared to the ocean that you used to be up [Music] those water droplets in the mesosphere magnify light and at night time it made the stars in the Moon look gigantic during the daytime that the condensation it would rise back up it would cloud the sky during the daytime the sun's heat would pull the moisture back out of the pools of water out of the out of the tropical forest and back into the atmosphere this happened every single morning so every morning before the sun could actually be seen the entire Sky clouded over like a dark purple light this one was never seen the sun wasn't even unknown it wasn't even known and this is why when the vapor canopy collapsed and we have what is called the great flood which was the day the sky fell this is why the Sumerian Pantheon which was very old it already had well-established Anew in Lil it had all these Sumerian gods in the Sumerian Pantheon but suddenly at the very end of Sumerian history they had to introduce a new God and that new God was called utu any Sumerian scholar will tell you Hutu means that means the Sun so the greatest symbol in the sky we have today is the sun it's the brightest but in the ancient world it was unknown it's unknown because the vapor canopy when it collapsed that was the day the sky fell it was the day the sun was born and this is precisely the Sumerian version of the birth of utu the sun being the final God in the Sumerian Pantheon to be added is the exact same thing we find in ancient Egypt in ancient Egypt had the unneeded these Gods the nine gods were already very ancient very well established especially in the old Egyptian create creation of ethos and then the final God that was like added in as an afterthought was Horus the son son of Osiris so in super and in Egypt we have two major ancient civilizations that that recorded that one of the most important Gods to rule their ancient civilization actually appeared as the final gods of their Pantheon and both were the Sun because this was the birth of the sun calendar systems and this is what we find in the cliche and the Olmec and the imara the Inca this is what we find with the toll taken the sample taken the Azteca they all had the sun calendar systems in the very first son was called the water sun because it was born out of the vapor canopy when we put all the traditions of the world together and we just reduce every single thing we come in contact with to its lowest common denominators everything fits together like a perfect puzzle piece the Native American traditions being a Neolithic cultures hunter-gatherer Nomads are actually very scientific observations of the world that existed they remembered the stone giants they remembered the dark purple light they remember the the eight grandmother remember when feet when females had had basically authority over all the males in the culture that remember this period very distinct West culture Western civilizations from Saudi Arabia ancient Egypt all throughout the Levant all throughout the near East they only have fragments of the story whereas the Native Americans told the whole they had fragments preserved but those fragments were important because they were found in pictograms local brands that were found in cuneiform than they were founded in in later adaptations of Canaanite and rash and ugaritic and rashameric cuneiform eight 900 years after the Sumerian in academic uniform had vanished when we put when we put all this into its proper perspective the history of the world isn't even mysterious anymore this this is of the Book of Genesis now makes sense it's called the pre-flood World it in 1856 years from 3895 BC 1656 years which is divisible by 138 to the next great Phoenix epic reset cataclysm called the great flood entering the story of Noah this is the exact time the sky fell this is the exact time the vapor canopy collapsed it is the great flood it's the 1656 year in the floor of the king's chamber one of the most important Chambers in the entire Great Pyramid is precisely 1656 inches above the foundation of the pyramid and this has been recorded by many different people 1881 when Charles piazzi Smith published his material and then engineered David Davidson supported it with his measurements sir Flinders Petrie and a [Music] fact of the 1656 inch distance found in the Great Pyramid now the Great Pyramid identifies its base as year one meaning it's a year one of a calendar it's a lithic calendar because this was the heliolithic period After the flood heliolithic means son of the stone or stone Sun Counting After the flood we no longer have any evidence of technolithic architecture there are authors like Brian Forrester and there's a few I can't no I can't name off offhand but there's many that have documented the technolithic Precision of ancient monuments that have been found like pumapunka and several other places around the world where the Precision is is far beyond what is necessary for Aesthetics it's not necessary to to build structures that have high tolerances of .025 it's not necessary to have structures that are smoother than the marble link buildings that's not necessary that's excessive that's showing off your technology is what it is because human which you can't touch and you can't you can't see the difference but they did it the architecture was perfect but after the flood technolithic engineering collapsed with the vapor canopy whatever sciences and Engineering we had during the vapor Canopy World we don't have that today but the vapor canopies coming back type of Engineering in science and whatever whatever energy sources that that operate really good during Vapor canopy conditions of increased air pressure nitrogen enriched soils and a much a much higher oxygen content this is what's necessary for whatever the engineering function of the Great Pyramid is you guys know I got mini videos theorizing this is a giant machine we're dealing with it probably has a very simple function very simple there is nothing that would have lasted like it has for 5 000 years if if the components necessary to replicate to would be would be so specifically intricate that we wouldn't be able to copy them or manufacture them again I don't believe that I believe all things are all reduced to their lowest common denominators If this means that whatever is needed to activate the pyramid and do what it needs to do then those components are in the pyramid right now they've never been removed from it that would have to be inside of it no engineer would ever risk their extraction it would have to be somewhere hidden inside the pyramid but this this Vapor canopy technology technology is something I've discussed many times in presentations in theory because I don't have any solid facts about what's going to happen in the future after 2040 but I do believe that that this this immense amount of infrastructure leaning toward electric electric vehicles electric engine infrastructure the solar panels uh you guys know I just I just did a trip across half America half of America and I saw wind farms that I I had no idea I had no idea that we had so many I know I saw at least 50 000 giant wind turbine Towers everywhere I drove and also saw solar Farms problem in a vapor Canopy World all this money we've spent on solar farms and on wind turbines is to not is to nothing it's not going to do us any good at all the only thing that's really going to do this fossil fuel industry and I understand there's a controversy with fossil fuels a lot of people don't believe oil comes from coal seeds on fossil fuels that's okay because it doesn't even matter all that matters is oil works well we have a lot of it and we're not going to run out and it's all over the Earth but for some reason the powers that are in control over us are trying to get us move into wind wind turbines into solar and both of those are going to collapse in a vapor canopy leaving cities all over the world absolutely stranded from power sources so I'll just let you concentrate on that I don't know I don't know where to go beyond that those are just facts that I'm aware of but equally so I'm aware that the vapor canopy is going to introduce law of Sciences meaning we're probably going to find out that the body is designed to adapt very rapidly to new biospheric conditions this would not just be my opinion but there are texts like second estrus I know some of you are familiar with second address and the apocryphal material that has been removed from the the Old Testament there are passages about changes that are going to happen during the apocalypse to and uh these are this is something for some of you to tell you if you're if that's what you're interested in I would I would look at first and second Ezra's because there are many prophecies about these type of changes that will happen during the apocalypse and the only common denominator I know of during the apocalypse would be the return of the vapor Vapor after 2040. so in the archaics movie I go into a lot of details showing that this Vapor Canopy World is the key to understanding almost everything we don't understand in the ancient world it makes us understand that that weird place that I can never pronounce called Gobekli tipi I don't even know if I accurately pronounced it now now we're giving like Graham Hancock is real he's real big on promoting the promoting the 11 500 BC uh Theory now my problem with that is in order to do that he has to practice exclusions and what I mean is is at the top of the pillars at goblicky teepee are the Sumerian handbags that are found everywhere in the 27th 26th 25th and 24th centuries BC Sumerian handbags are found all throughout the near East however they're also found at Google teepee at the top of the pillars and this is something even in Graham Hancock's videos he ignores on his on his uh was it Netflix series he's got yeah so so we have this anachronism to me it to me it dates that that site not at 11 500 BC which is which is Mr Hancock's misinterpretation of the whole Atlantis narrative and we can get to that in a minute but it tells me that all these all these structures that have been found throughout the near East they're not near as old as we're being told because being buried underground is not evidence of antiquity we have World War One battlefields that are now eight foot under soil they're now farmlands but horrific battles were fought there just in the last what a little over 100 years so this is not evidence that something is old it's evidence that it got buried and it got buried very rapidly so uh you know I have my problems with that but with the 11 500 BC narrative that's promoted throughout social media in the publishing industry you guys have been following me you already know that eudoxus and several other Greek writers who corrected Plato but Graham Hancock and all his followers don't cite them but it was known over 2 300 years ago in the alexandrine library that the Egyptian Egypt did not count solar years in at the alexandrian library they had a more accurate chronology than Plato in air in what was Aristotle and uh Salon the problem is is the Egyptians spoken moons Count Their calendar was lunar they spoke in Moon so when they told Salon in the ancient city of sice that Atlantis sank 9 000 units of time before the before their period of time was about 500 BC Plato took it upon himself to say that was 9 500 years before salon and it was never true because the part of the Atlantis narrative that you cannot ignore is that in the Atlantis story The atlanteans were at war with the Greeks and the Greek culture did not exist in 11 500 BC Egypt didn't need 11 500 BC when you read reinterpret it according to the way the Egyptians counted time the 9 000 moons puts it at the 13th century BC in the 13th century BC precisely when the Greeks and Egypt were both at War and they were in war for with a race that came from the Atlantic duration we have many books about the sea people's Federation but they don't connect it to Atlantis we have many books about the the Phoenix cataclysm but they don't connect it to Phoenix but it's all the exact same event history all of Troy the great Mycenaean War all these things that have been compartmentalized into manifold different Mysteries that are all separated by their own data sets and facts are actually the exact same series of and when you look at it from that perspective every bit of it makes sense everything the Egyptians told Salon was absolutely true the war this war happened there were at lantukes and every bit of it's been absolutely confirmed in the historical record anybody who has done a deep dive on the see people's Federation will know that they are the atlanteans of Atlantis of of salon's narrative and when all this is put together it makes people like Graham Hancock and Rambo Carlson look really stupid facts is why I don't give a minute this is why I do not give them any slack and I'm not going to give them any slack because it took it took an ex-con in a prison cell putting all this together when I never had the millions of dollars of finances to do this like they do because if you think these guys are actually doing their own research you know you really you really don't know how this how this works some of these guys that put out these huge channels and even multiple 20 30 books on world history they have whole entire they got whole groups a whole Think Tank full of authors that are putting all this together and many times many times they're caught taking the manuscripts of people who can't published and they slap their name on it and they publish it as their own after they've done some slight revisions anyone in the publishing industry knows that this is the norm it is not the exception Stephen King has done this in the fiction world is done all the time if you think that some of these fiction writers actually wrote 60 books in their life it's not true it's not true they wrote about 30 books and then their Publishers handed the manuscript after manuscript after manuscript both no name authors who can't get published so they just slap their name on it do some slight little modifications to say it's their book and they submit it and there's a lot of very popular authors and the evidence of this many of you have read fiction so the evidence of this is that how many of your favorite authors first 20 books or so are fantastic and everything they wrote after that was that's what's happening that's what's happening the publishing the publishing industry for fiction is the same as as non-fiction I hear my name that all the authors except Jason yeah there's some there's some other good ones there's some good ones out there I like I like I'll definitely put my name on Jonathan gray yeah I'll hey you would please meet no end if many of you got educated on before Jonathan Gray's website is awesome to open your it'll open your eyes up to some of the absolutely strange things that have been discovered all around the world and uh before [Music] it's a good one back to the movie that was you reminded me the first time Meryl that's my navigation expert right there man let me get some coffee all right actually Merle getting to the flood is pretty much the end of that movie the movie was the movie was designed to to basically a gender interest because there's a lot of people who come to our cakes and they get turned off I get emails I read the comment sections and I see that when they when new people come into car our case they hit that wall and when they hit that wall they're overwhelmed they don't know where to start so they're reaching out to people saying hey man where do I start with all that it's not I wanted the other cakes movie I wanted to do that to put a narrative so people could share it and say hey man this is where you need to start once you've got this down a lot of this is going to make sense so I'm pretty much done with the movie the movie part of the presentation uh I have no idea how far into this narrative that I was supposed to go before Matt was going to do a raffle I think he's going to do one one winner right now on that raffle I know those bags are packed full all kinds of stuff I know there's a coin in each bag too but I think before I continue I think Matt was going to do one rifle and I think now when they walk I have no idea where he is so so anyway like I said I didn't come here with an itinerary of things to discuss just like to shoot from the hip so you're with so many people coming from you from so many different places having traveled I mean there's people that have traveled from out of the country to be here and and I think that speaks a lot uh it takes that took some that's a hell of a decision you didn't know what you were walking into and I appreciate that but I would I would like to continue we did this morning okay I would like to continue what we did this morning because I see that there was people that were still still out here that that had things they want to ask so not just a q a but we can eat we can we can also continue the what Jason do the situation I mean I don't think we had enough time for that conservative considering the volume of people that are in attendance in fact I'm pretty convinced there's more people here now than there was this morning yeah yeah and they probably missed all that so as soon as are you still taking pictures of me so Matt's coming right now we're gonna do the first we're gonna do the first raffle winner and then I'm going to continue police I think that's what we're doing yeah uh the first winner is uh Jason Brashears April fools no one's done an April Fool's joke today come on guys you guys I had to do that lame one like that was the lamest April Jose this is all I could come up with at the moment so we were going to bring the drum up and go ahead and do a drawing right now but I got a stall because uh there's a progress Ive it's not going to say their name but they might be standing up back there so uh anybody from out of town who flew in here from another country hands up hands up that's commitment that's commitment yes that's what I'm talking about at some point we might be able to make you pay you a visit um we'll we'll see how far you guys bring archaics um again I'm stalling uh how about the raffle tickets Justin okay what's up well I didn't mean just fly in I didn't mean just flying if you came from uh where we got Canada we got Mexico we got Louisiana how many other countries we got I was born in Louisiana raised in Texas I could say that leave me alone just a couple more people all right let's get those Raffles let's get that drum up here last one I hope she's the winner of the first one the last one to buy a ticket no he's he's coming up right now until he went the opposite way [Music] so um did everybody read what's in these uh these prizes so Jason personally selected everything that went into these things um he's the one that decided on it um I had an idea for a raffle and he was like I don't want to do a raffle two weeks later let's put this in the raffle let's put this in the raffle fair shot fair shot I'm sharing it up right all right so most of these numbers should be the same so I'm only gonna we need the prizes come on up come on up come on up show and show off what you got in the bag [Music] that'd be so awkward if it was the wrong ticket they're coming behind you with the bags oh my gosh you don't get all of that yeah just grab grab one hope you choose well your shirt doesn't fit you can put it in your wiping them [Music] yeah I want to know what's in there yeah yeah it's a shirt and a hat when the raffle you get at least one of our events back there and the first official uh archaics coin little disclaimer on the coins still haven't decided if we're gonna make new ones but if we do make new ones they're going to be yearly a new whenever year but these right here that are on sale right now these you can only get in meetups I honestly thought y'all maybe I presented it bad I thought you ought to have more fun with that like let's not do a raffle next one like it wasn't fun thank you there we go there we go warm it up a little bit [Applause] all right we're gonna do one more drawing and then we're gonna do the last three at the end ticket number four two seven one that's you be proud you want okay let me check that ticket all right if the shirt doesn't fit you can grab one up there all right we're gonna take the drum back and uh if you still want to buy more raffle tickets we got foreign 45 minutes so we're doing the next one um at this time I will take my leave Mr Brashears [Applause] [Music] I'm really wrestling with these [Music] all right a dude put together bags they'll out of all the books for sale that I've had published through booktree they're all mixed up by like five four or five books in each bag there's a coin hats t-shirts but there's also three bags that have books I've had published from other Publishers they're not in that stack they're not for sale back there they're just ones I had on my personal Library shelf and at the last minute I just snagged up and threw them in some bags but uh yeah it was total after thought man Coopers you're making me nervous so in the spirit in the spirit of being you know inclusive there's a lot more people here than there was this morning so why don't we continue both things we did this morning one was just general q a and the other one was what would Jason do so uh we have we had some pretty emotional moments this morning people opened up you know things they really wanted to know about and when we got through that so let's do it again if it's not broke I mean it's it's not broke it doesn't need to be fixed right so entity well so what would Jason do if I came into contact with something no other explanation other than a spirit okay I'm not my channel doesn't focus on paranormal you know this I mean I don't I don't really hardly even discuss it uh talk about it but I do have one really deep video about what I believe demons are and this also includes Poltergeist and disembodied Spirits inspectors race and anything whatever culture calls them they're all the same thing I do believe that there are situations where somehow a soul can be ripped free from its Avatar and if that happens that does not mean that soul is no longer in the construct there's still here and for whatever reason they can't move on because to move on requires a proper entrance and a proper exit a proper entrance for an avatar species we are not the result of natural selection this would have never happened under evolutionary standards beautiful libertarian standards I believe that these avatars once they're born and if they die naturally then the the spirit can continue the intelligence can continue and when I say die naturally I mean a proper exit doesn't matter if it's suicide that's still death it doesn't matter if there were a poison it's still dead it doesn't matter if it's a plane crash an accident a gunshot wound Warfare natural disease old age those are all proper exits what's not a proper exit something like something happening on the outside of the construct that rips us Soul free from the Avatar that is enjoying on the inside of the construct because if that type of interference was to happen then that Soul would just be stuck here and now what would I mean what would what would you do if it found that all of a sudden you could still think and you can still travel but no one can see you and you can't talk to anybody and now you're in a world without an avatar the Avatar is necessary for Sight touch taste hearing smell all all your senses to be jacked into a central nervous system is absolutely required to enjoy this construct you are bereft of the central nervous system for whatever reason and your spirit finds that it's now lost in the construct that's not a proper exit so I can understand why those those intelligences which are no different than you and no different than I I can understand after a long period of time of being trapped in that state I can see why they would become a poltergeist they would become a wraith that would become demonic it would become it's it's pure rage the the inability to experience anything now I don't believe that there are any ancient ones I believe it's a phenomenon that's cleansed with every 138 year reset cleaned out they do get to make it out I don't believe that we have an oversoul that is a hedonist I don't believe it's not a it's not a a doesn't want to torture us at all so your question about do I believe in them it's I don't know what you mean by what I would do I would so be any way that us being creators could create perhaps a portal or an opportunity for it for them to exit rather than having to wait 138 years is there any way that we can be authorization or assistance now that we have this conceptual awareness that's an excellent question for a metaphysician do Jason would talk to him in a physician yeah I don't know I really don't know it's all uh listen I'm a data sets guy I'm a numbers guy and what you're talking about I like to I like to theorize about but I also like to let you know that this is all conjecture I do and I saw what what happened to Michael Mott's body and I saw that Michael Mott was alone in his cell but the marks on his body showed me he thought something to the death and he fought for his life so I can tell you with absolute confidence right now that the supernatural exists but this but the sir natural is only that which is natural that's that which is natural but unexplained to me I don't really know I don't find anything miraculous about it I do believe in spirits I do believe in demons but I also believe that the oversoul has made provision to deal with that I don't believe that they stay here that long but uh but uh yeah I just don't these are things for like maybe uh Gigi Young on YouTube uh Gigi young and about there's some other YouTubers that really go into depth on these topics but I kind of just my eyes type of glow gloss gloss over on all this type of stuff because I don't want to denigrate other people's perceptions of reality but then again I can't entertain them either because there's nothing I can attach it I'll build a bibliography to because uh I can't chase Source materials I can't see it on the calculator so it's really hard for me to entertain metaphysical stuff um but that was the most difficult for me because I see them I hear that I smell them and and your Insight of all of the searching that I've done since I was in thought of it has been the most insightful powerful empowering thing that I've come across well appreciate it completely appreciate that [Applause] [Music] someone [Music] got stones I believe it's a flesh and blood individual who's going to be [Music] going to be noticeably unique it's going to be in a world very different than our own post-apocalypse yeah the apocalypse is introducing this this period of time the the apocalypse and tribulation is in that's not the end that is a short period of time where the world is basically bifurcated between those who are awake and those who are a part of the construct then it's going to be the same type of Flesh and Blood individual that built the monument it may be the exact individual who built it that's coming back to finish it no no no no oh you know in the tradition you already know his name his name is Enoch and Enoch is nothing but a Jewish rendition of a much older near Eastern fig called Inky um in ancient Egypt he was named sured but he was Serene was was uh he's based he's basically a a Coptic Enoch it's all the same individual so if our Traditions identify that a flesh and blood individual was actually the architect of this giant structure that I'm gonna have to answer that a flesh and blood individual is going to return and know how to finish it and no it's not me appreciate it though Merrell um okay well Meryl is asking you about she's asking me to expound about Abraham and possible Advance okay okay I wish you would ask me about Brahma instead of Abraham but that's okay that's okay okay listen all right in the West in our Western education our Western education has been contaminated and what I mean is is going going back to about alexandrian times we have we have the presentation in different historical texts about a figure who who moved the ancient world he started religions his presence changed all of Egypt India the whole the whole of that area this man this man's knowledge was fantastic and he lived about 292 years after the fabric canopy collapsed oldest text call him Brahma in his in his cons monuments and we find cuneiform tablets that venerate this album this Abram traveled the entire old world teaching setting up universities he was an astronomer an architect a mathematician a builder a prophet an infrastructure Builder and this man Brahma and his consort Sarah Swati actually had a very large family they were very wealthy but they possessed a library of very old texts from The Vapor canopy world and when he traveled to Egypt in in when Brahma traveled to Egypt he was 110 years old according to an ancient Egyptian turret Papyrus and this old man showed up in Egypt in Pharaoh's court at the age of 110 and he mystified Pharaoh by telling Pharaoh the plans with numbers this is what the text says it said this old man of 110 years old knew the plans of numbers in the mysteries of Thoth Thoth is the Scribe of the Gods Thoth is a Egyptian incidentally in the Book of Genesis we have this preserved as well but the Jewish redacted version calls Brahma and Sarah Swati Abraham and Sarai they are the exact same personalities the only thing different is the is the cultural attachments in in who's telling the tale so Abraham and Sarai this later name renamed Sarah traveled to Egypt and according to the chronological records of the book of jasher and the Book of Genesis Abraham was 110 years old when he visited Egypt Court this is when this is when he had returned and the Canaanites tried to kidnap Sarai this was in the Genesis narrative so we have independent texts that verify that Abram or Brahma and Sarah Swati or Abraham and Sarai and that we have this massive family that was that was colonizing all the near East with all these cities in spreading this infrastructure all the way into Egypt but what's really interesting is the connection to a strange artifact that was found in the desert and it was connected to Thoth and Pharaoh needed to understand what it was and it was this old man who went to Pharaoh's court and told him exactly what it meant in Pharaoh called it the plans with numbers in the Sumerian text this is called the Derda the Durga means it means a mathematical grid Network and it was discovered in an ancient stone artifact the Sumerian records comport with all this material in explaining that something was found in Egypt of high technical sophistication that this stranger who was 110 years old had actually had manuals he had texts that broke down what this structure was capable of doing when they did this train the priesthood to understand what this was what this knowledge was they built an ancient city called on it's a n later it was a whole win you know the city of as Memphis but ancient times of the Greek times it was called heliopolis This is where they built a huge structure to predict protect a very small object it was called The binbin Stone in was housed in what's called The Mansion of the phoenix the SE this is in the city of heliopolis you have to put the picture lost pictures of Giza but the pieces of the puzzle are all there they found the Great Pyramid buried in sand The Vapor canopy collapsed the grave flood they didn't the Egyptians didn't know anything about the Giza monuments they had to learn what they were from an outsider named Brahma in Brahma technical manuals from another country into Egypt and they built an entire Temple to teach us in college this is the origin of heliopolis in Memphis and this is what we get when we compare the Turin papers the book of the those are the only three sources for this entire narrative when you put it all together it's very clear who Abraham was he was Brahma of the ancient Hindu scriptures denying source so that if we will stop focused died at times we have a visitor who flew in from the UK [Music] [Applause] thank you and uh she's a good hugger too so she's asking that what if the entire world was of one mind and gathered together and decided to execute one plan could we affect the similacrum could we alter the construct this is basically what you're asking right okay in theory I'm going to say of course we can in applications I'm going to tell you will never happen now what I'm going to tell you also is that in the end as an individual either yourself or your own personality or those close to you who are of like mind vibrating on the same frequency or even a small community gathered around you that you may lead you're going to change your world you're going to change the world for those who are involved in whatever you're doing but you're not going to change the world the world is a construct that is going to act against anything that you're trying to do and the only defense it has is to isolate you errant behavior is like the Arab behavior is a threat therefore It's contained you can get 250 000 people vibrating on such a spiritual level every one of you agreeing to a search set a set of directives and tenants every one of you wanting to change whatever you do and it's going to change for you and your world and those 250 000 people and ancillary maybe some that are in contact with them but the construct itself is going to defend itself right it's not a question whether it's possible but is is that um is installed hours yeah you're talking about yeah you're talking about starving the Beast by not having more babies not having more children not not feeding the construct at all I mean in theory 100 you would be correct um in applications it's just never going to happen so I I believe that just you by yourself if you had a mind to you could evict great change in your world and in the worlds of those who are in in the most contact with you but but that is going to be is basically going to form a bubble which I call a reality tunnel you will find you and yours living in a very fantastic reality tunnel of your own construction whereas the rest of the world hasn't changed at all in fact not only has the rest of the world not changed they won't even really notice that your world yeah you're going to be vibrating on totally different frequencies this is why so many people who are so antithetical to one another and their personalities don't even regard each other's presences when they're in the same room there are people sitting in this room right now that are here because of their loved ones and they're not here all because they really wanted to be here they're not really vibrating on this frequency I hope I hope that they experience things by contact but the truth is that you can't you can't make everybody vibrate on that on that frequency of knowing and understanding and sharing and building and understanding the submittance Builder protocols because the construct itself knows its own children and it's going to make sure they act out against you in every single way anytime you try this is why every community that tries to change the world ends up a disaster every every Community that's ever come forth and just come together and that's what they want to do goals bigger than the actual body politic of the community itself I'm not talking about if just the individual souls in this room all enter the Compact and decide decided to effect great change in a certain Avenue we could affect that change we could do that we can modify reality but it would be for all of those in this room and maybe those in closest contact with us but as far as changing the world I believe I can agree with you that it's possible in theory but never in application I believe the construct is far more powerful and it will always it will always protect itself and that's by isolating those who are doing the most benefit not helping them but ignoring them [Music] okay [Music] [Music] that's a that's an interesting question 24 is was the winner of our archaic scholarship hey I'm putting you on blast yeah she won the or she won a full trip you know [Applause] she's asking oh if I would address the fact that there's anything below the Giza the Giza plateau and I will just direct you to oh 16 centuries ago the writings of amiana's marcelonis and history of the Roman Empire his book goes into a lot of detail of what was known in about in a 400 A.D about what would have been discovered by his contemporaries underneath the Giza Plateau now modern historical books try to act like there's really nothing but a few but if uh tunnels and a few pits below the grape pyramid and the Sphinx area but that's not what the historical record shows Herod notice of Howard carnassus in the year 441 BC wrote a book called The histories that that is still studied by by Scholars today many many some of you have read this book but Herodotus goes into a lot of detail about a labyrinth that was below the Giza at all I'm talking about galleries or galleries of rock that went on for miles in different directions multiple layers and you couldn't even Explore them in the days of Herodotus because once you went down to a certain level all the lower levels were full of water so this is this isn't a 24 year old this isn't a 24 year old 2400 year old text but in a in a 15th century old takes of amiana's marcelonis he confirms all that by Explorations that were done during his lifetime he goes into even more details about all newer tunnels that was they found under the space and under the Great Pyramid literally what I'm describing is that whoever built the Great Pyramid probably first made sure that a underground city complex was first carved out of the Limestone Plateau before they even started building and putting that massive amount of weight 2.5 million blocks they each weigh in between two and a half and 70 tons on top of it so yes an answer to your question there's literally enough enough space to store a whole city underneath the pyramid yeah [Music] [Music] well are you are you talking about the vapor canopy returning yeah okay well it's not going to rise up from the ground that I'm aware of it's all well in a sense it will in order to create a vapor canopy is going to require two conditions one of those conditions is volcanism I mean this is what the Phoenix does all the time this is why the Phoenix and Vulcan were interchangeable a lot of times like Typhon and typhonius so a lot of volcanism is it just takes one like an 1884 Krakatoa 1883 one volcano can cool the World's temperature you're very fast it can one volcano could can actually encircle the entire world with pumice and Ash in the atmosphere so imagine if 700 large volcanoes all erupted at the same time very plausible but what would happen is within two weeks the entire atmosphere would be coagulated with a with about a two mile thick layer called the mesosphere which is there right now which is an empty space full of little suspended water droplets this is what the missiles here is it used to be an ocean above but then the vapor canopy fell caused the gray flood but to bring the vapor canopy back it just takes volcanoes in a very short time they can they can wrap around the world at the same time that the Phoenix phenomenon deposits hundreds of billions of tons of red fine Cosmic dust on the upper missile sphere so that light is totally blocked out red fine dust on the outside mixes with the volcanic dust on the underside and we have a two mile thick layer that now holds water because of the pumice in the ash time under within five or six months there should be a full Vapor canopy in effect and because of the ambient radiation that is now known to come from volcanoes you're going to going one year's time insects animals and babies growing to astonishing sizes [Music] dirt um well it's a good question and I and I I'm gonna have to tell you I don't know I can tell you this I can't tell you this in 1902 two scientists one was 58 years old one was 62. they were on the island of Martinique after the 1902 volcano Mount Paley exploded and killed over 30 000 people in the French Caribbean when that happened these two scientists were entomologists and they were studying all the insects that were on the audit and they noticed that insects were changing what they didn't know is that the whole four or five month period that they were there they were being exposed daily to ambient radiation still coming from the volcano both men left the island two inches taller and there were 58 and 62 years old something like that so in order like you you know one of my mantras if we can show anything is true and one location or or isolate one particular then it's probably true everywhere else as well so imagine imagine 700 volcanoes a very Rapid or very rapid Vapor canopy is infected and then imagine what it's going to do to the human population as far as growth I mean we don't know what the ambient radiation does it could it could cause HGH it could be human growth area uh hormone it could create uh 500 times more peptide production and antibodies white cell blood count could Spike I do know that the oxygen will become enriched the the atmospheric pressure is going to increase and we're going to slowly get used to it so I think the greatest changes are with The Unborn but yes I think people like you and I will will suffer significant changes as well I don't think they're all going to be bad what expressed today that you can't normally you know what this is a real good inter time for me to introduce our kxtv I would I would love to do that at this venue but I have like 12 different cameras and I don't know what platforms they're they're off they're going to be uploading to so I'm going to have to restrict my what I talk about here I can't I can't I can't just talk about anything I want to talk about but um and we're also streaming live on YouTube right now too so I can't but I will tell you this in the month of April we have set aside April we now have full-time archaics team and this is what we're doing we have our archaic uncensored is our first TV channel and we're going to be talking about everything we can't normally talk about on YouTube right we're also going to have and this is probably going to be full of a lot of Comedy but we're going to have archaic's hot mic everybody on the archives team as we travel and as we as we research antique shops and as we as we visit people we're going to be we're going to be a lot of mobile quite a lot sometimes we'll just we'll just be kicking back in the studios or in the office and and as our conversations are going to be recorded and Jonathan here will be editing those to the funny parts and those will come with a disclaimer you cannot get offended by what you hear because you're listening you're eavesdropping is what you're doing so that's our that's our kids hot mic we're also going to have our KX mobile where the little the little trip I did was a pattern break for me but we're actually going to do this as a team where everywhere we go it's going to be filmed and we're going to have a photographer doing everything we're going to stop at gas stations and talk to people and we're pretty much going to be known everywhere we go because we're going to introduce ourselves the arcakes YouTube channel everywhere we go we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna film people's reactions yeah we're gonna do all that you've seen some of those some of those television shows where people jump out of the van and confront some some glaze-eyed tourists like what the hell is going on yeah we're gonna do the same thing and I'm gonna I'm Gonna Catch people off guard I'm gonna ask him serious very very serious questions about chronology and history and when they just look actually dumbfounded I'm just tell them I'm joking and I'll give them the answer but we're gonna this is what we're gonna do our case mobile is going to go everywhere we're going to visit a lot of people that are sitting in this room right now yeah I've had a lot of invitations come again oh I plan to come to work my uncle my uncle lives in Oregon I'm only going for my uncle all right I see that big guy next to you yeah yeah so but to continue to answer your question those are the three those are the three archaic channels but our is also going to have an office Channel because we're now ready to do event prediction live uh algorithms we're going to be picking all kinds of sports venues we're gonna have fun with it we're going to be picking socio-political events doing gold silver whatever people ask for to run algorithms in real time and show you how the math works and we're gonna we're just gonna have fun with that it's a whole different channel it's called the old fish channel so this is April's project and uh we do have help we do have help it's not just the proceeds from what the money we're making today we actually have somebody who stepped in who does not want to be named and want to be anonymous but they're actually they're at they're actually catapulting this entire thing [Applause] I can't yeah I can't hear you foreign [Music] it does sound familiar that a that a historical bill was damaged in like the 1860s 1870s and they melted it down for for war to build war material I don't know the specifics but what you're telling me is something that I'm familiar with I'm familiar with a story like that this is all over oh I don't know if it's happening all over but I mean I know in World War II we did scrap a lot of statues a lot of things that people didn't think it had a lot of value from museums and stuff because we needed the medals but I don't know if that's relevant to what you're talking about [Music] yeah I don't know but it's that's something I wouldn't be familiar with uh I do know that bills were used a period of time and most of them were filled by our earthquake in 445 A.D but there were thousands of them and in the 1800s I think there was less than a dozen left but uh these are these are anomalies you know some people believe they're from the days of the 12th of the day Dana but yeah those bills were used those bills were used as communication devices for a long period of time maybe he's talking more about what is reset asleep and what's the purpose of things okay uh I'm not I'm not big into dreams I don't have any videos on dreams it's not anything that uh that interests me because I believe that when you when you are asleep this personal reset that your body has to go through this uh the central nerve the central nervous system needs to reboot your brain during a period period of turn During the period of what you're awake is absorbing so much data from five cents it's not just what you think it's not just what you think it's not just what you see in here but but for stations from people that you think are outside of your audible range but you're not but they're not there are conversations in the back of this room that I can't consciously hear but subconsciously I'm recording every single one of them it's also there are many things that are happening in my periphery right now although I'm looking at you that myself my subconscious mind is recording all this data when I'm when I go to sleep what's happening in your snow reset is I'm disengaged from the central nervous system my personality is somewhere else I'm no longer here I am gone I'm somewhere else and when I am gone my brain now edits out all that data that is deep as unnecessary I don't need it for anything my reality tunnel for the next wake period before I fall asleep again so this editing is absolutely necessary and when we don't have enough sleep that that editing and all that information accrues and all these psychosis come in we have all these problems lack of sleep will cause more problems from you for you as far as psychosis that uh the fact is you're not going through the proper editing you have to edit you have to sleep to edit out that information or you're going to get too crammed full of data that's irrelevant it's going to cause confusion or start remembering things that aren't necessarily true and you're going to see and you're going to remember things that are true but they're going to have slight variance to them and you're not going to be able to decide which version of the truth is so the sleep is necessary for for editing it is our personal reset but it's also that one time when our guard is down when our guards and remember I've told you artificial intelligence X is a control system and it cannot read your mind you cannot read your mind but the similar from can it's a builder protocol that sleep is necessary in order for it to get into instructions on how to build your next day on the next thing that you live it's got to know those instructions are within you so yeah the sleep is that the sleep is absolutely necessary but when it comes to dreams I'm not a metaphysician I can't I have never really held particular Fascinations and dreams because I know the human mind is going through a manifold processing uh of processing of images and phenomena and the interpretation of phenomena while you're asleep so you actually think that you just live through some type of story that's because your brain is putting together a tremendous amount of data trying to make sense of it so by when you wake up all this data's there in a narrative has been built for you but yeah I don't I don't I can't I don't I don't even cite dreams as evidence of anything anything [Music] man I wish we wouldn't have said that let me tell you something what area you're looking at how much longer do you plan on living listen that comment attracted some negative attention all right on a live video did say that we're looking for some acreage where we want to set up an archaics like facility where people can come and learn where we can protect these old books and make new copies from the from the older book we won't do all that but there there's been people who misinterpreted that who who you know for a while we had some people breathing down our necks that uh they interpreted that as us wanting to build like a David koresh type deal comp and they're really curious about the direction that we're taking our cakes and they really wanted to know I'm telling you now I'm telling you now I'm absolutely convinced their government or I don't know what capacity for their government so I had to just watch that and I'd say you know I had absolutely not not even it's not even on our radar right now it's just an idea that we wanted to to do but yeah I don't know right now we've pretty much decided to go mobile now that's still on the table but I'm gonna just have to be careful because I mean I remember what was in 1993 I remember the whole korresh incident yeah I don't believe the The Narrative I don't believe the nerve at all I don't believe those people were trying to fight the government at all but you can't talk about it I mean you already know what happens so but [Music] yes that's an abados experience now [Music] yo [Music] did you he just explained to me that in Egypt 35 years ago he had saw evidence of a block that was cut but it wasn't removed totally from the court it was still attached to the living Rock All Right This Is Not Unusual the reason it's not unusual it's unusual from the egyptological perspective because in Egypt they claimed that these bricks were quarried by hand from from from these quarries but this is not what we find the same thing in South America we find we find evidence that blocks were quarried in situ whole blocks were taken it wasn't just removing a bunch of limestone from a quarry and then shaping a block they were shaping the block while it was still in the Quarry and then removing it and this was done by machines not people it's like fractured pouring we find evidence around uh Delphi in in in in the Greek mountains I can't remember which mountains they were but uh this evidence of fracture coring has also been found where machines were actually fracturing off the exact dimensions of blocks they needed for whatever construction projects are so this is just to have more evidence of technolithic construction in technolithic construction means that we're dealing with a civilization that access High sophisticated technology and the ability to build giant structures using just a few men this is what lowercase movie showed it didn't take but a small handful of men that were operating machines that were done by remote control everything had its function and the Great Pyramid would have not been a hard project maybe 60 men operating machines if the machines were doing exactly what we think they were doing which was the fracture Quarry talking about Vapor canopy sciences that we probably can't replicate outside the conditions of the SE that's a good observation somebody else over here [Music] well I'm uh I I understand the spirit of the question but you just unpacked a lot you just impact a lot well when you say they you say they oh it's all I mean I get it I get it NASA's intelligence agency we don't know what what they're playing I I get it but I'm on a Podium talking to an entire group of people right here that are alive and well and they haven't done anything about it I understand that there has been many conspiracies out there that we've all Fallen prey to some of them are real some of them are imagined I understand that there's things that we anticipate like the Alien Invasion but that's what Hollywood does it throws out all these smoke trails and makes us believe that this is their next move so I'm not saying it's not their next move I'm just saying that that we often fall prey to the paradigms that are presented to us even though there's no evidence whatsoever that we're actually suffering now so Arthur schopenhauer German philosopher he was really good at giving examples about uh just examples of how we often come into contact with information and we begin to fear phenomena before we even before we even experience it and then by virtue of them Antarctica Antarctica it shows me Brooks Lakes uh lakes rivers mountain ranges and you can't see any of that under two miles of snow today but this is not a mystery to me this uh this Return of the vapor canopy almost came back in 522 A.D and it's the reason why the snow caps are so recent they're not ancient they don't go they don't go back 2 000 years those snow caps were very recent they had disappeared for a while we know this for a fact in the 9th 10th 11th and 12th centuries because the Turkish and the in the Portuguese Navigators had access to 300 year old maps that were made at that time and there isn't an Evidence of any icebergs or snow anywhere near Erica we have those Maps today but the maps that came three 400 years later show ice walls and show completely so we have the Phoenix phenomenon creating these Vapor canopy conditions temporarily like in 522 in 1687 BC we have incidents oh we know the vapor canopy collapsed at the great flood in 2239 BC but it did come back for 25 years in 1687 BC and it was noted in both hemispheres I have a lot of that in my published books I show all those sources where that was acknowledged by by the cultures on opposite ends of the planet assuming we live on a planet I don't know I'm just saying I'm not a flat earther guys I've been very adamant again about that but I'm not going to sit here and say that we don't live on a flat plane anybody building a video game starts with a flat surface first and then they build out from there so when we're dealing with something as complex as a simulated holography the the plane or are inconsequential now we're dealing with phenomena not not absolutes so I don't know much about Antarctica but I know that it snows recently [Music] 30 degrees that's a good question I'm of the opinion that the 30 degrees is going to be a temporal in my published book I I explained it as a temporal shift those are far more common a temporal shift is when the obliquity increases by 30 degrees and then instantly goes back because it's not a full it's not the lithosphere itself doesn't follow through so it's like the whole world shifts and it just goes right back but that little bitty shift causes great destruction to coastal regions is what we have in 2040 this is what's described by Nostradamus as well with the city of New apples being destroyed in the city the city of London being destroyed all these great Coastal uh major cities but 2046 I believe 100 it's the big one it's it's when the obliquity increases and then this time the lithosphere follows and when that happens that's when you get your 30 degree your 30 degree movement and the with the scary Factor about that is that water does not move as fast as the land surfaces and that's where that's where your destruction comes from Whole cities will look like a tidal wave is hitting them but that's not what's happening it's actually the city slipping into the water the water hasn't moved and then days later the water catches up to the survivors because the water always falls after the a while so that's that's called lithospheric displacement that's a 2046 but uh the greatest amount of damage in that scenario is going to be North and Central America but as I've told you guys like Nostradamus predicts all the great migrations leaving nor the Western World in North America I believe we're going to be prepared I believe the Phoenix phenomenon in 2040 is going to wake up whoever's not awake yet and and that's when these migrations will be affected we're basically going to abandon the Americas just like we did at 3439 BC and populated the ancient near east of Levant it is it is literally a complete repetition of History why would they want to come back through the game [Music] simulations a question but the ancient ones that were discussed in the testimony of the Mad area the Necronomicon this was an attempt to conceal actual historical facts into a satanic fictional narrative it was a it's a work of genius and there are many other texts that are just like it these ancient ones are the same ones that we find on the Sumerian king list there was actually eight eight appointed to rule seven Kings passed but the eighth one as soon as he took the throne the great flood occurred the collapse of the vapor canopy the day the sky fell it happened as soon he was never able to end his Reign so uh in the Book of Revelation we have the return of these same seven kings that are coming that I mean that we found on the Sumerian prism which is in the Oxford ashmolean Museum today it's a prism that actually gives the full story of the reign of the seven Kings over the Sumerian pentopolis the five the five manufacturing districts of Sumer for some reason they had been given an allotment to rule all eight Kings and they were never afforded the end of their Dynasty and I don't know why I don't know the particulars but they were prophesied to fulfill that dynasty and this is what we have in the Book of Revelation the return of the seven Kings and if you pay attention to the narrative as found in Revelation you will find that the seven kings are joined by an eighth King who comes to finish his rule it's all in the Book of Revelation this is a fulfillment of what started the ancient Sumerian Dynasty this is also an exact duplicate of the history we know from ancient China called the dragon Kings Dragon Kings were the exact same ones of the Sumerian kings are just remembered by a different culture what you're asking me is answered in 2052 A.D this is the return of the dark satellite this is something I will really discuss a whole lot because there's not nothing positive to say about it there's just nothing good about it and most of us will be gone by anybody anyway but uh 2052 was this is focused on by the chronometry that is found in coded in the Statue of Liberty I've told you guys in my videos if you count the 108 68 steps of the Statue of Liberty to the torch you'll find this one from the earth from the exact time that they erected the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor um these these were done let me tell you let me tell you guys these these giant statues that have been put around the world they're just like the Great Pyramid they all have steps in those steps each equal a year to each so from the date of the of the consecration of those monuments um this is chronometry this is what this is what the Great Pyramid is about so 2052 and the return of the dark satellite is the return of a prison it is the return or the opening of a person now in the past I've been guilty of Newtonian thought so when those books were originally published I was thinking it was a planetoid Intruder plant something like that it may be something that's never left here because we do have references in the Book of Revelation to the opening of a portal in the abyss for which things come out and attack humankind so the if you want to know more about the ancient ones and their role and what they've done in different periods of History Against Humanity any time that prison was close to opening because it's a very definitive mathematical time to read the Charles what's it all ancient Egypt light of the world I cite him all the time it's 1885. oh it's it's all it's on my it's in my video the dark satellite it's the book that I cite I'm actually reading almost an entire chapter out of that book about the role of the ancient ones throughout history and how they're they're coming back to finish their rule so 2052 is the height of the apocalypse and that's another by there will be ruling over the collective what yeah please look out for that video the dark satellite that book that I'm talking about her way in the back that's you you're the first one back there [Music] I'm familiar with this I'm familiar with the theory I'm also familiar with with America BC but Barry fell where he documents The Phoenician the the iberic the Celtic Phoenician Roman and Libyan artifacts that have been found all up and down the Mississippi and Ohio Valley um I'm familiar with all that theory the problem is is most of this they're talking about I have a copy of this book in my library and the book explains that when many people were moving into the Ohio area and they saw these these mound builder you know the octagonal and the hexagonal and the octahedral uh pyramids that are in Ohio that were covered in trees they they basically use their imagination and they took the Bible study maps from their Bibles and they renamed all the new all the new terrain ancient Egyptian cities and gods and Libyan cities and Concepts and all that so I know it's going to hurt a lot of people's feelings on YouTube to hear that but it's very clear what happened when the Americans settles first came first came they they really didn't exercise artistic license they just borrowed straight out of their Bible maps and they were reading everything in America after Egypt and Libya and Israel and all that that's why we have so many names that that are old going back to the to the 1700s and the 1800s because they literally renamed everything in the in the east states to the Mississippi straight from Bible maps what was excuse me just a second there was there was there was traffic though those artifacts were real but those that's that's because they were brought here by I mean we have we have about four or five fleets over a 1500 year period that left the Mediterranean and came to the new world because of persecution two of two of them were Jewish fleets uh one of them was Roman one was Portuguese and everybody knows about the fleets of the Knights Templar that came to America to hide from the Pope they began the Jolly Roger the pirate flags that you guys know of the Skull and Bones those were started by the Knights Templar because the Roman Catholic Church started hunting them so they changed their Flags to pirate flags they invented the pirate flag and they began hunting all Roman Catholic all all Roman Catholic Church the origin of pirates in the Atlantic is the Knights Templar yeah he's over here there you go absolutely possible it would be possible because all these they're all operating on different frequencies and it's possible that every one of these frequencies which is a totally independent world that is occupied by totally independent personalities or every bit of this is all in extensions of one oversoul because General oversoul can actually build from itself eternally and there's no way to put in your restrictions on it you were talking earlier like why we're frustrated with life right right and so we're so frustrated you kind of felt like whoa under the understanding and it makes sense why life feels so out of sort what would be the next thing best to use I feel like I get the narrative out there and so it's not very important anymore right Airlines to go okay story continues but it has nothing to do with me or my next piece of my journey right so I'm trying to figure out for me in my journey what should I be because I reach out to things like please I'm just wondering is that a reasonable security is there things that you talk about to understand how we got here right okay well let me simplify that for you what you're basically asking me is what can I do when the knowledge isn't enough and I need I need applications in my life just listen that's basically simplifying what you're saying so I'm going to answer you like this you're at the point where it doesn't matter what the knowledge is you're on board with with the fact that you're a spiritual being and that you need to move forward so what you need to do to affect that is be basically build a mental image of what it is you're trying to you haven't told me anything so I'm telling you to build a mental image that's clear you need to know the direction that you want to go what is it you want to learn if you want more evidence that you have a relationship with the oversoul that you need to basically put that out there that you want more evidence that you that you're in a relationship with the oversoul because once you make that very clear then the phenomena that's going to be reflected back in your life it's evidence that you are in a relationship with an oversoul this is a reactive medium but it's never going to react to anything that's indefinite you have to be very specific in your mind hey look man I'm fed up I'm tired of this I heard this dude on our cats and he pissed me off and I need to know if I'm really a child of the most high God I got to know if there's a loving oversold that really does give a damn about me and once you make that determination in your mind that this is something that you really want to know then you have to know with confidence that the answer is going to be presented to and it's just a matter of time and you have to expect that answer until until it occurs because it will occur but in order to get anything from God you've got to be very very clear about what you cause like I said this is a reflective Medium you're dealing with the Divine mirror who's that right there you again is there a question used to be asked oh wow that's great so I wish I was asked if I was going to need reading glasses to read this note so my eyesight is fantastic when I'm when I'm driving I'm on my motorcycle it's fantastic for anything about 12 feet from me but anything close up I gotta have glasses it's a really good question and I commend you for your cleverness but she asked if there was any questions that I would want to be answered and honestly can't I can't really think I can't really think anything uh I'm very content I'm actually happy that we had this turnout I'm glad everybody showed up I've really been some really interesting interesting individuals uh I'm impressed by some of the distances people came to come here uh I'm also excited that this is the very first nine hour video I've ever done for YouTube well it's crazy it's crazy but well really I don't know to answer your question but I am I'm really really my will that people understand that all this drama and all this negativity the fact that we over complicate everything and that it doesn't matter how specific the mystery if we just take our time to reduce everything to the lowest common denominators there's nothing we cannot know that's my main message with archaics he says the answers are there if we haven't even found them out yet we're going to find them out because we've made many discoveries in the middle of live videos and we're going to continue to do that because this is a it's an interactive Dynamic sometimes all it takes is the right question to produce an answer we didn't even know we had so that's about all I have to say with that um I'm pretty smart guy yeah I'll say it again but I need that I need you to re-ask that aren't here responsibility for our our powers [Music] that I know okay you're asking me if Enoch or Inky was basically the epitome of human Spiritual Development for them to be able to have done what they have done okay I would like to say yes I'm gonna say I don't know but I'm gonna say that I suspect that you have a situation where an outsider a benefactor came in and did something to your general question and so we are co-creators and I've lived their life I have absolutely done it that's why I can say it with confidence that I know that all I have to do is build a mental picture of what I want and then move my avatar this body has to do something I got to do something I hate this load this is right here it's crazy but when something that commiserates with my mental image in all it takes is those two that's the whole recipe all it takes is those two I don't have to follow through because of if I believe that more work is necessary to accomplish my goal then I promise you more work is going to be necessary to accomplish my goal if I believe that there's any opposition to anything that I want I promise you the reality is going to create that opposition so all I'm going to do is build Mentor pit mental pictures and then I'm going to move in the direction in that direction to accomplish that and then I'm going to let go and I'm gonna find something else to do because as I said this morning you know if the end is already secure every step leading to it is secure as well and we never get what we want when we think we're the ones that have to fill those slots and we know something else does it for us guys I was told 10 minutes ago wrap this up man I think he's got to do something else now [Music] okay Matt come on don't worry it's not over [Applause] let's go ahead and knock out the uh the last few uh Raffle winners that's a cube hey Justin hey Justin how's it going bro you doing all right can you bring me those raffle drops let's get Justin a big hand do a hard work back there thank you all right it's been a long day guys um I haven't y'all see me getting up walking around and stuff I get really restless um but you guys have been sitting here this whole time I can only imagine so as soon as we wrap up this little bit my little uh closeout speech uh we're gonna you the reason we're close stopping so early is to give all of you guys more time for one to mingle a little bit I challenge you to go and meet two people you've never seen their faces learn their names where they're from that's that's all I ask and then if you're patient enough everyone will get a chance to hang out with Jason for a couple minutes so we're gonna spend the last almost like two hours hanging out with Jason is that all right yeah okay all right so let's get to these Raffle winners um so do I need to roll the drum every ticket or can I just pull three Out roll every ticket okay okay okay all right the next raffle winner is last four digits four three two three oh we got a winner all right [Applause] [Music] [Applause] no no you're good he's not falling out yeah we're coming out of the slot the good old man yeah like that shouldn't even happened one time it happened seven minutes [Music] last four four three five zero four three five zero is it the man in the Hat four three five zero all right go congratulations [Music] the instructions on it last winter is four three two six you're clapping because somebody got it someone somebody for this ticket four three two six four three two six do we have the 4326 is someone not looking or does someone leave um awkward okay 4326 going once what do we do what wait seven minutes how long does it take not doing it give them two minutes give them 30. y'all are the ones waiting you're sitting there what are you like oh wait I think it's me oh it's just cold in here so okay all right [Applause] all right guys I I honestly thought the raffle is gonna be like be like fun I'm like we need to add something fun let's do a raffle [Music] I don't know I just pictured it different I don't know I thought I thought I would enjoy it more and it was like Okay so Let's uh let's let's touch on some obvious things here let's talk here now for a second I'm not going to take up much of your time just hear me out um I don't get paid to talk so I won't do it long [Applause] and we are working with I don't know how many of you I know some Trolls but I don't know how many of you think like how well off our KX is financially I can tell you YouTube does not pay all the bills and so coming up with money for gear and stuff like that I'm a great bargain shopper but I won't get bottom of the line I'll get the next one up sometimes but that being said for everyone that's watching back home that didn't come complaining about the sound I get it it could be better it sounds pretty good to them though yeah but for those who for those of you who comment over and over and over and over I'm not going to say telling me how to do my job but given advice on do you need to do this with audio you need this we're accepting donations for better equipment so if you want pristine sound pristine video with all of our studio recordings all of our travel on the road mobile Ops by all means get us the equipment I will learn it I will hook it up I will Master it and I will perfect this thing until you quit commenting about the crappy audio but well the pop screen for this is not popping on here there's a pop screen on the the live stream mic there's just not a pop screen on this and with facilities like this you're at the mercy of what equipment they have installed and the stuff's pretty ancient screw this to charge it like I'm surprised it lasted that long anyway we did pretty good I thought it was a pretty good turnout I I I'm absolutely excited I'm exhausted but I am excited I'm hoping it's bleeding through a little bit that so many of you made it out here seeing all these bright beautiful faces meeting all you people a lot of you for the first time that we've been chatting for a while and it's it's been an absolute honor to sit in here with you guys and learn along listening to this man over here um before I close this out does anyone have any questions on don't ask me about physical stuff don't ask me about frequencies and stuff we don't have that amount of time but anything about our KX like the direction we're going uh anything of that nature I'll take a couple of questions if you have something that you just like General a genuine concern can you talk some more about the architect absolutely so this is uh the arcakes TV is going to be my masterpiece and I'm going to make sure it's perfect for every one of you and you get the best out of it that being said we're not just going to throw out the first thing we put together so with the rkx TV we are uh searching for a new platform that is completely independent of any mainstream control so we're not trying to just start up a website that's still uh owned by a sub company through Google or GoDaddy or someone where someone can still end a step on our toes so we're actually working with you know building legal teams and getting our KX trademarked and going completely legit so we can still stay small skill and interactive with you people but still reach more people and we're not trying to make millions of dollars and hey next meet up let's charge 200 bucks and see if we can get 40 000 people here then we'll really no I don't know what if you guys learn anything about this guy he's all about the information I mean he started watching you guys from a wood Shack I mean talk about humility like most people would be embarrassed of that and they wouldn't know oh I don't have a nice enough Studio I don't have a nice enough setup no he he's growing and take steps and I'm I I'm honored to be a part of it um but with the the new platform we're trying to make it all inclusive everything archaic that you can think of is going to be here it's going to have its own chat Forum it's going to have its own type of Discord with uh different categories that you can chat in general um Egypt Phoenix all the different discussions will be on there and we'll have the newsletter rolling on that we'll have all of our separate channels where we're doing our kxn sensor our KX on the road and our KX hot mic and I'm Gonna Let You people know right now I'm super excited about rkx hot mic this is where it's like you sitting in the corner of the room and no one knowing you're there and listening to all of the like most controversial conversations that we have because usually it's in the van and we look at each other like yeah okay make a video on that but we can release the audio recording and put it on our kxl mic and we'll try to get some videos on there of them I'm sitting around campfire or whatever like that but hopefully uh we get to the point where we can just do voiceovers and somebody make cartoons for us that'd be awesome um but yeah I think that that that's about the gist of the the new platform um a lot of you are going to be a little put off that there is going to be a membership fee for it but I'd like you to keep in mind one thing we have to fund this website somehow the membership fee for the YouTube channel is 24.99 the membership fee for this channel is only going to be 4.99 um and you will you will have the option to buy all the merchandise digital downloads all that straight from this website no more all the chaos will buy me a coffee PayPal and all this kind of stuff um so it'll all be centralized under this this one domain um did I answer your question yeah that's real good okay sure I only see one other hand up so go ahead uh What uh okay well I I'm not going to give you the top three to five I'm not going to give you the top like the best because I I don't stay current and I don't know what they're currently producing out right now but I will tell you what led me here and that's uh Santos Bonacci John Levy and God will have asked me is that is that how you say it yeah something like that yeah so so those three guys really helped me question things and accidentally finding this guy uh God's love absi yeah he's the Creator earth guy yeah he's a real outside of the bug Sky um but they don't they don't go deep like this guy does I don't know many that go go as deep and as far as like factual chronological data uh we had a question back here guy in the Hat you still have your question the search engine I really from my understanding it keeps going up and coming back down going up and come back down it's already crashed twice um if it's a concern thank you for bringing it up we'll we'll look into that but and that will definitely be on the new platform as well but we'll we'll see about working those glitches out why it keeps going down but anybody else yeah yeah do you have an architect for this for this platform you're basically creating a social media and ah know what I'm doing no no I oh we're but we are we're skipping the hey I know someone's and we're trying to go straight professional with this so so it's going to be my vision information someone else doing the work email me email me yes all of the merch we haven't decided that yet that we only created all the stuff just for you guys because you asked for it um we when me and Jason first started setting this up it was just uh coins and books that was it and then high demand oh it'd be awesome if you had cups shirts hats Jason's like well yes we're making cup shirts and hands so but well that's to be determined well I mean it it's it's to be determined because until we get the mailing that right now we're still a small operation we're so we only have this team for this event when it's back just a basic archaics it's me Jason in like one or two other people there's people oh the nightmare of logistics but I appreciate that uh anyone else wait one or two more um right and we've been we've been discussing it's going to be on the new platform but we have been discussing a way to develop a newsletter and um we really we don't want to just kind of [Music] half asset you know what I mean and there'd be too many tweaks and glitches in it and then everyone thinks they already signed up for the newsletter and then we get the real one operating stuff like that but it it is in the conversations than it is in the works so all right okay there was only like two questions at the beginning now now your questions are coming out who Heather hand up your platform I just want to know yes you know that's a great idea we could put a geographical locator for Aaron's on our new platform [Applause] and you can find you can you get the Little Red Pins errands in your area like Pokemon go but you're finding hey we have one one over here yes it's the same coin yeah okay Okay then if if it's successful and there's no glitches then we can get with him and we can just roll it right over to the new platform because as of this point uh you said that kind of like as if hey we can already get that rolling but we're not well I mean like on or or something like that but if we're going to start with something we want it to be this new one so kind of all the stuff in the works that all you kind of are excited about or you want it right now growing with us so like a little bit at a time so just be patient I hope to see all the same faces that every meet up [Music] um we do we have one more question I don't know if anybody else had a hand up yep all right all right last question I I didn't hear the last part [Music] that's that's a perfect segue because now it is time to get out your seats move around meet someone that you don't know mingle hang out we still got an hour to 35 minutes before we have to close this place down hey guys I love each and every one of you keep breaking free [Music] oh my God thank you [Music] high school tomorrow [Music] [Music] um [Music] [Music] thank you yeah attackers [Music] [Music] extensions um question mark foreign [Music] [Music] applications um advice [Music] [Music] [Music] oh my God [Applause] [Music] foreign [Applause] [Music] okay [Applause] foreign [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] thank you very much [Music] upstairs [Applause] yes [Applause] military okay okay yeah [Music] um [Music] foreign [Music] um [Applause] [Music] discuss anyway s [Music] after your device [Music] [Applause] all right guys possible [Music] [Music] all right okay guys thank you again thank you because [Music] so much [Music] interested conversations silence yourself [Music]