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May 8, 2023

"Your support and donations bought a whole library for future Archaix videos" [1]

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hey guys this is Jason John's holding the camera I got Paul Tice right here in the book Tree San Diego we're going live but you know together we just weren't smart enough to figure out the settings on this tablet so we're gonna we're gonna upload this as soon as I'm done this right here classic and Renaissance architecture is the book that I came to San Diego to pick up this was paid for by a donor 600 book there's another one online is it still online I don't know there was another online priced at 600 I came and got this I will do a video YouTube video on this and show you this book I got some things to show you real quick John show them the books that I'm not going to be talking about in this video down here all right all these are just purchased I have no idea how many books I have I have purchased today this short video video is to thank you guys for donating since yesterday 100 of the costs of all three boxes and this entire table has been covered my buddy Errol right here initiated this whole donation deal he provided a 500 voucher and from there you guys donated and fulfilled the rest let me go through these real quick oh this entire collection is from 1916. it's biographical material of a lot of famous people now I had to I had I have some newer books in here for a reason you guys have been wanting the source materials I've been telling you about the akum barrel excavations showing anatomically correct prehistoric creatures in humans coexisting according to the artwork of the people and how The Mexican government has suppressed this data this uh this is material that I've shown from about four or five different sources but here's a whole book about it with pictures I'm going to show you this is a whole video about this about these findings I'm not going to go through all these but here's a whole bunch of a bunch more books that that are going in the boxes uh 1901 copy of Homer's Homer's Odyssey oh a Tarzan just just a bunch of really good books um you guys know I have a t-shirt called Bigfoot hide and seek Champion I got me another one right here there's another Bigfoot t-shirt and I've I've laid out my opinions about the Bigfoot phenomenon I've told you guys many times that uh in a in a technologically advanced age where we have hunters using you know dogs and infrared equipment and we still haven't captured a Yeti uh snow Walker a big foot whatever you want to call them and yet the physical evidence is pretty compelling that there is there these creatures are out there uh we're talking about something interdimensional and that goes beyond the scope of the arcades research you guys know I don't go into the metaphysical I don't go into any of that type of stuff but maybe it's time to to look at this from another perspective let's check this book out and add it to what we know in our KX already against William Cooper one of the Pioneers in the truther movement right here he's no longer with us today like so many others but this is Behold The Pale Horse this is the book that woke up a generation so we're going to need to discuss these things on some of these topics we can't talk about on YouTube now again another book this is 1901 history of the Christian religion to the year 200. I have cited this book in my dark scriptures playlist many of you many of you have asked me for the for the material of where I got that data this book in another book uh called the first 200 years from a gnostic perspective is the source material for most of the dark dark scriptures playlist this goes into the gospel of marcheon that so many of you are interested in I had to go ahead and repurchase this book this is a book that I had in prison I doubt a mind and then I passed it on so that's why I'm reacquiring it today here you guys have been asking me about the the crystal skulls it's not something I've been interested in but I am interested in Mayan chronology so there is overlap so I'm going to go ahead and do a YouTube video and present that data about the crystal skulls where it came from who discovered the mystery behind them and why why the skull has disappeared these two books will cover that just nicely with the data that I already have so again for two books I didn't come to come to but I was surprised to find these on the Shelf I couldn't believe when I looked into the jacket of both of these books you guys know I have two videos explaining that the entire Plato narrative if we if we do a bullet point presentation of sticking just with the chronological facts offered by Salon to Plato there is no way we can come up with a 9500 BC data does not fit the historical facts but the sea people's Federation invasions of the Mediterranean and how they helped destroy Troy when they allied with with mycenaea is exactly what fits the The Plato narrative to a t that the that these armies invaded by sea from the Strait of Gibraltar we don't know if they came from the Americas we just know they came from the Atlantic so these were European or western African in Invasion invasive forces that later became the Phoenicians and the Philistines these two books from totally different Source materials derive the same conclusion that I have so we're gonna we're gonna go re-examine that again we're gonna go a little bit deeper you know here's the two books we're doing with because I'm really excited about looking to see why they determine the same thing now again we're missing one book but I'm gonna get it too many times you guys have emailed me asking for my sources for David Hatcher children's they don't publish these books anymore so uh I'm gonna have to hurry up and get the get the fifth book excuse me it's on South America these are the books that I have mentioned at least 50 times in 460 videos the David Hatcher children's books were fantastic because the man actually visited the sites he wrote about at least most of them gives you descriptions firsthand of what he found but he also researched the local libraries and the local experts and talk to them about these places this is what sets David uh David Hatcher children's support uh his bibliographic references are phenomenal most of you most of them are from the 1950s 40s 30s and 20s further you guys know that I'm very critical of the Ancient Aliens crowd I'm very critical of that information I don't believe that the data can be interpreted that way I believe there's other ways to interpret the information about ancient civilizations being technologically advanced we don't have to make the cognitive leap that their aliens or extraterrestrials this is why I value David Hatcher children's he does not make that leap in these books he just presents the facts I understand that he's a part of the ancient aliens uh Enterprise now he's a part of that franchise but if you listen to him in those videos he really doesn't promote it he's still sticking to the facts but they have him on that crew because of that uh the value that he brings to the table I do not believe that David Hatcher children's believes that aliens are the reason why we find technologically advanced ooh Parts all throughout the historical record and her findings so uh this video is not gonna go go long guys you already know that I've talked about I have a history of the world a chronological history of the World by Wells and so I was surprised to find volume one and volume 2 of an outline of History these books are huge compared to the book that I have so we're going to see the differences why the copy I have is so much smaller than these right here all right I had an issue with redacted material and I don't remember do you remember what books I was talking about I don't know Paul Paul does okay here they are right here hey cool hey show that box yes okay guys this is a this is another example of what I've been talking about about post Nuremberg Publications by the time of the Nuremberg trials about 97 to 98 of all the publishing in the entire United States in Europe was controlled by one people now here's a perfect example here's a history of Freemasonry Illustrated the original editions are all right here I don't know if this is a first printing but this is seven books but if you were to research these books today you will find post-world War II they provide them now in just three volumes so we have some homework to do we need to find out why so much information all of a sudden is no longer important so it's just another example I've provided you guys many examples of the abbreviation of a lot of materials the removal of information for whatever you know socio-political reasons this is another example of something we're gonna have to look into to find out why they did it yeah it went from seven volumes to three seven volumes to three that's crazy so one of my books awaken the immortal within to give to a friend of his who sent me a card have no idea what's going on here but I hope she's not going to be offended that I'm going to open it right here if indeed I'm qualified to open it Mr scissors there you go I have one of these at home thank you Errol let's see hope she enjoys that book that is like my number one bestseller now oh you're my publisher you probably know better than I do oh yeah well thank you Jason that's for sure okay all right well there's cash in here Barrel introduced me to you thanks for being you I'll sign in somewhere coyote brown huh okay she's in San Diego yeah okay one of my neighbors AKA reluctant shaman on Discord okay all right well I appreciate it thank you for the donation do appreciate that was good so glad we crossed paths you get a picture of that bumper sticker oh yeah thank you Shannon coyote brown thank you for the donation hope you really enjoy the book you know what give me a pin I'm gonna sign this book right now and should I put coyote Shaman in there or coyote coyote there it is awesome that is awesome thank you guys oh this is a lot of books we're going to be transporting this to the van like I said you don't even see them all they're all there's a lot of them in those boxes you guys made this happen I do appreciate it we have a long drive home we have a few stops on the way uh we do have another benefactor who who is went to their storage to pull out their grandfather's late uh library and we've been we've been basically donated those books as well so we'll be we're going there tonight right outside of San Diego County above I'm a little overwhelmed by by all the all the help uh you guys covered 100 of all my costs not only for the purchase of this library but for every hotel and all the gas and all the snacks and food and believe me John can eat come on now oh it's true 100 of the cost for this entire uh Enterprise has me covered by you guys you our cakes family I love you you guys are great and that's the end of this video