Atlantis: The Andes Solution: The Discovery of South America as the Legendary Continent of Atlantis

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Written by J. M. Allen

"Evidence that South America is the continent of Atlantis…

The ancient city and lost continent of Atlantis was devastated by floods and earthquakes in about 9600BC according to Greek philosopher Plato. He wrote of its magnificence and described its geographical location in great detail. Over the centuries countless theories have grown up regarding its precise position.

Jim Allen, a former cartographic draughtsman and aerial intelligence interpreter for the RAF, has now made an amazing discovery and perhaps solved the mystery of Atlantis.

He has located a site in what is now modern Bolivia, on the Altiplano where he has found the remains of the canal system described by Plato. Plato’s description of an island city on a plain encircled by mountains fits the Altiplano to perfection. Furthermore the fabled city was set on a lake – the present day Lake Poopó – and plated in gold, silver, bronze, tin and a mysterious metal called “orichalcum” – all these metals are found together in great profusion only in Bolivia.

Atlantis: The Andes Solution describes fully the background to these theories and other lines of conjecture that this tremendous finding has opened up. The final chapter is perhaps the most intriguing of all when the author finally reaches Bolivia and finds on the ground the physical traces of the huge canal that encircled the legendary plain containing the city so memorably described by Plato almost 2,500 years ago." [1]

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