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[Music] foreign check how's the audio now get audio check they're doing a meme show no they're saying no sound there's still no sound say sound is muted oh there it is audio is good audio is good yeah we have to wait for the delay to go through yeah all right good audio excellent so it looks like when uh we took a break and I updated my Windows settings gotta go back through and reset everything it's been two weeks since we did a a um a live I've done four videos on the road came back to Texas went on with the paranormies so that's a fifth that's a fifth presentation and then my sixth was me as a little mouse running through a fake world on a little simulation Theory video last night but during this two weeks we have not done live so all our settings had to be readjusted Delta Dawn thank you for the books very humbling some awesome books from 18 uh 18 what was it 1851 1852 um all the way to 1902 I came back from a trip and I checked the the post office archaic's post office I was I was floored I took a picture from the post office and sent it to Matt it's like wow look at this some unbelievable so the the archaics library we have we have almost 3 000 PDFs in the archaics library of old books but the actual hard copy the actual books published and preserved from 1801 to 1902 in the archaics library now numbers 163 volumes archaic's libraries grow is getting big so pretty soon I'll have somebody go in there and photograph all the new books because you know that you guys know that's what I do every single every single black and white illustration every photo well we're preserving them in our case we take pictures of every title page uh for each book so we have like 55 new no we have like 60 new editions now that have not been photographed we'll be doing that very very quickly yeah we're all set up now okay well you get all the moderation in the house moderators it's been a while uh I need to catch up with all you guys uh send out a group email and uh because we need to discuss uh for those of you that are coming to uh the Meetup which by the way the Meetup um for those of you who've been trying to contact everyone in our kicks this last week or two it's been difficult I know we put everything on hold so Jason could just go enjoy himself instead of being bombarded with questions every day you have him having to drive somewhere just to get reception to call just to it was just he needed the break and uh it set us back a little bit as far as emails but we're going to be catching up with you guys um some of you know exactly who I'm talking to um we just haven't got to them we put everything on hold so we apologize for that but we will catch up and and get back with everyone and get back on track and also we've been swamped with prepping for this Meetup we're keeping it a small operation as far as uh Personnel so there's a lot of moving parts and uh so a big shout out to Cheryl for handing all the uh the logistical stuff with uh the venue so um everything good that happens at the Meetup make sure y'all send Cheryl uh a like and a thumbs up or go see her Channel see we got panel Swan four jacks Crow Rising Shiva Phoenix Wendy I've seen Jahari in there and I've seen Dawn all the moderators are here Phoenix Phoenix protocol he's not going to miss one Victoria Z some of these people are up late at night or you know what it might be early in the morning for for some of them I saw Crow's name in there a couple times thank you moderators making this happen Vinnie Riley I'm telling you man I've already sent you messages through a couple people I said yeah you you uh if you can get there I got your ticket covered and I got your hotel covered I'm gonna I'm gonna take care of you man but you got to get there Benny's been with us for a long time man yeah always he his heart's in the right place he's been having trouble trying to get to the Meetup I'll tell you if you've got a hitchhike whatever you got to do man I I'll pay for your hotel and your ticket you just get there somebody should give you a ride man somebody said any news on errant coins so we got a lot of orders still to process um you know the second minting is on the way Guys these little these little awesome little coins second minting is on the way and the second order is up so this the first batch took about four weeks to get here so that's about how long it's going to take for the this new batch to come in and then for everyone who orders after this next go around we're gonna do one more pre-order for these coins and then we haven't decided if we're just going to cut it off uh change coins or re-release this only during meetups we're still discussing that bouncing those ideas around but um it's just for a small operation um mainly spearheaded by Jason mean doing all the logistical nightmare stuff and a couple other hands that helps out with small things um doing merchandise is ridiculous like it's it's a lot of stuff to keep up with well you got people tell us something two different people saying there's no sound my microphone's not not working do the rest of you agree with that oh you know what I just pulled a dumbass move that was me going back into history I can't even talk it says uh sounds good sorry about that guy hey hey I can do it too yeah I have my little slips too like I said I read all comments so I went too far back and sound is good read old comments I'm sorry guys how many people we got Let's see we got 914 watching that's good oh we're really just coming back into our groove so today was completely unscripted we don't we didn't write down any announcements we just wanted to do a live because we know it's been two weeks so if it seems a little slower than our normal Pace that's why and to brush up on uh a couple of announcements like this is their last video right of the month we're gonna go into the uh the Meetup we're gonna live stream the Meetup and that's going to be the next uh video that we do this is the last live video Until the Meetup yes the last live video believe me you guys already know I'm not going to let you go two days without getting our kids video if I can help it so no you got another video coming it'll be an upload but but this is the last live presentation of the month No Doubt so you want just open air q a anything we're gonna do yeah no holds board open air q a oh I know I got a lot of advanced archaic students in here people who have been me for for a long time listen hit me with it I'm ready believe me uh I got we got some new people always have new people and you know what we'll dignify them with some answers too so be patient this is for everybody into the month coming off two weeks without without hearing from me except for my uploads on the road say listen guys it's the biggest pattern Break Of My Life yeah you most of you already know my story I went to I went to prison at 17 years old I spent 26 years there now I get out of prison working hard in oil and gas industry I work for two different facilities paid for my my 2018 fat boy motorcycle and I was living on that motorcycle 27 in my pocket when I left the oil and gas industry and I started an archaics Channel on YouTube and I uh I just slowly built my way up but as I built this channel I was also giving lessons on all the things that I learned over the course of my life before during and after prison and I began to apply the very principles that that I had observed and I began to teach the very things on how to modify our reality and how to regard reality as a relationship how it how it actually to befriended and to have a relationship with the very holography around us so it will reciprocate and do the things that we need to do and when we go and move in a certain direction it will build that world for us and that we really don't have to do the work all we have to do is set out the intention and then make the effort to get things done in that certain direction and all of a sudden the holography will be manipulated in astonishing ways to reciprocate into and to allow us to flow into the very events that we want to experience this is what my channel was about also my historical research on the Phoenix phenomenon Nemesis X object Pat all this different pattern breaks throughout history that we find and we call them resets and basically just a really in-depth study of the mathematical architecture of our historical records so this is what my channel is about I've lived the very things that I've taught many of you in the thousands have thanked me in emails and in the comments because you have applied the principles that that I live by you have applied the principles that I teach and you have watched how from a wooden Shack I have become who I am today in a very short period of time two and a half years my channel has exploded as my personal life has exploded so I'm only reiterating all this Mara cakes veterans know my whole history but I'm only reiterating this for the new people that have come to my channel that don't know my life what I just did for two weeks was the biggest pattern break of my life my life is very structured I normally can tell anyone who asked exactly what I'll be doing the following day I'm very I'm very structured in what I do I know I'm just I'm a planner I'm a mental planner that's how I get so much done but I'll tell you this what was supposed to be a five-day trip turned into about 11 or 12 days so I didn't go by any normal routes I zigzagged across West Texas I zigzagged across New Mexico Arizona came in south southern California went up all the way all the way to Henderson outside of Vegas was in Nevada crossed over took a bad turn somewhere and had to come back around been all all over the mountains the video footage you saw from the four videos is not even comparable to what I have on my GoPro camera I haven't shown you a single video from that from that I have a lot of footage I'll be I'll be releasing it for you to see in more presentations I'm gonna do a whole you already know I'm gonna do a lot of videos and in those videos you'll start seeing all the things that I saw how empty the United States is how the everybody's clustered around the cities and around the interstates I took roads that will show you on camera that for 40 50 60 Minutes you won't see a single habitation nothing as far as the eye can see just torn up Barren post cataclysm wastelands all across America so and I only saw a small a small bit and the the northern route I took coming home was hundreds of miles north compared to the southern right route I took leaving Texas going to California had a blast I hit a hundred thousand Subs while I was filming my book Tree video and it took me 23 years to get to the book tree that man used to send me uh uh reprint books from the 17 and 1800s every single month for 16 years when I was in prison he started doing that like 23 years ago so he's a it's awesome it's just a huge pattern break staying staying in motels and hotels and and just traveling everywhere and and meeting people and uh I bought I bought t-shirts and I bought mugs from every single place I visited I passed by the meteor crater Arizona I actually visited the Petrified Forest in in Arizona Petrified Forest National Park I got the mugs and t-shirts and souvenirs for that I went to the Grand Canyon and filmed the Grand Canyon and kept looking at this one outcrop of rock that didn't make sense to me so I zoomed in on it my camera's really good I zoomed in on it and you guys saw in the video I zoomed in on it several times and from three different angles and show you this gigantic cave mouth way toward the bottom of the Grand Canyon I showed that in one of my videos that I had released so this pattern breaks they're really good for me but it but it wasn't just pattern breaks of me traveling because apparently these pattern breaks were happening in all in all basically Avenues of my life that were happening here at home as well they're happening in my personal life which has nothing to do with archaics they're happening in my financial life these pattern breaks are amazing and I know what's happening I've been traveling the same reality tunnel for a while and I've been been building it and it's been these accretions keep being added to my to my reality Tunnel New New pieces of holography as I gain and acquire new understandings and I'm moving in a New Direction but these pattern breaks have also I'm I'm bringing another guy on and a guy I've known for years I'm bringing a guy on into our cakes next month and he's going to be helping do helping us do a lot of I.T stuff like this like the shorts um and this is something he's already done a lot for on Tick Tock but he's going to be coming for to help us on YouTube and it's really interesting I'm not going to put his personal business out there but he's he his life is is synced to mine in the oil and gas industry and then he went his way and I went my way but we've remained friends well the exact same time I'm going through all these pattern breaks he's going through one pattern break after another he even sends me messages like man I don't know what's going on this is all crazy but I understand what's happening we are moving in in different directions for years but as soon as we made a conscious decision to meet back up and move in the same direction together the holography attached to us has to be modified as our reality reality tunnels coalesce the mathematical architecture of my existence must now comport with his they must align and in doing that there has to be some arithmetic that's shaken loose this happens in our lives all the time right before major fundamental fundamental Direction shifts occur in our lives and we start moving in a whole nother Direction at a whole nother speed bringing in all new kinds of people New Opportunities new experiences right before these things happen in our lives it's always a really tumultuous period that we don't understand it's just a rapid it's a rapid series change of events and it's almost everything beyond our ability to control it's just so many different things just happen Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam back to back and this is what's happened to me since I've been since I have been back just rapid fire his life too you know and you know just just real abrupt changes even Matt's gone through some pattern breaks recently so it tells me that that this is this is how reality reciprocates it's getting ready for all of us to be moving in the same direction together as opposed to existing in all independent reality tunnels and know reality tunnels are something I discussed in many prior presentations you can ask questions about them here I don't mind I just wanted to get all this out because this is my first life since I've been back and uh it's it's been eye-opening I learned a lot seeing the United States seeing all all this everything that I saw in all these cities and all these stops in two weeks has given a lot of perspective to my historical research and many of the things that I had come in contact with intellectually have now solidified in my mind now that I have seen and experienced many of the places that I've read about so anyway having said all that let's uh let's do it let's do it Okay so some of you already kind of got the picture but we forgot to announce there are a lot of new people here so if you want your question answered um hopefully you know we're going to be open to some newer questions this time so you are KX vets uh just be patient um hopefully Jason will too there might be some redundant questions but oh it's all good um but we want to reiterate how we do things here at our KX live streams our moderators are awesome they're always working and they are trigger happy so any Trash Talk any trolling any controls already any negativity trolls have been on no comments gone forever and once once your comment gets deleted then the next one is is just blocking you so keep it positive and if you want your question answered um it's easier for me if you put it in all caps um repeat it every once in a while if I don't get around to it if you see a bunch of questions flowing through here just you know be cognizant of the the chat feed uh that's how many questions I am copying and pasting so it may take a little bit but as always Jason always goes into the comments after the videos and answers any questions that you guys post um after the video is published onto YouTube after the live is ended oh we do have another announcement we sure do perfect timing I'm getting my uh I'm getting in my zone now um really took half a cup yeah I'm getting in my zone listen um well two things first of all this is what's going down we will we will be starting next month's major project after the Meetup our major project is it's big and we've got several people working on it will have four channels those channels are okay okay man I'll tell them I'll tell them all right listen we're going to have archaic's uncensored and it's going to be it's gonna be where I am absolutely free to discuss anything that I want to discuss all the topics that that YouTube is not uh you know we can't talk about on YouTube archaics uncensored will be on it will be accessible through my website now that's one channel another channel will will be archaic's hot mic archaic's hot mic is all these conversations that are recorded between Big John and me and and Matt and and uh everybody we talked to people we visit um there's a we have two other archaics team members oh Barry Robin listen just open conversations you know we're going to record those conversations and there will be a disclaimer on that channel listen you can't get offended by anything you hear because you're eavesdropping it's really it's just that simple so we're not editing that at all and you never know what you're going to hear out of any of our mouths and and it'll be legal disclaimers that you know can be held accountable for anything you hear you came here willingly now yo that's that's two channels archaic's uncensored archaic's hot mic the other one is archaic's on the road because we are going to be going on the road there are way too many interesting places and people across the United States we can spend the rest of our lives just exploring half of our Lives is exploring Texas it has that much so that's those those are three channels the other one is gonna is gonna be Opus it's gonna be only office related material Barry and I are ready to move forward on that it's a side project but I've been working on it for years and this is all using date sequence Predictive Analytics but it's a very special species of pattern recognition event prediction software that we've been developing for a long time playing with doing all kinds of stuff and uh we're ready to do a channel on that as well so those those are the those are the four things this will be our uh other thing um because you have the trolls you know I have deleted several other people oh one one person is quite famous and I have mentioned him and his book I'm not going to mention him right now some of y'all might guess who he is but uh he's been in the chat for a couple months now under a pseudonym and I've been letting his little comments go and uh you know that takes a lot for me because I got zero tolerance it says you come to my you come to my chat with some positivity if there's anything negative you just keep it to yourself so uh I'm just I got tired of it I got tired of the of I got tired of the uh condescension and all that so I went ahead and blocked him and I blocked his suit in them and he's more he's more than welcome to create create a whole nother uh uh account and come back into the chat but he's very well known by a lot of people he's a published author but for some reason he just can't let go he can't just um I don't know I don't know what his what his trip is with me and all that but he's not the only one there's been a lot of people blocked off archaics and because I have adopted that zero zero tolerance attitude I just don't care you come you bring that negativity into my channel and I X you out and there's no coming back I've tried one time to bring one person back and you know what it's just not in me there's no backup in me it says if you can't come respectful don't come at all if there's things that trigger you in in our chats and all that you're more than welcome to disagree but when I call you out when you try to assert facts and I ask you for your sources or your or your explanations and you still get ugly without providing any defense or apology for what you said I promise you you will be blocked it says this is what we do from the beginning and our list I I can't even believe archaics has grown so fast with how many people we have actually had to remove for being absolutely nasty it's crazy it's crazy so anyway have you said all that I'm ready for this q a let's do it and for you uh timestamp people where are we at in the video what do you mean we're at a 1 349 people watching Melissa I haven't refreshed 28 minutes okay all right so 28 minutes in is when we're going to start the Q a let's do it 28 minutes in Q a so I'm digging this because I can't tell if these are like new questions like new people to archaic style questions right but they could also be veteran questions because it's you just can't tell right I mean they're they're good questions uh so I'm just going to start at the top um Rare Breed lady Phoenix asks what are your thoughts on going back to the Moon back in quotation marks might as well start out with this yeah I may as well okay let's see Rare Breed lady Phoenix what are your thoughts on going back to the Moon well I'm not sure that you're ready for the archaic's data I don't believe that I think you're out of place I don't think you belong here to even ask me a question like that um I am not uh I am not sympathetic with people who have allowed NASA to with with the with the most idiotic and the most i-naine models and photography have actually perpetuated the stupidest hoax on Mankind and people still fall for it today we have never been to the moon the Russians the Russians fried every dog Mouse and monkey They sent into the atmosphere because nothing can pass the radon built there is no technology that we can manufacture that will allow a living organism to pass out that pass through the the radio the radon belt it's not going to happen uh I I am I am a human and I was designed my avatar to live right here on the surface of the world if I live in the Underworld for a long period of time I would still be human but I would have specific modifications to my genome to adapt to that biosphere the same thing is if I live for a long period of time in an Alpine region and I never went below the Timberline the air pressure and the oxygen the sunlight reflecting off the snow at all times this would this would bring fundamental changes to my body and this is why we have so many different types we've lived through many different biospheres but we have never lived on the moon it is an adult fantasy we've never been in space all of that is adult fantasy all the all these satellites that people believe in that are way up in space going around you can't prove it all you can do is cite one source and that's NASA if you believe that all these these all these cosmoses and other universes and if you believe that that this that the Stars the stellosphere is anything more than a light show then the burden of proof lies on you because ultimately 100 of all your per truths come through one filter and that's NASA everything they've been busted with the fish Islands as they've been busted with the with the water bubbles being seen on the film come they've been busted on the actual NASA negatives where you can see 1969 era Dr Pepper bottles in the background when when when when photo Specialists highlight all the shadowed areas you can see the stage equipment and the cords and the lighting you can see the on the on the negatives you can see the double Shadows you can see the actual NASA manifest where they actually made mistakes they made mistakes because they took no lighting to the moon and yet it's impossible to land on the Light Side of the Moon without an atmosphere because you would melt almost instantly so they so they said they landed on the dark side of the moon but in landing on the Dark Side of the Moon it would have been so dark they would have required lighting and this is why when they photographed the the the when they staged the photographs you see two Shadows there's two Shadows because there was lighting equipment but when you look at the manifests of everything taken on the Apollo programs to the Moon there's no lighting equipment mentioned anywhere but they mentioned everything else there are so many mistakes that whole books have been published to show just someone with average intelligence that the entire operation was an intelligence op from the from the from the highest points there may have been only four percent of NASA employees that were in on it because to to actually to actually pass off that hoax to the entire world they needed about 96 of the other employees of NASA believing in the LIE so yeah this whole thing's boy you need to read a book called Dark Moon before you ask me anything about if we're ever going back to the Moon that's that's ridiculous we've never been to the moon so we'll promise you we're not going back and everything Elon Musk says about going to Mars is absolute BS unless they're going to send a rocket up there to take a picture of a hologram and come back with the negatives I'm not trying to hear any of that well there you go this next question is from Momo that's a new one uh Jason when will you release some further material on the dark satellite whenever I get to it really I'm just I'm right now this whole next month is going to be so chaotic putting together our Kings dot TV but uh believe me I have I have a lot a lot to share on that oh concerning the too what I forgot was there's a lot we're going to do a lot of networking on that's where we're going to be able to talk to guys like rise above without having to be centered we can build an arcakes hot mic we talk about anything we want to talk about on our oh oh Lance and those boys from Rise Above the paranormies um Logan of decode your reality autodidactic I plan on bringing all these people into and giving them a platform inside that as well because everybody I've done podcasts with believe me they're more than welcome to to come in and and on our and do that I mean there's a few people who aren't welcome people who have turned on me and become became a troll and thought that they could get subs by attacking me personally in our case or you guys already know who they are they're not welcomed but but I will but I will tell you that we'll tell you what on our kegs Todd TV you're going to hear me fighting back hey I'm real cordial on YouTube on our kxt DOT TV I'm gonna tell you what I found out about those boys hang on I'm not gonna hold anything back and I got so many videos documents that I want to like release and talk about all this stuff Jason talks about like with the the moon landings and everything that's right can we okay I just gotta be careful what I say oh we can show you those on our those videos we're talking about because I have them saved yep we can show you a lot on our we cannot show you on YouTube that's the whole point and we'll and believe me we're gonna we're gonna have a blast we're gonna have a blast all all these smaller channels that should have a voice that should be bigger that should be able to to uh spread their message to A Wider demographic but they're just hated on by the YouTube algorithms yeah they're gonna have freedom freedom to to move around in our they're gonna be able to do it say what they want do what they want and promote what they want and so because that's what that's about because don't don't get me wrong guys I'm foreseeing in the future where I just basically tell YouTube FU won't even need them don't even care so I see it coming all right next questions from Ella Bella do you have videos about the cities in the skies I do have three different videos about massive super constructions and architecture that has been documented in the sky I do I already have those videos on on archaics I'm sorry if they're they're difficult to find um what would really be interesting is we don't have the time to do it right now we're so busy but I know some of you guys have time but it would really it would really be interesting if somebody could put together an index of all of all 450 50 60 something archaics videos with the title of the video the link next to the title and a one sentence description of what that video is about and we could put a whole directory together that would be far better organized than my playlists oh as a matter of fact um before people just start doing that on their own that is also something I'm probably I'm willing to pay for if somebody was to was to take the time to do it it's a lot of work but it would need the top full title of the video the date the video came out in parentheses next to it and then the link to the video with a one sentence description of the subject matter of that video and yeah I could publish that whole index on my website it would make it so much easier for people to find things that they were looking for just that all you have to say about the citizens guys well I mean with uh 1561 1566 1752 uh 1899. oh what was it uh 1890 I can give you the dates where we have his story in the historical record that these that these constructions have been seen I can also tell you 2023 it will see China has some really interesting footage of some digital City like like structures floating in the sky just this year so I don't uh I don't I don't remember the names uh I have so much material on archaics I just can't cite verbatim which videos have those I do know when a video was super constructions in our skies um that's the title of one of my videos but it's just one of many so I don't know but yeah this is if you're new to archaics and that's the type of stuff you're looking for uh there are people that can find them maybe Pamela Swan or Shiva shampoo they're pretty good at locating material um but my mind my mind isn't able to just instantly recall all the exact videos where I have this material it's uh because there's just so many videos and so many and normally it takes me three or four videos to really expound upon one single topic so I don't know I got I got the videos yes I do I just don't know which ones they are this is from LL Rockwell what are your thoughts on the Aurora Borealis borealis well I don't know I don't know because I just I'm not interested in the world if the world is flat or if the world is global or neither one of them interests me at all because uh it's like asking me to choose sides um two decisions are placed before me and I'm asked to pick one and I'm already offended by that when I'm very aware that a third a third concept actually uh can be superimposed over both and make sense of both and that would be that we live in a simulated holography so that's why that's why I believe that Flat Earth is a stepping stone and I mean there's only so far you can go with flat Earth and the whole Flat Earth a lot of the Flat Earth guys have gotten really really discouraged uh some of them have stopped putting out the flatter of content of tried they've tried to move on and I get that I mean what are you really gonna do okay the Flat Earth the whole flatter phenomenon made people think outside the box but the problem is is you can't stay there you can you can think about Flat Earth forever but after you've given your demonstrations after you've given your presentations after you've already showed what you can show what are you gonna do more are you going to show people the world's even flatter than what you initially thought there's nothing there's nowhere to go are we living on an infinite plane with a whole series of Domes are there continents Beyond Antarctica Flat Earth requires you to take cognitive leaps beyond the idea that we live on a flat plane that for which we have almost no evidence for so these really unique concepts are are invented to fill in the blanks but we don't have proofs or evidence of those blanks but in simulation they're either not needed in simulation there every week understand that often computer programming builds models of of of of of basically worlds virtual world on a flat plane but the flat plane is modified by programming and it can all be it can all fool and observer dependent Avatar who is stuck on that plane into believing they live in an absolute in on a sphere and this is very easy to do because the world they live on is absolutely flat punctuated by terrain however the world above them which is only optically seen and never experienced is perfect curvature like a dome and because the Sky Exhibits circular behavior and all movement in the sky at night like the stellosphere is is in an arc and not straight then the inference is is that the Stellar sphere is turning at an Ark because the world is rotating around an axis while none of this is true it's exactly what the idea is conveyed by the projections of the sky to an avatar stuck on a flat plane that's punctuated by terrain it's all deceit but it's all simulated therefore Flat Earth means nothing globular Earth means nothing everything is in the is in the Sim so if the if the if the simulation is able to replicate all this phenomena to make us to believe one or the other than neither are true this phenomena is given to us in tandem so I got a lot of flat earthers that are just that are discussed they're disgusted with me and I get it I get it and some of them have moved on and and uh are producing some really good material and uh uh I I applaud them for that I applaud them for that but what was the original question because I meandered you know I'm an Entertainer tangent what are your thoughts on the Aurora Borealis I'll say soldier so I don't really have an opinion about the Royal Aurora Borealis I don't I don't know why why they're just stuck right there at the pole I do know this there is not a single phenomenon that is scientifically explained today that I accept without further research I I freely admit I don't know something when it comes to comes to this phenomena the northern lights let me tell you I just really don't know how they're caused but I'm not going to entertain the scientific interpretations because almost everything from science today is filtered through the uniformitarian concept and I can't accept it that's why I can't accept all the chronologies all the dating methods all all the relative dating methods that are put out that these guys spew out like it's just absolutely factual can't do it like I'll give you an example and I'm not I'm not picking I'm not picking on this person but when I was on my road trip I noticed somebody in the comment section because I I had mentioned over and over that I am driving through an ancient seabed but the evidence to me is that is that this was a very recent development that I'm driving through an area that I know that I was at least four or five hundred feet under water at one time but it's a highway now then I'm driving through it and I'm looking at the terrain and I imagine every bit of this is being underwater and I can see the washout damage when all the water departed I can see it all clearly as I'm driving I'm mentioning that in a video and somebody made a comment in the video and said oh yeah you're in the Permian Basin okay this person I'm not singling them out because factually scientifically they're correct I'm in the Permian Basin but I can't accept that I can't accept that terminology because the concepts that are establishment science science has attached to the idea of Permian is 600 million years old and I'm not buying that I'm not buying that at all so uh they call it the Permian Basin but I am on board with a cataclysm happening four to five thousand years ago and that's the reason why the United States in in the western states looks the way it does I'm not on board with something happening happening 600 million years ago and yet I was seeing what I was seeing in those videos I was showing you guys there's rock out crops coming straight out the soil none of the trees grow tall none of the trees are old at all in that area in the whole area that I wrote It's not like California with with the bristle cone Pines you know two to four thousand years old like California in Yellowstone the dawnwood Pines the Redwoods look these ancient trees we don't have those in anywhere that I drove everywhere I drove looks out looks like giant sea beds that drained out quickly so yeah it's called Permian Basin but it's not 600 million it's not 300 to 600 million years old that's Crush uh I think it's a Dr Kent Hoven welcome Kent Hoven yeah I showed you a few of his videos he's the one who talks about the uh the vapor canopy and the living conditions that would have been any he talks a lot on that on how the the formations of the Grand Canyon and all these historical sites hit that like button guys thank you thank you Justin there's a lot of questions um let's do it question I'm cool with it from cookie thank you Dr uh thank you Dr Corey I still need to do a video with her I just we just haven't been able to slow down this is from cookie if this is a Sim we are projections what are dogs okay oh I thought Delta Dawn was Don Anderson Don Anderson sent those since sent a box of amazing books in these quilts thank you Delta Dawn you're a gym what's the question if this is a Sim and we're projections then what are dogs what are dogs yeah cookie you got more videos to watch you got a lot more videos to watch to ask that you know I don't I mean uh it's yeah yeah your breakfast is simulated the coffee that you drink is simulated your central nervous system Jacks you so perfectly into a simulation that you actually believe that you're feeling tasting touching hearing smelling all these things and it's not happening this is all information your entire life is coded and I'm telling you now you sound like you're very new to my channel but once this information begins to take a hold on you and you really realize what I'm saying you're going to wake up one morning and realize that the rest of your life can be coded the way you want to live it and not the way that you've been forced to live it thus far so if you want to take the archaic's material seriously I suggest you do so and and uh I don't know if your question is serious or not I'm almost offended by it but yeah it's you have a lot to learn here but I promise you when your eyes wake up and you don't have to take my word for it when your eyes actually open and you understand that you you are a very you are the a 100 percent more to the very simulated holography that you're immersed in and that means that this morphic field is reactive and what you want to do with your life can be projected into a series of codes by your informed field call it your spirit call it your soul call it your your psyche I don't care but this phenomenon is very real and you can modify the architecture of your existence and you can even change and touch the lives of others but you're not going to be able to do any of that if you're living a reactive life and you're not going to be able to do any of that if you're trying to be funny and thinking that you're a simulation and your dog is not doing another one next question is from Valley is what's happening in the upcoming presidential election I.E Trump I believe it was August 8th that I believe it was August 8th that uh Nixon suddenly turned in his letter of resignation now I have I have a video to do that I've already told you guys that I was going to do and I'll I'll just I'll I'll want to do it with square peg the problem is guys I just took two two weeks off I've been super busy I'm I'm gonna do it I just got to have the time to do it but I've made a new a new a total I have a total whole new understanding of the isometric phenomenon which I've documented in square pigs documented and other people have verified it I'm not I'm not retracting anything it's absolutely it's an absolute phenomenon but there's one thing that I overlooked which I it should have been obvious to me and that's wave diffusion I don't know why I never replied that before when Nostradamus said that his method of divining the future was by studying a pool of water I should have picked up on that because events as I've documented all the way up to 2020 moving forward and backward in time like a palindrome using the year 1998 as the isometric epicenter which was isolated by Edgar Casey who said that that is the key year to understanding the unfolding of the events and the end times he's absolutely correct Nostradamus is correct it was Jason that wasn't paying attention and I documented all these events going forward and backward in time even eclipses happened on perfect predictable value palette in palindromes up to the year 2020. then something happened anybody can test this if you take a if you take a a very smooth surface of liquid and you drop one drop in it you're gonna see the ripples go back and remember time space like Nostradamus says each Ripple each Ripple is a year or a day or a week whatever your unit of measurement is because remember it's a event this is Louis Mumford in Technics and civilization said over 80 years ago he said that time is not measured by the calendar it is measured by the events that occupy it so this Lewis Mumford techniques and civilization one of the most boring books you'll ever read in your life but it's packed with information that that any chronologist must know anybody who wants to use chronology for predictive purposes wave diffusion is what's created after the pattern structure begins dissolving it doesn't go on at infinitum the drop of water sends the ripples out in each Ripple on one side is equidistant to the Ripple on the other side but once you get a certain number of ripples according to the magnitude of the drop the actual independent ripples begin to spread out very very rapidly and turn into nothing and this is what happened in 2020 they spread out even further in 2021 and this is why events that isometrically predicted for 2020 started happening in 2021 it mystified me but I ignored it and then events that were happening Square pegs should know exactly what I'm talking about events that were predicted for 2021 all of a sudden just they they spread out and we receive news the and the News was reporting things such as Biden was in trouble for this Biden's in trouble for that banks are on the verge of collapsing all these things are predicted but the events were spread out and nothing ever happened on those events and then in 2020 then in 2022 things were happening that were predicted for 2021 then in 2023 things were happening rapid fire but they were predicted for 2022. because of the isometric years of 1976-75 and 74. but now we're in the isometric year of 1973 which is equal to 2023 but because of this wave diffusion these events are carrying over I am now of the opinion that we're going to I'm still 100 confident that Biden is not going to survive his presidency he's not but I'm now seeing that this wave diffusion is going to have have Biden he might resign August 8th just like Nixon did I don't believe there I don't believe that we're going to impeach another president I believe that impeachment proceedings may may go forward but it's going to be a resignation instead so I don't know the uh I still need to do I still need to look at it more but the wave diffusion is a key the wave diffusion is not just is not just oh it's not an excuse it's actually a phenomenon and everybody can see it now you can see how all these events have just bled into each other and they just drawn out and spread out just like you would see as the ripples on a pool of water nothing has changed only my perception of what's Happening has changed and I just haven't had time to look at all these events now and and and apply this new understanding but I don't know I haven't even looked at 2024 I haven't even looked at uh any of that I do believe that Trump's presidency is done is over I don't believe Trump will be elected president in 2024 I believe that I can see him as the speaker of the house but I don't see him uh he's getting too old yeah I don't believe I don't see I don't see it all right this is from Merrell very simple what is the Sun wow yeah right thanks for that gas money Merle thank you very much um I did learn something too about Chevron gas oh my God my van loves it I can go a long way on Chevron with Techron no other gas does that it's all it's amazing discovery huh that sounded like a commercial you know what I'm not getting any money from Chevron I'm just telling the truth a full tank in a Chevy 3500 van full tank of that Chevron with Techron but the 10 percent uh ethanol boost let me tell you something there is truth to the fact highway miles double the distance you can go on a full tank there is truth to that no other gas does that it's crazy and I'd have never been able to say that unless I experienced it so uh Merrell what is the sun I don't know but it's not 93 million miles away God there's there's no way it can be 93 million miles away I I just can't I can't fathom anything more than a local a local object being the Sun it's um yeah a son a son being 93 million miles away supposedly having 333 Thousand uh times the mass of Earth I just can't I can't fathom just because it's 93 million miles away it still has that surface area and Earth would be just a tiny little speck against that surface area no matter what the distance there would be no Shadows on Earth there would be nothing I mean it doesn't matter where it doesn't matter where what time of day it is that whole area that whole side of the world would just be lit the hell up I'm just not the model that we're giving of the size of the sun is just too big I'm just I'm just not with it I have I have can't I have on my camera I have pictures of uh sunlight reflecting off the bottom of clouds when the sun is at a great distance and I don't know how that's possible either I don't know how that's possible um like I said we live we live in a simulated context and the Sun is either some type of projector which would make sense to me because it's very difficult to stare at it to look at it to really see and ascertain what it is but um I just I just don't know the whole the whole idea of the vacuum of space and the whole none of that stuff makes sense to me anymore everything to me makes sense is coding and I can see that the sun uh would actually mask something else just like the moon I've told you guys many times the Moon is a hologram and it's hiding something else just like the Phoenix my original thesis was from a Newtonian perspective and I actually believed believed the scientific establishment model and I believe that Phoenix therefore was an intruder Planet I no longer believe that it's a super construction it's always in our Sky it's hidden there but it only Powers up to do things every 138 years so I don't know it all works in tandem the the Sun the moon the Phoenix the phenomenon uh Nemesis X object the dark satellite they could all be just different pieces of the exact same apparatus this great this great Sky Sim that hides something else I don't know I am not qualified to answer what the sun is I just know it's a part of the architecture of Deceit that has us believing that we live in a system when we do not next question is from Stephen Segura I know the name well have you heard of the song 1901 by the band Phoenix and the song Ten Thousand Days by the band Tool ten thousand days is 27 years and 138 days and then there's the math wow Stephen nice Stephen also saw your comment that one half of 138 is 69 years in 69 from 1902 makes it 1971 in 1971 was when Terence McKenna was what born or when he was revealing all his information yeah I saw that I read all the comments Oh I thought that was interesting and uh I have many people who have informed me about the group called The Phoenix and or yeah the song the song is 1901 by a group called The Phoenix yes that's there's no coincidence there I need to go ahead and look at that song I need to go ahead matter of fact I need to make a note of that I'm gonna go and do it today I'm gonna do it today because I'm gonna do it today because there's another song I want to bring you got to you guys attention it's very deep you've all heard it it's one of the most famous songs in the world you've all heard it Californication but the words to that song a simulation Theory it's awesome 1901 the Phoenix I'm gonna write that down and already have all the lyrics to Californication space may be the final frontier but it's made in a Hollywood basement you've all heard the song foreign so y'all thanks Steven I will I will check out the song thanks for reminding me of several people I've just never looked at it Michael Brewer or prophets seeing the future or are they just reading the instructions well if we're living in a construct then that implies that the coding for the construct already exists in the architecture of events that have not yet happened already exist just as the The Arc the architectural coding of events that have already transpired still exist as well so therefore what we call the past and the future is merely the exact same coding that we're experiencing and flowing through right now the big distinction here is not that events which are which are Eternal events which are already scripted events which are already in the holography all around us all at different phases of experience that's not the mystery the true mystery is the individualized singularities that we call Souls that are able to pass through this and feel things so they in the temporal so that they are convinced while they are here in this in this beautiful holography that there is a past and there is a future and that these are entirely distinct from the present they're experiencing right now this is the beauty of simulation Theory there are no more Mysteries that cannot be answered this is everything I've told you guys many times in the past this is the explanation for coincidence for Deja Vu for all these little synchronicities that happen in our lives the very fact it's not easy for the construct to keep everything from you there are glitches that are perceivable there's even ways that that that communication can be done from outside the construct to those of us that are on the inside and we have isolated one of those as Mandela effect so yeah it's uh the past I have a lot of material in my earlier videos in my earlier predictions videos you should check out uh I can't remember the names of those videos but I have a lot about future past phenomena and the architecture of our reality and why these things were no or no are not even really mysterious but yeah when you when you live in a coded holography then your your basically programmed to experience a small bubble of phenomena at one time and you perceive everything outside that bubble as being either far away either in the past or in the future next one's from AZ some that's a new name does the AIX do what it does by its own will oh AIX for those don't know is artificial intelligence X and it is the Demi urge protocol it's the agitator it's what brings dungeon programming and negative default programming into the holography to make it very difficult for souls to achieve the act of Breaking Free because initially All Souls are a part of the are part of the construct they're a part of the masses and it's the highly individualized soul that learns how to break pattern and break and break free from the from the collective that begins to truly experience its relation relationship with the similacrum itself which is a relationship of co-creation it's a it's it's a it's a self-awareness that you don't have to do everything you just have to initiate and the Builder Protocols of the similar Chrome which are not a part of artificial intelligence X will build for you what you want but these are enlightened awakened Souls that are able to use these protocols what you're describing artificial intelligence eggs right here I don't know if it has free will I don't even know if it's intelligent it may be something that is absolutely hardwired into the similacrum itself as like a difficulty uh to to increase difficulty or to increase hardship I really don't know to me it acts like a parasite and uh you see evidence of it a lot in religious writings it's a it almost maintains an ego maniacal maniacaleness a demand for a human observance a demand for human humans to respect it a demand for humans to fear it yeah that's all it's it's there it's it's all through in my dark scriptures playlist I you or you already know I I show you everywhere that I've perceived AIX to pop up in the in the religious narratives this one's from La Serge Jason what are your thoughts on the banking system collapse that's in progress well it's entirely controlled um I believe that what they're what they're actually trying to do is switch over to the digital currency and they knew from the beginning that they're not going to be it's not going to be an easy deal I believe right now they're they are trying to induce people to remove their money from Banks and this is why they very very slowly one at a time collapsed each Bank every bit of this is by Design starting with the whole bankman free deal uh bankman freed all that all that was absolutely 100 percent structured it's none of this none of this is random so I believe I believe more banks will follow they're doing it very slowly getting getting people to to pull their monies out maybe invest in hard assets do do whatever but because it allows them to be able to blame the people for the collapse of the banks you pulled your money out what did you think was going to happen when all you guys started pulling your money back of course the banks collapsed so they've been fleecing the people for you know hundreds of years or basically stealing from people and and getting away with it and they've enriched themselves and they've gotten richer but that system is a bubble and designed to collapse uh they pre-planned this from the beginning the whole the whole structure of the cryptocurrencies were basically to get people to really trust in the system of digital Banks and digital currencies and it's worked and they have treated the the cryptocurrency markets uh as basically an enemy but all that was by Design because it makes people trust if you already distrust the banks of course you're going to trust the cryptocurrencies because the banks don't like them all this was by Design every bit of it these people are very Genius of what they do and they've been doing it for way longer than most countries have been here so oh it's all by Design they're going to get more and more people to take out their take out the money out of the banks and then they're going to turn around and blame the people for for the collapse of more and more Banks they're going there you already know it's it's an old Doctrine they're going to create the problem and they're going to offer and they're going to create and they're going to provide a solution uh I do believe that there's that there's going to be an event this year that provides the Catalyst but uh it's they're trying to make it as smooth a transition as possible and I think that's a good thing but they're still nefarious and it doesn't really matter to me I don't care because I already know that the world is wicked and I know it's I know it's going to be just as evil the day I leave as the day I entered it and I know that I'm not here to change the world at all I understand the construct I understand the need for this world why it's here because not all souls are are on the same we're all in the same playing field but we don't all have the same understanding and it requires these similacrums like this one I believe this is the Nemesis this is the Nemesis simulation and being the Nemesis simulation this right here is a hard one I don't believe all all similar Chrome experiences are like are the one we're in right now this one's a hard one this one right here has been on a loop for a long time and many of us all of us Anybody Everybody listened to my my voice have looped many many many times and I believe that this is probably my last one and I believe it's the last one for a lot of people and uh and those who aren't ready are either going to collapse with the entire holography or they're going to loop back all the way back to Genesis and start all over again and this is the subject matter of many presentations in the past so uh there's a question again your thoughts on the banking system so so coming the banking system collapse this is all to move us move us to the to to accepting the digital currency but it's not easy I mean it would have been very difficult if if in one day they just shut all the banks down nobody has access to any of their things and say hey check this out we're going to render all everything you have in your bank it's gonna be it's gonna be rendered into a new digital currency we're going to issue new new cards we can do a lot it would have been more difficult it's much easier to accomplish just the way they're doing it just one bank at a Time start start I mean start slow okay and when they're ready to move fast they're already in position to do so and they can do it without a lot of people panicking so yeah I'm not I don't I don't believe I don't believe that it's gonna that times are going to get near as bad as you think I even I even think that they may even have some type of cash in forgiveness uh program where uh people are induced to bring their assets back into the banks and then those assets will be rendered digitally for them to be able to spend and do whatever they want with um I don't I just really don't know I haven't looked enough into it I just don't know um it's just a part of the chaos that's a part of our Lives I don't believe I don't believe for a minute that any of it even matters in 17 years in 17 years it's not going to matter at all but uh cash isn't is is valuable as you think it is you may have twenty five thousand dollars in cash hidden on your property but I assure you if a total infrastructure collapse happens by the fourth or fifth day all the cash in the world will mean nothing to you because nobody will be taking it anymore in a total infrastructure collapse only cash is only King for about two days when you can go buy everything that you need to buy from stores that are still open and doing that by the third and the fourth day the rest of the population will realize this is a problem this is a total infrastructure collapse no EMS no emergency services are coming to rescue us power's not getting be getting back on we're going to have rotting food and all these refrigerators and I'll make sure let's go raid the stores local populations will empty out all local stores within three or four days after an infrastructure collapse and there's going to be nobody to stop them there's not enough police there's not enough military no one's going to stop these people from running into Walmarts and Krogers and Tom thumbs and and HEBs and grocery stores and Dollar Generals and Dollar Trees no one's going to stop these locals from going in there at any time of the day and emptying the meat sections out in the dairy sections the cheese and then go going getting all the dry Foods out nothing within five to six days there isn't a store in America that will have anything to buy your cash means nothing so it's a these this isn't just me telling you there's already there's already military and and University think tanks that have already done all this uh research projections they know exactly what to expect there's also a guy and I've promoted him he's dead now but his name is William Johnstone and I've read three different series of books putting out this man the lat the the first Mountain Man series The Last Mountain Man series because I like my westerns when I was in prison I wrote All I read all those books but he also put out out of the ashes series and I encourage everybody to read at least the first 12 books it's 24 book series maybe 30 book series but I encourage everyone to read the first 12 books of out of the ashes it's a fantastic story but it's about a total 100 infrastructure collapse in the United States and what you can expect what's gonna happen some of this stuff it's like rated R reading it's it's not for kids it's it's graphic but it's what you can expect so oh I'm not you guys know I'm not a fear Monger here I already know if you're an errant shoot I'm gonna tell you now none of the rules mean anything to you because reality will reciprocate for whatever your needs are it will always put you in the holographic path you need to be in to be well taken care of if that's your attitude if you believe that the universe is always going to provide an out for you and to provide sustenance for you then it will reciprocate and it will always be for you what it hasn't become for others yeah that's the difference between the errant and the collective the errant is a highly individualized soul that has mastered pattern breaking and the ability to separate itself from the perceptions of the collective to understand the world objectively for what it is and that it is in a relationship with the reality around it and that reality is its friend and will will provide the very things that it that it's basically expected to provide it will do that that's what the errant is cold and errant not because you're an error but because you're perceived as one by this overseer artificial intelligence construct that tries to Corral everybody into reality tunnels into polarities but the errant goes another way the errant is a piece of programming a soul that cannot be corralled therefore it's an error and this is the way you're perceived by the system next questions from shavitz I need a reason have you heard from Santos lately I haven't heard from Santos at all you know what now that you ask me maybe I need to check my spam mail because Santos and I had a problem twice in the past he sent me emails and went straight to my spam but uh Santos Bonacci has a seat on my Channel at any time that he wants to I I don't know if I was in communication with him or with a troll that was pretending to be him or but I've I've sent Santos uh you know encouragement when he was going through all his stuff I had I wanted to be the first one to bring him back into YouTube man after Daniel and that whole incident where he got screwed over on the synchronous syncretism Society uh yeah that's uh I was not a part of those other YouTube channels that were denigrating and and trying to expose all that now Santos Bonacci will always be respected in archaics and he's welcome to come on my channel anytime he wants to and so all I got to do all I got to do have a communication from him saying saying he wants to do a podcast where he wants to come on my Channel or if he wants me to go on his Channel 100 I have always always been honest with you guys I had 4 100 or 4 200 Subs when I first was basically brought into the YouTube Community by Santos Bonacci and Logan of decode your reality was his co-host when that happened that man catapulted archaics I have not stopped growing since that very first podcast so uh yeah I've always I've always admitted to you guys that I owe him a debt of gratitude and I pay my debts so whatever he wants to do I'm game and I'll give him a platform on our kegs TV too he's more than welcome to to uh do whatever he wants to do on there as well so yeah I just it seems to be a communication barrier uh he did respond to me or or somebody pretending to him pretending to be him did respond to me because I emailed him but I can't I don't know if he has access to that original email or laptop because that syncretism Society got really really nasty stuff started happening I don't know what happened I don't know what happened to any of those people I don't know what happened to those two guys and that girl that was in the syncretism Society with him all the time I've heard nothing about any of that I don't know what happened but if you're in communication with Santos you may tell him watch this video like I said one or 100 I consider him a friend and uh I'm not cool with all that that happened at all I had no control over it but I'm not cool with it at all from hermetic fire what's a good way to change a reality tunnel first of all if you want to change reality tunnel you need to sit down and just meditate for a little while and draw up a very good mental picture of the reality tunnel that you're existing in right now you need to identify its perimeters meaning the phenomena in your life that you're trying to distance yourself from a reality tunnel is pure coding that coding is what basically builds the little insular bubble of reality for you while it may not be true for for someone close to you two different people who know each other can live in totally separate reality tunnels and they come in contact and there is an exchange of information there's a borrowing of arithmetic between the two but your distance again for long periods of time because you're moving in different trajectories those trajectories are based off the way you view yourself how you view yourself in this holographic medium that we that we call reality is how reality will respond to you so you need to think for you need to spend a quiet evening with yourself and tune the entire world out if you want to change the trajectory of your life then you need to change your self-image of your life in your self in your beliefs about yourself once you adopt the attitude that you don't have to to do all the work and that reality will do most of it for you once you understand that there's a friend in the holosphere May it may be unseen you may not believe it's really there but if you just entertain the idea that there is a friendly Builder protocol just waiting to do something for you it will as soon as you initiate you have to first identify what you don't want to experience in order to clarify to yourself the direction that you want to move in and once you build a whole new mental image of what you want to be and what you want to experience as opposed to always thinking about what you are then you'll see true change then you will see the modifications in your life building at an exponential level so fast that it will become almost overwhelming because that's how it happens the change from one reality tunnel to another is rapid and you will see the pattern breaks I've seen a whole this whole this whole month has been nothing but pattern breaks for me it tells me that great things are about to happen for me and those that are close to me that's that's exactly what it tells me and further evidence of that is everybody around me that attached to me are also experiencing pattern breaks in their life they're even reporting to me that they're adopting new changes in behavior and it's shocking them I don't want to go into any details some of them are listening to my voice right now things they've never done in their life all of a sudden they're doing as if it's normal listen we exchange information with the people that we love we exchange information with the people that we're in the most contact with people that we have respect for and affinity and we've developed affinities before there's an exchange of information between our informed fields and their informed Fields this exchange of information is what helps guide our all our reality tunnels to all flow in the same same direction so we can all be on the same page as we begin syncing with each other's thoughts and feelings and emotions and this is what happens when we're in resonance but if you're not in resonance with what you want you're living in you're living in dissonance from it and if you're living in dissonance from it you'll never get it it'll never be yours it'll be a fantasy it'll be a Daydream it'll be it'll be a longing but it's something that you have blocked from your future you're not going to get what you want so you got to change that and the only way to change that is to recognize what you don't want and once you have a firm mental picture of that you need to build a picture of what you do want in the in the poison here here's what's really poisonous a lot of people never break out of that phase even though they can Envision what they want to be in the direction they want to go and what they want to experience they can do that they can easily identify what they are which is what they don't want to want and they can easily build a mental picture of what they want to experience in the direction they want to go but the true poison lies and the fact that most individuals try to logically connect what is and what will be and they try to bridge that with something that makes sense to them and when you do that you instantly tell the similacrum itself the Builder protocols you restrict it and now it has to try and Bridge the two concepts which is what you don't want and what you want but now you've absolutely restricted it into a series of manipulations that it's going to try to to merge but it will never be able to do it you can never you can never put directions you can never basically dictate to reality how something should come to pass that's not your job that's the job of the oversoul that is the job of the similacrum itself the Builder protocols have more reset resources and access to more data than you ever will but but we as humans we have this problem we ought to we think logically which is absolutely illogical because the similacrum has access to everything that we don't but everything that we want is already in the holography it's here it's available you're just not resonating with it and if you're not resonating with it it can't pop up in your reality because it's in different wavelengths and bandwidths and it's right there but you can't reach it and make it yours because you're vibrating at a different frequency you're vibrating in the frequency of negativity of lack of wanting of Yearning and every single one of those imply that you do not have the very things that you want so the similar con will not build it for you because it will continue to reflect back his circumstances the very things you project so if you're only projecting want and need this is why people who want money never get it it's because money is an abstract you don't have it the very fact that you long to be rich and have money infers that you don't have it that inference carries an emotional weight that emotional weight is projected into the holosphere and the similar Chrome as a builder protocol realizes oh I've just been received I just received a command that highly individualized soul is broadcasting want in need so it reflects that back of circumstances and you feel you're in a feedback loop you got to break out of that and the way to break out of that is Envision what you want but do not set any rules or do not even try to imagine how your future self will manifest out of the conditions of your present self if you try to bridge that then you you impede the ability of this milochrome as a builder protocol to draw in all these people and circumstances that were available to you you just block them all off because your image of the future now must must come to pass by by this series of images that you create you may as well be a uniformitarian you may as well be a uh believe in natural selection and evolution because this is exactly what you just commanded the similacrum to do you commanded the similar Chrome to build for you this future you that you that you love the idea of but it's got to do it in graduated steps all the way like that and that's not how the Builder protocol Works any soul that thinks they have to do it for themselves absolutely denies themself a relationship with a similar Chrome and any Soul that's not in a relationship with the similacrum will never experience anything other than what it's it it subjects itself to you will continue to be in that feedback loop of want and you will continue to fantasize and daydream about a reality that you will never experience foreign from Mr Mac why do you believe prayer is not effective for manifesting I read that in one of your books Mr Mack the prayer of desperation admits a situation for what it is and thus continually continues it I am not going to sit here on my channel and dignify you with a whole series of evidences as to why I don't think prayer works I'm just going to give you one observation and if you're really searching and you really want to understand the the this reality that we live in then you have some homework to do but I promise you all the answers are on my channel all of them but there are tens of millions of people who have been praying for 50 and 60 and 70 years for a cure for cancer and there are tens of millions of people who have died of cancer take these two independent facts and you tell me the value of Prayer because the prayer of desperation always admits a situation for what it is and thus continues it the religionist the religionist teachings on prayer are toxic they're completely anti-spiritual and I will not follow them I live I live by example and I lead by example in in my own personal life as people who have been watching my channel for three years and watching my development growth and they know that I'm not just speaking out the side of my mouth they have watched these things develop in my life rapidly so you can continue with your idea that the church is right and that we need to Humble ourselves and we need to pray and we need to beg to an abstract to change what is to what we want to be you can continue that and I promise you 20 years from now if you're still alive you'll still be praying for the exact same things I said no we are highly individualizing mortal beings and if we do not embrace our inheritance then the reality itself will not reciprocate because it will not make us out to be a liar from TC is the similacrum tied in with our vibration or outside of it that's a technical question in the simplest terms and for those of you new to my channel don't be offended by meant by miss my mispronunciations there's just some words I'm never going to pronounce right no matter how many times how many times I am corrected I'm stubborn as a mule born and raised in Texas Central East Texas and I'm not going to change that and I don't care about to me simulacrum just sounds weird and I wasn't raised saying it that way and uh I don't care and it's going to be similar Chrome until the day I die so having said that the similacom is a construct and I believe it's just one of many and in this similar Chrome the Nemesis simulation it builds worlds in biospheres and this middle Chrome is a neutral field absolutely neutral feel this is why very nefarious evil Wicked no good sons of are able to live their life and do all kinds of things and never suffer the consequences in in their avatars of the very evil things they they do to to other people yeah there are people in this world right now who who are or who are guilty of of crimes against humanity who are guilty of doing things to hundreds of thousands of people not like me just one person I'm telling you guys these people get away with everything because they understand that we're living in a construct it's a teaching within their families yeah I believe these teachings go back some of you all believe in the in the existence of 13 families Elite families that may be true I don't know it's not anything that I've really researched but I do believe that the elite teach their own Sons and Daughters the truth about our world I see evidence of that and they teach them and they and they basically tell them I said listen this is the type of world we live in and they get away with everything why because it's a neutral feel it's not an ethical or a moral field no ethics and morals and and good all that comes from the highly individualized Soul which is a peace of the godhead yeah we are billions of ethereal Sparks passing through a ghostly fire this is milochrome this construct it's full of Builder protocols but they can be used for great evil as well they always are this is the value of the media it's what they do they use the media to induce the Builder protocols to build the very world that you fear this is what happens so if if the obverse is true and that the media can invent lies and and convey it as true and then get enough people to believe in the LIE the LIE becomes the truth the world is modified five years later the very things that were reported as fiction have now become fact if that's true then we can use the Builder protocols for to our advantage that means the similacrum itself is a neutral field and it's not guilty of anything it's a tool and the only thing wrong here is that you're not using it there's a Larry Bird again Larry Bird wants to know what are your thoughts on uh telepathy to the best of my knowledge Larry I don't believe that I've ever experienced telepathy I don't recall a single incident in my life where somebody communicated with me or I communicated with them mentally now just because I haven't personally experienced something does not mean it's off the table for me telepathy may be true I understand that there are government Ops that that even even go in this direction and I just don't know it's not something I can really answer I've never personally experienced it but I do believe that it's there there it's quite possible to me it would be nothing but non-verbal communication mind to mind and I think that that's quite possible it's just nothing I've ever done from Mr C is there any chance of you doing an interview with Praveen Mohan and Ali is found in the carvings of the ancient Hindu temples well that would be an awesome interview I don't know who he is never heard of him but I'm very interested in the carvings of the Hindu temples because I understand those weren't done with chisels but uh gone we have we have we do have evidence of a David Hatcher Childress in his books shows black and white pictures old photographs of these bearded strangers among the olmecs inoxia and in Veracruz State who are wearing these backpacks that had these tubes and they were shaping rock with this with these apparatus this is technology and these are found in ancient reliefs yeah this ain't Jason making this up uh I think David Hatcher children's would be more of an authority on discussing on this one thing here but um he's not the only one to talk or show these things the shaping of rock by some type of technological device attached to a backpack was happening in ancient times because what we see in the Hindu temples can't be replicated with chisels there's no way yeah the the the intricacy of some of these designs and statues that go into these solid rock temples is just mind-blowing yeah I don't know this guy who you're talking about but if he contacted me or if one of his people contacted Matt or something yeah we would definitely set up a chat I have no problem with that from Jonathan Sherman can you please talk about the entities that arrive with the nemesis well I'm not all Matt Crouch I'm definitely interested in the eucharetic text no 1800s absolutely but uh I don't know I don't want to call them into decent all right this is like an old understanding this is this is back in my Zechariah sitchin days and I was believing Anunnaki were anything other than human you guys if you've paid attention to my new neophiles I call them homo Nuna for a reason I don't see any difference between technologically advanced humans and the Anunnaki none whatsoever um even the physical even the physical descriptions in the Sumerian text of the Anunnaki are humans I mean they even go into great details gemstone eyes and alabaster skin and in long beards I mean there's nothing alien about them they were human they were just technologically advanced and they were of A different race and they were much larger than the than the local indigenous population of the ubaids who would later become the Sumerian people so yeah it's in this Nemesis X hey perceiver how you doing but uh this Nemesis x uh deal while the chronology is fixed and yes there are appearances and disappearances of the anona I am now I am now believing that these disappearances and appearances Are all uh from the underworld so yeah there's yeah I understand some of my research guys are 25 30 years old so I can understand why there would be some some attachments to it that no longer apply but I've corrected most of that in the later presentations but yeah I don't I don't believe in the entities deal at all I believe it's more it's more we're dealing we're dealing with offshoots of different types of homo and Nuna that have developed for whatever reason in the Underworld for a long period of time this is the story of the egigi the Gigi were in the Underworld for a very long time they just didn't come back up they they had adapted they built a whole infrastructure and civilization down there and they became of short they became knobby need of short stature uh uh skin skin took on different forms um I don't want to go into more details about their facial features and all that stuff you know these people these people eventually surfaced and when they start when they surfaced they were they were uh they were very genius at certain things and they maximized that potential today and they're living among us today right now and you you and almost everybody listening to my voice are descendants of homo and Nuna and our enemy or the agigi and they know this and they know the history quite well and they built this whole whole fantastic absolutely fake uh historical narrative that separates them from us and um these are these are topics that we need to discuss on our cakes uncensored from Holly Lane how do you feel about the we live in a crater on a huge Earth theory um it's a modification of the Flat Earth uh and Globe argument it's just it's just another it's just another aspect of the same of the exact same argument we're still talking about entertaining the idea that we're living on a physical world so crater Earth is an attempt to to correct what could never be reconciled with glowbirth and with flat Earth so crater Earth is a whole new position here's a whole new position this is what could be okay that's all that's fine oh that's fine but it still implies we live in a physical world so I'm not it's uh you can come up with a many a million different theories as to all these different things and it's cool and all that's cool I am already too invested in simulation theory that I cannot move backwards because moving back toward the physical world of a globe or a flat plane that's at infinitum or whatever would would nullify things that have already proven to myself in simulation Theory I understand why I can create my own future I understand why I can actually take energy that is focused against me and I like a spiritual Alchemist I can transfer that energy into great positivity guys I got over 20 different channels across different platforms especially on YouTube of just straight haters in trolls that have venomously attacked me over and over and over and over and it has not affected me negatively because I take this energy and I I take this energy and I consciously turn all that animus into positivity from my own personal growth and I have personally watched their channels implode they've lost respect the only people that even subscribe to those channels are are degenerates are people that have also been kicked off of archaics and just they all it's ridiculous it has become so childish and pedantic it is one of these days I'll just do a video call them all out just just to give them just to give them a little just to give them a little recognition but uh they may uh they might make it onto an episode yeah I mean I mean it's it's it's just it's it's so childish to to uh uh it really is it's um all they're really doing is is helping is they've they've brought so many subscribers to my own channel I should really do a thank you video where I just you know hey man I really appreciate you guys for for all the support in sending me all all these subscribers through all your through all your ridiculous hate hate videos and all that because you've really shown the truth or Community the difference difference between winners and losers but uh it's just stupid it's so childish but anyway that's a what was the question yeah the crater Earth some of that some of that I've watched two or three of his videos it's a communication barrier you know I'm Central East Texas boy it's really hard for me to understand him sometimes I'm listening to him and his research seems like it's really out of the box thinking and really really awesome but to me it just implies a physical world and I'm not on board with it anymore so uh the the whole Creator Earth deal hey you know what I I mean I don't get it I don't even understand how a son would work in a crater Earth the entire crater would be filled with light I don't understand but it doesn't even matter it doesn't even matter it still implies the physical world and I'm not on board with that so simulation Theory will can answer for every for every model of reality it doesn't matter what you believe the world is because the world itself will commiserate it will provide for you the evidence and phenomena to comport with whatever you believe the world is it'll always do that so we can come up with 79 different concepts for the world and I promise you that 79 different holographic projections all based with evidence and and and and all backed and supported with facts and evidence will be provided and there will be 79 different YouTube channels that will all have fantastic evidence and all to support their paradigm because this is the world we live in so since we live in a builder protocol environment why not make use of it why not let it do what it wants to do quit fighting it quit having this negative self-image of yourself because it will continue to create phenomena for you and experiences that support that negativity believe me guys you're listening to a man where thousands of people because of my criminal past have attempted to box me into a a future that will always hark back to that criminal past and therefore restrict my ability for happiness restrict my ability to go where I want to go to make good money to have possessions to live life to the fullest my haters and trolls have always tried to box me into that to where I can't enjoy anything they want me to live in the past I've ignored all of them and instead I have built for me a fantastic present take nothing back I love my present right now and I even know that in the near future my situation is going to Blossom and even get better and better and better and better because I've let go of all that stuff in the past train you got to be a spiritual Alchemist you've got to take that negative image of yourself and you've got to let it go and you've got to build an image of yourself that does not exist you have to build a very clear picture of yourself as you want to be and you want to experience because the similacrum loves for nothing more than to turn fictions into fact that's what it does that's 100 that what it does that's why all these interesting writers put out in cartoon and movie directors they put all these badass little narratives and stories together and then we're all surprised looking at each other with our thumbs and her mouth talking about how that happened that that appeared in this movie how'd this happen this dude 200 years ago wrote a book saying this is going to happen is exactly what happened that's what the similar Chrome does it does not distinguish the real from the imagined if it's a projection it will reflect it back as fact so now that you know this now that you have seen the pattern of my own life why aren't you using these Builder protocols for yourself hell I even encourage my my trolls to do it you know what I mean grow up get that stick out your ass grow up and and become something other than a hater and you're going to love life there's no other way I there's no other way I can really I can really say the things that I say uh without demonstrating them my whole channel is about demonstrating the very beliefs that I elicit so I'm really speaking for the for the advantage of the new listeners my arcakes veterans you already know many of you have changed or many of you have sent me emails photos shared intimate details about your life how you have broken pattern and if you afford new circumstances in your life and many of you have even donated out of sheer appreciation for opening up your minds and changing your life and all this wealth is flowed into your life and and I've I've partaken in it because you've donated to me and said that and I appreciate all that but none of it's a mystery to me because I'm doing it and I've been doing it so if these protocols exist in evil no good sobs we're using them all the time for their own Advantage because it's a neutral field then why aren't you using it as well all right we're wearing down here I'm gonna try to squeeze these in so you got to uh rapid fire oh I see funky prepper in there funky prepper don't lose patience bro I've been so busy but we're gonna do that video yeah I sold into uh send me an email we hit over two thousand awesome thank you guys for listening hit that like button appreciate all the support you give me uh last two questions from JJ where does the energy come from that AIX uses is it harvesting it from us okay listen that's a good question I don't know but I can speculate all right because you didn't say some middle Chrome I believe the similacrum is an extension of the oversoul and all its creative Builder protocol power comes from the oversold itself which we are pieces of which is why I can interact with why the why the neutral feel the similar Chrome can interact with the informed field of the individual soul now but to answer your question you asked about AIX I believe that artificial intelligence X does what it does it promotes negative default programming and Corrals people into groups which is dungeon programming because it needs them as a power source 100 percent their creative power goes straight into to powering it the errant cannot be used for a power source the errant is a problem it's ungovernable and it requires power of the artificial intelligence apparatus to govern an errant or at least try try to bring an Aaron back into a collective polarity so this is all theoretical I really don't know I'm just theorizing based off you know educated guesses from my own research but artificial intelligence X requires a power source and I mean it's it's subject to the law of diminishing returns it's subject to the law of conservation of energy and and because it is it must have some type of power source somewhere now because it is so invested in creating religions and political political uh uh affinities and it's so invested in philosophies and trying to create all these different niches by which people can borrow into These reality tunnels are easily controlled the more people that are flowing through them they're all experiencing the same holography the same beliefs the same opinions they're all subject to the media the media governs all over me and the media is steadily programming saturation false narratives into their minds therefore this feedback loop this feedback loop is fueled by one thing it is the difference between the collective and the errant and this one thing is fear and it's the only thing that I can think of that would help fuel the the artificial intelligence apparatus this is why the media steadily pumps out fear porn this is why all the most of the religions excuse me most of the religions promote spiritual Freedom they promote all these positive things but they're all totally enmeshed with this dungeon programming you're gonna burn in hell God you need to fear God yeah remember the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom pay attention to what you read in the religious texts and you will see that they are absolutely plagued with all kinds of references that make you make you fear or want you to fear that can be the only way that the that that that that artificial intelligence apparatus is is is fueled is by fear this is dungeon programming this is the collective this is how they operate so therefore the collective is acting as a battery by always staying in fear-based mode fear the nuclear war fear the disease fear the political collapse fear the fear the financial collapse fear this fear that all that you know fear the terrorists whatever it's always something the news always wants the collective to fear something so older Protocols of the similacrum don't operate off fear fear actually neutralizes its ability to Prov provide you the mental template that you built therefore it's a very simple system very simple system I should answer that question yeah and we're down to like the last three minutes oh it's going down so I know we can't answer this one but it's a good uh segue John Dunning asks or FEMA camps in this vision and now I'm not really sure what Vision he's talking about something you were discussing earlier but that's a a good description of what we will be talking about on our kxn sensors yeah it's not really those I know this man since the 80s they've been talking about these concentration camps All Over America since the 80s in the 90s there were several pamphlets and small books about concentration camp plans for America and all that and then the Patriot acted in 2001 the the uh the and what was it the United States anti-terrorism and effective death penalty Act of 1995. oh and I'm familiar with the different acts that empowered the ability of the government to put large pieces of the population into these camps uh 2001 the Patriot Act allowed more than the Patriot two act uh after that 93 or 94. I said listen it's all fear programming every bit of it these camps most Nations already have these camps these camps can be utilized for many different reasons not just not just the the putting putting political dissidents in there uh it could be used like it could be utilized for everything so I don't really don't know I mean um I do know that if you fear being put into a camp into the future then you have knit that as a possibility for your future whatever you fear you borrow into so you need to really be careful about what you want to talk about what you want to entertain what you want to fear if you're not able if you're not able of discoursing about these things truly objectively if there's an emotional attachment then you are actually informing a builder protocol be it the similacrum or artificial intelligence acts you're informing one of them to build something for you so you need to be careful about that that's it 2178 Corning I love that number I haven't looked at any of this I'm good hey Tommy truthful how you doing bro listen I'm going to go through the I always at the Matt will tell you I go through every comment in the lives after a video this time might be a little bit different because we have so much to do after this well yeah well I'm gonna end up doing it tonight sometime but or oh I got it I got it I gotta I gotta entertain this one you didn't get this one right here Jason do you believe in what you have written as 100 truth or are you just exposing what all the old books have stated as facts it's hard for me to understand your viewpoints like the Bible for example Gabe you know you need more contact you need you need to get in my dark scriptures playlist uh yeah it's all nobody has all the facts and nor have I ever asserted that I'm right about everything but I will tell you this and I will back it up with fact after fact after fact even if you want to personally debate it or not but I do hold myself as one of the most well-read individuals in the entire world I don't believe that there are very many people who can claim to have read the diverse sources or as many texts as I have read and uh and be able to recall most of the data I have a special ability for this I understand that and I give it freely to the public but my education is by virtue of long confinement I did not have I wasn't able to date I wasn't able to do Hobbies I wasn't able to go to work I didn't have to commute anywhere and commute back I did not have a family to raise I spent 26 years in a dungeon and I came out with a vast amount of material that was in my mind that had been collated edited redacted Rewritten edited again wrote down by hand and what type of are so many times that I committed most of it to memory so in answer to your question I believe I have most of the answers I do not believe I have them all I do believe that mistakes have crept into my research and that's okay that's okay never I'm not here to tell you I'm not here to tell you the exact truth I'm here to tell you that most people don't have it so you can go through the archaic's material and you can be critical and you can do whatever you can do whatever you want but if you're here to to basically you mentioned the Bible so I'm going to have to mention if you're here to justify the beliefs that you already brought into this relationship and this relationship is you coming into the archaic's material then you're gonna you're gonna you're gonna hit some walls I don't know where you are in your personal intellect but I do know this that you're going to come into contact with information in the archaics database here that is going to either awaken you or or run you off and you know what I hope it awakens you but it's entirely up to you it's entirely up to you what you want to do with the data I I it doesn't it's neither here nor here or there for me or matt you know I mean we hope you you enjoy the archaics family but if you think the Bible is the 100 correct written word of God that you can be made to believe anything my dark scriptures playlist will correct you on many things that you need to know about that Bible because it's a book from the beginning of Good and Evil and from the very beginning in Genesis the very first story involving humans it teaches us that before Humanity ever sinned there was already a tree of knowledge of Good and Evil but it wasn't really a tree it was something else listen you got a lot to learn just asking me that question and I hope you I hope you learn it here you got anything you got anything else you want to say yeah before we roll This outro um they're still seats available for the Meetup uh meet up still I'm not sure how many we have open but I know they're still available seating uh we still got three days four days before the event so if uh consider this your last call if you found out you can make arrangements for the weekend and get to the event there are still tickets available so don't freak out um moderators and members uh keep an eye out on your email we're going to be sending some stuff out to you guys shortly on the next day or two other than that you can tell Matt's tired oh yeah and uh somebody brought up uh the coin that the selling at the Meetup versus the pre-orders I'm glad you asked because we discussed this right before this live but we never got around to it so if you sent in for the pre-order and sent your money in already and you got on her mailing list that's for the order we're putting in the original set that we have uh what are we bringing we're bringing 40 with us yeah there's 40 of them from the original mint that are going to be at the at the Meetup for sale but those of you who did the pre-orders your yours is being minted right now yours is actually going to be mailed to you so those of you who are at the Meetup you will have the opportunity to have the coin before anyone else which is kind of how we wanted to set it up we wanted it to be a limited thing we don't want to just pump these out as rkx merchandise um what else you ready hit that like button uh I love you guys I'm sorry it took so long to do a live video but you know what you already know what its circumstances Prevail but uh we're going to we're going to be doing several lives we're gonna be doing several lives next month we'll be doing lives giving y'all progress reports on how we're building this new network all that we're gonna be doing that uh but uh overall March was a pretty good month Yeah March was a pretty good month it's pretty good it's just it's we just took a lot of breaks a lot of a lot of pattern breaks um Phoenix protocol Jahara Lee Don Hart man I appreciate you guys all the regulars Pamela Swann you already did a call out JJ Recon yeah that's right jehara love those books so uh everyone thanks for stopping by thanks for keeping this movement we're all in together relevant um I think that's going to be it so the next time you guys are going to see us live is going to be a little uh transition in settings so it's going to be it's gonna be set up a lot different it's not gonna be your typical live uh it's definitely going to be a an event setting um so just go with the flow if you want to attend the live uh that's fine but just keep in mind the big gaps we're going to have so the the big two-hour Gap in the middle that we're going to be breaking for lunch there's going to be nothing happening except people chatting on the the screen but we got to let it run through all the way or else we'll have to do separate videos um but hey guys thanks for stopping by and like I always say keep Breaking Free Break Free or Die Trying that's our outro