Civil War: Psyop or Real...Examining the Staged Photo Phenomenon

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Streamed live on May 13, 2023

"We have acquired an old book on Civil War pictures and found a real problem. Jason and Matt have been doing an examination of what are purported to be actual Civil War photographs. Maybe you can help us understand what we have found. LOTS of updates and news to give you guys today."

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what's up everybody live again rkx kicking it off after Jason and John's uh road trip yeah man I know if you're watching this now you uh saw the pictures in the videos from that and uh Jason well you just got back like three hours ago right yeah and then we headed straight to town straight to town bought envelopes ran into traffic went to the post office and picked up a lot of stuff we're fixing to show you all today oh yeah let's do the audio check everybody's saying audio is good so we don't have to do the check y'all anticipated us thank you I want to thank those moderators for being in there yeah I got a I gotta set my my screen up all right I could probably do it before the live starts but I'm always worried that I'm gonna interrupt the live feed if I do it all right oh I have some news you don't know oh really I haven't met I have not I have not had time to sit down and brief Matt on on things going on and he was just now telling me about some things that's been going on here on his end uh you know we're involved in a lot of projects one of those things is uh Martin lidke you know what I've talked to him so much now and anyway he's coming to Texas he's he's probably in Flight right now but uh he's coming to Texas and he will be sitting in the archaic Studio but uh you guys know Martin Leakey someone says it looks blurry is it is it blurry looks looks clear on my mind how's that picture guys mine looks clear Matt's looks good Matt's looks clear could be YouTube servers it might not might not be us looks good everybody says looks good it's clear fine good all right so if you read the description you're tracking um right here off camera we got a 40 pound 40. this thing weighs like 35 40 pound box of coins oh my God so you guys you guys know what the the coins look like from the the trailer from the video but that's just one bag all right here's this is just one bag in the box these are the archaic challenge coins some fell out of this one here these right here you guys know we made a fantastic awesome coin our case challenge coin they sold out at the Meetup so we did the pre-orders the pre-orders just came in we will be mailing these out we got we went and bought three boxes of these not bags we went and bought three boxes of these mailers we'll be mailing them all out tomorrow package them up tonight we got our work cut out for us but there's so so many people after the 150 coin cut off there were so many people disappointed because we didn't we don't we can't sell more than we have but we did lock in an agreement with the company that we're going to be getting priority shipping now it's all this was our second order and it was a large order so we're putting in another order for 150 tomorrow even though people haven't ordered them yet you know we already know they're going to sell so we're gonna go ahead and order them tomorrow and have them on the way and we've already started pre-orders you can see the in the description box you can see all the details if you want one or two or three you want to give them away like some people are uh we got them in and we had a few people by four so yeah we're cutting it off at 150. um yeah that box is heavy so in the description you see where to send the money to um if you have issues with PayPal I know some of you do we can work out other arrangements but we prefer to keep it all in one Revenue stream through PayPal because again we're not a corporation we are a very small operation so seeing those purchases under one platform is a lot easier to track because previously prior to this Jason's been accepting payments on multiple different platforms Zell cash app PayPal buy me a coffee and it is a pain in the to go through every one of those and find all the orders and get them all so make sure you check up the description box send all payments to the PayPal dot me slash or kxdata and make sure when you're your purchase you put in there make sure your email is in there in case we need 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many coins so if you send a two hundred dollars and you want three coins put on their three coins for us it just helps out a lot makes it easier on us um because we do go win this personally and write down all your names put them in a file print them all up tape them to an envelope um anyway uh I think that's all I had to run my mouth on oh you did a good job my voice is a little shot today I am exhausted um that's all right I got enough energy for both of us let's do it yeah John and I had a fantastic time uh even getting lost you know it doesn't matter it's it's a we had a great we had a great time went to New Mexico visited an antique stock antique shop Unfortunately they knew they knew what their books were worth but then we went to like an estate sale or a whole storage where a guy set aside literally a thousand and something books and John and I were a lot were allowed to cherry pick and go through all the boxes which took several hours Mitchell came back with 140 bucks right well we came back with 141 books from 1803 to 1921. great books many of them are many of them are are our whole anthologies great look at this this came in today now the books the books in the other Library you know we have this Library here which is about to get a lot bigger I'm about to show you you know also the library in my small studio is getting bigger I brought a lot of books from the book tree that I need to do videos on books that I've told you guys about um but I have a new studio I have a third studio now and it's nothing but all the books from the 1800s one book from the 1600s but all the books from the 1800s up to about 1920 and uh maybe some 1930s and 40s in there but but or mostly it's just 1800s it's massive it is the biggest library we have it's bigger than the one back here it's huge because it's fantastic here is my third book it came in the mail today third book about 1902 in the disasters that occurred in that year in the specifics so now that I have three books on the year 1902 published in late 1902 all three books because they were trying to get this information out as fast as possible back when that happened by 1903 and 1904 these events were basically basically already was they were just watered down white washed whatever but I have three books I'll be doing a video of my findings I'll be doing a comparative analysis of all three books and I will compare them to an actual newspaper where the front page is about the May disasters of volcanoes at two different locations in 1902. so uh and some other interesting things about 1902 so I thank you for this donation thank you for this book I do believe that this came from Casey thank you Casey I'm looking I'm looking forward to getting into those books also uh you remember back when we talked about Antarctica a few lives ago um it just came up in the conversation and I told people that I'm really not qualified because I've never been there and I really don't know what the mystery is because I have there's no there's it's never mentioned it right and we we discussed that a lot of the old Maps the more specifically the 1587 or Bono Monty map shows no ice ah lee educate me brother because I know the finance the Phineas map it's the 1587 Urbana Monty map didn't even know about that map it shows a ring around the known continents of fertile land not ice trees growing Urbano oh my God 1587. wow laurenti's Phineas map in the Pirie reach map both showed South America Antarctica and they show an ice free Antarctica like I was explaining in my video the other day when John and I were in the van uh Urbano or mono Monty Monte okay we're going to look into that 1587. okay I'm definitely going to look that look into that I can bring it up right now well right now well right now I'm gonna go into something else so somebody somebody was paying attention what's up no I was gonna say yeah let's not miss out on this somebody was paying attention about my my admission of ignorance about Antarctica all I know about Antarctica is what these two maps show that it was Ice free and that even the altitudes on one of the maps that shows the altitudes of the mountains in the U.S military and the U.S Geological Survey have confirmed that the ma that the maps that the rivers tributaries mountain ranges topographical features that are on those maps are absolutely accurate so somebody was paying attention who used to be get this this guy in 1973 and 74 when I was born 1973 he was a part of the Naval mobile construction Battalion 71 U.S Navy he was a part of operation deep freeze and he took these pictures he wanted me to see him and actually sent me the projector by which I can I can look at these pictures so I haven't read his letter I'm going to respect his privacy I don't know I haven't been through it I just got home I just started looking at all everything we had at the post office we had some boxes stacked up so I'm looking at this and uh I'm gonna go through this material and see and and see what I find and I do a pre if you're listening I deeply appreciate it thank you that's what our cakes is all about because you guys know I'm not stingy if I find something worthy of value I'm going I'm going to share it speaking of finding something of value right into this book this book yeah well we got to share this okay oh no he came over a couple hours ago and showed me this and we went we went on like a researching rant like I showed him this book on the Civil War the Civil War in pictures and it started something he and I both got on Google and started looking at stuff and just wait we're going to talk about it just wait no cough drops really who is this she drew a phoenix oh she got Phoenix stationary I figured that would have been from uh Crow rising from Saul he would he would sense based on his comments at the Meetup she was at the Meetup look there it is oh man so these packages that he's showing you uh we literally just opened up these boxes five minutes before the live started so we we haven't read all of the letters yet but we will as soon as this is over we just ran out of time had to get in here because we told you guys five o'clock didn't want to be late yeah so I'm definitely gonna look into this thank you you did not sign this letter I don't know who you are so I have to look through your other stuff to determine well but I appreciate I appreciate you sending that and I'm gonna tell you guys now cough drops is just a joke she actually sent a box full of all kinds of stuff we just left it out there not gonna not gonna go through all that yeah so I know it wouldn't you I was just saying that's based on some of your comments like that's that's something that you'd probably do he made a comment on our last live oh Jason's not coughing yet and I'm like dude don't jinx it this is from Triana she sent that Phoenix plaque but we didn't bring that in here because it's so fragile yeah and it's big too we can't really set it up and yeah we'll show that on another video but thank you for that Phoenix plaque it's awesome it's beautiful but we can tell how fragile it is too we'll have to set that up somewhere they're sending so much good stuff like we're going to need like an archaics um like antique Library we're gonna need to like put all the plaques and Gifts everybody sends you see the last name I noticed that as soon as I what Atlanta Johnstone Johnstone oh we're about to talk about a Johnstone but look Atlanta John Stone thank you from Nevada I just passed through Nevada oh there's a picture of us for the Meetup there we are there you are and listen it's crazy how things just work out I did spend quite a bit of money on that trip and yes a lot quite a bit of money was donated but he covered all those books gas hotels and I get carried away when I'm able to when I'm able to get me these things so I went out to book tree and I bought a whole lot more stuff than than I anticipated so it's really nice to come back home and find a 300 donation you know that's going to cover a lot of the postage on these coins we're sending out in the morning I really appreciate that I know you're not wearing your hat because it's too hot in here today but where is it right there hand me that feather hand me your hat oh my God she donated a feather too but I don't know what bird this came from look I'm real sensitive about my hat man I almost let everybody touch my hat dude oh you don't have a loose brim on here we can't put it on there no there's no band whoa that would have looked really slick yeah I don't know but that looks good all right we got we got different fashion senses speaking of a John Stone I'm kicking it in San Diego and a guy I met last time I went to the book Tree in San Diego Eric uh who's done a lot of work on the box Saga and he and I will be doing a video on the box Saga it's very interesting but uh he met us he gave me a very sizable donation and he met us uh like outside of Anaheim and he said hey man you really inspired me by some of your videos in the past when you were talking about if you want to know what a post-reset world is like if you want to know what the United States is going to be like after the Phoenix phenomenon in in May of 2040 you've got to read this series of books now I said it was a 24 book series because it was to me in prison they only allowed 24 of the books in but it's a 36 book series just like the Phoenix the name of the series is called out of the ashes by William Johnstone one of my favorite authors this man at a coffee shop near Anaheim gave me all 36 books he says man I ordered them I read them he says you're absolutely right it's one of the best stories I've ever read it's fantastic I only brought five of them here to show you these are the books I read in prison I couldn't read I couldn't do anything I couldn't research I couldn't data mine I couldn't look at non-fiction once I started this I was glued glued to it it's that good we now have them we're going to put them on the shelves in here but we now have all 30 I have a box of 36 books they're fantastic I think uh they're fantastic I think I might give them a gander it's about the first this is the first one by the end of chapter 1 two-thirds of the world has already been nuked biological chemical nuclear whatever man it's just it's over he doesn't quite know what happened the main character all he knows is that he is former General Benjamin Reigns they call him Ben Reigns and by the end of chapter one he's received a mysterious phone call from a buddy who's still in the military and tells him a code word and he understands immediately basically it's over it's game over mad mutually assured destruction somebody did an attack there was a response now everybody's involved the entire world has basically destroyed itself and by chapter two hits the fan by chapter three he's already in survival mode by chapter four five and six he's he's traveling his area of the country the entire infrastructure has collapsed first 12 books are pretty pretty you guys know I like that word harrowing so and then uh they basically bring the infrastructure back in pieces but they have to use World War II technology so they raid the old old Air Force museums and army-based museums and and all the actual museums and they rate all these Depots and they go into these old uh US Army and and U.S naval uh underground storage areas where all these armaments are kept from World War II and uh they basically put all the stuff back together because they don't have computers they don't have anything but they can but they can re-initiate engineering yeah it's awesome what happens but yeah it's all the Gangland dictatorships and paramilitary forces in different areas different religions like the methodists the methodists come together and they start a cult they start a cult and they started and there's cannibals and there's a oh or everybody in the world thinks that that America's still doing fine so the Muslims in the in the in the Arabs in the Middle East and and all that they they they basically recommission all the cruise ships that they've taken and they invade on the East Coast huge Wars badass anyway that's not about subject matter I just wanted to share that I never thought I'd see those books again because in prison when you get a hold of good books and you've already read them they really have no value other than trading for other good books and that's what I did I lost track of those books but I was always you don't want to hold on to something you've already read not fiction so that's what happened so I'm almost done here sharing and then we're gonna get off into this presentation appreciate this book this is this was in the sent to us in the mail today Edgar gors the occult entities that watch over human Destiny I appreciate that we're gonna we're gonna look into that but I have some other books that go that go in tandem with this with this subject matter uh igrigors you may as well call them AIX artificial intelligence X thank you Renee for that donation and I know this is wood Ranger here what Ranger 138 wood Ranger 138 is he in the chat you know no I just he normally is I'm multitasking woodranger 138 if you're in the chat man thank you very much you normally are this is fantastic ancient times while a history of the early world Listen Matt will sit here and attest to it when I first pulled this book out the box the first I didn't see the title the first thing I saw was breasted as soon as I saw that name I'm telling my tail starts wagging Matt Matt that's James breasted that's James breasted and we open up the page and there it is James I forgot his middle name but 1916 James Henry breasted ancient times a history of the early world you can't man these are the books pre-World War II these are the books yeah stuff that's in this book you're not gonna find after World War II this they're telling you the business about about what was going on yeah man it's just fascinating stuff I love I love this this era look at that guy look at that guy because because it's a chicken coming right no this one's not this is a Hebrew this is this is a he oh an acquire his type type of face this is a this is an ancient Hebrew right here yeah the Hebrews adopt Canaanite civilization acquire hittite type of face mummy of rameses the second look man they don't want to show these right here because look what he looks like they they do show this on a lot of more modern research that they're trying to depict what he would look like full flesh yeah and it's ridiculous like you can you can't determine uh skin pigment or all you can determine is bone structure you don't know what his face actually this this was research back here this this is these guys it's so impressive going through these books and looking at these annotations looking at the bibliography and looking at the illustrations of what has been found it's just amazing anyway that's that's what I'm sharing I appreciate all those donations of books well funky Preppers in the house hey funky I'm gonna do another video soon I'll hurry hey you guys in the UK I don't I don't know if it's propaganda if you're actually going through those things or if it's just being reported in the news but uh it sounds like things are trying to get bad oh you know you the United Kingdom is all is always the prepping ground for what happens in the United States later and that's because the United Kingdom has been a captured operations since the days of Oliver Cromwell and I know a lot of people don't know what I'm talking about but I'm talking about the tiny hats the the the city is called London and the people of the UK think that London belongs to them and funky prepper you probably know more about this history than I do but it doesn't London is a captured operation just like Washington DC is a captured operation and it's not Patriots that that run those Enterprises well now we can uh we can schedule an interview for the yeah funky prepper we're gonna email you because uh for our we want you to tell us exactly what's going on in the UK and you don't have to sanitize anything you tell us the business because it's not YouTube and we will be going on with uh rise above and the paranormis but whereas I think rise above wants that for their YouTube channel so it might not be so much controversial stuff oh we can do one we can do both yeah we can do one for their YouTube and do one for the one uncensored the emails are rolling in for uh everyone wanting to set up uh interviews for the oh we hit the Thousand there's over a thousand yeah it was all scheduled in it will take some time we gotta got a lot of a lot of really controversial but really interesting good stuff set in store for uh get up or Kent Johansson where can I find something about the cataclysm on the Norwegian Coast in 1212. listen that was terrible but I'm going to answer your question oh there's a very obscure website that has full full sources you can it cites every text that that's in there and it's a chronological history I don't I do not know what happened to the Builder of this website but it dates to 2010. it's still it's still on the internet and uh I I recently paid a matter of fact it was Justin I recently paid somebody to download the entire website and the only way they could do it was to actually manually go in there and copy and paste every single chronology it covers over 5 500 years of history of every disaster this guy could find he's been doing things it's a chronicon but it's his it's his research not mine but I went ahead and copied it all I sent him an email he has not responded I don't even know if he's alive anymore but but his research is still on on the internet when I was looking at the at the histories it was the very first time that I had ever even heard of that disaster but it was in 1212 A.D and he cites the the ancient European well the old year European sources that talk about that disaster it's like 250 000 people on the coasts of Norway were just washed out to see freak tsunami but uh anyway I will find that for you I might even have it on this on this deal I just can't find it during the uh the show but I was gonna do a video on that on that chronology anyway because 1212 is a phoenix year it's also the exact year of the of the Children's Crusade where children all over Europe just vanished all right so let's get off of this presentation man we're uh where are we at all right guys for any of you that are new you know we knock out some announcements updates and stuff before uh we actually get rolling into the material and for those of you who haven't discovered the answer to the question why does that guy in the Hat just sit there I contribute as much as I can during the lives but I'm going through monitoring all of your comments um copying and pasting questions and trying to make it easier for the big man here so uh although I am crowding 50 of his screen right now I'm only doing 10 of the work hey man you wouldn't you wouldn't be sitting there if I didn't need you all right all right let's I'm I'm ready you copy it you get yeah yeah I'm getting questions okay cool um I'm ready to kick this off Tony this watch ain't nothing you two of y'all asked about my watch this is listen it looks pretty but I got it because it can go 600 feet under water which I'm never going to that depth and it'll be all right but it's an armatron this is like a 35 watch it's nothing oh mine was I think like 80 bucks almost nine years ago I got this watch when I got out of prison my family gave me like like a 400 Seiko but hey what am I gonna do with something like that I said as soon as I put something on my wrist like that I'm gonna I'm too I'm too mobile I'm gonna break it hello hello Corey Stern you know we've been super busy I know you and Matt are gonna do a video together but you and I are gonna do one together as well I just we just we're just now starting to schedule all this just now you know what hey remind me there's too many people asking about that website I'm gonna post that today as a community post the uh chronology website that has the 1212 data but it also listen guys you're gonna get lost on that website I guarantee you if you like chronology as much as I do you will spend weeks on this website chronology chronology webs website if I forget what this is a reference to remind me man 12 12 A.D and funky prepper I got you down in my notes posts about that that email as soon as we go over Jason's schedule after this live I will post I will post that link on YouTube for so you guys can go check that out yourself it's fantastic and I'm going to tell you now there are if you keep a chart like I do that shows all the 138 year Phoenix years and you keep a chart for the Nemesis X deals every every 792 years uh it's gonna blow your mind because he's got things that are recorded that I never recorded that's why that's why I paid somebody uh Justin to download that website because it has way more Phoenix and way more Nemesis exit deals than than I knew about but it also has some other things I found one dark satellite reference and uh several things that lined up with the Mayan Long Count all right I don't know much about the Gateway process you'll have to educate me although I do have a book about it I haven't read it I haven't read it and I'm not going to be stingy I just I just need a little time before I actually share with you guys all the new books 141 new books old books fantastic books I just gotta organize that material before I do a video and share all those so this wasn't even on the menu I had no intention of doing a presentation on this book or or anything about the Civil War it's not ancient history to me but this is one of the books I brought back from the trip and as I'm flipping through this beautiful book it Dawns on me this is the most recent book that I brought back on from this trip I don't I don't even collect books from the 1940s and 50s but this is 1955. and it's a book about all the pictures in the Civil War and there's no reason whatsoever I should go through this book and see look 250 beautiful hand-drawn pen and ink illustrations there's no reason but what does it say on the cover there's no call for this pictures yeah Civil War in pictures that's the that's the name of the book so I'm going through here and I'm looking at I'm like wow this is pretty interesting check this out I said hey Matt look at this okay but it blows my mind all these pictures of battles and everything that happened guys the focus of this video is not this book this book is an excellent demonstration of a phenomenon that we needed to discuss so this is nothing but pen and ink illustrations there's not a photo in this book now we know because I've shown in Prior videos I showed a pro I showed a video of of the newspapers of the Los Angeles Times in the 1890s all the way up to 1901 and I showed you guys that the archives skip 1902 and go straight to 1903 and the fundamental difference is not just that 1902 is missing from the Los Angeles Times published hardback anthology the problem is is all the all the pictures of everything up until 1901 in the Los Angeles Times or black and white illustrations pen and ink starting with 1903 after the missing year of 1902 the newspapers switched it up now it's almost all black and white photos in the newspapers in illustrations were rare except for political little memes political cartoon stuff like that or advertisements but the illustrations died all the way out and they were replaced with black and white photos Okay we already know there's a mystery about 1902. we already know this so we in one of those Mysteries is that you know Andrew Carnegie funded the funded the building and stocking of over 5 000 brand new libraries with all new books All Over America so did the Rockefellers and what's interesting is when I came back from San Diego among the books that were donated to me or the or the biographies of Norman Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie I couldn't believe it when I found him in the Box I don't even remember I do not even remember finding seeing these books anywhere but when I'm unpacking all these books I'm looking and they're they're together you know I'm gonna read them but uh yeah it's almost as if all of a sudden in 1902 they just Unleashed all you guys already know I've documented so many books that suddenly appeared in the world scene in 1901 1902 and 1903 so it's almost as if here's a whole new version of History let's just unleash it now and they did so stocked all these new libraries with this stuff so the problem with the problem with a book that says Civil War and pictures but then shows nothing of a black and white illustrations may seem innocuous but Matt and I weren't satisfied with a aesthetic interpretation Matt Googled instantly as I was talking Matt just Googled Civil War pictures pulled up a bunch of stuff and it was almost immediately noticeable how staged almost every picture was it's not Civil War action pictures it's almost always one or two seemingly dead we don't know if they're dead or not one or two dead bodies soldiers in Immaculate Immaculate uniforms but they're not holding any weapons Matt just showed me picture after picture after picture after picture after picture of uniformed men nun holding weapons just standing around trees doing something and the caption always says it's some type of Civil War era picture almost every picture looks staged so we see amputee victims but there's no evidence that that black and white picture is of someone who was wounded in the Civil War compound the mystery let me explain something to you that you can verify yourself you can you can Google for black and white photos from the 1840s and Google will show you black and white photos that were that that were in Publications from the 1840s or singles and also the 1850s everybody knows they're being there's a there's a picture being taken so they're looking at it cheesed up or whatever you can google pictures for the 1850s the 1860s Google will produce those pictures 1870s 1880s Google will produce those pictures you can see the black and white photographs but what you're never going to see is any actual black and white pictures and photos of the Civil War being fought and that's a problem because every photographer worth their medal back then would have been dying to get live action photos of the fight between the union and the Confederacy and that's the that's the main point that I I noticed one of the things I bring to the table obviously it's not my technical expertise is I have very been very well established in pattern recognition um and I can go through almost any set of pictures and tell you things that you don't see in them one of the very first things that I saw when we were going through these because he opened up this book and I was like wait a minute let me let me get into this we started looking at these pictures and just like you said the uniform and all these pictures the uniforms are Immaculate um they they look almost pressed uniform staged photos which I get it I've been in the military I get it the news crew comes in everybody lines up and gets their picture taken and they write a story about it I get that but no one in any of these pictures is holding a weapon and the ones that are pictures of weapons being in there or look so old that they don't match the the quality of footage as or photographs as these other ones and then we notice something else you take any 10 pictures of the Civil War and two or three of them are going to be the same picture just zoomed in or zoomed out and then the bodies like the the casualties of this war oh don't don't jump that Matt's telling you something very real we saw it why why are we looking at the same background on different pictures when the focus of the picture something different it's almost as if okay you lay here you lay here here's where the fence is there's the tree right there hey you stand up and and act like act like you're just looking down on the dead bodies that's the picture but it's a totally different picture with other actors other other stage things with background scenery is the same that's a problem further while he was while he was doing while he was showing me these pictures I'm like wow man so I I started Googling something I can't remember what it was but what pulled up was a was a defense what I pulled up was that many people have been researching this and Google already had a prepared answer the prepared answer was was that many of the actual photos of the Civil War appeared to be staged because it was a type of uh like modern times propaganda psychological warfare to to show that look the enemy didn't really kill look we only lost two guys we only lost two guys the enemy didn't really didn't do anything the the explanation is ridiculous it's ridiculous remember the remember a Core Fact here during the five years of the war between the states over 600 000 Americans died no other war in our history have we ever had such casualties ever it was supposed to be a culling a huge bloody calling a massive depopulation of America so where are the pictures why isn't there a single black and white photo of these massive battlefields with carcasses in the thousands it would have taken weeks to clean up a Battlefield where are they at and you look at the pictures that have three or four bodies here somebody's in the background for the first thing I noticed is they're not in military uniform these look like civilians yes none of them are in military uniform um most of them they they just look like bodies in clothes there's no damage to the clothing there's no blood anywhere um I don't know if you guys know what happens when somebody gets hit with a cannonball there's you can tell that they've been hit by a cannonball not just looks like someone that just fell over dead and on top of that there's not one picture we scoured through hundreds of pictures and not one photograph showed both sides that's right that's that's another very important distinction you got guy you in some pictures you've got Confederate soldiers or what look like to be Confederate soldiers um and others that are Union Soldiers but they're never in the same picture together like like fighting or having or having a a meeting or whatever it's it's very unusual you gotta understand guys there's no way these battles would not have been photographed there's no way because the person that could photograph them would have been Filthy Rich every publication in the world well in America would have paid them top dollar for those plates to develop those plates so uh Google will I googled this too I wanted to know I said okay well what other what what have other people been researching and uh it's uh Google's what was Google's answer on that it was so great it was so crazy you talking about the action oh the action deals the accuracy so Matt Matt's a data minor too so as I'm explaining what I'm reading off Google how it's how it's uh trying to give all these defenses as to why these images don't exist Matt pulled up an argument Google makes that's that's on Google as to why it would have been so difficult for the another excuse me I'm the one that pulled it up about the the the type of Photography in the 1860s still frame yes yes it mandated that everybody had to stand still for a long period of time like five to twenty seconds for so the photo photography wouldn't be blurry so it to me I almost completely shut down the idea of doing this video behind that and I told Matt I says Matt I can't get around this argument this right here because that that would explain it would explain everything it's a really good defense I'm talking about no sooner had I said that Matt's on Matt's pulling up more images he says well look at this this is a moving River with animals in it man I'm pretty sure they didn't get the river to stop moving and he showed me some more the cargo of The Oxen pulling the wagon yeah cargo says 1860s all these photos appear 1850s 1840s they're showing pictures you think all those trees are still no they were moving in the wind too so that argument is dead it's dead by the very same by the very same species of evidence that we're looking for black and white photos of the battles don't exist but black and white photos from even before the Civil War exist of objects that never could be still and yet weren't blurry so we have a problem here that defense that's that's found online as to why there are no battle scenes now now falls apart and go look it up look up uh photos pictures of the Civil War and you'll see they it they're Mo black and white so it appears that they're in the blue so the union side all lined up posing for a picture not one rifle not one rifle in the frame um no photos that show both sides on the same Battlefield and the ones that supposedly show a battlefield look like a campaign that just moved through and cleared hundreds of Acres out now that's something we couldn't come to a conclusion on because it looks like we're not saying any of this is propaganda for a certain purpose or agenda or that the Civil War did or didn't happen we're telling you the lack of evidence is astounding yes that's the problem here not saying the Civil the war between the states didn't happen we're not saying that because some of you say some of the people are saying well what about my relatives that say that we had relatives that died in the Civil War well first of all my condolences to anyone who lost people in in the war but with feelings aside and just bringing facts to the table where's the evidence that they died in the Civil War check this out what we are proposing is that something did happen we are proposing that something did happen but it wasn't the there wasn't the version that we've been told now we know what happened after what happened after was called the Reconstruction and during the Reconstruction insane asylums were erected everywhere we we are proposing that the Civil War is just like World War II what I mean by that is that these are things we're going to discuss on we can't talk about them on YouTube and I'm telling you right now as watered down as I can almost everything you think you know about World War II is from Pearl Harbor to the concentration camps in Nazi Germany into what happened and it was all outlined in the New York Times in 1936 when it said that a certain a certain race of people were going to war with Germany and they did and they won but ever since then they have they have completely flipped the script and got the entire world to believing the exact opposite to be true so if people can be deceived about a war so close to our grandparents World War II what makes you think that you can't be deceived about what really happened in the war between the states because you don't have any evidence whatsoever that you could show me that this scenario is untrue let me explain imagine the Union forces preparing for war secretly for six months the Confederacy knows something's going on but they're not organized they don't even have the money for uniforms and stuff like they don't have anything just their officers listen the Confederacy they don't have the backing of the banks the union does imagine federal troops marching into all these cities of South America and executing people and then later calling it a battle imagine federal troops going in so they can so they can rearrange the the demographics of the South which they did it's called the reconstruction so imagine a scenario where the north totally invaded the South the South never even pitched a battle and it was all in self-defense fighting from neighborhood to neighborhood and all these great grand battles and all this stuff didn't happen they were written into the historical record to make it look like it was a war and not a genocide I'm not saying that's what happened what I'm saying is is we don't have the proof nor evidence from from the books of the period the books after the period and the actual photographs to say it didn't happen that's a problem well we're finding about the Civil War and and the great massive amount of defensive posturing that is found on the inner internet to explain away why these why the photos that should be seen or not seen this is a problem even the government website what is it or something supposed to have all these official all these official images of Civil War and people that go to it and look at it they're like what the hell where's all the battle scenes not a single one when you Google the battles of the Civil War guess what you get what did you see today what did you see about 20 of them today what did you see 20 the hundreds of hand-drawn pictures they're all hand-drawn pictures or or very beautiful paintings every battle of the Civil War is Artistic not authentic and uh Kathy Marshall says but there's no evidence to the contrary either Jason but the burden of proof lies on the establishments making these claims we are challenging their evidence to back up these claims what we don't need to bring evidence to the table that it did or didn't happen we are challenging their claim yeah well all we're doing is saying hey when it comes to the Civil War based on the photographic evidence the government historians have not made their case we are left to believe and have faith in the official version Because the actual photographic evidence is lacking it's not there so uh yeah I don't have to prove I don't have to prove a negative it's a matter of fact it's impossible to prove a negative I am only trying to draw people into thinking outside the box because if the propaganda of World War II can be so effective but because of the media how much more effective do you think it was in 1860 to 1865 for northern armies to sweep down and just take what they want and execute all anybody that was in their way stopping him from all the land grabs that happened in the war between the states what's to stop them there were no cell phones there were no pay phones there was no telecommunications there was no way people could reach out for help and the only information people got was from when it was released by by uh Pony Express or carrier pigeon and it all depends on what somebody said they're gonna believe the whatever versions put out there so the demonizing of the South calling him the Confederates and all that all that is the same thing we see in World War II during the war between the states the Confederacy was not demonized slavery wasn't even an issue it became an issue in the final year of the conflict yeah guys we look back now a hundred and something years later 50 50 years later we look back and we think all the southern Confederate racists and all that but that was not the mindset of the time who did that who is who is who are the people who are always defeating other people and then claiming to be victims while the the actual true victims are now labeled racist so you won't sympathize with them all I'm trying to do is get you to think outside the box because I'm telling you now if you're looking for evidence of the Civil War you won't find it in a civil war book and that's a problem and I know this opens up a lot of doors and a lot of questions though well what about this event that happened I'm not going to say the name of the event but what about this one or that one this is just a very small glimpse of what our KX TV is going to be delving into because all those questions that you're thinking well if the Civil War if we got these quote about this war or what happened during this other War some of one of you mentioned it in in the comments I had to remove it I'm sorry it's just that's a that's a triggering algorithm word that we're not going to have on our we want to keep our YouTube channel relevant uh so we we can't discuss these things but keep those questions in mind send me your send me your emails to our KX inquiries and uh I I guarantee you 80 of the questions you have right now we've already got interviews waiting and scheduled to touch on those so I'm gonna offer this scenario I'm not saying it's true I'm only saying it's plausible the uh I've already given you the information in Prior presentations that the war between the states was actually a banker's War just like World War one just like the Bolshevik takeover of Russia all right just like just like the banking when the banks declared war on Germany in 1936 I know I know very few of you have ever heard of this but if you Google The Archives of the New York Times for the 1936 editions it's front page news it's big black letters it says exactly who was declaring war against Germany Germany fought a defensive War the banks were on the attack so we're not going to go into those details but what I'm saying is that in the war between the states why would insane asylums suddenly be necessary all over the United States I'm going to tell you why because for the most part most men are good by Nature and if they have to participate in something like a midnight Invasion where they Round Up hundreds of thousands of of unarmed citizens that they know are Americans too and they're told a story of how they're all Traders because they did this or that they're Confederates they're all that and they line up man woman and child in these fields and they shoot them all and then they do the cleanup but the official story is a great battle call it Gettysburg a great battle took place here yeah you don't know that didn't happen I'm not saying it did what I'm saying is is this is this is what we have to explore when we come across really weird stuff like this because in 1955 our technology was sufficient enough to put black and white photos of the Civil War in this book if those black and white photos actually existed because we have books from after 1902 onward almost every book on history was full of black and white photos so why didn't they do it in 1955 when the technology was already well established what really happened in the war between the states that actually fractured so many men's Minds that they had no alternative to keep their secret of what really occurred they had no alternative but to round up those who were still talking about it or who had emotionally become destabilized and they and they locked them up in insane asylums because as long as they were insane and sodoms they couldn't tell people what really happened and they still do that to at us to a certain extent today and I'll be interviewing Jesse and we'll be we'll be diving into that on our about how the modern establishment of the military-industrial complex has only uh changed a few of its Maneuvers but it still has the same agenda yeah it's all I know a lot of guys I know a lot I know I know there's a lot of guys that have put out material about what strange things that they believe happened in the 1800s and they show all the listen I'm not on board so far I haven't seen anything and I've said this in Prior presentations hey man I don't know as far as Phoenix phenomenon related stuff the last one was 1764 before that was 1626 and after that was 1902 they're all 138 years apart those are the Phoenix dates as far as Supernatural weird things happening man there's nothing in between those dates I've ever found everything is just a regular natural or localized disasters and all that but but I'm not saying something major didn't occur but it's major in the way that the Oval Office totally sacrificed over over 5 000 men at Pearl Harbor yeah those people those people didn't just come from the Japanese islands and ships all over all that area they didn't just come guys do your history do your do your reading do your do diligence and you will find it's very easy to confirm that Australian intelligence already told the United States already informed the Oval Office that they knew of battle carrier groups with Japanese zeros already heading straight toward Pearl Harbor it was all known you guys know this most of you know this that sacrifice was done on purpose to draw America into the war against Japan so by the same token 911 is very recent very recent but there's still hundreds of millions of people who believed airplanes crashed into those buildings so still why because the technology was sufficient to put that on the televisions yeah but it's not what locals saw careful careful we're still on YouTube yeah I know but anyway a lot of people on YouTube talked about this but are they targets like archaics I don't know it doesn't matter it I guess it does a little bit but yeah um so we're talking about events very long ago yeah Abraham Lincoln was assassinated 1865. we're talking about all the events leading up to that assassination so we just don't know what really happened but we do know things like it was a banker's War like most wars are like the Bolshevik takeover of of Christian Russia turning it into an atheist USSR and then using it as a platform by which to create the Cold War and the Cold War strengthen the international military-industrial complex and uh which which some of it became a captured operation captured by Bolsheviks so the Civil War the Civil War seemed to be seemed to be a culling a the north going in and overwhelming the South not in battles but I believe it was a purge because they needed that land and they were not going to allow for the southern states to secede and get away and the best way to do it was to just go in there and just execute all participants man woman and child and then cover it all up by saying it was great glorious battles in war and we almost in the union put out we almost didn't win the South fought so hard the South didn't have any of the resources the North had now when it came to military so uh what we're asking for in archaics is not for you to believe this scenario we are asking for you to add to the scenario whatever data you have come across and put in the comments section or send us an email if you know information that we're not privy to maybe you can help us piece together the puzzle because I I think it's a general understanding when me and Jason first started doing videos together I told him my my general philosophy on everything popular is false so whatever the mainstream narrative is like I I won't say 100 of the time because I'm just not sure what the majority of the time we can tell that that was not the case um oh you really spiked some uh comments with that whole 911 thing somebody brought up uh I need the truth building seven you think building sevens had all the gold in it building seven had all the gold in it do some research on uh building six you're talking about all the bush records for the indictments well I'm just somebody said I'm gonna I'm gonna leave it up to them like if you really want to bake your noodle look up building six hardly anyone knows about building six all right oh well the play listen don't misunderstand me I said planes didn't fill those buildings and I mean that we already know those that was controlled demolition or it was a do weapon airplanes hit the buildings but they're not able to drop steel frame buildings like that even the engineers who built those buildings said that they were built for the impact of an aircraft yeah so we all know this all of all of us here we're we're all from the same cloth we get it and you're a foggy proper says I can't believe you told him about building six hey they they they got to know if yeah if you think seven was a Smoking Gun wait till you find about six yeah I'm almost I'm curious because I don't know I do I'm not I'm not gonna say anything about it because we still need this Channel on YouTube I probably already said too much yeah it's uh I would like to know about that so I'm going to look it up when you're done but I did read I did read uh Alice in Wonderland in the World Trade Center Disaster by David Ike it's a very good book very very good book so I don't know if he didn't have all the information but he did have a lot so when it comes when it comes to the Civil War the first thing that the first thing that happens after the Civil War has gone down is history is the reconstruction so let's piece that together a little bit reconstruction could that be a euphemism for something else such as reset the Reconstruction rebuilding rebuilding after all whole infrastructure is just wiped out yeah guys it looks like it looks like there was a policy of like scorched Earth being employed here you know what I mean it's a uh I don't I just don't I just can't see it's not plausible to me that these great epic first of all I just there's no way I can wrap my mind around the fact that these great epic battles took weeks to build and yet there wasn't a single cameraman anywhere who took a picture men would have been risking their lives to snapshot the union and Confederacy shooting each other so I can there is no way I can wrap my mind around the fact that we don't have any of those pictures nor do we have any pictures of battlefields where you see hundreds or thousands of dead bodies laying we don't have them therefore I have to make the logical conclusion that it never happened in that way did did a lot of people die was there 600 000 of fatalities as the as the records show in the census I'm gonna say yes so how do I reconcile there were no battles the way they were described and yet the population was decreased how do I reconcile these two facts I think it's pretty easy I think it's pretty easy I think I think men were thrown in insane asylums because they were forced to participate in basically executing innocent civilians and there's no battlefields there were genocidal Fields it's just like with the Bolsheviks did to the Chris 22 million Christian Russians line that stuff up and machine gun them now when you look at these pictures keep in mind what he just said because that's one of the first things I noticed is that there are limited very limited pictures of the casualties and they all look like civilians oh I know I remember what I want to say no yes they do look like civilians they really do they're not in uniforms or anything listen guys the uh what was the another defense that the the government website has another defense they used was a or that it was staged okay look somebody calls the Ruckus earlier I don't know who it was I didn't research it you can find out find your yourself but somebody caused a Ruckus when they showed government pictures and it was the same it was it was it was they it's called the moved man right I think that's what they called it they're calling it The moved man or something but some guy proved saying wait a minute man this dude's dead in this picture but over here he's dead again but in a different posture but in a different area of the terrain so somebody brought that to the attention well the defense this is very important to take into consideration the government website's defense is that well during the Civil War psychological warfare was was employed just like we employ it today and sometimes they would specifically stage photos in the Civil War to either psych out an enemy or promote disinformation okay that defense may be true but it doesn't answer for the fact that this guy's dead in two different locations it's the same guy doesn't answer that at all what it does is reveal their hand that remember guys I say this all the time if we take into consideration that something is true somewhere it's probably true everywhere so what we're we're left with we're basically left with the situation that if the U.S government is willing to admit that black and white photos from the Civil War were staged in some instances then the fact that we can't find actual battle photos or post-battle photos other than little small staged one or two dead bodies instead of hundreds of thousands of dead bodies then that means they're all staged and what we're seeing is absolute BS absolute BS remember it's been over 150 years they've had a long time to put this together and yet and yet they hadn't put it together before 1955. you know what I mean because we're right here you think this publisher would not want to put out an authoritative authoritative depiction of the Civil War of course it would of course that's why it's got over 200 black and white illustrations why because they didn't have the photos so where did they come from now so and uh for as a little homework from some of y'all if you find any books prior to 1955 about the Civil War that actually shows Civil War black and white photos please contact me and I will rescind that statement but as it lies right now the evidence is just not there and uh someone Sean said it's not called War theater for nothing yeah and that's true um when we come back from deployments um I've done three I did three deployments in Afghanistan and when we talk about it when we come back we always say in theater when we're doing uh workups for deployment we always talk about when we're downrange or when we're in theater so yeah that that makes sense it's no different than 2020 when all of a sudden the Western world was flooded with images of bodies lying all over the streets of China then come to find out a bunch of that was staged looks good it never changes guys it just it just doesn't change it's uh oh Kent Johansson I have a video showing the isometric Perfection between the Civil War and World War II I do should I I laid it out I show it I have it Illustrated yeah it's very both of them are very similar they're propaganda Wars in almost the exact opposite of what we're told is true and they are lined up perfectly isometrically oh matter of fact I think it's 1902 is the isometric epicenter that's a great video and to further the point on I guess the control of a narrative being in three deployments um I was in two different branches I did four years in the Marine Corps and almost three years and the Army and every time you're in theater every time we're deployed and there's a journalist there or a documentary crew you're always briefed on what you can and cannot say right every single time and if you say the wrong thing you don't make the cut you don't you don't get any camera time I want to oh big Pontiac big Pontiac said there are pictures of my great-great-grandfather in civil war uniforms as well as his two brothers listen that fact can't be taken from you you have those photographs we're going to say you're right we're going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say man you're telling us the absolute truth but I'm also telling you that the pictures you have of your great-great-grandfather in military UNIF uniforms during the Civil War doesn't mean he was an active participant in the actual genocide that we're talking about because anytime the U.S military is doing anything in a certain theater of operations there's still a tremendous amount of the US military in other places around the world you know what I mean in in on training camps all over the place not everybody participated at all in addition to that it's just like NASA it's only about two two percent or one percent of of NASA the elite actually know what's going on everybody else working at Nasa actually thinks they're doing things in space so this is really easy to perpetuate these types of deceptions because even right now I mean it's very easy to uh it's very easy for the military right now to like he said to control information and they can do it by thread by nde non-disclosure uh you know agreement NDA or they could do it like for for moral or or even reprehensible reasons such as the fact is is some men would never want to talk about what they just did knowing that what they did wasn't patriotic at all it just slaughtered all these people and they can't justify it in their mind that it had anything to do with protecting the citizens of the United States and they know that they just killed their own brothers and sisters in the in the war between the states in the 1860s your grandfather may have not participated in that he may have not known what actually happened in in those so-called battles you never know you never know so yeah I'm saying I'm I'm saying you're telling the truth but the truth is multifaceted he may not he may not may have never been near where these Slaughters occurred I'm gonna have to I'm gonna have to interpret this situation because the census shows over 600 000 people died they died at this time and it's people so I'm gonna have to assume that since the South was emptied after this and it relatively was because During the Reconstruction all of a sudden all the black everybody of black African heritage race whatever you want whatever you want to say they were given the land of the white Southerners they were given the land and then they were given loans by the Banks this was the plan from the beginning they were given loans by the banks that the banks knew they could never repay and this is how the banks acquired the lands of the South they took that but they would have never been able to take it why those white Southerners were living on those lands so something had to be done and I don't believe it was a war between the states I believe the north went in there and slaughtered those people and gave those gave all that land to the blacks and then basically your tiny hats loan the money to the bewildered blacks who knew nothing about how to run this land how to participate in the American economy they don't even know what happened all they know is all these houses and barns and everything's been burned down livestock's been eaten by northern armies and they just know for a fact man somebody the north came in here the the U.S government came in here and just killed every man woman and childhood and listen all they want to do is farm and mind their own business because they really don't they're they really don't know what's going on and they were given money who's not going to accept money but not not knowing the terms of that money and within two to five years almost all of them lost their Estates that's why there's no black Southern Southern landowners 25 30 years later because the banks took all that back which was part of the plan so I'm I'm calling on the official version of the Civil War and I'm saying something else happens something far more Sinister something that literally broke the minds of some men who couldn't keep the secret in what they participated in and therefore the insane asylums were necessary so if my dad were still alive this would break his heart yeah he used to love reading about the Civil War and took pride in it yeah man I mean uh I can wear an American military uniform in my in my military Brothers could be on missions doing things that I don't know what they're doing but I'm not guilty I'm not guilty of doing what they did you follow me if they go out on a mission and they go and and they fulfill the mission even though they don't like the perimeters they don't like what they're supposed to do and it gets out of hand they end up killing every man woman and child and all that and they come back and Stateside U.S military basically tells them hey man good job you know you guys need to be quiet about this keep up keep a lid they got to sign ndas and everybody goes about two or three two or three men out of each unit are gonna be up the rest of their lives the rest of their lives someone would commit suicide what is it 22 what is the 22 rule you're telling me about 20 22 a day 22 right 22 veterans a day take their life did you guys know that right now the statistics on average 22 veterans commit suicide and if you log into our we'll do an extensive interview with another veteran who was actually my platoon sergeant and we're going to discuss that in depth with a lot of uh military you know misinformed propaganda look look we already got evidence coming to the surface that look Sharon Sharon said in 1861 Lions soldiers shot 28 citizens including women and children this is from a picture of Camp Jackson Missouri May 1861. listen that leaked that's why you know about it but I guarantee you there's thousands of other episodes where thousands of towns were suddenly invaded by Union soldiers and then and the southerners never had a chance I do not believe that these great epic battles of the Confederacy against the Union ever happened and the reason I don't believe it is because I can I can Google right now and see actual black and white photos of the 1840s I can I can spend hours looking at them I can look at photos of the 1850s I can look at photos of the 1860s that have nothing to do with Civil War I can Google photos of the 1870s during the during the the reconstruction I can look at the 1880s 1890s but in all those black and white pictures I can't see any of an actual battle being fought in the Civil War I just see staged photographs of men talking hanging around most of the time they're in tight clean uniforms they got no guns not one photo surfaced impossible you're asking me to believe in the absolute improbable and I can't do that I can't do that I can't I can't practice that type of exclusion there's no way somebody would have shot a photo of a live battle somewhere and even if they were too scared even if I can suspend my disbelief and say hey man you know what they were just all too scared oh the battle was going on too fast even though they lasted for days often and said you know what they just never got a picture off okay let's shelve all that I'm gonna I'm gonna give the establishment the benefit of the doubt and I'm a shelve all that but I know those coward ass cameramen would have broke their necks after a battle to come in there on the tree line and take pictures of the thousands of dead bodies thousands of dead soldiers blown up trees and cannons and all I know they would have because those pictures would have been worth money you're asking me to believe in an improbability that no one came forth with pictures of all these things therefore I must make the next logical conclusion if a if a and plus b doesn't equal C then I have an X Factor that X Factor means there is an unknown here that's not being published it's not being put out there so I have to figure out what that X Factor is and in my mind if there are if there are black and white photos that exist of moving objects just fine then the the government's defense that that it takes a long time to shoot a picture uh is why we don't have battle pictures is so if a plus b doesn't equal C and it instead produces an X Factor then that means I need to search for the X and in my mind I can see no other conclusion in that X means that there was six hundred thousand casualties but they were in the south and there was a bunch of gunfire but it was against civilians because all of a sudden they're gone do you really think that white Southerners are going to allow the federal government to come in and give all their lands all their small towns and public all their all their plantations over to the help to the black Africans who were who were their indentured servants do you really think they're going to do that no so what has to happen you have to kill man woman and child in some instances I'm even I'm even open to the interpretation that many of the children were allowed to survive these children ended up going to orphanage orphanages working in factories this is the origin of the orphan trains yeah guys I think I think we're almost we're really close to understanding what happened in the 1800s but it's nothing Supernatural like some of these other YouTube channels are putting out I don't believe it was Supernatural at all I believe I believe it was nefarious and it was Sinister and it was done by the very same people that have perpetuated almost every other deception that we've recorded yeah guys it's it's a terrible thing but when we put all the pieces together what we're seeing is not the war between the states what we're seeing is the genocide of the South by a well-equipped and well-funded Military in the North and we were and we're seeing that good men were forced to do evil and it broke some of their minds and this is why at that time in history insane asylums were put everywhere because anybody who even hinted that they weren't cool with what they had just done was put in those places and if they weren't crazy when they went in they were made to be you got anything to add no I think we uh think we killed the horse we killed the horse no need to uh beat a dead one just saying a lot of questions a lot of questions about when are we launching our kxtv we've already started recording all the videos we're about to start recording listen guys it's it's I've been so busy doing different things he's been busy I've got everybody on the Organics team is doing different uh performing different deals I mean berries Barry and Robin have been have been doing their own thing um we're about to uh we've all we've already got the llc's in the dbas we've already got the Ein for archaics uh we're going 100 legit it's no longer a one-man operation it's a team it's a team and uh uh trademarks have already been been filed uh because we do have a few problems I'm going to tell you right now I'm gonna tell you if you order anything off Amazon that says okay because I'm just telling you you're probably paying one of my trolls you're paying someone who has never reached out to me and offered me a dollar for the for the thousands and thousands of dollars they're making you know what I mean it's a I was it was it was brought to my attention a couple days ago when somebody was going through Amazon he said hey man you got stuff all over Amazon I said no I don't so I went and looked somebody's got keychains mugs stickers bumper stickers t-shirts uh Koozies hat somebody is rack they are racking in some dough and that's basically uh theft of the brand and you know what they're getting away with it right now now but they're about to get served it's um it's not cool I had reached out to several people in the past that were selling archaics merchandise and offered them a a an opportunity hey man work with us I'm not going to stop what you're doing you've already done it but this person on Amazon basically just took our logos and then and then slapped them on all this different merchandise it's something that could have been set up in 10 minutes the problem is is you're making a killing there's way too many people ordering from you and you haven't extended any appreciation whatsoever nothing you haven't offered a donation you haven't done anything you're basically just a pirate so a lot of these people that are doing that they're they're about to get served so that's not a it's a that but that's Barry Barry's doing like Barry's taking care of all the legal stuff uh Robert Robin is actually about to release all the new archaics merchandise so I'm telling you now officially right here on YouTube that anything on Amazon you find rkx is BS that's a pirate it's somebody who's basically stealing from us and uh if you want to order it that's your business but I'm just telling you it doesn't support archaics at all at all ordering anything arcakes related off Amazon but we will have a bunch of merchandise but it but we'll let you know when that website's up Robin's doing all that right now and it's not going to be some slap together logos like you see on Amazon we're putting nice stuff together so anyway get that little rant out the way it'd be I mean it would be different it would be totally different if this individual who's basically just racking in all this free money uh would just you know contact and say hey man check this out I want to donate this much every quarter millimeter or whatever and uh you know what would have a problem with it but you're going to be totally stingy and absolutely selfish and and capitalizing on something that you did not build then that basically tells me that you're doing it for several other brands as well you're probably making a living stealing other people's so I'm gonna put an end to that as as far as arcades goes I don't care if we end up litigating this for two or three years I promise you uh you're gonna wish you contacted me went back to the original question what was the original question the first one I saw was from nanny boo boo Danny boo boo when is the grand opening for our kxtv should be about two weeks within two weeks we've already got several videos videos recorded here's the deal here's the deal I could do it tonight I could announce tonight that our cakes TV is live but you'll only see a handful of videos and that's not the type of guy I am I want you to get value for what you provide we're charging five dollars and 52 cents for for the hot material that our case would never that YouTube would never allow I'm not going to charge for my content I'm always going to do YouTube as long as YouTube allows me and when it doesn't I'm going to boot shoot I go somewhere else I go oh I'm already on player it's a player is a good one it's a new one but you'll see all the archaic videos on player right now so and if the YouTube channel ever goes down you go to Odyssey or player and all all the contents there too so don't worry about it I I could do it live I can announce it right now and you only have a handful of videos to look at I don't want to do it that way I want to wait about two weeks so as soon as I announce it in open subscriptions you have 30 something videos instantly all sensor stuff that you could that you can that you can start with and then weekly we'll be updating that as we I'm uploading more as we upload more to YouTube so that's why it's the only thing stopping us right now I want to make sure that I provide value all right guys we don't have a whole lot of time left but unless Jason uh poses for whatever reason we'll take some questions Let's Do It Let's Do It um put your questions in all caps uh try to get them in pretty soon because uh we're trying to run over two hours and it looks like we're at about 27 minutes left cool cool let me answer Neil Henderson's real quick yeah I was just about to read that one Neil Henderson asked Jason are your books on Amazon and do you receive cash from them listen I'm just talking about the merchandise someone else pirated the merchandise archaics and they've been doing it for over a year and so that's not me it has nothing to do with our case but my published books yes those are mine and I get paid for them I get monthly royalties from from my published books on Amazon and booktree which is different now lately my Amazon ratings are are going up high as a matter of fact two weeks ago four of my books were in the top 100 for their genres and you have to understand each genre has between 50 000 to a hundred thousand books competing in each genre so to be in the top 100 is is a hell of accomplishment I couldn't believe it when I saw it it was a i i screenshot it I was so I was it blew my mind but you understand there's 100 different genres too so so people are asking um what about members is there a charge so it's not going to be like YouTube um where you it's what 24.99 a month for for a YouTube membership with limited to no benefits so it's going to be 5.52 cents a month and that is for access to a subscription to the so if you want to see all of the controversial videos our KX and sensors our KX hot mic archaics on the road then it's going to be 552 a month well I have to I have to I want to look at that there's something I want to look at okay I enabled memberships to archaics from the very beginning I made an announcement that a member of archaics will never see anything more than uh someone who is unable to pay I'll 100 of my my content on YouTube will be free to all and I even disabled all the ads that I that YouTube allowed me to disable in the middle of my videos that's why you can watch my videos and there's ads at the beginning but all through the entire video you won't see any ads except on four of my videos and those four videos I have other people's copyrighted material in there so I can't control that but but 99.9 of my videos are 470 something videos there's no ads so except at the very beginning so with me this is a good question she asks because if there's a way I am able on what I'll I'll know when I talk to our I.T guy we have an I.T guy that does the website for our oh I'm gonna ask him if there's any way that I can I can get the members for the archaics emails and make them free as long as I remember on on our case I'll do that because the archaics membership was to support the channel because because I had removed all those all those commercials All Those ads so that's a good question I need I need to look into that because if there's a way I can do that I'll just collect your your emails and then those those will be people who are who have absolute free access to our I had no problem with that um let's give it these questions the Loray Sorry probably butchered that will there be uncensored live q a on our oh I I was told by our our RIT guy that yes we can live stream yes Oh Martin uh don Hart just said that Martin lit uh lidke just landed in Dallas he is officially in Texas three hours away oh he'll be down here believe me once uh Cheryl gives him some breathing room yeah and where is he coming from he's from Wales born and raised in Wales so I'm wondering what the weather shock he's going through right now oh because the heat and humidity right now man he comes to Houston he's gonna be out of there trying to breathe from this humidity we have all right so so narrowboat will ask about the Adam and Eve story your thoughts well you're talking about the 1960s book I still haven't read it the one uh I haven't been wanting to read it because it's it's widely known that it's CIA redacted whole sections are missing I don't know if he's talking about a book or if he's just talking in general they Adam and Eve story that's the only thing he could be referring to it's a Hot Topic right now the Adam and Eve Story the CIA dot the CIA censored the book um but I already I mean even before we found out about that we already have I got a video on my channel that breaks down the entire uh Adam and Eve story in Genesis 1 showing it was a reset story but I have no idea what that book says but uh I just don't know I I don't want to read a book that is widely known it is widely admitted that the copies we have today are redacted I just don't want I don't want to waste my time on a book that I know that the CIA basically edited before they released a public version I don't even look at it Hollis asked best antique fairy tales collection for truth drops question collection for truth drops would be Grimm's Fairy Tales there you go simple answer also uh listen if you want to read some some really compelling material into a lot it's a huge book it's about that thick oh Catherine Briggs Encyclopedia of fairies bogeys hobgoblins elves and she lists her the title lists about nine nine uh fairy fairy kind creatures but her name is Catherine Briggs she is a writer in the UK and she wrote the Encyclopedia of fairies with a whole bunch of other types of fairies but uh that's what you need to read uh it's got a lot of stories from the West Highlands in there it's just really good material but uh yeah Shiva shampoo that's right Briggs Grims and aesops Aesop's will be the oldest Aesop's Fables however Catherine Briggs is probably going to be the most fascinating read because she just goes into depth about the fairy rings and the underworld fairies and how fairies interact with children it's really it's really she goes a lot of depth in The Hags who where The Hags came from the different types of hags descendants of Giants and stuff like that it's pretty interesting stuff I was just looking up uh Aesop's Fables just last night I was adding to my Amazon wish list for books and the recommended age for reading ASAP Sables was ages four to nine oh somebody mentioned uh Civil War Memoirs by Confederates officers or or Union or unions or veterans or whatever and it's supposed to be comprehensive look all that's good all that's good it may and it may completely nullify everything we said in this video I don't know but the things that we the points that we bring up in this video need to be addressed because they're very they're valid there's a genuine mystery here I will say this if we have Memoirs from the 1860s are you confident they're not fiction I mean we know we were quite aware that the Bolsheviks rewrote whole histories of different European peoples as a political attack when they were in power we know this they did that there are whole history books that the that the uh the Russian nationalists had to remove from the libraries across Russia in the in the days when Vladimir Putin first took office they had to because the public schools and all the universities all the books were Bolshevik approved they had been redacted histories total inventions yeah guys this is what you know attacking attacking the history of a people is the best way to overcome them so this has been going on for a long time I'm not saying that those that those Memoirs are not real but I bet if you studied and read them you would find some evidence that things are not what they seem and that this that there was more to the Civil War than we've been told or it's it's quite possible that those Memoirs are complete works of fiction never know we don't know we're dealing we're dealing with a people who are Masters at propaganda Masters Civil War was a long time ago but there's still 99.9 percent of of the people the collective who believe the World War II narrative what has been put what has been published in the newspapers and what has been steadily brainwashed perpetuated in movie after movie after movie after movie after movie even always seemingly innocuous like Raiders of the Lost Ark oh yeah great movie Harrison Ford Raiders of the Lost Ark sure paints those Nazi bastards real evil yeah over and over and over and over and over the perpetuation of Deceit can be seen all throughout the Hollywood Productions and who owns Hollywood who are they you already know the same people that own the publishing companies it's the same people that own the banks that initiated the war between the states Anglo-Saxon asked what is your opening and closing videos give me the bumps foreign they are pretty good oh let me tell you not one image you see in our intro or our outro we have a really good outro too you're going to see here in a minute not one image is something that we harvested off of Google how many hundreds of pictures we take from the arcades Library we have hundreds of books we have hundreds of actual books hundreds from the 1800s in our library you're going to see that Library real soon the new library and we took photographs of all those pictures and all those books to preserve them and we used a lot of those photos for the intro in the outro so a lot of the things you're seeing may have may have appeared in other Publications but some of those pictures are original and you haven't seen them before and the music that you're listening to uh on the intro and outro is is David fesleyan composer he's he's awesome uh I paid for the I paid for Lifeline lifetime copyrights to his material anything he puts out David festilian I have 100 copyright usage of on YouTube so I wonder what actually on any pla on any platform because he's not a part of YouTube he's got his own website but uh anywhere I use his music on any platform I I have rights too so that's what you're hearing you're you're looking at the photos that we actually took from our books and you're listening to David fesleyan composer Jamie Robbins asked on a cakes TV are we gonna talk about stuff like any mentions a few things on our KX TV Jason will talk about anything you guys come up with obviously the juicier the better but um those two things that you specifically mentioned haven't been on the radar as of yet but send us an email to archaics inquiries at and we'll set something up yeah I'm even open to the interpretation on the Civil War on the war between the states that maybe it did go down as as basically promoted all the way up until the end maybe the great mystery is not the five years of warfare maybe the great mystery is at the end of that Warfare what one side did to the losing side to vanish all those people you follow what I'm saying and this is why we have no photos of of the battles this is why we don't have any photos of of the uh deal everything was really meant to be covered up yeah it doesn't matter if the if this if the South fought back genocide's a genocide no matter how you paint it maybe there maybe there are unit histories maybe there are Memoirs uh but there are no photos of what was really going on so this is a problem it's a big problem there could have been battles but that's not what happened in the end in the end we have the vanishing of a southern population we have the vanishing of all the males that participated in the south and that is not a war that's genocide so uh I don't know like I said oh this video was not trying to tell you what happened well Matt and I wanted to do with this video was get you thinking that maybe the official story has some holes in it so until we have some real definitive explanations as to why the main photos that should exist don't exist then yeah this is a this is something that we need to pursue I'm not done with this issue I'm not mainstream Academia I'll be offering up that swiss cheese yeah I'm not I'm not done with it at all it's a hole's reference awesome uh ask white feather Swami asks have have any thoughts on the cremona documents I don't know what he's talking about I don't know what is a cremona document I don't know so ask white feather Swami um maybe uh send us an email yeah I don't know what a cremona document is at least not by that name oh ken Johansson yeah I like Michelle Gibson I mean I mean I'm not I'm not an enemy or anything but I didn't I just don't know uh how much crossover we have in our research I've listened to about four of her videos somebody asked me to I know she's got a YouTube channel all right is that all the questions um there's a lot of these questions guys you gotta you gotta work with me some of these questions don't make any sense um Carol asks ETA on any vids on the real American history I don't know that's kind of like a work in progress I've literally acquired over a hundred and twenty 20 old old books on history and encyclopedias I need to go through them to be able to better ascertain because uh they're all pre-World War II books so there's no telling one I'm gonna find in them for those of you who have read my Chronicle and you've already seen I've already found a whole lot of a lot of stuff but mackman 1895 asked if you have thoughts on John D John D the the sorcerer the witch the astrologer the Mystic what about him just ask what your thoughts are oh I don't have much I mean I haven't done it I haven't done a dive on John D yet I just he's a uh interesting character for sure and he's also I mean some some people believe he's the actual author of The voynish manuscript but I don't know I don't know I haven't done much much research on him the moon to serif being and brother Justice asked how does the holography reconcile or account for since impaired people I.E the blind why would how would it reconcile or account for that question needs to be asked differently because I don't see how the construct how would the construct reconcile or account for since impaired people like the blind I don't know I understand the question I mean you're asking the questions as if that was based on holography or similacrum agenda and not played out by the hand of human intervention and we'll go into that in archaic set TV especially with Dr Corey Stern about things that the institution has done to cause a lot of those things but I won't say any more of that on YouTube yeah it's a Christina the astonishing well Texas secede Texas is right now in the process of basically minting its own money and backing it up with gold and silver and they've already passed uh measures in the house they've already come to an agreement and I believe Texas is about to spearhead a movement to divorce itself from the American economy and uh as soon as Washington realizes that this is real and it Texas is threatening to do this and Texas does provide the power for many other states where we have our own power grid we don't need the feds for anything believe me there's no way Texas can do this without also divorcing itself from the fed the treasury and the IRS so there's big things going on in Texas right now two years ago I released a video explaining that excuse me that uh in the eyes in the isometrics we can see that Texas is going to be a big mover and that it very well could create a breakaway State meaning the other conservative wealthy States would join Texas instantly not because they want to create a breakaway state but if Texas pulls all Financial Funding out and no longer supports the federal government then that means the federal government would have to lean on those other conservative States like Florida and other and other you know other states that are financially you know doing really well as opposed to all these liberal socialist states that have financially collapsed so oh it would create a domino effect Texas would Texas would would threaten to leave and then about 13 states would join it instantly and this would totally collapse this would totally collapse Washington because the way can't be supported on the liberal economies think big things are going on yes big things are happening in Texas right now I don't know if it's going to happen but what we're seeing is the flexing of muscle what we're seeing is Texas lawmakers basically saying you're not going to digitize our currency we're not going to have it you're not going to give over the American economy I mean the Texas economy over to foreign Banks we're not going to allow it that's what this type of flexing is I don't know if they're going to pass it or not I don't know where this is going to go but this is actually happening happening in the state of Texas right now a lot of people talking about moving to Texas why do you think all these fortunes all these Fortune 500 companies in the past five years have already come to Texas Exxon just a couple years ago opened up shop they Exxon has like a a city they built in between uh the woodlands and spring and yeah Elon Musk moved his headquarters to to Austin not saying move to Austin that's that's the most liberal whole bunch of them Joe Rogan Roseanne Barr there's a bunch of them that came to Texas now if a handful of you got together and there there is a lot of land in Texas available for very reasonable prices yeah right land's cheaper all around us right now we've got all kinds of nice properties some of them with houses some of them they're just playing Texas Texas has over 35 million citizens we don't know how many undocumented are here but but still the state is so large that that uh from where we're at in Willis Texas if we just drive to El Paso Texas we just drove half the distance to San Diego that's how wide Texas is and I'm not even talking about East Texas to all the way to Louisiana I'm just talking about from right here in Willis Texas Willis Texas to El Paso is exactly 50 of the journey all the way to San Diego Texas they've done studies and they've come to the conclusion that every human being on the planet could live in the state of Texas that's how big Texas is yeah man Texas has been bucking Texas has been bucking the feds ever since 2020. almost everything the Biden Administration has done Texans have been bucking on it Texas legislature you guys remember this all went hush hush but do you guys remember when all the Liberals and all the Democrats in in the in the Texas Senate decided to get on an airplane and fly to Washington so the Texas couldn't vote a certain law in you all remember that a voter of voting law yeah what happened our governor Greg Abbott issued orders for the immediate arrest of every single one of those lawmakers yeah I'm not she don't take my word for it yeah our governor was going to arrest her they stayed their asses in Washington for weeks until the media died down on it in Texas and left them alone and then they started making back door deals with the Republicans in Austin to come back and they started coming back one and two at a time coming back and when the others saw that they weren't going to be arrested they came back and they went ahead and did uh voted voted in they all came back but yeah Texas ain't playing you don't want to play ball and you want to be a liberal you want to be you want to you want to obstruct uh the Senate proceedings oh that's cool all law enforcement in Texas was ordered to arrest those lawmakers as soon as they appeared back in any airport yeah Texas does not play in guys in Texas is the greatest enemy right now that Washington has not not Vladimir Putin not China not none of that the greatest problem that that the liberal Washington DC establishment has right now is how powerful Texas is back in 2019 2020 during that thing that uh rhymes with uh Schmid gimmick it looked like every time I turn on the news it was like I was watching a drama series because I'll go to the store and it was nothing like all the liberal states where everything was being shut down people outside of Texas don't even know what's really happening here when when when the whole other world when the Biden Administration passed all those laws on guns making it more restrictive and gave more Powers what did Texas do immediately almost reversed everything okay in Texas now Jason I was showing him my new knife earlier today and he was like is that legal to have that I'm like bro you need to get caught up on Texas law because you can carry a samurai sword a switchblade a machete you can carry any kind of Blade with you in Texas yeah and open carry and uh un uh uncertified concealed carry like yeah all you have to do is be Texas past seven new gun laws you know what those gun laws are permissions and immunities no longer restrictions okay I carry an RPG yeah I'm gonna call BS on that [Music] no one's going to yeah yeah man that would be cool it's like uh the guy in Anchorman that's going to the fight and he's just holding a grenade I have a I have an odd sense of humor I apologize all right we're wrapped up man okay we're all good on time we didn't really get around to a uh a very good call out uh for members and uh all of our hard work and moderators but I'll just give you guys a shout out right now you members Mr C carmadoc The Force [Music] Recon Dawn Hart there's Peggy Bender Phoenix protocol James a Ryan Ali Michael's here Mary orceski if we missed you I'm sorry I was calling out members I think he was calling out uh moderators who's the Rhino from Texas that's crazy name yeah I know I wouldn't have that name less one we didn't mention her that's that's Big John for all of you thank you Michael Mesa oh no we're just I hope I pronounced your name right mesek mesic Michael masick he said some hey Carol listen Carol I see I just saw she donated 19.2 cents that's a 1902 1902. hey Carol listen you've got to get to that estate sale over there by your brother's place because when when John and I were going through the boxes we could not believe how many how those books were about herb lore and uh all kinds of homeopathic healing and you know all the stuff all this amazing stuff stuff that you're really into are in those deals and from what I know well there's only two two of the eight storages have books yeah you need to concentrate on those two we saw a lot of them all right guys this is the point where we start closing down so um just a reminder square peg I did not all right hello square peg here's your shout out so get your orders in only 150 coins available uh for this next order um if you send your money in and we've surpassed the 150 limit we'll discuss it and we'll either immediately just refund the money or give you the options to be first on the next list which is unknown at this moment so it's kind of it I don't think it would be a year but it would at least be in the fall before we do another one um yeah guys uh keep your keep your eyes and ears out for when we crack open the seal to um this new Endeavor called our KX TV it is me I am you can't really tell I have a very calm demeanor about most things in life so you can't really tell my level of excitement for a but in these past couple of weeks reaching out to people setting up interviews for the the the subject matter like I'm I'm so stoked that we can finally openly talk about this stuff no hold bars and just really really dig deep into these things and the fact that a lot of these are going to be open discussions where you can chime in for uh you know live q and A's and stuff of that nature but just keep in the loop um I'm sure Jason as soon as it's ready Jason will put it as a post um on the community section of the YouTube and I'll make sure it gets on Facebook and um I'm sure it'll be the first thing we talk about with the the next live video coming after the launch and we hope to see a lot of you we know we know all of you aren't going to make it over there to that channel um but we hope to see most of you over there because that's where if you notice during this one we brought up some things and I'm just like uh probably should kick it back can't talk about that I'm so I'm so done with that I'm done with that like it's it's ridiculous the level of censorship that we have to deal with um and that will no longer it'll no longer be a nuisance because we can just go at it face diaper said that it's operation rug pool 23. yeah operation Rogue pool like yeah I what baffles my mind is that you guys have no idea you think you know you have no idea the can of worms that we're ready to open I know you have some hot topics on the tip of your tongue and the the frontal lobe of your brain but you really have no idea the extent uh that we're going to on this new platform and that's not just a a gimmick to get you to come to the channel and to pay your five dollars and 52 cents that's just the reality of it I am I'm I'm grinning right now like I can't I can't wait oh we'll give we'll give we'll give some juicy Clues on or on YouTube as long as we don't season doesn't say nothing too much there there will be some teasers and uh yeah you guys you you probably won't believe some of the stuff in the people and administrations and establishments that we're going to be calling out all right let's see get it done hyrunt 138 get it done well you got anything else somebody said VM why 552 and not 508 both of them are good numbers 50 508 is three is a pi times five but 552 is 138 times four and I'm more I'm I'm more with the uh the Phoenix phenomenon numbers than I am the physics constant just be glad it wasn't 21.78. well that's right all right you good let's do that outro we got that badass outro let's do it thank you guys for the thank you guys for the donations thank you guys for participating sorry it's been a while since we did it live but uh we got some real good videos on the way because I never stop there are they're already prepared I'm just now really seeing my face on the screen now like this beard is getting out of control oh yeah you need to shave that all right all right guys we love you keep breaking free