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Written by Hans-Joachim Zillmer

"Everything seems proven: Earth is some billion years old. Scientific methods determine the ages of things. Geologists confirm the slow growth of rock strata and earth layers. Biologists prove that human beings gradually developed from protozoa to humanity. Both sciences substantiate each other’s theories. Are they one-legged men, one supporting the other? Or is the evidence they bring forth really secured?

If all things are exactly proven and explored, then we should ask ourselves, why we take certain phenomena for granted that we still are not able to explain. Why do we find dinosaur skeletons on all continents so close to the ground surface that, in some cases, the bones simply jut out of the ground? How come whole nests of eggs survived without signs of decay, and why were they not eaten by other animals? We simply accept that we make these findings after more than 64 million years – incredible findings, however, if we apply to them, what we know of history and the enormous time that has elapsed. Let alone that science is unable to explain, how petrifaction can take place on the surface at all. By merely lying around long enough? If so, then we should be able to observe this tendency towards surface petrifaction today. Why has no such process been documented?" [1]

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