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"The highly anticipated meeting of Martin Liedtke ,and Jason Breshears from The Archaix Channel is here!

Discussed topics included will be the Plasma Reset, and the possible relationship of the free energy source of Antiquitech, and the vapour canopy. The Chronology timelines, and the ever evolving simulation. However mostly we intend on free thinking and examining the stunning parallels in both our findings from our extensive research, and literature and a shared passion for the truth. This is set to be a very special live show Sit back and enjoy!" [1]

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okay good to see you all guys welcome back to a different sort of Latter day night tonight as you can see um we have been graced with the presence of Jason breshias as you know who is archaic's channel okay with much anticipated collaboration and chat uh concerning you know the you know the discoveries and research of myself and Jason um two very forward-thinking uh researchers I would say the one thing that I will say about you Jason is you do put in your due diligence and I totally respect that um so he's very well researched you know one of the one of the best in the world and he really knows his stuff and it just um independently you know like parallels collided with my mode of thinking so is the nature of Consciousness um so we're going to talk about um some of these subjects over the reset um the meaning of life and the nature of the realm of the way which we live in and the ever expanding evolution of Consciousness so we're all sharing together which I'm really grateful for thank you all Jason I'm excited to be here and uh we can we can thank our mutual friend for making this happen the same one that made the Meetup happen she's a she's exploding with energy and she seems to be all over the place doesn't she yeah she's omnipresent she's our new president front row seat Cheryl thank you so much we're talking about Cheryl you guys know who we're talking about yeah there she is so thank you for that so the Magic's here anyway so reset now let's um there are differences in our research um one of them I come up early on was the chronology the chronology um and you talk about the you know the the plasma reset on the plasma calendar if you like and being derives are coming from um tablets or the American calendar yeah you know the my yes the Mayan calendar it's an extinct system it's a system that worked prior to a reset that actually changed the number of days in the year the Mayan calendar no longer works this is why over 200 authors in German French and English had books about the end of the my Long Count doomsday 2012 in every single one of those authors was wrong and it's because they were imposing a a modern day chronology of 365.24 days on an older system that did not recognize that year this this most ancient calendar was developed in its first two thousand years of use was under a 360 day year but something terrible happened and what it did was it slowed the stellosphere this the sky it doesn't matter what your Paradigm is it doesn't matter if you believe the planets are real and all that the sky itself slowed by five days and a quarter of a day every single year and that one that one small detail in the year 713 BC which has been recorded widely by many different authors that that this event happened in the change in the calendar is a real historical event this one single episode in history changed every chronological system in the world except the 138-year Phoenix phenomenon because the 138-year Phoenix phenomenon is a type of programming it has nothing to do with the natural stellosphere the motion of the planets the motion it's on a different mechanism it's very difficult for people to wrap their minds around it that's why they have to actually see the chronological events as they unfold every 138 years before 713 BC and then every 138 years after all the way up till 1902 and then when they see that in my archaics veterans they know what I'm talking about once you see that you can't forget it if every system in the world changed their calendars in one year and it changed the chronological systems and calendars of every event after that except one unique phenomenon that happens every 138 years which involves these very cleverly hidden edits in society edits and economics edits and belief systems Edits edits and actual uh text that appear or disappear whole libraries even human civilizations vanish or just suddenly appear in these 138-year intervals and yet in almost every incidence this is covered up with some type of natural disaster phenomena that takes the stage in the narrative all the focuses is is on the Moon turning red rocks falling from the sky lightning bolts flux tube activity these electrical discharges that pass between the sky and fortifications that melt these buildings and make and make them look like like archaeologists find them whole areas that are covered in water are now shift and become deserts and the seashells are evident that there were prior bodies of water in very recent history and yet now yet now they're they're deserts with Cactus and stuff so this this uh phenomenon every 138 years though has something attached to it and that is this level of deception something else is trying to make these edits look like natural disasters when there's any they're anything but this is a cover-up and these things uh this phenomenon has caused some people to lose their minds you've seen the little videos on reset eyes and you know yeah you've done one of those some people just lose their mind the whole change in the programming they can't make the switch and they're stuck in the old Paradigm they lose their minds so they got to put them in these insane asylums they gotta they gotta find reasons why they should they're guilty of crime so they can go and execute them and get them out of the way they need to find uh reasons why they can use some type of social political scenario to put them in concentration camps starve them death and kill them they have to be removed from the system because their mind is still attached to the previous Paradigm pre-edit and they haven't made the switch like the rest of the pie population the rest of the population is fooled however there are there are elements in the population there are people that are so awake that they know what happened they realize what happened and they write books about it and this is where I get most of my archaic data people like Charles Ford who's specifically thoughts yeah he wrote four books they're all excellent book of the damn was the first but Charles Fort even called 1902 after documenting hundreds of items about the year 1902 and 1903 because a phoenix year goes from May to May Phoenix is not like our calendar the Phoenix year of 1902 went from May 190 or went from May 1902 to May to the beginning of May 1903 and that's where all this unusual phenomena happens that I've documented on my channel and Charles Fort called that period of time another Dark Age he did not try to guess what really happened all he did was document all the things that did happen and they don't make sense in retrospect when we will try to piece it together it was just fundamental changes in the architecture of our reality so many that I've had to produce like 80 something videos just showing people all the data of all of all this stuff and I still have more data coming in it's it's unbelievable and yet 95 to 99 of humanity lives through these resets without knowing anything unusual happened and they only suspected later on when they start talking to people and then all of a sudden it's a Mandela effect to them because they're like how things happen that's not helping I was alive then that's not how things happened but 20 years later all the history books say this is exactly how it happened and then because the history books say that and so many people believe the history books then all these things start manifesting into the program all this evidence starts appearing to conform with the new reality which is untrue wow it's deep Phoenix phenomenon is deep it is it it's so deep that many people come to my channel and leave within watching the first two or three Phoenix videos they're gone and a lot of them a lot of them come back but some people just can't deal with this with this reality it makes so much sense with the overlapping timelines you know that the strangeness the changes Rapids you know it's a bit like the movie Dark City but the editor you know I'm really I'm pleased you explained that I haven't seen the context yeah it's they they shift the whole realm overnight when everybody's resting and like literally new history new everything and everyone's just hey ho I'm with the show like when they're done with this well you know this this cycle but it makes so much sense with the arrivals um you know not knowing really it's just like a you know like we're in you know like you said some of us in your are remembering right right right well we have this we have this the last three Phoenix years were 1902 1764 and 1626. every one of those are 138 years apart 138 is not an arbitrary number 138 is actually attached to the Fine structure constant known known to physicists which is a a variable that cannot be absolutely determined by physicists they can only get closer and closer to the truth because it fluctuates at 137 points something but it's not quite 138 but in order to be a linear pattern in the holography there must be a minute break that break is necessary for it to be a pattern or it wouldn't be a pattern the breaks are necessary to identify the 138-year periodicity so the this Phoenix phenomenon is connected to the very structure of our reality itself because that's what the fine structure constant is but it's also seems to defy in totally ignore 1.618 which is the golden proportion yeah yeah it is five I'm getting Goose pimples yeah it also ignores 3.1 .1 switches Pi it also ignores 5.08 which is curvature which is determined by 5 times pi to to produce the moving curve so these main physics principles govern the unfolding of events throughout the human life and we we see the unfolding of these mathematical constructs every day in our lives when you pay attention to them but the 138 year structuring of the Phoenix defies all that just like it defied the addition of 5.24 days to the calendar that we experienced today because anybody anybody can verify that that the year is 365.24 days anybody can verify by that but if you look at all all the material from velikoski from Harold T Wilkins from uh Thor hire doll when you assimilate all the data from all the greatest Scholars who all published that the old world only knew one year and it was 300 60 days and when you divide all the ancient calendar systems by 360 days you find out really quick Dan this is true then you look at the historical record and you find citation after citation from Marcus Laurel to amianos marcelonis there are hundreds of ancient authors that all talk about this event that changed it was something in the sky that changed the year from 360 to 365.24 days this major edit in the way we perceive the passage of time is real and yet the Phoenix phenomenon totally ignored it it didn't care about the addition of five days every 138 years like clockwork it still occurs which is interesting because the Phoenix and ancient records is called The Keeper of the calendar and it was always venerated by like an Egypt was venerated by a goddess of the calendar but the Phoenix the Phoenix itself was is described in the Gnostic records that were just discovered in 1947 the nag hamadi Library the phoenixes specifically mentioned and it says that the Phoenix was was created to keep the archons in check and when you research what the archons are you find that they're the Lords of time as applied to the control systems over Humanity the archons were Sometimes good sometimes bad but but they created narratives that humans lived out spiritually for them yes in the archons they manipulate time they cause time dilations they cause all all the archons do everything to deceive Us in all kinds of different things but the Phoenix was designed to keep them in check the Nostradamus understood the Phoenix chronology I've got that I've got that widely published him in my last book brother first time I ever heard that word Nostradamus is sent ripples through my existence I was I didn't even know what that word meant right so I've been on a quest boom I even went to the town in south of France where he was where he was born wow not really here's a here's something very unusual so there's a French scholar named Mario reading he published a book like in 2004 2005 and he claims to have discovered a cleverly hidden date index that was mentioned in a letter a letter by Nostradamus to his son Michael so he had a son named Cesar and uh uh Mikel Del nostradam wrote another letter to the king of France when you put these two letters together it's talking about Nostradamus actually dated his quatrains they're not all rambled and jumbled and they're not subject to interpretation the exact dates for the events are coded in the quatrains so Mario reading explains how you decipher this deal and I learned I I read his book and I found out I said wow this is genius sure I read the Attica Cheetham wrote I haven't actually heard that version I've read three different books that were all published about nostradamus's quatrains by Erica chiefam but she does not use this data I've never heard that now the state index is interesting because Nostradamus in another letter to his son Cesar also mentioned the Phoenix by name he also mentioned how how how the last days were to be understood once the year 1903 was over so all this I have all this published in my published book called Nostradamus and the planets of Apocalypse uh you said oh in the email later today just to me just send me your mailing address and I'll send you a copy of that book I'll send you a copy of mine all this all this data on Nostradamus is cleverly hidden date index was published by Mario reading so Mario reading puts it out and nobody's paying attention to his book nobody cares about his book uh Mario reading committed uh the cardinal sin of publishing and he discovered a date index that can be verified over and over and over and historically verified with events that have already passed and yet when it came to Modern events during our lifetime he fell prey to what a lot of authors felt pray to with the 2012 stuff and he had to put on things in the quatrains that he thought were referring to 2012 because he bought into all that narrative about 2012 which was not the end of the mile long count the end of the by a Long Count ends in November 2046 and I show this extensions extensively in mathematics and shorts and I've had many other researchers come behind it and verify that my calculations are absolutely precise because in the Mayan system you have to count all one million eight hundred and seventy two thousand days from 3113 BC all the way into the future and that ends November 2nd of 2046. the 2012 date was was was invoked because of very bad scholarship and about 200 authors who never got a calculator out and did the math themselves they just went with what the scholars published you cannot take the Mayan Long Count which was predicated on a 360 60-day period and then apply 365.24 days to the whole system right and do that but when you do do that you get 2012. when you when you go by the Mayan mathematics and you account for the 713 BC anomaly when the calendar changed it's perfect not only is it perfect but each 144 000 day becton that leads up to the 13th back then in 2046 lands on a year where something very interesting happened all the way throughout history I have a book club that's called Anunnaki Homeworld that talks about this but since then I've released it way more new data so getting back to Mario readings date index it's amazing using only his date index all the quatrains that talk about the Moon turning red as blood rocks falling from the sky the Kings and Chiefs of the earth growing terrified and hiding in the Underworld oceans slipping their basins in coastal cities two of them named one of them is London them the Sid the city of Brutus is in the quadrants the other one is the new city of apples both of these cities in in the year in the month of May in 2040 are going to be underwater this is according to Nostradamus in his in his date index so when you look at the date index of lost Thomas all this stuff that I've published about the Phoenix happening in the month of May in 2040 is in his nostradamus's writings Nostradamus specifically warns the reader he says he says be warned there will be a great troubling in the month of May and the date index for that statement is 2040. and Mario reading didn't know anything about the Phoenix phenomenon or the 138-year sequencing and still nailed it on 1903 on 2040. he nailed it precisely not knowing any of these things just going by the date index that was revealed in nostradamus's quatrains in looking at only the quatrines that are that are identified in the date index you even find the number 138 encoded in in the centuries written by Nostradamus Nostradamus knew everything oh yeah I know you know about the Phoenix news you knew about the timing he knew he knew that there was going to be a great destruction and he goes into detail that right after May of 2040 there's going to be mass migrations from the Americas the the continent the new Atlantis the continent on the other side of the Atlantic and there will be a mass flooding of people coming to Europe in the Mediterranean returning to the lands of their ancestors Nativity Nostradamus saw all that these huge demographic changes happening in the world because of the 2040 event so and all that research is absolutely independent 100 independent of the Phoenix material because Mario reading didn't know any of that material no I need to read it I need to read it you know the car chains you know that adds all sorts of different translations you know anagorical and what that what have you but you know he just nailed so much you know he said about the prince of Corsica you know turning into a great emperor and then you had Napoleon and the great games in London and he sort of mentioned that the Deadwood rise and it's like just coincidedly with you know the Olympic Games and all of the strangeness that are unfolded following that so yeah um he's definitely on the money and there's definitely a feeling with it all these codes and these ciphers that you're on to um I get a real feel for Chase you know I guess it's a magic it's like this this is something that I'm always telling my listeners because it's vitally important that people understand this tenet if something is true it will always be seen from multiple different mathematical Vantage points this is my litmus test this is why on my channel when I'm asserting a point I will show two or three or four or five different ways to get to the same the same point because when I when I'm doing my research if I find something that's very interesting and I can't find any collaborating or or anything that commiserates with don't run with it it's a it's a coincidence and I need to leave it alone I can say I've been saying I'm exactly the same I I just need to like you know correspond correspond I just you know when it when it's true it just resonates anyway you just get that feeling and that you just can't leave her alone but some you know this this whole subject you know the but what some might call the terrifying truth of it all and it gives you a new A New Perspective on the realm doesn't it you know on the on your whole life Viewpoint well yeah let's put it in perspective okay okay so what does the Phoenix phenomenon mean to us are in the immediacy in the immediacy the very fact that something has been so well meticulously documented from so many different different perspectives and sources time periods and different authors researchers and putting it all together the very fact that this is real absolutely infers the impossibility that we're living in a natural world as presented by the scientists in the world of Newtonian science scientists does not work none of it's true and so this is why the sky to me is a stellar sphere it is exactly what is described in Genesis as luminaries they're not described as another world out there it's described as luminaries that allow us a lot of information if we study them you can translate that into astronomy you can translate that into astrology you can translate that to its base common denominator as pattern recognition any way you want to look at it the sky is designed is specifically said for times Seasons calculations for us to be able may be able to basically live by calendars this is what the whole because if there was no sky AI that showed us stars there would be almost no way to calculate the passage of time itself other than something that has been historically historically been shown to be an error which is the motion of the sun has changed four times in human history the motion of the Moon doesn't even count because it's in a dead it's in a dead movement we're only seeing one face meaning that that we're looking at a cookie cutter image in holography we're not looking at a real sphere we're looking at something that everybody in the world has only seen one face of the Moon and that's for a reason that's not a real orb it's not on a real orbit the Moon is something else now because there are people like Crow 77 that uh 777 that have actually shown in uh videos you can see the stars through the dark part of the Moon you can also see where the sky Sim actually up glitches every few seconds it upgrades it's like a line that went over the whole sky and everything moves slightly this is how the stellosphere works it's just like a television it only shows a certain amount of images and frames per second the human eye can't even detect those frames you have to slow a camera down and look but when you do like Crow 777 did you he thought it was a lunar wave I have I have commented on this channel I don't even know if he ever responded to it but I have comment on his channel and say hey man congratulations on your Discovery I do believe that that lunar wave actually is a line that passes over the entire stellosphere but you can't see it against that black background you can just see it against the white of the moon so I believe it passes over the whole sky and I believe it does it about 60 60 times a second and you gotta slow a camera down to be able to see it but every time it passes every pass there are slight variations in the changes and it gives us the illusion that the things in the sky are moving I like that I like that a lot I believe the sky is technological just like the feet the Phoenix yeah yeah the lights luminaries I will go with that you know that's that's all we can really know they can have a pie enough to take a look anyway you're right absolutely yeah see when you're when you're when you're trying to marry different concepts we have to reduce them to their lowest common denom denominators Martin so this is why I have fully embraced all my flatters Brothers to talk talk to them about all stuff because I've seen I have on my shelf I have uh uh what is the main one that always cites synthetic astronomy Gleason's book Lisa No Yeah Yeah from 1890s I have Gleason's book I also on my channel showed Eric Dube or Eric Dubai I don't know how to pronounce it yeah I showed his book on my channel and flipped through it uh I don't know I I don't know where I stand with Eric Dubai I've met somebody that knows him but he uh he he had been hunting my channel for a little while but other than that I don't know anything about him but I did show off his book on my channel I am on board with the fact that all that because from a computer simulated perspective any time that a coder wants to begin to build an a virtual Universe he has to start with a flat plane there's no other way to to build upon Minecraft like Minecraft the all programmers will tell you they'll start on a flat plane and then they can introduce holography that gives the gives the player the idea that they can go up down left right go out there but in actuality they they're not moving it's the whole Holo field that has this world is moving around them I call this a reality tunnel I know I said biggie with me it's a biggie it's all emotion I realize and I feel like I'm still I feel like my soul is still not exactly I'm not moving I'm not emotion the whole world is in Emotion around me well hey I want to I want to address uh a crossover between your research and mine I don't know how deep you've gone into this but I'm going to tell you now with my own with my own uh listeners I have not even talked about this subject but I am I am pretty much convinced unless somebody can show me a lot of counter evidence but I am pretty much convinced that those Tales of comets and the and and what we're seeing with the Rockets entering in the the the the the Halo in Halo orbit which is not in space Halo is high altitude low orbit it's still under this firmament but what we see to me looks just like when energy or semi-physical objects are passing through water this is what it it almost Comet Tails things that are in that are that are high in the sky unusual aerial phenomena that I see in the in the 13th 14 15 16th century wood Cuts all these pictures from uh um it doesn't make sense to me why we're seeing it looks like if you were in if you were underneath a lake and you were looking up through the speed boats going overheads yes about going overhead and it looks exactly the same the water tail passing through light is identical to a glass well it doesn't show that it's a medium of water that we're dealing with up there I'm sure as well a thinner viscosity I'm on board that there's an ocean above and that NASA has done everything to keep us from that fact oh this is why I don't believe we have satellites up there Everything is Everything is in Halo Orbit on balloons everything you uh I mean it becomes ridiculous the more the more the more we I don't even want to get into NASA I have whole videos about NASA the whole the whole narrative that they pushed on us is almost as if let's build this little go-kart and put tin foil on there let's see how many believe this [ __ ] and it's almost like they're they want us to disbelieve and they're and it's almost as if they're like I can't believe these people believe this [ __ ] yeah but even the Rockets even all this crap of SpaceX and Elon Musk sending Rockets up it's ridiculous you know reverse reverse pressed the thing can go backwards and lands with us I am I I refuse to believe that the U.S military spent so much money on operation Fishbowl and then did not share that information with the corporate America yeah there's no life I know it just makes no sense there's a big investment since World War II you know enough chucked into it you know and no information of what went on so yeah I I'm that's I believe that uh 1963 that was it they they learned 100 that we are contained we are in a containment field and there ain't no getting out so they they once they realize there's no going up and they tried it different areas of the Pacific and Atlantic and they're real okay there's no going up that's when they started going to the edge and they try to try and they try to do their experiments and all this [ __ ] there so I don't know I'm not an authority on these topics I'm a simulationist and as a simulationist I have seen no evidence of other continents yet although I know it's a popular Theory however I am on board with the fact that several ooh parts we have found like the Voynich manuscript yeah so it doesn't make sense unless there is another land mass that is populated by humans that we have not yet had contact with or publicized contact with and the reason I say this is because we have U.S cryptologists that are now using sophisticated software to decipher Sanskrit decipher the term Basin uh text that have been found under the Gobi desert and uh um um the this civilization that went from the Terran Basin all the way to the Gobi in in Asia we have these cryptologists and this software is able to decipher any enemy codes uh all kinds of stuff and yet every test they have done on the Voynich manuscript shows that it's some type of linguistic text it has patterns but we have absolutely no way to translate this book Incredible isn't it where did it come from because it didn't come from Europe it didn't come from Asia it didn't come from Australia didn't come from New Zealand it didn't come from any known area because linguists this is what they do and I will always defer to the Professionals in their field I'm never gonna I'm never gonna unless it's absolutely ridiculous but when it comes to Linguistics I'm not a master but I can cite the Masters and they are baffled as to the origin of this text and it's not one there's four of them the voyage The Voyage manuscript is only one book it's the most famous but nobody's been able to crack it and decipher it and that's a problem because there should be somewhere in the world a Rosetta Stone type document that would allow us to understand how to break this down so uh yeah so it's there are ooh parts that are inexplicable outside the context of there's another population that's accessible to us but they're not in any known parts of the world that we know of today yeah well I definitely feel that there's other lands even in a simulation you know maybe it's just because we haven't seen it there it hasn't rendered just yet yeah well I mean it's a it's a look at it look at it like our world which you've seen on a flat Earth Map the official United Nations map the NASA map is all flat earth oh I just showed one uh in a video yesterday I just released a video yesterday uh it's only eight minutes long but I show a flat Earth Map that's from a book from 1859. it's all it's we it's not I don't know about the rendering part because I think that anything that exists in the past or in the future also exists now we can look at this we can look at this from the perspective of we are so infinitely small that our world seems to be huge but this could be just one spiritual Ant Farm next to thousands of others I would go with that I really do think that there are others I think that they're possibly aware of us you know this the whole Phoenix narrative is just it's tightly um encoded into the whole um alchemical architecture it's just absolutely everywhere the whole narrative for it you know I was only looking earlier at Sir Christopher Wren and the famous narrative um after the Great Fire of London uh so Paul's Cathedral burns down and then just out of pure coincidence they find a stone that says resurgeon which is to rise from the flames and that stone is there today you can see it I have I have a video about that I show them you know it's in the narrative it for sure is homoziliads though you know the following it's the fall of the classical world it's it all got melted Charles thought though he did say that there was two methods of purification he said that one was definitely plasma and the other water yeah well oh in the in the uh you know what I don't even want to mispronounce this but it's EP kyrosis of the ancient Greeks the Epic chirosis of the ancient Greece Greece was a it was a theological model that the world the world goes through periods of Destruction one is by water one was by fire and and it's long periods that stretch I feel pompous thought it was 3 000 years every three thousand years I don't know I don't know but but uh uh the epicurosis I can't believe I can't remember how to pronounce that a word but this uh I will say this if we're dealing with other lands then by necessity I'm thinking that the greatest access to any other lands no matter what no matter what state of development your infrastructure is in would be by sea so if it's by sea and we have so many different ships logs of of islands like outside of Easter Island there was Davis Island Davis Island Davis Island was populated and it was mentioned on Old British Church yeah one day uh English Navigators are going by and they recorded that Davis Island was in there anymore they had to circle around because they thought they'd lost their bearings yeah Davis Island full of people just vanished it was gone but it's not the only one that William Corliss has the the Source book project and he documents many other civilizations that were that were identified cataloged their their longitude and latitude was was recorded and then also they're gone which which basically leads us to 1626. that was that was on the 138 year timeline so was 1764. and then 1902 I don't want to go into 1902 because my own listeners they already know I've got like 81 videos on on the Phoenix and many of them addressed 1902 in 1903. but when it comes to 1764 we have something very unique as well that was 138 years earlier but as soon as 1764 came down in 1763 we had a world of Europe controlled by kings and queens Dukes Barons robber barons all that and then in one year's time all of a sudden revolutions just erupted in the 13 colonies Boston Tea Party spread throughout the United the British crown it spread throughout Europe and within a 20-year period all the monarchies of Europe collapsed to republics and democracies United States became collapsed from 13 royal colonies into a republic a constitutional republic this massive give massive change in the demographics uh happened on a phoenix year in 1764 was also noted for many inventions that suddenly appeared on the world stage that now allowed for Western expansionism being able to feed multitudes of people uh and led to many other things like the development of steam engines development of all kinds of things that were just on the horizon so 138 years before that was 1626 1626 North America only had three or four Spanish constructions that were like little little Holdings and colonies that were spread far out and there was a small tiny English presence of a few hundred people on the east on the eastern coast 1626. something happened to normal yeah yeah that was 1587 1597 when when the very first English colonies they just they vanished completely gone so uh yeah they're investigated by others that came in but now listen I don't want to turn that too much into a mystery because Roanoke uh could have been because the English were laying claimed by by putting a colony there they were laying claim claim to the coast that could have been Portuguese or Dutch came in and murdered those people yeah kidnapped them and and and and then tied a tied a stone around their legs and sank every one of those people to the bottom of the city can't kill holds them all because this was a territorial War everybody was trying to get chunks out of North America and if the English already had a colony there they had a royal claim and they could have sent warships to defend it so the best thing to do for a competitor was to come in there round everybody up make it look like a mystery take them out to see and sink them so they'll never be seen again yeah I think I know that stuff happens in the real time for sure so uh yeah I know a lot of channels have tried to turn that into a big mystery but I think really we have to to look at it from its lowest common denominator that this was a land grab war and nobody had control of North America yet so this was 15 this was the 1580s and 1590s so uh nobody respected the Spanish claim that they had all North America nobody respected it they ignored it and after the Spanish lost almost their entire Armada going around Ireland yeah so they were yeah they were awesome it was a huge power move to sail all the way around England in the Armada and then they got wiped out this is why I just think it's all technology you know I I I I I think that you know I mean the school of thought that this is a comet that we're talking about yeah so so we have this uh scenario in 1626 where people like static in the attic and others have shown Maps they've showed maps of the early 1600s they don't look like anything after 1626 1626 now has the Great Lakes they don't even show up on 80s yeah yeah this is crazy Great Lakes don't even show up on your prior Max but your uniformitarian evolutionists are all claiming that it took hundreds of thousands of years of glaciers to melt to create those Great Lakes but that's not what the geology shows and that's not what the ancient maps show hell they hell the maps from 600 years ago don't even have Isa in Antarctica no no way no no no we have mountain ranges and rivers and coasts and and it's all been everywhere is green and Lush you know I covered um this book you know plasma reset you know pretty much what we're talking about but I I've shown evidence of North Africa the Sahara Desert uh being a green and Lush lands with a beautiful glitter in Civilization where he is now dust well you do know in the in the in the writings of strabo who is a Greek geographer uh also in diador sicilis who is also a historian photographer they both mentioned that North Africa Sahara Desert all almost the entire thing used to be called the Triton sea oh interesting it was called the tritancy and because of a disaster it drained out now that that goes in tandem with my own presentations where I show that the Ancients were well aware that the Great Pyramid complex was underwater and this is where the water damage came on the Sphinx and on the Sphinx Temple because the white Limestone casing blocks were on all three pyramids and they protected the pyramids from water damage but over 900 years ago a geographer an Arab geographer named al-bir Rooney wrote a book called the wonders of all Nations and in that book he describes the Great Pyramids having a brown ocean stain halfway up The Monuments but somebody since he recorded that has removed all those casing stones but what they couldn't remove was in the 1760s and 1770s Englishman Frederick Norton Lewis traveled to Egypt and he studied the Great Pyramids when they were still half buried in sand and the Sphinx he drew it it's up to its neck yeah he drew it all and then he also documented that the entire Giza Plateau was covered in seashells and fossils of marine life so all this has been swept under the rug and hidden by egyptologists they act they act like Napoleon didn't dig all these pyramids out the highways he's not actually he made a statement he's not he's not actually happy with me apparently yeah almost can't stand my guts like us I I proposed like if the pyramids may have been Noah's ax or acts because of their um basically the the Beaver Dam technology you know they could withstand a wave hitting it well an art an ark is a container of knowledge and in the in the in the academian tablets cuneiform tablets we have the story that napistem was specifically told or atrahasis was specifically told to build a city and a monument into into conceal the libraries of the pre-flood world uh in a container so they would be preserved through the flood and then after the flood go back to that location and get them out so you can start your libraries After the flood well he's describing an ark an arc is anything that is yeah it makes so much sense it's an archive you describing an arc an ark is not just a ship it's only called an ark because it preserves things through a disaster that is that is what an ark is for this is what the Ark of the Covenant was in the Old Testament it was never to be used for a long period of time that's why they quit using it after they settled in the land of Israel it's because the ark was only temporary to get them through a tumultuous period but uh it was to protect things now I'm not telling you here that that story is true I'm telling you that's what the narrative is that's what the use of the ancient Egyptian Arceus for it was to carry something of Great Value from one location to another but it's all super super interesting yeah um I want to just throw this out there for the help of uh people out there actually um you know there was um some you know all ancient civilizations have gone missing so we know we pretty much know why but it's one of them with the you know there's a few of like these scenes themselves who knew about this realm and the you know they've hijacked Consciousness to manifest it for them icons whatever you want to call them and what it's actually ours and the world is our oyster and that we can manifest through positive intent and this you know and there is more lots lots more to this um whatever this is this reality oh there's no doubt the scenes are very interesting very we don't know we just surmised that the essenes are the culture that left the Disney Scrolls we don't know it's a theory it's a theory and I'm not for or against it but what's interesting to me is that whoever left the Dead Sea Scrolls The Scholar uh akaria s who wrote some really profound material about the biblical the Old Testament in the New Testament she had she had done her research on the density Scrolls and determined that the culture who left those records were waiting on an apocalypse event that involved the Phoenix cycle she published this I cite her but uh yeah she mentions the Phoenix a lot too and and uh she believed it was something that happened over over 500 years had to pass before a phoenix cycle and because it was that period of time people often forgot it but but uh yeah it's a acaria s is her name and she has some really good writings about about those Dead Sea Scrolls as well and how they relate to to uh they were a doomsday cult yeah they were they were the Doomsday Club did you ever look into the work of Michael drosnan and the Bible codes I read the book like within well I've got all of them and I cited them in my book as well because you know um Elijah rapes he created the skip code um you know they they literally averted the assassination of um of rabine yeah I'm gonna put this in perspective about Michael draws in his research all right yeah sure okay we're dealing with ancient Hebrew mesoretic texts where individual characters carry numerical value now we're also dealing with a fanatical scribal tradition of absolute preservation of older texts into into the newer text you you know that they counted the bottom of the Scrolls the scroll counts had to be counted now this is also the same culture that promotes the the uh all the talmudic writings the mid-ration the mid-rashic text it's the same culture and you know it's got some really effed up stuff this is why a lot of people were turned off on my own channel just because I exposed this one dark aspect of the Hebrew culture doesn't mean all Jewish people are evil at all but there is an element to their culture we are all aware of some of that strange yes very very very nefarious activity that is recorded by the Romans and recorded by the French from every single country in Europe absolutely these are things I'll be discussing on I'm not going to talk about them on YouTube but but anyway we thought Michael draws this code it's this is 100 evidence to me that we live in a simulated context because codes within codes within codes within codes are exactly what we're experiencing right now honestly everything from the will that ever existed is in the Torah matrices this is why somebody is very spiritually attuned they can choose a method that allows them to see the cracks in the holosphere it doesn't matter if it's astrology it doesn't matter if it's Gematria it doesn't matter if it's these Bible codes it doesn't matter if it's they invent their own occult system of interpreting reality because many people have it doesn't matter how how their method entails because if they're spiritual they're led by intuition and intuition is going to reveal to them the right information whether whether the method is incorrect or not it doesn't even matter so what Michael drawsen has found using computer software is very real to me because like I said if something is true it's going to be seen from multiple different mathematical Vantage points so if things are already codified to happen in the in the overall construct that doesn't mean that they're codified to happen in the individual and this is another message on my channel we're living in two separate distinct realities at the same time one of them is highly specific to you it's your reality tunnel your own personal reality tunnel is not governed by the collective but it can be depending upon how you react with your environment in the information you get or you can be a highly individualized Immortal soul and you can begin observing reality objectively and then reality will start playing a game with you it will start showing you what's real as opposed to what's what's not but it doesn't mean you will have the ability to show other people how faking artificial everything is because this is an observer dependent construct and you can learn things standing right next to somebody who is absolutely blind and not vibrating on the same frequency you are so Michael draws in his discoveries actually show me that there are multiple layers to this holography and it's just like a mandelbrot set oh yes the more you look at the code the more of the code reveals to be repetitive patterned and yet still changing slightly in his nuances which means we can translate that to applications which means in the collective you can follow all the narratives and they'll still be fed to you but if you want to change your perspective in a mandelbrot set you'll see a whole new reality on phone that other people can't see wow You'll see something else on nature is the realm yeah it's the nature of the spirit we're really creating our own realities in the individual it's only in the collective that everything is fixed prophecy is fixed events are fixed major events in world history they're fixed this is a program and we are Immortal Souls passing through it and your level of life is dependent upon how much you have an exchange of information with the oversoul when you finally give up trying to save the world and you start trying to enjoy it um well but I couldn't have put that better myself it's just so it's a common message on my channel I'm always reminding my listeners that because a lot of people have they've developed psychosis they've gone into the great accusations to their children and their family because they have this innate desire as a spiritual being to save the world but you're not here to do that this is a construct and you were designed to pass through it you can wake up people in your immediate environment but the construct itself will go to war with you if you try to save the construct from itself this is a program and you can't fight the program you will always lose what you can do is live by example if you want other people to see and experience the things you you enjoy then you have to be that Beacon can't tell people you have to show them that's another tenet of my channel I'm not trying to tell people stuff I'll always showing and demonstrating because this is how you reach other Souls Souls do not react to preaching they do not react they don't react to a verbiage period they react to frequency frequency and emotion and as you said intuition which is my greatest gift in this place I think yeah intuition is a predecessor of knowledge it will always lead to White yes honestly you need the right amount of intellect to balance it so you can get it right or try to um I agree yeah but I think it's a fact I could be a fabulous life for everybody if you know they could just drop opposition out and no um how easy it is to interact with it you know and change you know you've done stuff that like changed reality in a way in a manner of speaking my whole reality has changed considerably and you know I've only been out of prison six and a half years wow in that six and a half years um you know my first three years were like oil and gas I was working hard and and uh I did all that just to just to buy a 2018 you know Harley-Davidson Fatboy motorcycle and then I ended up and then for a while I ended up living on it so yeah I didn't have anything I'm not laughing that's that's really bad yeah well moving on and then oh I started my YouTube channel from basically a wooden Shack this is exactly what it was it was a house that had fallen apart and it the house itself had been built in the 30s or 40s it was already falling apart that's where I started my YouTube channel my first like 50 or 60 videos or from inside that inside that environment you can see it in the background and that took 300 and something videos before I even broke a thousand Subs so after I hit a thousand Subs I started growing a little bit faster but once I hit 3 000 like 500 Subs I had my first podcast then I started growing really fast and and my second podcast was Santos bonaccially that launched me him and Logan him and Logan were on the podcast but since then I mean all I do is demonstrate the very principles that govern my own life I show my listeners hey man this is what I'm doing I I've even done rituals where I show hey man hey here's mother this is exactly what I did and this is exactly what happened 24 hours later and I show exactly the very things that I teach I live by and I show how it works in my life and now uh now I can't ask for a better life I have an awesome life you have you got an awesome life and it's highly commendable what you did and you deserve it you know it just goes to show that that realm in the past it doesn't even exist it's not easy it doesn't exist it was in your mind in your imagination it was never there all restrictions are self-imposed there's no doubt it yeah so there's no doubt this is being absolutely Shivers all the way through this kind of conversation today Jason just feels really really right yeah we get in somewhere I think so well as you know I've seen one of your videos where you were talking was I think it was two yeah you were talking to two ladies yeah that you that you had so you're sitting with you and y'all were talking about Oh I thought was interesting because it's something I had looked into I was going to do a future video about it but oh the very fact that so many of our colloquials come from the maritime laws and come come from the fact that the the shipping guilds like like the like the East India Trading Company and all these old Maritime rules and navigation laws a lot of people don't realize just how many of our little witty sayings and and all that stuff comes straight out of that that material show even even the legal parlance in our courts today no mirror they still mirror the old maritimes current the finance system currency the liquidation you know and then the whole banking system the bank itself that's also a c thing every single thing is maritime related in this place I'm ex-motion Navy right oh okay yeah so um so this thing can you know like my son we got a boat we got sailing like regularly this is our thing the sea is being my life and my father was a captain so I grew up on ships you know the uh like the old term that's a long shot yeah yeah that is to do that that is um basically when you're dropping for sounding yeah and then of course uh uh in America it's not real popular to say it although I've said it on my channel a few times but when you when you're described when you're describing a big mess you call it Flotsam and Jetsam when something's going on but you idiot you want to wait you say we're gonna wait for that to tide over yeah yeah I had another one what about funerals wake yeah the wait a funeral awake and I come from the from behind us so the whole thing the birth process so we're in water we start in water then we go through a canal okay a bird and then we're birthed yep okay yeah the whole thing is there so what about feeling blue do you remember where feeling blue came from no oh look in in the 16th and 17th century the turmoil feeling blue came it was very rare but at Sea if the captain of the ship died at Sea legally by law they had to fly a blue flag because it told other captains for other other nations that that ship is off limits even at War they respected the blue flag but uh yeah feeling blue they had to fly a blue flag to let everybody know we don't have we do not have a question right now yeah that's where feeding blue came from and then taking it back taking it taking it back you know today in America taking it back means you're startled you're surprised yeah yeah taking it back was when the sailors got surprised because of a back wind that reversed the sails before they were they were able to change all this the rat lines and all that yeah yeah yeah yeah bang on it is no no I remember oh well one my one my family used to say all the time oh Jason you need to pipe down but uh that's another one pipe down come straight out straight out of the old old Naval parlance but uh they used to say to me Martin what's wrong with you Yes Y'all pipe down was uh piping Down The Hammocks is what it was it was fun down the hatches that's another one as well make C ready I use all the seeds you know like hold fast I need to add that to my list batting down the hatches on the hatches hold fast I totally forgot about that one yeah oh toe the line dead reckoning come straight out of the naval parlance and with the news as well so you've got you got an Anchorman Avenue Italian Anchorman yeah that's a good one yeah it's like catching you like an anchor yeah no we need to stop dead in the water is another one network fat Network it's like position and you get school which is a school of fishes yeah man you're right yeah we can go on you know what I'm pretty sure I can't see the comment section right now because I got I'm in your stream yard page but I'm pretty sure the comment section's been blowing up with others we haven't even thought about oh I haven't even looked at it I've been I've been too engrossed in the conversation actually but yeah there's um there's just a shot of a thousand people there or buzzing away I'm sure they're all uh yeah man and I I'm not doing that trial thing so hey uh in an email you would mentioned that you you mentioned you want to talk about like a tickle Tech so I want to I want to verify something because somebody had told me uh when they found out that you and I were going to be doing a podcast they had they had told me some things about your channel that that was crossover between mine and I'm wondering uh did you coin the term antiqua Tech I did I did I did I did this live on one of my one of my shows the only funny thing that happened is one of my friends Lee was in the chat and he went Martin That's absolute genius but you're gonna have to spell it spell it right yeah you know I I just coined loads of terms like antiqua tent you know it all just like Antiquated because I think there was something going on with the dad as well as an energy source possibly well the integral Tech is it should be entered into uh it should be entered into our Merriam-Webster's dictionaries the word uh uh we really need to put together like a truther dictionary and it just goes into all these terms like Helios I think I I think there's listeners too that could probably provide value in that but it's really come it's really come down to it since the truth or Community uses so much of its own vernacular we do we're trying to get away from the Fanatics you know isn't it this is um antiquita Tech active isn't it a coincidence that the Phoenix is um you know it's it's it sounds like Phoenician and phonetics which is the language you're all you know there's a definite connection to me and even with the voyage manuscript you know it's very watery theme I know there's plants on there we don't know what they are and you know but they they do look a bit like the cherubin and I really do feel that there's something going on with you know I know I go on about this Phoenician narrative but we don't know anything about them they're a mystery they just see people they turn up in Mass you know in mass and then everything changing over speaking their language so something definitely not only that they built they built a fortress that the whole world thought for a thousand years was absolutely impregnable and even Alexander of Macedon and when he became Alexander the Great had actually almost given up on the project but he told his generals to go ahead and just extend the coast so they literally built a bridge out of rocks and wood and just kept piling it out to get out there because they knew if they attacked it by ship it would be impregnable so they extended the land out to the city of Tire which was on its own Island you know the Kings attire that's the Phoenician Capital yeah even even King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon couldn't take it but yeah the Phoenicians were genius they're absolute genius and everything masters of water I think there's more going on I think the the you know I I everyone's pointing a thing uh you know for a culprit aren't they in this um you know this artificial thing but you might find this interesting I do because I've never seen it before right well it's called this is It's a French um engraving called mirrors of the past um dictating our future and it's really really interesting that's a phoenix 100 percent oh no doubt about it and it shows always shows the you know the plasma box but it's so heavily encoded you know this electromagnetism I always thought that was the Gorgon which is the serpent you know there's The Rock in there first the floor but it's weird that there's um some sort of um selection process going on so it says hey go go to the bottom those two skeletons that are embracing they have technical diagrams attached to them well that's what I was just getting to yeah well what it is I think there's some sort of selection process during Armageddon where like you know you've got a ticket to get in the bunker so a guy he's like obviously he's gone through the reset the rest of being eaten because they're all dead and he's he's one in um you know reset food or whatever there's people here italianette and you know I'm sure you can see this skeleton here with this symbol that looks like yeah I don't know a bong or something so what he's doing he's holding Charter so most of them are plasma blind okay yeah because the the you see it right you know the serpents are still um it's it's an allegory for electromagnetism they're blind from there's even a song by Jack White and it says it's the eagle it says it's the it's legal to Blind shoe which is the Phoenix the blinds you the flash the blinds you so they're all blinded and waiting for whatever they're gonna get and these I'm guessing of the Freemasons or whoever it doesn't matter but the elites who thought that they would get the word you know the Willy Wonka's golden ticket which is marked around their neck as a skull and crossbone type of Affair well it's the public pyramids and the crossbones so I I'm saying that it is um that sort of fraternity but even they are not faring very well in it all you'll see yeah not very well at all but the rest and it's some sort of you know they're doing a deal they're aware the elites are aware of this this same this nature of race they've left it in contemporary music for us to follow for the longest time okay Martin uh you're gonna get an email from me because I need to see these pictures I've got hundreds I've got hundreds just like it I collect allegorical images like this one is like basically the Phoenix in in allegory in but in alchemical terms also shows plasma reset in this book I can pass you that um hieroglyphicum they're a series of books and all these show is plasma reset the Phoenix is in it over and over again as the main player also the owl seems to be a main player but always the Phoenix yeah as a main player for reset and these are highly you know these are amazing Engravings from you know their and they have this deeper Masonic codes in as well we know the pyramids yes you know with the it's automatics obviously it's based um but always the code of the uh the Phoenix the owl you can see down there in the corner you know they're Fantastical books these hieroglyphicum they're called hieroglyphicum and they are just show you how the whole everything you just explained in pictorial form you know right yeah well I know I I've got several videos showing all the alchemical associations to Phoenix and the reset but but these right here I'm I'm going to admit to you I have never seen the ones you're showing me now oh listen I'll pass you these Jason I've got hundreds hieroglyphicums and emblematis if you get older than they show you the whole story in one picture you know the behind the curtains it's even showing like a celestial sphere or the canopy even if you like I think the canopy is then curtains they're showing you in all of the alchemical depictions it's the kind of you know the the canopy over it or the vapor canopy if you like and I definitely think there's a Time coming when it will be active again look at that for an image let me blow that up the Sinister like they don't know what's going on you know so I changed to this uh this this fake ass Paradigm that they've sold everybody right The Duality you know the Janus duality and uh so sorry incredibly encoded but as I say it's automatic the plasma reset you see this guy with this with the legs you're always with the wings open always with the plasma bolts coming out of it and oh just in it's just every single one of them just explain what you've just said it's a thing um I I tried to attribute to like I'm a weapon technology which I included which was the fachets because the Romans show these plasma bolts and the Phoenix wings on their old uh Shields Etc it's always about the Plasma on their Shields and yeah so um well I went into a letter in an electromagnetic sense this was in the context of my first book but um it just goes to show that you know that it's part of the narrative it's definitely there yeah it's amazing it's the um they would say in a lot you know I used them the eagle for my decoding but in hindsight now when I look back um it was it was the uh it was the Phoenix this is the symbol for the Jesuits and as you can see again plasma bursts coming out of it everything is plasma burst and a Greek coin plasma burst you know it's just it's they can't you can't even get away from it once you know you know it's all deeply encoded into the cross the cube all of it and funny you should mention that the act of the Covenant funny see this picture here I don't know if you can just see it but behind it's like um what looks like a faraday cage just behind it oh yeah that's just like a chain-link fence yeah probably to keep the radiation done once it's in there right but the Beatles the Apple definitely uh part of the codes as well they tell us enough I know she got a Beatles t-shirt on there today yep yes sir okay about you so if I stop sharing screen for some so yeah and pass you loads of them hieroglyphicums and um they're members just you know just tells you everything you need to know about this about this place honestly and the reset so I'm just any questions you'd like to ask us there's a lot of people in charge just over a thousand in chat anybody yeah don't worry about SpaceX and what we don't actually discuss like Mass Effect things or anything like that because they're not a reality I feel like discussing the NASA a a Disney movie like it's real which we don't do so Yellow Submarine I don't think it's yellow anymore if you think if you look into you'll find out the Yellow Submarine is not it's now an orange submarine but yeah loads of clues in that because they got two different sets of beetles haven't they in the Yellow Submarine you know almost like there's a different reality going on you have the um you know do you ever look into the two different sets of beetles I have never really looked into it but I mean I'm I do believe that their phenomenon exists because a buddy of mine showed me about you know the Clone I've never really paid attention to the cloning and all all the modern politicians I never really cared it doesn't really have a lot to do with my channel but it's really interesting to to see five or six different pictures of President Joe Biden back when he was a Senator and each pitcher is a blow up of his ears and his ears are absolutely D you got two different types of ears the kind where the lower lobe goes straight into yeah and there's no indentation and then the kind of indents like mine you know what I mean there's a there's a rise in the ear and there's like an indentation well all of his are like mine they indent but the Joe Biden that's on the news every day right now his lower earlobes go straight down there's no indention whatsoever it's not the same dude it's not the same guy even his eyes look different I was like Wow and until I saw all the pictures all in front of me my buddy showed it to me on his phone he says look here's all here's Joe Biden in the 70s here he is in the 90s here he is in 2018 I'm like wow okay that's all the same guy and it's all the same ear now here he is today totally different guy yeah I couldn't believe it I was like wow man I think you just mandelid me dude come on I think this is all these are they're all actors aren't they and it's just this world stage for everybody else I don't believe anything I had any of it is real you know like um you know um Charles Manson yeah when you Google him and look at his videos he's got like a swan sticker on one he's got a cross on another he's got nothing on another it's like hang on how many Charlie's are there yeah it's just they're all you know just actors yeah he died I believe I believe he recently died didn't he I thought he was going to get married at 78 or and I thought go on get in there Charles but I thought but no he's dead is he yeah it's crazy I mean I know they they say he wired all that up but I mean he spent his whole time he's spent his whole life in prison no no uh he might have wired it all up I don't know I wasn't there I just know that when it comes to murdering high-profile people they always have a patsy so I don't know yeah but the whole thing is Boom it's BS because the whole narrative has just happened in in you know the same time as the moon landings you've got me a pharaoh who's just coincidentally going out she's filming like Rosemary's Baby about the birth of the devil well and her husband or boyfriend at the time is Roman Polanski whose house that it is or her ex and he's living with Sharon Tate and she he said hang on a minute you can't even make this ah yes real you know so yeah it's craziness I think it was just to end the hippier you know and which he did because people were frowning upon hippies on buses like they were after you know a certain event happened everybody was drowning at anyone with like slightly brown skin I even added myself you know I was like are you gonna blow up on the bus it's like no you're not right I'm British you know yeah everyone goes a bit strange don't they with all of these adjusters yeah it is crazy yeah I don't bite into any of this and I do not think that we are in the real world anymore personally I think that oh were we ever I really do feel that it's not the same realm as before I think they've given it away it's a copy but like I think many of us are spotting it it's not the same one yeah it's definitely it's definitely unusual I know I know that one of the largest problems in the archaeological field is because modern day scientists always basically import modern day perspectives and try to Overlay it on Ancient phenomena so let me give you let me give you an example in order to study how technolithically precise the Great Pyramid is in Egypt they use modern frames of reference and they and they try to impose a false Paradigm of a bunch of sandal wearing white cotton robe wearing people in the thousands yeah blocks that are five times up ramps and sometimes 70 tons in using the technology that was believed to be at the time like you said oh log rollers and stone rollers and land well even the ramp Theory to build the ramps necessary to build the Great Pyramid and deliver the materials to the elevations they needed to be there's more mass in the ramps than there are in the Great Pyramids they'd have to be a mile at Wales right right but but in order to promote that idea they have to ignore the fact of what other authors have found like Christopher Dunn and in 1901 1902 and 1903 sir Flinders Peach refound the evidence that he could not just subscribe and he openly admitted what he found he explained what he found but he also said he does not know what species of Technology would have been required to do this because we don't have anything but he found the evidence of fracture quarrying which which is absolutely a machine that could quarry a block from the live Quarry living Rock yes and excavate the block to the dimensions it was needed so that the block isn't removed and then work has to be done on the Block yeah right you don't face it taken out the story exactly the way it needed in the dimension and it would have required computer technology to do that to understand how to change because the blocks in the Great Pyramid contrary to popular belief you could not have taken 2.5 million blocks and built the Great Pyramid if all the blocks were the same size because the levels themselves differ in height and the reason they did that was to make it earthquake proof and and because the physics constants are Incorporated mathematically into the varying levels going up to the Great Pyramid every physics constants that that we know of has been found in multiple different dimensions in the the measurements of the interior and exterior of the Great Pyramid the value that I brought to that was basically admitting on my channel multiple times in my published books that I don't care about all the physics constants I don't care about all the relationships of the Moon and luminaries and the sun yeah no that means anything to me because all that does is tell me that the Great Pyramid was designed as a lithic template it was something that something else needed in order for it to work and that in what I have discovered is that all those rectilinear measurements all are divisible by 138 and I have shown on my channel over and over and over and over in multiple charts and graphs and and so many people have verified and they've gone through it using only sir Flinders petri's measurements which are scientifically accepted today which are also the very measurements that the egyptologists use when they're smashing everybody else's theories these are the only measurements I use and they're and they show the Phoenix phenomenon in multiple dimensions of arithmetic 138 is the message of the pyramid it's everywhere in it I have so many videos about it I have not had one single detractor now one person has ever come out and ever did a video or a presentation try trying to show otherwise it that would be a fool too because I would embarrass them after that there's so much there is so much data overwhelming 138 year sequencing that's found in this Monument so uh zawi Hollis is familiar with my research we have we have a mutual friend uh um he is the president of the of the American Institute for Pyramid research and he goes he he sees all this multiple times a year he's always traveling to Egypt now but uh zali Hollis is not about the truth to me to me he is an intelligence operative and he is a gatekeeper controlling the narrative about it he's literally got the keys for the gates yeah you know the guy is the key holder yeah I was upset about you know about five months ago about five months ago I released a video and what's interesting is I Martin I I had I'd only heard about you I'd never watched any of your videos until Cheryl Bailey turned me up and research so I'm watching your videos and I couldn't believe that uh somebody had said that you would coined the term Antiquity yeah five months ago I used that term not knowing where it came from but I had a video called antiqua Tech of the Great Pyramid and the sub the subtitle is the hidden entrance to the Great Pyramid of Egypt so in that video I show a 100 year old diagram that shows the original interest to the Great Pyramids location and how it's even with the bottom of the grand gallery and the floor they tried to Dynamite themselves in there didn't you yes no one mentions my channel no one mentions Jason of archaics when five months ago I said this here it's been there look at this picture here this picture was taken in the 70s look at all the concrete that's now over this area which isn't in any of the older pictures now look at this picture Ten Years Later someone put three carefully placed blocks Great Pyramid blocks in front of that area in front of the concrete over the years the entrance area has been covered and everybody's attention has been directed to the little black hole underneath it where everybody has to crawl in to get into The Descendants yeah in the city passage and for the past since 820 A.D when Al Mamon discovered the interest of the Great Pyramid by accident since 8 20 that's the only entrance anybody has ever known except for a hundred years ago somebody published where the original entrance was and uh using nothing but arithmetic and using nothing but the scientific measurements of Sir Flinders Petri and counting up I found that okay that's exactly the 24th course of bricks so I went across the bay and I found out that the floor of the Queen's chamber is the 24th course of bricks so the entrance of the Great Pyramid was self-referencing it's right here it's at the Chevrons or those those big old portals it's at the Chevron so in my video I'm showing hey guys 100 years ago somebody knew where the original entrance was here it is if they look in that area they'll find it five months later they do a huge International televised deal where they're talking about we discovered the injuries of the Great Pyramids we shoot a camera in there we did all this yeah they didn't Discover it it's been known for a very long period of time it just didn't tell the public no I've got pictures from 1733 children showing them a side entrance to the Great Pyramid of Giza were you aware you know the Queen's chamber were you aware that apparently when they discovered it there was supposed to be an inch of salt on the surface on the floor of that chamber but then listen that doesn't surprise me because up to up to the Queen's chamber is only the 24th course there's 203 levels of blocks that go all the way up to the king's chamber but it's a resignation chamber they say you can do this thing they say they say that you can hear it like harmonically sing well I don't doubt that I don't doubt that butt Kings salt crystals were removed intentionally in the relief is because when the Great Pyramid was halfway submerged under water it was under the Mediterranean for 340 years and I document where you can find all this data on my channel and the Ancients the oldest depictions of the Great Pyramid all show just two mountains sticking out of water the third pyramid was underwater yeah no one even saw it so it was it was two holy mountains that were accessible only by ship but you couldn't climb them because the 51 degree angle was covered in Mirror smooth white casing uh Limestone blocks which are mentioned by Herodotus of Howard that's where I got that yeah yeah they're mentioned by diador syclists they're mentioned by amionus marcelonis they're mentioned by everybody all the way up to to the days of almamon almamon mentioned them as well and he's the one that discovered the king's chamber he's the one who discovered all that but after that sometime during the Dark Ages all ref references to the Great Pyramid ceased until alberuni the geographer went to Egypt and Drew pictures and looked and saw the ocean level was stained Brown on the Great Pyramid and he published that it's in his book today wonders of ancient Nations by Alba Rooney it's a thousand years old now after alberoni several other like al-macrizzi rasu they all mentioned that the Great Pyramid was covered in casing blocks and some mentioned that it was underwater and that had to have been pre-flood and the reason why the Great Pyramid complex was before the great flood was because no history books after the great flood ever mentioned it and the Egyptians themselves had no idea where the Sphinx had come from so the uh and the original idea for the Sphinx according to the ancient Egyptians was not the lion that was an African-American woman that was due to that was due to the the patriarchal takeover takeover the original sphinxes in Egypt were Anubis they were a dog they were a dog there are people today who have done an analysis on the hindquarters and on the tail and they say there's no way that that's a feline that those are the dog hindquarters and and tail and they show they show the different the deal say evidently the reason why the face and head of the Sphinx today with the headdress is at one-third proportional proportionality to the body anybody can verify that you can go on Google Google aerial view of the Sphinx and you will see a tiny disproportionate head over late a large body nothing in nature looks like it makes no sense whatsoever the head is way for everything to be so anatomically precise in ancient Egypt all the reliefs and all of a sudden this this Abomination then you have a 240 foot long statue that's 66 feet I don't think it's anything to do with the pyramids what they did is they chiseled the dog face away into a human face and they left the egg the excess stone that was a part of the dog neck they they turned that into the Egyptian headdress this was from a they've got to understand okay when we talk about Egypt there were two Egypts through all of Egyptian history there were two Egypts the Egypt that's in the far south is the Kemet it's the original commission civilization and they were they were dark red skinned and they had a lot of interaction with the Nubians and the Ethiopians but there are no pyramids in Upper Egypt right one all the pyramids are in Lower Egypt around the Great Pyramid in Sakara there are no they bear buried Pharaoh pharaohs in deep Egypt which is called Upper Egypt they buried the Pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings this is where they put them in in uh Lower Egypt which is right there on the coast of the Mediterranean by the nine bows where the where the Nile River empties out into the Mediterranean the greatest the Delta that's the area of Goshen that's where the ancient Israelites the amorites were dwelling that area of Egypt of on and Anu and heliopolis Memphis the Giza Plastics that was always Cosmopolitan it was always uh always Multicultural and it was always the ruling families of the near East always had a ruling family there as well this is why you find in Egyptian records that any time Pharaoh needed a daughter or a son they always contacted matani which was the Amorite Kingdom or they contacted hatusas which was the Hittites cultural the Egyptians were the enemies of the amorites and the enemies of the Hittites but the ruling dynastic families only intermarried through the amorites and the Hittites it's the same thing the elite do to us today yeah it is the illusion of countries being at War to promote economy to promote strife and to maintain control but the real reality is is all the rulers of the world are blood related they're all family you know even Bush was his Queen of England's cousin George we're all family well well we find in the cuneiform text in the hieroglyphic text about the exchanges of princes and princesses with the other ruling families of the ancient world involved with Egypt is the exact same thing we find in the world today they're all related yeah so about the pyramids themselves how have you got any ideas how they would have managed such a feat of putting these million okay together in a different environment this is where we cross over into some real problems because we're talking about a structure that's 203 levels of stone and you have to understand every single plane of stone the first level second level third level fourth level every single level had to have been tolerance perfect even to put the next level on to go all the way to the top 203 levels is 454 feet high in the sky it's gigantic it seems It's 756 feet wide on all four corners it's amazing on the Great Pyramid of Giza do you know many sides that are actually on it okay there's okay listen I don't want to confuse people okay optically it's four-sided it is oh but architecturally it's eight-sided and it's only because it's only because the actual Engineers were wanting to show us a clue and how did they pull that off yeah they could just slightly incline it yeah this structure was not just thrown together because we probably couldn't replicate this feature to to the to the mathematical degree that they did you cannot see it with the naked eye but you can see it on photography when you show the negatives and you blow them up and you're looking at the Shadows of the sun along along the sides yeah that's when you can detect it so so we're still dealing with a four-sided structure we're still dealing with a force sided structure it's just that those four sides do have an inclination toward their centers so indeed it's a it's it's actually amazing it's amazing blows my mind it blows my mind what you're seeing a lot of on Google when you Google the that eight-sided pyramid uh deal what you're looking at is computer generated accentuation because the naked eye really can't see it somebody's using a computer to make it look more eight-sided that's what you're seeing but actually in real reality the human eye cannot detect that variation but it's there showing that something other than human engineering did this it was human engineering employing a technology the fracture coring is is a great clue another great clue is the technolithic Precision and what I mean by that is the Great Pyramid was built using tolerances that are far in excess of what is needed needed for a perfect structure to get a perfect structure you need 0.25 tolerance the tolerance can be flat like like like the marble on a Bank building whoever built the Great Pyramid went even flatter than that and it's not necessary so what it means is is their technology was actually superior to the very structure they were making awesome I believe and I have a video about it but I believe 600 people using machine teams built a Great Pyramid in 90 years and I and I lay out all my evidence for that why I believe that so it doesn't even it's not even a lot of blocks per day there's 365 days days a year and a while back then it was 360 days a year and then you multiply that by 90 and you're only doing a few blocks a day it would have been an easy feat if machines were doing all the transporting Africans are setting them in place and if all the machines are Hive minded being controlled by the same control panel yeah exactly what it is I think they're doing it with all of antiquity you know some of the some of these Gothic Cathedral Creations I just can't imagine how many how the mind temples in Southeast Asia as well as well the intricacy yeah you see all these statues and people are it's like how the hell did they do this it's amazing they even had your Childress in his books Lost Cities books he shows ancient Olmec reliefs it's a clue as to what was happening he shows that there was a war in the in the Central Central America yeah in that war it looked like that there was a negro population yeah well the old Mac had said an African aren't they yes yes but there's more to that story there's a lot more in that story so there was an Olmec civilization that was in Veracruz state election all that okay among That civilization was a black population I'm not saying they were from Africa but they're in the text and they're in the reliefs but something happened and what's interesting is that an extreme minority were Caucasians with long beards who wore helmets and backpacks and used the device to shape buildings and stone and they're in the reliefs something happened and this civilization that was the olmecs collapsed and was gone and the the native black population took over when they took over there was all these giant spheres that were are related to like I can't pronounce it I don't even know you probably know it's the piezoelectric uh okay yes okay these Stones according to David Hatcher Childress and the research that he's put together it's these giant spheres are mathematically perfect they don't know how it could have been done with a chisel they were done mathematically perfect spheres of all different sizes but they had a very distinctive feature and that feature was because they're all with a very high crystalline content that right before an earthquake occurs the Earth releases this this this seismic energy before the actual world starts shaking it gives you about 20 minutes to prepare yeah Bells will ring so yes bells are ring and all that so this is what this is what the ancient olmecs had they built these fears in an earthquake prone area all throughout Central Central uh America and Veracruz state in the Yucatan so they built so the southern part of the Gulf of Mexico they built all these cities that are fantastic with pyramids and all that but they put these Stone spheres in strategic locations in public public areas and the people always had time to go into the grass courts they would get out of all the stone buildings they had 20 they had about 15 to 20 minutes when the stones began singing so as soon as all the stones starts singing they can run to the courts and save themselves because build stone buildings collapse so this is this went on for like a thousand years of history and they perfected these Stone balls well then the black population took over may it might have been a cataclysm whatever and the first thing that they did was was run out the indigenous local olmecs they ran them out or killed them or enslaved them or whatever but they Enslaved the Caucasians that are wearing these backpacks and all that and they started forcing them to build for them and this is where the this is where the angry faces come from because there's only there's only a few that have been found you gotta understand ten thousand of these spheres have been found all through Central America yeah there's only a dozen of these faces and these faces were made out of those pre-existing spheres that were already there and the reason why only a dozen of these faces have ever been found is because according to the release that David shows yeah it didn't take hardly any time before other Native Native American cultures came to war against that black population who had taken over the Olmec cities they came to War and the reliefs are very specific those reliefs show Chopped up bodies of negro people and chopped up bodies of the helmet backpack wearing bearded Caucasian yeah because when the natives came back in they did not discriminate they killed everybody and took those cities back over so this uh this is the story this is the story of those Heads This is what really happened those head this is why there's over ten thousand of these fears that have been found all through these earthquake-prone districts because they gave the people warning and this is why less than a dozen of these faces have ever been found they didn't have time to to turn to sculpt them all and before they got before they got butchered themselves yeah yeah it's really interesting history time period I'm talking about right now is about 11 35 BC to 900 BC this is this is when this great this is when this this uh excuse I'm sorry that's when the olmecs settled Veracruz State the time period of the great Butchery and this war and this and this whole collapse happened in 31 BC 31 BC is one of the worst Phoenix phenomenon episodes uh for the Americas that ever happened it collapsed almost everything in the Americas in the Phoenix phenomenon appeared over Egypt in 31 BC and was recorded to look like a great red dragon uh 31 BC was during the Battle of actium when one of the worst earthquakes ever to destroy Jerusalem happened oh several Greek cities and temples suffered from the from earthquakes in 31 BC all these events happened in the month of May they're attached to the Phoenix phenomenon but it was recorded widely in many texts I got them in my on my Channel all the citations in in Europe Asia Africa but the worst destruction was the Americas wow is this a Santorini event a societies around that time as well isn't it well the Santorini Affair happened in 1447 BC it's when the island of pharaoh the volcano Center yeah it just detonated and it detonated in completely 100 percent ended the minoan Empire refaced that bit the Mediterranean some some of them check this out the really interesting thing about that Martin is that they volcano eruption ended those who ruled the Mediterranean shipping guilds and this was the Minoans now as soon as they they they were gone it left a power vacuum that power vacuum led to the greatest series of events we know in history and that is the Mycenaean Empire tried to fill the vacuum and the only way that they could maintain their power was to attack ilium or the capital city of Troy was but Troy was supported by the hittite the hittite Empire oh that's Superior Horsemen yeah Philistines and the Phoenicians suddenly appear in ships in the Egyptians documented for the first time who the hell are these people and then Sardinia is taking over Corsica has taken over southern Italy has taken over and now all these strangers are appearing and they're bringing these different types of animals that no one had ever seen before different types of ships this is the sea people's Federation they enter The Fray and this Begins the ten years of the Trojan War this Begins the fall of Troy yeah and as soon as Troy fell these strangers these sea peoples went through the Dardanelles now that Troy couldn't block the passage they went into the Black Sea and they ended the hitting Empire they ended the Hittites have never been seen since 400 years later the people of the hittite Empire resurrected as the new Friesian in the lydian people but the Hittites were gone and this terrified the Egyptians because the Egyptians saw how easily these sea peoples had done that so to see peoples attacked Egypt twice yes the whole period of the judges in the Old Testament involving the Philistines is an oversimplification of what really happened because that's when the Philistines first appeared in that area and they built the pentopolis and Gaza Gaza and ashtalon being the Two Chief cities and this is in the Egyptian hieroglyphic records how the sea peoples came in and they they identified them in the Egyptians called the sea peoples the Philistines and all the evidence points that these strange people who came with strange animals the Egyptian had never scene which is unusual because the Egyptians at that time had seen all the animals of Europe on the from Detroit from trades it's not far from here right yeah they've seen all the African animals because the Ethiopians and Nubians traded with the Egyptians they had seen all the animals from Asia as far as the Himalayas so there was trade with with the old old elamite uh Power structure so the only areas of the world that would have baffled the Egyptians to say that these foreigners had brought new and strange animals there's only three places in the ancient world where that could be true one is Australia one is southeast Asia those are all different animals and the other actually comport with the entire narrative we have about Atlantis and that is the atlanteans came from the Americas the atlanteans were at war with the Greeks and that's exactly what we find in the Trojan War and the Egyptians were the ones that documented the invasion of the sea peoples federations and a thousand years later it was Plato that that recorded this whole narrative what a lot of the details were kind of wrong I just recently did a video I watched a bit of it I was interested you know breaking down Atlantis and showing yeah you know out of the gates of Colossus and then yeah you know none of them some say you know but I think you know there's so many sites especially the um the classics and Plato that I think that it was safe to presume that it was in the Mid-Atlantic somewhere the Azores area maybe yeah the Atlantis could have been years old but there could be landmass that's not there the the only the only thing we have to really go by is the fact is that many people have tried to locate Atlantis and all kinds of different parts of the world that do not qualify Because the actual narrative says it was beyond the pillars of Hercules which yeah which is the straight such yeah it was beyond that and it was in the Atlantic therefore this would have been a series of islands or items that aren't there no more it could very well be the area that we know of today called the sargosa sea Santa Rosa yeah the sargosa sea is an anomaly it's the only one in the world no it's nothing moves that it's just still there's no winds not only is it a doldrum but but it's like hundreds of square miles where kelp and seaweed it has a hole ecosystems and it gets so thick sometimes now today we have motorized uh vessels but in the in the 14th I mean in the 16th 17th century they had to go around the sargosa sea because too many ships would just stuck in it and they couldn't get out so that's how thick [ __ ] Indulgence yep stuck so so that could actually be the evidence of a buried land surface a a land surface that went down like Davis Island went down you know you know Davis Island is only one of 20 or 30 different documented islands that have been populated yeah I've got a book um calls basically um it's an atlas of unknown Islands there's like it's gone that's awesome I've got two of them the golden Atlas and anyway they're beautiful books which covers David's Island um High Brazil which was apparently they didn't give you the you know the longitudes and attitude of where this location was wow the high Brazil uh Friesland that seems to have gone missing and you know so many land masses that are on Old Maps right are no longer here and America as well completely different only 400 years ago Ireland California huge Lake where Oregon's supposed to be yes where Death Valley is it was all water yeah I agree sorry I agree so return events we're turning back to the uh Great Pyramid are you still you okay you all right yeah no volume can't hear you can't hear you hey you got you guys say in the chat section if you can hear me or if you can hear him can't hear you Martin that's weird there you go everybody there you go I can hear you now oh that's right here anyway another glitch in The Matrix that's not that's a story of my life yeah man it's changing daily as well as you can't keep up with it really I'm always stopping to try and catch up on myself you know what I mean hey so Martin let's return to to uh the antique so when it comes to the Great Pyramid yeah the problem we have in assessing the data is that we have to be very careful not to impose modern day understandings of infrastructure and technology and impose that on a world that was fundamentally different from the one we live in now and what I mean is is during the the building of the Great Pyramid there was a vapor canopy intact and this Vapor canopy was a very unique environment in this very well documented and recorded Not only was the daytime a dark purple light where the sun could not be seen as an object in the sky all you could see was an area of the sky that was a little bit more well lit than the rest of the sky and further away from that well lit area that moved across the sky it got darker and darker and darker purple so but it was just the opposite at night at night time the vapor canopy spread out it condensated and this is why Genesis says that every morning and every evening the world was watered by a dew but there was no rain in that world and that's exactly what we find that the vapor canopy traditions in the Native American legends they talk about the dark midnight and old Native American Indian traditions go into detail about the dark purple light period during the reign of spider grandmother during the time when humans were at war with giants these are all in the Native American traditions Zulus too they have a narrative of this Superior wheels so this during during this dark purple light period yeah people built cities not to fight each other but they built walls and special buildings where they could they could run along the roofs and never touch the ground and the buildings were connected like cattle huluyuk the entire city is accessible by rooftops roof type Bridges they're leaping around aren't they like flying well they're trying to stay off the ground because insects grew to astonishing sizes all right wearing the vapor cam canopy so you're talking about spiders and ants and roaches that are now a problem they grow they grow to in in the vapor canopy which had increased atmospheric pressure over a hundred times more oxygen was inhaled in one breath wow during the vapor canopy the trees grew to four five and six hundred feet height and were much bigger around Flora and Fauna grew grew to what we are told is prehistoric flora and fauna but it's not true it was during recent human human we're talking about four and five thousand years ago it wasn't millions of years ago it was very recent so this uh uh this world where this world at night time changed because the day time was dark and very humid night time was just the opposite at night at night time the whole Vapor canopy cleared to the point to where the water droplets in the mesosphere became a magnifying glass this is why all the ancient Traditions around the world people claimed that they could reach up and almost touch the stars and the moon filled the sky and it provided the daylight this is it was just the opposite during this world I could almost see it Jason just painted such a picture for me this is why we have in the archaeological record many photos many photo synthetic type creatures and plants that are no longer no longer inhabiting our world we had plants that glowed in the dark we had animals that glowed in the dark and we had a whole different type of creature called a marsupial that thrived in these conditions the marsupials have almost been wiped out and have been basically secluded to the very Southern parts of the world like New Zealand and Australia and all those chains of Island but they've been virtually wiped out everywhere else in the world except for one very resilient marsupial that's found everywhere and that's the old possum but but this this world this atmospheric pressure would have required different types of technologies that would have worked in different ways and we're not we're we're looking we're probably looking at a technology that probably worked during one part of the day much Superior than it would work during another part of the day so I don't know what it is I'm not going to try and pretend but whatever it was it used computer equipment because this is what this is a core fundamental of the old cuneiform text this is the reason why hundreds of thousands of clay tablets have been found with cuneiform with with Sumerian cuneiform Academia where we have uh elamite a Syrian Babylonian these are all different types ugaritic Canaanite uh uh amarna we have all these different types for for this is where the idea came from to record knowledge on clay tablets the reason is is because in the vapor Canopy World we were technologically advanced we use computers we use holographic technology we used machines the very fact that machines were around at that time is proven with the tracks that are found petrified across Texas yeah also Malta has those tracks the very fact that we have the technolithic Precision of monuments in South America at pumapunka Tijuana around Lake Titicaca all of the Giza monuments that were originally Texas far beyond what is technologically necessary to build so a technology was employed but the reason why we have those tablets is because the ancients saw their soul their bidders using tablets and those Bettors are recorded in the in the historical record as the anuna when the anuna appeared after a reset after a cataclysm this is the one thing that identified them as different than other people except for their beards and their height because on this on all the Babylonian reliefs that you see that depict what the Anunnaki actually looked like there were very tall humans with long beards yeah and They Carried these little handbags where they had tablets I know so after another reset after another great cataclysm that we know of as the day the sky fell yeah oh my God I got the book I got the book day the sky is that right in my room you're talking about random flemath yeah okay on the table the day the sky fell is the day that the Bible calls the great flood because when the vapor canopy collapsed it probably took about 40 Days for all that liquid to hit the ground the mesosphere emptied even science today will tell you anybody could Google this the mesosphere is up there now it's very thick but today it only has small tiny infinitely small water droplets suspended in Halo but at one time it was an ocean above and this is why Genesis describes that the rainbow had never been seen until after the great flood it couldn't have been seen because the vapor canopy would have blocked all that light diffraction it would have never happened so after the after the vapor canopy collapses and the world gets flooded where the religionist went wrong was the ancient scribes of Babylon claimed that the whole world got flooded only a few people were alive that's not true the whole world experienced flooding but there was still caves and mountains that people were there was survivors all over the world so that's all that that's the main that's the main difference and now here's what's really really interesting you can't make this stuff up I have shown by so many different mathematical perspectives all the different ancient texts I've shown on calculator for my own viewers on my channel that the day this happened was in the month of May in the year 2239 and I show this completely independent of my Phoenix research all these methods to show that it happened at this day are totally independent and I've got like eight different ways to show this however May 2039 is on the 138-year Phoenix phenomenon timeline and I can never change it once I published it there's no way to change it it's been that same since I published it in 2006 that's the way it's remained and nothing's changed and it's amazing that is amazing it's amazing it's amazing because when you read the mid-rashic text in the talmudic text it goes even more detail about what happened in the flood when you read Emmanuel villacoski and you see this oh I have uh-huh what caused the flood was the appearance of a red star in the sky that later took on the appearance of wings then turned into a great fiery dragon in the sky and then all hell broke loose and for seven days the world was dark and during that Darkness the the the sky fell in the races of the Giants were wiped out not not because not necessarily because of the flooding there were human survivors and there were also Nephilim giant survivors yeah real reason the Giants and Titans were wiped out was the was the same reason the megafauna are no longer existing because they were alive too and that that reason is is creatures that size require 10 times more oxygen ah after the vapor canopy collapsed nobody could breathe all that oxygen anymore it's like it is today so the atmospheric pressure plummeted people weren't growing to astonishing sizes now the ground wasn't nitrogen Rich anymore so you didn't have fauna growing to astonishing sizes and the the the listen the ambient radiation that filtered through the vapor canopy is what caused plants to grow to heroic sizes just like a Hydroponics lab right now you can make plants grow way better yeah you can sunlight sunlight does more damage and dark light doesn't do any damage people I I know God I know guys right now that use dark like to grow all kinds of interesting things so and they grow they grow they grow it good so this is the world that the Great Pyramid was built under so the so trying to identify the actual technology that was employed may be impossible until I believe this this Vapor canopy is coming back because it's very easy it's almost come back twice in human recorded history one was in 1687 BC at the old Gaijin Deluge and the other one was on 522 A.D and that's the calendar we're under today called the anno domini calendar the anno domini calendar was specifically created by the Catholic Church to cover up the great Phoenix reset of 522 A.D I have a whole series of videos that talks about this the evidence is damning there's 100 100 proofs that Phoenix reset the entire world in 522 and that our present calendar annal domini doesn't actually document the birth of Christ that's the cover story I show the actual documents that talk about why they created why they wanted because they specifically needed to hide what was called the Phoenix cycle and this is published in old books so in the Phoenix cycle was 552 years and the Phoenix cycle was exactly 522 A.D because remember I told you 31 BC was the great destruction of the Americas but it was documented during the Battle of actium as well well 31 BC plus 552 years which is a phoenix cycle is exactly 522 A.D this was the net this was the next great great destruction of our world and the Roman Catholic Church basically took power as soon as that destruction happened and we entered the Dark Ages because of a phoenix reset and then the Catholic Church kept Knowledge from the people and continued the Dark Ages as long as they could until until the Renaissance period began and by that time the elite were concealing their knowledge of the Phoenix in metaphor in mysticism in an alchemical treatise yeah encoded enough I'm coded in art and Alchemy yeah just definitely well you just brought my mind Jason and just let my mind catch up with all that oh man you know what we ain't got to do it all we ain't got to do it all in one video I can always come back that would be absolutely fantastic Jason you've been absolutely a wealth of knowledge my mind is blown I can't believe I'm actually talking to somebody no stuff that I can talk to yeah it's all I'm impressed with the antiquotec and when I did my video I didn't know you were the origin of that so later on I'll give you credit for it on my channel oh thanks I mean I've changed I'm in the Urban Dictionary I got a few changed words in reality yeah another word I use a lot because it because it applies to my research is technolithic oh yeah technolithic is is vapor canopy technology and it was coined by a man named James o'conn and I've cited him because I knew I knew I knew the source of that word but when it comes to antiqua Tech in the future I will I will give a shout out because I I'm honest I'm always I'm always citing my sources I believe I believe that's Paramount to if you want if you want to be taken seriously as a researcher you have always got got to acknowledge those who came before you in whatever in whatever whatever they contributed I couldn't agree more thank you for that that is so true thank you Jason yeah I just want to say to my peeps um I don't know how long you're going to be staying it's just two-hour McDonald's uh Jason oh wow yeah I know that went like about 15 seconds wow that was fast but yeah man that's just brine splatting I couldn't agree more but it makes so much sense as well there was a recorded event as well around that time with the vitrification of forts in Scotland um there's like thoughts that are just tuned to Glass in Scotland um and well you mentioned it here types but the Indus Valley Civilization yes completely about completely melted hey well listen yeah I I have I'm gonna comment on that too all right calendars the calendars of the ancient world in today when we when we actually analyze the events of those calendars um there there are cross-cylindrical parallels that defy explanation showing that the program programming is fixed let me give you an example the year 1849 BC is the exact year that that so that the Harappan Mohenjo-daro civilization Sumer acted and Sodom and Gomorrah were wiped off the map by by uh some weird aerial phenomena that was like a sky tornado of fire that's how it's described Zechariah sitchin actually does a very good job in his translations of the lamentation text of acad and it shows that in these texts perfectly describing how this this destruction which has been interpreted by other researchers as being nuclear or Atomic I read that with the stitching all right no I don't know and I'm not going to claim well that was the narrative for the Indus Valley is there's the radiation present well the reason is is because in the 1960s was in the 1970s or Russian a Russian Expedition a scientific expedition was doing excavations at mohenjo daro and lyric and harappa and they they had found that the human skeletons and even domestic animals they hadn't been eaten by anything everyone was just what is going on with that then Jason it's good check this out I'm about to describe it to you because when that destruction happened it was the exact same time that Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament were wiped off the map it was the exact same time that the Sumerian culture ended and this is this gave rise to the rise of Babylon this is why Sargon of akid instantly Rose to power as the king of Babylon because the old Sumerian uh Power structure had been incinerated yeah it's gone from something from the sky now whatever it was humans were holding hands in the streets so they got to visually see what was coming before it happened this the crowds of people were holding hands in the city of Mohenjo-daro in in a uh where is it Pakistan or India it's in Northern India now it's South Central well the Russian scientists have not only found that many of the people were holding hands and they were all looking in the same direction when their bodies collapsed and that no animals had eaten them so the Sumerian texts say that this was the pestilential wind and uh and that it that soldiers had to dive into the rivers to save themselves because their skin and eyes were burning so this is what's described in the academian text and a lot of soldiers died because the rivers boiled in some areas sounds like electromagnetic weapons I don't know I don't even want to theorize I just know that when the Russians tested the area you can you can see these skeletons they hey you can do a Google search for uh Russian Russian Expedition Mohenjo-daro skeletons it's gonna pull these pictures up it's crazy and when it's all it's also going to pull up the actual scientific report that says that the Russians found that those skeletons at Mohenjo-daro that were lying in the street are 50 times more radioactive than the skeletons after uh Hiroshima and Nagasaki so that's cool that's crazy but the reason I'm telling you all this is because the dating is precise and I show them in my chronic con how you can how you get these dates very easily for the destruction it's this this a whole this whole stretch from India to Israel from the Black Sea from Sodom Gomorrah adma and zebom the City of Bala was left untouched but those four those four cities in uh it's crazy a small community called Baylor was in the center of Destruction it was completely untouched those people all survived but Sodom and Gomorrah admins Ebola were wiped out there was all the Sumerian cities and and so was a great stretch across the Arabian Desert and so was all the way to Mohenjo-daro past the elamite culture in larak harappa Mohenjo-daro in about 20 other cities in the Harappan civilization all all wiped out and melted they were all wiped out and melted some of the human skeletons were fused with the rock yes anyway now here's what's crazy this year was 1849 BC that's of this anno domini calendar that was created during a feed because of a phoenix reset yeah AC and BD BC calendar the AD and BC calendar that we go by today has its origin with the great Phoenix destruction of the world in 522 which led to the Justinian plagues and all that yeah sure I was going to mention that period all the whole the whole period that procopius documents where the whole world was falling apart that's where it documents well this is in the holography it's very interesting because 1849 BC going backwards in time to this great destruction is just the opposite that as another calendar going forward in time gosh this calendar is called the anus Mundi calendar and it's the original biblical calendar showing that the pre-flood world was 1 656 days until the year 2239 BC which means year one was 38.95 BC and according to Genesis 3895 BC year one wasn't the creation at all it was a renovation from a previous destruction and I have whole videos that describe Genesis what is really teaching that whole Adam and Eve story is actually about a world that was destroyed and rebuilt now here's what's fascinating on the anus Mundi calendar the year 1849 BC that destroy all this destroyed is 20 46 A.M this is a cross-cylindrical parallel I've documented about a hundred of these these cross clinical parallels actually give you a window into the future programming on a different time system so on the annual domain calendar the year 2046 A.D is a future reflection of an ancient historical series of events that happened on the same year but in a different calendar 20 46 a.m was the destruction from the sky of all these cities that's in 2046 a.m which is 1849 BC now 1840 I mean 2046 A.D is the year Nostradamus indicates that after 2048 destruction will be far worse than the first Nostradamus said that this is exactly what I thought I know he said that for the second destruction will be far worse here's what's really interesting mother Shipton's prophecy I have a video I have a video showing that mother Shipton's prophecy we can remove all the forged material that was inserted That was supposed to be uh for the 1800s and in 19. there's a lot of forged yeah stuff about boats of cars and television oh that was forged that was put in there I agree discredit her now the actual mother Shipton's prophecies only about the last days in the end of the world her original prophecy started with 1926 and then moved forward everything prior to the 1926 reference mother shifted is forged by other people but her original prophecy was about the two Sky dragons and the two Sky dragons are coming back to back she said the first Sky Dragon will appear one century after the great world war this is World War II one century after World War II began is 2040. she said almost immediately after that the second Sky Dragon will come and be far worse she doesn't say 2046 but Nostradamus does in the state index of Nostradamus he specifically identifies 2046 as a far worse destruction than what happens in 2040 with the Phoenix so all this is documented in my published books and on my channel it's just amazing but the but the real icing on the cake here is that 1849 BC is also a cross cylindrical parallel to 1849 A.D do you know what happened in 1849 do you know what happened to all this I'm thinking 1849. let me explain it to you cry me a more okay you're thinking about socio-political events in that in time I'm gonna go deeper than that this series of destructive events in 1849 BC with the destruction of harappa Sumer actors in BC that destructive events parallels 2046 Annis Mundi which parallels 2046 AED showing us a window of what's going to happen in 2046 but this is a cross-cylindrical parallel and if anything can is true it can be seen from multiple different mathematical Vantage points so we have to look at 1849 as well not just 2046 and when we when we look when knowing that this was 1849 BC then we look at 1849 A.D and what we find are the first excavations in the ancient Sumerian cities by which Sumer was discovered cuneiform is translated by George Smith and a modern world I got our first glimpses of academian Babylonian Sumerian history 1849 BC we had not DEC did any of this stuff we didn't know what it was prior to 1849 BC we had not even discovered all these underground libraries that were full of tens of thousands of cuneiform tablets 1849 BC began modern archeology of the ancient near East that was destroyed in 1849 BC all written and stuff it's all programming this is a conch drawer because I've got to prove it though surely that's just beyond coincidence that's that's just just like you know somebody's done that that that's like that's coding this is like that just has to be a simulation once you can see the coding you once you see the coding you can see the cycles and the Epic Cycles you see like in through all these forward and backward timelines that overlap and you can restart your study and you can paint a picture of the future through all of that is one single timeline unbroken it it has a pulse every 138 years destruction edits destruction edits destruction edits destruction edits it's almost as if it's trying to trying to either disrupt the ability of humans to see the pattern or something else is trying to distract humans and it's putting things back into perspective so we can discover them well we are discovering one of the other it's got to be one of the other probably one or the other I wonder I wonder you got me thinking now because you know it's not you know this is that so many people are waking up to this information and and instinctively know that you know this reset you know cycle is true because once you know you know but there must be a reason for this you know I I I keep thinking to myself like oh we're just ushering in a new paradigm and but a completely new world nothing like the one we see around us now that's right come in which is a bit like the keeper pack you know the the canopy worlds if you like a bit like the Avatar movie The Giant trees you know what I mean I mean these things don't these things aren't really mysterious to me because I mean we're having the Book of Enoch in the Latin it says one of my favorites the last days knowledge shall be increased which is reiterated in the book of The Prophet Daniel in the Old Testament It also says you know that uh at the end times of knowledge will be increased but we have well there's another there's another famous One Book of Enoch Book of Daniel oh oh and in the book of second Ezra it says in the lat in the last days Stones shall speak this is archeology this is a yeah that's uh these things aren't surprising to me it's I believe that these things were meant to be known but it doesn't even matter Martin if you and I woke up one million people to understand all this material into grasp it and all that it still would not affect the Paradigm because one million perspectives are still not enough to change the construct the construct is fixed it's fixed we're here to learn to grow and to move on but I believe that this is a program that is run multiple times and you and I and people listening to our voices have probably run through it with us multiple times as well yeah but I believe that for I believe that myself possibly you and a lot of people listening to us now and other people in the world has never even heard of Martin Lakey or Jason Hey listen I believe that this is our final run through this program we're ready to go I believe that once you wake up to the fact that you're in a construct the construct itself will graduate you yes it's time to move you on to another one man because you already woke up here and once something is awake it cannot go back to sleep yes exactly that Jason on to the next level completed getting completed you did really really well well done you boys yeah yeah I mean I try I try to explain that to people because I get a lot of emails and people in the comment section they're worried about hey man what how can I apply this knowledge right man what does this mean to me or or what can I do to to spread this information and I'm always telling people one you need you need you need to understand that the very Act of waking up is your key to escape it says you don't have to do anything but realize that you're an immortal being living through a temporal experience and once you take on that perspective every bit of this becomes a game and the game itself has no problem with revealing more and more of its architecture to you once it realizes oh okay you understand that I'm [ __ ] you understand that that this is all smoking mirrors and it will it will convey these things to you you don't even have to search for them let's just stop popping up in your existence because you're now vibrating on the frequency of the the oversoul of the construct itself and you're no longer subject to all the dungeon programming that keeps the collective fixed and enslaved once you're free once you're free of that once you've woke up you have done basically what is necessary that when you die this time in your avatar that you're going to move on it's time to it's time to go you you actually become a like a product liability and you're no longer wanted here yeah yeah again I couldn't agree with you more you put things so beautifully Jason you're speaking my thoughts is that how I think about this round really thank you just try to be loved try to be you know just caring and just like go with it you know I don't try not to overthink anything um if I can help her um and just enjoy my journey I'm enjoying your journey I'm enjoying everyone's Journey um ego's a bit of a [ __ ] that seems to get in the way of a lot of stuff I've noticed that yeah that's just negative default programming girls yeah they do Rise Up from time to time well it's pretty transparent but like with the negative well it's the system isn't it you know when you break away from that though you definitely don't need any of that um that anymore you know just to be I'm just happy just to be just to be grateful to be alive in this time I would have missed it for the world um the information that comes through is truly groundbreaking truly mind-blowing and gives me shivers all of it it really does so I'm going to wrap this up very soon we have 1229 people oh wow watching so that's very very good I thank you all so very much if you will mind sharing this out the juic and a normal um flatter days will be back very very soon I've been a little bit on a busy side and um and we'll be back to uh normal Transmissions but in the meantime I want to thank you so much Jason for bringing yourself to the fact of prayer yes you are welcome here anytime yeah we'll do it again soon yeah man I love that I love that that would be fantastic so fine thank you guys thank you everybody in chat and is there anything you want to wrap up with I'll share all your books I got your link in the chat which links you up to all your literature I'm I'm aware is here yeah you just is the only link it takes it takes everybody wow I've done that that'd be fine okay then so I'm not that anyone doesn't know you anyway so it looks like everyone's enjoyed the show there you are social a good show and this lovely Lady Pamela she's awfully excited she's like woohoo so the whole world God love that yeah she's one of my moderators all right you know actually actually I've seen I'm now I'm now looking on my tablet actually I've seen like seven of my moderators in your chat all right well that's good to you all anyway really fantastic the value is Lifting and it's really fantastic there's fantastic people here at the Forefront of the Awakening as well uh which is a gift it's a gift to us all and it's a present for a reason it's called isn't for reason because it's a present grateful thanks Jason that was fantastic thank you so much for filling Us in on all that information that is just mind blowing all of it so see you soon thank you guys thanks