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Archaix - Bible Influence, Manifestation, Book of Good & Evil, Guiltless From Beginning, Redemption, Resurrection, War Already Won, Losers Looking for Exit, Apocalyptic Design
2023-05-31 01:38:08
Archaix - Coptic Egyptian Church No Mention of Pyramids, Grain Silo Comedy, No Entry Before 13th Century, 51.51 Slippery Degrees, Grand Gallery Mystery, Imagination Led by Intuition, Leaps
2023-05-30 10:13:18
Archaix - How Was the Coral Castle Built? Don't Know. If Genuine, Army Corp of Engineers and Military Intelligence Would Have Investigated Heavily, National Security Inquiry, Disappearance
2023-05-29 13:35:05
Archaix - Was Noah a Real Person? Ziusudra, Utnapishtim, Many Ancient Traditional Names, Jewish Fiction, 600 NUR System, Real as Per Histories, Not 600 Years Old
2023-05-29 09:09:13
Archaix - Fallen Angels Imprisonment, Chronicon, 4200 Years, 1962, Final NUR, 600 Year NUR System, Close Encounters of 3rd Kind, Hyper UFO Activity, Underground Facilities, Cheyenne Mtn
2023-05-28 07:12:52
Archaix - NFL Prediction Accuracy, Specific Timing, Date Sequence Prediction Analytics, 90%+ Accuracy Fades, NFL Admission of Rigging Games, It's Entertainment, Cryptocurrency Swings
2023-05-28 03:17:13
Archaix - Artificial Intelligence X, History & Sequence of Events too Perfect, Kaleidoscope of Multiple Histories, Future & Past Timelines Intersect, What Was Real, Secrets of Reality Coding
2023-05-27 04:46:56
Archaix - Necronomicon Deep Details, Charles Burgoyne, Dark Satellite, Ancient Travel, Arabian Occult Preservation, Distant Faith, Qur'an Resets, A'oodhu, Idris, Obscure Truth Origins
2023-05-27 01:09:26
Archaix - Partaking in an Informed Field, Auric Field Armor of Knowledge, Emotional Intensity, Empathy, Imagination, Reciprocal Giving, Purchase Echoes to Both Parties, Value of Free Time
2023-05-26 09:32:50
Archaix - Truth Concealed in Fiction, Novels, Fantasy Faery Apocalypse, Interchange with Humans
2023-05-26 02:45:03
Archaix - Kiss Solar, Wind, & Electrical Powergrid Goodbye, Phoenix Will Destroy Infrastructure, Satellite & Rocket Theory, Glaciosphere Ripped Off, Simulated Solar System Cataclym, Nemesis
2023-05-26 00:56:59
Archaix - Source of Energy in Vapor Canopy, Hydromancy, Ruins of Knossos, Technolithic, Post-Technolithic, Heliolithic, Hyperbolic Sewage, Overengineering, Human Survivability, Latent Genes
2023-05-25 11:52:51
Archaix - Necronomicon, Enūma Eliš, Babylon Creation Myth, Gate of God, Stargates, The True Gate, Lost Scriptures of Giza, Shocking Secrets of Antiquity, Guided Misdirection
2023-05-25 08:37:37
Archaix - Auric Informed Field, We Carry Our Beliefs as Armor, Ordinary Power, Awareness of Power Creates Power
2023-05-25 02:09:15
Archaix - Phoenix Edits, Micro-Apocalypses, What is the True Year? Unbroken Calendars, 5916 is 2022, Replenishing the Earth, First Creation Event in Bible is a Reset Story
2023-05-24 11:34:10
Archaix - Nibiru and Nemesis X, Planetary Bodies, Prophecies Show Good and Bad, Titius-Bode Law
2023-05-24 04:16:16
Archaix - 2178 Last Reset? Collapse of Simulacrum, Great War of Armageddon, 2106, Year 1, Genesis Creation Event, Changing the Narrative to Ones Advantage, Good Copyists
2023-05-23 12:41:15
Archaix - 2040 & 2046 Distinctions, Phoenix & Nemesis X Distinctions, Archaix Doomsday Charts Show Everything and Come with Chronologies
2023-05-23 09:54:04
Archaix - Terrible Times Are Not Upon Us, Apocalypse is Double Edged, Phoenix and Nemesis X Affect Living Dead and Elite, Simulacrum Protocols are Scripted Past and Present
2023-05-23 01:30:35
Archaix - Plan to Fight Elites? Nope. Recalibrations, Motorcycle Accident Details, Detached from Avatar, Rebar and the ER, Change of Perspective, SS Bannockburn Disappearance, Justinian Plague
2023-05-22 14:07:46
Archaix - Rewriting History, Manipulated Economies, Children of God Pretense, Charles Martel, Slavery, Prideful Peoples, Congressional Quotes, Demonizations
2023-05-22 03:50:47
Archaix - Vapor Canopy Details, Scientists at Saint-Pierre, Martinique, Human Genome Adapts Within Weeks Under Vapor Canopy, Solar and Wind Don't Work Under Vapor Canopy, Volcanoes Do
2023-05-21 15:25:54
Archaix - Mega-fauna Under Vapor Canopy, Humans Too, Titans vs Giants, Activated Junk DNA, Atmospheric Pressure, History is All Codified and Simulated
2023-05-21 11:30:16
Archaix - Gematria, Code of Simulacrum? Subjective, Land of Goshen, Great Pyramid White Limestone Casing Stones Removed and Built Cairo, Underwater Sphinx, The Raised Land, Kingdom of Waset
2023-05-20 15:34:42
Update - Playlists Integrated
2023-05-20 08:17:18
Archaix - Vapor Canoy in 2040, 3895BC, Great Flood was Collapse of Vapor Canopy, 2046 is Return of Nemesis X Object, Last Visit Was 1314AD Called Great Black Comet, Then 2106, Monument of Man
2023-05-20 06:44:07
Archaix - Simulated Holography Functions as a Toroid, Dyson Shell, Variable Stars, Multi-tiered Hologram, Defy Astrophysists, Holographic Projector, Projected Comet and Rocks from Sky
2023-05-19 16:37:55
Archaix - New Discoveries Before Phoenix 2040, Waking Up, Mass Exodus, Vapor Canopy Returns, Infrastructure Fail, 2070 Beast Kingdom, Migrations from North America
2023-05-19 03:53:37
Archaix - Safe Havens in 2040 & 2046, Isolation, Simulation, Asia, Pole Shifts, 25% in 2040, Australia Safe, Preserved Lifeforms, Marsupials, Vapor Canopies, Elite Real Estate
2023-05-18 16:15:40
Archaix - The Titanic, The Lusitania, Printing Money, Wealth of USA, Maiden Voyages, Publicity, Inside Job, Torpedoes, Business Allies, Theft of Mints
2023-05-17 17:21:47
Archaix - Is the Simulacrum a Soul Farm? Transmigration of Souls, Avatars, Dying and You'll be Back, Won't Miss Anything
2023-05-16 16:49:21
Archaix - Phoenix, Book of Jasher, Sun Darkening, Sons of Jacob, Old Testament, Rabbi Redaction, Phoenix, Calendar Change, 6th Seal, Interpretations, Symbols, Imagery, Copies, Ancient Americans
2023-05-16 03:43:30