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"Sanchuniathon (/ˌsæŋkjʊˈnaɪəθɒn/; Ancient Greek: Σαγχουνιάθων or Σαγχωνιάθων Sankho(u)niáthōn; probably from Phoenician: 𐤎𐤊𐤍𐤉𐤕𐤍‎ *Saḵūnyatān, "Sakon has given"), also known as Sanchoniatho the Berytian, was a Phoenician author. His three works, originally written in the Phoenician language, survive only in partial paraphrase and a summary of a Greek translation by Philo of Byblos recorded by the Christian bishop Eusebius. These few fragments comprise the most extended literary source concerning Phoenician religion in either Greek or Latin: Phoenician sources, along with all of Phoenician literature, were lost with the parchment on which they were written."

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