Shocking Secrets of Antiquity: Racial Wars of Bronze Age, Unusual Artifacts, Technolithic Engineering & the Two Cataclysms that Buried History

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Written by Jason Matthew Breshears.

"For thirty years now a cabal of popular authors like Graham Handcock, Robert Schoch, Robert Bauval, Andrew Collins, Brien Foerster and others have released a steady stream of books backed by major publishers that promote an entire inaccurate view of world history and human origins. This censorship grows as these authors borrow heavily from each others writings in the construction of their pseudo-history.

In Shocking Secrets of Antiquity this censorship is broken, our incredible history laid bare. In this packed work citing over 247 sources we discover the mysteries of fossilized jellyfish, fate of the Cro-Magnon people, records and visitations of intruder planets, the capture of Luna and the Pre-Lunar World, the antediluvian memories of a Prior Creation, ancient accounts of the first appearance of Caucasians that shocked the preFlood races, the descent of the Anunna and their amazing technolithic engineering sciences, the Gihon Flood in the days of Enoch, Enoch's reign and identity as the Sumerian Enki, the Nephilim Dynasty, archaic Bronze Age race wars, the true chronology of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the facts that prove it to be the most unique monument on this planet.

Breshears expounds like no other on the origin of the Goddess religions, the Seven Anunnaki Kings, the Old World calendars so misunderstood today, about the holographic nature of reality and the beings capable of entering and exiting this holography, that our world is an ancient prison, facts about the Great Deluge cataclysm that ended the entire global Early Bronze Age and the later Flood of Ogyges that collapsed the Middle Bronze Age world. He reveals the advanced secrets of the Zodiac, shows the history of the Phoenix Object, an ancient orbiting weapons platform specifically programmed to depopulate humanity at fixed times.

Breshears has done his homework, cites his sources for all to see and NEVER cites an internet source. The Anunnaki Great Year of 600 year epochs is explained, amazing discoveries of gigantic human remains, the astonishing Serpent Code in the Bible, explains brilliantly on the mechanics of predictive systems of analysis and ends this incredible work with a breathtaking glimpse into the poison of religious programming and the hidden power within every human that is just waiting to be unleashed."

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