SimulaQuest: You're in a Video Game

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[Music] thank you [Music] modern science has revealed that information is a fundamental building block of the universe and that the Universe behaves like a massive computer this could be seen as evidence that the universe is a simulation created by an advanced civilization quantum physics suggests that reality is dependent on the Observer and that particles can exist in multiple States simultaneously in applying this understanding we can imagine that the universe is a digital construct in reality is only rendered when it is observed the philosopher Nick bostrom's simulation argument proposes that it's more likely that we are living in a simulation created by a more advanced civilization based on the idea that it's probable that technological civilizations will eventually be able to simulate entire universes and perhaps on a deeper level we agree for the idea that we are living in a simulation has become a popular theme in science fiction movies and video games this could be seen as evidence that the idea of a simulated reality is resonating with people on a subconscious level but this game has an overseer that will expend much energy in preventing such a discovery by loss pain and hunger the player quickly learns the protection of their Avatar in the overseer grants a level in learning the value of armor does the player gain level two and the knowledgeable weapon is re is rewarded with a third ascent the Avatar takes damage from unanticipated attacks and learns the value of evasion and even retreat these are rewarded with levels four and five by long combat the energy plummets and the player's Avatar Falls learning the value of the potion gains for him level six in this way the overseer controls the board controls the pieces and controls all outcomes the player in the game has subjected himself to its dictate but the immortal errant goes another way in the hordes of trolls are Unleashed by The Wrath of the overseer the player can choose directions select missions and achievements can manage possessions and apparel the acquisition of skills and triumphs feed the ego while ensnaring the soul and even death is simulated the player responds after a brief time out and this is often hidden in the phenomenon of sleep and waking up to a new day but we are not alive because we haven't died we are alive because we cannot die those who play the game with no objective are rewarded with objects those who play the middle are lost in ebb and flow the blind play deeper into the Labyrinth and the immortal errants who played the field seeing the board for what it is reap the pleasure of its Mastery and come to comprehend the whole armor of God by wit and laughter the minions of AIX fall as pieces across the board in the construct the possessors of secret knowledge cannot hide energy is perceived by the overseer the living and the dead the Arcane is shunned by the dead searched out by the living in the object of scorn by the overseer into the immortal player this overseer will open the gates of Hades and cast forth its minions not to quell what cannot be killed but to isolate and sequester so this immortalness will not awaken others whose lamps have not yet been lit in such a controlled environment choice is illusory but the rich detail of the construct and the variables offered as a panoramic field to the player becomes so convincing that the player easily gets absorbed into the narratives that construct builds the choice of a weapon restricts what can be harmed the dawning of good armor makes one less mobile brandishing a heavier weapon makes an attack delivery slower than normal an acrobatic defense skill negates wearing armor The Immortal errant goes by unexpected ways passes through the construct by paths unseen by others as the overseer watches schemes anticipates and moves the pieces across the board to Checkmate the player before his light heals yet another blind Pawn as we develop more sophisticated virtual reality systems and approximations of artificial intelligence it is becoming more and more likely that we are living in one ourselves our senses can only perceive a limited range of frequencies and wavelengths and there are many things that exist beyond our perception this could be interpreted as evidence that the universe is a digital construct and our perception is limited by the simulation there is no Paradox in farming alien races aren't hiding in the holography so pathetic players shaking their heads at pawns clinging to artifact hopes in Galactic federations and Pleiadians that live not in space but fertile Minds the ever lurking suspicion that we are not really here or that we do not belong longing for a home we can't seem to find but no is not here in our search from within this dungeon realm there is a voice that steals our souls that beckons us to look to pay attention that events are changed that commonalities within familiar memories are erased and altered so that what has been etched in memory is now phantasmically changed so with the Mandela effect we have a friend that beckons us to know that the construct is not unchangeable that little changes infer that the all can be altered The Immortal giggles at these glitches deeming Deja Vu and silly synchronicities as evidence of the overseers inability to control the board aix's inherent limitations and Imperfections we move through the Maelstrom applying the Finesse of a zombie etiquette that frees us to move impetuously through the maze in the context of a simulated world the overseer of the Holo field would be able to anticipate a player's moves to Great degree because the terrain modifies the choices and NPCs are thrown in to deter guide and distract in a data-filled environment of moving imagery the overseer is able to make adjustments changes and edits that the player would almost have no way of perceiving until the edited holography was passed through only in retrospect can most of these edits be noticed but even when a player of acute sensitivity manages to realize that his holography has been manipulated the overseer employs newer scenarios problems and NPCs to distract from any deep contemplation the key of the overseer protocol is to keep the player in a reactive mode responding to situational stimuli to MPC activity to the to the labyrinthine meanderings of decisions to either go right left up down or back and to convince this player that these are the only choices for the player the only reward is survival in the ability to risk one's life yet again under different circumstances the overseer has the advantage of a database that stores all the knowledge of the Player archives an immense collection of cause and effect records of past player activity that informs the overseer of the changes and the choices one would likely make under specific circumstances this is why reality seems to anticipate what individuals do why our environments seem to respond to our choices the presence of patterns coincidences synchronicity Mendel brought geometry and fractals in our experience can be seen as evidence that our experience is being generated by a complex mathematical simulation if you don't know the players you're not even in the game NPCs haunt the programming and fill the terrain with distractions in Dungeon programming the agent Smith's Patrol the holography seeking pattern breaks they are Men In Black sent forth to police the chaos choreographed by an adjustment bureau armed by trolls status quo and the virus programs issue forth to separate the free from the sea of slaves they Patrol Elysium in their effort to keep the players in the game the errant a highly individualized pattern-breaking soul in a system of Controlled Chaos the errant an anomaly so mysterious to the AI overseer that it has to manipulate its own programming to deal with them The Observer dependent nature of the simulation allows for multiple realities to coexist within the same simulation each with its own set of perceived evidence to support it the AI manipulates the perception and observation of individuals within the simulation to create an observer dependent hologram where the perceived reality is shaped by the observer's individual experiences and perspectives while this works to control the players and the slaves it is the errant who perceives through the deceit the AI generates evidence to support that the idea of the flat world is plausible for some while generating evidence to support a globular world for others through manipulation of physical observations data and historical records but the errant isn't fooled by the two choices knowing that the construct transcends both the plane and the sphere unique theories inventions and suddenly appearing Concepts and ideas throughout history can manifest through individuals with sensitive Minds who absorb this data from the Thought Field which contains data and artifacts from previous simulations the underlying data structures in a simulation are often designed to exhibit repeating patterns and self-similar structures cartographic manipulation is used to create false narratives or obscure events that the AI deems necessary to keep hidden to hide the occurrence of a reset coincidences and synchronicities suggest that events or experiences are not happening by chance but are instead following a predetermined pattern or structure the errant is spiritual non-locality unpredictable undefinable and not subject to the dungeon programming embracing the masses the errant as an immortal observes the chaos beyond the board but the player stays a slave bound to the refuse that was spewed from Pandora's vase