The Placebo Dreamscape: How a Documented Phenomenon Reveals that YOU Create Your Reality

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Streamed live on Apr 19, 2023

"The Placebo Effect is no theory, no wild, unshowable, it is heavily supported and documented by the greatest medical minds of our time. But its implications are ignored. How we are tethered to and moored within the very structuring of the thought-field is found in the Placebo Effect...and what we can do with this information is life-altering." [1]

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first thing I saw in the chat was she the shampoo going all poetic there it is hey guys welcome to the new live totally anticipated didn't know I was gonna do it until I was talking to somebody the other day and that somebody was gone ask me a question and I just took off see I'm riding alone today everybody's on everybody's on their respective missions right now we got several people doing several things for archaics trying to bring things together like this cup of tea which brought a bunch of herbs honey medicinal stuff I can't pronounce things I have no idea what's going in my body but I've been told that it's all for the good all right get a few more people in this chat oh I don't know if you guys like the idea of this or not but I've got I've got Big John on a mission right now he's uh we got he's going through the entire Phoenix phenomenon playlist that's a lot of videos and he's removing all the intros and all the outros and all the extraneous verbiage and he's only isolating the cuts where the raw daddy is where I'm explaining and showing things about the Phoenix phenomenon we already know out of like 80 videos we're probably gonna end up with 200 and something cuts and I'm going to put that together in either one two or three two and three hour presentations so people can get all the Phoenix phenomena data on all in one or two hit you know downloads it's all it's a lot of hours of content but a lot can be removed because it's been repetitive all the intros and outros being removed also allows us to focus focus in on that so for those of you who are not interested in that we're going to do that with your noodle files as well and isolate all the gems and then put it long it'll be like a long video and you'll see me worrying about 30 different t-shirts one for each video and I'll be giving the presentation but well I'll be doing it in chronological order it will just be using all these different pieces of these videos to to do this and it was somebody else's idea but I thought it was a really good one we're going to end up doing it uh taking the information out of the a lot of podcasts I've done over a hundred live videos and podcasts where I have freestyled a lot of information on different topics and we're gonna now start putting all those together into videos where where you can watch a video and get the whole idea right there here it is and by the end of the video you can either accept it or not so I hope you guys like that idea but that's that's one thing we're doing right now and I did post my very first shorts video I just took a pre-existing video we had in our kicks and I ran it through this little shorts filter they've got it was approved and there you go there you have it meanwhile how's my audio I'm feeling better my throat's getting better man I've come to thank you Charlie audio's fantastic Don Victoria rihad thank you thank you guys yeah a lot of people don't get a lot of people don't get the the live notifications that's not on my end and sometimes it's not even on your end you guys know it's not just you it's not just rkx I'm not gonna say I'm not going to try and convey to you guys that I'm being singled out I'm telling you across YouTube it's very common people just don't get their notifications yeah man huge shift in deep State assets oh my god I've been telling you guys remember two years ago I released a series of predictive videos telling you guys that the conservatives were going to do a sweeping takeover man that's all that's happening I don't know what news you listen to you need to listen to Dr Steve Turley got a long list of all the Democrats who are jumping ship to the Republican party got a long list of all the see of all the hosts of different of different uh news agencies that are now turning on the leftist liberal if the the leftist liberal whole Paradigm is now cannibalizing itself there is a there is a liberal civil war going on right now and a bunch of them were jumping ship everything I put in those predictive videos are coming to pass all the the Republican conservatives are getting all the super majorities all the majorities you guys it was just been a delay it's been a slight delay but all the predictions are coming to pass it's just it's a beautiful thing it's beautiful thing so it's all it just goes to show you that not only is the iso isometric phenomenon real but so is the newer the newer observation uh on Wave diffusion which is the ripples in in a pool of water as they get further and further away from the epicenter on either side all the way around as the ring ring waves get bigger and bigger they also spread out if this is something I had never taken into consideration of but it's the exact same thing in the isometric phenomenon as well and that's why events of 2020 bled into 2021 in 2021 bled into 2022 in events that were predicted for 2022 have bled into 2023. this is what's going on from the isometric epicentral year of 1998 we are in the flattening of the Waves though those waves now and it's it can easily be seen now and so yeah the Deep state is already pulling their assets they started with with Bill bill Mayer Bill Maher however you say his name he's one of the first and then you guys know Tulsi gabbard she jumped ship they try to you know portray that that uh she's a pillar of morality and now listen listen the Deep state is moving their assets because the ship is sinking so those were just the first two you the list is grown of all these deep State assets that have been pushing the liberal the liberal and globalist agenda all jumping ship to the Republican party because yeah it's crazy but you got to recognize it for what it is these are deep State assets that are that are these are all the rats that are jumping from a sinking ship so they're they're they're just putting them in positions to get them ready for their for their next you know puppet moves you remember the marionette you know it's all marionettes puppet Master's way up here controlling all the strings puppet show yeah guys hit that like button hit that like button let me see what's going on in this chat before I start this placebo effect video and you guys know uh I'm by myself today so I can't possibly read all this chat there's no there's just no way just no way so I'll look I look at a few of these hey Wendy Flores you never get notifications huh oh yeah you like my shirt yeah a little something different I don't know about black elderberry but I've been black something I've been drinking some black soap and I can't remember what it is black root black bean black something I don't remember what it is you know what black seed oil that's what it is I got my pills black seed oil and curcumin you guys know I can't pronounce all this all this stuff oh man I was troll slaying this morning get up first thing in the morning hit all these triggered people I've been calling them out guys I'm I'm not being quiet I've been calling them out people coming to my channel and they get triggered and they go to they go I they see the Phoenix phenomenon videos and they automatically say something completely antithetical to all the evidence I know from what they have said they don't even know what they're talking about haven't even looked at the material they vaguely watched maybe maybe a video or a piece of a video and they have this huge extrapolated opinion so I've been dissecting them I've been telling them hey check this out all you got to do is set up a time and we'll debate or you can choose your your favorite three Heroes whoever you know across YouTube is willing to debate this this deal I don't care I don't care I just know that we need we need a fair moderator because uh I don't care if I'm debating three minutes the same time I gotta have equal play they have to share if they're on the same side they need to share their time allotment among themselves and may the best man well you know answer but when it comes to my turn you got to give me the fair amount of the time to speak and I know that uh I'm willing to debate anybody on the Phoenix phenomenon I'm willing to debate Graham Hancock Randall Carson Billy Billy Carson uh uh you know what I'm willing to debate what's his name the one the one I used to think he was level-headed I used to think this dude was level-headed I used to think he was uh just reporting basically what he heard from other people I no longer believe that I've been listening too much to him Lady Joe Rogan no he this man has gone to the other side he is pushing that 9500 BC agenda just like Graham Hancock just like all of them I am 100 willing to debate Graham Hancock and a whole panel of authors that can help Graham Hancock me against all of them on the fact that Atlantis could have never been 9500 BC hell yeah line that [ __ ] up I'm ready for that but I know they won't it be a damn fool to do that but I'm ready I'm ready if you send them emails out to them boys let them know I'm on the attack well that ain't the only Theory that's just that's just the one that gets under my skin because so many people you know when you when you when you have the ear of millions of people like Joe Rogan you would think you would fact check a little more before you just accept this BS these men have been blowing up your ass because that's what they're doing so but he's now Joe Rogan's blowing it so hard and so much it's like I can't even take him seriously anymore care what his opinions are on all these other topics anymore it says because this is ridiculous it is it is absolutely ridiculous but that's not what the subject matter of this video is you guys know I like to rant before we actually get into the subject matter because we're waiting for more and more people to Pile in and then Elon Musk comes around watch this man turn around try to hit me with some type of order to uh cease and desist using the term AIX now that his new x i x AI Corporation is is now legal it's absolutely ridiculous xai I told you guys he's a confidence man yep whole bunch of them to flip and Edwards a whole bunch of them flipped but that's not them it's not them they're controllers in the Deep state are telling them to jump ship now from the beginning I've been telling you guys that the Deep state was going to sacrifice the Democrats and the Socialists to put the ultra-christian conservatives in a position of power because they need them in power to move to the next level guys the next level is coming and you ain't gonna like it you thought liberalism went out of control wait wait till you see what it's going to be like under a bunch of people who think they're Allied to God and they can justify anything that they that they that they do to you as being in in uh as being supported by God it's just as just as bad it was religious but religious fanaticism in Government Can Do hell yeah yeah you got you guys think those superdomes they're going to be playing 15 years from now they're going to be playing football in superdomes hell no hell no there's going to be whole platforms set up where they're going to be doing executions man you better pay attention because you better pay attention to what archaics is trying to tell you it says the the oh the gold the pendulum is in full swing right now and they are now removing all socialist and Democrat obstacles to all this they're removing them fast guys you got to listen to people like Dr Steve Turley he's got his finger on the pulse this man's got his finger on the pulse he's naming names and he's showing you where they're all Jumping Ship coming to the other side and what's really scary is that the ultra conservatives are just opening their arms to them oh yeah come on over here come on guys in real world people who have political uh on different totally different political uh ideologies and upbringings and stuff they're not going to embrace their enemies after their enemies have had their foot on their neck for the past 50 years it's not how real world Works no one group of controllers is telling them hey man y'all need to start jumping [ __ ] and getting over while they're sacrificing all the other ones at the same time the controllers over here telling the conservatives in the Deep State who are also puppets telling them hey man you all need uh y'all need to let these in let these people in now don't do too much criticism on them you know we're not gonna make a big deal about them jumping ship and all that guys this is all all smoking mirrors and every bit of it was in detail predicted in all my videos two years ago and 18 months ago so you can go back and watch those predictions videos and you can see 100 conservative ultra-christian Reich Takeover in the United States of America everybody that's predicted and you're seeing it unfold right now yeah 2024 is going to be amazing but 2029 2030 2031 yeah you're gonna be you're gonna be wanting Democrats and liberals to be in in in positions of power again all right now Alfred I disagree with you bro I don't even know who you are but you're saying here that Rogan is just a mouthpiece I disagree with you man I used to believe the same thing too but no you're not just a mouthpiece when you're when you're parroting and pushing out a false Paradigm based off zero evidence you're saying it because all these big names are saying it now you're you're uh you're supporting an agenda yeah man I used to I just think it was a free thinker no he's not Joe Rogan could not have me on his podcast with Graham Hancock and by the time I'm done with Hancock Joe Rogan can I ever admit that Atlantis was 9500 BC he couldn't do it to a to a whole trial a whole population of trier's effect who would sit there and be listening to it because by the time I'm done I promise you 99.9 of the people listening are going to agree with me I don't care how glib Graham Hancock can get when it comes to the elements of the Atlantis story I got him down and I know exactly what the archeology and the anthropology and the intextual clues infer I know exactly how how you chronologically apply all this the chronal markers are very specific for the 14th 13th and 12th centuries BC and no other time period could that story have ever unfolded according to the contents of The Narrative of Atlantis that we received from Plato second hand from salon now there's no one in the world that's going to stand before me in a podcast and ever convince other people that Atlantis was really 9500 BC what they're going to have to do is pull a whole bunch of of data and evidence of all kinds from other source nurses that something bad happened in 9500 BC and I won't even argue that I let him talk the whole time because we're not talking about Atlantis anymore they can't cite Atlantis data for that no anybody can pull a whole bunch of scientific material together and say something bad happened in 9500 BC I could care less there wasn't nobody back then that was recording data there are no historical records not one monument in the world exists not One text not one Effigy not one nothing no writing at all to have transferred this knowledge exists in the world today that goes back that far you guys remember the chart I drew shows the entire human history is this big on the chart and then what brand Hancock wants you to believe is way back over here was Atlantis and there's nothing in the intervening period which two two historical records for for the world could fit in it's so [ __ ] it's ridiculous it's ridiculous but let's move on I'm not worried about that it should it's adult fantasy is what it is it is it's dull fantasy I may as well debate the Galactic Federation I'm getting a lot of newer people in archaics that just don't understand that this is a fact-driven all platform archaics is going to deal with the facts and I I tell people all the time that listen I'm not here to tell you I'm going to show you because if something is true it can always be seen from multiple different Vantage points that's a major tenant in archaics I'm going to stick to that so when you come to this Channel and you start arguing with me in the in the comments section and all your data is pulled from people who consider themselves as Chandlers I'm telling you now there isn't a single person in the world who claims they get their data from channeling they could ever support that data in any way you have to take it on hearsay so basically what you're admitting to yourself and to everybody else is that you have faith in that individual and and that individual not lying to you because there are no bibliographic citations there's no monuments there's nothing for you to verify you have accepted hearsay so you better trust the source I don't trust any of them that's why I don't talk to anybody I don't podcast with anybody who tells me that they're into channeling you don't know what they're channeling you have no idea what kind of data is being channeled some people think that Nostradamus through uh hypnotic regression was was channeling and he may have but but he got a lot of stuff wrong or to get that information from so anyway rant's over with I have no idea how many people are oh here we go all right I already got a thousand people in attendance 400 almost 500 likes I appreciate that I appreciate y'all who uh take the time to do that pretty sure I do have 500 haters in here but that's okay because all it takes is about 10 to a dozen people in my in my chat and I'll do a whole presentation for them because that's how I started I started doing live videos and there wasn't a 30 or 40 people in the whole chat so Christina the astonishing Howdy Folks my chance for foreplay that's crazy I'll get that so yeah it's all thank you for that I don't know who's who put that up there all that cowgirl bags packed ready to cut and run thank you cowgirl appreciate that so and guys the what are you doing we need to take this real seriously about the um oh placebo effect and I know many of you many of you know exactly what we're talking about when we when we're talking about the placebo effect don't worry about my cough guys it's getting taken care of so you guys already know that many medical tests have been done anybody anybody can do their own own homework and some of you who listen to me come from a medical background or a homeopathic background you understand what I'm talking about the placebo effect has been so widely documented there are so many books about the actual individual scientific tests that have been done and I'm going to review just just some of these so you guys can understand how profound this relationship is between the psyche and the simulation you got to understand this connection because when you see what's going on around you you're going to be able to utilize this data and reverse that polarity meaning instead of living a reactive mindset and these external placebos affecting you creating your reality as you as it stands right now by the end of this video you're going to become aware of these placebos that are unfolding daily around you because I'm going to itemize them for you and then I'm going to explain how you reverse the situation situation and you become a projector instead of living in a reactive mode it's going to change this right here is a game changer and Dawn Dawn is absolutely correct I was shocked when she and I were having a conversation the other day and she had asked a question and it led into an answer that had me talking about the placebo effect and in mid-sentence I stopped because it dawned on me I have never ever divulged this information to anybody and out of having almost 500 videos it shocked me it's like I can't believe I've never talked about this this is something I should have covered a long time ago but you know what everything happens in its time everything happens for a reason maybe this is unfolding now because I had to get that rant out about Joe Rogan and hand Graham Hancock first free to Air a little bit because we're operating on RAM too and sometimes I gotta free up that space so that's what we're doing here so I'm going to tell you now the placebo effect guys it's used by the military it's used by The Fortune 500 companies against you it's used in marketing and advertising every single day YouTube uses the placebo effect on you every single day oh yes it does but going back to the the simplest common denominators that's a oh let's look at the simple things before before we introduce the complex let's make sure everybody's on board so when it comes to pain relief this is the single largest understanding people have when it comes to the placebo effect is when it concerns pain relief we all we're all aware of the studies where two control groups are they have migraine headaches or they have back pains in the doctors or the people conducting the tests will give one control group real real medicine real pain reliever for their head the other control group will be given uh fake tablets artificial tablets that taste like real Tylenols or Advil or whatever they're given a placebo sometimes that Placebo comes with additional data such as the control group that got the regular like Tylenol 3 are told hey this is Tylenol three it's got codeine in it anybody got a problem Cody okay cool all five of those people in that control group take that within two hours in the control group they're interviewing they say yeah I've had it I've had I've had relief okay but all five members almost all five members sometimes it's four but most of the time it's all of them in the other control group that were given the placebo were also told hey we gave the other group we gave the other group just the old style Tylenols but we're giving you guys the new upgraded Tylenol 4 we haven't even released on the market this is almost instant relief within 10 minutes of being in your stomach your headache's already going to be disappearing this additional data is entered into the informed fields of those who listened and they took it and they swallowed it and they believed what they're told and they took chalk pills or whatever they are and there's absolutely no medicinal value but but it's already been documented hundreds maybe thousands of times all over the world placebos are effective and they're often more effective than the real medicines and that's a clue as to what's really happening so when it comes to these pills you can you can Google placebos you can and you're going to come up with a whole host of books and and articles and all kinds of all kinds of tests that have been conducted and this is something that I advise you to do after this video so you can see how viable this information is to you personally but it's not just pills and Pain Relief we're talking about things like depression even sham therapies have been proven to work when the recipient is convinced that they're receiving some type of new invented therapy that's that's that's 100 percent effective and everybody it's ever been used on it's worked people absorb the fiction and it's like spiritual Alchemy in their own personal life it becomes a fact this is the placebo phenomenon and it's happening all the time but it's not just headaches and back aches and and depression it's also it's also been shown to relieve not only anxieties in different uh uh you know uh psychosis but even military-induced PTSD has also been shown to to to be assuaged by the by the in by the usage of placebos and that's very interesting because now we're we are moving from the physical to the psychological if the placebo works on the physical anatomy and it can be shown that the placebo works on psychological conditions then we're looking at a phenomenon that can work for everything and this is the deep understanding I want you to take away from this video and you will by the time I'm done with this list so the uh there have been studies for all there's been studies for things as simple as irritable bowel syndrome here's something you just can't control people eat they have irritable bowel syndrome and it's messing them up and then they're giving these fake medicines told they're real they're told hey man this right here cures IBS IBS is nothing it's right here cures IBS every single patient that's ever taken this we're reporting that it cured them and then these people take this fake medicine in their IBS is completely controlled and they have hardly hardly no problems Placebo 100 percent that individual took a lie and turned it into the truth so this tea is delicious but we can go even deeper because there are things that affect people that are neurological not just psychological they're not just the just just you know common common ailments of the anatomical body but what about Parkinson's disease this isn't Jason making this up there have been tests where the placebo effect was absolutely effective in allowing people to maintain better motor control when they suffer from long-term Parkinson's disease what the placebo effect actually works on the physical body the psychological the psychological aspect and the neurological aspect of of people this is amazing because we're seeing one one system applying to all all basically all all aspects of The Human Experience one system so when it comes to the respiratory system the placebo effect has been effective against those who suffer from asthma and it's not just asthma have a list here insomnia those who have suffered years of insomnia were cured by a placebo all scientifically documented that's amazing kind of makes you wonder why placebo effect isn't something that's more on Con on the common vernacular why aren't more people talking about it why do why are why you just you just unless you go searching for that information it's not easy to find why isn't it more widely out there I'm going to tell you why it's called pharmaceutical companies they don't want you knowing about this this uh placebo effect phenomenon because that's what it is it's a phenomenon and it's the key to understanding the architecture of the relationship between the personal informed field in the larger field of the similacrum itself remember I told you guys many times it's a relationship between the personal and the oversoul by virtue of the field so the fields exchange information this is spiritual Alchemy this is how you turn fictions into fact so oh another another real good example of the placebo effect has been shown in the case of really acute and severe menopausal symptoms when women were told that there was a cure and they were in it when they were told in confidence as if they were not to allow others to know about a new secretive medication they were relieved of their menopausal symptoms again here is the power of the psyche over over the physical Anatomy again athletic performance athletes who were given a placebo treatment have often reported often reported better performance yeah we're not talking now now we're taking a whole new we're adding a whole new element we're not talking about relieving pain relieving curing curing or suppressing symptoms we're not talking about the psychology or or neurology we're not talking about uh the respiratory system the physical Anatomy now we're talking about performance enhancement was delivered to people because they believed in the placebo they took something that was fake and they transmuted it into Something Real by their actions that athlete got out there and did whatever he did the high jump he felt he went a little bit higher because something that was given to him right before the exercise that athlete ran the distance faster and farther than normal and in his heart he knew it was by virtue of something that was given to him unknowing that it was a placebo that's a whole new added element here performance enhancement so um basically by leveraging the power of belief and expectation those using placebos on the unwitting they can basically enhance their performance their operations guys this is super soldier's [ __ ] that's where we're going with this Placebo if Placebo remember remember guys if anything can be shown to be true to the smallest degree then it's probably true to the greatest as well so the placebo effect isn't something that can just heal apparently it can be weaponized as well I don't Advocate that but we can't deny that it's already happening and it's happening on a daily basis so uh we know managers can use the placebo effect to boost employee morale and motivate motivation that too is a placebo effect just a just basically just a an upbeat conversation from a manager who who you get your paycheck from and who knows the direction of a company or a business and the people listening to him his pep talk is also a placebo so this allows us to understand that the phenomenon can be transferred by voice by intention the phenomenon does not require a physical Placebo because the phenomenon itself can be delivered in in non-physical means so music can be a placebo and it often is for many of us and so we believe that music can heal us and by virtue of that belief music that we listen to makes us feel better and because we feel better we feel like we've been healed and because we feel like we've been healed we feel better and because we feel better we feel like we've been healed heal healed it's a feedback loop so that too is Placebo so the very fact that like incorporating elements that create a perception of high quality and effective training and like a soldiers or or uh employees to a company if they go to a training session and they feel that they have been that that uh I'm talking about some very highly Specialized Sales techniques have been given to them and they know wow every company I've worked for in the past they never taught me anything like this so some psychologist is in the room in there and and teaching these new sales techniques and explaining how people will react to them when they do this this too is a placebo for those who believe it and then by believing in the in these new directives they go out and execute them and because they believe in that new New Deal they're actually taking action other people they come in contact with them respond accordingly the way the psychologist in the room told them they'd respond when they see this confirmation they believe even more in the formula therefore the formula becomes wrote and they do it more because of feedback little more more people confirm that that the sales technique is working and it becomes their feedback loop but it was a placebo that got it started from the beginning placebos come in many many forms so uh in the marketing World The Fortune 500 companies have gotten genius at attaching different types of significance to their brand to to the items that they sell and they have this feel-good aspect in all their advertising focuses on this feel-good aspect of whatever it is they're trying to sell that too is Placebo because none of that's really true they're selling something that's inanimate they're selling something that objectively on its own is nothing but a liquid in a bottle they're selling something that's it that's wrapped in Styrofoam in a pack in a cardboard box all these attachments of music emotion color oh word associations all these things that are attached to that product you respond to I respond to it and we get these feel-good Sensations about that product that's a placebo and it works on a lot of us a lot of the time so they're Geniuses they're Geniuses they've been doing this for a long time a long time it can go from the way that oh oh the packaging of a product can be so intricate and so beautiful that it's a heavy inference that what that what's inside that package must be of great value and utility even though it might be a piece of [ __ ] the product might be a piece of crap so Exquisite the the inference becomes a placebo and people and people buy into it and they pay the higher prices for the inferior product because of the way it looks and feels so that's a placebo another popular Placebo are the endorsements from famous people from trusted people personages celebrities these endorsements people remember oh okay they have different emotions attached to different celebrities oh wow that's Liberty there's been like 12 of my favorite movies that's a feel-good Nostalgia they're using your own emotions against you they know that's why actors and actresses are very carefully picked when they're when they're used to push certain products yeah it has everything to do with what movies they're in how popular those movies were how people will receive them they are using personalities as placebos and it works and it works so you know you know uh you know what both words are when a company uses buzzwords buzzwords like all natural or or uh salt free and they use buzzwords that people resonate with these as well become placebos for a lot of people because they associate that product with all the advantages and safeties and everything that those buzzwords entail so that marketing technique becomes a placebo yo check my chat real quick I don't have I gotta rely on my moderators today I don't have matte gun slinging up my side right now check my chat thank you for posting that mailing address oh Jara Pamela and you go chest moving fast you gotta go all the way to the bottom of it square peg diversion I gotta we gotta we gotta we gotta get together I'm real busy but I can make time we got to do a video on on Wave diffusion I keep seeing her in the chat I don't see her right now though four jacks thank you so yeah both words are another one they're another they're another aspect of the of the uh uh Phoenix phenomenon but so is exclusivity exclusivity is like when a company gives you a limited time offer it's a limited time offer therefore the implication is already that whatever they're selling or whatever service they're offering is so valuable they're only willing to offer it for a limited time that that that totally totally puts out an inference of a value that's much higher than it actually is this is a placebo people fall for it all the time all the time so it makes a product extra special oh another Placebo and I know you guys I know you guys are are familiar with these placebos as well it's very popular in marketing for them to show before and after pictures I did the same thing when I back when I owned a company called Woodlands residential pressure wash and I used to pressure wash all these driveways and and uh the sides of the facades of buildings and I used to show my before and after pictures and they look beautiful but that is Placebo for some people because you haven't actually done the job for them all you've done is shown pictures of a job that was done uh before and after but there's still no evidence you did it it's a placebo people fall for it it's not necessarily an evil one I've never inferred to placebos are evil but it's a phenomenon that's being used for both Good and Evil there's no doubt No Doubt uh another yeah I need a placebo for my coffin you're right so another uh what is that oh another tactic that becomes Placebo is when you're looking at products and you pull one off the shelf and you're instantly drawn to a bright color and when you look at that bright color it says original price is about 30 to 40 percent more than the asking price that automatically infers that the product is far more valuable than what you're going to have to pay for Placebo kicks in instantly so it's the same phenomenon it's all it's the same thing with showing a large number of testimonials when they show a large a whole large number of testimonials and you see this it it becomes a psychological thing you believe in it you look at it and say wow this many people I understand one or two but this many people and got one famous endorsement yeah this product must be awesome or this service must be awesome you have no evidence of its awesomeness at all all you did was read what was on a label but placebo effect kicks in because you buy that product you take it home and it's awesome so it's uh these are just little light examples of you know these different types of endorsements and the way market marketers and advertisements tap into this type of phenomenon so um it's the same thing with attractive models and uh showing aspirational you know lifestyle scenes showing awesome houses showing all the things that you want in life that you don't have uh making you feel these associations making you feel these emotions and stuff and then you buy the product and you take it home and you've basically deceived yourself the product the vacuum cleaner works out excellently but the vacuum cleaner vacuumed like any other vacuum cleaner it vacuumed but to you you have played you have basically imported a special significance to how that vacuum cleaner actually did a better job than any other vacuum cleaner you've ever had before yeah the placebo effect is real we do it to ourselves every day with products and only weeks later or months later do we see the evidence that it's no different than anything else it's no different than any other vacuum cleaner we ever ever bought before but then again you haven't been dwelling on it from day to day so it's easy to understand in retrospect the mistake you made but while you're living it it's very hard to see that it's very hard to see that so the media ABC NBC CBS CNN BBC you know them all mainstream Legacy Media you already know the media feeds us a false version of reality every single day and people fall for it and because they believe in the very things that are being steadily pumped into their minds over over over day days go by weeks go by months go by years go by and they study saturated with all this the placebo effect kicks in and they begin transmuting what was fiction and the fact in the world around them begins to assume the very properties of the world that was promoted through the media only months or years before it's the exact same thing the placebo effect is weaponized by the media it's also utilized by the military not just the U.S military all of them there are special programs where they get certain men they test them and they run them through a gauntlet then they do blood tests on them then they set them aside and they start putting them together and they drill them with questions and then the soldier himself is very confused like what's going on why do they take me out of my my why did they take me out of my division and out of my platoon why are they put me in this facility they say I'm still in the U.S army why they do this to me the next thing you know they start meeting these other guys who are in the same program and then the word Gets Out Among some of them hey man we're uh we're being they found something they found something else they found something out about us we're very different than the other soldiers and then they start fostering this they used to put this together next thing you know the military has a special branch of guys who can run faster see farther fight harder be immune to pain to all super soldiers they can do all these things why because they have been given all kinds of Clues as to their true identity force-fed to them all by subliminal implantation all these very clever ways that these military personnel use use the power of suggestion over a period of time and within seven or eight months an ordinary 22 year old kid by the time he's 24 believes that he is able to do all these things and they and they run him through the tests and they and and and by virtue of being told that he was special he becomes special and he begins to assume the very characteristics that his military handlers told him that he possessed from the very beginning this is very real and it's not and it's not just the United States military that employs this practice there there are special elite soldiers in many militaries and this is how they're put together it's not just their own personal stats they are selected because of their ability to be subjected to a whole new phenomenon yeah where the Mind goes the body follows told you guys that many many times that is the weaponization of the placebo effect so so the placebo effect can also be weaponized against the enemy host against an enemy population you already know what this is this is psychological warfare 101 yeah oh we have many instances in the historical record when different generals or commanders or dictators lead to Leading a host at night time they had their soldiers spread out in light more fires than they were actually there so the spies of the enemy camp would sneak close and at night time look and they would see all the Hills for Miles covered in campfires but truth be told there's only one person at each fire but they can't see that in the dark from a distance all they can see is the campfire this was a very popular method of psychological warfare the enemy would become debilitated they would lose morale the person using the placebo effect actually actually created the situation of the enemy losing power losing the will to fight and maybe even physically reacting to the stimuli such as ordering his own troops to retreat yeah that's the placebo effect as well so this uh the placebo the placebo effect it's it's far more it's far more complex than all this and all this is this is all this is very um it's an oversimplification but you get the idea so I'm telling you guys often if anything can be shown to be true in one aspect of something it's probably true in all aspects of that same thing so if in your personal life you can transmute fiction into fact then why even wait for the external stimuli why live a reactive mindset why wait for for situations to develop by which you can invest belief by which you can transmute by action into some something to develop into your life why wait if if everything we know about the placebo effect now is true and I believe it is I don't believe I've lied to you at this video at all anybody can Google all these research studies case studies if this is true then it's equally true how easy it is that we can go ahead and begin the modification of our own personal Reality by ourselves without the need for an external stimuli we don't need it remember I say this a lot too if we believe that the end is secure then all steps leading up to it are secured as well if we believe that all we have to do is move forward and the destination will reveal itself then that means we don't need to know what the destination is at the start of the journey we just need to start moving when we adopt this mindset this is how we bring all the things that we want in this life to us because we have not told the oversoul how to do it it has unlimited resources it knows exactly where in the Holo field everything that you want is located and how best to assemble everything to bring it into a reality tunnel into a physical experience for you it knows how best to do that it's the ultimate it's the ultimate transmuter so if it's true that the placebo effect can so rapidly change on an individual because they believe in it then why don't you just believe in yourself and the relationship you have with the oversoul and then build whatever future you want why not move forward knowing that everything you want is already there and it you just have to move forward it so you can start coming into contact with it that's the that's the beauty of the whole placebo effect phenomenon you don't need an external source to give you data that you invest your faith in you can invest your faith in yourself your own informed Fields ability to move forward and attract the very things that you want in life because if you're moving forward with this belief then you also know that the similacrum itself which is an extension of the oversoul is going to begin manifesting those very things into your life not because you deserve it not because it can and not because those variables were all out there existing anyway it's going to do it only because you're expecting it to simple as that that's the placebo effect you're expecting it without expecting something nothing's going to occur therefore there's no Placebo involved but if you are expecting things to change for yourself then they will because the oversoul will reflect that back as circumstance the placebo effect has taught us basically that where the Mind goes the body follows and that is as simple as I can put it as far as the ability to manipulate our whole spheric reality which we call a physical world and bring those things into contact with us that we most earnestly desire or want or believe that are attainable to us it is that simple in the placebo effect is our direct evidence our daily evidence happening all around us in all echelons of society that is our evidence on a daily basis that what I'm telling you right now is absolutely true that we Forge our own realities by what we believe and expect to happen and then we move forward allowing basically you can call the universe you call the oversoul you can call it God whatever allowing The Matrix to build it for you because if you think remember if you think you got to build it then you're not in a relationship at all yeah at the ego talking he said you're you're in a relationship with the oversoul which makes you a co-creator if you're a co-creator then that means the burden is not on you to finish anything the burden is on you to begin you got to start something and then start heading in the direction for a follow through and the relationship kicks in in the oversold builds it for you and this is why when you're vibrating on the right frequency and you're moving forward you're attracting all the things in your life that you want this is why by the time you get many of the things that you want and I'm living this guy I've been living it for a while now when you get they've lost their value to you because now you've set your sights on something bigger and started moving in that direction and then that comes to you as well and then you realize what you obtained it wow it doesn't even have that intrinsic value it used to have on me three months ago when I went out when this was my goal and then I've already got my eyes My Mind Set On this this and this and these objectives and these projects and these things I want to to accomplish and now that I accomplish them when they do them and they pass through me as experiences because I'm done with them and but they were so important to me months ago when I set things in motion well we're vibrating on the right frequency when we get the very things we desire they're no longer of of that same value they they were at the Inception and that's growth that's how you want to be they're still enjoyable but that importance doesn't attach anymore and what you think is important in your future that has not yet caught up to you to you you've built it up in your mind that's what you really want is what you this is where you're heading and all that and then when you get it it no longer has that hold on you you've already mentally projected other things that you're moving in that direction to this is life this is the mode you want to be in because every day is a new experience new new things come into your life weekly and it's a beautiful thing but this is when you're vibrating on the right frequency so that's my presentation on the placebo effect there's no need to draw this out into a two-hour presentation it's very simple placebo effect is real it is scientifically documented it affects almost every aspect of the human experience and therefore the LIE can be turned into the truth by simply acting on it then you need to use that in your daily life because though because what's not true are the things that you want in life that you don't have but what can become true are those very things that you don't have but you want and by moving forward acting as if they already exist because they do they're just not in your possession then the co-creator relationship kicks in the informed field has done everything that it can to build the picture and then begin moving in the direction it needs to go and now it is time for the relationship to kick in now the similacrum which is a finger of the oversaw will begin to reach down and knit the circumstances in your life to bring to pass the very things that were once a lie so they can become your truth that's my presentation and oh I'm totally cool with some q a as soon as I can drink this tea and look at this chat look at this chat act as if you are and you will be yes sir thank you Victoria yes it brought it it should broaden your perspective placebo effect there's a lot to it there's a lot to it it's a lot to it and yes it can be weaponized but I don't I don't recommend that what I recommend is for you to use it as a tool for your own personal life no I'm going to tell you now on the uh Aggie eggy eggy AJ why listen you're not gonna see Graham Hancock and I on a podcast talking about now we may end up with a podcast in the future I wouldn't doubt that talking about other topics which you will never see that man go on a debate with me about Atlantis being 9500 BC because I'm telling you now Graham Hancock is an intelligent guy and he knows he would never win that argument ever especially he would never even put himself on a podcast with me if that was the only subject matter 9500 BC Atlantis because his people would make sure he watched my three or four Atlantis videos before they even allowed him in the room with me and once he did that he would realize okay well I got to talk to this guy about something else because I promise you he's never gonna gonna do a debate on 9500 BC Atlantis he can talk for hours though about something bad happened in 9500 BC and that is a discussion I could care less about because I'm pretty sure something happened in 11 000 BC it was terrible too and something happened in 7000 BC that was terrible too and I'm pretty sure that there's about 550 000 terrible things that have happened between now and and 11 500 BC none of that [ __ ] concerns me I don't care the issue is is the man has has millions of people listening to him and he has said hundreds of times out of his mouth some of his evidence for the 11 000 BC narrative uh 9500 BC narrative he quotes Plato he quotes the Atlantis story but he doesn't tell the truth he doesn't tell the details that I exposed in that video the other day and that is a problem for me it's not a problem for him because he don't give a damn uh he did I don't I don't know I don't I don't put him in the same category as like David Hatcher children's I know uh to me Graham Hancock is a he's a he's a member of The Establishment he started off as a journalist uh I believe that he's taken funding from like the like the Rockefellers and that right there is red flag and say why why would you take that why would you take their money so I'm all yeah I'm just not worried about you're not going to see he and I he he would never he would never uh he would never do that he wouldn't do that it would be a Fool's all it would do was blow me up and make him look make him look really bad he really would now Graham Hancock and I can talk about some other things yeah and Dustin Kirk yeah Billy Carson he can say anything he wants to about Atlanta so if he believes Atlantis is 9500 BC you can tell that you could tell him in an email that Jason of archanges is calling him out yeah he wants to debate that 9500 BC Atlantis crap yeah I'm trying to hear it I'm not trying to hear that yeah uh Martin ledke I guess that's how you say his name he and I are doing the podcast real soon okay oh this is a good question this listen at 405 Christine Mose when does the placebo effect hit the hard edge of the code the similacrum listen guys the placebo effect is no different than what I've told you many times in the past in my presentations you can believe what you want to believe you can build a mental picture you can even project that mental picture out there and none of that's gonna ever bring anything into your reality nothing the key component that's missing is your physical Avatar must move in the direction when it comes to the placebo what's happening the physical Avatar swallows the pill takes the medicine purchases the very thing that they think is all hype and all that it's a it's a it's a commiserating act in the physical world that empowers the placebo phenomenon it's the same thing I've been telling you guys on how to create your own reality you build a mental picture you're a co-creator you build that mental picture then you let go of it because if you dwell on it dwell on it it's never going to reflect it back back to your circumstance let it go and start moving in the direction of of to fulfill that your physical your physical activities must in some way so support your mental activity they have to commiserate once that relationship between the physical and the mental is met in the personal that's when the similar Chrome instantly if you're talking about hitting the code that's when the similar criminal instantly begin to knit those things into your into your existence how fast that happens depends on you and your belief like I said if the end is secure every step leading up to it is secure as well and if the end is secured how many steps are necessary completely depends on you because if you believe that time will have to elapse before these things can come to pass in your life and I promise you time is going to to elapse and if you believe opposition exists then opposition will appear so hell yeah good question thank you Rosie Hayes I understand Joe Rogan can make it happen you say Rogan had Hancock in one of his haters on before and that was so good listen the problem is is with Joe Rogan I would be on a podcast with a sympathizer if you not heard how many hundreds of times Joe Rogan has agreed with the 9500 BC Atlantis deal and all this stuff he he's 100 on board with with Hancock's telling him so it's not it's not him being an impartial mediator no it's not him being in partial mediator at all which isn't a deal killer for me I'm just saying the equity is not there it's not a deal killer because if Joe Rogan invited me onto his podcast and told me that me and Graham Hancock were only talking about Atlantis at 95 500 BC I promise you I'll be there but it's it's not the same Dynamic Joe Rogan is not impartial at all not anymore he's promoting that whole Egypt is 9 000 year old be a crap he was just talking just just this morning about the uh uh the Sphinx Temple is evidence of 10 000 BC because the water erosion and it's not I have I have two videos explaining the water erosion on the Sphinx the water erosion on the Sphinx in the in the in the the valley temple in the Sphinx Temple is very definitive because we have it in the historical record Egypt was underwater for 340 years of course there's going to be watery erosion why wasn't the water erosion seen on the Great Pyramid then good question because it was and it was documented 980 Years Ago by Muslim or geographers who saw that the ancient ocean level was stained halfway up the Great Pyramids white glistening casing blocks but what happened somebody removed those casing blocks they're gone now you see Limestone blocks going up but the Muslim the Muslim books those were still there in the days of strabo those white casing blocks were still there in the days of amianos marceladus those white casing blocks were still there in the days of diador sycamus those white casing blocks were still there in the days of Herodotus of Halal cornassus those white casing blocks were still there in the days of the Muslims Rooney in his book the wonders of ancient Nations sites the ancient ocean line in the days of Alba Rooney 980 years ago those white casing blocks were still there Who removed them and why because those white casing blocks are the reason why the Great Pyramid was preserved when it was underwater simple as that the Sphinx never had casein blocks therefore it took water damage the valley Temple never had casing blocks therefore it took water damage everywhere around Egypt is all the evidence that the entire land mass was covered in seashells in the days of Frederick Norden Lewis 1700s I read the book he saw nothing to seashells and anybody who's ever seen the illustrations from the French Napoleonic Army in the battle of the pyramids when they went to Egypt they began Excavating you will notice that all the pyramids were halfway buried in sand this is just seven 300 years ago so temples were even unknown until the Egyptians clear sandal hell one-on-one even found to the 20s 1920s guys listen all this makes totally sense for the historical record but the historical record as I've uncovered it and documented in my chronicon in my published books and in my videos it's not the history that Graham Hancock and his ilk are promoting it's not and there's absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any human civilization in 11 000 BC in 10 000 BC so this is all hyperbole it's terrible trash shoddy scholarship and you have to understand Joe Rogan Graham Hancock Billy Carson Randall Carson they are not authorities on their on the on these subjects anthropology and Archeology and history the whole scientific Community is completely against all these things these men say and the reason is is because there is no evidence of human infrastructure prior to 3700 BC none none nothing there's no cities no Canal Works no infrastructure there's nothing 3700 BC is still within 6 000 years there's not a trace evidence anywhere in the world of a civilization that goes back beyond that none and all these little little I can't even pronounce it goblicky teepee or whatever they're not even that old remember just because something is buried in dirt does not is not evidence of antiquity when you find the exact same symbols that goblakey TP that you find in other ancient ruins that only date that only date a couple thousand years we have a problem we have a real big problem when you have Sumerian symbols that are known to be 27th 26th 25th and 23rd Century BC less than 5 500 years ago when you know these Sumerian symbols they're everywhere in near Eastern iconography and then you see them at goblecky TP how in the hell can you bridge that 8 000 years how can you just all of them all of a sudden date this at this date and ignore 8 000 years we're not a single artifact or anything's ever been found to to link the two easter island has 550 something giant head statues now we know they're attached to bodies when you dig down on the back of the bodies the same symbols on the back of those statues all right go Blinky teepee the ones in Easter Island have been have been affirmatively dated by scientists to only be less than 2 000 years old so we have some massive discrepancies in all the stuff they're promoting I just need to hear another people are going to believe them anyway they got millions of people it's like man it's just like Graham Hancock and all them they're they're the new ABC NBC and CBS of alternative archeology that's who they are and you know they can have that they can have that Throne because I know I am convinced by virtue of the comments excuse me the comment section and the emails that I get I am convinced that there is a higher level of intellect involved in the scrutinizing of the archaic's material in the archaics family do you know how many fact Checkers I have do you have a video idea how many people are always looking for little details to see if to see if there's discrepancies or see if there's anything wrong you have any idea yeah what other what other YouTube channel goes through what I go through hyper scrutiny I got people going through everything you know what I invite that I like that but you know what I've called out a lot of people too and not one person's met me halfway so I invite the scrutiny but it's a it's because I know that in the archaic's family I have more intelligent triers of fact here than when I go scrolling through the comment sections of other YouTube channels and I look like wow are you serious okay it's like people are believing things that have absolutely no substance and I look at these I look at these comment sections and I'm disgusting I said wow this is amazing it's amazing I mean in fall it's amazing what people will accept is true it's amazing without without you know uh doing any type of research just total at face value accepting what somebody says is true because the vast majority of other YouTube channels that I have seen they're not showing you any any actual evidence they're promoting ideas and theories they're promoting ideas and theories that's it they're not they're not they're not really applying any standards and that's cool not all of them but but uh it's just it gets really ridiculous so so yeah Graham Hancock and and and and all the all the all of them I mean they're so weird it's so weird because they cherry pick 100 they cherry pick what scientific model they want to use to promote whatever they want to use let me let me give an example I'll give you a perfect example Graham Hancock Randall Carlson all these guys that are putting out this material about 9500 BC and 10 000 BC cataclysm and all that you guys know that standard archeology and scientifica doesn't accept their conclusions and yet they're uniformitarians go figure Graham Hancock steals cites carbon 14 and potassium argon Duty and Ice core samples in dendro chronology and every bit of that can be thrown out the window every bit of it still applying uniforms if you if if Ice Age comes out of your mouth you're a uniformitarian it's as simple as that because none of that's provable none of that's provable Ice Age is such a ridiculous notion we have an entire southern hemisphere full of marsupial creatures that cannot survive in Ice Age but we had ice ages we've got all kinds of floral fallen in this world they could have never survived an ice age but they're here so the whole thing is just ridiculous it's all glaciation and even the glaciation models are are are very are very off but to be a uniformitarian to cite relative dating methods to even try to tell me something happened in the younger driest when you were born you were born in the 21st century or in the 20th century every single person that we could ever talk to in this world was born in the 20th or the 21st century you weren't there nobody even knew what a younger driest was 150 years ago somebody made it up yeah so so they attach all the significance to the to this pleisto seed in this eel seed in this mile scene and they had this whole compartmentalized deals but I've showed you guys in videos where leaky on an excavation just invented the pre-pottery Neolithic because she couldn't make sense of the fact that she couldn't find any Pottery but it was definitely a neolithical a Neolithic sight because she was Excavating Jericho she just made it up well this must be the pre-pottery Neolithic it sounded so good to The Establishment because it promoted the idea of hundreds of thousands of years of development of humans which is all untrue so they so they ran with it in the 1950s they they added pre-pottery Neolithic since then they've added a whole bunch of other things but that's what they are these accretions or just the imaginative musings of the scientific world as they put together this falsified version of reality so when Graham Hancock and them guys are talking about younger driest and all that these are invented there's no there's no history there's no there's absolutely nothing supporting a younger driest an ice age an older dry ass or any of that it's all made up and it's made up from a model that promotes the idea and the irony that the very people speaking about that model are descended from monkeys and yet through all these ice ages Africa is still full of monkeys so every bit of his [ __ ] it's all it's all invented and you can't take it seriously and they cherry pick which scientific model they want to use to promote whatever they need to promote and this is called the practice of exclusions yeah I got yeah it's ridiculous how do you debate somebody like that how you can't even stick with a model no it's not ridiculous there you go I'm ranting again there I go Jamie Robbins younger who it's funny yeah the whole thing is just ridiculous and listen man quit citing Billy Carson Billy Carson is not on the on the level of Graham Hancock nowhere close nowhere close now he may have put together better pieces than Graham hack God Graham Hancock does when it comes to the education and his contacts and his in his worldwide footprint Graham Hancock is Untouchable Billy Carson's not even in his League but Graham Hancock doesn't really focus on Annunaki he doesn't talk about all that in that I applaud him for for not buying into that Zechariah sitchin Paradigm when it comes when it comes to Billy Carson oh yeah he is he's Hook Line and Sinker a front man for the falsified chronologies of Zechariah sitch and George Chronicles series yeah but none of those none of those Sumerian numbers or hundreds of thousands of years that are all measured in Day Count systems and yes that's ridiculous yeah can't even can't can't even I couldn't even I can't they can't even wrap my my mind around somebody who would actually believe that somebody could live for 48 000 years oh yeah the Sumerian god right here you live for 48 000 years and then he stepped down from the throne and this Sumerian guy got up and he ruled for 16 800 years serious it boggles my mind that people that people buy into this oh I see 79-20 Merrell Gigi she's throwing the internet your number out 792 . Meryl when I published my material on the dark satellite I was believing that we lived in a real Newtonian system I no longer believe that I'm a simulationist now uh all my published books were published before I I had adopted simulation Theory you will not find a hint about simulation Theory and uh man I got a lot of published books all of my books there isn't a single book I have except the last one awaken the immortal within where I do discuss it a little bit but uh no all my original published books and I was putting all all this together from all all the ancient records I was still believing that Phoenix and the Nemesis X object were Intruder planets and that the dark satellite was a moon of Nemesis X and this is why they maintained that perfect periodicity but then but then I have since had to had to basically reassess because the arithmetic is Too Perfect it's way too perfect one of the one of the worst things the one of the most critical things that damages that we are in a planetary System model is the event 713 BC and this is in my Annunaki home world and um my book uh uh astonishing secrets of antiquity listen there's no way I have so much data sets on what the old world's calendar was 360 days and there's many different calendars all different types of calendars and you can Factor them in all different ways but in every single one of them the common denominator is that there was 360 days a year until the year 713 BC when the Assyrians recorded something the Mandate of Heaven had altered and changed and in the Bible we find in the in the days of Hezekiah in the prophet Isaiah that the sun stopped moving in the sky and then it went in retrogate 10 degrees in the Sundial of ahaz showed on the shadow it went back 10 degrees and the King was scared and he called for the prophet Isaiah showed up and told him that that basically interpretation of a judgment of God and that Hezekiah had had been forgiven by God but he was he was he would suffer some type of punishment for some trespass he had done and at the exact same time that the Sundial went in Reverse 185 000 Assyrian soldiers led by by the Assyrian Monarch sinachereb were vaporized in their armor this was from a flux tube that Blast from the sky now that was the dark satellite and it wasn't the first time the dark satellite had been seen in 1899 BC as well this was the Tower of Babel incident it also been seen in 76 A.D this was a great javelin in the sky that was seen over the Mediterranean and there's been other episodes where it's been seen But it returns in 2052. I used to think it was a moon but that was before I had really assessed this data all this material about about although I have chapters full of data that the world's calendars were all based off 360 days and that an event in 713 BC changed every calendar in the world at the same time and within three years every every culture in the world changed their calendars 365 days some of them employed the 365.25 within within 100 years after that they had they calibrated now two different data sets in both of them are true before 713 BC the whole world had a 360 day calendar that's why the Vedic calendar is the way it is that's why the Cali Yuga is account every single number in the entire Hindu system every number is divisible by 360. every single number in the cliche zapotec olmic and my encounters are all divisible by 360. 144 000 days is a single bactin 13 bactins is the length of the Miami long calendar that's one million eight hundred and seventy two thousand days and it's perfectly divisible by 360. 52 centuries precisely under that system 360 days all the Sumeria the entire Sumerian king List look at every one of those numbers all the numbers of all the original the kings that ruled uh shura pack bad tabira larak go through all five cities of the Sumerian pintopolis look at the original list every number is divisible by 360. the reason is is because it was the only year known before that date but the 360 day year collapsed because something happened and now the stellosphere moved slower now I could actually interpret that if I believed we lived in a planetary system I could interpret that as as our world was pushed just a slight slightly away from the sun creating more of an elliptical instead of a circular orbit an elliptical orbit which adds it lengthens the year it would add 5.25 days to the year and this is the model that the sky wants us to believe by its movement I no longer believe the sky is real I believe it's holographic I believe it's it's designed to deceive us foreign [Music] both of them can be proven and I'm willing to debate anybody on it the ancient year was 360 days the new year is 365.25 now the real problem is is that the Phoenix phenomenon occurs every 138 years the real problem is is that the dark satellite has a a very certain periodicity of 400 and something years I can't remember but and another real problem is is the Nemesis X object has never changed it is 792 years it's periodicity unbroken Phoenix every 138 years Nemesis 6 every 792 years the Mayan long count all these all these systems cross over that 730 13-year period deal and that's where the problem lies because the Phoenix phenomenon still happens every 138 years no matter how many days are in that year huge clue here as to what's happening in the sky the Nemesis X object still appears on schedule perfectly in the year it's supposed to and it doesn't even matter how many days are in the year the dark satellite does the same thing three objects with a very long periodicity before before the the introduction of the New Year this is not possible in a real Newtonian Universe it's not possible the 138 year orbit of Phoenix would have started changing after a thousand years it'd be five or six years off it would completely change but it didn't with perfect synchronicity it still appears in the year not only that but it still appears in the month of May impossible Nemesis X object still appears in the month of November impossible the addition of newer days would have totally changed them if they were true Intruder planets if they were true bodies this is why all my videos talk about the hidden super Construction in the sky there's something hidden in the sky and every once in a while that power source goes down and people see what's really up there and whatever it is it creates the Phoenix phenomenon it creates the dark satellite phenomenon and it creates the Nemesis X object phenomenon it's probably the same apparatus the sky is a hollow field hiding something else that that is the only thing I can think of it's why I'm a simulationist now Sim only in a simulation can two different mathematical systems actually comport and be a part of the same construct at the same time only in a hollow field can two different observers being at two different coordinates experience the same phenomena only in a hollow field can two different people looking at the same thing from different Vantage points see totally different aspects of the same phenomenon it's the same thing with it with what's happening with the time keeping we're on different reality tunnels and trajectories and and the the very fact that the ancient records call Phoenix The Keeper of the calendar and that the a whole Egyptian temple and goddess was dedicated to the calendar and it's the Mansion of this of the of the Phoenix where the bin bin Stone was and the Petron in the Petron goddess was significant and and she's the goddess of the calendar the very fact that Phoenix was known to keep the calendar despite everything everybody else did and remember the Gnostic the Egyptian Gnostic Coptic records the the uh uh potential I can't remember if it's the Gnostic something protonoid document and on the on the nature of the universe or the origin of the universe document both of those documents are very real they're they're discovered in 1947 in the Egyptian Coptic texts and those texts name Phoenix they call Phoenix basically oh oh The Keeper in the steward against the powers of the archons the archons are the manipulators of time the archons of the manipulators of mankind Phoenix was created to keep the structure so that's why I'm a simulation simulations now and that's why really all my older published books should be republished there wouldn't be there wouldn't be any changes to the Phoenix phenomena there wouldn't be any they would just that would just be much better books now because I have so much more new data but I hope that answers your question Meryl because yeah it's uh it's a huge it's a huge giveaway for two separate data sets to be absolutely true and then a third data set the third data set also be true but it can't be not a for the physical world in a physical reality and yet all three data sets are so are so widely supported there's no way to disprove them they're just too well documented so yeah that's that's because we live in a Holo field oh let me see down here hmm I'm just reading somebody's comments gone guys JFK wanted seven days in the month of May to be made in 1967 was he trying to correct an older calendar or something I don't know about that I do not know about that hey thank you guys for those likes I got over a thousand likes man somebody likes me tired of getting hated on I'm glad somebody likes me Phoenix protocol see I'm looking for a question 's in all caps guys thanks for the reminder Victoria I forget to say that I do forget to say that the slim errant all right all right Slim how can we educate people about the potential of the placebo effect to help them make positive changes in their lives of society listen in past presentations I have explained one of the fundamental aspects of our reality is that almost everything here is deception or a lie and that we transmute these things into facts into truths but it's all every like it's almost as if we live in the photo negative of a real reality and it seems like lies are more powerful here than the truth so uh this is what the placebo effect is it is as well trying to convince somebody of the placebo effect is nowhere near as powerful as deceiving them into believing in a placebo big difference placebo effect is real but it requires a modicum of deception now this is where morality comes in is it okay to tell a lie when the result is going to be a good or the truth this is something you need to wrestle with on an own personal level but uh that's exactly what a placebo is no matter how many people have been healed with placebos no matter how many it was a lie that led to the benefit you got to remember this guys remember I have a dark scriptures playlist that goes into a lot of detail about reinterpreting exactly what was happening in those biblical stories remember remember Jesus's most powerful messages were lies oh yeah I know some of you Christians want to burn me right now but I'm telling you the parables are the most spiritual thing you can find in the Bible those parables are deep Jesus spoke all these Parables until but every single one of those stories is a fiction and no matter how you want to interpret it that means they're not factual therefore they are a lie not that he's trying to FIB he's just giving examples but we have to reduce everything to its lowest common denominators to be able to ascertain the phenomena that's unfolding Jesus spoke Parables which are only images of truth they're not the real truth they're just images and being only images they're fictions they're not the real truth in fictions or lies so a placebo has the best intent but it requires telling a lie in order to get somebody to accept and put themselves in the position of receiving the benefit remember I said that when you read Genesis 1 and Genesis chapter 2 concerning the serpent let's see I see the Merrell Merrell I'm so sorry for your loss what happened Meryl I just looked at my emails I didn't get an email from you something bad happened please let me know Maryland's become a great friend I can't see anything I can't scroll all the way back up so I must have missed something Starling go Jason and Jordan Peterson I would like to talk to Jordan Peterson uh it would not be it would not be the type of conversation you you're you're thinking like as if a debate it wouldn't be a debate it wouldn't do I would just shoot the [ __ ] with him it's it's all I have a lot of respect for him and I hope he doesn't get any trouble for making the stands that he's made because that would be some [ __ ] oh I'm looking for for something to come in on Square pay what do you saying have you seen 1964 movie seven days in May I've never seen that movie we just watched the trailer huh square peg there's a whole new way of looking at the Phoenix phenomenon that I've had to go back into my notes and I found some really interesting stuff listen in my research I have omitted details about the year uh uh 17 uh excuse me 16 27 1765 in 1903 when I when I do my Phoenix phenomenon charts and all that I omit those and I don't know why I don't know why I have omitted so much fantastic Phoenix phenomenon data no those aren't Phoenix years according to our according to the calendar that we use but the Phoenix is on a different calendar and I do not know why I have never taken this into consideration until recently but the Phoenix phenomenon is from May to May the Phoenix year is from May to May so half of 190 or like half a little over half of 1902 and in the first five months of 1903 and man when you look at it like that and then you look at the first five months of of 1765 oh my God you can see all kinds of Phoenix phenomenon material all the edits oh it's crazy it's crazy there's so much of uh Charles Fort that I had omitted I didn't care about anything you said 1903 I stuck with 1902 and I shouldn't have done that I should have recorded all of it I am now I'm going back through all my notes now putting all these other things in perspective because I forgot man I want to see I mean it's just like the count it's just like the the Roman Calendar the old calendar is very different than the calendar we're on now you guys already know that the actual I've told you many times the reason why we have September October November December which is 9 10 11 and 12. September October November December however the names of the months are eight nine or excuse me are seven eight nine and ten the actual Latin names of our months today are seven eight nine and ten but when it comes to the number of the months it's the 9th 10th 11th and 12th month how was that because January was the 11th month February was the 12th month the end of February was New Year's the ancient World's new years was in March so anyway it's a okay that's it's really interesting so yeah for those of you real real thick on the Phoenix phenomenon you got to look at the first half of 1903 and 1765 because the Phoenix years May to May I don't know why I've never put that put the even Nostradamus said it was May and I don't know why I didn't I didn't look at it that way and remember Martinique of Mount Paley and Martinique it blew up and killed like 35 000 people in the month of May all those weird ass things happen in the month of May oh Johor Lee just posted my failorn Saga for those of you don't know I have another channel it's got 4 000 Subs but I've already got two books I've already got two here's the other book right here I'm about to upload this there's 26 episodes right here I'm about to upload this is faylorn Saga but uh it's about a fairy apocalypse some people and some people in the chat they can say they can tell you they read it or they listen to it but I'm reading the chapters of my of my fantasy my Epic Fantasy series Chinese New Year is still in February look at that look at that yes the placebo effect Oscar you're right the placebo effect is definitely a clue that we live in the simulation absolutely absolutely it shows you that what you have accepted to be true can be modified 100 percent you got you got stomach pains two or three times a week and you and no diagnosis has ever has ever resulted in you receiving the medication that would that would bring relief and this goes on for years and you got a stomach pain and it's going on and this is something that's become your part of your reality and then somebody tells you something and and Hope and Faith the information they gave you was so profound you just know that man if you can just get it to that medicine and they make it difficult for you to get it but finally you get access to it and when you get it and you take it and all of a sudden man your little stomach problems go away and they didn't give you nothing but some [ __ ] but it still worked when that happens and we have it documented as happening multiple times with many different types of people if it's true for one person then it's true for all people so if you can if you can modify Reality by believing in something yeah then there's no end to the things that you can believe about yourself and one of those in another and another way to apply the placebo effect is is basically uh retro causality because if I'm going to believe while my stomach hurts right now that my stomach's not gonna hurt now my stomach's not gonna hurt if I do something and then I do it and and my stomach doesn't hurt anymore if I'm going to do something like that then why not who says I have to restrict my my my the perimeters of my experience in the present why not go ahead and believe that a certain situation began developing in my past and then paint paint a mental picture of exactly how that would have happened and then believe the very fiction I just invented and and totally move forward as if it did happen there's no difference not only can you create your own placebo effect you can be the placebo and then you can transmute a total fiction that you invented about your past into a present reality yeah it's a ritual ritual causality believing in a in a false version of the past can create a real version of your future yeah so yeah we're we're dealing with things that are highly highly specific to the spirit because that's what a placebo effect is it's 100 it's spiritual only the spirit has the ability to change what is into what isn't or what isn't into what is so and so yeah placebo effect is awesome and I encourage people to do their own research going to D go into depth and and see all the other applications make it real to you I mean I know a bunch of my arcades veterans they already know this I've mentioned placebo effect in the past but I never went into detail but it's a it's it's it's a game changer 100 if a total stranger can feed you a lie and get you to act on that lie and it results in good to you just lie to yourself just lie to yourself until the LIE becomes the truth foreign yes sir oh Victoria Cunningham call those things that be not as though they were that's right cite that scripture then scripture's got a lot of good in it no doubt Alfred I believe we live in the Thought Field and I believe that the elements of time the element well It's So Hard Times talking about things in time space is far beyond my ability to to present I'm just not it's I mean I've read I've read PDL spinsky you know I've read Frank J uh Jacobs I I'm not it's just I just know that I'm here right now and I know that I have memories of things in the past and I and sometimes I believe I have memories of things in the future and but I do know that there are spells in my life when I can sit still in the present isn't real to me anymore because I'm living by virtue of imagination I'm I'm living by by the agency of memory and sometimes when I'm not living in memory my mind shoots forward and now I'm living by virtue of imagination and I'm living in the future or I'm living in what I term as potentia it's not future and it's not past it's just potentially either so I don't know that's a good one that's a good one but yeah there's another there's another one fake it till you make it or be like Nike just do it um yeah all that just do it oh I read that book uh Graham Goodwin I read it yeah great he's talking about NL he says NLP here but it's called neuro-linguistic programming I've read that mm-hmm see I just can't type y'all uh I I did hear from Max Egan Hydra says hi Jason any word for Max oh eigen or Eagan or is he not on board yeah Max and I are all right we did one video together and uh uh a couple Communications after that but I believe Max moved he relocated and then he was having some problems with his emails and getting hacked and stuff like that but uh then he started some big project and last last time I heard from Max he was involved in a large project and he told me to get back to get back with me later I don't know what he was doing or who he's working on it with I haven't heard nothing haven't heard anything Max Egan that's good stuff I got whiskey and honey right here Michael I got some good whiskey oh Max helped with anarchopuco and Arco puko I can't believe I said that right it's good stuff Mexicans got on boots that's crazy yep I don't think Max is allowed in the United States I don't know four jacks I really don't know him Martin Leakey but he's got a great personality uh anybody with a positive message I'll talk to and from what I understand he kind of started didn't he kind of start he what he wanted to Pioneers on like the Flat Earth movement and and like tartaria wasn't he like one of the one of the firsts I know a lot of other other people have come behind him and and taken it to a whole other level and all that but I thought he was like one of the first in that sorry sorry uh word woman I have not read proverbial philosophy about supper I haven't read that book uh so I don't know anything about it wow you actually caught me with a book and read it's crazy so my publisher contacted me by email the other day he said hey somebody brought me a book I'm gonna give you first shot at it because it's absolutely amazing so I said okay what kind of book is it he said well first of all I got to tell you 600. I said wow what kind of book is he says listen you can go online and you'll you'll find one more copy of this book for sale and it too is 600 bucks so I said man what kind of book is this he said listen I don't understand why somebody did this or who did it but the book is about a hundred years old and somebody traveled or somebody amassed all the data but these are actual architectural schematics of all the ancient sites of the world all the temples in Egypt all the places all the temples in Greece and and Roman temples and and like the Coliseum somebody traveled widely in Mexico the pyramids different structures he said it's almost as if somebody was trying to preserve the knowledge of how to rebuild all these ancient structures these are very meticulous very uh scientifically precise architectural drawings he says this book is very old it is packed full of these architectural diagrams and descriptions of the actual building materials as well he says I couldn't think of anybody else but you would probably want this book because this seems like it needs to go in your post-reset collection because he knows I got my part of the archaics library is a post-reset section section here all the volumes or books that are absolutely necessary for for the new world to rebuild and continue on and uh so if there's a client if there's a total collapse of infrastructure this is the library you need to start over and or to preserve the things that that we have so I couldn't believe it yeah so um uh I'm buying the book I have to I can't let that I can't I looked it up in uh eBay there is a copy of one and it's uh it's amazing the book is amazing but I'm going to go ahead and take that off his hands he's holding it for me right now oh I can't let that pass up that's that's uh something something of that magnitude that something that I I have to read it just to understand what was on the mind of the man who amassed all this data was he like me was he was he really trying to put all this data together too and you guys know you're gonna see it a book like this I'm gonna show it on YouTube you know I am but it's it just shocks me that somebody had went through all this trouble to put all this material together I need to know man were you preparing for a destruction of the world what what prompted this man to put this giant book together so yeah I can't wait to see it foreign our world is not what you think you're absolutely correct okay uh slim errant you're still missing you're still missing a key vital piece of what I'm talking about you said so placebo effect is belief perception or suggestion with a question mark you're missing out on it listen the physical Avatar must do something in the physical world to move into the direction that commiserates whatever the with the belief was so when it comes to placebo effect the belief is is that this thing I'm ingesting is going to do what this person told me it's going to do or this company told me it's going to do so you've invested your belief in this object but if you don't swallow you don't go through the actual emotions you haven't done anything your belief is attached to ingesting it therefore it must be ingested and that is in the very Act of swallowing it is your physical Avatar moving in the direction that it needs to go to bring it to pad the belief to pass there must be a physical action of the human body in all things in order to bring anything to come to pass you gotta you gotta move in the Direction you don't have like I told you you do not have to finish anything that's not what the relationship is about you have to initiate it's got to be mental it's got to be spiritual which is belief and it's got to be physical and then that's that if the placebo effect is no different than the other methods I've been employing on my own channel it's no different it's just the delivery is different but yeah it's got to have the physical body must do something in tandem I have a lot of videos on this I have a lot on a lot of my podcasts discuss this as well because I have a real Mortals playlist but really it's my live videos and my podcasts that go into the most detail on that phenomenon oh I'm just looking at these oh okay week news mud flood Flat Earth and antiqua Tech architecture okay that was Mark that was Martin I knew it was something I knew he pioneered something he was like one of the first I knew had something to do with that yeah Chrome Rising I need I need I need I need to know where that picture came from you're gonna drive me crazy trying to figure out where one of those old pictures from the 1500s you found William Gibson Max introduced me to your channel yeah Max Max spoke highly of archaics in the channel and he had a bunch of haters hating on him too about it they got on his ass man about about promoting me that's happened too that's happened a lot of times I've done podcasts with people in the past that just dropped off I get no emails from them no no shout outs don't ever they don't ever appear in the chat anymore yeah it is because of the peer pressure it's because other channels that they've done a lot of work with uh basically basic basically you know uh called him out on it why are you talking to her kids why are you talking to that old ex-con yeah why are you talking about to that anti-christian Heathen and I'm not even anti-christian it's crazy but guys I know a lot of you know because you've been following me for a while but for the new people I have never seen I have never seen so many people who purport to be very spiritual to be so damning and so so full of condemnation for others I've got I've taken a lot of hate on YouTube yeah a lot of hate and they want to use the excuse of my my incarceration and my crimes at 17 years old they want to use that excuse but the real real Essence here is that the hate is already inside them they know some of them are listening to me now that hatred I mean these are guys that have channels that purport to be spiritual but when it comes to talking about Jason archaics you can see the Venom come out but I'm telling you it's not me causing that that darkness is already there something about me drew it out so yeah I'm gonna come across this for the rest of my life it's gonna be over and over and over yeah man I'm not even worried about it I'm not worried about it because almost every single Channel that's ever attacked me lost Subs lost credit credibility and now they're all subbed to each other because no one else will listen to them it's crazy but yeah there's a lot of people man that I have done podcasts with that that went radio silent on me because of peer pressure from some of these other other YouTube channels yep uh David Weiss is one of them shoot I I've never spoken to the man nothing but he and I were scheduled to go on uh uh Nino David Nino Rodriguez channel uh Nino Nino was going to moderate and David and white Dave's wife and I we're just gonna shoot the [ __ ] I had already sent an email to David Weiss and Nino said hey I have no intention of debate I have no intention of doing being argumentative I said I am genuinely wanting to to talk about the similarities between Flat Earth concept and simulation Theory I'm not with the argument I'm not with any any of that [ __ ] about three hours before a podcast Nino just sent me a text I got Neato on my phone you just send me a text hey man I'm sorry man but David whis pulled out okay that's cool you know I don't mind talking about it now because I'm always going to tell the truth you know what I mean I wasn't told it was going to be a secret anyway but the man pulled out and never even sent me a letter of apology never sent me an email and said hey man I'm sorry man this is what happened none of that just straight ghosted me like a whole lot of other YouTubers but I don't care I don't even care look where they're at look where I'm at that's all that's all that matters so they can keep hating foreign I have that book wondering if you saw Thomas shorts a general chronological history of the air weather Seasons meteors yeah uh 1749 Laura thank you I have that book and it was one that I wanted to show on my channel I have a lot of old books I want to do videos on and I have been doing videos on them but it's going to take some time but that's what I wanted I want to get into it's a work of chronology as well all that tea weren't off yeah I know I know why I would I know Kimberly I I heard one of them call me the Antichrist it's crazy absolutely crazy started this channel from a wooden Shack I had I had over what was it 300 I had over 300 videos before I had before I got my first podcast and started growing it's crazy man but all of a sudden I'm mainstream all of a sudden I'm the enemy that's you know what it's just so ridiculous and so YouTube is full of so many children you guys know that it's crazy man sometimes I feel like I get on YouTube I'm in high school I'm looking for a question I see a lot of comments oh it's not just me being attacked guys you guys are too hell yeah pay attention some of those attacks are not against me they're against errands trying trying to try you know uh several of them are trying to call call archaics occult and stuff like that I mean it never really attaches because when when intelligent people come to the channel and they see the dial the dialogue and they listen to daily Realtors no there's nothing cultish about it so really um really I'm really surprised this many people follow the channel because I from the look my very first three videos I was very specific arcades is not for everybody it says it's going to take a higher level of intelligence to process the information that's that's being revealed on this channel I said this is not the channel for the mainstream it is not I said all that from the very beginning that so many people uh have not only stepped in to help uh donate people have funded funded a whole you know you got a lot of whole trip funded it was donations and some of my PDF sales and all charts and books that paid for the whole trip to California and back and I took detours it took me 12 days to get back but uh oh yeah it's it's a it's crazy it's a beautiful thing decoding Waters above archaics was awesome man you know what I thought was just a regular average conversation man when I read the comments I was like wow you guys really like that video I guess we're gonna have to do it again oh that's what it is Shiva David David Weiss is good buddies with Owen yeah Owen was one of my attackers he was telling people on YouTube he wanted to beat me up they told people he wanted to kill me so I had people record a video and send it to him he was like and I'm just gonna leave this alone I'm gonna leave it alone but uh him and another dude uh Benjamin balderson I mean I mean really really I understand you're just talking and all that but but really I spent 26 years in prison maximum security do you really think I'm gonna let you hit me in the face what do you think is going to happen once you hit me one time really just be just a reason a reasonable just conclusion to that episode do you really think I used to fight multiple men I I'm 225 pounds if I hit somebody they're gonna feel it it's a yes I I TR I just listen to these guys talking all this war talk I'm like man really it's crazy on the cell block it's the quiet guys that are the most dangerous anybody who's doing all that loud talking man they're they're the first ones to go down first ones every time so that's what it was Shiva David what David Weiss is good buddies with Owen okay that's what it is yeah man it's crazy I was kind I was thinking about going on all my all all my haters all my I was thinking about a little doing a little comment hey man I appreciate you guys for for filling the ranks of archaics with all the people that listened to you and came to my channel and found found substance and uh I thank you guys for showing the YouTube Community the difference between winners and losers just to stir up the pot because them hating on me actually did bring quality people to the channel I'm all for that Duke Guilford you really need to listen to some of my other podcasts what happens when we escape the similacom for good listen man this is this is like one Lily Pad in a whole string of lily pads to get to this other vast Gulf of a lake listen man the oversold is eternal and because the oversoul is eternal that means the creation was not a singularity it too is eternal and because the creation is eternal that means created worlds and created cosmoses or whatever never stop being produced this means newer and newer Immortal Souls are entering the frame being created and that means there is more and more utility for those souls and that means those Souls need to be developed they need to be passed through their purgatories in order to acquire all the things they need to acquire so they can inherit that Eternal Avatar rather than all the temporal ones of their training yeah this is what we're going through right now man we're heading toward great things and that's why there's nothing to fear here at all at all this is a beautiful experience and it's all illusory we're in no danger whatsoever two videos ago I even go into detail and show you guys where it shows in the alchemy that we're in no danger whatsoever and so even The Alchemist encoded that in their artwork they knew where avatars our souls are moored to God outside the construct therefore like a puppet we're still connected we're still Connected To Source no matter what happens in here we're still Connected To Source there are four we are protected this is you're here to grow you're here to learn you're here to to to to to all mature spiritually you're here to grow into the immortal Avatar that's been prepared for you but you're not gonna you're not gonna get you're not gonna receive that inheritance until you've learned it and that might that means you might have several lily pads to hop yeah Shiva I agree sometimes you do a Mike Tyson you bite someone's ear and later you see that guy missing it here and you say hey I'm sorry mate I'll same way in prison I used to have fights with guys and you know three or four months later we're playing dominoes in the day room or we're running laps together we're playing playing handball together you forget that stuff you let that stuff go man you let that stuff go somebody steals for us from you somebody does something like that it's harder to let go and you probably stay enemies forever you know but but fist fights and stuff like that men let that go quick that's quick get it two or three weeks later he'd be in a child Hall sitting at the same table then you go to talking to each other because you both know you're fighting over some BS anyway oh my God four jacks are you real Tyson never bit anybody's deal off anymore and that's becoming a part of the Mandela effect phenomenon oh my God that's a new one to me for anybody who doesn't know Shiva shampoo right here in the chat is like the Undisputed Authority on amassing all the examples of Mandela effect it's amazing how many this man has compiled and I am I am thoroughly convinced that the Mandela effect is specifically designed by something outside the construct that's getting us to wake up that's specifically choosing all the very things that we know were some or something else so it would draw our attention to let us know hey man reality is being modified you better wake up Mandela effect's amazing I didn't even know how prolific it was until we had that Discord chat that was that just blew my mind blew my mind man I still got four over 1400 people hanging with me and we've been done with this conversation really I appreciate it guys hit that like button again share this video man it's awesome whoa does Euler 2.718 the Euler number feature an ancient struck Sky frequency are you telling me the 2.718 is the Euler number no way I gotta look this up because those you guys know everybody who's archanged veteran you guys know with those digits are 2178 total collapse of the similacrum wow the Euler number man I gotta go look at that man oh I just got there needs to be about five more me's man so we can put together some really good videos one me ain't enough man I keep on coming up on on roadblocks wow that's amazing all right guys it's been over two hours I'm gonna go ahead and cut this out my voice is held up I'm glad I'm gonna finish this tea I might throw some whiskey in here in a minute but uh yeah this whole video was prompted by a conversation with Don Hart it really just it floored me that in the middle of my statement I literally stopped talking to her because I was in awe that we were talking about something that I had never before discussed on YouTube I'm like wow I can't believe this so so this is why you got this video this live came came just I was inspired that's what happened because I'm actually in the middle of reading a book from the 1860s explaining how uh the new scientific cult that was rising in those days was promoting lies and this guy is really awesome he's talking about uh all this evidence of ice ages and glaciations is untrue he's saying listen every bit of this is because minor pole shifts flooded these areas and he's showing exactly what he's talking about showing that glaciers never deposited these Boulders over mountain ranges from other mountain ranges only the force of water could have done that so really good stuff he's explaining basically in the 1860s how the scientific Community was already being hijacked yeah it's amazing oh you guys know I love old books yes I do and when I when I when I get that book from a publisher you guys are gonna see it right here on this channel because I'm gonna show those architectural schematics that's gonna that's gonna be amazing the book's probably got some fascinating stuff in it as to why the man decided to do that and to actually record all this for the future posterity I need to see his reasoning it's probably going to be fantastic so I love you guys and uh my email anybody can find my email but uh book Tree San Diego that's it Jamie Robbins until then guys I'm gonna sign out I love you guys