When the Fantasy Becomes the Fact: Understanding Our Dungeons & Dragons

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Streamed live on Apr 26, 2023

"The perceiver is the builder of their own world. Often we live out fantasies that become more real that the lives experienced by others. By virtue of imagination we can jump dimensions and phase back into this world when there is need for rest from the journey." [1]

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thing I saw on the list was Gnostic baseball asking if we're going to be wearing pants tonight what the hell where'd that come from said that at 7 50. haha that's crazy how's my audio guys sound check I need coffee okay good need to make sure I wanna I need to make sure real quick does this sound like I'm talking into this microphone or does it sound like I'm talking into my computer I do believe I do believe my microphone's on sounds good cool awesome thank you guys this is this is an adventure video for those of you who don't know about fantasy role-playing games you don't know about Dungeons and Dragons I promise you you're gonna leave this video educated and you're also going to hear how fantasy role-playing games actually simulate a whole new fractured reality that you can become a part of yes if you don't know if you've never played these games and you've never got fully inversed uh in excuse me immersed into the fantasy role-playing games there's many of them Dungeons and Dragons is not the only one but there are many people who have done this since Gary guygax and somebody else had created this this uh fantasy role-playing genre with Dungeons and Dragons in the early 70s I had the original paperback books dungeon Masters Guide The Players handbook monster manual I had all these things foreign and then of course I played the second edition yes you talking to Jason of archaics and yes when I was a kid I was a nerd and when I was in prison I continued my nerdiness so we'll get to that in a little while you guys know I like to make a habit of letting people stack up uh my um this is this entire month since we had the first archaics Meetup uh and that one was located in Cowtown Fort Worth at the Stockyards this entire month following that it has been a huge pattern break with archaics we've been doing different things everybody's on assignments listen we have been breaking our necks busy with all kinds of activities oh um Jasmine in Japan has finished doing like 440 something videos but she created a video archive link index where you can see the title of the video a one-line description of tags of what the video is about in a link how to get to that video quick uh she did a very good job very good job so I'm gonna be putting that on the archanges.com website in the order so you can quickly find whatever videos you're looking for it's a link index and it's long it's over 440 videos so oh that's one project um let's see chronicon has been digitized and I sent baby an email but I haven't heard from her I don't think I haven't looked in the past couple hours quanticon is over 600 pages with 868 different bibliographic sources that's 868 different ancient and and modern history books that were used to put quanticon together however it's thousands of citations and it's probably tens of thousands of mathematical calculations all throughout the text history of the world forward and backward in time uh well uh I'm waiting on an answer from Bay bit before we move forward on a project to make Chronicle because all it takes is for me to put it on podia and I can make chronicon available the final chronic con not the PDF downloads but this final chronic con has all the new inserts all the new research from years have been put into its proper perspective I need to see uh I need to I need to confer with her before I move forward on that so uh two of my unpublished books have also been digitized on the origin of demons and king of the world Mighty Hunter of world mythology basically about the the 350 years following the great flood the histories of the world what happened at that time so uh the Phoenix thesis has been digitized it's huge I have to edit it down it's too big it's too big I have to edit it now uh remember I've been holding the Phoenix thesis back because I've just been waiting for that one individual who thinks they have the intellectual capacity and the wherewithal to attack the thesis I've been waiting on somebody to do it and I can't I don't seem to be getting any takers which is a good thing but uh I've been holding this Phoenix thesis project back but it's been digitized I'm gonna edit it down because it's too much data uh and you know it's you know the Phoenix is 138 years the edits and the and the resets and how they're cleverly covered up with natural disasters all the way up to 1902. we're expecting the next one in May 2040. so the Phoenix thesis is done it needs to be edited down it's way too big so uh and it has a lot of Phoenix material that has never been released on my YouTube channel ever or in my published books it's got a lot of stuff that you know uh babe was able to put a lot of this stuff together because she had all the notes everything in the super pack and survival pack and I I just haven't had time to to to to basically file all this and put it in chronological order I just had uh my uh my research goes far far beyond my ability to demonstrate it I just have too many notes so um I'm just giving y'all news updates uh uh archaics and office the date sequence Predictive Analytics software uh uh these have these now have eins and llc's uh corporate structure documents uh Barry's been very busy working on that project or buries that guy with that deep Manchester Manchester not Southern England but but Manchester accent I can't I can't replicate it I'm just a good old you know East Texas Southern boy there's no I can't talk like them hell I try to sound British and I piss all the Scots off so I just I really even try I shouldn't even try so oh let's see Big John Big John finished photographing uh the 3 000 plus black and white images that I have from the 270 books that I have in the archaic library that are from the 1800s and my library is growing this does not include the thousands of PDFs of books that I have that I do not have in hardback cover so uh John finished photographing those and he went straight into the next project uh uh John is now currently editing down he's going playlist through playlist he's going through all the videos because we have copies of the of most of the videos and he's going through those videos and he is chopping off the intros the outros all the call outs where I'm just talking to people in the chat before I start my videos and he's sticking to the core fundaments all the real all the data and he's he's basically chopping all my Phoenix videos up right now because we're going to turn those video clips not only into shorts but we're gonna turn men to Fantastic two and three hour long presentations so you don't have to listen to 65 to 85 hours of Phoenix presentations to get a good grasp of the Phoenix history and phenomenon you'll have a two or three hour presentation to listen to and it's me going through all the most powerful stuff so you get to see about you'll get to see about 40 40 of my t-shirts per video each video will have segments and different times talking about different things should be interesting I'm gonna re-watch them so that's what John's doing he's only he's on a real big project he's going to go to the Great Pyramid playlist and then he's going to go to the wheel Mortals playlist he's going to do the same thing for all of them so Matt's engaged in in making sure that we have copies of every single arcades video because I've done a lot of podcasts on other other channels and we need to get copies of those videos because it's a long list now it's that I never did repost them on my own channel so he's going he's downloading all those from other channels or where I was a guest and talking while he's also uh getting all my latest 50 or 60 uploads because I don't have copies of them but uh I know other people do and that's all good I know two different individuals that religiously download copies of they use software to download and that's good that's good but my own team should should be should be doing that as well so uh because we're going to chop those chop those videos up and uh Max done a real good job also on securing for us uh mobile Studio Suite we we had some extra money from the benefactor come in and uh uh she provided uh she provided us a means by which we could Outsource and this is why I have so many different people doing so many different projects full time as far as Japan as far as California I got people doing different things my publisher in San Diego just secured a very rare 600 uh dollar book and uh or somebody donated the 600 to secure that book and uh uh it's uh I'm pretty humbled by that I really appreciate it so there's a uh our other benefactor and provided basically enough money for us to operate a whole month paying everybody all all these subcontracts different people doing different things I have been able to send money to all these people that are helping and we have gotten things done 10 times faster yeah I can't believe all I mean everything uh uh we have another benefactor as you know who Who provided us the archaic search uh AI feature and anybody can go to that video and go I still need to put it on my on my on my uh or arcades.com website I need to put it on there because it's working optimally I don't know what they did but that server actually can take a lot of traffic now when initially it kept crashing so it's working really good now I'm gonna go ahead and put it on arcades.com but that same benefactor who wants to remain unnamed is an I.T wizard this same benefactor and I'm telling you now I do not know the identity of this person I thought I did it one time but but it's not that person I don't know who this is but they designed that and then they turn around and donated something else which was a single file was sent to me that has the transcripts word for word for all 450 something of my videos that is awesome it's actually I mean the transcript it's actually 10 different books I can put all that together and make publish books out of all that but I'm not I'm gonna I'm gonna provide a bunch of those as free PDFs on Podium for you to download but a lot of a lot of these projects all coming in at the same time oh see um I need I've been talking so long make sure everything's okay with this chat make sure you guys aren't y'all can still hear me yeah all this great projects going on it sure is a lot of a lot a lot of good stuff happening I've been sick I've been sick for like three weeks my body my body feels great oh I'm uh I'm about to break one of my own cardinal rules and probably just go see a doctor but I probably have I don't know oh I believe it I believe in the homeopathic remedies I believe in the herbs I believe in in the the lemon tea the the Himalayan salt I believe in all that and those are really good and Curative for the and and preventive but once something becomes an infection it's really it's really got to the point where uh I just need something stronger and I don't seem to be coughing hardly at all unless I'm doing a bunch of talking I do a bunch of talking I start coughing if I just shut my mouth I don't cough all day okay thank you guys for hitting that like button always appreciate that it's not necessary but uh I heard a rumor that it does help but it really doesn't matter YouTube I'm not impressed with YouTube I don't see our I don't see our kids having a future on YouTube that's why we're making plans right now let's see so Justin y'all met him at the Meetup too it's the one with the big old giant biker beard Justin is engaged in data mining important items uh a lot of things that take that's just that occupy too much of my time I can't I can never release videos and do live videos if I'm always data mining so now that he has a really good understanding of different projects and what I need he's been invaluable a matter of fact right before I started this live he dropped this this thumb drive off to me this thumb drive has literally 5 000 years of history in chronological order citing over 400 uh historical sources it is the research of somebody who who put together their own uh chronology of amazing things that have happened in the past 5 000 years involving Sky phenomena and all these different I've never heard of this guy he's fantastic uh I don't even know if you can contact anymore I tried to email him he didn't respond his website is very old and very primitive but the data was still on the website so I had I had uh Justin go get it because I know how when servers are rebooted uh when they clean out servers from old with people paying for their websites anymore you know they'll stay up for a couple years and then they'll just disappear because they need that server for other purposes so before that happened I went ahead and preserved all that man's research it's just like chronicon but but without any any antidotes or narrative it's just the the fact of what was seen in the sky what hit the ground or when or earthquakes uh tsunamis tidal waves going by 5 000 years the year and the month that it happened and the source this is fantastic Justin did that I'm gonna tomorrow he's gonna start another project which involves thousands and thousands of PDF files that I need him to sift through because I'm looking for stuff this is happening at rapid Pace yeah I'm getting help from so many different directions but also it also means that it taxes me because I have to choreograph all this uh yes I've been organizing thousands of files and images that I've been getting from so many different directions uh Martin lidke I had just sent him a package uh with some of my published books uh we had a great we had a great live chat and I sent him a thumb drive with the 3 000 black and white illustrations and photos that I have taken from my 270 books from the 1800s I'll send them a flash drive and in exchange he's going to be sending me me a thumb drive in return that has a whole bunch of his images he's collected over the years especially those uh alchemical uh um treatises and grimoires that he had he's been collecting I look forward to that Barry and I Barry and I met a couple that used to work for Hollywood and uh they've done documentaries they've done all kinds of little side gigs here and there uh they've worked with some very prominent names and you know you know many of the actors and directors that they have worked under uh they are they are in semi-retirement from that type of lifestyle and have been doing other things but they have came our cakes came to their attention they watched some of the videos uh they they decided that they want to do a documentary on my life from my childhood through my little criminal episode all through my imprisonment how I got out built archaics what oh all the way up they want the documentary to go all the way up to the to the first Meetup where uh our team and I personally met them and we just had dinner with them today I just got back and uh um probably why I'm coughing so much I was going 80 miles an hour on my motorcycle back from the restaurant sucking in all that humid air I don't know got me so yeah oh that that's what we did today um see the lapel mics yeah um real quick now that we now now that we have our our lapel mics which were necessary for what we plan on doing as soon as everybody's out wrapping up the individual projects they're working on right now we're all going to get together at five or six different locations and we're going to begin Mass recording we have a whole list of topics we're going to be talking about uh Barry John myself Justin Matt probably invite a few other people here and there we're going to fill up with uh archaics on the road archaic's uncensored arcades hot mic we're gonna fill up those videos like I got like I've been promising you guys it's all on the table this is what we're doing I think my announcements are pretty much over I appreciate the donations you guys have given me appreciate waking up in the morning and seeing a substantial donation in PayPal uh you know who you know who you are oh I don't I mean most of the people that donate don't want to be want to be mentioned by name and all that but you know who you are I woke up and I saw it in there I'm very deeply appreciative of that oh no excuse me not PayPal Zell Zell so um yeah these things go go far in my ability because I don't have I don't have uh burying myself are about the only ones working for free we're making sure everybody you know can pay their bills and do all this stuff while we move forward except for the benefactors we have the benefactors I.T benefactors that are working for free and uh there's just no way to repay them basically you if uh if they charged us we wouldn't be able to afford to pay them well not right now but those days are coming so everything's coming together I'm learning to delegate until this until this point guys I have done everything alone every single video that you have seen on YouTube that was by Me was recorded by me with all the all and 100 of all the graphics you see are done by me any video clips are bought by me from Shutterstock yeah I pay for I pay for my video clips from Shutterstock also pay for my images from 123rf.com and Shutterstock also pay for my music all the music you hear on my channel every bit of this paid for the copyrights are paid are covered from all officially in studios so um I've never been good at delegating but I'm doing that now and everybody's doing a fantastic job and it's freeing me giving me the ability to spend more and more time uploading content to YouTube and preparing really good content cool all right that little Spiel over let's look at this chat feed oh my God I got my Dungeons and Dragons cap on man I'm ready to go adventuring you guys just don't know I used to take people on trips I'm gonna tell you about it and I'm gonna tell you how it's relative to the world we're living in right now oh see all right well I can't read all these you guys know right now it's a we're breaking pattern this month Matt's not Matt's not Matt's so busy doing things and and he's just we're not using the big studio right now we want we might make a couple changes with the big Studio let's see oh oh I'm looking at the chat I don't want to waste time with this chat I appreciate you guys uh moderators thank you for being here Ali JJ Recon Phoenix protocol Pamela Swan well I know you ain't gonna miss nothing Lionel from Texas Who the hell's that let's see Don Hart to Ronald from Texas again what's he doing here let's see uh Jahara Lee okay I think I I appreciate you moderators and moderators are there any moderators that we have on the list that have not participated in a long time I know of one and we need to figure out what happened to him I hope nothing bad happened to him he lives in Greece I did a podcast with him the wolf something the something wolf some of y'all know who I'm talking about good really good guy awesome personality well I haven't heard from him in a long time I'm wondering if something happened to him because I haven't seen him on YouTube on his own on his own channel all right let me drink this all right you can't play Dungeons and Dragons without the right little crystal ball you know these little crystal balls are awesome they're awesome they let you see all kinds of things but Dungeons and Dragons is a game that requires each each individual player to be able to make snap decisions in time you have to time them there's reason for that so Dungeons and Dragons some people get really really into it now in prison we weren't allowed to it was it was more cerebral it was all pen and paper and and tiles but out here in the Free World people dress up put on their costumes they got all kinds of stuff they get their little old Crystal daggers out because the undead don't like them you can do a lot with a crystal dagger but aside from the crystal dagger sometimes you come across situations in Dungeons and Dragons where you got to use your Spears if you don't have a spear you won't have the proper tool to deal with whatever situation is thrown at you so you gotta have that spear now oh I'm just showing you a little a few a few props just to let you all know I was ready because Spears are really good for the monsters and Spears are good for things that are unanticipated Spears are excellent defensive weapon to keep things away from you but you need to get real up close and personal you need the old you need the old short sword because the short sword takes care of everything this is a real sword this is not for playing Dungeons and Dragons but uh yeah this will hurt you thank you so and when you come across those special creatures special situations things like magecraft and sorcery and you want to cut through that you got to have a magic blade when you have a magic blade you can solve problems that that sorcery and Magic cause so yeah this is made Slayer that's what this is and of course always got my spell books I got all of them on the wall behind me I got a bunch of spell spell books and anytime I need to investigate anything I got my little magic uh glass I can see anything I need to see so now that I'm prepared to deliver this video I got my I got my old weather cap on and my glasses my chronometer a t-shirt and I got my magic amulet of protection right here silver so I'm not worried about those werewolves and vampires Christina the astonishment astonishing I see you I know you dance with swords so fantasy role-playing games they they had they for those of you who have never experienced this the dungeon master is someone who is not actually playing the game but in in a ways he is the dungeon master is the one that sits at the table entails two three four five players what they see what they hear often what they feel he presents the world to them and it's all oral they listen and in their imagination they construct the very architecture of of basically the imagination that is coming out of the dungeon master or everybody at the table begins to vibrate at the same frequency there is a level of excitement that takes over all the participants I'm not making this up I have participated in this over and over not only is an informed field the dungeon master is an informed field that tells the players listen everything in this Village is quiet there is evidence all over the Stone Court that rapid Footprints have gone through through the dust recently but it's only one pair of footprints there are no no evidence of animals bird sounds only four or five Stone buildings are still standing this has been abandoned for a very long period of time and yet there is a stench of foul stitch in the air the players just exited a forest and this is what they see in a field so the first thing this picture is built in everybody at the table is basically seeing their own version of this of this environment which is put out by a single individual the dungeon master the game master different different role-playing games called call this individual different names in Dungeons and Dragons he's the dungeon master in other in other RPGs he's just the game master but he puts out the visual imagery and the players receive it Build That World in their mind and in some type of cerebral interface magic starts taking over and what I mean is is the individual players become sinking so much that the more they listen to the same game master present all kinds of more evidence and things oh there is he's basically a substitute for their senses what they hear what they see what they feel but he throws the clues out and they all start vibrating on the same frequency and they begin to imagine the same details in the same way this isn't this this isn't uh this isn't normal this is what takes over there's a there's there's a dynamic operative in this phenomenon where a person is presenting a world it's a fantasy world he's making it up but he's got the details in a book or on paperwork that he has written himself he knows that the great clue here is that the whole cart Courtyard is filled with dust and you can see Footprints of one person that just rapidly went through there recently that tells you this place has been abandoned for a very long time but there is an occupant he who's here right now so this individual paints this world in the receivers the players they they in turn project in their mind a visual of the very world that this person just just spoke into existence the real the real phenomenon here is that by virtue of imagination people can immerse themselves into a false reality and feel the same emotions and and these the same intellectual stimulation as the real world because the human Spirit doesn't recognize a difference when the Avatar isn't the one seeing something in the Avatar right here isn't the one hearing something the Avatar isn't the one smelling something when this data is given to the soul that occupies and occupies an avatar it allows that soul to imagine those things as if that Avatar really experienced them for those who know what I'm talking about you know that when you deeply get into the fantasy role-playing genres the different gaming systems you create your character you might want to be a half elf Archer so your points that you have to spend in the beginning of the game to build your character you focus on everything that's going to promote you to be able to Rapid shoot your your bow to be able to fletchery to make arrows be able to repair your bow to be able to do a dead shot to Blind shoot in the dark just by listening to where an adversary could be you choose your you choose your your special abilities and your traits with care because in your mind you're a half elf archerous and being a half-held elf archerous gives you certain qualifications and things that give you advantages over other characters because another person in the party is a seven foot tall half orcumin Barbarian in nowhere this individual goes with with a 19 inch foot can he be quiet but you're a half elf archerous half Elven half human you're you're very light agile able to hide quickly and you can walk over even broken twigs and leaves relatively quietly each individual person that participates in this group dynamic chooses a character that their Spirit wants to experience their spirit is guiding the choices they want to be they want to be a a human fighter Paladin who only exercises violence for for good or for Holy causes so they spin their points on strength and in dexterity and they want to higher Constitution so they can stay healthier they can they can hold their breath longer you know so they have so they choose special abilities that have have things to do with monks and Priests and all that because they're not just a warrior they're a holy Warrior the individual spirit sitting at a table excuse me with all these options goes through the books it chooses what that Spirit wants to experience and builds a character which is a character sheet that character she is now a part of the law of the game that character sheet defines how fast or how potentially fast a person can be or react it's a measure of intelligence and Charisma and Constitution and dexterity and strength these things are are quantifiable and they're given to the character by the character by the by the by the person who is choosing these variables because they're they're fixed within limits if they want to be a priest a cleric they must choose certain packages certain abilities there's a lot of choices there's a lot of mixing you can do but when it's done that's how you start the game in the dungeon master knows there's a priest there's a half elf archerous a female there's a seven foot tall half or half human Barbarian there's a human five foot ten Paladin which is a holy night in this group and there's one dwarf who's three foot nine and he wields a gigantic Warhammer that has a magical spill on it that makes it ten times heavier one second before impact this group of five are going out on an adventure but I'm telling you guys right now for those who have never experienced this level of imagination those who have never experienced the building of a pseudo-reality in the experiencing of that reality with a small group of people you have no idea what what comes over that group it's a spell it is an interactive Dynamic where this small group of people are now pretending to be this other group in their work together and they stay in character and they abide by the rules on their character sheet they have to use those weapons those special defenses those special abilities and the individual actions on their individual terms must comport with this with the abilities that are within the confines of the character that they've chosen and the character sheet reflects all those numbers are no longer the people who work at Kroger the local mechanic shop the retiree who hasn't worked in 17 years and is 80 years old and still refuses to kick the bucket these individuals come from all walks of life they come together and they become a force to reckon with they totally immerse themselves into this fantasy world that has presented to them through the mind of another soul that soul is the game master in the game master he or she presents them the terrain presents them the choices basically throws the mystery before them and there's things that they've got to solve the game master has access to all kinds of books and note Keepers and binders and stacks of paper he's got a screen in front of him with all kinds of charts and he knows what's in the abandoned Tower he knows that if the rubble is moved from the floor a trap door will be seen and a basement will be revealed that's full of old weapons and Provisions and and ancient Foods stuff that's already petrified yet there's coins in there that have been scattered because somebody's already been there before them and died from a clever trap and their skeletons down there and the coin pouch that they had on their belt is down there too he also knows that the young woman whose bare feet made those tracks is hiding in a in an adjacent building and he knows that she's going to scream bloody murder as soon as her hiding place is found and she's going to stab out with a stick but these individuals don't know all that and one of them might make the wrong decision and quickly when it's their turn Okay dwarf it's your turn what are you gonna do and as soon as he tells the game master I'm gonna open up this door right here the game master is gonna give that that dwarf what's called a saving throw it's just to see if he's going to be able to to not do what he had just said he's going to do because the dwarf's reflex is going to be hit that girl with a hammer when he gets poked in the face with a stick so hourglass gets turned everything's very fast a spin is done or a roll the dice is done those dice determined if that dwarf is going to be able to resist instinct which is pummeling that young girl to death with that hammer so this is just this one situation the game master also knows that if that girl is not killed and she's allowed to speak it's going to be found out that she was kidnapped she escaped her kidnappers and there is a probably a real handsome reward because she's the daughter of a jeweler from a rather large town by a river the game master knows all these details the individuals don't they've got to learn them it's all trial and error they gotta they gotta they gotta think with wit the game master makes up the world but he too is restricted by whatever campaign he's going by unless he's just freestyling which is what something I used to do a lot this Dynamic that I'm discussing is so real I'm telling you right now guys that four or five people can huddle around a table in maximum security and they can listen to my voice paint for them this this elaborate world and they can be hanging on everything that I say in my imagination is on fire and I'm telling these guys all these details but I'm holding back everything that they wouldn't know without proper investigation or unless they made intuitive roles so I'm holding all this information back but there is a force Dynamic operative that puts us in our own world I've done this over and over and over where we would sit around a maximum security day room while while 50 guys are screaming at a basketball game on TV while another 10 guys are over here fighting in the corner because it's Friday Night Fights and this is what they want to do mostly youngsters and then other people are slamming dominoes because that's what they do they don't care about uh what anybody else thinks it's what they do I mean no matter how many times you tell them to not not to do it if you ask them not to slam The Dominoes a little slam everything's stainless steel and concrete in prison so I mean I don't know what it is about these dudes or their dominoes but they can't they can't win a game and without taking the dominoes and slamming them hard and often busting them in half absolutely destructive and you know what my personal opinion is a bunch of them blowing there need to stay there so having said that in this in this same environment every bit of this noise chaos violence potential for violence all this around us is gone because there's a field created in our environment it's no different than the biblical verse when two or three are gathered in my name there I am before them it's talking about a force a soul it's the same dynamic even out here in the Free World people who assume a false identity to engage in a false experience become emotional invested and interactive for real there's nothing false about it there's nothing artificial about it they are actually experiencing working together to solve Mysteries fighting to save each other's lives because a game master is going to throw enemies oh yeah those troll locks are coming and they got old they got old old uh Flint axes and stuff but they they ain't sharp axes but they don't have to be sharp when it's a 400 pound troll swinging one at you it'll kill you in one hit so and they got their own character sheets and their character sheets show that even a weak swing would kill would kill a human-sized individual especially a half elf archerous so this Dynamic that takes over people in an imaginative scenario is a great key to understanding the informed field and what is really happening in our lives today as a game master I I have done hundreds of games hundreds of games John knows exactly what I'm talking about he's he's in the he's in the section right now and for years I kept all these kingdoms and all these worlds I had built and it ended up becoming something I became literally famous wherever any prison I was at because people knew there were two things that I would do in the same thing happened in both in both circumstances one of them is I would run RPGs and people from other cell blocks that come out of place and I sometimes I have eight nine ten people around the table some of them just listening they wanted to experience it and we would go through these campaigns and some of these campaigns would last 11 12 and 13 months playing five six and seven times a week if we would just get totally in it's the real world is no longer real to us it's only a vehicle to get us all in the same day room because once we're all in the same day room and vibrating on the same frequency the real world is gone we are all now in a fantasy world of my Construction and they're going through it I'm having a blast they're having a blast and mesmerized they see and feel everything I described and they suffer when they make the wrong decisions or when they get a bad roll from the dice or the Spinners whatever we're using at the time people are equally emotional about what happens to their character which is a total invention more so sometimes than what happens to them in real life let me explain let me explain living in the fantasy world totally totally divorced from the problems of of our real physicality what we say is real in the fantasy context everybody forms these bonds of friendship that are strong people begin to live in character in the game the soul of each individual is invested in that artificial character but that character takes on real traits if characters care for each other they want to look out for each other they're they're sometimes greed comes out sometimes Envy comes out when they when when they when they overcome their enemies and then it's time to divvy up the treasure and divvy up the magic items and Indie takes over just like in real life but often when we were playing people would refuse to go to lunch then then dinner would come up last child would come up and people would not want to go they would they would allow their avatars to go hungry I could hear I could hear stomachs growling people did not want to leave the fantasy world they wanted to stay and they didn't care what it did to their avatars they did not care that the stainless steel seats in prison put welps on your ass at hurt for days they didn't care they didn't care about the backaches and the headaches of leaning over a table and in this huge World of Noise trying to hear each other in this game because the what was going on in the game had become more real than what was going on externally outside of us we were gone we were lost we had built a world within a world and then we were living in it day after day after day after day foreign in the Dungeons and Dragons context this was absolutely real for everybody involved and when a character got critically injured or died guys let me tell you imagine somebody who has been sentenced to 40 or 50 years in prison and didn't cry went to prison did all kinds of things been beat up several times you know had had a hammer at maintenance department go upside their face got scarred got scars for it lives in prison 10 or 12 years they know they got another 20 years to go before they have a chance of getting out and they know that prison has really become their retirement home because they're not they're not looking forward to getting out in their 60s and 70s life's over for them so they don't have a retirement a 401k or anything like that imagine somebody who has spent 10 months building up a character and they're level 22 level 23 they started at level zero and they have acquired all these experiences they are no longer associating themselves with their Avatar it's merely a vehicle to get them to the table with Jason and imagine when I do everything I can to undo different things in the game but the game is strictly going by rules and this character does something foolish and no matter what I do is the game master the numbers don't lie and everybody at the table sees that that man's character died you may be listening to my voice right now thinking that's just stupid it's just a game it's all that I'm telling you now there's a place called the fat ogre in in The Woodlands Texas on Sawdust right now where there are people that have this exact same experience in mentality they're not in prison they totally immerse themselves they're they're gaming there all the time listen I've been there several times John's been there with me listen guys it is real when this the morning when these people feel like a part of their soul has died and I'm telling you that that's exactly what has happened because this is a artificial reality that we turned into a pseudo-reality and then we immersed ourselves into it where it became an alter reality but it's just as real because our emotions our decisions and the consequences are all real and when that in that man's character died stole something from him and he cried and he mourned for weeks and he's just one guy that I remember guys it's serious it's serious it's the dynamic that comes over people with these role-playing games because they associate themselves to the Fantasy character that they've built in these fantasy characters they they take on substance to the soul yeah our avatars are just vehicles for a soul the creative aspect of our reality is the spirit and in these role-playing games it's the spirit that's living in another Avatar of that individual's creation yeah a world within a world and sometimes because of the situations that unfold in these role-playing games situations occur where they go into another alternate reality then an individual soul in our reality has now immersed themselves into a world confined within another world foreign people people have developed psychosis behind the things that have happened to them in a fantasy scenario but the psychosis is real the emotions in the emotional bonds and ties that are developed between friends Kindred souls in the game fall in love guys I've seen it happen yeah you can call it Bromance you can call it whatever seen it happen the soul is free to express itself in the fantasy world in ways unlike it can do in our restrictive dungeon programming world because in this world we're all told what roles we have to play I'm a guy I got to do masculine things girls got to do feminine things and then they have their their proper context uh or I'm not a Satanist so I have to at least be pseudo-religious you know we have these conformances that we basically have to abide by I'm not a liberal so I have to demonstrate my conservative values so but in the fantasy context all that's gone in the role-playing games and I know that there are many of you listening to my voice that engaged in this activity and you know what I'm talking about you know how real that these things these these things can be I do I wasn't just a game master way before I became a game master I was doing the very things I'm describing now I was listening to another Soul tell me what kind of world I was in after I had spent the time to choose all the variables to make a character an avatar that I could I could actually travel that pseudo World in and it was all built for me and every day it became more and more real it became so real that I didn't want to eat I didn't care how thirsty I was I couldn't get away from the table because this is what mattered if if the half elf archers had been poisoned by a trap and I and I'm playing a a a wizard who should have seen seen the Trap then in the game I'm gonna feel bad and I'm going my character in the game is gonna start spinning I'm gonna go through my mem I'm gonna go through my manifest I'm gonna be going through all my lists and all my special abilities and all my spells and my Spellbook and I don't care if I was reserving some of the special stuff for some future deal where I would acquire some gain maybe overcome a monster and take his treasure it's all different now I'm guilty I feel terrible this girl I am now going to sacrifice wealth Prestige and opportunity just to use some of my resources to make this better and I'm gonna heal her which is going to take away from things that I can do in the future in the game but I'm gonna do it I'm gonna use those Spell components I'm gonna go ahead it's not a waste anymore because now I'm emotionally invested I have bonded with this other character and I may not give a damn in the real world to the real individual City on the other side of that table it doesn't even matter anymore because we have entered this pseudo-reality where our spirits join avatars in a false reality that has become real to us and we're able to suspend our dislike for the real individuals who are sitting around the table because in the game we have developed friendships we have developed social bonds and sometimes even developed love so my point in this presentation is because if we can build a false reality and then experience it the same way we do what we think is the real reality if we can get hurt in a fake Universe of our own construction and then feel all the negative emotions that attach to that to that pain and that hurt and that loss how much more can we build our own reality and just claim it's the real thing instead of a false reality where we want to play dolls and play grown-up dolls and pretend and and be a live-action figure living in a in a in a artificial movie of someone else's mental Construction if if these are true when we intend to build false worlds then how much more true is it for the highly individualized soul their informed field to actually build a world and then believe in it what's the difference that's my presentation here this wasn't about Dungeons and Dragons I'm illustrating a point in the other scenario that I was talking about earlier wasn't role-playing games at all in prison I used to do the same thing by gathering a bunch of guys without referring to any books or anything and I would tell them whole historical stories I would just I would just go off and go deep off into the historical narratives and and people would listen Spellbound sometimes they interrupt me with questions but it's the same thing that insane Dynamic of souls interacting with one another gets those souls to override the physical world and what I mean by override the physical world is sometimes we'll be on the wreck yard on a park bench because they got they got the benches on the wreck yard and I'll have guys around me and I'll just I'll just be given a dissertation and I and we'll go we'll go so deep and the officer will sit there and yell child time and we know we know we've already been on the record two hours I mean we know if we don't go in for child and they shut that door then we're not going to eat till tonight later in the afternoon if we if we skip lunch but it doesn't even matter when the guys find out that I'm I'm gonna keep going I'm going to keep talking they stay there they have completely sacrificed the comfort of the avatar for what they for what they don't even know is a spiritual phenomenon they're being spiritually fed so if we can build false realities and even portray them as falsely yet still feel real phenomena how much more are we able by virtue of our informed fields and the interaction with the Holo field the oversoul the ability to create a world that we want to experience without creating an alter ego that's going to do the experiencing we're going to create our own world and we're going to live through it there is no difference there's none the reason the fantasy role-playing games RPGs are so successful the reason so many people when we have video games we have all these Dynamic virtual reality games all amazing games now and all kinds of game systems and yet still there is an element of the population that are still buying the role-playing hardback books and playing the verbal way the reason is is because these people get exactly what I'm trying to explain to you those books allow an individual to build a world and then send other Souls straight into it and that world becomes so real to those individuals that the actual World they came from begins to lose context meaning and importance they don't care they don't found something where emotions are more tangible they're more real they have found they have found value in the false reality where where they can do amazing things and yet still suffer the consequences of their actions if they mess up yeah guys I have seen guys turn into mice when they're characters die in these false in these false reality games I've seen it it's not because it's not because they're mentally unbalanced and all that has nothing to do with that it has everything to do with the fact that this world for a lot of people is just a place to escape because they haven't realized that everything they need to build a whole new reality the ingredients are right here they're right here and they've been with us all along this is what my entire we Immortals playlist is about it's about this very phenomenon here in the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing scenario is merely an example of the same phenomenon that I have been telling you guys from the beginning our soul is an informed field and it does not need to create everything in fact the more it tries to anticipate the further it drives away what it wants to anticipate because remember if the end of something is secure already in the dream of the soul is already secure than all the steps leading up to that are secure as well this means the highly individualized informed field you and me all we have to do is imagine what we want and then begin to act as if it already exists in the very Act of going in the direction of the Fulfillment is all that's necessary because instantly this umbilical will begin to knit the circumstances in your life to bring into your experience what was only in imagination previously and the whole phenomenon that I have described to you in this video of the fantasy role-playing games is precisely what is happening in my real Mortals playlist throughout all my teachings that's what's going on it's that simple so that's my presentation we can go into q a after I drink some of this water oh wow a presentation was an out well I started it late because I had news announcement but I kept it in an hour man it's awesome so I got my crystal dagger for any trolls out there I miss my trolls you know that man I really miss those guys they so cute um all right hey Jasmine I see you made it live uh please answer my email I just sent you an email last night oh yes use all caps for your questions and uh Christina the astonishing uh expect an email from Barry pretty soon he's got a project for you I think you'll like it let's see um family we're locked and loaded Julia Julia yarde where do I find there's power in the Groves you need to listen oh go you need to go to one of my videos where I'm announcing it's only like two minutes long but I'm announcing the archaic search feature in the search feature in the search bar just put Groves there's power in the Groves or trees and that video will pop up but I do have I do have a single video that explains Druid magic it explains the informed field and how it interacts with the tree and how if you feel that you're in full personal informed field is too weak and you're not a good broadcaster for whatever reason if this is your belief that's fine because remember whatever you impose as a restriction becomes restrictive to you this is this is you are the law so that's okay that's okay because a lot of people believe that time has to elapse before they can ever get anything in life that they really want and because of that belief time has to elapse so if you believe that you're not a powerful broadcaster well the secret about trees is that they will amplify anything your informed field is projecting you have to understand a tree has leaves or or needles those are tens of thousands of little resonators it's all about frequency that trunk is a gigantic antenna and it is grounded by thousands of roots roots and and you know uh they go underground the tree is inter connected with every other tree in the forest therefore they they touch underground this whole network is all interwoven with each other some roots touch and meld into others and the trees exchange data they exchange information this has been proven the informed fields of trees have been shown to change under different whatever whatever equipment they were using to monitor them when a tree was burning a mile away trees were were had a definitive reaction there's an energy field to them you can tap into that they can add trees can magnify what the human is already projecting use them wisely my video my video goes into it go goes into that uh foreign it's not something for everybody there's a lot of people who of course who of course who will enter that Dynamic with some skepticism and that too is restrictive and that skepticism will be justified remember we live in a reactive hologram and by living in excuse me a reflective hologram we live very reactive lives and if you're living a reactive lives you're never projecting anything but if you're living in a reactive life because we exist in a reflective hologram what is happening when you doubt you're creating you're creating situations in in your life that will amplify your own belief that something is not true yeah you are reinforcing a negative is what you're doing foreign 42 when is the TV channel launching I gave announcements at the beginning of this video I was explaining that everybody is on different projects everybody this is what we're doing right now this is why you've only seen me in live videos all month I said we are we are busy right everybody's doing everybody's holding their own uh uh oh oh Robin's been working with Barry and all the guys have been working with me and I've been I've been I've been giving a project after projects that are probably taking care of them it's a weird overdrive right now and we'll be into next month but despite that I'm never gonna stop uploading videos to YouTube until YouTube Kicks me off but that's all whether that happens or not I mean at this point I really don't care because once arcades TV comes up uh we'll just we'll spread out to rockfin and Rumble and and everywhere else you know it doesn't matter I'm not impressed with YouTube especially after four days ago when they when they published a new upgrade to their their uh monetization and Creator content deals YouTube is now imploding yeah they have lost so many quality podcasters and content creators that they've basically stuck with a bunch of mainstreamers and people aren't watching them yeah guys for those of you who don't know come on the number of subscribers is no longer the litmus test to a successful Channel it doesn't doesn't mean [ __ ] doesn't mean anything they have tweaked the algorithms so bad that they are losing people to other platforms and this is why rockfin this is why Rumble this is why true social this is why uh getter this is why uh uh Reddit there's more Cloud Hub that's why they're all blowing up right and YouTube is killing itself all these rule all these rule changes yeah more more and more restricted well uh becoming more and more totalitarian so I don't like it I don't I don't like what I've been reading uh they're finding all different kinds of ways basically to scare you into not talking about certain subjects by taking away your money I'm not worried about it YouTube doesn't pay me a whole lot through YouTube but YouTube is is the algorithm no longer cares about subscribers it doesn't give a damn how many subscribers you got because I'm gonna tell you now you can go look at many channels that have over a million subs and you can see in their analytics that they don't still get is they don't get near as many views as I get a month archaics is hitting 900 000 to a million views every 28 days it's in my analytics so even all I have is 100 000 subscribers but I'm still getting the views of channels that have a million a million subscribers subscribers don't mean anything they don't mean anything YouTube really needs to overhaul it's its entire system YouTube needs to delete as a subscriber every individual who has not returned to a channel in the last six months yeah you've got you've got 10 and 14 year old channels that have 5 million subscribers but nobody's watched that channel in two years all the videos are old no they need to they need they need if they want to resurrect their Channel they need to start applying I but believe me they gave me the reins man I could I could bring YouTube to the Forefront one of the first things they would have to do is if somebody has not clicked on to any of your videos in the last six months the algorithm should automatically unsub them if that was going on you would see arcades have a lot more subs and other channels not yeah there's a lot of little tweaks that can be done but it seems like they're doing the exact opposite of what they should be doing they're they're killing themselves foreign all right I appreciate you guys supporting the channel I really do uh I have not pushed these in a long time uh in my in the description box and as soon as the video is over in the in the pin comment uh for those of you who uh um who don't know I have hundreds of charts on PDFs I have a lot of free downloads too on podia the podium links you can go to any anything that I sell on Podium you can go to that link and then just go to the home page of Podium and you can see all my free stuff but I've got a lot of a lot of books content downloadable super packs downloadable survival packs I got a lot of things guys it's all oh you can get in like right now like I'm telling you it's not it's not at all oh it's not a priority I you remember when I started my channel it was a priority for for me to make these these announcements in these because I needed that money I wasn't monetizing sales now that I'm monetized uh I still don't make the money you think I do because I have disabled all the mid-roll ads I do not want ads to break up my content at the beginning of the video YouTube throws an ad or two or three in there I ain't stopping that but all the ads in the middle of my videos they are disabled except for four videos I have no control over because copyrights are owned by other podcasters but other than that other than that I've got over 430 videos that have no ads in them because it's not even about the money guys it's I'm not going to have my content butchered like that YouTube's bad about that so to but for those of you who are interested in those charts they're all they're all in links you can go to podia you can go to gumroad all that and I appreciate I really do I need I need to thank some of you some of you have taken the time after ordering my books on Amazon because I was viciously attacked by a group of people I don't know who they are but a group of people all basically at the same time went to all my books on on Amazon it just put put put comments gave me one star in comments that aren't even relative to the books you can tell they didn't read the books they just ordered the book so they could be a verified customer and then that allowed them to attack me on Amazon you know I I have negative negative views on some of my books because these people who have attacked me but it's okay it's okay you guys have undone that I really appreciate that four of my books in the last month were in the top 100 of their genre I couldn't believe it when I seen it I couldn't believe it because you know when you look at when you look at the sales ranks on Amazon you can go look at any book on sales ranks and scroll down and you'll see the sales ranks you will find like lost scriptures when the sun darkens uh um uh Giants on Ancient Earth you'll find what's the other one the new newest book I released was uh awaken the immortal within I couldn't believe them all four books were within a hundred of their genre some of them are ancient mysticism egyptology some of them were like self-help spirituality you know they had they're within their genre but to make the top 100 of a genre I never would have believed that was possible for me not with all the people attacked viciously attacking some people read my books and they just attack so uh I really appreciate those of you have taken the time because in the last 30 days every one of my books on Amazon has received many many favorable uh deals and and it raised it raised my ratings up and I really appreciate that I was looking at them I was looking at them the night before last and I was almost had tears I was like wow you guys have undone all this damage they did to me but uh yeah I used to never push my Amazon books because I was just getting attacked but yeah I really appreciate that guys and so any any of you who have ever ordered books from Amazon or have read the books and you want to go leave reviews hey by all means be honest if you if you read lost scriptures of Giza then just be honest just wonderful sins believe me that helps yeah it helps So speaking of fantasy role play when will we see book three of the phalor and Saga on YouTube ah it's right here guys it's right here I gotta upload it I've been so busy I'm so busy listen you know what I tell you what I tell you what I'm gonna do for you right now book three of the failure Saga starts tomorrow almost been the next three days uploading this whole book for those of you don't know about the Fatal horn Saga I wrote a seven book Epic Fantasy series Brian Incorporated my beliefs I invented whole races of Ferry it's a fairy apocalypse it's uh there is a paperback book that I have on Amazon that you can order which is basically the chronicon for dagathar dagathar is the world of the fairies but it's no longer the world of the fairies now now men have taken over and the whole story is leading toward uh it's leading toward a fairy apocalypse and it's all about the return of the broken moon and the uh the story is very deep it's very emotional there are many people in this chat who have listened to all of book one and book two and there are some people who've even ordered the the Kindle versions on on Amazon but the paperback is actually a compendium of 10 000 years of history in chronological order of all the characters in the story because the character most of the characters in my story are all over 10 000 years old the fairies do not age so oh it's all it's all their intro relationships and how the fairies are no longer together they're at War all the all the different splintered facts all the different factions yeah there's like there's like 19 different factions of fairies they're all spread out and why what all their griefs and grievances are with each other how it all came to pass I have a whole history book explain to you everything which is basically leading up to ten thousand years of history that leads up to the seven book felorn Saga so my other YouTube channel is called The feylorn Saga it's easy to find uh there's already over 4 000 Subs on it and if you haven't started listening to it I'm telling you you're probably gonna like it yeah on your leisure time just listen to it those of you who have you can leave comments here what you think but I promise you since you mentioned it I'm gonna go ahead and upload book three starting tomorrow go ahead and upload it started I just been so busy and I do have I I can devote three days to that there's no doubt I had made a promise on Amazon it's still posted on Amazon but I had made a promise that if any anybody gets through book one I promise you that the Lord of the Rings The Game of Thrones Star Wars and dune would be competitors to The feylon Saga I'm not saying the Felon Saga is going to be better than all those but I'm telling you it's going to be a a competitor because the story is awesome I wrote the entire story after I was caught with a cell phone and I was sent back to maximum security a fourth time and I was on close custody didn't have a whole lot to do um so I just spent a few years building this whole story and it just it just came out of me uh my Dungeons and Dragons days was over so now I was using my imagination to build an entire world once I had built that whole world then I put a narrative to it in characters and uh that's what it is the faylord Saga hey Wendy Flores you just pop in I just saw your name for the first time foreign all right so you got that you want you wrestled that promise out of me who was that anyway speaking of that was a Shanna Tarvin Pace all right I've never seen your name before Shannon but you you got that you wrestled that well I have seen you Shannon I've seen your profile okay she did that Jason what year do you think was the perfect balance of technology and freedom man okay two different concepts one is freedom one is technology uh you're trying to bridge the two I'm gonna say that I don't know but I suspect it would have been sometime in the 1870s 1880s let's see I don't know Matt Jay I don't know what your dreams are dreams of cataclysms when you're a small child I don't know if it's retrocognition I don't know uh um I I don't know if it would have I mean you are listening to my voice and experiencing the passage of time in a linear capacity right now which is the best way I can describe it however in a true Hollow field everything in the future is equally distant to everything in the past our souls are are immersed into an a medium experiencing this time dilation in an avatar that Avatar that Avatar is basically of the construct itself our physical body and the construct itself the world around us is all part of one system and this is where a lot of the confusion comes people believe that their Avatar is independent of the world they're living in it's not our individual bodies are just as much a part of the very system that we experience on a day-to-day basis all everything around the the whole whole field around us that we perceive as physical objects is is just as real as our Avatar what is not a part of the holography around us is the soul the informed field it's trapped inside the Avatar it is moored to the Avatar by virtue of the most incredible technologically sophisticated interface of the central nervous system you can call it biology all you want but the human design is a parasite humans are the only mammals that require assisted births every other mammal I mean we don't get me wrong we help other animals with their births but we didn't always help them horses Used to Be Wild cattle's always been Wild all mammals all mammals have had no problem surviving giving birth to more mammals humans require an assisted birth a umbilical cord that needs to be tied off and when a woman is ovulating and she drops her egg the egg acts as a parasite and attaches itself to the uterine wall this is not normal then then a man semen you know impregnate impregnates the egg and all that the very this this this strange unusual Avatar that humans have seems to be an amalgamation of all the best parts of the animal kingdom but uh in and of itself we could have never developed from primate hominids we would have never been able to do that and still have be and still humans being born the way we are no we were manufactured that's the only explanation for for our condition the way we are we were manufactured and the central nervous systems interface with the soul is so technologically advanced it actually Bridges the psyche with the simulation I'm not going to sit here and try to break this down in terms that would be more understandable and try to make myself sound more intelligent than I am than I really am because there's really no way to explain all this outside the context of the way I just described it we can invent words all day long and promote confusion but when we when we lower things down to the lowest common denominators what we have is a central nervous system that Jacks out awareness our informed field our soul our intellect whatever you want to call it into this Avatar and when that central nervous system is damaged the processing power the neural link to this the soul itself is damaged as well and you can't process information right you are autistic Parkinson's disease you have different there are different ways you're processing information totally different totally different the the the the damage I mean while the reason I call it sophistication technology is because the soul is not able to disengage you would think that an immortal being trapped in an avatar would be able to be able would be able to eject when the Avatar became so damaged that it began to affect the ability of the senses to process information and give it to the soul so the soul knows what's happening inside the construct but when the soul doesn't know what's happening inside the construct it is getting missed signals and all that we interpret that by looking at him and saying that guy right there is autistic but that's not really what's happening and there's there's no there's a bunch of them there's a lot of psychosis it's not the only one but but autism is more mechanical malfunction so I'm not an expert to really break all these things down I just convinced that I'm an immortal being and I'm in an avatar but that Avatar isn't a part of me at all this Avatar is a part of the construct I have found myself in the interactive dynamic between the environment and my physical Avatar is very very strong you burn me I will be in pain if I don't have clothes on it's 30 degrees outside I'm going to be cold these things I am very much attached to the construct I'm in but not my my not my my soul my soul is able to experience alternate realities just by coming in contact with them just by listening to the voice of another soul projected through that Soul's Avatar I can listen with my avatar and understand that a world is being built for me to enjoy and I can enter that false reality and experience all the things that I would experience in the Avatar that's role playing and it's very real so because it's real so it because it's real for the artificial then equally so it's real for when it's intended to make a direct changes to the holography when I want to experience something and I project that and then I move in that direction it's no different than the role-playing game at all so this is why this is why the um this Timeless aspect the timelessness only applies to the soul and the spirit because everything inside the construct is governed by this sequential ordering of events so if you're having dreams and you're dreaming of cataclysmic things there is no way to ascertain if you're dreaming of things that have already happened in the construct or if you're dreaming of things that are to come in in the construct or if you're just dreaming of the actual things that have happened repetitively in the program over and over because that's another aspect to the holography that I don't often talk about that we are in a fixed medium a whole a hollow field and that we have passed through this many times some people get it right on the first pass and they and they make they make the Exodus others like myself who are hard-headed have probably done this multiple times but this time we're ready and because we have awakened to the possibility that we are in a construct the very construct itself is going to eject us so all that answers your question I really don't know about I really don't I really don't entertain a lot of questions about dreams I know oh let's see I'm looking for some all caps thank you guys for your donations I really do appreciate it they will probably end up in the pockets of Matt Justin Johns Robin Mary but uh yeah I appreciate it guys thank you cats Cola I see Meryl in there somewhere did I miss a Merrell question she's always dropping them deep questions on me I gotta watch out for him did I miss a Merrell question Matt cubas you're on probation man you missed two live videos but I'm always thanking you for coming back man thank you thank you for being here so Hat's getting hot yeah I don't see I can't I can't go all the way up hey Garden uh Garden goddess Christine Moe's Mary Harris see a lot of names in here today I'm scrolling to the bottom we got any questions and if any of you got some old books old old newspapers old magazines and all that you know I'm building the archaics library you know the things I have in my library I will share we got a lot of book monkey videos of being prepared and the P.O box to mail anything that you want to mail to to me is in the description box right now it says you can go look in the description box right now and see the post office box okay and I appreciate those of you of all racing things in I showed off some belts and some artwork uh that was donated man those belts are fantastic foreign ER if I was role-playing Kane how would I be marked that's a good question that's a real good good question uh the question presupposes that the story of Cain and Abel is true and not a metaphor so I don't know that's right Break Free or Die Trying 1200 people listening 900 likes can we get a thousand likes please please don't make Jason big face diaper how you doing man you're always gonna you're always Gonna Keep It live man let's see here so many good books lately I've been going through so much good material let's see I'm reading one right now uh y'all are about to get a video on this one too um here it is right here on my desktop it's the the title of the book is cyclical deluges like uh patterns of floods written in the 1800s I love it because this is when they were there this is when they were building their whole glaciation and Ice Age narrative and this guy just goes through in the 1800s and destroys that [ __ ] he destroys that [ __ ] it was badass it's badass it really is so well I'm going back to the top see let me go see the what the date is on this book you guys got this video coming real soon I'm showing the actual pages in this book during this video because I want you guys to read exactly what he's saying because he destroys this Ice Age glaciation stuff he shows that all this physical geographical evidence all these Frozen mammoths and saber-toothed tigers all this stuff has been found all over the world there's a whole other explanation in his explanation is genius and it fits the facts P1 published in London cyclical delusion delusions and explanation of the chief geological phenomena of the globe you have to forgive him for that by proofs of periodical changes of the Earth's axis embracing a theory founded on geographical facts on the true geological formation of Carboniferous mineral this book is good I'm 75 done with it and after I read the comments in this video you guys know I have a tradition of when I'm done with the video I'll take a break once YouTube has posted the live chat I go in there and I read all the live chat and then when I'm done with that I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna finish reading this book tonight it's like 180 pages and I'm 75 done with it I've got to put a video on it these are this is I know you guys don't have time to read read and research all these but I have highlighted all the text I'm going to read to you guys I'm going to give you my commentary I'll explain to you ice ages glaciation it's all [ __ ] uh Graham Hancock all that stuff man I need a broom let me sweep that trash out here getting tired of all all this trash research being promoted to millions of people it's getting on my nerves I need to give me enough I need to give me an archaic broom that's exactly what I'm gonna do man see one hour and 33 minutes I'm looking for any questions in all caps you guys are going off on that on that on that live chat talking to each other and all that's good I appreciate I love this community I know you guys I know you guys have developed a lot of strong friendships in here I see you when I like on when I do podcasts on other other channels many of you are all talking to each other it's all good guys it's all great appreciate all that I just saw somebody was asking about archaic's coin but YouTube just flipped my I was too far behind so YouTube just flipped my deal I can't get back to it guys listen the archaic coins if you if you pre-ordered your KX coins don't worry guys you got them coming you got them coming we you so many of y'all ordered we had to stop we pre-ordered a hundred then the orders kept coming in so we upped it to 150. we had to contact the company said hold on we need to do a 200 coin order so they're good we're waiting we were told on on May 7th to expect our our coins to come in as soon as they come in we've already got everything the whole list is waiting we're gonna mail them out to everybody excuse me everybody everybody's got who's waiting on those coins don't worry it's coming that was a big order and we're not taking please don't order any right now we're not taking any more our cakes coin orders right now we ordered however many we got coming you're not taking no more orders look next time we do a meet up we might we might do those arcades coins but we may do a totally different coin because that coin is awesome and we may just want to keep it at very limited uh a limited run because that's all that we ordered 200 so we only had it we only had 40 to begin with you know we had 50 250 is how many coins there are total we had 50 minted and then we turned around 200 minted so we may we may wait a while and then do uh a second coin or we might do or we might do that same coin again but another limited run it all depends on what you guys tell us because many of the things that we do we're just following your lead because like I said I mean this is uh Gilgamesh wrist it looked like a watch to me somebody said what's on gilgamesh's wrist it looked like a watch to me it could it could have been just a jewelry banding I don't know I don't know let's see yes Don Hart had a archaic coin turned into a silver pendant on a silver chain it's beautiful so far she's the only one had anything done done like that oh I'm I'm seriously considering taking my RK I only have one coin taking my coin and uh like this like this uh 1901 silver dollar I'm thinking about taking a taking my coin and mounting it to the front of my my Harley my motorcycle I already have on either side of my motorcycle I've got a 1922 Morgan silver dollars mounted on the side of my motorcycle on the front or on the back I'm gonna have that archaic coin mounted on there just do it do it just just doing something different you're welcome on the answer for the coins I'm glad I seen it I didn't know our KX TV launch party yep yep indigenous creature listen god listen any idea when you will do the Native American presentation listen man I have so much on the Native Americans yes I need to get to it they're on my desktop in multiple files with images yes I I need to get to it it's just oh my God people just don't realize how rich the Native American indigenous Traditions are how far they go back how detailed specific they are there's so many yeah guys I can do a whole video on Native American traditions on just the flood I can do another one on just Giants I can do another one on just the pre-flood world and and the reign of spider goddess and and uh the the uh oh the time of the hunters yeah during the during the time of the hunters and and The Great Smoke uh animals grew to huge sizes and there was even a time when the birds of the sky were feared because they could they could literally swoop down and pick a man up yeah Native Americans have have they have the most detailed memories of the vapor Canopy World that anybody than anybody else in the world you may find some in Africa that that that mirror but they're not as rich I mean the Native Americans have some fantastic Traditions I'm gonna get to it I promise promise Sam Carno how you doing Sam you guys are you guys I'm paranormies and stuff man you guys are going to debut the rk's TV channel bro we're gonna go we're gonna go hard on some tiny hats and we're going to talk about it and all it's going to be one of the special features for uh arcades.tv uh Sam said oh when did you realize yourself brother that realization that you are you and everything is one and studying itself to all uh outcome which is eternal in ourselves yeah you know what my Awakening has been gradual it's been gradual uh a couple incidents in prison woke me up but they were very temporary one of them was the incident with Michael Mott and I've shared that in two or three videos where where an inmate got attacked by something in a cell and he was the only one in there and he got scratches and abrasions and the wholesale was tore up and he had claw marks on them and the temperature was extremely cold and the fluorescent lighting was on bright but it was dim in there it was foggy and Misty in his cell when we got the door open and the picket boss opened the door in the tower he opened the door it was weird we're looking into like a smoke but it wasn't smoke oh my God it was real cold it smelled terrible and uh as soon as that door was open though Michael Mott ran up ran out like a banshee here I'm screaming like a bench he ran out ran all the way down the stairs man he hit in the shower and then uh yeah man that was some scary [ __ ] to me because me and two other guys you know we looked in the cell we would not go in there we looked in the cell we saw man he's been we've been listening from the day room three stories down at three row at him fighting something in the cell that's why we ran up the stairs and I know there's some other guys who remember this well it was it was a it was really it was really unusual Affair Texas prison this was on this was on the Terrell unit in Livingston Texas in the year 1996 or 97 when this happened and uh it was right before the its Maximum Security Prison and they put death row there and they changed the name to the polunsky unit I was there when this happened and I ran upstairs that was my first Awakening went holy [ __ ] this is real yeah he fought a demon and he was playing with satanic books and all he's doing all kinds of weird stuff in the cell and uh he quit doing that the very next day he was a Christian two weeks later he was baptized in the chapel but uh that's Michael Mott's story I hope one day that dude reaches out to me man he finds out I'm on my channel and because you know I considered him a friend uh him him in Lamberton Lamberton I Believe lamberton's been released and if Lamberton he was there too if Lamberton uh ever uh reaches out to me I I'll be cool with that man I I've had some good old good boys from way back then man that reach out to me uh when they find out that I'm on YouTube now so uh that was my first one my second one my second one was uh I don't I don't really know if I ever even talked about it on YouTube because Barry mentioned it to the to the people that want to do the documentary today and it hadn't been on my mind in a long time because I told Barry years ago about different prison experiences and I had told him about one that had made me cry and uh yeah I just couldn't stop when I was telling the story I just couldn't I couldn't help myself it was uh uh I had stood up for somebody and instantly instantly earned the the the ire of Five Guys all of them were Hispanic in this this piece came over me as we were fighting and yeah they were hitting me in the face and someone were hitting me in the back of the head and they were kicking me but this piece just came over me and I just I just grabbed each one one by one and I choked one guy out oh one I remember one guy just picked him up and I slammed him on the ground so hard he didn't have any fight left in him I punched some other guys I don't really remember a lot I kind of just went into a Zone and all five of them guys were gone out of my way it just kind of left me alone and uh it all happened like really rapidly but I was in a day room and somebody hit me with something real hard and right right during all this right right when I cleared the area around me and all the black guys and all the white guys they're like all just all on the walls watching because it's not their business so they get out of the way and uh until this day I don't know what I was hit with but I was hit so hard that it was like my spirit came out of my body and in that in that it was like 10 seconds but I'm telling you now a lot to me it felt like 15 minutes it was just so surreal when I got hit I know I got knocked out but when I got hit I kept standing there but I I knew that I had been Jarred loose from my body and as soon as I was drawing loose from my body I saw everybody as they really were and all I saw was fear and pain I saw all these Expressions on these people that I wasn't looking at their avatars no more I'm looking at Souls that are in Shock in fear and in pain and surprise and I'm looking at a whole crowd of them looking at me and we just shared a moment I just sat there and just looked like wow so surreal to me and then I did not snapped out of it but I never hit the ground I know I was knocked out standing up but it when I went when I shook the grinder I realized what was going on five or six dudes all ran in and gotten wrapped around this guy who just hit me with something and stopped him from hitting me again and other guys got up and another dude wanted to continue fighting but he realized something that just happened he just kind of backed away he's looking at me and and I just so it was so surreal real and we all sat down back into respective benches but for the rest of the day they all toned in the day room was just I I'll never forget I looked at I looked at Souls that were just they were lost they were gone and but uh and they were looking at me like in Terror or at all or in shock or dismay sad they just had all these negative you know it was all negative Expressions but anyway that's just those are the two Sam carnal those are the two experiences I had in prison that kind of they were temporary though because I went back to believing in the physicality of the world Newtonian Universe believing in solar system around glow Earth all that crap all this stuff is actually simulated I I went back to believing again but I I did have those experiences but it wasn't until after I got out of prison and I had a bad motorcycle accident that I saw was perfect clarity that I am not a body and I've told that story multiple times on my YouTube channel I'm not going to tell it again here that motorcycle that motorcycle incident woke me up my very first YouTube video there isn't a hint of simulation Theory and I wasn't even moving in that direction and then I had that motorcycle accident and one year later I released my next video which was simulation Theory that's the name of the video and then I made a promise in that video that if you stick with my channel I promise you that I'm gonna show you from the historical record that we're living in a false construct and I have stuck with that promise and I believe that I have fulfilled that multiple times and I'm not done I'm not done but that was my second video and it changed the whole direction of my channel I don't know if that was a tangent or if I was still answering that [ __ ] I don't know don't even know Larry Bird Jason you think that's why abandoned prisons are creepy because all the tortured Souls have been there just like it's just like insane asylums listen we can even take that to another level not just abandoned prisons and uh insane asylums I'm not saying the ghosts or Spirits are there but energy is shed especially in Terror Terror anger trepidation fear destitution hopelessness the spirit sheds its energy yeah the spirit is cannibalizing itself it's losing energy so when it's when it's in negative default mode like that so that energy doesn't vanish or disappear it infects that area of the construct also some of you know what I'm talking about if you're like me you're hypersensitive and you get a real uneasy feeling when you walk into a hospital because what's going on in hospitals isn't what you think yeah the whole idea of a hospital is is actually contrary to what's really going on yeah I don't I can't even talk about this on this channel right now that's for our kids dot TV for kids dot TV guys that's all right that's all right Breezy Bree you can go start back at the beginning here in a minute I'm looking for anything in capital letters man Jason are you ever going to get phone notifications so we don't miss the live videos how is that on my end Vicky I mean educate me I don't understand if you're not getting notifications from my channel isn't that something on your end you haven't hit the notification Bell or something it has nothing to do with me I mean I don't know educate me I've been learning I've been I've been on YouTube for for about three years now and I'm still learning I'm still learning about this Seth Boyer C.S Lewis what are your thoughts on on his work I just finished again his his space trilogy don't believe in space just curious on what you think okay look you don't believe in space but I'm going to argue the point that we're living in a construct right now but that does not nullify that outside this containment field there may be a real Universe out there and that what we're optically seeing is only a holographic a holographic reflection over real Cosmos we can't access it from inside the constructs but I am not I have not ruled out that there is a real Universe out there we're just not in it we're inside of a construct so but concerning C.S Lewis um at a very young age before I ever went to prison uh I've told this on my channel a couple times my mom made me go to a library once a week and check out one fiction book and one non-fiction book that was her rule I fell in love with The Chronicles of Narnia and read them all twice Lord of the Rings I read it twice before I ever went to prison at 17. as a kid I was very well read uh way yeah way before I ran away from home at 15 years old I was already very well read I spent my whole life reading um yeah the chats moves faster than I can keep up with it foreign Rodney Gilead I believe that many of us are Kindred Spirits I believe that we have gone through the construct multiple times together I also believe that sometimes members of our own family were very important to us in past constructs as well and that some that that some of us may know each other on the outside of the country and that the world and that the cosmos in the world is vast outside the construct but a lot of you knew people listening listening to me may find these things novel or or discouraging but you have to understand the the whole concept of archaics and what we're experiencing right now is not not only is it not evil but it's absolutely full of hope you just haven't listened to those videos yet you have to understand the whole Paradigm here it's not about Doomsday the Phoenix in the Phoenix and Nemesis X object destroying the world and all that no there's even Escape in that no this I have often said that because God is eternal then that means every aspect of the godhead the oversoul would be unending this means that there was no creation and that the act of creating has never stopped therefore if the act of creating has never stopped and there's no end to the supply of new Immortal Souls that are brought into this this multiplicity of Worlds this Multiverse so these similacrums are set up just like the one we're in now are set up so Immortal beings which cannot die can actually experience a false reality and and experience things as real to their Spirits as they could in a real Universe where dying isn't even an option they can't die that's the whole purpose of this video was to show you that we can in a in a construct build a false reality that feels very very real to us because of our feelings our emotions our experiences are completely done through spiritual means not the Avatar we forget and neglect the Avatar The More We immerse into spiritual activities spiritual activities is like pretending things are a certain way until they are yeah as the role-playing games do do that all the time so my point is my point is is if the if God is eternal and the creation is eternal and it's all unending then these these experiences that we're having right now are absolutely necessary for us to grow and mature but the oversoul is so loving it would never endanger us really it would only put us in a situation where we thought we were in danger yeah death isn't what you think as a matter of fact you can quote me a few times I have told people death is the Gate of the Holy and I mean that I mean that mm-hmm archaic's Observer with seven billion people in the world do you think some of our souls or Spirits have split no I am not ready to admit that there are seven billion people in the world because you and I would never be able to distinguish between an NPC and a real individual who wouldn't NPCs are always kept at a different distance they're always they're always background they're they're everywhere but if you if you were to have true spiritual sight and be able to disengage from the central nervous system when you go to Walmart you would be very surprised at how few people there that are there are actually not programming I'm not not buying into it yes dog man I do plan to visit many ancient sites with archaics on the road is going to do exactly that we're gonna go to many many places all throughout the United States that are enigmas things that we want boots on the ground we want to go check them out ourselves uh do videos and and discussions at those sites there's a bunch of them right here in Texas go hmm Daniel browse said Jason will you come to Australia lots of Subs here yes they are Australia is is a real archaic stronghold uh I love you austis and New Zealand but the problem one is is uh I was invited to be the keynote speaker at an event in Australia six months ago but it's just it's very difficult it's a lot of red tape I I have a a criminal history and it's very difficult for me to get approval to come over there so yeah I can go anywhere I want to in the United States I'm absolutely free I'm not on parole anymore like I'm a voting rights restored but when it comes to international travel there's some countries I cannot pass through and there's some countries that will not let me enter Parallax why did your demon encounter in prison include D that's not a question for me that's a question from Michael Mott and and what he Associated The Dungeons and Dragons literature with yeah to me it was never evil to me to me it was all imagine the imagination and all that but some people buy into the buy into the religious stigma because religionists basically point to every book in the world that's not a Bible to be some sort of evil so yeah that's and people buy into that and and they they they play the game but in their subconscious they're steady turning it over oh man I'm involved in something real nefarious real evil and after a while they'll uh it takes over in incidents like that happen it opens up some type of portal and uh they that that Avatar Michael Mont Avatar got scarred up by something so yeah I can't he said it came out of the book yeah that's all it's crazy whole thing's just crazy oh yeah that van that van is made for that that's what we're gonna travel in hell yeah that's the van vlogmobile I'm not done with Van Vlogs told you guys I always I will always have 500 more videos in me I promise you but I will say this I will say this I've already been talking for two hours and I don't want to just ramble oh 7.92 cents we know what 792 is Mr Recon it was good meeting you let's go ahead and close out this video because my throat may need a little attention and I've had I've had a pretty eventful day it was a high stress day all day until until the evening things just kind of petered out I'm good now but yeah it's a I want to finish reading this book before I go to sleep because I want to produce this video I want to show you guys things that I've been I've been telling you about how the scientific Community literally silenced everybody who who was not on board with the evolutionary model and the invention of the ice ages and glaciation and even today even today you can Google this there are 60 different theories that have been put out as to how I say just could even be possible the reason they're 60 is because each scenario promotes new anomalies that can't be explained by the other scenarios that should tell you something the whole thing's [ __ ] and the fact that we have a 500 year old map that shows Antarctica with mountains and valleys and coastlines should also tell you that it's all Bs so it's a I'm I'm I need to get this book done 1871 I'm gonna finish reading it tonight so you guys can get it and I made a promise and I'm gonna stick with it starting tomorrow I will be uploading all of book three of the Fatal on Saga and I'm telling you now we're getting close to the battle of barrowin I'll make you this promise there is no epic battle scene in any fantasy literature or books anything even comparable to what you're going to read in the Felon Saga yeah seriously it's a single battle involving involving multiple multitudes of different personalities and you get to experience what the battle was like for like 12 different Vantage points 12 different types of creatures both enemy and and good guys but it's a 360 of the whole battle it's long but it's action-packed dramatic emotional it's called The Battle of Barrow and it's coming up fast in the uh in the Felon Saga so oh I already took some slack though for the fall of craniacs bunch of y'all got real attached to Crazy ax send me emails talking bad to me I can't believe you killed craniacs hey guys you think jjr Martin's bad I'll tell you all right I'm gonna check out guys I love you take this damn hat off t-shirt and uh I've had a I've had a good day the day ended really good it started all it started off just drama drama drama drama drama drama but uh had a good time I'm going to uh go ahead and post the I'm going to post the uh the links in the description I mean in the comment section for more of the free PDFs and all the different stuff you can find the charts and I think all my announcements are done and right now I'm just rambling so I'm gonna check out