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May 11, 2023

"PART 2 of We Are Not the First. Part I is here" [1]

Below is the auto-generated subtitle text of the video: welcome to part two we are not the first all right guys Andrew Tomas guess what no surprise John's still driving you're here man part one's been uploading to YouTube for the past two hours it's been processing just processing just processing I don't know what's going on but that's not gonna stop us from recording book uh part two we're gonna upload uh so let's carry on I'm beginning to wonder if there's gonna be a part three we have a lot of ground to cover so moving on guys remember evidence of ancient evidence of the ancient infrastructure technologically advanced Weaponry weapon systems and all that is not evidence of alien contact it's not evidence in support of Ancient Aliens but it's always used as such they're taking these massive leaps that are not necessary aliens weren't required for us to develop the technologies that we have today there are four aliens were not needed for the Technologies of yesterday either such as the sacred writings of ancient India contain descriptions of weapons which resembled atomic bombs the masola parva text speaks of a thunderbolt quote a gigantic messenger of death which reduced to ashes whole armies and cause the hair and the nails of the survivors to fall out Pottery broke without any cause and the bird the birds turned white after a few hours all food was poisoned the ghastly picture of Hiroshima comes to mind when one reads this ancient Hindu text from India listen to this guys this is an actual quote from an ancient text of India a blazing missile possessed of the radiance of smokeless fire was discharged a thick Gloom suddenly encompassed the heavens clouds roared into the higher air showering blood the world scorched by heat of that weapon seemed to be in a fever thus describes the drona the Drone of Parvo a page of the unknown past of mankind one can almost visualize the mushroom cloud of an atomic bomb explosion and atomic radiation another Passage reads that the detonation was like 10 000 Suns that's pretty interesting guys it's scary as well now remember a radio app now and we are not the first I told you guys what David had your children's shows in his books but apparently he got that from this guy here he says a radioactive skeleton has been found in India it's radioactivity was 50 times above the normal level according to a scientist named gorbotsky riddles of the ancient histories Moscow 1966. pretty interesting man perhaps the Sanskrit texts are about Atomic Warfare Atomic weapons way back in ancient times so according to pundit Kanaya Yogi of ambiter Madras who the author of this book met in India in 1966 Andrew Tomas went to India and met this guy who told him that the original time measurement of the brahmins was sexy decimal uh-oh uh oh we're getting into the archaics data now the original ancient Indian calendar was sexy decimal and he quoted the britha sataki and other Sanskrit sources so in ancient times the day was divided into 60 Carlisle each equal to 24 minutes subdivided into 60 vakawa which is equivalent to 24 seconds so we have we have here I've never seen this before but we have here in admission that the oldest Hindu concept of the recording of time was by the sex adjustable system which I've already showed you guys in my archaic's material that the Cali the third was better the uh all the all the ancient yugas they were all predicated on the 300 today day year which is a part of the sex adjustable system it is 60 days times six for 360. same as the Babylonian Academia ancient Egyptian ancient Roman ancient Greek the entire world the cliche the omic the Maya everybody across the board in the ancient world only knew of 300 calendar and they observed the sex adjustable system and here it is for the first time Jason of archives found evidence that it has been known from Sanskrit records that ancient India also adopted also employed the sexual adjustable system why is this important guys it's important because I have showed you time and time again in charts published book articles and in in videos that the 432 000 shards of the ancient Babylonian calendar described describing the Sumerian history on from the appearance of Inky and the Gods to the great flood that destroyed mankind was 432 000 units of time Zechariah Sushi following the mistakes of others widely published condensed 432 000 years and I have shown you guys many times that the ancient Sumerians were employing the sex adjustable system and there's no way that anything in human history could be measured in a 432 000 year segment because the focus of the Sumerian king list and the tablets was very specific it's about the great flood at the end of a 432 unit countdown 432 [Music] 30 chars adjustable system of 360 days a year is only 1200 years and this is exactly what we find in Hindu text the pre-flood world was 12 centuries all that's in the archaic's data and here we have it right here somebody else is totally verified it from 1971 talking to Hindu Scholars who quoted Sanskrit texts that confirmed that India's hyper-inflated numbers just like the Sumerian hyperinflating Babylonian hyperinflated were never years they're days this is why the Mayan Long Count calendar days it's one million 872 000 days divided by 13 factors of 144 000 days each and starting at 3113 BC it was only years calculated as 300 C days a year the Mayan system changed in 713 BC when the calendar changed to 365.25 days a year due to another cataclysm this is why the Mayan loan count did not end in 2012. because every year after 713 BC has to be calculated under 365.25 day basis you can't use the old system anymore for something happened to our sky maybe our world got pushed away just a slightly farther from the Sun which added 5.25 days to the Gear I don't know I believe this guy is simulated but whatever happened it increased the Year by 5.2 five days so the Mayan Long Count could have never ended in 2012 it ends in 2046. confirmation that every calendar in the ancient world was using the same system which is what I promote in archaics is confirmed here India was the last one that I didn't have records for that employed the sex adjustable system when I got it now All Right Moving On Big John what you got to say about that my brother I got I'm pretty much already convinced all of the other um something that kind of stuck out for me right then and then it was uh when too far only two prime days um you're like you said something about like you believe that sky is simulated that you don't know exactly what it was to happen but do we know when it happened yeah we know the exact day you know the exact we know the exact thing it wasn't like a phoenix event no no it wasn't Phoenix it was something else oh okay well okay dude hey it's a good question no it wasn't a phoenix phenomenon event not one single episode of the 13 baxtons of the Mayan Long Count have anything to do with Phoenix there are no Phoenix episodes anywhere in the entire Mayan calendar if there was if there would have been maybe somebody else would have discovered the Phoenix phenomenon long before I did has nothing to do with that it's a totally different protocol so moving on oh but but my arcades veterans already know it doesn't have anything to do with Phoenix but it has everything to do with the Nemesis X objects you guys know 792 year orbit of the Nemesis X object is 2046. yeah that's what it actually I have old videos explaining how the Nemesis X object fulfills my own prophecy everything in the Book of Revelation after the six seal is fulfilled in 2046 with the return of the Nemesis X object and in Revelation it says 200 million demons will come up from the deep and attack humanity and they got human faces but they got an insect armor chitness armor and they got powerful weapons and armor and all that and uh it talks about the day the Sun the moon the light the Stars everything is going to be reduced by a third which means time is going to collapse which is is exactly what the Mayans say they say at the end of the 13th fact and the 13 Heavens will collapse and an army of demons will invade and time will collapse we'll see you exactly what we find in the Book of Revelation in the Book of Revelation time collapses because the day the night the Sun the moon and the stars this is every this is every mechanism by which we measure time all five of them were mentioned in the Book of Revelation to be reduced by a third which means that only 66.6 percent of the daytime will be seen the year will be reduced to 66.6 because you're removing one-third the year becomes 243 days in the each individual day becomes 16 hours so the end of the Mayan Long Count is fulfilled in the Book of Revelation which is the return of the Nemesis X object which is which beginning of what we know of as the quickening it is a period of time when God himself deems that conditions have become so bad that he's increasing the speeding up of time so that more people can survive that short period of time God that's all I'm glad you had sex I got a lot of new people that don't know about those videos all those were entire videos everything I just mentioned is a lot of my earlier videos let's move on what order this is gonna be a free video train ing man that train is huge they doubled up the boxcars all the way down so moving on we are not the first serious scientists are beginning to pay attention influence of forces in space upon phenomena on Earth in his Mysteries of the universe William cordless remember William Cordis is one of my favorite writers he is Source book project his books are being censored they're hard to find if you can get any copies I will pay you for them I need the Source book project I read them all in prison then I passed them on not know that they would end up not being published anymore they're full of all these Mysteries so uh Mysteries of the universe William cordless writes stranger still is the observation that Sunspot Maxima are roughly synchronized with the French Revolution and then the Russian Revolution they are also synchronized with both World War one and World War II and then the Korean conflict if there is some small truth in astrology the thing to do is to explain this truth in scientific terms and strip away all pretense so what he's saying is is William Corliss is citing data because that's all he did I I adopted my model in the archaics research after William Cordes a lot of you guys don't know that William Cordis provides so many data points he can build data sets to show you guys things this is how I learned this is how I this is how I conduct our games research so William court has found so much data that he was able to say that only when the sun spot activity is at its maximum do we find the American Revolution the French Revolution then we find the the Russian Revolution then we find World War One sunspot activity increases then we have World War II some spot activity increases then we have the Korean War this is a pattern all these data points established each individual event put all the data points together you have a data center what what what Andrew Tomas is saying is that we need scientists to look at this information more not not these non-scientific individuals who are putting these patterns together and showing hey man you guys need but it's not going to happen Andrew Tomas Supreme if he thinks things the scientists are actually going to look into these things they're never going to try they are never going to try and find a scientific basis for astrology they're not going to continuing on according to solvent a store number rpro Roman Chuck to so-called squares and conjunctions in astrology they have a scientific basis it is the positions of the sun Jupiter and Saturn that determine sunspot activity he says basing his conclusion on a chart that he drafted from his research in the Russian Science magazine zani Sila volume 12 1967. have gone just writes in ancient times astrologer astrologers attempted to the future by the respective decisions of the planets who knows this may not be so absurd if the respective positions of the planets really influence the sun then astronomical tables could become data for the heliophysical for The Helio geophysical and even for long-range climatic forecasts that's an interesting point the Soviet astronaut Eleanor and Dr V Leven death wrote the number of car accidents increases by four times on the second day after solar flare-ups X flares as compared with the days when the sun is called that's very interesting guys the day the second day two days after a solar flare car accidents increase worldwide by a factor of four they also state that suicides increase four to five times above their normal rate during periods when they're as high solar flare activity that's amazing isn't it [Music] yeah man oh the Soviets man the Soviets researched everything they always had some really good good things gone man crazy stuff so continuing on we're gonna move to a different topic right now we're 18 minutes into this video I'm hoping to finish this book in this video it's on page 78 of we are not the first we read from Tomas only material evidence from proto-history can make the speculation truly scientific but there is a great deal to suggest that the evolutionary Road of mankind is much longer than is considered at president the discovery of man-type skeletons in Tuscany in 1958 by hersler and Dr H tarot in a 10 million year old myocene stratum lends strength to the author's theory of the ancientness of man or or has our growth been accelerated by another Galactic Civilization millions of years older than our own maybe we are property you Charles fort property of a cosmic super civilization breeding Gods out of monkeys now the reason I wanted to bring this to your attention remember this is written in 1971 and remember according to Tomas by his education as a uniformitarian he never saw that there was a third alternative he never saw that it's just too hard to find evidence of an extraterrestrial civilization in the ancient past that left all this evidence of Technology we don't find UFOs we find technological technologically advanced artifacts we don't find traditions of shuttles and drop ships and all that we find traditions of boats on the ocean we don't find true or alien bodies and caterpers we don't find any extraterrestrial life forms embedded in the eye life we find humans we find ice man we find La Brea people drown to the La Brea Tar Pits we find humans who died 7 000 years ago in in the British peat bogs this is what we find we find everything of human Providence the only problem is is when they find anatomically correct Homo sapiens sapiens just like you and I no matter what your skin color is no matter what your pedigree is they find us in strata that is 100 million years old so to Moss he can't see past the uniformitarian indoctrination when the easy answer is before you it ain't aliens it ain't aliens at all it's the rock strata itself has been misdated and this is why it's a mystery to science this is why there's a iron hammer an iron Hammer embedded in Solid Rock in Glenn's Road Glen Rose Texas this is why hundreds of human fossils have been found embedded in hundreds of millions of year old rock strata it's because the rock strata isn't that old we already know now that that once we have an alluvial an alluvial area that passes and drains out that alluvium solidifies because it's got lime Composites in it it's very easy for a land surface to go hard as Stone after an ocean was on top of it for a two or three hundred years it's easy it happens all the time all the time I just wanted to bring those to your attention this is the this is poison of uniformitarianism it makes you invent other scenarios that are improbable to cover up the fact that you created an anachronism an anachronism is something that has been misstated simple as that those Silver Bells with iron inlay that were found in Iowa and all that at a depth of 200 feet under the ground the Nampa figurine that was found in Nampa Idaho at 600 foot depth the artifacts that were pulled up two miles below the surface over Heavener Oklahoma do you really think that those are hundreds of millions of years old because they're that deep no they're recent catastrophism answers for all the anomalies great destruction look at look at the tsunami that just happened to Japan in 2014 wasn't it 2014 I'm not sure the exact year but look what happened in 1896 none of us were alive but we have the access we have the data 1896 an earthquake in the Tuscarora deep outside Japan in the Devil's Triangle an earthquake happened underwater and it sent a tsunami at 600 miles per hour against the coast of Egypt and it washed all them poor bastards on that side of Japan out to sea and they were never seen again disasters happen what about Sumatra Sumatra in 2010 what was it 2004. I was in prison I don't remember but the tidal waves killed 200 000 people yeah guys let me give you a phoenix phenomenon date the year was 12 12 A.D you guys know of it I've talked about it it was when all those children disappeared all over Europe in the Roman Catholic church had to invent a story called The Children's Crusade to mention to try to explain to the people why children all over Continental Europe suddenly vanished at the same time others invented stories like the Pied Piper of Hamlin they had to come up with stories to explain to the people Mass disappearances in the same year of 1212 an earthquake and tsunami killed 250 000 people at least in Norway most people don't even know about that disaster I got I got a list and listen lists of disasters in their dates that was a phoenix shooter one of the uh part of the discussion one of the people that donated books uh talking to them he was saying that plate tectonics like the way that it's described it's false it's false it's not real like like this like this stuff moves around a lot more rapidly than they let off that would I guess you know [Music] why things are so easy because the stuff is moving all around oh I agree I agree it's all Davis Island Davis Island is a perfect example Davis Island was populated it's off the coast of South America had a whole bunch of people on it it had been in it had been in the navigation charts for a while as a matter of fact she captains will always look out from day designing because it gave them an exact idea of where of their bearings where they were Davis Island's not on Modern map today because it vanished absolutely gone it just sank back into the ocean I've traced those people have ever been found it's been Portugal five earthquakes all over Asia Asia Minor Greece and Europe happened earthquakes traveled all the way to Lisbon Portugal people of Lisbon were terrified ran in all different directions but the ones that were closer to the quaint all ran to the safety of the crate because there was a gigantic clay that held 60 000 people the clay was packed so historians know that there was at least 60 000 people on The Quay when suddenly in the earthquake the entire Quay just sank into the water and it sank so fast in the water imploded so quickly ship captains that came in looking for for to anybody to rescue never even found a single article of clothing sixty thousand people their their their their precious possessions but they ran out their houses with their clothes their pets they went straight into the ocean off the coast of Lisbon Portugal and this the Earth itself swallowed them and the ocean not a traceable was found and I've got many videos guys for those of you new to my channel I have many many about all the great destructions of the ancient world how old populations just vanished I've got a lot I'm not I haven't even scratched the surface I just I just touched up on the more mysterious ones so Tomas in his chapter on maps manuscripts and Marvels he says did The Scholar of antiquity know about ancient America because Seneca in the First Century A.D 2000 years ago tradition he confirms this substance in a famous verse in his in his play called media he says there shall come a time when the bands of ocean shall be loosened and the vast Earth shall be laid open another typist shall disclose new worlds and land shall be seen Beyond Thule this was taken anciently in Roman as referring to to the Americas but what's really interesting here which what gets me is the is the mentioning another typhus shall disclose new worlds okay our kids veterans I know you you remember typhus and Typhon are interchangeable Typhon is the feed the feed is think Phoenix is House of think Phoenix and Typhon are the exact same even this is not a this is not a leap all the ancient writers Associated Typhon and Phoenix as being two different names for the same phenomenon it says another typhus shall disclose new worlds what did Mother Shipton say in her famous Yorkshire prophecy she said that the dragon will come back and when it does a century after a World War that's what she said in one century after a World War the dragon will come back in oceans will slip their basins in the in the oh and the world will tilt in the in the the receding water will expose new lands for Mankind's new dynasties because the world's going to be reset by the Phoenix phenomenon and we're gonna build the next continents on former ocean beds this is what mother Shipton said this is also in this 2000 year old prophecy right here another typhus shall disclose new worlds and lands shall be seen Beyond full here you go guys moving right along to page 86 the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences or the USSR made a discovery in 1964. that the 13th century scholar Nazareth in tusai was aware of the existence of America 250 years Columbus the astronomer mentioned the land of the Eternal Isles in one of his books and he gave its precise geographical coordinates all right we are that's really not mysterious we already know we already know that Columbus had ancient maps in his possession that showed the shorelines that's why he knew for a fact that he was he was able to tell Ferdinand and Isabel with confidence that he was going to be able to come back with with maps of a new world and Passage to India and all that he knew because he already had possession of the period uh of the maps that Pirie Reese had access to when he had drawn his maps showing the shorelines of South America and Antarctica he already knew it was all well known the only people that didn't know was us so we're gonna go into that look right now an article was discovered in the 19th century and its charting is still going on oddly the ancient map of Tyrion Reese shows Antarctica stretching right under Africa completely free of polar ice it even indicates the altitudes of the mountains which are today under glaciers and whose height in many cases has only now been measured until the international geophysical year we knew almost nothing about these mountain ridges sealed Under Ice guys do you understand the implications of what's being said here in a 1971 book the man is saying that scientists acknowledge that we have credible maps from the 14th and 15th century that show Antarctica absolutely free of ice the rivers the Deltas the tributaries and even the mountains with even the altitudes of the mountains marked on the maps why is this relevant guys it's relevant because you got people like Graham Hancock telling you that 9500 BC was the younger driest period and it was an Ice Age it has been covered in ice since then ever since his bogus theory about Atlantis being that old as well that's why it's relative that's why it's important these Maps prove that the Phoenix phenomenon is absolutely real the day the sky fell the world froze when we lost that atmospheric pressure and that increased sudden increase in humidity at the poles that water had nowhere to go in the vapor canopy but snow on the north North Pole the South Pole covered in two mile thick ice caps it probably formed in 60-70-year Period the polls were flash frozen that's why we have the the myocene uh megafauna all flash frozen in the hundreds of Millions that's why we have all these animals that were flash frozen that's why today in Siberia the locals are still pulling fresh meat flash frozen in the tundra in the permafrost following it out and feeding it to their sled dogs don't believe me do your homework [Music] exact date and in the back of my head I was gonna come on man ain't no way I looked it up man did you yeah I did yo yeah that's real stuff guys you gotta understand John man John's my best friend he's my best friend been known him 12 years met him in Detroit but I'm gonna tell you now he and I are not on the same page and a lot of stuff because we've had access to different data simple as that we argue all the time but but these argues are fruitful he you know he also keeps me balanced because sometimes I wear that to that that tin foil hat is a little too tight let's continue on guys remember Ice Age theory is [ __ ] all this it was necessary to create the line to explain all these Frozen Mega fauna but we don't need that line anymore we know how they got froze they flash froze when the diaper can if you collapsed it was a part of the Phoenix phenomenon and we know the big the vapors came back 552 years later in 1687 BC remember I told you to pray the third in the first video about the Egyptian second intermediate period yeah that's what the egyptologists call it call it because they don't want to admit that it's the same intermediate period it happened to the whole world the whole world was destroyed this is the subject matter of W.J Barry's book Children Of The Sun 551 pages every single Pro age civilization collapsed at the same time Vapor canopy almost came back and here's what's really interesting 1687 BC started in 25-year Darkness Vapor canopy came back 25-year Darkness but it has to happen to the whole world not just the Mediterranean but that's really interesting because I've already showed you the sources rkx data and in my published books where on the other side of the world the ancient Andean chronologies assert that there was a 25-year guard where many people died of famine the same 25-year Darkness on both hemispheres was a return of a vapor canopy that soon collapsed but what would have that done it would have put ice at the at the extremities and then it would have thought out allowing people to draw Maps that's what it would have done then what happened the ice returns because that Vapor canopy collapsed so what happens now we go to 522 A.D what happened in 522 A.D guys I got many videos about our modern calendar and why we have it the anno domini calendar was created by the Roman Catholic Church to hide one of the worst Phoenix reset phenomenon series of disasters that has happened in late Antiquities 522 A.D was a whole series of Phoenix disasters but it also the return of a temporary Vapor canopy it too collapsed after 25 years we have three of them that did that but it was during that period that the ice returned and when it thought out what happened somebody somebody mapped Antarctica how do we know because we have the maps I don't have I don't have to have a history book tell me that that ancient Mariners went to Antarctica and mapped it out because we have the mass it's called the period respect it's called the Phineas map that's the second map you guys don't probably didn't know about that one the Phineas map is also a map of an article and South America and other places as well so I don't need ancient history books or modern history books to tell me that at that time in history somebody had circumnavigated that area mapped it out and cartographers and went in there I don't need books to tell me that because we have the maps today in under glass in museums with even the altitude of the mountains that are how high they are in Antarctica but today how are you supposed to know that because there's two mile high glaciers on top of those mountains but we know we know the maps are correct because of lidoll subsurface interface radar that's how we know so I'm sorry this is starting to sound like a rant but this wind is beating on this band it's hard to talk over what yeah it's windy so the riddle of the pipe period Reese Maps still stands as a challenge to science guy says 1971. who performed the geographical survey required for drawing these ancient maps with such precision lost my place ask Dr CH half good I have this book in my library I showed it to you guys Charles halfgood maps of the ancient sea Kings and Earth shifting crust Charles Professor hapgood wrote the mapping of Antarctica had actually been done when the land was Ice free look man I don't even know why I just read that I feel stupider for even reading that of course it was done when the land was Ice free so if this is true the maps of Pirie Reese must be copies of charts thousands of years old Arlington Mallory the U.S expert on cartography adds a touch of mystery to the subject when he says we don't know how they could map it so accurately without an airplane who said they didn't have airplanes I've already showed you in the arcades research that we have many many ancient Sanskrit Hindu texts that talk about how to do pre-flight checks how to dog fight how to make sure you will a well-maintained femina should operate whole training flight manuals have been found in 3 000 year old Sanskrit texts the reason this guy said it in this book is because he's a uniformitarian he believes the official version of History which is absolutely sanitized and everything's misdated but we have technology in the ancient past it was an extraterrestrial it was humans remember my Mantra over and over I'm telling you guys it only takes us 200 years to go from horse and buggy to hey collider we don't need an effort ET to show us anything can I get an amen yeah man I'm gonna buy you a t-shirt I don't like aliens no I can't buy you that t-shirt we live in Texas they're all gonna say that means yeah you'll be a racist bathroom all right I like Charles have good but he was a uniformitarian too doesn't make him a bad fellow just makes him wrong all right so this is a clear indication of the Antiquity of the data from which the pyramids drew his charts yet another map called orantis Phineas dated 1531 can be placed in the same category as the that of the Turkish cartographer Harry Reese the outline of Antarctica is also displayed on this old map it shows Rivers which implies that the South Pole was warmer in former times than it is now mountain ranges are likewise indicated on the map but today they are now covered in a thick ice cap having having checked after having checked or wantis Phineas map Captain Burrows chief of the United States Air Force cartographic section made the following statement in the year 1961. he he said it is our opinion that the accuracy of the cartographic features shown in the orantis Phineas map suggests beyond the doubt that it was also compiled from accurate source source maps of Antarctica itself that's coming from military Precision they're claiming that the ancient maps are as military precise as the ones they had in their own possession the map of Xena with an earlier date of 1380. wow archaic's veterans 1380 is 138 times 10. third this is the Xeno map it is also a mystery as it shows Greenland without any ice sheet rivers and mountains drawn on the chart have been located in the probes of the French polar expedition of Paul and Mills Victora in 1947 through 1949. this discovery could proves that the source of Zeno's map was very ancient and that the mapping of Greenland had been done in a temperate climate now I'm telling you they're full of [ __ ] they're trying to say they're actually trying to say in this book that these maps of the 14th 15th and 16th century that show an ice-free Greenland an ice-free North North Pole oh oh like Baffin Island or different islands in the North in the Nordic Circle and the Antarctica ice sheep not being there and fully mapped out they're trying to say that these Maps or copies of older Maps which are copies of older Maps which are copies of Wilder maps that go all the way back to 9500 BC the younger driest period this is what they're inferring here they don't want to say it because they know it sounds so ridiculous that's their date for the Ice Age already books and texts and maps that we know only for a couple of thousand years old when they transfer yeah that's a good point I mean they're never as precise as the original how are these Maps so precise in their 9 500 years old that's a good point John but the other point you just made inadvertently is that we don't even have any text from nine thousand years ago so not even Stone Jets so yeah man the more the more you look at all this the more it just falls apart yeah so now here's a good point here's a really good point it's not really not related to the maps but I want to show you so um I'm not gonna read it Andrew Tomas makes a good point he says today today like cargo cult phenomenon 2 today we have the United States of America we have Germany we have Russia we have Japan we have China India Pakistan Taiwan Australia Australia Western Nations we've got modern technologically advanced infrastructure today but any one of us can get in a in a Cessna airplane and fly South America and crash and crash land in the jungle and be surrounded with people that have no Western influence we can go we can crash land our plane in north in sub-Saharan Africa among among the Bantu in the Watusi yeah we can we can we can visit Neolithic people today just taking this in means remember another one of my mantras I'm always telling you if something is true somewhere then it's probably true everywhere so what I'm saying is we tend to look at the ancient past in a uniform way as if any individual's Discovery colors the whole but Alexander but but Andrew Thomas just opened my eyes up to something that's very real it didn't really open up my eyes to it because I've told you guys about it it's the whole story of the anuna a technologically advanced civilization can live and Thrive for centuries a hundred uh two or three hundred miles away from absolute Primitives that they have no contact with because they're not relevant they're not important we don't need the resources we don't need to communicate with them we don't they're still living like like like Neolithic cavemen and there's no reason to stand up on all of Peace they're not a threat to us so if we exist this way today and 200 years ago we existed this way as well with very primitive people and we were technologically advanced then who's to say technologically advanced infrastructures didn't pop up almost every four or five hundred years in the rest of the world is of no consequence because they were not a threat does that make sense John yeah for me you pretty much laid it up you can go to places right now that have people a handful of people have actually been there but we could share anything frame of references for things like airplanes why the witness Ed 100 makes sense but so 48 minutes into this video [Music] yeah it looks like it's raining in with I swear so here's another interesting check Sanskrit text or Hindu the 13th century text clear knowledge is a treadise on cosmology of ancient India Kombat compound by the Tibetan scholar potbellyma this old book describes how the first men on Earth were created by the gods this primordial race had the ability to fly in the sky as their makers did but eventually they lost the power to travel in the air sounds to me like he's describing a technologically advanced civilization observed by a more primitive primitive civilization the anuna and the Sumerians [Music] and they watched that during the course of their history they learned how to fly at flying machines all kind of stuff but something happened and they lost that ability a reset a disaster maybe the Phoenix phenomenon something happened an edit something happened they were on they lost their infrastructure they were unable to manufacture flying machines but the Primitive culture that observed all that watched that technologically advanced civilization rise live and fall sounds a lot like a Native American tradition doesn't it they've been around for so long they've recorded the histories of everybody else it's crazy that's crazy let's do it so this Legend in this text is supported by another source the Royal pedigrees of the Tibetan Kings the date of this document is the 7th Century there is nothing ambiguous about the historical text mentioning the Reigns and Kings and the main events of the 2000 year period Tech says that the first seven kings came from the Stars all right listen guys [Music] I'm bouncing around I can't read they were able to walk in the sky where they eventually returned so I have to comment on this here's an ancient text that infers that seven primordial beings appeared among mankind they were very advanced they stayed here a while and then when they left they went back into the sky this is a Tibetan manuscript that is describing ancient Indian history it's no different though than the seven sessions the seven Circle of ancient India the nagas which are the same as the seven Anunnaki the seven anuna the seven cyclopines yeah guys the Seven Sisters this concept goes back to a very ancient time when the seven were born out of a primordial uh oh oh what is it I can't remember the name of chronogenitrix this is a female creator this is where spider grandmother came she gave birth to seven giants the original Seven were they all came from the eighth who was of the center and this is what the Sumerian king list says it mentions the first one the first ruler of silver was a female named aluminum all of them after that were males but there was an eighth King who never got to rule because as soon as he got on the throne the great flood occurred this is what the Sumerian king list tells us it says that the great flood occurred in the 241 200 sharp since the arrival of enki to Zoomer that's what it says well 241 200 stars is exactly the same number Nostradamus gives us it's 670 years 2 200 days divided by the sex adjustable number of 360. 241 200 divided by 360 is precisely 670 years that's how long the seven Kings ruled on the Sumerian king list not the Billy Carson version not that get up every Saturday morning and watch cartoons version not the Graham Hancock BS oh oh version not the Zechariah Zechariah sitchin shoot yourself in the hand version no the archaic's version is interpretation of the data 241 200 Stars divided by the sex adjustable 360 days of the year gives us 670 years of the seven of the rule of the seven Kings but if you want to believe that seven Kings ruled for a quarter of a million years then you can be made to believe in anything and I am specifically inviting you to get off my channel I only want intelligent priors of fact listening to my voice I do not invite any type of dialogue with morons which is not who I am come on now you know what I almost went Penitentiary on here I'm a little baby well I can't do it hey you know what there's about 80 of my listeners will forgive me for my for my institutionalized relapses but I got trolls that would just take off with it you know what I mean or cakes TV is going on you guys hear you guys think this is a rant I got some archaic TV videos that are ready to upload yeah I'm giving you the business and I'm doing a cell block style hell yeah man yeah I'm about to take some people down a notch yeah some of these people on YouTube that have been attacking me yeah I'm about to show I'm about to give them the business let's see okay well we moved away from that that was really interesting to read that [Music] dude we're almost done with this book [Music] so on page 161 a chapters Called Quest for the source Professor Frederick Saudi a pioneer of atomics wrote in 1909 the legend of the fall of Man possibly may be all that has survived of as from such a time as before for some unknown reason the whole world was plunged back again under the Undisputed sway of nature to begin once more its upward Tolson Journey Through the Ages this is precisely what I've told you guys in multiple videos the story of Adam and Eve the story of Genesis the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil the Tree of Life The Garden the serpent the LIE the Apple I've showed you guys the accurate interpretation of all these metaphors and I showed you where you can find how these are interpreted it is a reset story humankind was ancient but they were reset the fall of Man never meant the Babylonian version the Babylonian version was the one that Jews adopted when they wrote most of the Old Testament the Babylonian version was to make humans feel guilty for their own condition but that's not the case fall of Man in ancient times was the fall of Man his infrastructure his religions his his technology his life his amenities his culture it was an absolute Phoenix reset cataclysm and it was the worst the year was 38.95 BC it's encoded in the Great Pyramid it is one of the central numbers of the Great Pyramid it is that it is here one a great pyramids timeline and I've showed this in multiple videos 38.95 BC was a phoenix visitation totally destroyed the world this is why Genesis 1 has two creation accounts one's talking about when the world was originally created and then one was talking about the renovation after after a very recent destruction the Earth was filled again now guys and this is what we find in the nastic in the Gnostic I said nastic the Gnostic Naga Maddie libraries will be fine guys so I want to discuss some things in this book that I don't want to read to you I want to influence those of you who want to go deep into your research to get this book but the story of Jesus guys I know you want to believe it I know I got some Christian brothers that are still holding on some of you don't want to listen to my dark scriptures playlist that's okay but you got more dark scriptures videos coming with more data I never I don't I still have stuff I've never released guys and it's coming there's only one me I only have so many hours of a day but I'm telling you now apollonius of Tiana is the original model that the Roman Catholic Church used in the invention of the Jesus Christ story the greatest story ever sold it's not true a true spiritual being would never need a physical crucifixion it's an insult a true spiritual being being only needs empathy intuition and Imagination to to promote spiritual World a true spiritual being would never need anything in a physical reality to validate his spirituality it's ridiculous notion if people still fall for it the church still promotes the physicality it still promotes that and every bit of it is is modeled after the old Bronze Age institution of human sacrifice every bit of it and it's an Abomination but it's still promoted as the gospel remember guys the original gospel the oldest one that we know we know of that stemmed from the life of apollonius of Diana was the Gospel of working on not Matthew Mark Luke and John the gospel of working on in the gospel of working on we don't have any Miracles we have profound spiritual teachings we don't have a virgin birth we have we have a spirit that entered into the world and who was Unstoppable we don't have magic and sorcery we have Parables that have stood the test of time spiritual information because this world is the photo negative of a real reality and being the photo negative of a real reality everything here is just the opposite of what it should be and this is why a true spiritual being apollonius and Diana who later became Jesus spoken Parables because parables are images of Truth you can't tell somebody a direct truth you just can't do it you got it you gotta you gotta lead them to the area and then let them find it themselves it's the way it's always been this is why if you want somebody to awaken then you have to lead by example you can't tell that person anything only by observation where people believe they will not believe audibly by you telling them they will always they have to see the they have to see the measure of your ways they have to they have to measure the rhythm of your activities the architecture of your personality that's the best evidence that other people have that you know something they don't [Music] greatest teachers throughout history always talk metaphor and alligatory that's why they're always remembered if they they lead you to see information and let you figure it out on your own when you figure it out on your own you realize that it was right in front of you the entire time and amen that's what makes them such great teachers telling somebody something directly when they have their defenses up will just push them away a little nap 100 percent so I'm trying to inspire you guys to find free PDF for this book or the paperback book I just still has one copy of that book oh yeah they only bought one copy but there's another copy at the book Tree in San Diego you can call him on the phone in order listen you will learn all about Apollonia from Diana and I'll in these two videos I only skimmed this book this book is data packed it even has pictures it's got all kinds of pictures of all kinds of food Parts Old archaeological stuff but listen it also talks about the kante St Germain for those of you who don't know that there was a man for 175 years who spoke spelling the language of Europe he admitted archives the notes and Memoirs of the nobility in over 175-year period visiting all the courts of Europe and he was a mystery because people people who were old and dying remembered him when he came back to their Court 80 years later and they were a child and he had an age to date and it was rumored he didn't he didn't only speak all the languages of the courts but it was rumored that he had found the key to the Philosopher's Stone rumored that he did he knows much about him but there is evidence he came from India so it's very interesting it's the same it's it's it's the uh Saint Germain the comp St Germain he's got a whole chapter about this guy in here and it's really compelling it's a very interesting material it's almost as if if there is a devil that the devil just wanted to have fun for a while and be a human for about 200 years and just drop Clues and hits because he was so flamboyant when he when he rolled up on him in a court and it went among the nobility I already knew all this that's compensate Germaine and he would entertain people even fold Terror Voltaire didn't know what to think about this dude but when questioned Voltaire said the comp day is Saint Germain is a man who knows everything and that's a hell of a compliment from Voltaire the Eternal critic so anyway guys I don't know why this turned into a rain I just got excited but we got we're going into black clouds and the wind is picking up we'll be safe in the in the vlogmobile we're gonna be safe and I can always hold on to job now but I can always hold on to John he's warm but I'll tell you what warm yeah listen guys the I just I just want you to find a PDF read this book don't take my word for it I have shared enough of these two videos if you don't stand that this book is a valuable addition to the arcades uh our kids Library all you have to do is just ignore the uniformitarian references everything else is a gym there's a and I barely scratched the surface you got a lot of videos coming because I've been working on videos this entire seven days I've been on the road eight days I've been on the road I've been working on videos guys so they're coming peace out John you wanna say anything see you on the next one here