We Are Not the First: Advanced Tech in the Ancient World Part I

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May 11, 2023

"Readings and Archaix commentary of astounding 1971 book by Andrew Tomas, the source for Sitchin, Childress and many other authors. Be sure to watch Part 2" [1]

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hey guys I'm on my way back to Texas I'm here in here with the band from Big John what's up Big John how's it going y'all we're gonna try to amplify this audio before we upload it but we're here to talk about this book I promise you guys we were going to talk about this boat because before Zechariah sitchin ever came out with the Earth Chronicles before my my hero David Hatcher Childers ever published any books in his Lost City Section and before a whole host of authors in the 1970s 80s 90s and thousands released all their modern books on the ancient world before any of that this man here had already researched many many old text and books in the 1960s his Source materials are a lot like mine he goes back to the old books and old materials what you're going to hear in this video is going to blow your mind many of the things I've told you about veteran David Hatcher children's books the stuff that Zechariah sitchin actually got right and many other authors they're right here it's in this book this man published it before all of them and yet you don't even know his name why is that yeah guys Andrew Tomas we are not the first the title implies we are not the first technologically advanced civilization all right guys let's go ahead and get started this is the title page for we are not the first let's sit right here I'm gonna read the back real quick penicillin in Egypt thousands of years ago blood transfusions among primitive Australian Aborigines mysterious and startling accurate maps of the globe long before Columbus atomic theory among the Ancients mind-boggling Revelations on the walls of prehistoric caves we're gonna get to the bottom of this guys we're gonna see what what uh Andrew Tomas had discovered long before we ever heard the name of Zechariah sitchin and David had your children's and many others too I'm just naming those two but he starts off with during the past three or four hundred years science has been rediscovered rather than discovered Babylon India Egypt Greece and China were the Cradle of science the old devices have been reinvented the old experiments have been tried once more said Alexander Graham Bell that's a quote from the man who invented the telegraph or actually actually invented the telephone according to the history books this book is about penicillin before Fleming it is about airplanes before the Wright brothers it is about the moons of Jupiter being discovered before Galileo it about voyages to the Moon before the Apollo approves it is about atomic theory centuries before Rutherford it is about electric batteries before Volta about computers before Winer about science before the science age that's pretty profound what you think about that John you kind of always um it's not surprising that here in the last 40 years or so 50 years that people are starting to kind of catch on to stuff like that I get that I'm gonna give you give you some examples Straight Out of This Book of how the world of old was not much different than the world of today so Andrew goes on and says on page 16 chapter 2 Novelties and Antiquity he says that the city of Pompeii in Italy actually used arm waving traffic policemen to cope with the population in congestion Pompeii and Vesuvius had street signs and the same street signs that were found 2 000 years earlier in Babylon not much has changed we got traffic cops today and street signs in the ancient Nineveh archaeologists in Assyria have found no parking signs were displayed among in front of temples and government buildings you couldn't butchered wagon or Chariot or a horse in front of them you couldn't Park ain't no different than today go to Houston you'll see no parking signs everywhere I also had royal road signs let no man obstruct it so the rules back then were you could travel on a rural road you could even have your wagon cart merchandise whatever but as soon as dignitaries or Royal members or somebody who had authorization to you the road was on it you better get your ass off of it because they weren't playing no games and then you could get right back on it as soon as they passed hell yeah we got that today go to any real high Prestige nightclub see if you can walk straight through the door at first street lights known in history there may be there may be other cities but archaeologists haven't found them but an Antioch in Syria the Cradle of Christianity itself which you know Antioch is far older than Christianity but it's where Christianity began and archaeologists have found street lights there also in the Americas the Aztecs set a permanent colored strip directly into the paved Road of their the Aztecs had long road roads and what archaeologists have found is that these painted Stripes that we have to differentiate between lanes of traffic the Aztecs were already doing that they painted their roads to show that you had one-way traffic this way and and reverse traffic the other way it's crazy not much has changed an engineer of Alexandria named Herron built a steam engine which embodied the principles of both the turbine and jet propulsion what guys this is a 2 200 years ago if it were not for the repeated burnings of the alexandrian library we might have had a story about the steam Chariot in ancient Egypt at least we do know that Heron invented a speedometer registering the distance traveled by a vehicle amazing now we're going to get into it later in this in this book there's even pictures of it but engineering was not unknown 2000 years ago when guys remember in 1901 the public was informed that a computer was found in the Shipwreck ruins uh off anti-cathera in the Mediterranean it's now known as the anticotheric computer and it's a differential geared mechanism of education in fact the level of Technology required to make the anti-cathedral computer was far more advanced than the anti-cathedral computer itself and that's saying something uh you guys have to uh refer to my earlier videos about the anti-catheran computer it's absolutely an astonishing piece of engineering founded a shipwreck ruins off the Isle of Crete so Andrew goes on and giving some more examples he says the prehistoric city of catahoulia Kentucky has pieces of carpet that have been found by archaeologists spread throughout the ruins of so high quality that they compare favorably with the most beautiful carpet woven today Guys these are 5 000 year old ruins so that's just absolutely amazing the beautiful bust this is the head of the Sumerian Queen shugad display to the British museum shows that long time ago people were much like us this lovely young lady wears an amazingly modern wig large earrings and a necklace the sophisticated girl who used Cosmetics a wig expensive jewelry and she died in a ritual suicide around the year 2900 BC this is 49 centuries ago hey this is 21 centuries before the founding of Rome that's just unbelievable nothing has changed guys nothing has changed you guys know in my prior videos I cited the Sumerian text s poems that sound just like just like pieces of literature today yeah Technology's changed culture changes Linguistics change but human nature does not change we still hate we still rage we still love we still have compassion yeah it's a human nature doesn't change guys no matter what the no matter what the civilization so Andrew goes on and says for some reason the workmanship level of jewelry on the jewelry as well as the architecture of ancient Egypt was of a higher sophistication in the earliest periods the Rings and necklaces earrings diadems the crowns of the 5th and 12th dynasties they all displayed the in the Cairo Museum in the Metropolitan Museum of New York they are all perfectly made in far more beautiful and made with a higher technology than later Egyptian dynasties why is this guys among the pyramids in Egypt the first structures the oldest pyramids are of superior workmanship the wave of progress now get this guys the wave of progress markedly starts downward in Egypt about 1600 BC I have to listen Bower cakes veterans you guys already know what Andrew Tomas is talking about he's talking about the mysterious second intermediate period of ancient Egypt now egyptologists don't like to don't like to act they don't like to uh associate Egyptian history with any other histories around the world so they they tell us of the first inter the first uh intermediate period and they give us a general date for that period what they're not telling you is that was a reset in in general archeology as I have shown the first intermediate period goes with a period during the vapor canopy when there was a Dark Age there was a cataclysm it was a phoenix Holocaust it was terrible but in Egypt because no more because now they switched over from the old ossuaries and they switched over from the old pyramid tank uh coffin text to the pyramid text and then later to the wall text we have a degeneration of hieroglyphics we have a degeneration of building methods that was the first uh intermediate period but the second intermedia period every single Bronze Age civilization in the world collapsed anybody can verify this W.J Perry wrote a whole book about it called Children Of The Sun which is 551 pages in this 551-page bookie documents that every Bronze Age civilization collapsed at about 16 88 BC that's an approximate but it's a scientific Bullseye for the Phoenix phenomenon that this that destroyed the entire world in six in the month of May in 1687 BC and started a dark age that's exactly what he says right here he says all this he says jewelry he says Crips he says oh all the technology engineering and architecture of Egypt suddenly progress stopped and everything shows a market contrast going downward after about 1600 BC that's the Phoenix phenomenon guys it destroyed all of Egypt I've got several videos about that and I mentioned it many times in my bookish books Andrew Tomas doesn't know anything about the Phoenix phenomenon he knows nothing about the 138 year reset periodicity and yet he nailed it right here in this book it's awesome what'd you think about that John so what what I'm inferring from this is that we had like civilization that was set and civilization that came we're just trying to like emulate the the what was left behind what was still there after the recess they weren't able to do as I mean I guess as good of a job yup so that's why there's that that big change in the quality of before and after the research it's just like if Texas got destroyed me and you survived you and I know how to do some basic skills but we've lost all the infrastructure to be able to yeah I'm no I'm no engineer I can feel like I could build a house but it's not going to be that's exactly that's exactly what happened okay exactly what happened there's nothing even mysterious about it Andrew Tomas just gave us another data point on the Phoenix phenomenon for 1687 BC I've got hundreds of them but it's nice to see that he's found research without even knowing about the Phoenix phenomenon he knew he's found research showing with these other ancient and older authors all all said about that period and egyptologists they cover it up they don't tell you about the vast destruction all they do is admit yeah we don't know why but it seems like they couldn't build pyramids good anymore it couldn't build temples good anymore they couldn't make food good anymore couldn't grow anything good anymore it seems like they lost the technology for a husbandry for animals they lost oh they lost a lot of their livestock we don't understand why all the fleets disappeared and the Fisheries disappeared we don't understand why all the canals weren't kept up for 200 years and we don't understand all that so we're going to call that the the second intermediate period I'm going to tell you what the first one was the first Egyptian intermediate period was the collapse of the vapor canopy in the Bible you know that of as a great flood in the Norse Traditions you know that it's the day the sky fell so ain't that right my Viking brother yeah all right let's move on guys we got ground we got a lot of ground to cover so Andrew Tomas goes on and talks about mohinjo daro in Pakistan India now I've talked about those two guys you know about the radioactive skeletons that have been found uh the Russian scientists found radioactive skeletons there are 50 times more radioactive than skeletons are supposed to be that were found in Hiroshima and Nagasaki now I'm not trying to I'm not trying to promote any type of controversy I understand some of you guys have a problem with that World War II narrative and you think those were moabs that were dropped and not actually atomic bombs I get that I get that because those cities are thriving today and they've already rebuilt and all that I don't know I don't care I'm just saying that the Russians actually excavated skeletons holding hands mothers and children thousands of people all standing in the streets and even thousands of years later the skeletons were untouched and unmute and unmoved and it's very remarkable that after this destruction that laid all these humans out these ruins their bodies were not messed with them with wild animals carry-on creatures that's very telling they that means all the animals died too now or the area was just too Radioactive so Tomas goes on and provides a really interesting deal that I don't remember reading before I read this book in prison I do not remember reading this or maybe it wasn't important to me at the time the reason I go through a lot of these older books with you guys even though I've already gone to them in the past is because I was looking at things from a purely Christian Perspective back then listen guys I Had a Heart by morals the architecture of my spiritual personality I'm still Christian at heart even don't believe the story I believe I don't believe that a spiritual God would require a physical crucifixion I believe everything is metaphor everything is spiritual and this is why the greatest spiritual teachings that we have ever received come in the form of pantomime stage plays this is why the whole group this is why the whole Gospel of Jesus reads just like a Greek stage play with an Amphitheater and every scene is very Vivid with descriptions and quick narratives and real life isn't like that real life wouldn't have unfolded with the conversations that you find in Matthew Mark Luke and John seen from scene they would have never been able to travel the distance of all those people in those short periods of time and compress that because we're told all that happened in three years and then the whole passion story happened in three days and it's impossible guys Roman law would have never allowed a man to be crucified like that there was other death sentences that he could be given but crucifixion mandated that the appeal had to go to Rome and it took 16 days to sail to roll then it took 16 days to get an answer from Rome there's no way anybody would Advance father would have never allowed himself to be crucified in the place of Jesus which Roman law would have mandated if he would have allowed somebody to be crucified without getting without getting approval from the Senate say is that Pontius Pilate the position that he held within the within Rome he did not have the authority to crucify anyone because crucifixion was something that was reserved for the most horrible of times it was like the death of deaths right that's right like he wouldn't have had the authority gained The Authority for Rome like you said it's 16 days one way this is why they invented the story of Pontius Pilate washing his hands they knew Roman law and they knew the public wouldn't accept that so the story doesn't make sense so they have the they have the story they invented that it's called the interplay interpolation they put a scene in there for Pontius Pilate washes his hands that doesn't absolve you from Roman law you're still under Roman law that's just a gesture washing your hands of the whole scenario so knowing that it doesn't absolve you made the Roman Catholic Church invent another story and that story is called of the Gospel of Pontius Pilate or the test no the testimony of Pontius Pilate before Caesar they had to clean up the rack the story didn't make sense initially so they invented new apocryphal texts to add more to the story in order to to explain away the things that that that are that are actual Trier of fact living in those days would have known could never have happened so yeah Pontius Pilate was killed in Rome for his participation in the execution of of Caesar for those of you who don't know it's called the testimony of Pontius Pilate before uh Roman Caesar but all all biblical Scholars who have studied that text they know for a fact it isn't it is a forgery it is a text that is not original it was invented by the church just like the Donation of Constantine but it's not even the subject matter of this book that's just that's just one of my uh irrelevant tangents Andrew tomasco's office says hey two Roman ships found in the 1920s in the bottom of Lake nimi in Italy were restored in major projects in between 1927 and 1932. these Roman vessels were large and wide and they had four rows of oars that's huge get this there were accommodations on each ship for 120 passengers in 30 cabins with four births each as well as quarters for the crew the boats were richly decorated with Mosaic floors depicting scenes from The Iliad walls of Cypress paneling pan paintings in the lounge and a full library in each ship a sundial in the ceiling showed the time and it is thought that a small Orchestra even entertained the passengers in the salon in the salon the stern contained a large restaurant and a kitchen guys this is a Roman cruise ship the passengers enjoyed freshly baked bread for their breakfast and the menus of the meals must have been comparable with the richness of the dining room decorations certain fines came as a complete surprise to the archaeologist copper heaters provided hot water for baths and the plumbing was absolutely modern equal to the plumbing in the 1920s particularly the bronze pipes and the Taps they had swivel Taps like we have today guys it's 2023 and in Willis Texas I can go straight to Ace Hardware Store and I can go buy a brass swivel top tap I'm pretty sure you can do that in Splendora too can't you you're not guaranteed the low Barbers hell yeah it's no different guys we're talking about 2 000 year old Roman cruise ships that held a 120 passengers between 30 luxurious roads and then a bunch of rooms for the crew and kitchens and dining rooms and libraries oh my God not much has changed now Andrew Tomas makes a good point he says 200 years ago porcelain toilets were almost unknown in the world 200 years ago and yet 4 000 years ago the minoan ruins of Crete in the Palace of nasus all had porcelain toilets let's think about that how much has changed four thousand years ago remember them all it was a reset cataclysm 1447 BC that destroyed the minoan empire it's what gave rise to the mice in the name Empire and then the mycenae Empire oh oh they filled the power vacuum but it caused too many problems on the open Black Sea trade routes the Hittites were blocking the ports of the Dardanelles and this started a trade War this is this is this is the backstory to the story of Atlantis that I told you guys about in my videos now the people that ended all that were the atlanteans to see people's Federation they came in and destroyed all that they broke all that [ __ ] up destroyed the Hittites invaded invaded Egypt twice destroyed all the story destroyed the uh uh ilium and Troy and all that and they're they're the atlanteans Royal sigil was a horse Trojan we are y'all know the story of the trucks War styles in the ruins of Pompeii an ivory statuette of the Indian goddess Lakshmi was discovered in 1938 which implied that commercial and cultural ties with India must have been maintained by Rome before Mount Vesuvius had buried this artifact artifact in the year 79 A.D that's interesting so the author Andrew Tomas says that he has traveled Italy in Madras and he has traveled India he says quote if as the author has you have traveled and seen the shops of Madras and Bombay full of color colorful sarees or series I don't know how you say it you may be surprised to find out that during the reign of Vespasian and Diocletian this is two this is less than 2 000 years ago from India Indio same articles were on sale in India meaning these beautiful articles of clothing that were made by the ancient people of India are still made today Andrew Tomas went to India and saw them for himself but only the very rich could afford them for silks brocades Muslims and cloth of gold are are fought in India they are brought to Rome remitted annually a considerable summon trade equivalent to 40 million dollars that's how much has been found in in ancient Roman ruins 40 million dollars of merchandise has been found by archaeologists spread through and spread throughout the Roman provinces and Italy proper 40 million dollars worth it all came from ancient India the reason the reason this is important guys is because establishment archeology is always trying to say that there was their diffusion theory is not true and they're always trying to say that there wasn't widespread trade this is why they were always trying to attack the Marco Polo story and why Marco while Marco Polo and his uncle had to actually produce a bag full of gemstones as proof that they had been to Bombay in India and even made it to China because the gemstones they brought back are only native to the east they cannot be found in Europe so oh familiar with the with the story of all Marco Polo so not not what you're saying no yeah my uh understanding of uh what do you call it uniformitary no that would be no it was usually would be more we're going to get into it we're gonna get into Marco Polo we got we got a video coming about Marco Polo because Big John needs to know about Margot Polo so that means I gotta put a video out because if Big John doesn't know about Marco Polo and he knows history pretty good but I promise you there's some of you gonna need to know about that too ain't that right here we go silk was produced in China since the year 2640. you see that's amazing why 2640 26-47 BC was a phoenix reset during the vapor canopy by 26 40. so seven years after that reset somebody invented out to produce silk from the Civil War or or is this more evidence of a post-reset rediscovery of an older technique I don't know I'm asking you guys I don't know or was it something like there was uh small sex of people that made it through the reset that kept that technology with them and then it became widely used again after that that's another scenario absolutely another scenario I find oh as a chronologist I find the dating way too precise that Silk suddenly appears seven years after a Phoenix Museum they make discoveries within a certain amount of time like close to a phoenix reset but that's almost like a scientific assigned to the boys that is 28 minutes into this video we haven't even got started let's do it [Music] the last example he provides in this chapter he says no race had ever built 5 000 kilometer long highways like the ancient peruvians did the pre-inka period they are imara these highways cross canyons and they even Pierce mountains with tunnels that are still in use today no primitive people did that guys just the act of surveying and keeping your highways not only level with a really good tolerance but also intact after thousands of years and in a straight line guys that's not easy to do no primitive culture could have ever done that and to even bore tunnel through solid mountains Granite diorite rhyolite you can't get through that stuff with primitive technology listen guys it ain't like the ancient it ain't like the egyptologists tell you about a bunch of sandal wearing Primitives out there with copper chisels and hammers beating on beating on all Limestone no guys that [ __ ] don't work anymore you can dig through a mountain no you can't make primitive tools and just dig through them out you have to know about the stone uh that you're digging into yeah you have to know whether or not if I dig into this is this going to be able to hold the weight you know that is distributed over of heart I do that some Stone can't some can't okay John so why they just trial and error with these premise okay probably not what qualifies you John to know so much about Stone what is it in your past what is in your past that allows you to know how difficult it is the deal will start uh well I mean you know start Paradise rock guards together did you hear that guy he and I worked Paradise Rock Gardens together I'm going to tell you now I I have worked with stone I have a website called paradiserockgardens.com where you can go see all our work I'm gonna tell you now you're not digging tunnels through stuff Stone hell it takes two men to to even set a 130 pound Flagstar now I can carry it by myself but I can't set it by myself big difference but it takes advanced technology to know like the density of something like you can't just trial and error that you foreign if you think about history the way that a lot of people do is that they didn't value human life in the same way that we do now and stuff like that there's no one that even if they were using slaves they're not going to just throw slaves at something until it happens yeah they had to pay for those things right so yeah they if slaves were even used at all exactly so so yeah like the the you're not gonna just pull Ed human death at some until it gets done despite you know it collapsing over and over and over again you you have to have something some sort of advanced thinking some sort of advanced knowledge um Stone and its density and how it works to make these tunnels happen absolutely so now we're going into this next chapter this is not going to be John's favorite chapter I promise you because my brother John we're gonna give you a little context guys you guys know I'm a catastrophist the Phoenix phenomenon mandates that I'm a catastrophistic there's only two schools of thought in scientific history only two catastrophism and uniformitarianism Sean has been educated Under The Establishment system of uniformitarianism he has seen some flaws in it but he still holds to it until it is even otherwise but then again John hasn't gone through all the archaic data either and he will admit that this chapter here Alexander Tomas is addressing this issue the name of this chapter is discoveries create problems we're going to see what those problems are right now because catastrophism and uniformitarianism cannot cannot both be true let's do it all right and we will get your feedback here in a minute my brother all right so Professor Luther Cressman of the University of Oregon came across 200 pairs of woven fiber sandals in the lamos cave in East Nevada guys a lot of strange artifacts have been found in the in the ruinous Badlands in torturous lands landscape of Nevada are we still in Nevada now we're in Arizona okay we just came out of Nevada which has meteor crater Nevada has a what Grand Canyon we literally just passed meteor City okay Nevada has a all Petrified Forest there's a lot of strange things six-fingered human skeletons have been found in Nevada smithsonian's been out here many times all right so for this professor Craftsman finds 200 200 pairs of woven fiber sandals skillfully made by an expert he says you cannot oh you can almost not tell them apart from anything of modern manufacturing that's how good these sandals are but the problem is is that these were radiocarbon dated they were found underground in a cave they dug them up from the dirt and it came they have been radiocarbon dated at 9 000 years old but this isn't the real problem sandals are young indeed when compared with a shoe print discovered in a coal theme in the Fisher Canyon pushing Pershing County also in the state of Nevada the imprint of the soul of the sandal is so clear that you can see the strong thread strong threads are visible the age of the footprint is estimated by scientists to be over 15 million years old but man the first hominids according to to a scientist didn't appear until 13 million years ago or in other words according to current opinion primitive man appeared some two million years ago he's talking about Cro-Magnon but he is but he only began to wear shoes 25 000 years ago so whose footstep is it is fossilized in this 15 million year old strata because that's the date that uniformitarians gave that rock now this is all this is all going to be explained here in a minute Dr Chao Ming Shen made a similar Discovery in the Gobi desert in 1959 it it was the perfect fossilized impression of a ribbed and Soul on sandstone and was calculated to be millions of years old the Chinese Expedition could not explain it they just documented it then then the Brandenburg Rock paintings in Southwest Africa depict Bushmen together with white women they're perfectly European profiles are painted with a light tint and the hair is shown as red or yellow in the girls wear jewelry in an elaborate headdress of shells and Stones the attractive young women carry bows and water bags on their chests they are wearing shoes while the black indigenous Africans are not some archaeologists consider these young women to be brave Travelers who came from pre or Egypt 3 500 years ago these are paintings inside African caves showing white females however there is something peculiar about these white girls that's exactly that's that's Andrew Tomas 1971 that's exactly how you said it there's something peculiar about these white girls they look like caspians from North Africa who lived in the area 12 000 years ago yeah both have those same long long necks and long torsos bowls headdresses and garter-like cross bands along their legs these are from these are similar to the white lady of Brandenburg studied by AB Henry Brewer a masterpiece so another problem that is isolated by Andrew Tomas was documented by Professor Dennis Sarat of France who identified the heads of animals in the calendar of Tijuana in South America as those of toxadons prehistoric animals which lived according to the uniformitarians in the tertiary period many millions of years ago now that's a problem guys but we've already found the same thing in Central America in the archaeological Expeditions in 1911 and 12 by by archaeologist Neville remember guys and Niven they found amongst spread out among the ruins of cities and pyramids of Mexico that are older than teenage titling and the other Mexican pyramid cities they found human skeletons the ruins of architecture and mastodons and three-toed sloth Mega fauna skeletons that showed that some of them were domesticated they were using them as be subverted how is that possible so a high Averill also notes that the cockle Ceramics of Panama depict a flying lizard which looks very much like a pterodactyl that lived way before mankind came onto the scene 5 million years so in 1924 the Doheny scientific Expedition discovered in the Hawaii Supai Canyon in North we just stayed at the supine Motel at the soup by Canyon in northern Arizona a rock carving which looked amazingly like an extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex standing on its hind legs in another rock image in Big Sandy River Oregon the prehistoric sculptor left a portrait of a perfectly anatomically correct stegosaurus a creature which lived before the appearance of mankind guys in many of my presentations on YouTube I've already shown you where there are many petroglyphs and cave paintings that show humans and prehistoric dinosaurs and stuff but they aren't millions of years old the other the other archaeological findings in the area show that they're only 4500 500 showing that all these creatures in the vapor Canopy World it's like Land of the Lost the show from the 70s and 80s is true these giant lizards and amphibians they're not dinosaurs they're gigantic amphibians and gigantic lizards and the only reason they're not alive today is the vapor canopy collapsed in a reduced the modern the modern oxygen content to what it is today 11 percent we used to have a hundred percent oxygen we just take one single breath and then we can dive and because the atmospheric pressure was so intense it was so easy to take one breath and hold it exhale and then dive 250 feet all the way down to these rare clams that you that we can't reach today unless we have unless we have diving gear but we found the shell middens from the ancient past that show that humans were diving at those depths to get those pearls Vapor canopy answers all these questions guys especially with with the dating the uniform additarian dating the sandal prints are not 200 million years old they're not 15 million years old those sandals aren't even 15 000 years old these imprints of boots and shoes that have been petrified and found the uniformitarians have already since the 1830s 40s and 50s declared that certain strata are are 65 million years old but the things that we find in that strata are only four and five thousand years old so some someone has made a mistake and that mistake is only answered in catastrophism but let's get back to the let's get back to some more examples I always had a problem with radio oh it's terrible it's terrible question in just a little bit we'll start to hear even they say that there's oh well you know they give these long periods that it could have been within yeah it's like you know oh it was a few to 20 000 years ago it's like dude that's 5 000 year bearings yes it is that's way too much that sounds like that sounds like Grand Hancock yeah promote 9500 BC for the Atlantis narrative well hell There's 7 000 years before history even begins and when I say history I'm talking about recorded history because you know archaics we don't worry about anything before 5239 BC we don't care the historically documented that we have we have documents still I wall text Chrono markers from from different monuments uh archaeal astronomy we have Traditions text and actual chronologies actual ancient texts uniform it doesn't matter we don't go any we don't go past 5239 BC that's that's the arcades data does 5239 BC in Africa and it's our position that these sandals and all this petrified [ __ ] and all that fossilized jellyfish all this is answered in catastrophism in the Phoenix phenomenon we don't have to go back I'm not saying the world and you guys know I have never said the world is 5000 goes back to 5200 and you know uh 39 years no the archaic Paradigm begins then that's our Story begins then what happened before that was somebody else's story what knowledge no okay so we're moving on about 1920 Professor Julio Tello found vases in the Nazca District near bisco Peru he was struck by how the he was struck by the discovery of the figures of llamas painted on the vessels as the animals are shown with five toes guys five-toed llamas is anatomically correct the problem is they don't exist anymore we only have two toad llamas today five-toed llamas existed tens of thousands of years ago they're extinct they're a part of the megafauna guys why aren't they here anymore oh let me tell you something about the vapor canopy and how it collapsed and all those megafauna couldn't breathe anymore because the oxygen lowered humans had to adapt but it also made us live shorter life spans we weren't gigantic no more so they didn't call us the Titans anymore we 200 years after the collapse of vapor canopy humans started growing to the to the proportions that we find today today but in ancient times during the vapor canopy we were so Big O sobs we were Titans Giants all right let's move on uh at the present time the Llama only has two toes but in the earlier and earlier evolutionary stage tens of thousands of years ago llamas had five toes that doesn't sound like Evolution to me it sounds like Devolution how would a primitive life form develop five toes and then all of a sudden reduce them to two it could have started with two from the beginning animals Toes that it has the more spread out its foot is spread out its foot is because of weight weight distribution okay so if it lived during the vapor canopy it was probably much bigger and had five toes and then The Vapor can't even collapses right and it evolves the way the humans did he gets smaller and smaller it doesn't weaknesses I thought John was about to hit me with some uniformitory and wisdom but instead he actually had provided a really good example of how the vapor can be completely it the absence of the vapor canopy completely caused not Evolution or Devolution but something I talked to you guys about a lot I don't believe in evolution I don't believe in natural selection I don't believe one species ever becomes another species I believe 100 in genetic adaptation many species have branched off and there's wide variety of lizards but there's still lizards there's a wide variety of of turtles and tortoises but they're still Turtles there's a wide variety of humans wide variety of humans and there's many differences it's not just skin color there are many differences in the Human family a wide variety but you know what every single one of us have homo sapien sapien background and every single one of us have the capacity to be uh intellectually Elite emo emotionally uh cogent yeah there's no differences in our spirit and as far as I can see there's no differences in intellect to those who apply to themselves so yeah but there's a lot of differences in racing can I get a can I get an A man or can I get an argument no I don't have an argument because it's already proven almost dead like uh diseases that were susceptible to oh yeah yeah like sickle cell anemia exactly you know um African-American women uh have the high EST bone density you know of any race people uh so it's already shown that like there are what a uniformitarian would say are racial benefits uh through like evolutionary benefits based on race but we're also human like you said genetically we all still have that that same DNA 100 percent 100 we're 49 minutes into this video and we haven't even got started we haven't got started see this again oh my God man there's so much good stuff in this book all right again Mr Tomas 1971 from the research in the 1960s [Music] by Dr Daniel Russo in 1950 is one of the momentous discoveries ever made in the Americas 80 kilometers Northeast of Lima Peru is a plateau at an altitude of 4 000 meters but 11 500 feet where the air is cold and hardly anything grows amidst the granite rocks standing in an Amphitheater of Rock Russo found himself confronted by the enormous statues faces cropped out of the rock of animals and people this is his exact words guys this is not my words Caucasian negro and Semitic faces looked at him Lions cows elephants camels which had never lived in the Americas surrounded Dr Russo he spotted I can't pronounce this guys an extinct ancestor of the turtle that doesn't exist today known only by its fossilized remains these are in Ruins near tiwanaco Peru Lake Titicaca sculptures of the horse pose a burning question since the horse died out in the Americas according to science 9 000 years ago this game this gives a approximate date of these ancient sculptures I disagree The Disappearance of the horse is a uniformitarian dating guys they're talking about the Holo scene which we have no proof ever existed the reason we the reason I disagree is because during the vapor canopy we had the existence of the megaphone and the the Holocene horse is a part of the of that event of that uh genre of animals giant mammalian life forms the whole scene horse has been found everywhere all throughout the Americas so people who disbelieve the Atlantis story sometimes they use that as evidence oh the sea people's Federation you know they couldn't have been the atlanteans they couldn't have come from America because there's no horses in America you don't know that in ancient American ruins there's there's images of horses there's images of elephants there's images of lions none of those exist in the Americas today just because they're not there today doesn't mean they weren't there 4 000 years ago okay any comments on that one let's see oh anyway that's really interesting because I've already told you guys in Prior presentations for the research of others that I've read like David after Childress we already know there were black people in Central America hell for a while oh yeah for a while I'm all that was a whole race war in in Central America and the blacks the blacks basically run out indigenous old makes and I don't know what the situation is but it's on the reliefs and then they had those they had local Caucasian Artisans they basically forced them to turn a bunch of those giant uh earthquake detection spheres that are found everywhere this piezoelectric spheres and they turned them into these giant angry face but they never did more than a dozen of them there isn't they never had time because the local indigenous American Indian cultures came back and executed Vengeance and the reliefs show they showed black and Caucasian Bodies In Pieces butchered yeah the people came back and took those old Meg cities when they did they just killed all the blacks and whites together this is around 31 BC so this look this is a little over 2050 years ago oh wow that's the next example the giant Stone heads of the olmecs found in LA vinta Tres Apple tees and other sites in Mexico are classified as Arkansas as artifacts of a similar type some of them are colossal heads of black basalt 1.5 to 3 meters high weighing from 5 to 40 tons they are placed on Stone Basalt quarries on that they're placed on Stone stands just like the Globes remember guys man this road is loud isn't it [Music] I'm watching these trucks and they're kind of swerving around stuff oh here it is hey Route 66 is pathetic now well both of them all yeah Route 66 and I-40 are terrible all right you got potholes out here that should have man covers manhole covers yeah so anyway Andrew Tomas doesn't know he he explains that that the few the few giant heads they found that look African and they are oh oh they're black Central American but they're they're they're all oh they're on pedestals the same pedestals that just the plain spheres are about those fears are are engineering wonders now he mentions the pedestals because it's two different artifacts that were being found but it's not two different artifacts they're the same the faces were the Spheres they were carved into faces um during the occupation period when the blacks were in control and the reason the other thousands of spheres were never carved into faces is because the blacks were in control for a very short period of time until that that Butchery happened [Music] so so Tamar says let us put these Stone heads aside and speak of real skulls real human skulls on the ground floor of the museum of natural history in London a displayed it comes from a cavern in Northern Rhodesia and has a perfectly round hole on the left side there are no radial marks he says there are no radial marks or cracks which are usually present if any injury is caused by a cold weapon the right side of the skull is shattered the skulls of soldiers killed by rifles today by bullets have identical appearance around smooth hole on one side and an outward shattering of skull fragments on that side let's go okay the cranium belongs to a man who according to uniformitarians lived 40 000 years ago at a time when no guns were being made that we know of an arrow could have never produced such a perfectly round hole on the left inside of the skull and shattering the the right outside of the right of the right side of the skull Arrow Technology could have never done that the paleontological the paleontological Museum of the USSR has a skull of an orac which is hundreds of thousands of years old this is an ancient extinct ancestor of the bull it shows a clear round hole on the frontal part and the scientific evidence has proved that although the skull was pierced the brain was not pierced on the inside the Beast wound healed the bone knitted back together in the distant past what ape man was supposedly armed with with such a precision rifle that could have made that hole the question is who shot the aura now Time Travelers I know you're joking I know you're joking now the what Aunt what Alexander Tomas is doing is here's a unique perspective he's still a uniformitarian because he's employed he's applying uniformitarian dating and principles in this book but this chapter is identifying the problems with uniformitarian dating you're going to put these impossibly ancient date phone stuff why do you not modify those dates in the textbooks when you clearly find evidence of things that are only thousands of years old and not hundreds of millions of years old yeah that's a problem that's a problem for me so when you find artifacts uh and you're saying that there are only a few thousand years old and you are saying that they strata that is millions and millions of years old you you can't just then say these artifacts are now millions of years old exactly they don't rewrite the textbooks okay we're gonna move on to a real interesting one because it has everything to do with that with that firmament that's way up in the sky all right well meteorites of an unusual shape found near Eaton Colorado created a scientific riddle you know scientists they don't like riddles an analysis by an American expert on meteor on meteorites H.H knittinger indicated that the meteorite was composed of an alloy of copper lead and zinc that is brass which does not exist in nature at all this is human manufacturer the meteorite could not have been space garbage because it fell in 1931. so you can't say it was a part of the satellite you can't say it was a part of the Space Shuttle that burned up in the atmosphere and you can't even say it was a part of the secret space program because it's 1931 when it fell out of the sky and it's Alloys that we now in the 1980s 90s you know we now produce this you know uh entirely man-made so the question is in 1931 what kind of space jump was up there at that date that fell from the sky it isn't space junk so that's a genuine mystery you're not supposed to have Space Age Technology prior to the Space Age falling from the sky so a lot of people believe in the firmament and you know the Ancient Ancient World you know the root words for firmament was that we're looking at an illusion in the sky and behind that holography is supposed to be a solid the ancient in you know the Sumerians called it the hammered bracelets the ancient Hebrews called it the firmament and the word in Hebrew for firmament implies a hard crystalline structure I don't know guys it's just very interesting so I have a question about it all right getting the brakes are you yeah so if they're claiming that it is something that fell from space that alloy could it have just been a piece of something larger that had these three Metals in it that superheated become an alloyed now an alloy is kind of made that it do that blend of different metals so couldn't that have occurred naturally in Space the scientific problem with that with that is that monster Alloys they are absolutely numeric specific to to the proportion if there think it won't in one form but that specifically it's not like you could just like take another look at this hunk of that look at that heat it up yeah if it's slightly too much copper that alloy won't form and so this artifact that they're talking about is to me it's not an artifact oh it's a whole meteorite part of this [ __ ] so like the entire thing is made of the alloy there's not like the whole alloy and then some of this yeah instance is not immediate with these Alloys the whole meteorite right here is is the aloe okay so it's not just parts of it as an album that's why the scientists even say it's a mystery I got you so he's all we're gonna move to the 16th century the Spanish conquistadors you guys remember them you've heard all about them in high school they came across in it the Spanish conquistadors they came across an 18 centimeter iron nail oh guys this whole section is fantastic an 18 section an 18 centimeter iron nail subtle solidly encrusted in rock in a deep Peruvian mine the rock is estimated to be tens of thousands of years old since iron was unknown to the ant to the American Indian until the conquest one wonders whose nail was this the Spanish Viceroy Don Francisco Del Toledo kept the mysterious nail in his study as a souvenir this is recorded in the Madrid archives in a letter October 9 1572. according to the London Times of December 24th in 1851 Mr Hiram DeWitt found a piece of oriferous Courts All Rivers means it contained gold a piece of our riverous courts in California when heat dropped it accidentally an iron nail with a perfect head was found to be inside the Court's Crystal about the same time sir David Brewster made a report to the British Association for advancement of science which created a sensation in the scientific Community a block of Stone from Ken goodle Quarry in North Britain contained a nail the end of which was corroded but at least an inch of the nail including the head lay embedded in Solid Rock because of the great age of the geological straddle were these three iron nails were found the identity of their makers remains a mystery it would have been hundreds of thousands of years ago if we accept the uniformitarian dating so in 1885 in The Foundry of Isidore Brawn a buckle Brook Austria a block of coal was broken in a small steel Cube 67 millimeters by 47 millimeters fell out of the cold a deep incision ran around and ran around it in the edges on two sides were rounded only human hands could have made such a device the son of Brawn took the took the artifact to the lens Museum but in the course of decades the artifact became lost where have we heard that story before how many artifacts how many unusual unexplained ooh Parts have been taken to the smithsonian's institution by American Patriots thinking they were doing the right thing only to find out that those artifacts were put on Old derelict ships Wooden Ships sent out into the Atlantic and purposely sunk by the Smithsonian Institute yeah how many times we ordered that story yeah there are reports about the Smithsonian Institute destroying artifacts all this [ __ ] all this stuff especially though all the all the things that were found in the Ohio Mounds oh small tangent the Ohio Mound mound building civilization the mound builders megafauna remains yeah we're talking about mastodons mammoths three-toed slaws giant saber-toothed tigers Mammoth uh megafauna remains have been found strewn in the Mounds with human skeletons so that that's a problem that's a that's a huge problem it completely defies the ice age uniformitarian model of History okay that was 1880 that was 1885. artifact comes up missing it's mentioned many it's mentioned it's even mentioned that it was in the possession of the lens Museum they admit that they had it contemporary magazines such as nature which is one of the most prestigious scientific magazines ever uh uh it even admitted that the artifact exists in the LA in the November 1886 issue and uh Ella stormy the Paris Edition 1887 also mentions the article now all this artifact was found in tertiary tertiary dated coal come on guys come on guys a technological artifact found in like 30 to 50 000 year old coal he has made it made of all iron or Steel of course it is still very very impersonating what so if it's steep well let me go look back man to me it wasn't important because it's a human artifact founded coaster at it dated at 30 to 50 000 years old but but let me see what it says here steel Cube there it is a small steel Cube so there it is there it is another alloy good looking out John I knew that's why you got paid the big bucks all right that said I don't know man but Arizona and New Mexico needs to fix their highways to Texas like this yeah interstates in Texas are way better than this yeah yeah right it's crazy all right moving on so the scientific debate has never been has never been closed what they did is they shelved it according to according to Andrew Tomas right here in the book he basically said the scientific Community refused to even discuss it any further they shelved it and this is what William Cordis this is the value of what William portis's research in the Source book project books that are getting increasingly difficult to find William cordless documents all the nails and artifacts of human manufacture that have been found in in strata that's been dated by the uniformitarian model to be impossible technologically sophisticated artifacts found in hundreds of thousands of year old strata no now remember guys I have I have in my fossil videos I have I in in two of my three fossil videos I show you guys how uniform and dictatorian dating is absolutely disproven by the fact that we have now found what are called poly straight fossils and these are fossils that are found to extend between more than one layer of the geologic column remember uniform authoritarian dating every single layer is is given definitive dates they call them ordovision division they call them tertiary you know they call it the old ones are called a pernian and uh pre-permian and called Jurassic and devonian and listen guys this model is was invented in the 1820s and 30s and it was supported and financed in the 1840s 50s 60s and 70s and anybody who opposed this model in the 1800s they lost their funding and they could not get their books published and you have a video describing just this I'm going to show you some fantastic material in a video from 1853 where this guy is basically smashing in this he's a scientist and he is smashing the whole Ice Age glaciation Theory using their own data now oh that's that's an upcoming video that I've already prepared but William Corliss has already in the sourcebook project books if you can get your hands on any of those sourcebook project books you got to do it I only have a few but he's got like 12 books and you got to get him he gives the actual photos and the illustrations of what these artifacts are hundreds of artifacts of technological sophistication found in strata that could never been found on if that strata is truly dated at hundreds of thousands and hundreds of millions of years old in poly straight fossils like tree roots and trees that have been found going through as many as 20 layers of the geologic column and when scientists have been asked by people in Texas who have found polystrate fossils hey what is this layer right here and they tell them oh that's that right there's bait that's ancient basement rock we know that right there is diorite oh okay what is that data well that's pretty that that's Permian Basin in Texas we know that's 500 million years old oh okay so they take them to court they take them a few Acres away and say hey isn't that that layer of Permian base yeah that's Permian Basin that's why all the small layers are on top of it that's bad that's Bedrock oh okay so let's go over here look at this right here and can you tell us what this is right here oh that's that right there's Jurassic there's your KT boundary right there you see that little white line that's the KT boundary at 65 million years ago something hit the earth and created that little white line and everything below it is Jurassic and then look at everything below that's Triassic these are the dinosaur ages and above that we have devonian and ordovician and then we get closer closer to the Holo scene and the tertiary and listen they got this they got this [ __ ] bad where they put these daily dates on there and [ __ ] and then these same scientists shut the f up when they're showing okay what's this right here and then they get educated by people in Glen Rose Texas who tell them oh since you don't know all of a sudden what this is I'm gonna tell you this is a poly strain fossil yeah this is a petrified tree and I don't think this tree is 500 million years old I don't think it took 500 million years old for these tree roots to penetrate all these layers of rock nope I think there's tree fossilized at the same time all these other fossils appeared in different layers and I think all these layers are sediments from deluvial a deluvial cataclysm that's what makes sense of the evidence because what doesn't make sense of the evidence is believing in that pre-cambrian Triassic Jurassic KT boundary [ __ ] because when you believe that you got to attach all these dates to that stuff but that one poly stray fossil disproves all that and it's not just one we now have over 5 000 documented poly straight fossils and they're not just trees we have found fossils of animals now that extend B tween layers so if there were sediments that make sense the animal dead animal form drifts to the bottom by density different different layers settle on the bottom but a different layer is now settling the creatures too big and that's how we get a fossilized shark like a Megalodon that's in four different layers of strata and a poly straight tree fossil in multiple layers and the scientists who are uniformitarians can only chalk it up as mystery and I'm going to tell you now guys when you study polystrate fossils you're going to read some really ridiculous explanations the main explanation they're sticking to their guns they're not going to change their [ __ ] even though even though many scientists know that polystrate fossils disproves that the dating of uniformitarianism they're still going to stick to their guns and they're going to say that oh wow it's simple it's simple over hundreds of millions of years that fossilized tree has worked its way down through all those layers well how come all the other fossils didn't do that yeah they got an explanation for everything let's move on you know what we're gonna take a break because we need gas and Speedway huh yeah pull up in that pump take a short break and be right back this video was far from over so Andrew he sums up that chapter really elegantly I like to I like what he says so I'm gonna go ahead and read it word for word this was written in 1971 after a few chapters of just nothing but solid citation and for citation after citation I'm only paraphrasing these discoveries these anomalies in the in the in the uh but I mean you need to read the book if you want to go into going to a lot more detail but he wrote this these perplexities cannot be cleared up unless a reappraisal of prehistory his maid the facts assembled here point to the existence of a technology and what we have imagined to be the dawn of mankind two theories can explain the artifacts described in this chapter either there was some kind of technological civilization in a bygone past or the Earth has been visited by beings from other Stellar worlds now here is where I disagree with Andrew Tomas because there's a third scenario that he did not mention in that third scenario because you gotta understand in order to make two things that in order to assert these two options let me give them to you again that there was a technologically advanced civilization in the ancient past he's talking about hundreds of thousands millions of years ago or hundreds of thousands to millions of millions of there was an alien species that visited our world I'm sorry but I apply Occam's razor and that's not acceptable with me when there's a much simpler there's a way simpler way to interpret all this data and it's one that Alexander told I mean uh Andrew Tomas couldn't do he couldn't do it because his own the perimeters of his own education in 1960s when he was doing this research was within the false framework of the uniformitarian model what is my whole Channel promoting guys I tell you there's only two models the catastrophist model and the and if you go by the uniformitarian model and you're educated by the uniformitarian model then that means you're going to interpret all the data as conforming to a uniformitarian concept that's what he did here so he was he was totally blind to the third option and the third option is is all these technologically advanced artifacts which have found all these Alloys all these traditions and myths that that show that there was some type of technological infrastructure in the past the third option is that these rock formations are not as old as we're told the uniformitarian dating is all those fossilized sandal prints and boot prints are from four and five thousand year old catastrophes not 400 million year old rock straddle that's ridiculous 400 million years is such a long period of time to imagine how would a fossil not disintegrate whole whole Cliff faces disintegrate into hillsides don't care all around John and I are looking all around us every single Mountain around us at the foot of it has decomposed Mountain it's always in a ramp at the base of the mountain yeah it's crazy we're looking at it right now looking at it right now everywhere third option didn't even come to to Andrew Thomas's mind because he's been programmed to believe in the uniformitarian theory so when they find human artifacts like hammers in axes and coal scenes they can't process the data because the cold seems 250 000 years old according to the uniformitarian model yeah they can't process that a human femur leg bone and whole foot was found in Utah in solid quartzite how's that possible the Courtside is almost 5 million years old according to the uniform itarian model yeah guys you got to read this book not to read this this could it be a blend of both all right so put that Courtside to be 5 million years old but happened that causes the vibrational resonance that allows that bone in that foot that femur in that foot to travel down into it and then that vibration stops they get stuck if that's the case then the structuring would be noticeable and those crystals wouldn't have eight sides like they knew about Bell which you're also asking me to do is accept many implausible scenarios when there's a very simple mechanism available for us to interpret okay so so it's like I mean basically I can raise them I have to accept so many more things no we're not gonna I can easily just say that okay obviously if there's a human femur and a foot bone in solid quartzite then obviously the court side isn't 200 million years old obviously there's been a dating problem now we can shelve that like like uniformitarians do we can shelve that in a museum and forget about it but the problem is is we have thousands of other human artifacts like hammers in Glen Rose Texas that have been found in case in Solid Rock we have metal Thimbles needles Nails pots we even have a bell right here a bill in Iowa that was found when an old woman took a cold block and dropped it in a in a silver bell inlaid with iron popped out of the coal but we're told the cold took hundreds of thousands of years to form the problem isn't the artifacts the problem isn't where the artifacts are found the problem is that in the 1820s some [ __ ] decided to date all this stuff at a hundreds of thousands a hundreds of millions of years old when a flood 5 000 years ago can account for all the layers a single flood a single impact event that caused flooding can account for all the anomalies and how cute and how human categories were fossilized human bones had been found in Solid Rock and how hundreds of thousands of life forms were all found found the way they're found one phenomenon a catastrophe and everything that followed that catastrophe six to eight weeks later can account for all the anomalies instead were given this this hyperinflated Geological timeline chart which required manipulation to go to the public that's what you got to understand guys this model wasn't wasn't accepted by scientists of the day in the 1820s there was only two schools of thought uniformitarians and and the uh catastrophes but even the uniformitarian theory wasn't even taken seriously by anybody in nor had nor had the uniformitarian theory even been developed to the point where people were thinking that anything was over than this than 50 000 years now people are still thinking the Earth was super young reformatarian Theory came around 1820 and 1830s 1840s in any any scientist who didn't get on board found out that he couldn't get published yeah guys let's move on Chinese General child shoe in 265 to 316 anno domini that's our calendar presents a genuine mystery when analyzed by the spectroscope a metal girdle found in the Chinese tomb shows 10 copper 5 magnamine the magnet how you say that man manganese manganese and 85 percent pure aluminum but according to the history of science aluminum was obtained For the First Time by orsted in the year 1825 what 1825 it's only 200 years ago aluminum is produced by a chemical method chemical a chemical method produced aluminum in 1825 but they found it in an ancient and an ancient Chinese tomb so we have a problem it's a genuine mystery how do they explain this mystery I'm going to tell you scientists don't they ignore it they absolutely ignore those findings guys and that's a problem for archaics we're not trying to hear it we already know and have shown the data all through the archaic's material that there has been a technologically advanced civil civilization in this world and for those of you who want to educate yourself anymore go to Jonathan Gray's website before us.com and read the articles look at all the pictures technologically advanced artifacts have been found all over the world in all different strata there was not there was not listen guys there's like 50 layers in the geologic column and each one of them have a date there was not 50 different technologically advanced civilizations in the ancient past dated to all these different dates that's not what it is that's the uniformitarian model and it doesn't work but by the catastrophes model there was one technologically advanced civilization in the ancient past and it was broken into cataclysm and the cataclysm basically in a flood and what does the flood do water is distribute all everything everywhere and by weight and density this is why the coal scenes have all the middle the ancient metallic artifacts are found in the coal scenes yeah we've got William cordless sourceman project uh before us.com the archaics material uh Handbook of puzzling artifacts they're so mean they're very fell America BC there are so many sources David had your children mentions a bunch of them of all the metal artifacts that have been found in coal scenes why because in a cataclysm when all that happens that metal goes to the bottom first then the sediments by weight and density all settled then the weight compression it creates heat things are burned into place whole Force become poly strained fossils one tree having multiple layers but according to the uniformitarians all those multiple layers are hundreds of millions of years so that's a whole tree of course I'm being facetious so we have some interesting interesting texts from the old world that Mr Tomas wants to educate himself and one of them is a 5th Century BC text called the the sashruta where it lists the diagnosis it diagnosis is 1 120 diseases this text describes 121 surgical instruments and and this text is the first to mention except wow experimentation with plastic surgery 25 centuries ago wow here's another text sachya Grantham a Brahman book from India compiled about 1500 BC that's 3 500 years ago it contains the following passage giving instructions on smallpox vaccination it says take on the tip of a knife the contents of the inflammation injected into the heart of a man though I mean the arm of a man mixing it with his blood a fever will follow but the malady will pass very easily and will create no complications this is an ancient Sanskrit text what uh let's see let's move on now this is 3500 years ago but modern day vaccination began by it by Edvard Edward Jenner in 1749 to 1823 A.D he's credited with this discovery of vaccination but it appears that the ancient India has the prior claim just find that really interesting soup I I find it's actually find it super interesting so guys this is we're not the first Andrew Tomas this is only the first video part two is gonna be uploaded right after this video you're getting two videos today about this book we're not putting it in one video it'll be too long we still have a lot more to discuss if you guys don't know we're going to be talking about the mysterious Saint Saint oh what is it they Saint Jermaine the man the man who lived for centuries and knew every language in ancient Europe visited all the courts of Europe they say he knew the secret to the Fountain of Youth the art of transmute mutation the secret of the Philosopher's Stone yeah guys we're gonna be talking about him in part two but we're also going to be talking about more archaeological anomaly anomalies very Advanced scientific knowledge in the ancient world more very interesting discoveries food Parts things that don't make sense we're going to go deeper than we went in the first video in examining this book and showing that listen Zechariah sitchin copied a lot of this guy's material in the Earth Chronicles David Hatcher children's cited this guy uh uh numerous time and his sources yeah his sources are fantastic this book was written before those guys came out yeah yeah we have a lot more ground to cover and we're going to do it awesome awesome amazing stuff in part two of this video Jason and who job and we're gonna we're gonna get working on the second video like uh right now