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Introduction is a trusted collection of material produced and mentioned by Jason in his books and videos:

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Archaix ∆ What is Oil, Where Did It Come From? William Corliss, Human Artifacts Found in Coal Seams, No Millions of Years to Create Coal, Forbidden Archaeology, Oil a Vapor Canopy By-product? Multiple
2023-08-29 15:15:56
Archaix ∆ 144,000 Number, During Apocalypse The Number is Sealed, During Unveiling Invitation is Extended to All, Revelations 6 Seals, Souls in Monument of Man, Great Pyramid, 144,000 Given Witness
2023-08-23 07:17:36
Archaix ∆ Could AIX Be Creating Flat Earth, Tartaria, Mandela Effect, Rabbit Hole Communities? Yes. AIX Is In Overdrive Now to Get You To Believe in Anything to Be Able to Control & Corral You
2023-08-08 12:31:15
Archaix ∆ Simulacrum Make People Appear & Disappear? Yes, Historical Events of People Vanishing, Never Returned, Malaysian Airlines, Holography Constantly Edited, Men and Materials Taken Out, M...
2023-08-04 07:00:20
Archaix ∆ Age of Enlightenment? Period of Polarity, Systemic Collapse, Control Systems Fail, Majority Defend Collapsing Control Systems, Rift Between Awake + Asleep, Elite Have Plans for Great Awakeni
2023-07-31 08:30:48
Archaix ∆ What Should We Do Before 2040? Watch Other Videos, Can Prep But It's An Admission of Being Fearful, Creates Informed Field Which Perpetuates and Gives You a Reason to Be Fearful. Not Prepari
2023-07-28 08:15:47
Archaix ∆ The Igigi, Can't Talk About On Certain Platforms, Culture of People, Attached to Igigi, Before Flood and After, Agitators of Mankind, Not Going to Risk Channel, Igigi Totally Opposed to Annu
2023-07-26 03:53:33
Archaix ∆ Immanuel Velikovsky, Venus Predictions Came True, Science Still Shunned Him, Pre-Selenties, Hans Bellamy, Hans Böhringer, History Books Before WWII Superior, Most of Source Material
2023-07-19 05:23:03
Archaix ∆ How Do We Know Errants Have Free Will, Not Will of Architect? Why Control Entities After Building a World for Them? Would Want to See What They Do? Experiment a True Universe, Negation
2023-07-17 07:00:07
Archaix ∆ Pole Shift Part of Phoenix Event? Yes, Temporal Pole Shift, Calendar Continues, Full Lithospheric Displacement Different, Crust Over Mantle, Stellasphere Moves 30 Degrees, Stars Don't Match
2023-07-16 10:05:33

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